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‘Big Bang Theory’ Sets Series Finale For May 1632s

‘Big Bang Theory’ Sets Series Finale For May 16

It all started in October of 2017, when Harvey Weinstein, Miramax Films co-founder, was accused of more than a dozen sexual abuse allegations by women, most of whom were prominent Hollywood figures. Despite saying that it all wasn’t true, the reports kept coming with as many as 80 women accusing Weinstein of harassment at the workplace, leading to his expulsion from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This event created the hashtag Me Too, in which women finally felt free and secure enough to tell their story. Fast forward three months to the Golden Globes, and the widely applauded Time’s Up movement happened. It is basically a legal defense fund run by the National Women’s Law Center to to support lower-income women seeking justice for sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The Golden Globes was just a public event that allowed Hollywood celebrities to speak up and raise the awareness for the movement. They decided to make the dress code all black and promote the event furthermore on social media. The fund is open for everyone to donate, and celebrities weren’t exempt. In fact, here is a list of them and of their donations. So please make sure you tell us which ones made you love your favorite celebrities even more and which ones made you question your tastes for the Hollywood famous! Not every series is suited for every mood, nor should it be. TV series serve to relax us a bit, help us wind down after a hard day at work. They are supposed to make us laugh and pay attention, but movies are also here to send a message. The art of cinematography is one of the best media to spread the awareness of certain topics just because it is so widely used by the Earth’s population. It is there to make us reevaluate our beliefs, make us question everything and help us build critical thinking. There have been a lot of hits and misses with the nominations for the Academy Awards. There has been a lot of debate throughout the years about which series should and which shouldn’t enter the list. A lot of series classics we’ve grown to love throughout the years have not received even a nomination, let alone win the actual Oscar . Well if you ask us, this one might be in the top 5 for us. We wouldn't like to spoil the video by talking about its content but that's why you can check it out and find out for yourself what the future holds for the TV series "The Big Bang Theory". Take a look and let us know what you think!

Justin Bieber Admits To Struggling & Opens Up About Mental Health On Social Media!3m55s

Justin Bieber Admits To Struggling & Opens Up About Mental Health On Social Media!

The world is not perfect. It sometimes even feels like the bad outweighs the good, but a single act of kindness can brighten our whole day. Just seeing that there is good in others is enough to have our faith in humanity restored. We often hear about celebrities and the way they part with their money like it’s no big deal. We hear they bought a new car, a new house, a new island. From time to time we even hear that they donated something for a cause close to their hearts, and it makes everything right in the world. What’s even better than that is seeing what kind of a result their donation had. Life in the spotlight doesn’t come without a price. We often see only the glamorous side of it, the red carpets , the traveling, the sparkly gowns and immaculate tuxedos. From afar, we appear to be spectators of yet another soap opera, but there are a lot of things hiding behind the fake smiles for the paparazzi. Not everyone can cope with the pressure of fame. It comes with money, but it also amasses an awful lot of responsibilities, something not many are ready to tackle on. You have to think about where to keep the wealth, who to entrust with it, what to spend it on, taxes, private properties, vehicles, vacations, outfits, outings… It’s just too much. It often leads to celebrities trying to run as far away from it, ending up in the arms of the only trusted friend they can find - vices. Many of them start using drugs, or take an occasional one drink too many, they might even start gambling and eventually they will start to lose their money down the drain leading to living a penniless life in their last days. As of latest news, the very famous and known Justin Bieber has decided to come out public with some personal issues of his which he has been dealing with for the past while. Justin Bieber gave his fans a raw and emotional update about his mental health…we’re going into the details of that. Pete Davidson also opened up about something…his relationship with Kate Beckinsale! Plus, Nicki Minaj fans basically disowned her after she canceled her concert last minute by calling out for a certain Nicky enemy! Let us spoil no more, take a look at the video and find out more!

