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Whiny Dachshund Developed A Very Unusual Way Of Barking14s

Whiny Dachshund Developed A Very Unusual Way Of Barking

While most dogs bark when they want something, Buddy the dapple dachshund has a very peculiar way of getting owner’s attention. Hilarious! Once dogs become a part of the family, they want to spend a ton of time with everyone. All they want is to get some belly rubs and to give you wet kisses which leads to follow you around everywhere and get showered with your attention. Footage shows a little rascal whining over something in the cuttest manner possible! He has developed his own language and is difficult to resist when he cries in discontent! This dog-owner filmed its dog’s funny attempts at barking on camera. After a mock feud with owner, this cute pup tries to argue his way and prove his argument by emitting strange, funny noises, that he calls barks. Cuteness overload! When this adorable dachshund tries to bark, the only thing we hear are the cute squeaky noises similar to toy sounds. Owner cannot help but giggle when she hears the outcome of pup’s barks. This curious dog behavior makes us wonder what vocal capacities this whiny canine has? When Buddy protests over something, it seems like he is yawning while emitting strange noises. Have you ever heard something like this before? Dogs have an amazing ability, they always seem to be able to put a smile on our faces no matter what they are doing. This adorable puppy really wants something, but he needs to learn that humans don’t understand dog language. His adorable cries resemble a whiny baby, and we are still amazed by the strange yawning noises this grouchy canine pulled. How adorable is this little rascal?

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Husky Throws Massive Temper Tantrum Over Sitting In Owner’s Chair1m38s

Husky Throws Massive Temper Tantrum Over Sitting In Owner’s Chair

This is the adorable moment when a stubborn Husky engages in a long and loud argument with owner over his favorite sitting spot. Remy is very comfortable laying in his owner's chair and refuses to give it up! What a temper tantrum! Hilarious footage shows the moment a stubborn Husky engages in a full blown discussion with owner about sitting in the chair. He lets owner know that he is not willing to give up on his spot that easily, and he is not stopping until he makes his point. And as you can see, his point is lengthy and loud. Really, really loud. Huskies are known as one of the most stubborn dog breed there is, and that fact is only supported by the countless videos of Huskies having temper tantrums. Still, no matter how vocal they get, we still love them! They make great pets, so if you're into arguing, and also want a pet, getting a Husky pet is the best choice! What a great temper-throwing canine! When mommy tells Remy to get off the chair, he won’t obey and decides to protest instead! This protesting Husky engages in a long argument with owner, whining about his spot in the cozy chair. Remy is very spoiled and picky about his seats, so giving up his favorite spot is not something he is willing to compromise on! Watch as he continues to whine and bark in protest and completely ignores his owner’s command! Hilarious! Do you still want to own a Husky pet? He won't let his mommy say anything before he is finished with his adorable temper tantrum, and we can't help but chuckle at his precious reaction. When it comes to stubborn dogs, it seems like this naughty dog breed is taking the crown as the most stubborn dog in the world! Whatever this pooch sets his doggy mind to, he will not take ‘no’ for an answer until it gets done the way he wants it! Watch how he argues with owner! This is a typical Husky behavior, headstrong and vocal! It seems he doesn’t want to give up his place and engages in a long howling argument, which gets louder and louder as the feud continues! Why is it that makes Huskies so grumpy?

Noisy German Shepherd Sounds The Alarm To Wake Up Kids For School34s

Noisy German Shepherd Sounds The Alarm To Wake Up Kids For School

Most parents know the early morning struggle of trying to wake up their kids to get ready, but this dog makes it's a lot easier! Chevy has the fun job of waking up her two little humans every morning before school. It is a job she takes very seriously, making sure to be as loud as possible while jumping all over them and licking their faces! It's a very effective wake up call for these two boys! Cuteness overload! Do you have a problem getting out of bed in the morning? You wake up, hit snooze a couple of times, then contemplate your existence and whether or not you should drag your butt from under the warm, soft duvet and into the world. Just five more minutes, please… you beg while you struggle with your conscience. It seems that sleeping in is no longer an option when a concerned pooch is around. Watch this hyped-up German Shepherd as he completely charges up the energy in the room by jumping and running all over his little owner's bedrooms. This is indeed, the most effective alarm clock we have ever seen, and it is cute too! Well, unless you are the one sleeping! If you are looking for an effective way of waking up and taking charge, just get a dog! It will be a great companion, will keep you fit and you will never oversleep again! Don’t you wish you had your own dog to sound the alarm for you every morning! However, not every dog is an early bird! This German Shepherd pooch takes her role very seriously. She goes into her brother’s bedrooms to wake them up in the morning. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a howling doggy? Do you have one of those alarm setting where the sounds gets progressively louder if you do not turn it off? Here is the doggy version! There's no negotiating here, this alarm is getting you up and out of bed! How neat!

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Bulldog answers yes before hearing the question1m08s

Bulldog answers yes before hearing the question

Asking Reuben a "Do you" question right after dinner doesn't even need to be finished because he knows he's going for a car ride and a trip to the park. He has his owners pretty well trained to make sure they ask him that question. Good boy, Roo!

