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Independent Golden Retriever Carries His Own Leash When Going For Walks21s

Independent Golden Retriever Carries His Own Leash When Going For Walks

An adorable footage has emerged showing a Golden Retriever puppy grabbing on its leash and signalizing owner that it is time for his walk. Kevin loves going for walks, and he doesn't need anyone's help doing it! What a smart doggy! Many dogs seem to have the need to carry something in their mouths. If your pup carries the leash, it is simply because it is located conveniently near his mouth. However, if you give him something else to carry instead, he will probably happily accept it and let go of the leash. We are not certain if that psychology applies to Kevin here, as he seems to be very proud to be the one who is holding the leash. Is this clever retriever taking himself on a walk? Footage shows a cheerful Golden Retriever puppy walking up and down the living room, carrying a leash in his mouth, instantly signalizing owner that it is time to go outside. Reportedly, this intelligent puppy doesn’t need anyone’s help, and can independently walk himself everywhere by holding its own leash with his owner not far behind just to stir the direction and have his back. Pulling on the leash is a common dog misbehavior. Puppies and adult dogs alike can often be seen taking their owners for walks, instead of the other way around. Pulling on the leash can be much more than an annoying habit. Leash pulling can result from a variety of things. In some cases, the dog may simply be so excited to go for a walk that it is unable to control itself. In other cases, the dog sees itself as the leader of the pack, and it simply takes the leadership position at the front of the pack.

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Detective Husky Goes Undercover, But Pit Bull Buddy Has Her Back37s

Detective Husky Goes Undercover, But Pit Bull Buddy Has Her Back

This is the adorable moment when two large dog breeds engage into curious play under the covers. A eight-year-old Siberian Husky is burying its head into a pile of blankets while her best friend, the rescued pit bull canine, is confused by the strange behavior. It is adorable to know that pets don’t need much to be happy and entertained. It is enough to allow them snoop around your house and make unusual toys out of household items, to keep busy for hours. Footage shows a playful Husky going undercover and leaving its buddy puzzled because her face is missing from the picture. Watch as the two dogs play together in this heartwarming clip! Silly animals can find play in the most boring scenario. Take these two for example, they found play in a hopeless place, and didn’t need any additional stimuli to get in the mood for play. When owner spotted the two rascals going into her sheets and blankets, she started recording and made for this entertaining clip. It is as if the Husky decided to go undercover, and the pit bull best friend decided to have her back. This adorable duo will brighten your day! Small dog breeds tend to show their heritage of flushing out small animals from their tunnels by burrowing. Large dog breeds live in extreme temperatures that make the instinct to burrow under the snow imperative for staying warm. Wild canines used to burrow to create a safe haven where their pups were protected from potential predators and extreme temperatures. They also had to fend for themselves, and not knowing when their next meal would be, they would dig holes so they could hide food and return to it later. Domesticated dogs can display burrowing behavior for various reasons, for example if they are looking for a way to burn some energy, or if they demand more attention from owner.

Giant Newfie Throws A Tantrum, And Only His Tiny Owner Can Handle Him38s

Giant Newfie Throws A Tantrum, And Only His Tiny Owner Can Handle Him

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case in this compilation here! What is it that puppies love most in life? They love their owners, their food bowl, the frequent walks in the park and the scratches behind their ears. When pups have these things, they are the happiest they can be. But when a treat is introduced to the mix, thing get too cute too soon! Its never too early to introduce you kids to animals, especially dogs, and teach them the importance of loyalty and true friendship. The importance of spending time with your pets and devoting some time to teaching them new tricks alongside with patience and the urge to earn their treats. Sierra has been raised with huge Newfoundland dogs her entire life. She seems to have learned the language and there is a mutual respect and love between them. Sometimes when Samson gets pushy with his owner, she just asks little Sierra to take over. He seems to be much more concerned about offending his best friend. Mom should start saying, 'Wait till Sierra gets home when he is being naughty'. Hilarious!