Mom and Niece Have Hilarious Reaction to Baby Gender Reveal54s

Mom and Niece Have Hilarious Reaction to Baby Gender Reveal

Having children is a wonderful thing. It is often the end goal when new families start their lives. Children bring so much joy into our lives. They can be really hard to raise and you may not always see eye to eye with them, but the love and amazing memories that they bring make it worth putting up with all those challenges! You can only imagine the joy that this man felt when his girlfriend revealed the big news! One of the best news anyone can ever receive is the news about a new baby in the family! And double that excitement when the news about a newborn soon arriving is that of your own brother or sister (or both)! And this video is all about it! It has captured one of the sincerest and heartfelt reactions a human being is capable of. Simply beautiful! Relax, take that precious cup of coffee and don’t miss a second of it! Then came the baby announcement parties, again with elaborate schemes and videography. Of course, everyone is ecstatic about the newest addition to the family. But it is quite refreshing to see someone do something simple for a change, when it comes to telling the parents they are soon to become GRANDparents! The gender reveal for a baby expected by parents in Riverside, California, was met with a decidedly mixed reaction. Ana Paulina Limon’s husband jumped with delight as it was revealed his son was getting a baby brother. Alas, Limon didn’t take it so well. Maybe the clue is in the name of her firstborn – Bash. He’s a very active kid, she told Storyful. “We were all hoping for a nice, calm little girl.” But Limon was not the only one disappointed. Little Savi, a cousin-to-be, also struggled to hide her disappointment, and burst into tears. She later told her aunt, “It could still be a girl.” As for Limon, it looks as if she’s hoping third time will be a charm. “Please don’t take this like I’m unhappy with a boy,” Limon wrote on Instagram, “just really wanted a girl so this could be our last child!” It seems that baby gender reveals are quite popular in the past few years. It’s really exciting to tell the world whether you’re going to have a baby girl or a baby boy. Sure, it’s absolutely acceptable to keep your baby’s gender to yourself until it’s time, and it’s also fine not to find out until after you bear it into this world. That being said, it’s getting really hard to find a suitable way to tell the world what you’re having in a unique way. Balloons and colored cakes have been overused and there are only so many ways you can use confetti, so it comes as a great surprise that this soon-to-be parents managed to shock the audience at their baby gender reveal party. Take a look as these guy's have a special family moment of revealing the gender of the baby to come. Sit back, relax and enjoy the shocking results in this video. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Credit: Ana Paulina Limon via Storyful

Deep Snow Swallows Up Snowmobile52s

Deep Snow Swallows Up Snowmobile

Why is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and animals fill our hearts with joy unspeakable? While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious. Nature is beautiful because it is a manifestation of everything that is fervently pulsating with life on this planet. In the midst of nature, our minds become calm because we feel the pull of this joyful cosmic consciousness. In order to control the amount of snowfall on the ski terrains, as well as to reduce the risk of naturally-occurring avalanches, the authorities use strategically placed fuel-air explosives that generate an air blast strong enough to initiate a slide in a controlled environment. It is usually done in the early hours of the morning if possible, to avoid stray skiers that neglect the warnings. These controlled blasts have been able to save many ski seasons and keep the safety on the slopes to a maximum. However, when speaking of wild terrain it's not everywhere that the snow is cleared nor even touched by a human hand. Non the less, there are many enthusiasts out there that love snowmobiling and the deep snow is a dream to ride on as if riding on clouds. Sure, there are risks of falling into deep snow or into a covered abyss, but is it even a hobby if there isn't any adrenaline involved. Well this guy is somewhere far into the woods exploring the wilderness and the majestic scenes. And quite the scenes he finds. We applaud this guy for his bravery and going into the great unknown as well as his great courage to take on unfamiliar grounds. Take a look as this guy takes you on quite the adventure! The distances he is willing to go is beyond imagine but it's all worth it once he gets to his destination. Simply majestic! Enjoy! Info from Licensor: This video took place during a winter snowmobile/Timbersled riding vacation on 2/26/19, staying at the infamous Bob Dodge cabin. The area is known for great snowmobiling, with vast areas to explore. Aaron was dug out of the snow with no issues. The video has provided a lot of laughs. Video occurred on February 26, 2019 / Secesh, Idaho, USA

