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Great Dane and puppy relax in pet friendly hotel1m27s

Great Dane and puppy relax in pet friendly hotel

Ellie has a new family member joining her on her road trip! Watch and enjoy as Ellie & Mikey relax in a pet friendly Quality Inn on their journey from Hidden Ridge Danes by Lexington, KY back home to Odessa, Florida. At 115 lbs, Ellie the Tea Cup Great Dane looks massive compared to 10 lbs Mikey!

Depressed dog forced indoors due to rain43s

Depressed dog forced indoors due to rain

Riven is disappointed that she can't go out to play because the sky sprinklers won't turn off. The background audio from 'The Powerpuff Girls' perfectly fits the video!

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Energetic Dog Loves Running Around In Heavy Storm24s

Energetic Dog Loves Running Around In Heavy Storm

Draxx's humans are flabbergasted every time there is a powerful storm going on, and who wouldn't be!? I do not know of any other animals, much less K-9’s who enjoy storms or voluntarily run outside to enjoy the weather when it is at its worst! You cannot help but smile and giggle watching this pup loving life. Watching this sweet boy running around will bring a smile to your face, that’s for sure! Even though it is pouring with rain, Draxx does not seem to mind the added moisture that is undoubtedly coating his beautiful, black fur. Not to mention, there is also some viscous lightning happening as well! It really makes you wonder, what is it about storms that this silly dog is so excited about? What would you think if your dog suddenly started doing this? I think I would be a bit speechless for a while definitely! As owner of three dogs, we know what it is like having scared fur babies in the house trying to find a hiding place to feel safe from all the rain, thunder, and lightning. As a pet owner, it is actually probably a major relief to not have that problem! Some dogs even howl or bark continuously during storms of this nature! Can’t you almost hear Draxx in his head singing that song we all knew and loved as kids? Oh yes, you know the one: “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be!” Now, you know you cannot help but smile when you add that little gem of a flashback to this pup’s disposition! The only drawback we can see here is that “wet dog” smell they get after getting wet! Now, if you are not familiar with why that smell shows up, let us explain it to you the best way that we can (By the way, we do not claim to be a scientist or veterinarian, so we are not an expert; we are just a fellow pet owners of 3 dogs that has had to smell a lot of yucky dog stenches!). Basically as it has been described to us in the past, dogs have a specific oil coating in their undercoat that is excreted at the skin. The purpose of this oil is to help with water resistance, skin ph levels, etc. When your dog gets wet, the skin excretes more of this oil, which produces the smell. The only way to combat this smell is to be sure to fully scrub your dog’s coat during bathing; however, it is not entirely healthy for the dog to have all of their natural excreted oils washed away with each bath, so exercise your judgement on what you feel is right and best for your fur bestie! Because of the odor though that dogs are naturally going to produce, we have to wonder if Draxx’s parents have ever tried lightly spritzing him with a little “pet shampoo” before he goes and runs around in all that rain—maybe they could get their dog bathed at the same time, and Draxx wouldn’t be any the wiser! If his owner’s have not tried that little trick yet but decide to, hopefully they will video that as well so that we can see our ole’ buddy Draxx again!

