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1/11 social media flash challenge unites the entire cyber world42s

1/11 social media flash challenge unites the entire cyber world

Content creator Jordan Randomness has a special flash challenge for the entire cyber community on January 11th, at 1:11pm. Take a selfie or screen shot of your favorite time piece or smart phone lock screen and post it to #111@111 on your favorite social media outlets. Make this video GO VIRAL!

Frozen Alaskan river turns into human bowling lane!18s

Frozen Alaskan river turns into human bowling lane!

What do you do if you&r're a kid at a festival on the frozen Chena River in Alaska? You participate in Moose Turd Bowling, of course! What is this madness you say? It's one of the very unique ways Alaskans (and their kids) enjoy the winter months. There is a carnival-like atmosphere every year as these events are held in downtown Fairbanks, in the interior part of the state. Temperatures on this day dipped down to -20 and -30 below zero. That never stops hearty Alaskans from getting out and enjoying the fun. One of the favorites is Moose Turd Bowling. Alaskans have an odd relationship with our friends the moose, as well as their strange, pellet shaped turds left in piles around the state. And to celebrate that, an inner tube, a giant rubber band, and 10 inflatable plastic bowling-pin-sized turds (plus a little grownup help) are all you need for a little fun on the ice!

Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Former Band Member2m51s

Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Former Band Member

We all had friends back in school days that we shared most of the time with. Going to school together, going out in town or the night clubs, visiting the same places every day. But, as life goes on, we somehow lose our connections with them and end up without seeing them for years. It’s the moment of reconnecting with some of them that bring joy in our lives year after. In one moment we remember all the funny and interesting stuff we did back in the days. Some of us use people we know to find them or some sort of contact from them, while others use the social media to come to information about their old buddies. If you thought reconnecting with your old friends on the social media is awesome, here is a story for you to listen. Thanks to a Bay Area TV-news reporter, Stanley Roberts, the rock and roll legend Carlos Santana has reunited with Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone, who was once a percussionist in his band, but now is a homeless in Oakland, California. While Stanley was doing a story as part of KRON’s "People Behaving Badly" series about a spot in Oakland that has become a haven for illegal dumping, he found Malone rummaging around the trash and discovered that once he had been a member of the Santana Blues Band until he was incarcerated, right before the band’s 1969 debut album was released. After seeing this on the TV, Santana contacted the station to help him find Malone. The moment the two of them saw each other, they embraced, and Santana spoke about how gracious Malone’s family was to the band in the early days. Santana has since offered his assistance in turning Malone’s life around. Fate has its weird turns, so this encounter coincided with Santana reuniting the original band members for a new project, which meant including Malone as well.

Santa gathers up teddy bears for orphans with Zamboni 2m05s

Santa gathers up teddy bears for orphans with Zamboni

The Vancouver Giants hockey club of the Western Hockey League holds it's annual "teddy bear toss" in part with the CKNW Orphans Fund. When the Giants score the first goal of the game, the fans toss their teddy bears/stuffed animals over the boards in celebration of the season to assist those children that may not receive gifts at Christmas. What a great cause!

Check Out This Amazing High School Choir Singing Wonderful Christian Hymn3m57s

Check Out This Amazing High School Choir Singing Wonderful Christian Hymn

Check out this amazing high school choir from Memphis called “OneVoice” absolutely crush it in this performance of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"! According to the bio on their site, OneVoice has quickly become a leader in the contemporary a capella movement under the direction of J.D. Frizzell. Performing popular music of many styles, OneVoice has collaborated with multiple GRAMMY winners, including The Swingles, New York Voices and Ben Bram. They have performed on The Sing-Off Live! Tour and hosted the National A Cappella Convention. In 2014, OneVoice became SONY Recording Artists with “Elvis A Cappella” alongside two groups from The Sing-Off: The AcoUstiKats from Season 4 and The Melodores, Season 5 champions. They won the Macy’s All-School A Cappella Challenge judged by #1 Billboard artists Pentatonix. In 2016, they had the honor of performing at the Southern Division ACDA Conference. They were seen by over 20 million people on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”. OneVoice had the honor of performing at The London A Cappella Festival alongside The Swingles, Home Free, Accent, and VOCES8. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is a Christian hymn for Advent and Christmas. It is a translation of a Latin hymn, Veni, Veni, Emmanuel, itself a metrical paraphrase of the O Antiphons, a series of plainchant antiphons (short chants) attached to the Magnificat at Vespers over the final days before Christmas. The 1861 translation from Hymns Ancient and Modern is the most prominent by far in the English-speaking world, but other English translations also exist. Translations into other modern languages are also in widespread use. The words and the music of "O come, O come, Emmanuel" developed separately. The Latin text is first documented in Germany in 1710, whereas the tune most familiar in the English-speaking world has its origins in 15th-century France.

