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Talented Young Musicians Pull Off Christmas Flash Mob At Coffee Shop3m26s

Talented Young Musicians Pull Off Christmas Flash Mob At Coffee Shop

As locals at a coffee shop in Canada sat enjoying their hot beverages right before the holidays, they had no idea that they were in for a wonderful surprise that would that would spread cheer throughout the room. Without notice a man, who was actually the children's music teacher, walks into the coffee shop with a guitar and starts strumming out the beginning of 'Happy Christmas' by John Lennon. Everyone looks up in surprise wondering what is going on just as two kids stand up and start singing at the top of their lungs. Then two more stand up, one with a tambourine, and join in the song. Two by two, more young musicians join in, singing in beautiful harmony. Just when you think they are all in, another guitar player comes through the other doors playing and singing along, and even more kids jump in. Thirteen talented young musicians in total join in on singing and playing this amazing John Lennon song to spread holiday cheer to children and elderly in the coffee shop. Smiles are everywhere and everyone is feeling that warm fuzzy feeling. The song ends with a big applause as everyone sits back down and goes on like nothing has happened. This amazing flash mob took place in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada which is a small town of less than twenty thousand people on Lake Erie. This coffee shop was chosen because it is often filled with retirees and young families. This group of young talented musicians are music students from The Music Depot in Port Colborne. They were supposed to be in the Christmas parade , but due to bad weather, they decided to flash mob this coffee shop and bring some Holiday cheer.

People Beware, Little Pink Troll Is On The Loose19s

People Beware, Little Pink Troll Is On The Loose

Some parents love making cool Halloween costumes for their children and this mother went out of her way to create a wonderful DIY Princess Poppy costume from the animated film 'Trolls' for her daughter Abrielle. Watch her run from those evil Bergens! Video shows toddler dressed up in pink, flaunting the handmade costume her mother made and successfully transformed her daughter into the Poppy character from the animated movie. Waters, a mother of two, said she decided on Abrielle's costume because the child loves the character of Poppy. Poppy is the always-positive, creature-loving princess of Troll Village. She's the leader of a group of 10 BFFs called the Snack Pack, and she loves singing and hugs. For the pink wig she spray-painted synthetic hair and wrapped it around a cone-shaped poster board. She also sewed Abrielle's dress herself and handmade the ears from fabric. Waters said she created the entire costume in two days and spent $30 on supplies. She was originally going to buy her daughter a costume, but nothing that she found in the store fit her vision, so she was motivated to do it herself. In the future, Waters is willing to make all of her daughter's Halloween costumes . She plans on posting a tutorial for the troll costume on her YouTube page, Creatively Chi.

New Mexico's Singing Highway Plays 'America The Beautiful'1m40s

New Mexico's Singing Highway Plays 'America The Beautiful'

Two years ago, the New Mexico Department of Transportation decided to spice up a particularly desolate stretch of Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras by adding grooves in the road that will play music when you drive over them. Just outside of Tijeras, New Mexico is one of only two "singing roads" in the United States. Installed and paid for by National Geographic as part of their 'Crowd Control' series, it plays 'America the Beautiful' when you do the speed limit. New Mexico’s “Singing Road" was featured on National Geographic Nat-Geo cable channel, as part of the network’s show “Crowd Control". Nat-Geo actually paid for the permanent rumble strips on Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras which plays “America the Beautiful" when you drive over them at the 45 mile per hour speed limit. The show uses fun experiments to change social behavior. The goal of the rhythmic road, at 364 Highway 66 East near Tijears, is to help drivers stay focused, as part of a social experiment to change social behavior. The effect was achieved by placing metal plates in the pavement, which were ther covered by asphalt and rumble strips. You must drive the speed limit in order to hear the road “sing"; go to slow or too fast and it won’t work.