Puppy Makes Gigantic Mess After Being Left Alone32s

Puppy Makes Gigantic Mess After Being Left Alone

The dogs are very curious during their youth, love to explore things they do not know and break the boredom doing things they have never done, the funny thing is that they never stop until they reach their goal, no matter how difficult it is. You can see how Hugo (the video dog) makes a mess while his owners are at home for 30 minutes, but it is normal in puppies and it is really impossible to get angry with him and his tender eyes. You can see that Hugo is a very innocent dog who does not know the consequences of what he does, he is simply in charge of exploring and learning new things, independently of the risks of his actions. Puppies like Hugo always increase their curiosity when they are left alone at home, maybe boredom leads them to do such actions, but he did not know that his owners would return so quickly, even Hugo got scared when his owner came home and found the disaster. It is very important not to scold or hit the dogs because that does not make them less curious, it only causes unnecessary damage, so Hugo is very smart and becomes the victim so that his owner does not scold him, it is advisable to educate them without the need to hit them. Dogs are very intelligent animals that learn quickly when taught correctly, violence certainly never solves problems, for that reason Hugo is treated with great affection, regardless of the disaster at home. It is impossible to get angry with the innocence of Hugo! The puppies always have a lot of energy and desire to play, so it is very important to play with them, in addition to taking care of them, feeding them and educating them, it is also important to take them to walk and get fresh air. Many veterinarians say that letting a dog out in the open is extremely important to avoid making a disaster at home like Hugo did, letting them walk to burn a bit of adrenaline and go home eager to eat and sleep, they will know that they have enjoyed it. enough during the day. Some dogs find it very difficult to be alone at home, some feel fear or anxiety from the first moment their owners move away from their home, it is usually very common in dogs accustomed to playing with children in the home. For this reason, many people consider it important to always leave something to distract them while they are alone, which prevents them from becoming restless, as they are entertained while playing. Love for puppies is inevitable, no matter how good or bad they are, they are extremely adorable animals that deserve the education and love of their owners, they are always there unconditionally in the good and bad times, it is also necessary to forgive their bad actions , remember that all young people are curious and want to explore new things, the same happens with puppies and you have to understand them.

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Golden Retriever reunited with owner after 5 months apart58s

Golden Retriever reunited with owner after 5 months apart

This is the moment Harper is reunited with her owner after five months apart. Jarret is a filmmaker who was on tour in Europe, thus being separated for almost half a year. The four year old dog immediately starts crying out of excitement!

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Pomeranian Refuses To Stand Up Until He Hears The Magic Words30s

Pomeranian Refuses To Stand Up Until He Hears The Magic Words

Three-year-old Ossol is ready to go to sleep, no matter how many times owner tries to get it to stand up. However, when she asks if he wants a snack, he magically hops up! Hilarious! A dog can be your cutest companion in the house, no matter if you are a family man or a single. After all, dogs are considered to be "man's best friend". If you are planning to have your own dog, then you should know that there are a lot of dog breeds that you can choose from these days. These dog breeds differ on various levels. This is the main reason why you should take time deciding what dog breed to take. Even so, one of the most opted dog breeds in the entire world are the Pomeranians. It is very easy to recognize a Pomeranian dog since it has a very beautiful and thick fur. As a matter of fact, it is its thick hair that makes this dog breed unique and recognizable. You can choose several colors of Pomeranian dogs such as black, white, and brown. This dog breed is actually a Spitz type. It is named Pomeranian simply because it originated from the Pomerania region in Central Europe, specifically in Poland and Germany. In addition, there are some other names Pomeranian dogs are called by, such as Pom, Zwers, Tumbleweed, Pompom, Zwergspitz, and Deutscher Spitz. Which one do you prefer? If you are still undecided whether to get a Pomeranian dog or not, then keep watching this video as it is guaranteed to convince you. Footage shows a cute Pomeranian puppy rolling around on the floor. Her owner is trying to get him to stand up, but the adorable dog is stubbornly lying on the floor. Isn't that adorable to watch? However, everything changes when the dog's owner says the magic word, as to say: "Do you want a snack ?". This dog really knows how good it is to have a nice eat. Just like every other dog who loves the idea of eating. This amazing Pomeranian dog is called Ossol and she is 3-years-old. If you are asking about the typical lifespan of this dog breed, it lives around 12 to 16 years. Want to get one today? Pomeranian belongs to a smaller size of dog, and this explains why they are often considered toy dogs. In fact, this dog breed is called Zwergspitz in some other nations, which literally translates to "Dwarf Spitz". It was in the 18th century when Pomeranian dog breed firstly got its first great recognition, simply because during this particular era, Pomeranians were the famous pet dogs of the royal people. Great example of these royals is Queen Victoria, who happened to be the queen of Ireland and Great Britain in the United Kingdom back in the 1837. It is interesting to point out that the size of this dog breed wasn’t that small, but over the years, dog breeders were able to breed a smaller size of Pomeranian dogs in order to make them look like stuffed animals. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Great Dane Obsessed With Removing Tissues From Box21s

