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Pomeranians Hesitant About Playing In The Shower37s

Pomeranians Hesitant About Playing In The Shower

If you believe that this is only cats and cats do not like to wash, then you are somewhat mistaken. It is common knowledge and even little toddlers know much cats hate water, and that bathing for them is a real punishment. However, it turns out that this aversion to water is peculiar not only to them but also to some dogs. There is so much proof for this you can find on the Internet today: pictures of frowning canines in front of the pool or video collections of poor dogs trying their best to avoid the terrible bathing procedure: some rest against the paws, others fall to the floor without moving, shampoo everywhere, others hide under the couch. In general - shame. It is a fact that some dogs just do not like water . Nevertheless, even dogs that like to swim and play in the pool can become fearful when it is time to get into the bathtub. Struggling with a dog while bathing can be a difficult process. Dogs that are afraid of getting baths or who have an aversion to moisture may try to move away from you when you try to carry them to the bathroom. These are usually the cute toy fluffy breeds such as Maltesers or Pomeranians who know they need to look their best a all times. But even a large dog may refuse to go to a bath or shower. They can accidentally scratch or grab you in an attempt to escape. As soon as the dogs get into the bath, some of them become petrified, whine, howl and fight incessantly. In line with the nightmarish bath times, check out how this adorable Pomeranian family experiences the thrill of playing in the water. Of course, it looks like they're not quite ready for it yet! The tiny fluffy bundles of joy are introduced to the shower in the family bathroom. They are just very young pups who still find every stimulus in this world as something irresistible that needs to be given full attention. but we learn by trial and error, don't we? The bravest soul amongst there cute Pomeranians goes out to investigate the captivating noise the strange device makes. It is even capable of mustering enough gut to approach the pool of water gathering on the floor. It is obviously fun but something tells this pup it might get wet and spoil that glorious coat of fur. If you gave the imagination we have (and all pet lovers do have it) you can even see thought clouds forming atop this tiny's head: "Oh, no. I'm out!". The pup is quickly yet gracefully removing itself from the scene and what is funnier, it seems like informing all the others to play indifference and leave the bathroom. You can see the pack turning their noses to what was promised as a fun activity and leave the bathroom door. So funny! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

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Slumbering pooch has comical response when woken1m07s

Slumbering pooch has comical response when woken

On a lazy sunny summer afternoon, a very relaxed puppy was trying to catch a little nap while dreaming about all the important things in her life. While her owner and best friend watches, he can't resist but try to capture a bit of this on film... especially her comical reaction when she is rudely awakened by a loud noise. You'll love the almost cartoonish response as you watch her quickly run away only to return with a bit of an attitude. A laughable reaction to a prank meant only in fun... hopefully the promised revenge is only a threat!

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Bulldog gets a big scare during horror scene2m11s

Bulldog gets a big scare during horror scene

Khaleesi the Bulldog loves all types of movies, but horror is her genre of choice. Only the scariest scenes, like this one from “The Conjuring 2”, get a reaction like this! Her brother Elvis on the other hand prefers cartoons!

Wirehaired Pointer Makes Ridiculous Faces On Glass Door30s

Wirehaired Pointer Makes Ridiculous Faces On Glass Door

We all probably have a footage or two of us goofing off when we were young. It is shown on every occasion, be it a birthday or a family reunion. And the main culprits are your parents, of course. That is the case with this adorable doggo. This sweet dog named Walter seems to love licking the door glass and making his owner laugh. He is so focused on what he’s doing, he doesn’t even notice his human turning on the camera and sealing his fate for years to come. To be honest, we don’t think that Walter cares that much. He’s too content with making faces, he’s probably having the time of his life . Who cares if his owner is already planning on using this footage as a video that everybody laughs with? He will happily continue doing it. How many times have you heard someone saying that a baby is so cute that it hurts? It’s one of the funniest expression people use when they want to emphasize how adorable a baby is, but we wonder could we say the same for dogs? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but after watching this video, it does make some sense, at least from this dog’s perspective! LOL! Just take a look at this clip, and you’ll see what we mean. It shows the adorable dog Walter who stands on one side of the window glass and sniffs something on the floor, but when he raises his head and realizes that there is a glass in front of him, he begins with his antics at the exact moment when his owner stars filming him. He has a knack for being entertaining. When his owner switches on the camera, he shows his hilarious side as he starts licking this glass window from the inside and making funny faces at his human! OMG, just look at this dog! Probably, that is the most important thing, letting your dog enjoys life to the foolest. Licking the glass, eating dirt or just simply taking belly laughs to the next level. It’s important that they have fun by doing odd things no one understands, but they make perfect sense in their minds. And the most important thing to remember is to always carry a camera around. Just in case. Children just like animals never cease to amaze us. They can take the most ordinary thing ever, and create the best toy ever! For example, the adorable baby boy in this face is playing with a glass door, too. How do you do that? Well, you are about to find that out! If there were no toys in the house, this adorable baby boy would not have a problem with that! He is so creative, and of course, hilarious! On this particular day, he decided to play with a glass door. The baby boy presses his face against the glass and licks it fervently. You absolutely have to check out the funny faces he is making. They are hilarious! The baby boy is not alone though. He has his canine friend with him. But, the doggo is standing a little bit further away so he could see the comical performance.