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Jaw-Dropping Airbus Beluga XL Does Wing Wave Over the UK2m32s

Jaw-Dropping Airbus Beluga XL Does Wing Wave Over the UK

The new, bigger version of the Airbus Beluga cargo aircraft, the Beluga XL, arrives in the UK Thursday, performing a wing wave as it passes over Chester. One of the aeronautics world's most furiously anticipated planes, the Airbus Beluga XL, has just completed a key round of trial. The first of the five A330 XL that Airbus plans to build to replace its current A300 Beluga has just come out of the hangar that has occupied in recent months while all the specific components of this version are being introduced. This is a super-transporter cargo plane. The lively looking Airliner gets its formal name from its distinctive resemblance to the unique looking sea critter itself the Beluga whale. The aircraft has even been nicknamed as 'The Flying Whale' due to its intentional similarity. The Airliner is gaining more charm as people are drawn to its captivating aesthetic. It is doe eyes and a cute cheery smile adds a unique layer to its design, making it stand out in the Airbus industry. This previous Beluga had just landed in the process of transporting a monumental painting by 19th Century artist Eigen Delacroix, arriving in Tokyo from Paris in 1999. The First Beluga XL entered final assembly in December 2016, along with the rest of the A330 that produces Airbus in Toulouse. Once the basic assembly was completed, the plane was moved to a second hangar where the assembly works of the other elements were carried out, such as the cockpit, superior fuselage and changes in the tail area. The massive transporter is based on an Airbus A 330 frame and will be used to fly large components of Airbus planes to final assembly plants in Europe. With an eight-meter wide cross section and unique aesthetic, this Airbus is definitely one to watch. The new model is six meters longer and one meter wider than the Beluga ST transporter, so it can carry six more tonnes in weight. The Blueprint itself was approved of by Airbus personnel following a poll answered by 25,000 staff. The worker was given 6 options, but the Beluga XL design swam away with the win, with a 42% voting majority. However, the Beluga whale is not the I'st to reach these new heights. The Beluga XL's design takes after the then world's first largest cargo jet, the Airbus Beluga A300-600ST. Once Certified, The first beluga XL will enter service at the end of 2019 and then the Others will be doing it because of one a year. Airbus wants to sell old Belugas and build new 6 Beluga XL; this is one step closer to becoming Airbus latest special airlift.

First Look At Cardi B’s Pepsi Superbowl Commercial With Steve Carrel3m55s

First Look At Cardi B’s Pepsi Superbowl Commercial With Steve Carrel

The first look at Cardi B’s Pepsi Super Bowl commercial is here, and now we have yet another reason to watch the upcoming game. Plus, we have some Bieber news for you guys. Remember how Hailey Bieber applied for a trademark with her name to get a clothing line started, well it’s hit a significant set back already. We’ve got the latest on Cardi and the Bieber’s right now so stay tuned, Okuuurt! Let’s kick things off with Cardi because honestly, we are way too excited about this Pepsi commercial. Cardi B is the latest artist to join the elite circle of other music moguls who have participated in the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. This was a massive win for Cardi considering she was unable to reach an agreement with Maroon 5 to perform during the halftime show, however, after seeing this first look we can confidently say that she made the right chose to go with Pepsi and a pre-show performance. Pepsi released a preview of the commercial which features Steve Carell and also a blast from the past, Lil Joh. Essentially, the premise of the ad is that the waiter does not understand how great Pepsi is. After Steve explains it to him, he asks the waiter ‘does he get it now?’ But he proceeds to say okay. That’s why Lil Joh and Cardi are there to help. Hearing that Cardi was going to star in the year’s commercial already gave us a reason to watch the Super Bowl, but now that Steve Carell and Lil Jon are involved we are even more excited to see the final product. Moving on, let’s talk about the latest with Hailey Bieber because unlike Cardi her recent business venture has had a snag. A few weeks ago, Hailey filed a trademark for her new married name-Hailey Bieber. This was to start some clothing lines, therefore when this news came out, tons and tons of people accused Hailey of only using the Biebs for his last name. We feel like Hailey since changed everyone’s minds about that for the most part anyway. Her clothing line with her new last name is already in a bit of trouble. Hailey’s trademark has been denied at the moment because she must prove that she is a Bieber. The trademark office states that they need written consent to prove Haley is who she says she is before they give her permission to secure the name. We are ready to hear all your thoughts on this Cardi and Hailey news!

