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Learn The Etiquette That Revolves Around Holding A Wine Glass39s

Learn The Etiquette That Revolves Around Holding A Wine Glass

When it comes to acting civilized around the dinner table, there are so many aspects that have to be covered in order to make the experience pleasurable for anyone. Sitting straight, not crossing your legs under the table, not placing your elbows on the table and definitely not slurping your liquids are but a few of the etiquette rules that make dinner an enjoyable experience. Out of all the rules that apply during dinner parties, a particular category seems to be pass ignored by folks, a that is the etiquette of holding your wine glass . Erin Henderson, a certified sommelier and wine educator, teaches this wine class how to hold their wine glasses properly. Many people, including actors on television, cup their wine glasses around the bowl. However, this actually warms the wine and changes the taste. Plus no one wants to see greasy fingerprints all over your glass! The proper way to hold a glass of wine is by the stem! The reason behind this is actually more about you, than those around you. Alcohol, which is the component we love most in wine, has a lower boiling point than water. If you hold your wine glass by the bowl, the heat of your palm warms up the wine, making the alcohol evaporate from the glass. Alcohol is the main carrier of all those fruity, musky, nutty notes that the winemaker intended you to experience from the beverage you purchased. So, if the wine you just bought tastes cheap, try holding the glass by the stem instead.

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Adalia Rose Documents Her Monkey Troubles At The Zoo11m56s

Adalia Rose Documents Her Monkey Troubles At The Zoo

There are small zoos, city zoos, mega zoos and then there is the Franklin Zoo, which is a 72 acres zoo located in Boston, Massachusetts. From tropical forests to the Kalahari kingdom and giraffe savannah, the zoo is super diverse and it offers a lot of entertaining activities. This video is exactly a depiction of that zoo and the day when Adalia Rose and her family visit this zoo. At a zoo that big, there is no way to see everything without a tour guide. Though it is freezing cold outside, the weather can’t take the fun out of this adventurous experience. And a safari is an excellent way to see all the unusual animals. It saves a lot of time and energy as well.. It sure makes the visit much more pleasant. There are colorful peacocks and tall lamas that don’t mind the cold and enjoy being in the water. Though the family is covered in blankets and the wind messes with their hair, the excitement of watching the animals run after the safari car helps them forget about the weather. And here comes the camel that is used to visitors and is so friendly that she takes the food out of the child’s hand. One minute we see camels enclosed in their pastures watching the vehicle curiously because they too want to be included in the chase and another minute there is this mini cosmos of animals gathered around the people, galloping gracely by the vehicle because everybody wants to have just a little attention for themselves. The most exciting part comes at the end when the family enters a room full of monkeys that swing, climb and hang on the ceiling stealing wallets , hats, bags and food from the visitors because monkey business seeks a lot of silly maneuvers in order to maintain it. What can be a better proof that something happened if it is not kept alive through taking photos?

This Dude Made A 22 Pound Creme Egg And Our Stomachs Are Growling1m02s

This Dude Made A 22 Pound Creme Egg And Our Stomachs Are Growling

They are a kid’s favorite treat during Easter. Sure, Peeps are cute and fluffy, but for the delicate palate of a true connoisseur, nothing beats a good Cadbury creme egg! YouTuber Peter Bamforth from Weybridge, UK took on an Easter challenge of his own by making a monster Cadbury creme egg in the comfort of his own kitchen. With an arsenal of 5 kilos (11 pounds) of milk chocolate and 4 kilos (8.8 pounds) of icing sugar, Peter slaved two whole days in the kitchen, leaving an equally monstrous mess, in order to create something probably never before seen on a video! He prepped two deep bowls with aluminum foil and spread that chocolate like his life depended on it! It made the egg all wrinkly and crackly on the outside, but who cares, when it is made out of CADBURY MILK CHOCOLATE! He made the icing for the inside of the egg and split it in three, dying one part a bright orange for the yolk. He fills both halves, makes room for the yolk and then merges both Eggzillas into one delicious, gargantuan creation! Wonder what it takes to crack it open? You don’t use a mallet - you use a saw! Check out that shell! There must be like half an inch of chocolate on there! It may not look like much, but we will just close our eyes, so that the palate does all the talking… He may be a huge fan of Cadbury, but he loves a good, hearty breakfast too! Check out how he preps the most important meal of the day .