Remote controlled blimp drops payload on spectators1m11s

Remote controlled blimp drops payload on spectators

The Vancouver Giants of the Western Hockey League are based out of Langley British Columbia. Throughout the season there are many events that the team hosts for fans and charities. But one of the main events that occurs every game, is the prize drop from the Peller Estate Winery (Wayne Gretzky-owned) giant radio controlled blimp. Check it out!

Dude transforms his garage into truly epic bar scene33s

Dude transforms his garage into truly epic bar scene

His girl told him he needs to stay home more on the weekends since he's always out at the bars with his friends, so they decided to turn their garage into a full-on bar! These two were ravers back in the day, so LED's were a must. This clip is not edited, and for the lights he used Amazon LED strips and Meteor Shower Lights. They'll never need to go out again!

Dude Pulls Off Epic Invisible Box Challenge10s

Dude Pulls Off Epic Invisible Box Challenge

The internet is the place where lots of tricks and challenges go viral. Although this seems entirely pointless to some people, however it attracts lots of interest and as it seems, it also attracts tons of followers on the Internet. Teenagers seem to be the “ challenge factory, as they come up with silly challenges on a regular basis. The latest viral challenge involves an invisible box, and it requires a certain amount of skills. If you have two feet and a fair amount of coordination, then you may try joining this army of invisible box performers. Much like planking and other viral challenges, there's no real point to it other than having fun, and it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. The main point of this challenge that teenagers have invented is to create an invisible box about a foot or two off the ground by hovering one of your feet in the air, tap it with the other foot, and film yourself stepping over it. In other words, playing the role of a magician and creating the illusion that there is actually a box and you are stepping over. At first glimpse it seems deceptively simple, but if you try to do it, that is when you realize that it is actually really hard. Unless you are super fit and strong and have developed hip flexors to be able to hold your leg in position. So, if you lack hand-eye coordination, leg strength, and what ever else that is required for a successful performance of this move, and you decide to have a go at it, then good luck to yah! It sounds super simple until you actually attempt it yourself. Watch this guy, maybe you will succeed in copying some of his moves!

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5 extreme bets that changed the world4m43s

5 extreme bets that changed the world

While most people are making drunken dares to see who can fart the loudest, some people use bets as motivation to accomplish great things. These 5 people have made wagers that changed the world for good!

Epic Ending To Saran Wrap Ball Party Game1m33s

Epic Ending To Saran Wrap Ball Party Game

There are all sorts of interesting and fun games you can play with your family and friends, but if you are looking for the perfect party game idea for your next family gathering you should check out this fun and easy Saran Wrap Ball Game! It is both for adults and kids to play and has become a huge hit on the social media. There is a massive ball wrapped with tons of goodies layered throughout with one awesome prize at the center of the table. The goodies inside get better the deeper you get into the ball, so your $100 gift cards would be in the center and the bags of cheap candy would be inside the first few layers. Watch as this cheerful family will show you how thrilling this family game can become! Goodies can range from candy to cash to toys to beauty products! You can theme the ball if you want, but definitely play to what your family will enjoy getting the most. The best thing about it is that it is a DIY and the prizes inside are customized to fit the particular players! The person with the ball starts unwrapping while the next player rolls the dice until they roll doubles. Any goodies the un-wrapper comes across is theirs to keep, and as soon as that person rolls doubles, they pass the dice but get the ball. This process unrolls until all of the Saran Wrap has been peeled away, revealing the last prize in the wrap. The last person holding the ball keeps the final prize. If you want to spice up the game, you can make the unwrapping of the ball harder by blindfolding the person in the hot seat or forcing them to use oven mitts while they pull at the plastic wrap!

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Darth Vader Causes Ruckus On A Busy Street1m04s

Darth Vader Causes Ruckus On A Busy Street

The premiere of the newest sequel to the Star Wars saga, named "The Last Jedi" is almost upon as and fans around the world can't be happier. This is the eight installation of the famous franchise, and judging by the buzz it generated all over social media, it's going to be a big hit. Meanwhile, on the streets of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Darth Vader decided to go out and cause some ruckus in public. He took one of his trusty stormtroopers and together they roamed the street and stopped cars by plunging lightsabers in them. Just to refresh your memory, Darth Vader was one of the iconic bad guys (turned eventually good right before his demise), the father of jedi Luke and princess Leia. He is known to have a tremendous power over the Force and can manipulate it however he seems fit. This time he didn't use his notorious "force choke" move on any of the people that were around, but he did show off his amazing lightsaber skills. He was obviously having a good day because he also took the time to take some pictures with his fans, and let other people film him while he's doing his thing. He's lucky that Chewbacca, Luke, R2D2 and the gang are not around to stop him. May the Force be with you!