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World Famous Magician Makes Levitating A Table Look Like A Piece Of Cake48s

World Famous Magician Makes Levitating A Table Look Like A Piece Of Cake

Vladimir is a world famous performer with an incredible talent for sleight of hand , illusions, mental demonstrations and levitation. He's been practicing magic for 49 years, starting at the tender age of 10. He has appeared on television shows and has entertained many famous people, including Canadian actor, Martin Short. When he took part in Canada’s Got Talent in 2012, Short was so impressed, he told Vlad: “I think you are actually a wizard!” One of his specialties is birthday parties, as seen here. With lively music, colorful props, flaming skewers and objects that appear to literally float in front of him, the crowd was mesmerized. Unexpectedly, Vladimir picked up a small wooden table that was covered with a cloth. He walked around the onlookers and spun around with the table rising and lowering in the air. Even with a careful eye on his hands, the feat defied gravity and logic. There were no visible strings or wires. The audience was completely flabbergasted. For over 20 years, Vladimir has been enchanting audiences all over the world with his elegant magic. From private parties to corporate events to full theatrical shows, Vladimir’s trips into the world of magic, music and beauty will leave every audience spellbound.

Free Divers Hold Their Breath And Battle It Out Under Water33s

Free Divers Hold Their Breath And Battle It Out Under Water

In the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea these two free divers battle it out on one breath and only one "survives". Take a look at this extreme showdown! If this were on dry land, it would probably qualify as something of a medley between The Matrix, superhero movies and wire fu! The added suspension from the thickness of sea water makes all those precisely choreographed moves look like piece of cake! They kick and toss each other in the water and, even though there is some royalty-free music playing in the background, we can almost imagine the verbal fight going on between them! “You can’t stop me, fool!” “It is time to meet your end!” Who knows how long they shot these scenes, however, when you take into consideration how long these freedivers can hold their breath, we think it is safe to say that it was no hassle for them! In ancient times freediving without the aid of mechanical devices was the only possibility, with the exception of the occasional use of reeds and leather breathing bladders. The divers faced the same problems as divers today, such as decompression sickness and blacking out during a breath hold. Freediving was practiced in ancient cultures to gather food, harvest resources such as sponge and pearl, reclaim sunken valuables, and to help aid military campaigns. Nowadays, freediving spans over several subcategories, such as spearfishing and collection of shellfish, but also in competitive sports, like competitive spearfishing, synchronised swimming, underwater hockey, underwater football, even underwater rugby!

World famous magician's card trick will blow your mind1m32s

World famous magician's card trick will blow your mind

Vladimir, master of illusion and levitation has been entertaining and baffling audiences for 49 years. Born in Russia, he was practicing magic since the age of 10. Here, he can be seen circulating through the crowd after a children's party. He had dazzled the younger crowd with illusions, levitating sticks and tables, flames, and mind reading. But his show was geared toward a very young audience. After the scarves and colored balls were put away, he delighted the adults in the audience with card tricks, fork bending and more mind reading illusions. In this trick, he magically turns queens into nines and back again. Even if you watch his hands closely, he demonstrates what is seemingly impossible. He will admit that some of his work is sleight of hand, but some of his act simply seemed impossible to explain. Voted the best magician and appearing on Canada's Got talent in 2012, Vladimir is possibly one of the most polished magic performers you will ever see.

Toronto's Spider-Man demonstrates how to be a pickup artist2m22s

Toronto's Spider-Man demonstrates how to be a pickup artist

There is a masked superhero in Toronto who has talents beyond what you see in the movies. He's literally able to pick up women all day long. With a blend of humor and charm, he sweeps them off their feet and into his arms. With a skill for engaging the crowd, he offers to pose with people for a picture. They get a little more than they bargained for when they suddenly find themselves hoisted off the ground or thrown over his shoulder. Even the dads get lifted which leaves the kids laughing. In a candid interview, Toronto's Spiderman talks openly about his job, his idea of a successful day, and even his laundry techniques. If you see him hanging around in the City of Toronto, stop and have a chat. Better yet, take a minute for a picture. And don't forget that Spiderman always appreciates your tips.

