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 Rescue Dog Hilariously Pats Owner’s Shoulder To Get A Bite Of His Food37s

Rescue Dog Hilariously Pats Owner’s Shoulder To Get A Bite Of His Food

A funny footage has emerged of a rescue dog nagging owner to share a bite of his food by gently tapping him on the shoulder! Adorable! This dog was rescued by the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) team and is now living a good life. Watch as he gives owner a little reminder that he would like to share his treat in an extremely humorous way! It's amazing how dogs manage to find different ways to get whatever they want in the most adorable manner! When a dog is taken into a family, it becomes part of the family. Even though it is human food, this dog wants to join the family during dinner and have a bite of their mea. This adorable pooch was feeling like he should be eating the same food as the rest of his human family so he decided to beg for it in the most adorable way! Although the food was cooked for the humans, he didn’t hesitate to let owners know that he wants in on it as well. Hilarious! This precious rescue dog has come up with an ingenious way to ask for his favorite treat- a chicken wing! Namely, every time he wants to be pampered with human food, he stands next to the owner while he is having his meal, and adorably pats him on the shoulder! Watching this nagging dog constantly tapping owner’s shoulder with his paw, asking to get a bite of his food, has brightened our day! This is the most adorable way a pet can beg for food! Have you ever seen a doggy beg for food like this?

This Is A Dog's Equivalent Of Sleeping With Your Thumb In Your Mouth26s

This Is A Dog's Equivalent Of Sleeping With Your Thumb In Your Mouth

When we were growing up, getting rid of the pacifier and the nursing bottle was difficult for us. So, most of us resolved to the one thing we always had on us - our thumbs. Kids suck their thumbs because it's comforting and calming; we have perfected this technique while still in the womb and we carry on doing it for quite some time after we come into the world. But did you know that just as kids suck on their thumbs, dogs do it too? Only they don’t just suck on a toe, the stick their entire paws in their mouths. Apparently, they too like to suck on their appendages to soothe themselves. According to one author, dogs that feel stressed usually develop these so called stereotypical habits. They do not injure themselves and it doesn’t interfere with their normal life. It just looks really adorable, but like us biting our nails, it is not something to allow. With Bella here, it just looks totally ridiculous. She lies on her owner’s bed, mouth ajar and her back foot is lodged inside her mouth. What is that? For what it’s worth, she could have just fallen asleep mid struggle with her mischievous foot and they both got tired so they decided to take a little nap. No harm, no foul. Then, suddenly, the foot tries to break free from the shackles that are bella’s jaws, but she wakes up and reclaims her opponent. "Not so fast, foot, we still have unfinished business to attend to!" Credit:

Playful Dog Becomes Terrified Of Large Salmon36s

Playful Dog Becomes Terrified Of Large Salmon

Lily is a six month old Golden Retriever cross who is full of energy and enthusiasm. When Nicole and her mother took her out to the creek that runs through their back yard, Lily discovered that there were great big salmon making their way up river to spawn. Nicole can be heard laughing as her mother tries to tell Lily not to go in the creek. Nicole seems to understand that there is no way to prevent what is about to happen. Being the friendly dog that she is, Lily leaped into the water and tried to play with the fish. Just as she got close, her new friend turned and swam right at her, splashing vigorously and making a lot of noise. Lily suddenly became frightened and she turned to get out of the water just as quickly as she went in. The fish does an about face and so does Lily, suddenly deciding that she wanted to get close after all. Lily looks confused as she searches in the shallows for a sign of the fish. The salmon returns to the deeper water in the middle of the creek and Lily prances around on shore looking for another fish to play with. Eventually, Lily sees a few more salmon and she jumps into the water again, seemingly braver this time. The salmon don't seem as enthusiastic as Lily and they stay in the deeper water where she won't go. Nicole and her mother continue to laugh as Lily wades in the creek, looking for some fun. This Goldie is a very curious dog and she would love to catch one of the salmon, except for the fact that they are so big. This is the first time that Lily has seen fish and it is a completely new experience for her. Salmon will make their way up this creek, and any other river that leads from Lake Ontario, as they obey a natural drive to find the same spawning grounds from which they came. They live in the deep waters of the Great Lakes for three years before making a long and difficult journey, following the female salmon to where they will lay their eggs. For the majority of the salmon, this will be their last swim. A high percentage will either perish on the journey or soon after the spawn. Incredibly, salmon go through tremendous physical change before they embark on their run. The males develop a large, hooked beak which will be used to fight with other males. Both the males and the females also develop large, dog-like teeth as the battle for breeding rights can be ferocious, and often fatal. The life cycle of the salmon is brief but fascinating!