Great Dane Obsessed With Removing Tissues From Box

For whatever reason, Rosco the Great Dane loves to pluck out tissues one by one from their box. What a weirdo! We here definitely consider ourselves dog lovers, and we know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there who are just like us. There is no question about that since dogs are extremely adorable and loyal. There is no way you will not love them even you are not that a dog lover in nature. As a matter of fact, there are many individuals in the world who feel better after a long time of recuperation from serious illnesses that started only after they took up a pet dog. In case you are one of those people who is planning to have one, then you need to figure out which dog breed is a great choice. Well, if it was up to us, we personally recommend the Great Dane breed of dog. For you to know, Great Dane is known to be a domestic dog and is a German breed. It is one of those giant size dog breeds that you will surely love. Yes, you read it right. Such breed might a big size one, but this does not affect their great adorability level. Needless to say, Great Dane originated in the extremely beautiful and progressive country of Germany. Deutsche Dogge is its famous German name. Some of the other names of this giant canine are German Mastiff, Gentle Giant, and Apollo of Dogs. From its name Gentle Giant, you can then easily conclude that this breed of dog is very gentle, especially to its master and family. Watch this if you want to witness how cute and adorable this giant canine is. Here, you can see the very cute brown-colored Great Dane who is very busy plucking out tissues from their box. This is something that he happily does most of the time. You might find it weird, but this is what he loves to do and you can do nothing about it. At least, he is not hurting anybody. You can even see and hear that his master is just laughing and laughing while he is doing such a hilarious thing. What a cute giant weirdo! Furthermore, Great Dane is the record holder as the tallest dog breed in the world. The tallest one was named Zeus, but sad to say, he died already last September 2014 at the age of five. The normal lifespan of this dog is around 8 to 10 years. Just like any other dog breeds out there, there are a number of colors to choose from if you choose to have this pet dog. You can go for brown, black, white, and even mix colored one. Isn't that amazing to know? There are so much to love about Great Dane. One is its regal appearance. Yes, you read it right! When you take a look in this dog especially in person, you will certainly be mesmerized by its sophisticated look. You will even love its smoothly muscled body. It is like it is doing it workout regularly. Now, aren't you still decided to raise your own Great Dane pet dog? You will surely not regret it if you will.

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Border Collie's amazing dance moves to drum music21s

Border Collie's amazing dance moves to drum music

When good music comes on, you just have to dance, and this Border Collie has all the moves! Watch as the starts bobbing his head and moving to the sounds of a drummer playing beats from the upstairs apartment. Now we aren't sure, but it maybe just be him following his owners hand or maybe even a toy, but his timing is amazing and he seems to really be enjoying the sounds of the music. The rhythm takes him away and as the bass drum and snare echo from the tenants living upstairs, this dog really seems to get more and more into it. Border Collies are well known frisbee and competition champs. They are also frequent competitors in dancing contests, where they twirl and spin with their owners to loud music in front of large crowds. With an extraordinary, attentive gaze they handle each undertaking put before them with the focal point of an Olympic Athlete. Just watch the eyes on this Collie as he moves his head to the sound. You can see here that they understand rhythm and timing, even when the cymbals are being playing, this dog reacts differently, getting more and more excited with each echoing beat. Border Collies are the magicians of the canine world. A tall wall can not shield them from getting away from their owners if they want out. It is imperative to watch out for your Border Collie constantly. They have been known to hop, burrow, even open the locks of door to get out and investigate. It seems good that this pooch has something to keep him occupied! We wonder if he would break down into a full dance with a full band and not just the sound of the drums! He would be the winner at all of the doggy dance competitions for sure!