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Dogs Engage In Laziest Game Of Tug-Of-War Ever27s

Dogs Engage In Laziest Game Of Tug-Of-War Ever

Have you ever been so lazy that instead of walking up the stairs to go to bed, you have considered sleeping on the couch? Or you said a thousand times that today is the day that you will go to the gym, and still ended up watching TV? If not, you have very strong willpower. But us humans aren’t the only lazy ones, dogs have lazy days too! For every busybody herding breed or investigative journalist hunting dog, there’s an equal and opposite couch potato breed. These adorable dogs aren’t quite the most active dogs! They love to play together but not quite have the energy to do so! Check out this low energy game of tug-of-war. Too funny! We can all agree that Jack Russel is one of the most energetic and hyped dog breed out here. Their constant running and positive attitude just find a way to make them separate from any other dogs. However, today is not that kind of day for them! Well, it looks like someone is having one of those days… We’ve all been there! There’s the sibling rivalry, bouts of hair pulling, plenty of closet raiding, and of course, intentionally annoying one another.  And also the biggest conflict of all- sharing! These two cute Jack Russel doggies do not have the energy to play but they also don’t like to share the same toy! Until one of the dogs gives up the toy and probably goes to take a nap! Don’t you find them so adorable?

Puppy Has Difficulties Convincing Senior Great Dane To Play1m32s

Puppy Has Difficulties Convincing Senior Great Dane To Play

Max and Ellie are funny Great Dane dogs and most of the time they share the same passion for life and that is playing games. Being huge as they are, one would think that they need a lot of space to show their antics, but this breed doesn’t actually need a large space to be playful. What they need is some companionship i.e. somebody they can hang out with and reap the full benefits of that friendship. Though Max and Elli are dogs of the same breed, just like their human friends, they do not possess the same character. Elli is temperamental, over excited and erratic while Max is temperate and more timid, hence the problem. They can’t find a middle ground regarding the game of chasing. Ellie wants to constantly pester max to play with her, showing off her cool airborne dance moves in front on him. Her energy looks contagious to us but not to Max. Elli is a real flying puppy, she can’t stop for a minute, all she does is jumping around Max, in futile attempts to make him like her game. He shows how self-composed he is and nothing in the world will make him change his mind. However, Elli goes on nagging him and she can’t grasp why Max is giving her a cold shoulder and turns his back on her instead of joining this silly chase. Elli is desperate for his attention and doesn’t do well when left alone. She is as energetic as she is large. She gets “the zoomies” - she will gallop, leap, spin and jump all over Max as long as she gets his attention. However, Elli knows her limits and when she finally realizes that she will not drag Max into what she has imagined, she gives up. Good girl!

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End1m48s

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End

There is a form of silliness in every dog out there, be it big or small. Dogs never let go of their playful nature and make sure to always let it shine. Be it a squirrel, a bunch of autumn leaves, or just the sweet companionship of their owners, they will let that side of them loose and play like it is the best day ever! Smaller dogs are cute when they go loco during play time. But when you see a big pooch like Samson over here getting silly with something as mundane as a pool cover, then it is roll-on-the-ground hilarious! Apparently, sweet little Samson doesn’t want pool time to end. He really does love that pool. So when his owner went to pull out the cover over the pool, he didn’t want it to go! In fact, he has discovered he has a power to stop his owner from closing the pool. And boy, is he loving this new power! The machine that operates the tarp notices that there is an obstruction on its way and stops, beeping to notify its operator that something is amiss. She is right there though and she scolds the naughty Newfoundland to get off the rails. Samson whines in reply, asking his owner not to close the pool. Sometimes though Samson will make good use of the pool cover, even when it is in its place. He probably loves how bouncy it is and the sloshing sound it makes. He will take every opportunity he can get to get on that new toy of his, even if that means to get a stark scolding from his owner.

Sleeping pug instantly wakes up to smell of treat18s

Sleeping pug instantly wakes up to smell of treat

Dogs are renowned for their good sense of smell. Enkei the pug definitely shows off his skills in this adorably cute and funny video. Enkei can be seen sleeping on his owner's lap. As he quietly naps, his owner decides to test out his smelling skills and dangles a treat in front of his nose. His reaction is priceless!

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Smart Dog Carries Her Own Leash On Walks11s

Smart Dog Carries Her Own Leash On Walks

This dog is too cute for human eyes. Her name is Mazie and she walks herself everywhere holding her own leash. She doesn't need any human to put her on a leash and take her for a walk. She is so smart she can walk herself loud and proud! And this is just an example how she navigates the streets around her neighbourhood. Mazie takes herself on the best walks, always carries her own leash, always up for an adventure, and oftentimes she stops to say hello to the people she meets on the streets. She has to be the center of attention at all times. Look at her, taking herself for a walk. Isn’t she the sweetest thing ever? There’s certainly no better way to walk downtown than with Mazie. The harried office denizens commuting from work, the slow-moving clusters of tourists, the shoppers loaded with bags but no sense of direction - they all melt into a heap of happy when they see Mazie. The smiles spread like a virus. she may not always understand exactly what her owner is saying, but she is always willing to listen. The impression that Mazie leaves when we look at her is that of dog impurity. She brings about happiness and joy. How can we not appreciate her enthusiasm for life? She has the funniest expression on her face, dragging the dog leash in her mouth. She is a good company with a lot of character. One can learn so much from dogs. They teach you to appreciate the little things and to live a simpler but more fulfilling life. They're wise and become wiser with age, let's admit it.

