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Ecstatic Dogs Run Across Yard To Greet The Mailman34s

Ecstatic Dogs Run Across Yard To Greet The Mailman

This is the endearing moment when a mailman takes a break from delivering the mail to say hello to his two pals.The mailman can be seen standing in the yard being greeted by two tail-wagging dogs. He even takes the time to pet and scratch the head of the friendly dogs. Can you imagine what it must be like to work as a mailman? And we are not talking about all the mileage you have to pass everyday, loaded with letters and packages, delivering the mail to thousands of citizens, without mixing them up. Mailmen get to meet all sorts of folks on the job, friendly folks, hostile folks, quirky folks, and also their pets that come along. Pets can sometimes be protective of their household and not greet the mailman the right way. Some pets might think the mailman as the enemy who is intruding in their home, others might want to scratch his eyes out in order to protect their owners. Chocolate Labs Chuckie and Nestle love their mailman and he loves them too! He is lucky to have such great ‘housesitters’ on his route, because the way they greet him is downright adorable! The two pups sensed the mailman coming from far away and could barely contain their joy with expectation of the guy they adore! The moment, he parked his vehicle in front of their house, the ecstatic dogs went to greet him and started running back and forth across the yard. One of the dogs can be seen entering mailman’s vehicle and snooping around the mail. Adorable!

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Sweet Dog Doesn't Know What To Do With All Those Balls19s

Sweet Dog Doesn't Know What To Do With All Those Balls

What is it that a dog loves the most in the whole white world? His owner, how food bowl, the toys they get to play with every day, those awesome long walks and those super cool times they spend at the doggy park? Boy, oh boy! But if we had to boil it all down to one thing, there is nothing a dog loves more than a good, endurable ball! It looks like this pooch is one of those dogs, the ones that love the simple, rotund pleasures in life. But things get really awkward for sweet Ace when his owners dump a plethora of colorful balls on him. The face he makes is just gold! At first, they give him just a little taste of the sweet, sweet surprise that it about to hit him. Dear Ace doesn’t sense any disturbance in the force and instead runs off to find his new ball because BALL! But then his owner calls his name and the dog turns around to be buried in dozens of plastic balls in all colors imaginable! You would think that seeing how he loved his one ball, he would go mental over a bunch of them. Unfortunately, that does not happen, as Ace just sits there, in the middle of the stairwell, staring at his owner in utter confusion, before running off in the opposite direction. Check out the face Ace the Weimaraner dog makes after being dumped on by a bag of balls. Too funny!

Adventurous English Bulldog Skillfully Skateboards Downhill47s

Adventurous English Bulldog Skillfully Skateboards Downhill

A curious footage has emerged featuring a skateboarding dog crushing downhill on his board! This adventurous dog has some serious talent! Unlike many dogs, Buda the Bulldog isn’t too fond of walks and it seems like his speedometer is set to a quicker pace. Tongue hanging out, slobber trailing from his maw, this adventurous dog gives a push with his hind legs, hops up onto his skateboard and begins to cruise downhill. The wind in his hairs, he boosts his speed with several kicks and rolls down the street in complete mastery of his board. Watch how confident he is as he rides down the slope and lets gravity pull him down. When he catches enough speed, he quickly hops on with all four legs and enjoys his adventurous ride downhill with owner following his steps, on a separate skateboard. Amazingly, Buda is the frontrunner and owner follows his lead on a board behind him! The talented bulldog often draws a crowd and makes sure to put on a performance. When his board flips over or rolls out of reach, Buda gallops after it, clamps his mouth on one of the wheels, tosses it upright and takes off again. What a talent! Have you ever witnessed a chubby dog riding on a moving board with such confidence! Not only Buda is after that adrenaline rush, he also likes to take lead and turned the skateboarding downhill activity into his hobby! Who needs walks when you can take rides!?