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Puppy Discovers How To Reach Bottom Of Ice-Cream Pint50s

Puppy Discovers How To Reach Bottom Of Ice-Cream Pint

It might seems that this naughty dog went through her owner's trash while they were out and ended up in quite the pickle as a result. When her owner got back, they found her with an ice cream cup stuck on his head! Guess that's what happens when you're a bad pup and you go through her owners trash trash! However, this not only that it is not the case here, but it just so happens that it is this dogs birthday after which she is rewarded or even gifted with an ice cream cup. Her overwhelming happiness has led her to get her head stuck all the way to the bottom of the cup. However, there was no way that she would let any ice cream what so ever be left in the cup after she was done with it. Her urge to get it all has gotten her into a little bit of a pickle. However, even though her owner is standing just a couple of feet away, has decided to let her find her own way to the solution. Honu the Newfoundland puppy was celebrating his 14-week birthday by finishing the last of an ice cream pint but couldn't quite reach the bottom. That is until he realized he could let gravity do the work!

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Puppy Lilly And Baby Laura Growing Up Together 3m17s

Puppy Lilly And Baby Laura Growing Up Together

This is a story of the friendship between a happy little girl and her happy little puppy. Baby Laura loves her puppy Lilly and they love playing together. Jumping on the bed and teasing each other is just one of their favorite games. Laura's elephant toy is also Lilly's favorite toy and she is trying very hard to reach it. Feeding is very important and when Laura feeds the puppy, mummy dog is here to see if her puppy is eating healthy. When Laura and Lilly are playing they are using Lilly’s toys also, not just Laura’s. And Laura is a very responsible dog owner. She is not only playing with her puppy, making sure it develops well, but she is also helping her come down the stairs safely. And Lilly is very grateful for that, giving Laura very many thank-you-licks to show her love and devotion. When the weather is nice Laura and Lilly play outside. Whether it is on the grass or they are taking a walk, Laura and Lilly are always together. Lilly is also learning some communication skills, as getting to know other dogs in the neighborhood is very important. And, after the walk, Lilly needs a warm bath. Cuddling, rubbing, chewing some hair, licking, laying and rolling are just few of the things Laura and Lilly enjoy doing together. And after a hard day of playing and fooling around, there comes a moment to lay down and rest for a while. Taking a nap is very important because a new day brings new games, happy moments and joy for both.

Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy15s

Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy

You can not deny it! All dogs are simply adorable pets and no wonder they are called ‘A man’s best friend’. They find amusement in such a hilarious stuff in the house or outside of it. Lucky for us, their owners are always there to record those funny moments and share them with us! Labrador retrievers are so lovable. These silly dogs get into all kinds of mischief. With their sweet and kind behavior, they are surely one of the most entertaining companions you can have. Such as this charming young pup in the video. Going down the stairs can be hard for young puppies to handle. This perky doggo named Bracken can’t wait to show his owner a new trick he has learned. As soon as he sees the camera, his demonstration begins. The thoughtful puppy, decides to surf down the stairs on its belly, rather than walking on his legs. Just look at how excited he is. It seems like that he’s never been allowed to play in an amusement park, so he decides to improvise a way to have fun. We find this so ridiculous! Sit back and watch as this adorable Labrador puppy goes sliding down the stairs with style! He is a big dog now, but according to his owners, he still does it occasionally, well with a little less elegance than before! If you like cute and funny videos of dogs and pets, comment below and share your own stories with us! Enjoy!

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French bulldog herds pug just like sheep39s

French bulldog herds pug just like sheep

Watch Sanka ever so carefully closing in and stalking Enkei. Sanka has Enkei in his sights and slowly creeps up on Enkei so as to not make a sound. He keeps his head low and close to the ground as he approaches, then when in close enough distance, he runs and pounces! Enkei just manages to escape swiftly and lead him up the open space. Enkei's tail is hilarious as it goes straight when he runs quickly, especially if he is being chased!

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Westie Puppy Loves Riding On The Robot Vacuum15s

Westie Puppy Loves Riding On The Robot Vacuum

Owners decides that it is high time for the dog to start doing some chores around the house, if not everything, at least vacuuming. And how did she manage to pull that off? With a robot vacuum, of course. Footage shows three-months-old Capria riding on a iRobot Roomba and having the time of her life. Turns out she loves it! Apparently, this curious pooch enjoys riding on a self-powered vacuum cleaner. The clip starts with this adorable Westie sitting on top of the robot vacuum, riding around the house, spinning in circles while sitting up with confidence, looking mischievous, and most notably super adorable. Our little hero here clearly loves sitting on the robot vacuum cleaner and spinning around the living room in circles, looking as relaxed as she can be. She's obviously chilling and makes us feel tempted to join in the fun! Adorable! These dog owners wanted to make the playtime for their pooch even more pleasant and decided to put their adorable canine on top of the vacuum cleaner so that their baby could enjoy the fun process of cleaning while taking a ride around the household. Not only the little fella enjoyed the fun, he also felt so relaxed that we think she might fall asleep right away! Prepare yourself for cuteness overloaded because this adorable pooch riding on the automatic vacuum cleaner will definitely soften your heart, warm up your soul and give you a good laugh. You will end up beaming with smiles while watching. Is this pooch too lazy to roll and wants to sit all day in her new chair doing nothing, while watching the world go by?

