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Dog Makes Enigmatic Noises  In Attempt To Communicate With His Human1m06s

Dog Makes Enigmatic Noises In Attempt To Communicate With His Human

Whenever a friend or family member makes a peculiar noise - be it a high-pitched sneeze or humming throat clear - we giggle and tease. But when our pets do the same thing, alarm bells suddenly start ringing. What were those strange dog noises coming from my pet? We’re all prone to making strange sounds, and 99% of the time these noises are completely harmless. The same goes for our pet pooches, but because they cannot communicate with us in quite the same way, it’s easy to assume that something may be wrong. Roscoe the Jack Russell politely sits and attempts to speak to his owner about something he wants. Just listen to the sounds he makes! Don’t you love how he talks and then it turns into a sneeze? Well, it seems like Roscoe is going through something. He has that sad look in his eyes with a long face and a not so happy posture, and has a message to deliver, but he doesn’t know how so he chooses the most unusual sounds for a dog. They are a mixture between a squeaky toy, a noisy parrot and an agitated peacock and still there is no way to find out what has got into him. Poor Roscoe. If only the source for his unhappiness could be found so he can resume with his usual sass. The long whining noises he lets out is something that leaves his owner incredibly puzzled. Sitting on his bum, he is only doing that long wailing sound of a hurt dog. When his human asks “What is it white boy? What is it that you want?” Roscoe walks to another room and stands hesitatingly for a while before he goes on inside. He is on the verge to start making those noises again. Whether he wishes to go somewhere or it is one of those days when he wants something but doesn’t know what, will remain enigma until the end of the video.

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Dog Shows Affection By Lavishing Her Human With Kisses18s

Dog Shows Affection By Lavishing Her Human With Kisses

Can your dog's enthusiastic licks represent a sign of affection? What is Keisha - the dog in this video, really thinking when she slurps her owner’s face like a lollipop? Is she just saying hello or is she planting the canine version of a kiss on her human’s cheek? She loves her human friend Korey so much that she even tries to move those hands covering the face for even more kisses! It is definitely her way of letting Korey know that her love for him is pure and innocent and that if he ever finds himself in a helpless or dangerous situation, she will make everything in her power to bring him round. Her enthusiastic licks represent an honest sign of affection and the more Korey hides his face, the more she will behave intrusively. She wants to get her loving message across to her owner and she is trying to be more communicative. Simply, she wants to know her owner that she is glad he is by her side. It’s a lifelong commitment. As any dog owner knows, dogs lick often and for a variety of reasons. This behavior is a remnant of their wild ancestry - it was easier for the mother to carry food in her stomach rather than dragging it back to the den in her mouth. Obviously, Korey won't regurgitate some food at that signal, but he might give Keisha a treat because she deserves it for all the love she has unselfishly shown to her human. While it's probably not a "kiss," we can bet it's a sign that this dog thinks her human is pretty great.

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Dog Takes A Walk With Pizza Box In Her Mouth20s

Dog Takes A Walk With Pizza Box In Her Mouth

Shira is a gorgeous Siberian Husky and she is easy to fall in love with. With her beautiful eyes, quiet manner, and athletic build, she doesn't care that there's still one slice of pizza left in the box, she just loves tearing things up! Walking sternly and self-confidently around the garden, Shira shows how independent and intelligent she can be. And since she can become bored with following commands, she responds better to new challenges, like delivering pizza for instance. Let’s not forget that Shirra is a great escape artist, too. A real Houdini in disguise. By not having done enough mental and physical exercise to keep her engaged, and not being given the right outlet, she’ll find her own way to get the vigorous exercise and stimulation she needs. She will find something to keep her engaged, and this carton looks irresistibly interesting to be dragged around. No one can tell Shirra not to mess with the pizza box, she simply has to waste her high energy and this is a great way to do so. This husky is notoriously playful and a bit naughty since she is such a smart dog. She is certainly not one of those dogs happy to snooze all day on the couch. Come on, people, she has energy to burn, and nothing burns energy that good like a run with a purpose in the garden. With her natural instinct to roam and explore, nothing will get on her way. We are sure that she will find a way to open that box and eat the last piece of pizza.