This Huge Boomerang Requires A Monster To Throw It, And This Man Does It With Ease2m21s

This Huge Boomerang Requires A Monster To Throw It, And This Man Does It With Ease

A curious video has emerged of crafty Vic introducing his big flexible boomerang measuring over 5 feet across, with each of the wings being 4 feet, requires a monster throw to get it to fly and return, and Vic is going to try it! Brought to you by boomerangsbyVic Vic takes the first swing, and the boomerang sways in the air and almost returns to Vic, but falls to the ground! The second time he throws it, it ends up further away! The entire thing is filmed in slow motion in order to get a closer look at the wobble. There is one infamous strike, when one of the wings of the returning boomerang catches the camera a little bit, causing it to move to the side. Given the size of this enormous boomerang, we can only imagine what happens if the boomerang was to actually hit the man! Scary right! To conclude, the boomerang does come back, maybe not as nice as Vic would like, but it was worth the try! Of course, there is room for improvement! All boomerangs made by Vic from 'BoomerangsbyVic' are handcrafted with 10 ply 5mm finish birch. His hand-crafted returning boomerangs can be purchased online and make great gifts for someone you know that loves boomerangs. The boomerang is a tool made and used by the indigenous Australians for hunting. Typically constructed as a flat airfoil and when thrown is designed to spin about an axis that is perpendicular to the direction of its flight. You might not be able to purchase the chrome boomerang like the one Vic made, but you can certainly purchase one of his wooden creations, so feel free to check out his site and share this video with your friends!

Youngsters Pull Off Exquisite Traditional Irish Music Performance2m25s

Youngsters Pull Off Exquisite Traditional Irish Music Performance

The indigenous music of Ireland is called traditional Irish music and it is a diverse genre of folk music which has many regional variations. Traditional instruments used in Irish music include fiddle, bodhran, wooden flute, tin whistle, Uilleann pipes and the Irish harp. The four talented musicians from Galway in the West of <a href=" https://rumble.com/v41vdr-car-crashes-into-pole-in-northern-ireland-snow.html " target="_blank">Ireland</a> play their fantastic version of 'MacArthur's Road' at the Barr An Chaladh Pub. The music they play does not demand many traditional Irish instruments just a guitar and three banjos. With these four stringed instruments, the lads make their performance a real pleasure for the ears. The music is a full body experience, the upbeat tempo compels you to shake your body and join in. And that is what this music is all about, joining in and having fun. The melody understands a bit of <a href=" https://rumble.com/v32vpl-groom-surprises-wedding-guests-with-awesome-dance.html " target="_blank">dancing</a> too. We can see people clap along the beat and a young boy twirls and skips over what it seems a long wooden stick. You will find this music in nearly every village on the island, especially at weekends and usually in a pub. There is a huge emphasis on joining in with the locals. Every corner of Ireland has its own favorite dances. The jovial and fast-paced rhythm of the music reflects the atmosphere in the pub. Every corner of this bar is decorated in such a fashion that it embodies the spirit of the Irish culture and tradition. The band with these youngsters is a perfect and inevitable addition to the rustic setting.

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Animal Shelter Adds Live Music To Their Enrichment Program2m29s

Animal Shelter Adds Live Music To Their Enrichment Program

Life at the animal shelter is certainly not the best. That is why so many no-kill shelters out there try really hard to provide their residents with the best possible stay they can manage. Some even try enrichment programs, like this shelter in North Carolina. But when this video came out on their Facebook page, no one could have predicted the warmth they will feel in their hearts by watching it. Chad Olds, an employee of the Vance County Animal Shelter in Henderson, has become an overnight star thanks to one very sweet performance he recently gave to the dogs. Acoustic guitar in hand, Chad walks through the kennel area, strumming his instrument and singing Alan Jackson’s 2006 song “Like Red on a Rose”. His audience is left captivated by his performance, so much so that every last frightened dog fell silent. “If we can get that exposure to the animals, they can get out of here, and that’s what we want,” Olds told local media. His boss at the shelter gave him the idea and it was a huge hit, obviously. “We tried it, and it was amazing. They stopped barking and listened.” Since Vance County Animal Shelter posted their video, it has garnered over 950,000 views and 11,000 likes, giving the attention these dogs need to get adopted. Chad says that was the whole idea in the first place. It shouldn’t be all too surprising that the dogs like the music. It just depends on their taste. For example, this pup likes the music from a <a href=" https://rumble.com/v32wi7-dog-falls-asleep-to-harry-potter-theme-from-the-musicbox.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=40 " target="_blank">music box</a>. Who can blame him? CREDIT: Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfVanceCountyAnimalShelter/?hc_ref=ARQ7lbanBWP4qIfU9QmnxJsFbfyLhOM7bL54nos_r-sGwAJEfg3CkbjUidUPdOzY6hs&fref=nf

Adalia Rose Presents Humorous Birthday Skit8m17s

Adalia Rose Presents Humorous Birthday Skit

This video is about a skit where everyone pretends to forget Adalia Rose's birthday! Very funny! Adalia tries to look in her friends’ phones for clues, but finds nothing and feels ignored and abandoned by her friends. However, she is up for a big surprise! All of her friends show up for her birthday and present her a sweet surprise! Adalia Rose is the hero every one of us wishes they had. Adalia Rose is the social media star that people can’t stop buzzing about. The petite girl is literally one in four million, Adalia Rose has Progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes a child's body to age fast. Adalia knows she is different, she sees that her little brother is way bigger than she is, she sees that she is bald. But what she doesn’t know is that her condition doesn’t promise much, the average life expectancy of a person born with Progeria is 13 years. Still, this doesn’t prevent the precious girl from following her dreams of becoming a makeup artist . With mom her faithful model, Adalia Rose dips her makeup applicators and brushes in all her favorite eyeshadows and applies them on mom’s face effortlessly. In this clip, the sweet star bubbles with life starring in a birthday skit with her friends. The 11-year-old girl is a budding actress and she loves performing stuff with her family and friends, showing off her creative side. Two boys intrude into girl’s bedroom but Adalia reminds them that they should always knock on celebrities door! She hangs out with two of her friends but after a while she feels ignored and is made believe that everyone forgot about her birthday! In the end, she is surprised by her friends and everyone has a great time, singing and dancing at the birthday party in Adalia’s room.