Elon Musk DEMANDS PewDiePie Collaborate With Him In Ongoing T-Series Battle!3m02s

Elon Musk DEMANDS PewDiePie Collaborate With Him In Ongoing T-Series Battle!

Pewdiepie has people lining up for an opportunity to collaborate with him as he fights to take home the “YOUTUBER WITH THE MOST SUBSCRIBERS” title…SISTERS…get excited because he may be getting glam with James Charles…And billionaire inventor Elon Musk is even asking for a piece of the Pewdiepie…pie…PLUS, Shane Dawson just hit 20 million subscribers and it makes me dizzy even thinking about that many people…Let’s get into this news right now.

Summer Bunni DESTROYS Rob Kardashian In EPIC Rant!3m01s

Summer Bunni DESTROYS Rob Kardashian In EPIC Rant!

Offsets JUMP OFF summer bunny is back in the headlines and this time she’s letting Rob Kardashian HAVE IT AND sister Khloe Kardashian says motherhood has empowered her to do ANYTHING, don’t move because your daily dose of Kar-jenner is

Cardi B CHANGES Her Mind About Getting Back With Offset! LOVING The Single Life!2m59s

Cardi B CHANGES Her Mind About Getting Back With Offset! LOVING The Single Life!

No one changes their mind as fast as Cardi B. Just when we heard she’s missing Offset and talking to him all the time…a new report states that she is actually LOVING the single life. PLUS…YouTuber Lexy Panterra is receiving some MAJOR hate for her criticism of Cardi’s new video with City Girls. I’m talking the latest with Cardi B right now and trust me this is some tea you’re going to want to hear.

Rob Kardashian HOOKING UP With Offset's Side Chick Summer Bunni!3m42s

Rob Kardashian HOOKING UP With Offset's Side Chick Summer Bunni!

Offset arrives at Paris Men's Fashion Week all alone without Cardi B… PLUS this is one you guys are going to LOSE IT over. Remember Offset's mistress Summer Bunni aka the woman who is essentially responsible for him and Cardi's marriage ending...yeah she's apparently been hooking up with Rob Kardashian FOR MONTHS.

Travis Scott Goes Engagement Ring Shopping For Kylie Jenner!2m48s

Travis Scott Goes Engagement Ring Shopping For Kylie Jenner!

Demi Lovato is out again on the social scene but WITH her family and she’s 100% gushing over how cute her parents are at her besties wedding .. they’re # COUPLE GOALS FOR SURE .. and speaking of weddings, looks like my fav Hollywood couple, might soon be hitched. Travis Scott was shopping for an engagement ring.. ohhh la la

Khloe Kardashian CLAIMS She Is Tristan Thompson’s & The Cavs LUCKY CHARM!3m19s

Khloe Kardashian CLAIMS She Is Tristan Thompson’s & The Cavs LUCKY CHARM!

What KarJenner curse?! Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson enjoyed a celebratory dinner after his team broke their losing streak last night and Khloe claims she’s their good luck charm. While it pains me to say it…clearly, Khloe and Tristan are doing just fine…just like another celeb couple…Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty. I have an update for your Barbz on just how hard your girl is falling…and trust me it’s something you need to hear. I’ve got your latest celeb couple news right now…so stay right here.

Kardashian Sisters REACT To Kourtney & Sofia Richie Getting Along!3m21s

Kardashian Sisters REACT To Kourtney & Sofia Richie Getting Along!

Kylie Jenner works REAL HARD to prove to everyone that her and Kendall are NOT fighting...PLUS...Kendall and Ben Simmons ACTUALLY flirt in public for once...FINALLY...Kylie...Kendall and the rest of the KarJenner family are reportedly HAPPY to see Kourtney Kardashian becoming friends with Sofia Richie. I have some KarJenner news you need to make your day so stay right where you're at.

