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Polite Dog Rings Bell When She Wants To Go Outside25s

Polite Dog Rings Bell When She Wants To Go Outside

This is the adorable moment when one intelligent pooch has smartly learned how to ring a bell whenever she wants to go outside. What a clever pup! Sometimes you just need to let those around you know that you demand their full and undivided attention! Well this super smart dog has found the perfect device to help her get her mom's attention whenever she wants to go outside! All she has to do is ring the little bell at the door! Footage shows one patient pooch by the name of Lola, staring at owner like she has something on her mind and tries to communicate with owner via them puppy eyes! When owner asks ‘what’s up’, the obedient pooch goes at the door and rings the side door with its front paw! The well-trained dog has mastered the bell-ringing technique, and owner understands it as a cue to let Lola outside! What a strong bond these two have! After being brought inside for barking at the neighbor's cat, this pooch has her ways of getting to go back outside to play and finds the perfect solution to help her realize her masterplan! Hanging from the front door is a small bell, which is for Lola to use. Now, everytime Lola wants to go outside and let owners know that they need to open the door for her, all she has to do is to ring the bell and owner opens the door on command! How adorable! It is hilarious how the obedient pooch doesn’t bark or show any signs of impatience, but she politely rings the door and waits for owner to get her message and let her go outside. What a smart dog! Owner explains that Lola spends a lot of her time outside during the day as that is where she loves to be most, watching the people walk by and chasing leaves in the driveway!

Shiba Inu Jumps For Joy On A Backyard Trampoline1m04s

Shiba Inu Jumps For Joy On A Backyard Trampoline

A funny video has emerged of a playful dog joyfully bouncing on a backyard trampoline. This pup acts like a little kid as it jumps and plays on a trampoline. Hilarious! This is the hilarious moment when a cheeky dog decides to give the trampoline a try and hops on it for a bouncy ride! Footage shows a Shiba Inu pooch having a blast bouncing on a trampoline, continuously trying to figure out how the funny thing works! Cuteness overload! Playing on a trampoline with four legs is trickier than it looks, so when this dog experiences the bouncing sensation of the trampoline it is dazzled and confused! Watching this video of a dog hopping on a trampoline will definitely put a smile on our face! The moment this ecstatic pooch enters the trampoline, it starts running in circles, amazed by the tingling sensation of the bouncy movement happening under its feet. This little rascal has mastered the technique and doesn’t lose its balance, but continues to dance to the rhythm of Shakira, that owners put as background music to this adorable video, how suiting! A commercial has been cheering up people around the world featuring a dog jumping around on a trampoline. It shows a Boxer dog jumping on a trampoline before his owner gets the chance to try it out. The commercial features the tagline ‘gifts that everyone will love.’ The two-minute clip starts off by telling the story of a girl who enjoys bouncing. After the girl goes to bed, the video shows her dad setting up a trampoline to surprise her on Christmas morning. However, the Boxer watches wildlife using the trampoline. When the girl wakes up and runs into the garden so she can try it out, Buster cuts her off and starts jumping on it.

Festive Great Dane Gets Ready For Saint Patrick's Day29s

Festive Great Dane Gets Ready For Saint Patrick's Day

Katie the Great Day is getting ready for St Patrick's Day. Watch and laugh as she models her new shamrock hat. Bring on the green beer! This festive Great Dane is counting down the days until this Irish celebration that is most famous for the countless amounts of beer that people drink over its name, and Katie here is getting ready for the spirit wearing the well-known Irish hat. Watch as this lazy girl flaunts her green shamrock hat while dozing off in the living room. Happy Holi-Dane! Out of all the rare and unusual animals that have been caught on camera, this one has to be the most unusual one, a massive pooch with a ridiculously big hat, dressed in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day. Footage shows the lazy pooch with his slender body and long legs, comfortably resting on a chair, while her face is covered with the green hat resembling very much a dwarf leprechaun! Relax, it is only Katie the Great Dane, eager to wear her Saint Patrick’s Day costume! Some like to dress up for Halloween, others can’t wait for Christmas, but this lovable pooch will do anything for the Irish holiday! Max and Katie love the holidays. Max has given some serious thought to his Thanksgiving outfit and is giving a sneak preview of his collection of holiday hats. Katie's outfit is still a work in progress. This pair of massive canine siblings is a star duo online, what with their hilarious antics and their love for squirrels. Great Danes might look formidable, but they are just huge Teddy Bears! Size notwithstanding, a Great Dane is a sweet, affectionate companion. They love to play and are gentle with children. Their disposition is a peaceful one, although they have yet to lose any of the courageousness that helped them hunt wild boar. Although they aren't particularly vocal, despite their killer power bark, they wouldn't hesitate to defend the family.