Georgia Dome Implosion As Viewed From The Westin Hotel6m42s

Georgia Dome Implosion As Viewed From The Westin Hotel

The historic Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, was finally wiped from the city’s skyline on Monday morning. In this clip, spectators atop the Westin Hotel's Sun Dial Restaurant prepare to see the Georgia Dome crash to the ground after an early morning implosion. The Georgia Dome was destroyed in a scheduled implosion next to its replacement the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, left, on November 20 in Atlanta. The dome was not only the former home of the Atlanta Falcons but also the site of two Super Bowls, 1996 Olympics Games events and NCAA basketball tournaments among other major events. The former home to the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons was brought down by a meticulously planned implosion. Nearly 5,000 pounds of explosives were used to take the building down in a matter of seconds, according to the Washington Post. The space where the dome was located will be utilized as a green space for parking, tailgating and community events. The arena, one of the US’s largest domed stadiums, had played host to more than 1,400 events, including two Super Bowls and games during the 1996 Olympics. Numerous videos can be found online, documenting the historic building saying its final, rumbling goodbye to Atlantians. However, he have to pull out one that really stood out - a family shot the implosion of the Dome from what we can only assume the same building. Just as the Dome got engulfed in dust, a kid can be heard saying “I never liked that building anyway ."

Talented Young Musicians Pull Off Christmas Flash Mob At Coffee Shop3m26s

Talented Young Musicians Pull Off Christmas Flash Mob At Coffee Shop

As locals at a coffee shop in Canada sat enjoying their hot beverages right before the holidays, they had no idea that they were in for a wonderful surprise that would that would spread cheer throughout the room. Without notice a man, who was actually the children's music teacher, walks into the coffee shop with a guitar and starts strumming out the beginning of 'Happy Christmas' by John Lennon. Everyone looks up in surprise wondering what is going on just as two kids stand up and start singing at the top of their lungs. Then two more stand up, one with a tambourine, and join in the song. Two by two, more young musicians join in, singing in beautiful harmony. Just when you think they are all in, another guitar player comes through the other doors playing and singing along, and even more kids jump in. Thirteen talented young musicians in total join in on singing and playing this amazing John Lennon song to spread holiday cheer to children and elderly in the coffee shop. Smiles are everywhere and everyone is feeling that warm fuzzy feeling. The song ends with a big applause as everyone sits back down and goes on like nothing has happened. This amazing flash mob took place in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada which is a small town of less than twenty thousand people on Lake Erie. This coffee shop was chosen because it is often filled with retirees and young families. This group of young talented musicians are music students from The Music Depot in Port Colborne. They were supposed to be in the Christmas parade, but due to bad weather, they decided to flash mob this coffee shop and bring some Holiday cheer.

People Beware, Little Pink Troll Is On The Loose19s

People Beware, Little Pink Troll Is On The Loose

Some parents love making cool Halloween costumes for their children and this mother went out of her way to create a wonderful DIY Princess Poppy costume from the animated film 'Trolls' for her daughter Abrielle. Watch her run from those evil Bergens! Video shows toddler dressed up in pink, flaunting the handmade costume her mother made and successfully transformed her daughter into the Poppy character from the animated movie. Waters, a mother of two, said she decided on Abrielle's costume because the child loves the character of Poppy. Poppy is the always-positive, creature-loving princess of Troll Village. She's the leader of a group of 10 BFFs called the Snack Pack, and she loves singing and hugs. For the pink wig she spray-painted synthetic hair and wrapped it around a cone-shaped poster board. She also sewed Abrielle's dress herself and handmade the ears from fabric. Waters said she created the entire costume in two days and spent $30 on supplies. She was originally going to buy her daughter a costume, but nothing that she found in the store fit her vision, so she was motivated to do it herself. In the future, Waters is willing to make all of her daughter's Halloween costumes. She plans on posting a tutorial for the troll costume on her YouTube page, Creatively Chi.

New Mexico's Singing Highway Plays 'America The Beautiful'1m40s

New Mexico's Singing Highway Plays 'America The Beautiful'

Two years ago, the New Mexico Department of Transportation decided to spice up a particularly desolate stretch of Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras by adding grooves in the road that will play music when you drive over them. Just outside of Tijeras, New Mexico is one of only two "singing roads" in the United States. Installed and paid for by National Geographic as part of their 'Crowd Control' series, it plays 'America the Beautiful' when you do the speed limit. New Mexico’s “Singing Road" was featured on National Geographic Nat-Geo cable channel, as part of the network’s show “Crowd Control". Nat-Geo actually paid for the permanent rumble strips on Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras which plays “America the Beautiful" when you drive over them at the 45 mile per hour speed limit. The show uses fun experiments to change social behavior. The goal of the rhythmic road, at 364 Highway 66 East near Tijears, is to help drivers stay focused, as part of a social experiment to change social behavior. The effect was achieved by placing metal plates in the pavement, which were ther covered by asphalt and rumble strips. You must drive the speed limit in order to hear the road “sing"; go to slow or too fast and it won’t work.