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Guy runs right threw large flock of seagulls26s

Guy runs right threw large flock of seagulls

A man in Costa da Caparica, Portugal enjoys the good life as he runs through a large gathering of birds, resulting in some pretty cool footage. Awesome! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evgenij.houp/

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Italian Food Is Much Tastier When You Slurp It On A Wakeboard1m21s

Italian Food Is Much Tastier When You Slurp It On A Wakeboard

Wake boarding works up an appetite, so when Dave takes a tour around the lake, he makes sure he brings a snack. A little spaghetti and meatballs is the perfect meal but you can't forget the Parmesan and the bread. The final touch is a little red wine to wash it down. As Dave finds out though, fine Italian food is not meant to be fast food and he encounters challenges that he hadn't planned on. He's bitten off more than he can chew when things get rough. As he glides through the river waters he realizes that his goal is going to be harder to achieve then assumed. He takes many shots from the waves and at times even looses control. Although he doesn't actually fall, he for sure has a rough time. Over all this video is pretty interesting and very tense at times. The viewer will keep tightening their fists in the thought that he will slip any minute and all that great food will go to waste. Don't give up just yet on this guy and keep your fingers crossed as this guy goes through the ultimate experiment. Be sure to watch until the end to find out what happens to Dave's dinner!

Short's Brewing 'Mr. Fusion' beer review3m00s

Short's Brewing 'Mr. Fusion' beer review

Today's beer review is Mr. Fusion by Short's Brewing. Mr. Fusion is a green tea and mint infused India Pale Ale with light, sweet lemon-lime aromas. Golden in color, this beer has bright green and grassy hop flavors followed by pleasant hints of mint. A good sized bitterness builds and lingers, before ultimately finishing clean.

Short's Brewing 'Prolonged Enjoyment' beer review4m56s

Short's Brewing 'Prolonged Enjoyment' beer review

Today's beer review is Prolonged Enjoyment by Short's Brewing. From the site, Prolonged Enjoyment is a Session IPA brewed with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra hops. The beer's abundant aromatics of intense grass, pine, and citrus complement the great malty backbone and balanced bitterness. At 3.5% ABV, this brew is an incredibly session-able IPA.

Get in Shape42s

Get in Shape

NEW YEAR QUIZ: What Resolution Should You Make? When new year comes around it’s usually the time when we start to look back at the past year, and consider just how we can improve ourselves. So, to make your 2017 get off to a great start, take this quiz to find out just what new year’s resolution you should make. http://www.ba-bamail.com/video.aspx?emailid=23947 (4)

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TEST: Which One of 7 Mind Types Do You Have? - Spiritual Mind38s

TEST: Which One of 7 Mind Types Do You Have? - Spiritual Mind

Are you a naturally artistic thinker? Or perhaps you are more of a logical thinker? Some of us tend to think more with our emotions, while others tend to be more inclined towards positive and compassionate thinking. There are those, too, that tend to be the more ambitious, driven and accomplished thinkers. So, what kind of thinker are you? Take the test and find out. http://www.ba-bamail.com/content.aspx?emailid=25220 (4)

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Children celebrate end of school with homemade slip-n-slide38s

Children celebrate end of school with homemade slip-n-slide

These Canadian kids normally have the top of this large white plastic sheet covered with ice! Today though, marks the end of another school year and the start of a great summer. The parents decided to make use of their hill, grab a water sprinkler and watch the fun begin! It doesn't take long to create some laughter and smiles. This is an easy DIY, to complete in your own yard. Have a safe and happy summer!