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Bulldog Interacts With TV Every Time Budweiser Commercial Comes On2m09s

Bulldog Interacts With TV Every Time Budweiser Commercial Comes On

Khaleesi the bulldog enjoys all types of TV programming, but this Budweiser Super Bowl commercial from 2015 is paws down her favorite! Watch as she comes running, no matter where she is or what she's doing, to get the best seat in the house and cheer on Bud's adorable "Lost Puppy". Normally she has minor reactions when she sees different canines on television, but whenever this one puppy comes on the screen her owners can't help but laugh because she interacts with the lost pup and reaches over to help him. Hilarious! Khaleesi will watch anything her owners put on TV but loves the Budweiser ads most of all. Footage shows the bulldog pooch sitting in front of the TV screen, watching closely as the Super Bowl commercial rolls. At first, she behaves herself, but moments later she starts to bark at the emotional parts. When her favorite part comes, she cannot contain her emotion! It is hilarious that our four-legged companions actually have their own favorite commercial and whenever it comes up on the screen, they turn their heads left and right, whine and howl as things progress in the story. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this Bulldog puppy watching the Super Bowl commercial with incredible attention. Obviously, she has watched the ad so many times that she knows each part by heart and barks at the emotional parts. Amazingly cute! We wonder whether she loves Budweiser as much as she loves its commercial?

Shameful Dog Apologizes For Almost Biting Owner1m10s

Shameful Dog Apologizes For Almost Biting Owner

Ares was caught in the kitchen where he is not allowed. His owner tried to bring him out of the kitchen, but he refused and tried to bite her. Realizing the error of his ways, Ares tries his best to say ‘I'm sorry!’ Dog owners would agree that having your dog begging for forgiveness is one of the most adorable things ever. You just can't say no to your four-legged friend when it looks at you with puppy-eyes. Ares the Husky is clearly filled with guilt and desperate to redeem to his owner. Watch the cutest reaction of this ashamed dog! Footage shows owner scolding Ares for doing something bad. Apparently Ares was not allowed to go in the kitchen, so when owner found the naughty dog trespassing on forbidden property he tried to take him out, but the dog refused to move and tried to bite owner. Moments later, the guilty dog realized that he did wrong and misbehaved, so he tried his best to say ‘I am sorry’ to owner. Watch how this loud Husky begs for owner’s forgiveness with whines and howls. Ares is sitting on kitchen’s floor, obviously ashamed and reprimanded, and engages in a long argument with owner. Or, is it an act to redeem himself following the shameful he presented? When owner tells Ares to say that he is sorry, the dog goes vocal and produces high-pitched whines with a guilty tone. How adorable is this dog? Would you say no to that face? This adorable dog sure knows how to beg for forgiveness!

Sweet Doggy Flashes A Smile Upon Owner's Return20s

Sweet Doggy Flashes A Smile Upon Owner's Return

Usually, when dogs are said to be “smiling" in the anthropological sense (out of happiness), it is when they have their ears in the relaxed state for the breed, relaxed eyes, and a big wide open mouth, with tongue hanging out, sometimes panting too. When they are relaxed, the body language of the dog who is smiling often contains some of the loose, wiggly signals we would see in a happy dog. Still, we will not try and take away from this adorable pup’s happiness! When the owner noticed that his loyal companion would lift himself up on the railing on his doggy cage and flash a very obvious smile for his owner, he whipped up his phone and started recording. Boy, are we glad he did because this has to be, hands down, the cutest pooch we have seen! We all love to watch Bill, the smiling Labrador flash a smile on cue. We adore every bit of that 10-second clip and we laugh just as hard as his owner does when she sees how dang cute her pooch is. But this guy, oh man...we just want to hug and squeeze him so hard! Many animals have different complex visual cues to express their emotions that may preclude the need for smiling. Dogs already communicate with each other by raising their haunches, baring their teeth, changing their postures and raising, lowering or wagging their tails, so it would be reasonable to expect that smiles just aren’t a part of their already complex physical vocabulary.

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Golden Retriever's First Ever Car Ride38s

Golden Retriever's First Ever Car Ride

When you want something really bad, than every word similar to "the one" gets your attention. Even if someone randomly mentions it, you get excited and start talking about it. When it comes to their favorite things, dogs are not much different than humans. They also have their favorite food, their favorite toys and their favorite places. Like every kid, dogs also have their favorite playgrounds. Dog parks are their ultimate favorite. Fooling around with their buddies can be loads of fun and Golden Retriever's are known as the clowns of the dog world. They can be so cute and so funny, that they well deserve to go to the doggy park as a reward. This cute Golden Retriever puppy gets super excited when he hears the magic words "dog park". This adorable puppy gets all geared up to go dog park wild. When his owner casually mentions that they were headed to their favorite place, he waggles his tail and jumps all over the car in excitement. We bet the whole neighborhood around can hear them howl For this little guy, this is also his first car ride. His attitude however is very welcoming to new experiences and he just takes it in as it comes, safe in his owners hands of course. As they drive down the road he realizes that they are now moving much quicker then they would if they were walking. Nevertheless, he remains his cool and takes it slow. It's all new kinds of adventures for this guy moving forward!

