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Bulldog Freaks Out When Owner Cuts Dog-Shaped Cake34s

Bulldog Freaks Out When Owner Cuts Dog-Shaped Cake

A hilarious footage has emerged of an unsuspecting Bulldog freaked out after witnessing its mischievous owner cutting into a dog-shaped cake. Check out this dog’s hilarious reactions! The funny video, filmed in Guangzhou City in southern Guangdong Province on August 25, shows the dog owner using a spoon to cut the bulldog-shaped cake - while his pet is licking it. The terrified French bulldog runs away immediately to seeing that massacre. Funny! Can you imagine watching your new tiny best friend being chopped to pieces in front of your eyes? We truly feel with this emotional Bulldog and completely support his reaction. The pooch is delighted with the dog-shaped goody presented in front of its eyes. However, the moment this canine starts sniffing and licking the divine figure, owner decides to chop pup’s head off! Of course, this causes a genuine reaction, the surprised dog is scared to death because it didn’t see it coming. So we see the bulky Bulldog pooch running head over heels for his life, which reminds us of the way the Great Dane animated character from Scooby Doo runs in the cartoon. Cuteness overload! How would you react if your friend’s head was to be chopped off in front of your eyes while you were kissing it? We would definitely have mixed emotions: scared, angry, surprised, devastated, lonely… the list goes on and on. This video is guaranteed to make your day, as this Bulldog’s genuine reaction to surprise is truly something that shouldn’t be missed! Enjoy! While we are laughing our socks off, we are reminded of another video of a dog weighing herself on a scale only to freak out after seeing the numbers on the screen. It is especially suitable for those of you who are on a diet or a workout plan. This dog weighs herself on a bathroom scale and literally freaks out after seeing exactly how much she weighs. LOL! A dog takes his two paws and places it on the bathroom scale. She looks at his weight and loses it! She pushes the scale out of the way, barks at it and continues to push it further away. A man asks the dog if she is not happy with what the scale says. Too funny and too relatable!!! Dog reactions to citrus fruits are always quite humorous, and this Dachshund's response is no exception! Although she thinks the piece of lime is quite irresistible, she also really doesn't like the scent of the fruit. You can see her observing in the distance, but when coming closer she starts to jump and turn and even throws out a little bark! Talking about the strangely shaped cake, a restaurant in Taiwan has started serving ice-cream in the shape of puppies . Customers at Art Kitchen in Kaohsiung City can choose from three breeds: shar-pei, Labrador retriever and pug. The restaurant owner, Liang, said the realistic puppy ice-creams are made using plastic moulds and each one takes five hours to produce. Do you think this is cute or creepy? Would you like to try this dog-shaped ice-cream served in Taiwan? What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Little Dog Reaches For The Highest Notes While Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ To Owner 19s

Little Dog Reaches For The Highest Notes While Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ To Owner

This absolutely adorable video clip takes place in Bowmanville, Ontario. A woman named Emily is seated at a table with her Mini-Dachshund Fred who is also a rescue dog. Emily is celebrating her birthday and a delicious looking frosted cake adorned with lit candles is on display. As is the tradition, her family begins to sing the Happy Birthday song to Emily. They only manage to sing about 3 or 4 words before Fred the dachshund joins in the chorus. He is belting it out and reaching for the highest notes. He even manages to drown out the other singers with his powerful vocals. The family continues to sing but it's of no use. This is now Fred's solo performance and he has taken over with his high pitch howls. It's the funniest thing and Emily is clearly amused by her pet's interaction. It is very enjoyable when our animals can partake in family activities. After all, dogs are family too and they enjoy these special occasions just as much as their owners do. Clearly, Fred the dachshund loves to be in on the action and his family gets plenty of laughs from his antics. Mini-Dachshunds are so cute and their energetic and clever personalities lend themselves to family events. They love to be the center of attention and respond with such intensity. Dachshunds have a hunting background and they really enjoy the outdoors. You will often see them frolic in city parks and they really love to chase after other animals. They can do well in apartments provided they get some mental stimulation and physical exercise daily. They are quite intelligent but they can get bored when left alone for too long. This can bring on some destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging. Dachunds have a very loving and gentle temperament and get along well with children and adults of all ages. They do tend to suffer from back problems as they age, so it is crucial that you not let this breed become overweight. This will only serve to inflame the issues with their backs. You must not free-feed your dachshund as they may eat more than is necessary. It is important to ration their food and to make sure that their caloric intake isn't too high. Generally speaking, a well cared for Mini-Dachshund can live to the age of 13 to 16 years. Their long and low to the ground bodies are quite solid and muscular and it's always amusing to watch them scamper around when they are at play. Obviously, Fred the Mini-Dachshund is a well loved pet who regularly partakes in family celebrations. He looks like he would enjoy doing anything from camping to frolicking on a sandy beach. Judging by this amusing video, he enjoys stealing the show and making his voice heard. You can tell he is brimming with personality and getting a big kick out of the festivities. This family is so blessed to own this sweet little dog. Hopefully, he will be around to provide these laughs and happy memories with his family for years to come. Do you also own a Mini-Dachshund? We would love to hear your comments below and please do share this cute video clip with all your friends.