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Back-Talking Husky Tries To Present Convincing Arguments17s

Back-Talking Husky Tries To Present Convincing Arguments

A hilarious footage has emerged of a talkative Husky trying to prove a point to owner, engaging in a mouthful conversation presenting convincing arguments. According to his owners, a nightly "couch argument" with Goat is the norm in their household, and he never goes to sleep before giving his piece of mind! Kids can be tough sometimes. They can get moody and stubborn, but did you know that dogs can have those qualities too? They say Huskies can get really stubborn as seen in this video when the moody Husky engages in a long conversation with owner, and won’t stop until he has it his was! Watch as Goat presents his one-sided heated argument to owner, trying to convince him about something. He knows he's not getting his way, but you've got to admire him for trying and giving a mouthful to his owner! Who can blame him, everyone would throw a temper tantrum when owner is talking back, right? Have you ever considered how our dogs perceive us when we talk to much? Well, this dog tries to change that by outspeaking his owner with arguments. Huskies are an absolutely gorgeous type of dog, and are probably the closest to their wolf ancestors in terms of appearance. The term "husky" actually refers to a few different breeds of dogs used for sled pulling and includes breeds like the Alaskan malamute and the American Akita among others. They are highly intelligent, energetic, active, and strong-willed dogs. Unlike some other types of dogs, Huskies have a comparatively lower drive to please their masters. They can be pretty independent, and when getting them to do something against their wills can be challenging. In fact, owners being unable to manage a Husky's big personality is one of the biggest reasons these dogs are abandoned or returned to shelters. This breed of dogs are very smart but they have low motivation to please their owners. They are prone to howl in protest if they are denied something! In this video, the adorable Husky presents a mouthful of arguments to owner and desperately tries to prove a point! Hilarious!

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Dog With Human Hands Casually Enjoys Birthday Meal4m51s

Dog With Human Hands Casually Enjoys Birthday Meal

A hilarious footage has emerged of a Shiba Inu dog named Kira getting the unique opportunity to use human hands to eat snacks, groom her fur and even open presents on her birthday. Obviously, her owner sits behind the dog, and has her hands showing in front of the dog to make it look like it is actually dog’s hands who are doing the business. It is hilarious to think that this dog grew human hands overnight in order to groom and feed herself for her birthday! Witty owner came up with an amazing idea to pull off a crazy contraption and film the funny compilation of Kira sitting on a chair, doing various of fun activities with her new pair of human hands! It actually looks like the Shiba Inu grew a real pair of human hands and they look adorably on her body. Kira might not be that much interested in the grooming and brushing, but when the food is served on the table, she really enjoys her meal and eats her food with extra speed. This video will definitely put a smile on your face and make you imagine for a little while how silly this video of dog using human hands is. After watching this video we cannot help but praise Kira for pulling such a great impersonification! If you liked this video, check out this similar video of a Golden Retriever puppy trying to eat and drink with his human hands.

Little Girl Covered With A Cozy Blanket Of Dozen Golden Retriever Puppies1m00s

Little Girl Covered With A Cozy Blanket Of Dozen Golden Retriever Puppies

A video has emerged of what it seems to be just another casual weekend for this lucky little girl. Apparently, the four-year-old girl climbs in the cage just to be closer to her Golden Retriever puppies. Cuteness overload! Having one Golden Retriever puppy is probably the dream of every other person in this world. What is there not to be loved in that yellow bundle of joy, wagging its tail and rushing to your side for a hug and a slobbery kiss? Can you imagine what it must be like to a pile of dozen such cuties lying all over you? One little girl is very lucky to make this fantasy a daily routine. Footage shows the girl lying in dog’s cage, covered with a long, cozy blanket of living and breathing Golden Retriever puppies. When starts recording the video, the little girl confesses that she came in the cage on purpose just to experience the wonderful moment of having a dozen of little puppies lying all over her body, giving her lovable cuddles. These adorable puppies enjoy giving love and affection. Watch the adorable moment when a little girl disappears under the cuddly blanket of warm puppies. Luckily, mom caught the gorgeous giggling tot on camera being in the centre of the puppy pile, struggling to stand still as the sleepy pooches nap all over her body! This litter of dozen Golden Retriever puppies will melt your heart and make you want to join the little girl under the big yellow furry blanket!