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Dog Helps Himself To Snack And Gets Stuck In  Box36s

Dog Helps Himself To Snack And Gets Stuck In Box

Brian is one of those dogs that it’s impossible not to like. His soft look, fluffy white fur and amicable behavior makes him irresistible. Most of all he likes to put his head where it doesn’t belong. A cereal box, for instance. He obviously didn’t do the math before getting himself stuck into the box. Yes, we know that nobody can resist those crunchy and sweet rice crispies and why would he? Being a samoyed it means that he is challenging to own. It is inevitable for this dog to voice his likes and dislikes with howling or barking. However, this time, he chose to express his strong willed nature in a totally different way than the usual. Well, Brian, there is more to the box than get your head stuck in such a tight space, have you thought for a minute how will you untangle yourself out of it? Probably not. Munching in the box, Brian has completely lost sense of time and space, space especially. So, trying to eat everything that’s in the box until his last breath, he slowly moves backwards until he slams into one of his drinking cups while taking a slippery stand on the floor. It is only then that it rings in his head that he is actually walking with a box on top of his head and he drops it successfully. We love his "Sammy smile," - the slight, but discernible, upturned corners of the Samoyed's mouth. This is a happy, good-natured dog with a glass half-full attitude toward life and the people he lives with.

Husky Decides To Take Nap During His Walk53s

Husky Decides To Take Nap During His Walk

This is Maska - the very unusual husky that enjoys making walks difficult for his owner. When walking can be a pleasurable experience, it’s a pity not to savor it to the fullest. Especially when there is snow outside. We know that huskies love the snow and that they are born to relish the mere thought of it. So, whenever the snow is at their doorstep, it’s the right time to reap the full benefits of what it can offer. We are not really sure whether it’s the snow or Maska is in the mood of misbehaving, anyway, it is true that he is not naturally stubborn canine, but today he just prefers having a rest instead of walking back home. His human tries her best to talk Maska into going back and to tell him that it’s time to go home. Since Maska is dragging her the wrong way home, she tells him gently that the way he chooses to trample on and having a nap is not the right one and that it’s really necessary for them to leave the white patch of snow and head their way back home. However, Maska is so strong willed that all he wants is to be like he has imagined. So, his owner decides to change her tactics and says goodbye to him but to no avail. Nothing will persuade this dog to change his mind and behave. The moment we think he is ready to make a move, he just changes the place of sitting and goes on contemplating the wintery vista.

Goldendoodle Makes It Clear How She Feels About Mondays11s

Goldendoodle Makes It Clear How She Feels About Mondays

A heartwarming video has emerged featuring an adorable Goldendoodle puppy throwing the cutest temper tantrum by rubbings her face, when reminded it is Monday. Cuteness alert! Riley has developed a unique way of telling her owner how she feels about Mondays. Watch as she rubs her face, trying to hide it behind her front paws, clearly showing her owner that she isn't much of a fan of Mondays. Hey Riley, neither are we! Footage shows the hilarious moment when a pooch is lying on the floor, trying to rub the itching sensation off her face in this heartwarming clip. As they are for humans, Mondays are also uncomfortable, annoying and irritating for dogs as well, at least that is the message we get from this lazy pooch. In this short clip, we see a lazy pooch trying to spook the frustrating sensation away, as it uses her front leg to hide her face away from Monday. Adorable! The narration this dog owner provided is hilarious, as pooch’s body movements can perfectly fit with the notion that nobody loves Mondays. We bet most of you look like this lazy dog when you hear the sound of your alarm on Monday morning. It is hilarious how the owner found dog’s rubbing fitting to connect with a hilarious statement that it is actually Monday that this dog is desperately trying to hide from, much to viewers’ amusement. It either looks like this pooch is trying to get rid of an itching sensation or it is desperately trying to hide her face from the annoying sunrays. The saying ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’, will fit perfectly in this scenario because this little ball of fur desperately needs someone who can sooth the scratch. Watch as she throws a mild temper tantrum and pouts after she fails to sooth the irritation. Her reaction is adorable! The dog uses her paws to remove something from her face, and isn’t too happy about it! We feel bad for this fellow and would really love to lend her a helping hand! Dogs love belly rubs because they feel good. They will generally roll over on their backs for a nice belly rub from people they trust most. The dog in this short video is continuously trying to relieve the itching sensation from her face, because she cannot seem to be handling it well. There is always that spot where you cannot reach and need the help from a buddy to hit the spot. @riley.goldendoodle

