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Drone captures ATV riding on a frozen lake in Nova Scotia1m59s

Drone captures ATV riding on a frozen lake in Nova Scotia

2018 was one of the most amazing years for the ice surface on Church Lake in Nova Scotia to date. Several cycles of rain and subzero temperatures forged a thick, smooth ice, hard for skating and ice boating and strong enough for an ATV. The ATV here looks like a toy as it careens across the ice, while ice boats and skaters enjoy the slick surface. Shot from various aerial and ground perspectives, the sense of speed and fun is captured in this video.

Published: January 2, 201941 views
Crazy thrill ride in bucket of Bobcat loader27s

Crazy thrill ride in bucket of Bobcat loader

Jake Hatch of "Black Sheep Skid" loves to give people a ride in the bucket of his Bobcat Skid-Steer loader. He runs the loader full time as an owner/operator on construction sites. When he's not a work, he uses his Bobcat to entertain friends and crowds. Awesome!

Family bids emotional goodbye to Toys 'R' Us store2m19s

Family bids emotional goodbye to Toys 'R' Us store

A lot of people were affected by the announcement that Toys 'R' Us is closing its doors after so many years. Together with his wife, who worked there for 13 years, this father took his children to a closing store. You will most definitely be missed, Toys 'R' Us!

Published: June 30, 201836,477 views
Cyclist and scooter driver duel it out on the highway1m18s

Cyclist and scooter driver duel it out on the highway

Cyclists and scooter drivers share the same roads and have the same problems with traffic and other motorists. Generally, they can relate to each other and they are even friendly when they meet. But occasionally, the rivalry that lurks beneath the surface rears its head and you get competition between the two. Scooter drivers seem to shake their heads at cyclists using a mode of transportation that is so much effort and makes you sweat so much. And, in most cases, the scooters are at least a little bit faster. The victory on this level is sweet for the scooter enthusiasts. Cyclists also look down their noses ever so slightly on a mode of transportation that requires power. It's also unreliable because a flat battery can leave you with just your legs to get you home. Suddenly, those powerful and speedy scooters have become heavy bicycles that cannot be ridden nearly as fast as a road bicycle. The tables then turn and the cyclist can rejoice in the fact that their pure sport now provides them with the victory. On a sunny day near Peterborough, Ontario, a scooter driver on the gravel shoulder checks for traffic and then pulls out onto the road. He must not have realized that he's pulling out in front of an oncoming cyclist. Or maybe he simply thinks that he will accelerate with his more powerful machine and the cyclist will never be seen again. Dave, the cyclist sees this as a challenge and he pedals up close behind the scooter, preparing for what is going to be an epic battle of the two machines and the two drivers. He craftily sneaks in behind and drafts, saving his energy as the two make their way along at the scooter's top speed of 32km/h (20mph). Dave will wait for the moment where he can pull out and leave the scooter in the dust. His helmet camera records the action and we can see the scooter driver and his case of Coke Zero only a few feet in front. Dave also decides to take a selfie at this point. The scooter driver looks to his left and obviously sees Dave's shadow on the road. He does a double take and takes a swerve onto the shoulder, likely shocked that someone is silently following right on his tail. Before Dave can crank up his speed and pass, they encounter a hill. The scooter has a surprising ability to maintain speed, while Dave struggles to pedal his bike. He loses ground, as well as the advantage of the draft, and Scooter Boy speeds up the hill. Dave pedals on and a few minutes later, catches up as the scooter driver stops to drink some of his Coke. Dave speeds past with a smirk. Scooter Boy rockets up the hill and past Dave, sporting a smirk of his own. Dave can't take this and pulls out to the left for an impressive, and very shortlived burst of speed that clearly shocks the scooter driver. Dave's legs have had it and the victory is short lived. Scooter Boy makes a final pass, Dave admits defeat and the scooter heads off into the distance. Dave will get his own bottle of Coke Zero and find the scooter driver another day for round two!

Guy breaks egg on head with dangerous battleaxe boomerang2m14s

Guy breaks egg on head with dangerous battleaxe boomerang

This guy is no amateur so please do not try this at home. Vic of 'boomerangsbyvic' has been professionally building and throwing boomerangs for over 9 years. Here we see him break eggs off his helmet with a battleaxe boomerang he named Warlock. We also see him break an egg with another big boomerang he named Tiger Lilly named after his daughter Lilly. Awesome!