Our first month with beagle puppy |Cute Puppy Lilly3m48s

Our first month with beagle puppy |Cute Puppy Lilly

Official Charlie the Dog and baby video of ,,Our first month with new puppy'' 👉 Subscribe Charlie the dog and Baby: These are the first 3 months of Lilly life in our family Watch more: 👉Popular Uploads: 👉Latest Uploads: 👉Cute Baby and Dog Compilations: 👉Funny Beagle Dog Videos: 👉Cute Beagle Dog Videos : 👉Beagle Puppies Videos:

Corgi Relaxes While Her Butt Is Getting A Blowout33s

Corgi Relaxes While Her Butt Is Getting A Blowout

They could easily be dubbed as the cutest dog breed in existence! Corgis are dogs that almost look like a fox, with stubby legs and big ears like a sailboat’s sails that you just want to nibble on as you squeeze them close. Such funny little dogs, Corgis have some really weird habits. One of the most lovable habits of theirs is the ability to fall asleep wherever they may be, especially if they are on their backs, just like a baby human. So cute! It seems like they are made out of all the things one can possibly find adorable on a dog, but if we really had to choose, we would say their most adorable feature is their butts! Especially if their tails are docked, which most Corgi tails are, they are like a caricature that will always make you laugh! Kira Lim’s tail is docked really short and her butt is like two huge balls of adorable fluff. She has just had a bath, but her spa treatment continues with a glorious blowout. Lying down on her stomach, Kira Lim’s bum is getting the treatment it deserves for being part of such an adorable ensemble! Corgi butts aren’t just cute to watch while they get pampered. They can also twerk! Just look at how this Corgi twerks with his bubble butt! Sure, we know it is because he is happy and there is no tail to do the wagging, but come on! Have you seen anything more hilarious?

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This Adorable Spoof Of 'The Bachelor' Promotes Dog Adoption1m24s

This Adorable Spoof Of 'The Bachelor' Promotes Dog Adoption

Every self-respecting user of the good old TV will admit to an ancient truth - we all love a good, dramatic love story. What we also do love are reality TV shows. The gods of the television have been kind to bestow upon us, mere mortal viewers, a television program that encompasses our beloved genres. Of course, we are talking about The Bachelor! The show has been on since 2002, breaking more hearts that building relationships, but every year, one lucky girl got to marry the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, we have no idea how all those past couples are doing right at this moment, but let’s not burst that bubble. Since The Bachelor turned out to be such a success, someone out there thought it might be a good idea to make a spoof of the show with a much nobler cause. With so many abandoned animals out there, the format of The Bachelor seemed perfect to connect one such troubled animal with a group of people who are in the market for a new pet. The star of this episode in an Australian Shepherd puppy appropriately named Jon Snow. The character has been loved by many ladies across the globe over the past seven years, so why not name an adorable little dog with such a handsome name? A group of women got to meet and “date” the pup for a while, in order to bond with it and in the end, this troubled little pup gets to decide who is his best mate. Truly inspiring, don’t you think?