Hungry Pooch Chews On His Buddy’s Leg Until Dinner Is Ready52s

Hungry Pooch Chews On His Buddy’s Leg Until Dinner Is Ready

A funny video has emerged of a hungry Husky continuously chewing on his Shiba Inu pal’s leg with delight as the tolerant pooch lies on the floor and waits for the torture to be over. It is adorable to watch how the Husky chews on bud’s leg with such devotion. Hilarious! With more than few hours until dinner, this starving Husky decides to take matters into his own hand. Loki the Shiba Inu was just minding his own business when Snow got really hungry. Snow kept on chewing Loki's arm and did not let him sleep in peace. Eventually, Loki gave up his sleep to play with his friend! Footage shows the adorable moment when the overly active Husky tries to satisfy its hunger by chewing on his pal’s leg, as the patient Shiba Inu shows extreme tolerance, so much to the extent of spoiling him! Incredible! In this video, we can see a Shiba Inu pooch casually lying on the floor trying to rest, while a nagging Husky nibbles on its leg. Apparently, the overly-affectionate Husky has additional doses of energy that need to be released somewhere. So, it keeps messing with the resting Shiba Inu, occupying his personal space by munching on his hand, nibbling to the bone. This patient dog sure knows how to give a passive treatment, which is not that fun for the energetic Husky! However, after a while, the Shiba Inu pooch stops being so calm and confronts the biting Husky by giving him a taste of his own medicine! This highly tolerant Shiba Inu shows us the true meaning of patience. Watch how chilled he is as he deals with the hungry Husky, who may be just a little bit too impatient to wait until dinner is ready! Cuteness overload!

Adorable Baby Bulldog Goes In State Of Trance By A Massage1m02s

Adorable Baby Bulldog Goes In State Of Trance By A Massage

Canine massage?! That’s the response most people have when they hear you talk about massaging your dog. However, just like with people, massaging your dog can relieve pain and stress, calm nerves, and strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Check it out as this adorable little pup gets a relaxing massage from its owner. He gets the all inclusive package as his owner massages him from head to toe. This makes his body go in a state of trance. He feels like he is transported into a totally different planet and he doesn’t want to wake up. If he wasn’t a baby and sleeping most of the time, he would probably have that hypnotic look in the eyes like “hey, don’t stop, that’s really good, I want more”. At this state, his whole body suggests that he feels totally relaxed and he enjoys the session beyond any words. Massaging the ears and ear flaps unwind and invigorate his entire body. This pup simply loves when his owner pats him, rubs his belly and scratches behind his ears. Dogs, like humans, also love it when you give them massages. You’re probably thinking, “You want me to massage my dog? Really?” While it might seem silly, it’s actually extremely beneficial for your pup. It feels good when you get a massage, right? Well, that feeling is the same for dogs. A massage can relax him and give you another opportunity to connect and bond with your best friend. So when you get home tonight and you’re sitting on the couch with your pup, give him a massage and see how much he likes it!

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German Shepherd Outsmarts Owner During Training Session11s

German Shepherd Outsmarts Owner During Training Session

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog tricks but weren’t sure where to start? Any dog can be taught all kinds of tricks, even if you have never formally learned how to train dogs before. With a little patience, persistence, and a positive attitude, you can teach your dog how to follow commands and do tricks. For this specific trick, you may want to try using a treat that is flat enough to balance well on your dog’s nose without rolling off. But for this German Shepherd, “the rolling off” part is not a problem at all because before it happens, the dog biscuit is gone in one big bite and the Treat-On-The-Nose trick fails no sooner than it has started. How hilarious is that? So, with this dog, the trick just requires a lot of patience on the side of his owner. Not only his owner is calm and doesn’t get frustrated but she giggles at the dog’s mischievousness. Instead of her teaching him a trick, he double fools her and shows how dogs can be funny too. There’s no messing with this dog! It appears this pup needs just a little bit more work on the "stay" part. How funny is that?! The word “stay” doesn’t resonate well in the ears of this dog so he decides to ignore it entirely. To this canine it feels weird to have something sitting on top of his nose, so he’ll not listen to whatever his owner says and gets the treat anyway.

Funny Dog Barks At Her Shadow In The Pool26s

Funny Dog Barks At Her Shadow In The Pool

Poor animals, sometimes the world can be a confusing place for them. There are so many sights, smells, and confusing human constructs to consider. How is a poor pet supposed to keep up with all of it? One of the most confusing-yet-entertaining concepts in their shadows. Especially for dogs! Dogs are well known for having silly or even strange personalities, but one dog owner managed to capture one of the funniest dog behavior we may ever see. This amazingly funny dog named Sapphire sees her shadow in the kiddie pool and walks in circles trying to scare it away. Too funny! She is so adorable! Things are just so much more fun when dogs are around, don’t you agree? Give this silly boy a pat on the head for being so persistent for chasing her shadow! The video here is sure to put a smile on your face, even if you’re having a bad day. Sapphire is so adorable, we guarantee you that you will watch this video more than once! There are a lot of people who think dogs and other animals are “dumb,” but it’s pretty obvious that this sweet dog knows exactly how to make her life just a little bit easier and a little more comfortable, there is no place for two in the pool! She is so funny! If you enjoy this funny dog, you will also love this video of how this funny dog hilariously howls along to music notes!

