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Boy Dances Like A Professional During A Lake Boat Race56s

Boy Dances Like A Professional During A Lake Boat Race

Having little children in the family is definitely something that you will love. Why is it so? Well, the main reason is very obvious. These little angels are very fascinating to watch especially if they are doing something like dancing, singing and a lot more. One good example about it is the thing that you can watch them here. From what you can see, this cute little dude is dancing just like a pro while the music is on and the people around him are cheering. Don't you find it very amusing to watch? Well, almost every little child out there can dance, but the big difference is that this little kiddo can move like a professional dancer. Hence, it is no longer surprising if this cute boy will become one of the most admired and famous dancers in the world someday. Such very entertaining scenario all happened during the Shakin' Da Lake boat race event at the Rocks Pond Campground last June 09, 2018. This is one of the most awaited events in the very beautiful and peaceful town of Eutawville in the progressive and scenic state of South Carolina in the United States of America. This particular event takes place every single year. Thus, this is the reason why a lot of people not only in the USA, but also people from the other parts of the world, are waiting for this enjoyable event to happen. Just in case you do not know, this special event is made to happen annually in honor for a particular amazing person named Steve Fogle. If you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest and you love to be in the water with hundreds of people around you, then going to this event is definitely a good option for you. You can showcase your dance moves in this event just like this little dancer. Just think of this thing: there will be a lot of people who can discover and witness your innate talent if you go to this event without forcing them to. It is simply because the people who go to this event surely want to have fun like you. Without a doubt, when you watch this little boy dancing, you will not say anything but "wow"! You cannot deny the fact that this boy is very talented. His mother by his side is cheering and dancing with him, too. His dad is clapping his hands and without telling it, he is very proud of his son for sure. If you are the parents of this boy, you will definitely feel the same way. If you love watching kids who are talented and confident enough in showing their talents, then watching it will absolutely make you happy. This boy will have a long way to his dream. However, it cannot be denied that he has a great future ahead of him, as far as dancing is concerned. You can tell it by the way he moves together with the music. Good luck to you little dude. Keep on dancing!

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93-Year-Old Grandpa Does The Kiki Challenge42s

93-Year-Old Grandpa Does The Kiki Challenge

Such a fun and energetic grandpa! This video is bound to put a smile on your face and get you feeling ready to dance and have some fun. Filmed in Salem, Oregon, the camerawoman claims she had filmed her younger daughter participating in a viral internet challenge and had shown her grandfather. Her grandfather was so enthralled by the video and was having a fun time watching it, that he wanted to try his hand at it as well. This viral internet challenge is called the In My Feelings Challenge, also known as the Shiggy Challenge. This challenge is based on the very popular song ”In My Feelings” by Canadian recording artist Drake. Very popular for his rapping and singing as well as his popular pop hit records such as “Hotline Bling”, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, “God’s Plan”, and many more. This is not the first challenge based on a Drake song. Even though it is called a challenge it's not much of challenging people, just people recording themselves having fun to the very fun and catchy song. This is the perfect summer time song to just have fun to and it makes even the most stiff people get a little loose and ready to vibe and dance . The challenge gained popularity when Drake released his most recent album containing the song, and it shot to the number one spot on music charts. With everyone listening to the songs, one Instagrammer decided to record himself dancing and having fun to this feel good son. Much like our funny grandpa in the video. You can hear the song playing in the background of the video for a moment as the grandpa starts to show off his skills. The challenge involves dancing along to the words and using certain hand moments and gestures to match the words in the lyrics. At certain points of the song the artist says words like love, riding, beside me, never leave. These all correspond to different movements in the dance such as making a heart sign with your hands, acting like your driving a car, shaking your finger as to say “no”, as well as others. All though our participate in the challenge of this video didn’t use all the moves, you can just appreciate him being out there and having some fun with his granddaughter, What a fun grandpa! The challenge started out as just dancing on the floor, but progressed to people getting out of the car while the driver drives next to them recording as the person dances along side the car. The woman’s grandpa decided to take this challenge and he moving along side the vehicle and showing off his moves. These challenges are so fun to look as it just inspires people to get out and have fun with their favorite songs. Seeing the 93 year old grandpa having some fun getting inspired by his 9 year old great-granddaughter, is very inspiring and such a feel good moment. You’re never too old to have some fun with family and a good tune.