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Homemade Remote Controlled Lamborghini Lawn Mower20s

Homemade Remote Controlled Lamborghini Lawn Mower

A video has emerged featuring a homemade remote controlled Lamborghini lawn mower working its magic across a green field. Check out this DIY "Lawn-borghini mower" that resembles a Lamborghini car with installed gas powered mower that works great! A lawn mower is a machine that uses one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. In this case it is an upgraded version of a lawn mower installed into a remote controlled Lamborghini car . It’s easy to make jokes about being lazy when talking about a robotic or remote-controlled lawn mower until you experience the heat on a hot summer day. Then, sitting on an air conditioned porch while driving your customized lawn mower around the yard seems like a great idea! This creative guy, freak for fast cars, decided to tele-operate his yard duties by building this really rather simple remote controlled lawn mower. It is basically the motor and cutting head mechanism from a cheap push mower with a new welded frame around it, to give it a Lamborghini look! How genius! In case you dig this, you can make the same lawn mower with a speed rotation regulating unit and a power bank following this guy’s example. You need to find a motor and a power supply unit first, and weld a Lamborghini frame from a remote controlled car. Voila! You have a personal lawn-borghini mower that is fun and functional at the same time! Have in mind that the height of the cut grass can be fixed by the design of the mower, but generally is adjustable by the operator, typically by a single master lever, or by a lever or nut and bolt on each of the machine’s wheels. The blades may be powered by muscle, with wheels mechanically connected to the cutting blades so that when the mower is pushed forward, the blades spin, or the machine may have a battery-powered or plug-in electric motor. Knowing all this, you can work your magic and create your own DIY customized lawn mower!

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This might be the world's biggest BBQ smoker!27s

This might be the world's biggest BBQ smoker!

Billy is a big man, and he has a big appetite. When he invites friends over for a BBQ and ribs, it's a big feast for a big group of friends. It's no surprise that Billy needed a big BBQ and smoker. But no matter where he looked, there just wasn't anything that could manage the job. Being skilled with a welder, he decided that he would create the ultimate BBQ smoker. The problem is that, even Billy couldn't lug such a monster around. He decided on a solution that was sheer brilliance. This BBQ had to be built as its own trailer. It even has logs for handles. You'll notice the huge barrel that can accommodate a side of beef or a side of pork. And while that's cooking away, grilling steaks on the BBQ grill to the left is no problem. It's wood or briquette fired and has four temperature gauges to help him control the heat. While cooking a side of beef in the main smoker, he can smoke a smaller chunk of pork or lamb in the rear smoker section. The food won't stop all day once the dinner bell rings. Billy hooks the BBQ up to his truck and hauls it to where he needs it. It's even registered with the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario as a vehicle. Billy had one more problem. He wanted to take this BBQ to his cottage that is only accessible by boat. To manage this, he built an arm that extends above the BBQ and over the center of gravity so he can hoist it up and onto his pontoon boat. He floats it down the lake and parks it on the shore where he entertains his guests. When this BBQ is fired up, every cottager on the lake knows it. The delicious smells can be picked up miles away. Billy's BBQ smoker is a marvel of engineering and ingenuity and attending one of his summer parties is a memorable experience.

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1/11 social media flash challenge unites the entire cyber world42s

1/11 social media flash challenge unites the entire cyber world

Content creator Jordan Randomness has a special flash challenge for the entire cyber community on January 11th, at 1:11pm. Take a selfie or screen shot of your favorite time piece or smart phone lock screen and post it to #111@111 on your favorite social media outlets. Make this video GO VIRAL!

Frozen Alaskan river turns into human bowling lane!18s

Frozen Alaskan river turns into human bowling lane!

What do you do if you&r're a kid at a festival on the frozen Chena River in Alaska? You participate in Moose Turd Bowling, of course! What is this madness you say? It's one of the very unique ways Alaskans (and their kids) enjoy the winter months. There is a carnival-like atmosphere every year as these events are held in downtown Fairbanks, in the interior part of the state. Temperatures on this day dipped down to -20 and -30 below zero. That never stops hearty Alaskans from getting out and enjoying the fun. One of the favorites is Moose Turd Bowling. Alaskans have an odd relationship with our friends the moose, as well as their strange, pellet shaped turds left in piles around the state. And to celebrate that, an inner tube, a giant rubber band, and 10 inflatable plastic bowling-pin-sized turds (plus a little grownup help) are all you need for a little fun on the ice!