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Bull Terrier Decides To Nap In Super Small Bed25s

Bull Terrier Decides To Nap In Super Small Bed

It can not be denied that there are a lot of dog breeds that you can find in the world these days. Those dog lovers out there are completely aware of such fact, for sure. One of these dog breeds loved by many people is the Bull Terrier. As its name suggests, such dog belongs to the family of Terrier. Yes, you read it right, Terrier! There are a lot of Terrier dog breeds out there, and the Bull Terrier is just one of them. Just in case you do not know, there are several other names of Bull Terrier. These are: The Gentleman's Companion, Wedge Hedge, Bully, The White Cavalier, and English Bull Terrier. Of all its other names, the English Bull Terrier is the most commonly used name. This breed of dog is really cute and adorable. Watch this video if you are still not convinced. Here, you can watch the English Bull Terrier named Jessie. As you can see, this adorable dog is trying to fit itself into the small circular pillow, or a small circular bed of a puppy. He is bigger than this nook but he still tried to fit in. There is no way you can't notice a smile on your face when you watch this smart and cute dog. He literally sits or lays down on something comfortable even though it is smaller than his size. Isn't that funny? If this English Bull Terrier is a human, its favorite saying will definitely be "If It fits, I sits." Historically speaking, the Bull Terrier actually originated in the progressive and amazing country of England. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why it is also known as English Bull Terrier. This breed of dog is greatly different from the other dog breeds out there, when it comes to a number of aspects. First is that it has unique but beautiful physical appearance, especially the shape of his snout. Try to imagine the head of a shark, and that is how the Bull Terrier's head would really look like. Shark-head-shaped, that's exactly the right way to describe its head. Sometimes, it is also being described as "egg-shaped", especially if you are looking from his front side. When in top view, you will see that its skull is a bit flat in shape. When it comes to it’s color, you will love the color variations of this dog breed. You can choose between black, red smut, red, fawn, brindle, and white. Not only that, it also has a mixture of white, red, and black color that you will definitely love. Its hair however, is not that thick compared to other dog breeds. Having this dog will surely be a good choice for you since it has an average lifespan of around 10 to 14 years. Isn't that long enough for a man's best friend? Of course it’s not. We prefer our doggos to live on forever. Never ever underestimate the cuteness and the smarts of this Terrier dog. Watch it and you will absolutely say nothing but "How cute!"