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Paris Jackson Call 911 EMERGENCY!3m10s

Paris Jackson Call 911 EMERGENCY!

For more celebrity news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPZ2mvLI7m0 Paris Jackson just admitted to having a run in with the police…but it’s actually pretty hilarious.

Granny Nails The Floss Dance On First Attempt 16s

Granny Nails The Floss Dance On First Attempt

We all have that one tune that gets us every time its sweet notes reach our ears. We recognize the song before the artist even starts singing and every atom in our body starts vibrating to the beat. No matter if you are young or old and no matter what kind of a song it is, we can’t seem to stop our bodies from dancing. An unlikely video has emerged featuring the curious dance performance of one elderly lady flaunting her hips merrily in the public, dancing to the rhythm in the floss dance style. This cheeky grandmother is the real proof that age is just a number when you are young at heart! Dancing is really something magical and wonderful. Watch this 70-year-old Indiana mom “flossing” at the local IHop. She had just seen a little boy doing the floss dance and was so impressed that she gave him a dollar. The boy told her to try to do it herself so the video is an “official record” of her first attempt. And she nailed it! This video was made on July 13, 2018, and to the most critical eye, it can be said the dance is incongruent with what and how seniors are perceived. Regardless, our lady grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and lived for social dances. She is also a retired pastor of a church for 20 years. She was praising God in the end but really feeling like the bomb herself. This is an adorable video that shows that you are never too old to have a good time and do what you love! Seeing an adult bust a move in the middle of the street upon what can be interpreted as a challenge might be a bit awkward, but it is always a pleasure to see someone have some clean, old-fashioned fun for once. Age is just a number for this high energy grandma! In another hilarious footage, we see a 94-year-old woman busting out some serious dance moves in front of her relatives! Her energy is contagious and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! When someone tells you you are too old for something, just give them this video and you will never hear of it again! One groovy grandma proves that you can never be too old to bust a move , as she throws down some serious moves, much to our delight. Beginning with a tentative sway from side-to-side, this 94-year-old granny proves to be quite the mover, taking the center stage on the living room, dancing along with her relatives. Shown dancing to some hip hop music, accompanied by her caretaker and by a young girl which is probably her granddaughter, the positive grandma moves like there is no tomorrow! Watch how this elderly lady twists her body to the groove in search of something that is a truer match to her vibrant character! Judging by the way this lady sways on the floor, it can be assumed that she has been a dancer her entire life, as her tidy toe-taps soon erupt into a joyous jive. The lively grandmother swings her arms side to side in perfect synchronization to her feet and the beat. Just when we thought she can’t get any groovier, she starts shaking her booty like JLo. The frail-looking lady beams throughout the entirety of her improvised routine, proving that she’s still got it. We bet this lively lady is always the life and soul of the party. She loves to keep moving her body and mind, she says it helps to keep her young. We all absolutely loved seeing her and the other relatives and friends enjoying themselves while moving to the rhythm. Aren't these videos awesome? These seniors set a great example for all of us to follow. No matter the age, do what you love. Do we have to mention how well they dance? Good for them doing what they love, they may look senior always young at heart! Do you know anyone that does stuff like this despite their age? Let us know down in the comments!

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Crazy thrill ride in bucket of Bobcat loader27s

Crazy thrill ride in bucket of Bobcat loader

Jake Hatch of "Black Sheep Skid" loves to give people a ride in the bucket of his Bobcat Skid-Steer loader. He runs the loader full time as an owner/operator on construction sites. When he's not a work, he uses his Bobcat to entertain friends and crowds. Awesome!