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Quirky dog has sudden and strange reaction to food bowl1m06s

Quirky dog has sudden and strange reaction to food bowl

Mya the 12 year old Australian Shepherd has always been a little strange. As she gets older, her quirks seem to get stranger and stranger. Although dinner time has always been her favorite time of the day, she has started to no longer trust her food dish. Watch as she has a has the strangest reaction when dinner is served. There is nothing unusual about the food or the dish. It is the same routine as every night. Her owner looks into the dish to make sure there is nothing wrong with it, but it is the same as always. Mya barks and stomps her feet as if to say "I won't eat that", but once the food is spilled out onto the floor, she gobbles it up like it is the last food on earth. Australian Shepherds can get very peculiar in nature, but this is just going too far!

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Bulldog Pulls Puppy Eyes To Let Owner Know It Is Time For His Beauty Sleep57s

Bulldog Pulls Puppy Eyes To Let Owner Know It Is Time For His Beauty Sleep

It's completely understandable if English Bulldogs are not your cup of tea. There are people who think they're downright ugly and would never consider owning one. On top of that, there can be health concerns and they're known to be high maintenance. If that's you, no worries! However, for many families when you combine the larger-than-life personality with a face full of fuzzy wrinkles, you get one absolutely irresistible fluffy creature prone to having moody episodes. Reuben the Bulldog is one that turns on the pouty charm at the drop of a hat and has his owners wrapped around his paws! Everyone’s a little cranky in the morning, that is inevitable, but Reuben is clearly not a morning person and can get quite grumpy when he is sleepy. Watch how he stares at owner with his lazy puppy eyes, trying to say something but words won’t come out of his mouth! Actually, what he really wants is to continue napping. Too funny! It is so adorable to see how grumpy and cranky these dog breeds can get, and how cute Reuben’s whining can get. Their natural face expression alone makes for a very sad appearance, so it comes as no surprise that these pups can seem to be eternally dissatisfied with life! Seeing this bulldog comfortably resting his heavy head on the couch, enjoying the coziness of his home, makes it understandable why he feels so tired all the time and his favorite activity is napping! His face cant get cutter nor more sad as he stares down his owner in the politest of ways. He has also tried to pull the oldest trick in the book when he puts on the most "puppy" eyes ever. Moments later, Reuben gets bored and is tired of the long conversation he had with owner, so he decides to get to the floor and catch some beauty sleep. He really has the traits of a king, but the king of sloth and laziness! Judging by his reactions, he just wants to sleep and never leave his home!

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Ten-Weeks-Old Puppy Already Knows How To Perform Variety Of Tricks23s

Ten-Weeks-Old Puppy Already Knows How To Perform Variety Of Tricks

Although a little confused at times, this German Shepherd puppy displays a vast array of tricks that is truly impressive for such a young age! Niko is quickly taking after his parents who are both Grand Champion show dogs and already knows how to perform variety of dog tricks! Watch as the smart little puppy demonstrates all the tricks he has learned so far. Although he is still just a puppy, this bright ten-weeks-old German Shepherd pup performs array of tricks for his owner and passes with flying colors. Impressive! This pup wants to flaunt his skills and show how clever he is, especially when it comes to something as important as snacks.The cheerful pooch will do anything for a treat! Amusing video shows the young puppy performing various tricks in front of the camera, flaunting different dog skills in exchange for treats. Cuteness overload! It is cute how attentively this obedient puppy listens to his owner and performs various tricks on command. First owner tells Niko to ‘sit’, followed by ‘shake’ one paw after another, then ‘lay down’ and ‘roll over’, all of which he completes with flying colors and of course receives the well-deserved delicious treat! Pooch follows owner’s voice from command to command, all of which he obediently completes. It must be very fun to be around this loving pooch, as he is playful and loves receiving orders from owner, and earning them dog treats! German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. It is a relatively new breed of dog, with their origin dating to 1899. As part of the Herding Group, German Shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep. Since that time however, because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, German Shepherds around the world are often the preferred breed for many types of work, including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and even acting.