Funny Dog Entertains Its Owner By Rolling Around On The Carpet 17s

Funny Dog Entertains Its Owner By Rolling Around On The Carpet

These days, more and more people are resorting to raising their own pet dog for a number of reasons. Some of these individuals simply just want to have a loyal companion when they are alone. Some of them are even using their own pet dogs for therapies. Yes, you read it right! Raising your own pet dog can be an effective therapy for those who are sick. One of the best dog breeds that you should consider raising is the Cocker Spaniel. For your information, the Cocker Spaniel breed of dog is also known as the English Cocker Spaniel. Well, there is no question about that since these breed of dogs originated in the beautiful and huge country of England. Two of its popular nicknames are Cocker Spaniel and Cocker. This breed is known to be a gun dog or the so-called bird dog. It is simply so because it is originally used for hunting and retrieving purposes. If you are still not convinced with the therapeutic capabilities of this dog, then you should watch this video. Here, you can see the Cocker Spaniel rolling over the carpet as if he is playing. It seems like it is entertaining its owner, and you will surely laugh upon watching this adorable dog . If you are having a bad day or you are simply combating with boredom, you will definitely find yourself entertained here. There are a lot of things that you will love about the English Cocker Spaniel. First his physical appearance. It has a very thick fur. Even so, its thick hair entails intensive grooming. Meaning to say, you have to have a lot of patience when you are grooming this dog. It has a tendency to look ugly if you will not give him serious attention when it comes to grooming. Secondly, Cockers are really friendly. Hence, there is no need for you to worry if you are having constant visitors in your house or if you have little children at home. It can mingle well with any person. Just make sure to train them well. When it comes to exercises, you can just let him play in your backyard with your kids and it will definitely become more friendly to anyone. You can just even take him for a good walk with you in the park or anywhere. Just make sure to stay in command while you are out. This dog loves to entertain its owner, the same as he is doing here. The third thing that you will love about the Cocker Spaniel is that it has a longer life. Its estimated lifespan is around 12 up to 15 years. Meaning to say, you will have enough years to enjoy yourself with this very cute and adorable dog. Just make sure to provide him with enough attention as his owner, because just like human beings, this dog also needs love and care from the people that surround him. Watch the video now and you will definitely find yourself laughing and laughing. Remember, laughing is the best medicine!

Loyal Owner Walks His Dog Suffering From Bone Cancer29s

Loyal Owner Walks His Dog Suffering From Bone Cancer

A man in the city of Vibo Valentia in Italy finds a way to take his dog, who suffers from bone cancer, for a walk several times a day. Beautiful footage shows the heartwarming moment when this compassionate man takes care of his unfortunate pooch, giving him the decent treatment it deserves! Faith in humanity restored! Sweet video shows an elderly man giving his cancer-riddled dog the royal treatment, assisting the sick pooch to walk with the help of a safety harness. This emotional scene perfectly depicts this man’s unconditional love towards his loyal dog unconditionally. Even though this adult pooch’s youthful puppy days of health and energy are long gone, his compassionate owner makes sure his beloved pet doesn’t suffer. These two share a special bond, indeed! Tonino Vitale from Vibo Valentina, Italy, walks his 13-years-old dog suffering from bone cancer named Dylan, three or four times a day. According to filmmaker Sabrina la Grotteria, Dylan’s health has declined as a result of his condition and he can no longer use his back legs. How sad! That is why his human Vitale takes his dog outside for walks, as seen in this adorable video. Everyone needs some fresh air and sunshine, as they are both good for the soul. This makes Vitale the best dog-owner in the world! Heartwarming video shows Vitale’s innovative solution to help his disabled dog walk outside by using a hand truck to assist Dylan lay down on it properly, while Vitale pushes him around the block. Watching this duo return home from a walk, our eyes have filled with tears as Vitale parked the hand truck close to the sidewalk so that he can easily lift Dylan off it using an extra harness. With the help of the second harness, Dylan manages to take a few, assisted steps, making his way back home. If you found this scene beautiful, praise Vitale’s selfless compassion by sharing this wonderful video with family and friends! His acts of kindness should be spread around the world! This man should be rewarded for showing true compassion towards his four-legged best friend, and going through the trouble of walking his dog suffering from bone cancer multiple times a day, simply because he knows that it’s the right thing to do. What a kind man! You have to be an animal lover to understand Vitale’s undying affection for his suffering pooch. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Loyal owners going out of their way for the well-being of their pets? It is good that Vitale found a way to take his beloved dog for a walk, multiple times every day, out of compassion and loyalty. This man is our hero! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Hopefully, this video will teach others to respect animals and take very good care of them. Enjoy!