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World Famous Magician Makes Levitating A Table Look Like A Piece Of Cake48s

World Famous Magician Makes Levitating A Table Look Like A Piece Of Cake

Vladimir is a world famous performer with an incredible talent for sleight of hand, illusions, mental demonstrations and levitation. He's been practicing magic for 49 years, starting at the tender age of 10. He has appeared on television shows and has entertained many famous people, including Canadian actor, Martin Short. When he took part in Canada’s Got Talent in 2012, Short was so impressed, he told Vlad: “I think you are actually a wizard!” One of his specialties is birthday parties, as seen here. With lively music, colorful props, flaming skewers and objects that appear to literally float in front of him, the crowd was mesmerized. Unexpectedly, Vladimir picked up a small wooden table that was covered with a cloth. He walked around the onlookers and spun around with the table rising and lowering in the air. Even with a careful eye on his hands, the feat defied gravity and logic. There were no visible strings or wires. The audience was completely flabbergasted. For over 20 years, Vladimir has been enchanting audiences all over the world with his elegant magic. From private parties to corporate events to full theatrical shows, Vladimir’s trips into the world of magic, music and beauty will leave every audience spellbound.

Free Divers Hold Their Breath And Battle It Out Under Water33s

Free Divers Hold Their Breath And Battle It Out Under Water

In the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea these two free divers battle it out on one breath and only one "survives". Take a look at this extreme showdown! If this were on dry land, it would probably qualify as something of a medley between The Matrix, superhero movies and wire fu! The added suspension from the thickness of sea water makes all those precisely choreographed moves look like piece of cake! They kick and toss each other in the water and, even though there is some royalty-free music playing in the background, we can almost imagine the verbal fight going on between them! “You can’t stop me, fool!” “It is time to meet your end!” Who knows how long they shot these scenes, however, when you take into consideration how long these freedivers can hold their breath, we think it is safe to say that it was no hassle for them! In ancient times freediving without the aid of mechanical devices was the only possibility, with the exception of the occasional use of reeds and leather breathing bladders. The divers faced the same problems as divers today, such as decompression sickness and blacking out during a breath hold. Freediving was practiced in ancient cultures to gather food, harvest resources such as sponge and pearl, reclaim sunken valuables, and to help aid military campaigns. Nowadays, freediving spans over several subcategories, such as spearfishing and collection of shellfish, but also in competitive sports, like competitive spearfishing, synchronised swimming, underwater hockey, underwater football, even underwater rugby!

World famous magician's card trick will blow your mind1m32s

World famous magician's card trick will blow your mind

Vladimir, master of illusion and levitation has been entertaining and baffling audiences for 49 years. Born in Russia, he was practicing magic since the age of 10. Here, he can be seen circulating through the crowd after a children's party. He had dazzled the younger crowd with illusions, levitating sticks and tables, flames, and mind reading. But his show was geared toward a very young audience. After the scarves and colored balls were put away, he delighted the adults in the audience with card tricks, fork bending and more mind reading illusions. In this trick, he magically turns queens into nines and back again. Even if you watch his hands closely, he demonstrates what is seemingly impossible. He will admit that some of his work is sleight of hand, but some of his act simply seemed impossible to explain. Voted the best magician and appearing on Canada's Got talent in 2012, Vladimir is possibly one of the most polished magic performers you will ever see.

Toronto's Spider-Man demonstrates how to be a pickup artist2m22s

Toronto's Spider-Man demonstrates how to be a pickup artist

There is a masked superhero in Toronto who has talents beyond what you see in the movies. He's literally able to pick up women all day long. With a blend of humor and charm, he sweeps them off their feet and into his arms. With a skill for engaging the crowd, he offers to pose with people for a picture. They get a little more than they bargained for when they suddenly find themselves hoisted off the ground or thrown over his shoulder. Even the dads get lifted which leaves the kids laughing. In a candid interview, Toronto's Spiderman talks openly about his job, his idea of a successful day, and even his laundry techniques. If you see him hanging around in the City of Toronto, stop and have a chat. Better yet, take a minute for a picture. And don't forget that Spiderman always appreciates your tips.

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