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Lazy Dog Makes It Clear He's Not Getting Up44s

Lazy Dog Makes It Clear He's Not Getting Up

Although it's a lovely day in Florida, Tyler the dog is just too lazy to get up to go outside and do his business. No matter how nicely his owner asks him to go outside, the lazy Husky would much rather lounge at home. “You wanna go outside?” the human asks politely, but the dog doesn’t care. Instead of getting up, he rolls on his back and shows his belly. It would seem that this is a Husky term for “no, not really”. “No? You sure?” the human asks again, with an added cheer in her voice, hoping that the warmth and good spirits in her voice will work their magic and lift the lazy dog out of his cot. Nope. “You wanna go potty?” continues the owner’s attempt at wiggling her dog out of the house and into nature, but Tyler just lays there, ears flat to his head and looking at his owner with pleading eyes that just scream “please don’t make me move”. The owner makes the obvious conclusion on her own. Tyler is nice and cozy here, inside, where it is nice and warm and dry. Nature can wait. We are just really surprised that he didn’t complain, like Zeus the stubborn Husky did when his owner told him to give up the front seat! No matter how nicely she asked, the Husky would complain and nag, very loudly too! That is really hilarious!

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Sleepy Bulldog complains about her whining sister Hopelily1m00s

Sleepy Bulldog complains about her whining sister Hopelily

Someone really needs to invent a software program that can translate dog speech, but until then we will have to keep guessing the hidden meaning behind canine barks, howls, growls and whines. Listen to this funny pup whine and complain to her owner about who knows what in this hilarious clip! From early age, puppies quickly learn that whining is rewarded with attention and comfort from their mothers. In fact, many dogs continue to whine into adulthood and it is their way of seeking attention from owners. A whine from an adult dog can mean a number of things, frustration, hunger, happiness, anxiousness, excitement, fear, sadness, etc. In this adorable clip, a vocal Bulldog puppy is captured throwing a temper tantrum at owner, continuously complaining and whining about something. The adorable pooch engages in some serious talk-back when owner asks what the matter is. The attention-seeking whines coming out of this dog will melt your heart. The pooch is comfortably sitting on her cozy blanket next to another Bulldog pup who is resting on the covers. When the whiny canine starts to produce squeaky sounds, the sleepy Bulldog starts to whine and ask to be left alone in silence to continue with his nap! Hilarious! Watch the adorable feud between these two adorable pooches as they argue in the funniest manner. Owner starts laughing, wondering what is wrong with her lunatic dogs, as they whine and bark at each other for no reason at all! If you feel that your dog is experiencing any kind of discomfort or distress, it's important to consult with your veterinarian, who can determine if there's a medical issue behind the whining.

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Watch How This Pup Hilariously Shows His Belly On Command24s

Watch How This Pup Hilariously Shows His Belly On Command

We have yet to see a puppy so eagerly and sweetly follow order and tiny Yuki here! The first time his owner asks him to see his belly, the pup is in such a rush to obey, he forgets the chairs behind him and loses his balance after slamming into them. But there is the spotted Samoyed belly. He is so cute! Seeing how his hooman laughs at his clumsiness, clumsy Yuki struggles to get up from his predicament, but those damn chairs won’t let him! When he finally does, he goes to his owner for some comfort, but that was not the trick, so the human asks Yuki to take a calm sit and asks to see his belly again. Yuki isn’t all to eager to please a second time, not after being the butt of his owner’s joke like that! But every Samoyed loves pleasing their owner by showing off how well they have been taught, so after a second time asking nicely, he flings himself to the floor. Good job Yuki! Samoyeds' friendly disposition makes them poor guard dogs; an aggressive Samoyed is rare. The breed is characterized by an alert and happy expression which has earned the nicknames "Sammie smile" and "smiley dog." With their tendency to bark, however, they can be diligent watch dogs, barking whenever something approaches their territory. Samoyeds are excellent companions, especially for small children or even other dogs, and they remain playful into old age.