Parent Bulldog Patiently Entertains Energetic Puppies12s

Parent Bulldog Patiently Entertains Energetic Puppies

Let us be clear, all puppies are precious and extremely adorable, but if we had to choose, these puppies would be on top of the adorableness list. Puppies are the best remedy for a bad mood, especially when there are a bunch of them enjoying with you and they want to play with you! We cherish our dogs as our best friends. Dogs make us laugh when they’re unpredictable and silly. You want your day to be better? This puppies will probably do it! Be amazed! After walking away from these playful pups, this bulldog is forced to sit there and entertain them. Hilarious! Well, these dogs aren't too great with personal space either, but maybe that's just because they love to cuddle and always be by your side! So adorable! If you ever wondered what's it like when you have a home full of playful puppies this video will show you how it looks like! Well, for you maybe it looks fun but this bulldog is running out of patience! There is nothing in the world cuter than a puppy. OK, wait — scratch that. The one thing cuter than a puppy is a lot of puppies. Every mom and dad can agree that parenting is a full-time job. And if the video is any indication, that idea isn’t just for humans — it’s for bulldogs, too! This video is for sure cuteness overload!

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Sweet Dog Adorably Begs Owner For More Belly Rubs1m01s

Sweet Dog Adorably Begs Owner For More Belly Rubs

There’s no better way to connect with your dog than a loving snuggle. This pup loves to be scratched by her owner and she has a unique way of asking for it! No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get the love dogs have for belly rubs. But, then again, we humans love when someone tousles our hair, so there’s that. In all fairness, belly rubs must be awesome for a dog, given how they can’t really reach that spot, especially if you are a rotund pup with a stubby mouth. Or a short pup with stubby legs that also can’t reach that sweet spot. So a human must intervene. Now, dog owners really do love their dogs. Sometimes even more than the fruit of their own loin. But just how dogs can get tired from chasing squirrels around the park, humans can get tired from giving belly rubs. Not to mention that belly rubs are best when given at a steady, rhythmic pace - 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Only this dog doesn’t care how tired her owner’s hand is or how beneficial the intermittent scratching is. She wants them all and she wants them now! Only in order to get a proper belly scratch, you need to be cute and adorable. You can’t just order your human around! So every time the woman takes her hand back, the pup turns slightly towards her and waves her front paws in a sort of begging motion, not stopping until the hand is back on the belly. And oh, that look of bliss on her face when the hand returns….this is the life!

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Cute Puppy Loves to Wake Brother With Kisses | Charlie the Dog and Puppy Lilly3m14s

Cute Puppy Loves to Wake Brother With Kisses | Charlie the Dog and Puppy Lilly

Cute Puppy Loves to Wake Brother With Kisses | Charlie the Dog and Puppy Lilly I thought Charlie would never accept another dog like he did with Ollie.I'm glad I was wrong. Charlie loves Lilly just as much he loved Ollie and as a reward he is woken up every day with sweet kisses. Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed and would like more of these👉

Beagle Dog Surprised by Birthday Cake and Toys from Little Girl10m07s

Beagle Dog Surprised by Birthday Cake and Toys from Little Girl

Official Charlie the Dog and Baby video of Beagle Dog Surprised by Birthday Cake and Toys from Little Girl We wanted to make Charlie's birthday a special day. Laura made a cake with ingredients which Charlie choose. We went to a pet shop so Charlie could pick a toys which he likes. We had so much fun, but the most important Laura Olivia could make something special for her best big brother Charlie. We are so happy to have our two legged and four legged kids around us! :)