Meek Mill RESPONDS To Nicki Minaj’s THREATS To Spill All His Secrets!3m01s

Meek Mill RESPONDS To Nicki Minaj’s THREATS To Spill All His Secrets!

During a recent performance in Australia Nicki Minaj SHOOK EVERYONE when she threatened to expose secrets about her ex Meek Mill. And let’s just say Meek Mill caught wind of Nicki’s comments and he definitely has some thoughts. PLUS…we’ve learned WHY Nicki is finally ready to put her feud with Cardi B in the past…And it might have something to do with her future…as I have the latest on where she wants her relationship with Kenneth Petty to go.

Khloe Kardashian Mom Shamed After Posting THIS Picture!3m30s

Khloe Kardashian Mom Shamed After Posting THIS Picture!

Khloe Kardashian is receiving some serious backlash and mom shaming thanks to this recent instagram post where she's showing off her SUPER long nails. PLUS Cardi B reveals that she hasn't slept in 24 hours because baby Kulture is sick… FINALLY...After going on a little trip with some friends Kylie made sure to stop ANYONE from shaming her in their tracks with this adorable post. We're talking about all of these famous moms right now so stay right where you're at.

Gigi Hadid MOVES ON As Zayn Malik Is NOT Doing Well After Breakup!3m41s

Gigi Hadid MOVES ON As Zayn Malik Is NOT Doing Well After Breakup!

Now that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have SPLIT...cue the post breakup drama. Zayn reportedly is NOT doing well now that him and Gigi have gone their separate ways...while Gigi just wants a relationship like her sister Bella and the Weekend have. And I have just the perfect candidate for you Gigi...Mr. Noah Centineo because has been dubbed the ’Internet's boyfriend” and you have to hear his thoughts on it. PLUS...I need to fill you guys in on Halsey because she’s someone Gigi could look to for advice as it appears she has rebounded since her recent breakup and she’s falling hard. I’m talking about some of your fav young celebs right now so stay tuned.

Cardi B AWKWARDLY Exits Stage To Fix WEDGIE!2m37s

Cardi B AWKWARDLY Exits Stage To Fix WEDGIE!

All eyes were on Migo's member Takeoff's twitter account recently when it appeared for a second that he was going after Cardi B. Pretty AWKWARD considering he's in a group with Offset aka Cardi's ex who she is currently trying to divorce. PLUS...Cardi had everyone at her recent performance DYING when she had to leave the stage for this reason.

Nicki Minaj HINTS At being Pregnant In New PDA Filled Video!3m26s

Nicki Minaj HINTS At being Pregnant In New PDA Filled Video!

Nicki Minaj posts that she's having pickle juice for breakfast and her fans FREAK thinking this is a sign she's pregnant. Judging by that new interesting PDA filled video she posted of her boyfriend Kenneth Petty kissing her feet...they might be onto something. While Nicki Minaj is living her best relationship life...we found out how Cardi felt about spending New Years Eve away from Offset. I'm talking about these two ladies right now so stay right where you're at.

EVERYTIME Tristan Thompson CHEATED On Khloe Kardashian In 2018!2m32s

EVERYTIME Tristan Thompson CHEATED On Khloe Kardashian In 2018!

Cheater Cheater pumpkin eater! It's no secret that here at Hollyscoop we've kept you guys up to date on Tristan Thompson and all of his unfaithful shenanigans. Therefore now that the end of the year is near... it's time to recap all the times Tristan seemingly cheated on Khloe. Buckle up people this is a good one.

Cardi B Nicki Minaj Feud Timeline EXPLAINED!1m59s

Cardi B Nicki Minaj Feud Timeline EXPLAINED!

2018 was a crazy year for both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj! From Subtle Shade to not so subtle shoe throwing, a lot went down between these two rappers. Today we are giving you the entire feud drama and breaking it down one by one!