Westie Meets New Puppy Addition For The First Time7s

Westie Meets New Puppy Addition For The First Time

Family gatherings is a nice thing, but nothing beats a family gathering for the first time! Of course we don’t really know what it’s like because our memories doesn’t work from the day we are born but as adults, we - of course - can remember the first day we meet our children, it’s an unforgettable moment. When a family meets for the first time it’s a sight to be seen, and when this family is a Westie family then it’s not something to be missed at all. In this video we can see this adorable Westie puppy, just a couple of weeks old, got his first chance to meet his mini me, which looks like a smaller version of him. Do you know ‘like father like son’? Well, for this cute puppy it’s exactly like that, it’s like he is a smaller version of his new friend, he has everything that that the older one has, and they can both see it clearly. You can see that they all are trying to get familiar to each other, it may just take a little time till they could start fighting and biting like a normal family! He doesn't even take the time to get familiar with the space, the pup starts playing and rolling around to show that he has come in peace and joyful time. An adorable moment unfolds when a Westie meets his new puppy friend for the first time. Take a look! Credit to @tempo_the_westie

This Bulldog Puppy Met A New Best Friend At School1m18s

This Bulldog Puppy Met A New Best Friend At School

Creed is a ten week old bulldog puppy who loves meeting people and other dogs. Sabbath is an 11 week old German Shepherd who also loves all other dogs. You can imagine how thrilled they were to each meet another dog their own size. From a distance, both spied the other and began pulling at their leash and harness, eager to get a sniff and engage in some puppy play. Few things are as cute as happy puppies. These two really show their joy when they make a new friend. Sabbath is so excited he actually rolls onto his back for a belly rub. These two lovable pups were being brought by their owners to pick up kids from a local school. This is a great opportunity to socialize a puppy and get them used to people and other dogs. As people gathered in the school yard for their little people to be let out, the crowd couldn't help but get drawn into the cuteness of these two. They whimpered and pawed at each other and sniffed all around. Creed is small now, but you can tell by his loose skin that he will grow to an impressive size. Big chested and muscular, these dogs are intimidating looking, but they are among the most affectionate and gentle of the popular breeds. With proper socialization, they are cuddle monsters and fantastic family pets. Sabbath also has a lot of growing to do and his paws give an indication for how large he will be in a few months. Shepherds are a smart breed, loyal and strong, with a very good temperament for being part of a family with kids. They are an assertive breed and this sort of socializing at an early age is extremely wise. Both of these puppies are impossible to resist and they both get lots of attention wherever they go.

Jealous Pooch Gets Green With Envy When Owners Cuddle Without Him56s

Jealous Pooch Gets Green With Envy When Owners Cuddle Without Him

Dogs can be quite needy when it comes to their owner’s attention which is no surprise. Dogs are pack animals, desperate for contact and attention. This dog, in particular, cannot live without his owner’s love and attention, and if his owners are busy not playing or cuddling with him, he will go to surprising extents just to get their attention. In this case, pooch’s owners were cuddling on the couch, and the needy canine got pretty upset about that! Watch as he tries to break their cuddle apart by squeezing right in the middle! How adorable! Benny just can't believe that his owners are cuddling without him, but once he got his spot in the middle, he was very happy! Jealous pooch gives ‘how dare you cuddle without me’ attitude when owners want some alone time on the couch. A hilarious footage has emerged of a needy dog demanding owner’s full attention by refusing to allow his humans to snuggle on the couch without him. This overly-affectionate pooch wants to be stuck in the middle with his owners, and he is not afraid to show it. Being ignored is not a nice sensation and we hope not many of you have felt it. When you so desperately need someone’s attention, but they keep turning their head or pretend they don’t register you, that can really break your heart. We humans like to keep it to ourselves, moping silently in the dark or at least tell someone really close. But when an animal is denied attention, they will not think twice about having their sentiments known. Dogs are man’s best friend and have many ways of showing affection to their beloved humans. With their tails wagging when they're excited or their ears flapping when they run around, they can always make us go ‘aww’. Dogs get easily attached and need plenty of attention and love from their owners. Like a human teenager, they seem to get very grumpy when something doesn't go their way. The moment this needy pooch realized that his owners are cuddling without him, he gets gets green with envy and becomes extremely jealous of their shown affection towards one other! So we have this cute couple testing the limits of their doggy's jealousy right in front of the camera's view. As this guy goes in for a hug the puppy barely manages to hold of a couple of seconds before he sprints right in between their hug. Check out how the needy pooch reacts the moment his owners hug each other without him. Priceless!