Clumsy Pooch Flips Head Over Heels Inside A Food Bowl While Eating31s

Clumsy Pooch Flips Head Over Heels Inside A Food Bowl While Eating

An amusing video has emerged of a Chinook flipping over its food bowl while eating in China. The footage, shot in Harbin in Heilongjiang Province on August 16, shows the pet instinctively raising his hind legs for several times while munching on the food. However, he fails to control them limbs and falls straight into the bowl. Adorable! Video footage filmed in Wo Long Jie, Mudanjiang Shi, features a tiny pooch getting overwhelmed and ecstatic over eating, that he accidently falls inside the delicious food. The little buddy fails to contain its excitement and falls head over heels into his food, literally! Watch as the little ball of fur munches on the delicious food with pure delight that somehow he fails to control his back legs. It is funny to watch! Apparently, the little buddy got too involved into the process of eating that he somehow lost hold over the reins and flipped over! What a memento! Dogs are creatures of simple pleasures. They like their owners, their food bowls, and occasional walks to the dog park. This cute Chinook getting overwhelmed over dinner and eventually stumbling into his bowl full of food! Cuteness overload! Have you ever seen a dog getting too excited for some food that he tumbles over its plate? If you just cannot imagine such thing happening, we suggest you watch this video! As the video starts, we can see a little pooch munching on some delicious food. Moments later, the little cuties gets ecstatic over the sole idea of eating that he accidently falls head over heels into the bowl! How adorable is this! Despite of his clumsiness, the little pooch definitely has some serious issues with keeping a balance with the rest of his body!

Excited Doberman Puppies Bark As They Go Down Stairs14s

Excited Doberman Puppies Bark As They Go Down Stairs

When you think of the Doberman Pinscher, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Order and obedience, right? Because that is the thing that the media would like us to believe. In reality though, Dobies are one of those breeds of canine that grow up real slow; they remain their puppyish, playful selves until they are about three or so years of age. Still, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be obedient and well mannered from a young age. Just check out this litter and see for yourselves. In a true Doberman fashion, these puppies wait patiently to be let outside. Gathered up in a group, the tiny Dobies wait for their owner to give them cue. “Ya!” she shouts out with an enthusiasm that matches the puppies’ and they all shoot towards the stairwell. Once they go, they can't contain their excitement as they rush down the stairs! In a tiny, hairy wave of joy for finally getting to go out and play, all eight puppies go running downstairs, each one of the barking like it is the last thing they will ever do! They either support each other to reach their destination together, or they probably try to keep the pack tight, so each one if them gives out its echolocation, so the littermates don’t wander off and get lost. Of course, we are just speculating here for the sake of amusement, because we really are amused with this adorable clip. Whatever the reason for the loud and statement-making descend down stairs, one thing is for sure. Those are some obedient pups!

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Pit Bull Puppies Chow Down On Tasty Carrots15s

Pit Bull Puppies Chow Down On Tasty Carrots

There is nothing better to brighten up your day like an energetic ball of fur, crashing through all of your gloom. Puppies have so much power over our emotions, even the most cruel of men couldn’t stand a chance against their adorableness. Their goofy antics and kind child eyes are what gets to us every single time. They can barge in our lives, one bark and one lopsided smile at a time and that’s it, they are the best friend we never knew we needed, just like that! We find them in the most unusual of places, the most inconvenient times and the weirdest situations, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. You have cute dogs, and then you have Pit Bull puppies. They just can’t compare. Let us be clear, all puppies are precious and extremely adorable, but if we had to choose, these puppies would be on top of the adorableness list. They skyrocket the serotonin levels in our blood and make us their adoring slaves for all eternity. Take a look at these two precious munchkins snacking on some orange goodness. Stardust and Diamond enjoy some crunchy carrots as a special treat. They are so quiet and so devoted to their food it’s extremely adorable. It’s almost hard to believe that they can tear the house down with their excited barking some other time. Have you ever heard someone chew as loudly as these two?

Two Glam Newfoundlands Lounge In The Pool On A Hot Day30s

Two Glam Newfoundlands Lounge In The Pool On A Hot Day

These are two very relaxed canines. Actually, they are just extraordinarily lucky being able to luxuriate like this on a hot spring day! They love to be pampered just like real gentlemen. The favorite thing to do when the day is hot and the only alternative is searching for the coolest spot of tiles in the house to lay on is lounging in the backyard pool, hats and glasses on! Ralphie and Boss are two adult Newfoundlands. They love their monthly baths but today, their owners gave them a special treat: a full access to the leisure amenities in the backyard, spa, accessories, sharpshoot – absolutely everything a glam dog would wish! Look at them enjoy themselves! Ralphie is the chocolate one on the left. He just came out from a little dip and his coat is prickly with the water drops from the pool water. His bestie, Boss, is given red-rimmed sunglasses and a large stylish hat to shade the dog from the hot spring sun. He even took a few minutes of modeling the merchandise in front of the camera, large pink tongue sticking out and all. So adorable! Our model then slowly relaxes its large body into the pool. This day-long lounging in the pool is a reward well deserved for our two friends. And they love it! Is there a better and more worthy reward for a dog than being loved and cared for this much?sunglasses!