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Tu Piel Joven y Bella De Forma Natural3m10s

Tu Piel Joven y Bella De Forma Natural

Actualmente hay muchas maneras de cuidar la piel y mantenerla sana, hermosa y con aspecto juvenil sin tener que gastar mucho dinero ni morir en el intento. En el siguiente video te presentamos 5 maravillosos ingredientes naturales (algunos de ellos los encontrarás en tu cocina) que trabajan muy bien en el cuidado de tu piel. Simplemente sigue estos consejos y mantente bella.

Published: May 23, 201635,338 views
Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman45s

Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

Footage of a bullshark in North QLD Australia cruising on the edge of a channel at 20m turning then rushing and attacking a spearfisherman mid dive. Has anyone seen unprovoked aggressive behaviour like this from a bull shark before? Updated 13/1/17 Thanks for all the comments and questions so far, i will be posting an interveiw soon to answer as many of them as i can. thanks Couple of quick answers to tone down the heated comments a tad. I was not there too hunt sharks just fish to eat and i was really disapointed that the shark would of died.

Published: January 21, 20171,933 views
This is the smallest disco club on Earth!1m30s

This is the smallest disco club on Earth!

Berlin is now home to the world's smallest club! Go inside the Teledisko and see what it's like to party in a place the size of a phone booth. Make sure to check out the features it contains and all the fun everybody is having. Would you dance here?

Published: January 26, 2016115,104 views
Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Former Band Member2m51s

Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Former Band Member

We all had friends back in school days that we shared most of the time with. Going to school together, going out in town or the night clubs, visiting the same places every day. But, as life goes on, we somehow lose our connections with them and end up without seeing them for years. It’s the moment of reconnecting with some of them that bring joy in our lives year after. In one moment we remember all the funny and interesting stuff we did back in the days. Some of us use people we know to find them or some sort of contact from them, while others use the social media to come to information about their old buddies. If you thought reconnecting with your old friends on the social media is awesome, here is a story for you to listen. Thanks to a Bay Area TV-news reporter, Stanley Roberts, the rock and roll legend Carlos Santana has reunited with Marcus “ The Magnificent ” Malone, who was once a percussionist in his band, but now is a homeless in Oakland, California. While Stanley was doing a story as part of KRON’s "People Behaving Badly" series about a spot in Oakland that has become a haven for illegal dumping, he found Malone rummaging around the trash and discovered that once he had been a member of the Santana Blues Band until he was incarcerated, right before the band’s 1969 debut album was released. After seeing this on the TV, Santana contacted the station to help him find Malone. The moment the two of them saw each other, they embraced, and Santana spoke about how gracious Malone’s family was to the band in the early days. Santana has since offered his assistance in turning Malone’s life around. Fate has its weird turns, so this encounter coincided with Santana reuniting the original band members for a new project, which meant including Malone as well.

My horrifying Rumble experience!6m40s

My horrifying Rumble experience!

A true story. Rumble is an amazing platform for video creators and those who love watching great videos! Unfortunately, I accidentally crashed their recent networking luncheon at VidCon with my entourage of homeless men...it could have happened to anyone! Watch the video to hear my embarrassing and hilariously horrifying story!

alligator attacks trainer48s

alligator attacks trainer

alligator attacks trainer,Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

Published: January 25, 20173,578 views
Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger10s

Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger

This was the revolting sight that greeted a woman who went to put cheese on her beef burger and found dozens of maggots wriggling around after she bought it from a food stall in Singapore. *** For full copy and to licence the clip visit viralpress (dot) uk

Published: February 22, 20172,741 plays$6.03 earned