Boomerang axe that really returns when thrown2m22s

Boomerang axe that really returns when thrown

Many think this is not possible - an ax made into a boomerang that really returns. Well Vic has showed us here that it is in fact possible. Boomerangs need to be made and thrown correctly to get a good return. Vic shows us exactly how in this epic video.

Multiple boomerangs made from recycled material1m08s

Multiple boomerangs made from recycled material

What better use could there be for a left over political sign then to turn it into something fun like boomerangs? Many people think they are a myth or think they only return in movies, cartoons and video games. Well the myth is over and 'boomerangsbyvic' is here to bust it wide open!

Kid’s Transformers Costume Can Turn Into Starscream1m10s

Kid’s Transformers Costume Can Turn Into Starscream

You just won't believe how cool this kid's costume is as he turns into Starscream from Transformers. Amazing and totally functional! This may be the best costume you have ever seen, a jet fighter "transformer" outfit, that will definitely leave your mind blown and be a head-turner during the next trick-o-treat season! Transformers are popular, everybody knows Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron. That is why so many kids want to wear transformer costumes and not only for special occasions but one everyday basis, too. Of course, the coolest transformer costumes are those that can actually transform just like this one. This transformer costume will surely get you inspired. If you are a Transformers fan, you will love this incredible video. If you are a kid or young at heart you would also die to have this suit too! Watch as this kid makes a slick transition into a full-airplane state. This is a very cool costume in the time when transformer mania is a topping issue. When we were dressing up, way back in our childhood, we thought our costumes were awesome. Now, all we can do is hoot and cheer for the kid’s costume while we silently weep inside, because we never thought of this! When the dad asks his son if his costume does anything special, the boy gets down to his knees by transforming himself into an airplane. By the reaction of his brother, we know how excited and awe-stricken he is. He even goes close to his brother to check that this is not a scam and the costume is actually real. No wonder Transformers costumes are every kid’s wish. We all know the story. Starscream is a hero on the wrong side. Through the centuries, he has come to believe both Optimus and Megatron have lost sight of what is best for the Cybertronian race, and simply pursue their own agendas. At some point, he came to the decision that, for the good of the species, a new leader must emerge, and he would be that leader. However, over time, he became as corrupt in his own way as Megatron, although he prefers subtlety and deception to Megatron's brute force. Now, what may once have been noble goals are buried under layers of self-interest, transforming Starscream into that which he supposedly despised. If you liked this video, we suggest that you should watch this one where a dedicated father with no mechanical training has manufactured the world’s first fan-built Optimus Prime truck. He says that this is the only fan-built replica and the other two trucks are owned by Paramount. He also adds that the inspiration behind this truck was his son because he loves the Transformers movies as much as his dad does. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Real life Mario Kart in streets of Tokyo1m27s

Real life Mario Kart in streets of Tokyo

This is a Mario Kart themed go-kart tour in Tokyo. The guests are requested to wear their favorite character costume to ride a kart. They are required to provide valid Japanese drivers license or International driver's permit or another valid identification. If you are in Tokyo would you like to try the tour?

This Secret Playroom Looks Like Harry Potter's Chamber Of Secrets 25s

This Secret Playroom Looks Like Harry Potter's Chamber Of Secrets

Large amounts of satisfaction and independence usually accompany buying a home. There is no reason to worry about loud neighbors, landlords or using old appliances from the stone age. Not only that, once you own a home you can do pretty much anything you want to it. A modification that 100% of homeowners should consider? Adding a secret room or passageway somewhere inside. Not only will it make your house a million times cooler, but it can also be a playroom for your kid! Win-win! Admit it. Pretty much all of us have fantasized about having hidden rooms or secret passageways in our homes that will take us somewhere awesome! Watching a lot of Harry Potter movies right? For these lucky folks, that fantasy is a reality. This dad built a hidden playroom for his son and it looks like Harry Potter would be jealous of this hidden room! Check out this secret fort, hiding beneath the stairs! A playroom created by one cool father! This is so great because his son will have a lot of fun playing there! This dresser leads to an awesome secret playroom. It’s like a less crazy version of Narnia! This dad can proudly say that Harry Potter isn't the only one who enjoys a secret! If you've ever wanted a private hideaway, extra secure storage for valuables, or an almost magical escape to another world, a hidden room is sure to amaze and inspire you and your kid!