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Obedient Dog Can Open Any Door In The Household8s

Obedient Dog Can Open Any Door In The Household

When your humans are too lazy to open the door for you, you have to do it yourself! What a talent! Watch as this obedient pooch opens any door in the household! Teaching our dogs some basic commands can be a lifesaver. You start with the usual: sit, stay, heel, down. When the dog overcomes these commands, you start with tricks, like roll over, high five, play dead and so on. However, this smart pooch here has learned a very neat trick. Other than being very obedient and waiting for the cue from her owner, this talented dog knows how to press the handle on the door to open it and get to whenever she wants to go very fast! Don’t you just find it adorably cute, how the intelligent canine jumps at the cue to open the door, struggling with the height. Then, when the door finally opens, the dog wags the tail in victory like it’s his first time to open a door! Watching this obedient pooch open doors around the household like it’s a piece of cake, has reminded us that dogs can really lend a helping paw anytime. Just imagine you are coming back from shopping and both of your hands are busy holding bags. Then, it comes in handy to have a trained doggy to open the door for you, like a personal butler! Incredible! Have you seen a dog opening a door with such an ease before? Let us know in the comments! Credit to @conchettadumond

Dog Pulls Adorable Guilty Face After Tearing A Box Of Owner’s Childhood Toys15s

Dog Pulls Adorable Guilty Face After Tearing A Box Of Owner’s Childhood Toys

Captured on camera is the moment when a lady confronts her pet dog after she has found out that her dog destroyed her childhood box full of toys. Titus the chocolate lab was caught red-pawed tearing up a box of his owner's childhood toys. And when he gets in a chewing mood, he really goes for broke. He managed to rip the box and he has this look on his face trying to say 'I know I've done wrong but look how cute I am’. Titus is a dog with a guilty conscience and guilt can be a difficult emotion to conceal and for this dog it is almost impossible to hide as it is written all over his face. When his owner confronts him and attempts to tell him off about his misbehavior, the dastardly dog shows his shy face all over the camera. And the latest destructive rampage must have come as a disappointment as his owner finds about it. She then asks him why he had torn toys up and the dog reacts immediately by looking away in the opposite direction as if he hasn't heard the question and fidgets uncomfortably. After being reprimanded second time and asked again why he had torn the toys but he only pulls the most apologetic dog face ever. The repentant face of Titus the dog sincerely expresses feelings of remorse and regret and who could be mad at a face like this? Titus definitely wants to make amends but he is not quite sure yet how to make them.

Helpful Newfoundland uses snowblower to clean driveway21s

Helpful Newfoundland uses snowblower to clean driveway

This is the adorable moment when a massive pooch decides to lend a helping paw to owners and takes snowblower in her own paws, for better cleaning the driveway! Amazing! Teaching your pet pooch some useful tricks can prove very beneficial, but teaching your pooch how to run errands and help with household chores will give you a housekeeper for life! Snowfall and bad weather conditions usually mean there will be a lot of snow to be shoveled away from entryways, driveways, basically everywhere you need to go to get out into the world. However, when you're such a big dog it's easy to help out your owners the best way you can. Watch as this obedient Newfoundland pooch lends a paw to help clean the driveway with a snowblower! Meet Morgan, also known as Miss Goo, the snow shoveling dog who helps her humans with chores around the house. The bulky six-year-old pooch loves the snow and know how perfectly how to shovel snow with the help of the snowblower. Watch how cool she looks, standing on her hind legs, pushing the machine down the snowy road! Amazing! We bet neighbors want to hire this dog for a little help in their driveways as well. It is amazing how this well-trained dog doesn’t mind doing chores around the household, especially in bad weather conditions! Owners brag that Miss Goo can do just about anything because she’s wicked smart. From cooking hotdogs to fetching drinks from the fridge, she is very helpful indeed. It took her about a month to master the snowblower machine. In fact, she found a fun way to learn how to walk on her hind legs, and didn’t mind the noise and the vibration the machine produces.