Amusement Park Visitors Surprised By Stomach-Churning Ride13s

Amusement Park Visitors Surprised By Stomach-Churning Ride

This is the stomach-churning moment when visitors in one amusement park went screaming their lungs out during one of the scariest rides ever! It goes so high and whips around so fast that everyone on board cannot stop screaming! Would you dare to try this ride? This ride, called Free Swing, can be found at the Tongdo Fantasia amusement park in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. It’s a frisbee ride , a pendulum-like machine with seats facing outwards. The machine slowly builds momentum from the bottom, eventually flipping the gondola upside down. South Korea’s amusement parks are a must-see-destination for all adrenaline junkies. The parks there have some of the most unique rides in the world, most famous of which is the T-Express, known as the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world, found in Everland, South Korea. For some people amusement park rides are less than amusing because the thrill rides can be scary and might cause nausea and dizziness. Watch this video and imagine how the screaming visitors of this scary ride are feeling. We bet they wanted to take off the moment the wheel started turning and their stomach started churning. Unfortunately for them it is just too late because they are already strapped in and the ride has started. We bet they got more than they bargained for! The ride shoots them up and down, as they scream their lungs out! Do you think that some of them have passed out? Judging by visitor’s reaction, would you dare to book a ticket for this ride? Let us know in the comments below!

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Four mile drone flight captures stunning rainbow footage1m26s

Four mile drone flight captures stunning rainbow footage

When a rainbow appeared in the distance near Millbrook, Ontario, it was a great opportunity to get the drone in the air to capture the spectacle. This Phantom 3 was launched from a backyard in the middle of farm country and taken to a height of 220m (660 feet) for a flight that went over 3.2km (2 miles) in the direction of the rainbow. Farmland passed beneath and a distant Rice Lake came into view before it was time to turn around for the 2 mile trip back. The pilot hit the "return to home" button and anxiously waited while the quadcopter turned and headed back to its takeoff point. As it returned, it filmed a spectacular sunset in the west; a two for one flight. Because the drone had been out of sight for so long and was farther away than it had ever flown, this operator was very nervous about whether he would ever see it again. Eventually, the whine of the propellers coming from the east reassured our pilot that all was ok. What was captured was some truly gorgeous footage.

Wilderness river tubing ride is like stepping back in time!2m07s

Wilderness river tubing ride is like stepping back in time!

There is a quiet little river north of Peterborough, Ontario, where the adventurous can go for an unforgettable experience. Gentle rapids, mixed with lazy and meandering stretches of slowly drifting water take sight seers on a 30 minute ride through some of the most gorgeous forest imaginable. The pristine setting is free of signs, litter, buildings or anything else man made. This is a stretch of river that appears almost exactly as it did back when Canada was first inhabited. Aside from a small wooden bridge, there isn't a sign of civilization. Tubers embark on a journey that moves at the perfect pace through wild country where they can enjoy nature as it is meant to be. They might even see a deer or other wildlife. An easy walk back along a natural trail through the forest provides another close look at nature.

Real-life Iron Man flies at 30mph!49s

Real-life Iron Man flies at 30mph!

We've all heard of Iron Man and his tales. Tony Stark's famous suit has become a phenomenon for fans and scientists alike. Although the movie portrayed a super suit which can fly, obviously it was all just show. That suit got engineers thinking, and it didn't take long to take action. Several people have tried to replicate the suit for real, with little success. Until now. As the suit develops and Richard's ability increases, we find him here soaring at 30mph over a 500m stretch. Richard said he might have let out an involuntary 'whoop' while turning! Gravity is a British human propulsion technology start-up with a mission to re-imagine the future of manned flight. Epic! Would you ever give this a go? The future is here, and this suit can only get more and more realistic as time goes on. From dream, to a reality! How awesome is that? Check out this real-life Iron Man!

Fireworks in slow motion over Downtown Kansas City1m51s

Fireworks in slow motion over Downtown Kansas City

Check out these beautiful fireworks exploding above downtown Kansas City, Missouri in slow motion on the 4th of July. Shot from the Liberty Memorial / National World War 1 Museum on a Canon 6D at 60 frames per second, mostly with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens and conformed to 24 frames per second using Final Cut Pro.

Mysterious video clip of Beavis and Butthead alluding to a new series in 2017?31s

Mysterious video clip of Beavis and Butthead alluding to a new series in 2017?

Could there a possibly be a new Beavis and Butthead TV series in the works? It could happen... but most likely not anytime in the near future. However, this fan-made video short that's cleverly animated with past episode video stills and voiced solely by voice actor Jordan Randomness will make even the original B&B creator, Mike Judge, consider bringing back the dynamic duo from the MTV film archives.