Adorable Pup Is Willing To Share His Bed But Not His Treat30s

Adorable Pup Is Willing To Share His Bed But Not His Treat

Watch as Benjamin the Golden Retriever is happy to share his bed with his friend Hudson. However, there is no chance that he is sharing his treat with this threatening baby with a pacifier that paid him an unexpected visit while the dog enjoyed his treat lying in his comfortable bed. It seems that this dog does not care at all to share his bed with the small baby but refuses to share his treat at any cost. The baby Hudson approaches the bed of the puppy Benjamin with the intention to play with him, but the dog is very busy with his treat! Hudson expects Benjamin to drop his treat so they can play, but the treat is so delicious that the game can wait for a little longer. The boy touches the dog to provoke him, but he keeps lying down moving his tail very happily while playing with his delicious treat. Benjamin does not take his eyes off the baby; just in case this little human reaches for his treat. Luckily, the baby has a pacifier in his mouth and we do not think he has any intention of snatching the treat from the puppy; however, the dog does not stop being cautious and does not trust even his innocent baby friend. We are sure that this is just one of the few moments when this Golden Retriever enjoys his treat for a moment; since at first glance we can notice that he has a very close relationship with this adorable baby who wants to share the bed with the puppy and calmly leans on thim as a sign of confidence towards him. This scene is really adorable because this baby loves his dog so much that he could fall asleep in the puppy's bed while waiting for him to play when he finishes enjoying his delicious treat. The Golden Retrievers are known for creating such loving connections with humans especially with children; as long as they do not want to take away their treats. Just kidding! These pets love to share with humans, but it seems that Benjamin has a lovely time no matter how threatened he feels with the his little human friend. This baby only comes with the best intentions of having a nice time with his dog Benjamin, but it seems that he did not arrive at the best moment; even so, the dog receives him in a good mood, giving him a place in his doggy bed. You can see that Benjamin is a very friendly dog ​​and he knows how to live with his family in the best way possible, and how can it not be like that? If you have such a tasty treat , there is not an obvious reason to not want to hang out with your friends. If you enjoyed watching this video as much as we did, we invite you to "like" It and if you think it is very adorable and want to share it on your social networks, go ahead! Surely, your friends, family and acquaintances will love it as much as we did. It can be the most entertained video you have seen today Enjoy it!

Blind, elderly Great Dane devours shawarma in record time1m11s

Blind, elderly Great Dane devours shawarma in record time

Briva is a 12 year old Great Dane who has been a wonderful pet and family member. She is in her golden years and she has lost almost all of her sight, some of her hearing, and most of her energy. But she hasn't lost her sense of smell. Her family was returning from a week at the family cottage, going through Orillia, Ontario. They decided to stop for lunch and they ordered a round of Shawarmas. Briva's nose doesn't miss anything and she was showing some serious interest in the food. Briva doesn't get people food very often, but as she has reached such an advanced age, the bad habits that are instilled by giving her scraps just don't seem to matter as much. Briva came to this family as a rescue of sorts. Her owners were kind and caring, but they had two small dachshunds and Briva was a typical puppy, only much bigger. She grew so quickly to such a size that her playful nature and energetic behavior terrorized the poor little dogs who lived in her home before her. Her owners had no choice but to give her up. Briva became part of her new family the moment she walked in the door. But her size and her spunk were costly. She bounced around and broke several couches, smashed through countless sections of drywall, ate anything that wasn't higher than shoulder height, and carried the family beagle around by the collar until his face turned blue from lack of oxygen. She ate a chocolate birthday cake off the table like it was a two bite brownie. She has silently snuck up on numerous cheese platters and stolen her favorite, the creamy brie. She can fit a whole brie cheese in her mouth and walk away like nothing is happening. Briva can reach anything on the counter or kitchen table without her paws leaving the floor and nothing is safe for even a second. A raisin pie cooling on the window ledge vanished without a trace and cat food left within reach doesn't stand a chance. Despite her mischief, Briva is very well loved. She has been the loyal protector and enthusiastic playmate for the kids as they grew up. She takes up the whole back of the family van and sprawls across a whole couch, but her size is actually one of her many endearing qualities. Owning a Great Dane is challenging, but they are one of the most loyal breeds imaginable. As we see in this video, Briva's family ordered a shawarma all for her. She could tell something good was coming and she started licking her lips even before it was fully unwrapped. Briva has caught on that the treats have increased lately so she really isn't surprised when the shawarma ends up right in front of her mouth. With barely enough vision left to see where things are, she zeros in on the smell and starts to devour the sandwich. She has never had a shawarma before. The tender chicken, covered in creamy garlic sauce, along with a heaping helping of vegetables was obviously a hit and it disappeared in just over a minute. Most of the time involved was due to the wrapper being in the way. A hungry Great Dane is one of the fastest eaters on the planet. Briva made a mess and dropped some of the filling on the ground but she was able to find that and eat it all as well. Briva has definitely earned her share of delicious foods!