Dog Not Allowed On Couch Tries To Bend The Rules42s

Dog Not Allowed On Couch Tries To Bend The Rules

Lexie is a dog who suffers from allergies and is not allowed to spend her time on the couch. But here we see a totally opposite picture. She has so stubbornly hugged the couch like it is the last thing she would ever enjoy in her doggy life. Knowing that just like people, dogs are susceptible to allergies as well and sometimes can even be more sensitive than people, the sight of the dog and her so treasured couch won’t leave us ignorant of the feelings of compassion for this dog. Being ware that her body can’t enjoy the softness of the couch to the whole, Lexie is satisfied with lying on the bed just halfway, though she the yearns to be able to slump herself in full length. As she hangs there all sad, with a pleading look and long face, we know that she listens carefully to what her owner has to say and we are clear that she understands everything. She is conscious of her plight, but like any other dog, Lexie exhibits perfect acting capabilities. She thinks that if just for a split second she closes her eyes, everything will go away and she will be able to enjoy the couch to the fullest. But her owner is more persistent than Lexie, and though you may have never seen more desperate dog, nobody can help her in her downcast low-spirited attempts to keep the sofa for herself. Wagging her tail, she finally gets off the couch stretching her body as if she had a nice long sleep.

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Two Dogs Show Expert Camouflage Skill On The Couch9s

Two Dogs Show Expert Camouflage Skill On The Couch

By definition, camouflage is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making animals or objects hard to see or by disguising them as something else. In the world of animals camouflage is any coloration or patterns that help the animals to appear to blend with its surroundings because survival can be a challenging task in the wild – especially if you’re smaller or slower than your possible predators. Animals imitate the coloration of their natural habitats, although some species are known to be able to adjust their coloration. The most common example is a chameleon, although some furry animals and birds may lose their feathers and fur completely and replace it with a new one for a new season. Surprisingly, sometimes the best way to camouflage oneself is to stick with the herd. Have you heard about dog camouflage? If not, then this is your chance to see that sometimes even dogs in home environments can camouflage and become the most watched video online, just for the sake of it. Fame, folks; fame is what matters to these dogs. As you hit the play button, you see a dog stretched on a sofa, and nothing unusual is going on, four legs, one body, a muzzle that is slowly licking its legs until it is not. The true sight unravels in front of your eyes when you see a dog on top of his friend. The dog trying to camouflage his friend does not want to let go of him, even though the other dog is resolved that it had enough of the wild game and tries to push his way through and out of the paws of its friend. Phew, it is better out in a fresh air and a daylight.

Friendly Dog Says 'Cheese' For The Camera8s

Friendly Dog Says 'Cheese' For The Camera

This dog knows how to pull faces in front of the camera and not just once but repeatedly. The choice of making different faces is as wide as the ocean, so practicing one that will look the best on camera is what this dog has on mind. It will amuse himself for a few more minutes. Saying ‘cheese’ in front of such a great audience is something you have to practice many times. And you know the expression ‘practice makes perfect’, so why not practice until perfection? Dogs are affectionate, protective and family-loving animals. They can be intelligent too. If you thought that your dog is as daft as a brush, it can actually be smart as a two-year-old child. And some dogs can even understand up to 200 words. When it comes to eye sight, it is a common myth that dogs can only see in black and white - not only they can see colors but they can also see them as vividly as humans. And what is more, they have better night vision than humans. Dogs’ ears are extremely expressive. It’s no wonder! There are more than a dozen separate muscles that control a dog’s ear movements. And dogs are not just expressive with their ears but their face sometimes can be dramatically changed into an expression that you have might never seen it before. Certain sounds can startle them and chasing their tails can be the most exciting thing on some days. Until they’ve discovered entirely different game where they can act as real models.

Burly Dog Is Enchanted By Baby's Laughter1m00s

Burly Dog Is Enchanted By Baby's Laughter

A Cane Corso dog can be so quiet when indoors and Neo, an 11-month-old, is a true reflection of his breed’s characteristics. The opening of the video reveals an absolutely relaxed and distressed surrounding. Neo lying in his armchair like a real couch potato, totally surrendered to the calamity of the peaceful atmosphere of his home but still watchful in case something happens that demands his specialty. Resting aimlessly with no particular purpose on his mind, all of a sudden Neo is caught in a weird laugh. Where does it come from? And how can such a loud and powerful laugh be produced by a baby ?This dog can’t believe it. Instead of spending his day idly, he is listening to the baby’s laughter in a baffled way, not sure what to expect next. Puzzled by the continuous laughter, at the very beginning Neo just tilts his head left to right, until he realizes that this laughter is not going away. In all that amazement, the pooch gets up slowly, swinging his head more attentively when he decides to get off the armchair and check out for himself what on earth is that laughter about. Cane Corso is a mastiff breed from Italy. Though it looks very athletic, stout and of strong built, people should never be afraid of this breed because his natural instinct is of a guard dog . The Cane Corso is confident, reserved and alert to its surroundings. Like most dogs, it is eager to please its owner and is very obedient when trained. It forms strong bonds with its owner and is very protective of them. His docile and affectionate nature makes it a perfect pet for families with children. It looks like quite dominant but will always respect the people who look after it.

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