Stubborn Husky Furious He Can't Bury His Treat Outside1m31s

Stubborn Husky Furious He Can't Bury His Treat Outside

Zeus is a stubborn and independent Siberian Husky that is athletic and loves the great outdoors. He is also a notorious escape artist, managing to foil fences, screen doors, garages and other holding devices. He needs a fenced yard that is sunk in the ground to prevent these escapes. And why does he so persistently want to go outside? Is it just to bury his prize or is it just his nature? Zeus simply does not care. He will not give up unless his desire is satisfied. He is playful and light on his feet and requires vigorous exercise like running, hiking and biking every day because he is born to run. And this continuous charade of not letting him go outside only agitates him and intensifies his wish. His exotic, wolf-like appearance makes him appealing and because he likes being active whenever he is outside, he plays with the vigor of a puppy. Without such exercise, Zeus can be massively destructive. This husky has an energy and endurance to spare and the word NO is not in his vocabulary. He makes his owner clearly aware that as long as she does not let him out, he will stand at the back door with the rawhide in his mouth. And what is more, he will go on howling obstinately and does not have any intention of stopping the ear-piercing cry. If his owner can stash prized possession in a vault, ban, safe-deposit box or under a mattress, he can do it too in the backyard hole. In order to maintain his happiness, the owner finally lets him out but without his toy. Nevertheless, he is equally happy as long as he can run, romp and play outside.

Puppy Lends Owner A Helping Paw With The Laundry1m09s

Puppy Lends Owner A Helping Paw With The Laundry

Anyone who has ever owned a Golden Retriever knows that it portrays intelligence, kindliness, and love. This breed is sure to captivate the hearts of many people. It is known for being patient, loyal, and demonstrative, with a pleasing disposition. This Golden Retriever's kindly expression says it all. As we can see here, this puppy is one of the finest family dogs in the world: its tail says that he is cheerful and by wagging it, the puppy wants to show that it is delighted to help its owner with the laundry . It is also demonstrative – it likes to dash around the room to show that he can be a helping hand in this household, too. He is trustworthy, you can rely on him for any task whatsoever. What this puppy needs is just two brisk walks each day and play fetch games. And if you cannot take him out for a good run, then be sure that he is going to meddle with the housework. He needs to express his friendly nature and whenever its owner throws a piece of clothing into the basket, he goes to check and ensure that everything is set in place. One thing he obviously doesn’t understand is that once in the basket, the clothes are not supposed to be dragged around the room. But his enthusiasm for helping, which in the hands of this puppy turns into a game, can only be accepted as it is. And let’s not forget that nibbling is his thing, so chewing the socks and carrying things around in his mouth are just part of his nature. However, this puppy is sweet and gentle and there’s no way not to love it.

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Helpful Newfie Fetches Beer And Snacks For Owner2m10s

Helpful Newfie Fetches Beer And Snacks For Owner

Teaching your pet pooch some useful tricks can prove very beneficial for your mutual life together. Stuff like “sit”, “stay”, “drop it” and “do not go in my food” should be essential, setting the boundaries of each other’s space and where your pup can and can not go. You build it up from there; teaching your dog stuff like “roll over”, fetching your slippers and what not strengthens the bond between you and your faithful companion, ultimately making you beast buddies for life. Since you are teaching your dog to fetch stuff for you - a personal, four-legged, slobbery butler, if you will - why not teach it some really cool stuff too? How about teaching it to fetch you a beer? The star of this highly entertaining and very educational video is Morgan the Newfoundland dog. Her owners like to call her Miss Goo, a moniker we will not delve deeper into, but will leave it to your imagination. Mis Goo here is training to be one such personal, four-legged, slobbery butler for her owner. Her owner calls her up and tells her straight up “go over there and get a beer”. Like a true butler, the Newfie does not hesitate, but just turns around on her heels and heads straight for the kitchen with her steady and graceful pace. She grabs the handle her owner left on the fridge door and flings it open, grabs the can of beer gently with her big mouth, then prances right back to the living room, where her thirsty owner awaits his refreshment. It seems the can is too cold for the furry dog, so she drops it twice, but it doesn’t matter. She comes right back to close the fridge door, because every cent spent on the electricity bill means less money for treats. The human then reminds her of the pretzels and she so eagerly obliges. She even picks up the empty cans and tosses them in the garbage! Fetching beer isn’t the only helpful thing Miss Goo does around the house. She can vacuum her hairy mess and even helps her owner shovel snow outside. Is there something this big pooch can’t do?

Husky acts as escalating dog alarm clock50s

Husky acts as escalating dog alarm clock

Do you have one of those alarm setting where the sounds gets progressively louder if you do not turn it off? Here is the husky version! There's no negotiating here, this alarm is getting you up and out of bed.