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Cute Puppy Swim for First Time | Charlie the Dog and Baby2m29s

Cute Puppy Swim for First Time | Charlie the Dog and Baby

I always wanted my dogs to know how to swim, unfortunately our dog Charlie does not like water. I decided to try with our puppy Lilly .... And I have to say that she is like a motorboat :D Please Like, Subscribe, and turn on notifications to stay updated!! SUBSCRIBE 👉 INSTAGRAM 👉 Facebook 👉 Twitter 👉

Confused Puppy Can't Fathom Harmless Mango27s

Confused Puppy Can't Fathom Harmless Mango

Orchid the puppy is alarmed by this tiny mango. Don't worry buddy, it can't hurt you! What is sweeter: a ripe yummy piece of fruit or a cute puppy? How about both? Watch the video at the top of the page. This very short video showcases a confused but adorable puppy named Orchid. He is feeling alarmed due to a, for him, scary looking and unidentifiable object being placed in front of him. The alien object, in this case, is nothing more than a harmless and delicious mango which any human watching would gladly eat but which for this puppy presents a great threat. The owner of this cute little dog has captured his surprised reaction, his curiosity and possibly even fright upon seeing and tasting the tiny mango placed in front of him. The puppy proceeds to analyze the curious object and is even seen and heard barking at the fruit while jumping from place to place and then resting beside it, wondering what the object is or even awaiting a response from it. These types of videos portraying various fruit or vegetables being placed in front of pets and capturing their astonishment or fright have been quite popular and are very adorable and funny, with this video being no exception. However, what causes animals, and in this case dogs, to have such a dramatic reaction to a simple fruit? The answer may simply be that any object being placed in front of a dog brings an element of surprise as the dog does not expect that particular object or has never seen it before and therefore proceeds to approach and treat it with caution. Any new and unexpected item or person a dog meets will be greeted with a certain degree of suspicion and fruit and vegetables are no exception. Some food may in itself look frightening such as cucumbers which may resemble a snake, or pineapples and other such fruit which may look like nothing that the dog has seen before. However, food does not have to have an intimidating appearance to cause curiosity. Simple oval or ball-shaped fruit may invoke a similar reaction as well. In that case, it is important to remember that dogs have a sense of smell that is significantly greater than that of any human. This, in turn, may produce an unusual reaction from the dog as he encounters a new and strange smell and taste which can cause some confusion as seen with the beautiful puppy in the video above. At the very beginning, we can see the puppy licking or trying to bite the mango which than causes his silly reaction. He may have been surprised and discouraged by the taste of it which might have been unpleasant to him. This then, consequently, caused a reaction of confusion due to him having never before encountered this particular fruit. What proceeds is a funny reaction as the puppy tries to fathom the nature of the curious fruit. The mango, in this case, has caused an overly-dramatic reaction as the dog is unsure what to do in regards to it. Nonetheless, it has resulted in a cute video of an even cuter puppy in it.

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Shiba Inu Adorably Enjoys His Puppuccino23s

Shiba Inu Adorably Enjoys His Puppuccino

Nothing is cuter than watching a dog enjoy his treats, especially when he gets his nose stuck in the cup. The dog looks to have quite the sweet tooth quickly licking the entirety of the cup. This cute dog, a Shiba Inu named Mushu, is shown enjoying a Puppuccino, which is whipped cream in a cup, from the popular coffee chain Starbucks. Mushu, with his tail wagging and diving nose first into the drink, looks like he’s enjoying himself. How Adorable! Puppuccinos are on the Starbucks secret menu and become popular in 2016. The drink consists only of whipped cream in a cup, which is generally safe for dogs, in addition to being really cute! There has been safety concerns over whether these treats should be given to dogs. The whipped creams holds no nutritional value, and the dairy within the cream may upset dogs' stomachs, in addition to the fats and the sugars present within the cream that may cause other health problems. While one should not give their dog whipped cream as an everyday occurrence, due to these concerns, its generally safe and a fun treat to be able to take your dog on your coffee run with you. Mushu is a Shiba Inu, an adorable breed of dog originating from Japan. The Shiba Inu can be translated from Japanese as “little brushwood dog” due to the dog’s original breeding purpose as a mountainous hunting dog and the dog’s small stature. The dogs have been known to hunt small prey especially small rabbits and birds that originally lived in the mountainous regions of Japan. In addition, Shiba Inu have been known to sometimes show aggression towards other dogs, this has been attributed towards the dog’s independent nature, and their strong prey drive. Although these attributes, Shiba Inu are nevertheless family dogs, and enjoy being at home with other small dogs or young children. Though these attributes, Mushu the dog doesn’t look ferocious while enjoying his Puppuccino, only adorable! Mushu looks delighted to be able to share a treat with his owner. The Puppuccino seems like a great way to take your dog out to the coffee shop with you and enjoy a special cute treat. While you are enjoying your coffee, your beloved dog can also enjoy his treat! Hopefully Mushu won’t be too messy in the car while he’s nose first in his drink. Shiba Inus have been known to keep very fastidiously clean, and take pride in the cleanliness of their coat. Shiba Inu have been seen licking their paws and coat clean in order to maintain their state. Hopefully Mushu won’t be too messy! What did you think of the video? Do you have a lovable pet that you like to spend time with? Will you take your dog to enjoy a Puppuccino? Be sure to tell us about your pet in the comments down below! If you enjoyed the video be sure to share it with your friends, especially if they’re fellow pet lovers!

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