This ASMR Soap Curl Crunch Will Soothe Your Nerves1m41s

This ASMR Soap Curl Crunch Will Soothe Your Nerves

Your relationship with bar soap is probably a simple one: it sits in your shower and you use it to clean yourself. However, people have found another use for this basic household item and it's incredibly mesmerizing. It's a new trend known as "soap crunching," and it's pretty self explanatory: just take a bar of soap and crunch it up. There's something hypnotic about the way slivers of soap curl back or flake beneath your hands as the bar gets smaller and smaller and turns to pieces. Most soap-crunching stories also have some version of ASMR in their name - a reference to the whispering genre of brain-tingling YouTube videos. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - known more commonly as ASMR - is a phenomenon growing in popularity that is almost too bizarre to believe. It is is a term used to describe a sensory experience characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the head and scalp, which can be triggered by sounds like whispering or brushing, and visual stimulus like painting or drawing. It’s all about ambient sounds, and people claim it gives them “braingasms” and tingling sensations in their heads and necks. Clearly there is a growing community behind these soap-cutting videos, judging from the thousands of views on these videos. It's tough to say whether this is just a passing trend or something it will go on attracting thousands of people like it does now. Turn the volume up for this super satisfying ASMR sound soap curls being crunched and enjoy! Check out some more of these lulling, soap-cutting videos , feel the calm wash over you, and decide for yourself.

Rockettes Mesmerize The Audience With Amazingly Slow Toy Soldiers Falling Down1m37s

Rockettes Mesmerize The Audience With Amazingly Slow Toy Soldiers Falling Down

There is something oddly pleasing to see a bunch of objects fall down in a domino-like effect. Whether it is actual domino tiles or something like toy soldiers, seeing them fall in perfect succession is almost spine-tingling. Many have attempted to perform such a feat, but only one dance group has manage to practice and perfect the move - the famed Rockettes! The dance group has become almost synonymous with Christmas and the Nutcracker ballet. But even if you have never actually been to the ballet to watch the 200-year-old classic Christmas performance, the Rockettes will literally enthrall you with their own! Dressed like toy soldiers , with the recognizable white pants, red shirts and plumed hats, the girls are lined up and facing the prop cannon. Their leader give them the ‘cue’ by blowing towards them and one by one all 36 dancers begin to fall backwards into each other’s arms. Now mind you that this is no ordinary feat and they don’t just topple down. Instead, like is an agonizingly slow trust fall, the girls fall into each other’s arms, up until a point where about 10 of them are propped on one another. They go as slow as the music allows them and the audience is in a trance! What really made their collapse on stage so fascinating was that not only did the girls look like actual toy soldiers, but the fall was so realistic, it almost got us fooled, too! Simply brilliant!

Published: April 23, 2018133,706 plays$358.51 earned
Three Talented Kids Play 'Seven Nation Army' With A Bungee Cord And A Truck Bed37s

Three Talented Kids Play 'Seven Nation Army' With A Bungee Cord And A Truck Bed

Camping can be a great adventure in which you experience the glory of nature and discover new things about yourself. There’s nothing like getting away from it all for a few days and reconnecting with nature. There’s something so relaxing about leaving your cell phone and your laptop behind and spending the weekend totally unplugged. It’s quality time spent with friends and just having fun! So, we mentioned leaving the cell phones and the laptops behind, so you probably ask yourself how to have fun without music? It’s impossible! That’s why these creative guys decided to make their own music! This is simply so amazing! With the help of a bungee cord, a Tacoma truck-bed, and a surprise vocalist, these guys created a golden moment... Enjoy! This is one of the best covers of The Stripes- ‘Seven Nation Army’. As impressive as this is, it makes sense that it's possible considering the original song was famously recorded with just Jack White's guitar and Meg White's very minimalist <a href=" https://rumble.com/v46zx3-drumming-on-a-tricycle.html " target="_blank">drum kit</a>. They were packing for their camping trip when they created this song with just a bungee rope and a truck bed! Well, camping with these guys is for sure so much fun! While most people say 'i love <a href=" https://rumble.com/v49n23-polish-student-designs-robotic-arm-that-plays-music.html " target="_blank">music</a>', sometimes I think we really take it for granted how powerful/important/whatever music is. This is a truly remarkable video that shows a little creativity and a bungee cord can lead to an incredible cover!

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