Family bids emotional goodbye to Toys 'R' Us store2m19s

Family bids emotional goodbye to Toys 'R' Us store

A lot of people were affected by the announcement that Toys 'R' Us is closing its doors after so many years. Together with his wife, who worked there for 13 years, this father took his children to a closing store. You will most definitely be missed, Toys 'R' Us!

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Cyclist and scooter driver duel it out on the highway1m18s

Cyclist and scooter driver duel it out on the highway

Cyclists and scooter drivers share the same roads and have the same problems with traffic and other motorists. Generally, they can relate to each other and they are even friendly when they meet. But occasionally, the rivalry that lurks beneath the surface rears its head and you get competition between the two. Scooter drivers seem to shake their heads at cyclists using a mode of transportation that is so much effort and makes you sweat so much. And, in most cases, the scooters are at least a little bit faster. The victory on this level is sweet for the scooter enthusiasts. Cyclists also look down their noses ever so slightly on a mode of transportation that requires power. It's also unreliable because a flat battery can leave you with just your legs to get you home. Suddenly, those powerful and speedy scooters have become heavy bicycles that cannot be ridden nearly as fast as a road bicycle. The tables then turn and the cyclist can rejoice in the fact that their pure sport now provides them with the victory. On a sunny day near Peterborough, Ontario, a scooter driver on the gravel shoulder checks for traffic and then pulls out onto the road. He must not have realized that he's pulling out in front of an oncoming cyclist. Or maybe he simply thinks that he will accelerate with his more powerful machine and the cyclist will never be seen again. Dave, the cyclist sees this as a challenge and he pedals up close behind the scooter, preparing for what is going to be an epic battle of the two machines and the two drivers. He craftily sneaks in behind and drafts, saving his energy as the two make their way along at the scooter's top speed of 32km/h (20mph). Dave will wait for the moment where he can pull out and leave the scooter in the dust. His helmet camera records the action and we can see the scooter driver and his case of Coke Zero only a few feet in front. Dave also decides to take a selfie at this point. The scooter driver looks to his left and obviously sees Dave's shadow on the road. He does a double take and takes a swerve onto the shoulder, likely shocked that someone is silently following right on his tail. Before Dave can crank up his speed and pass, they encounter a hill. The scooter has a surprising ability to maintain speed, while Dave struggles to pedal his bike. He loses ground, as well as the advantage of the draft, and Scooter Boy speeds up the hill. Dave pedals on and a few minutes later, catches up as the scooter driver stops to drink some of his Coke. Dave speeds past with a smirk. Scooter Boy rockets up the hill and past Dave, sporting a smirk of his own. Dave can't take this and pulls out to the left for an impressive, and very shortlived burst of speed that clearly shocks the scooter driver. Dave's legs have had it and the victory is short lived. Scooter Boy makes a final pass, Dave admits defeat and the scooter heads off into the distance. Dave will get his own bottle of Coke Zero and find the scooter driver another day for round two!

Guy breaks egg on head with dangerous battleaxe boomerang2m14s

Guy breaks egg on head with dangerous battleaxe boomerang

This guy is no amateur so please do not try this at home. Vic of 'boomerangsbyvic' has been professionally building and throwing boomerangs for over 9 years. Here we see him break eggs off his helmet with a battleaxe boomerang he named Warlock. We also see him break an egg with another big boomerang he named Tiger Lilly named after his daughter Lilly. Awesome!

Boomerang axe that really returns when thrown2m22s

Boomerang axe that really returns when thrown

Many think this is not possible - an ax made into a boomerang that really returns. Well Vic has showed us here that it is in fact possible. Boomerangs need to be made and thrown correctly to get a good return. Vic shows us exactly how in this epic video.

Multiple boomerangs made from recycled material1m08s

Multiple boomerangs made from recycled material

What better use could there be for a left over political sign then to turn it into something fun like boomerangs? Many people think they are a myth or think they only return in movies, cartoons and video games. Well the myth is over and 'boomerangsbyvic' is here to bust it wide open!