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Excited Dog Jumps Through Open Car Window22s

Excited Dog Jumps Through Open Car Window

Dogs are adorable. They’re furry and cuddly and full of so much love, but they’re not perfect. Dogs are capable of doing things out of their character just like humans. The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! So what is it that dogs are doing which makes us laugh? Here is one hilarious video of a dog who runs as fast as lightning! It made us laugh so much we hope it will make you laugh too! Have you ever seen a dog desperately miss its owner? This is the perfect time to see it! For this dog there are no obstacles that stand between him and his owner, this dog literally does everything possible to always be close to its owner, obviously both have a great friendship. In general, all dogs miss their owners because they are used to playing and having fun with them, but it seems that this dog does not stop surprising its owners with its great energy. Hilarious! Dex is a 6 year old Rottie dog, this dog has a lot of energy and is impatient and desperate to see his owner immediately, so after opening the door of the house, Dex decides to run and jump through the open window of the car. At first you can see a group of dogs very enthusiastic about the return of their owner, all show great joy because they know that fun is coming, but obviously for Dex it is very difficult to contain his emotion, for that reason he is the only one dog that runs desperately towards the owner's car. Dex is great! Many people claim that dogs miss their owners from the first time they leave home, although some dogs tend to show more energy and emotion than other dogs, as is the case with Dex. Probably the most pleasant thing about having a dog as a pet is knowing that there will always be someone waiting at home, no matter how long you have been away from home, often people are very happy to see that their dogs are very excited. Dogs always brighten people's days after a long day at work. It is proven that for dogs it is very easy to create a bond of friendship with their owners, the truth is that there are many ways to have fun and play with dogs , these animals are usually adapted to almost any home and family environment, depending on their education. To strengthen friendship bonds with pets, just play and have fun with them, what really matters to dogs is to share with their owners as long as possible. It is recommended that we let dogs run and have fun, this will make them grow healthier, this time we can see that Dex is a dog full of energy and has very good health , so he is able to run and jump. The open windows of the car are not obstacles for Dex, this dog is an example to follow. We all need a dog like Dex!

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Pug can't contain excitement upon owner's presence20s

Pug can't contain excitement upon owner's presence

Pugs are known to be funny little characters with their charming personality and super curly tails. Emi is so happy to finally be resting in her bed after a long day, when she catches her owner looking at her. She can’t resist getting happy and showing off, just look at that tail!

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Howling Malamute calms down crying baby24s

Howling Malamute calms down crying baby

This sweet Alaskan Malamute comes into a baby girl’s room when he hears her crying. He lays down next to her and starts howling, which in return calms her down. All she needed was some extra fluffy company!

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Great Dane Delivery Training Doesn't Go As Planned1m23s

Great Dane Delivery Training Doesn't Go As Planned

Ellie and Mikey the Great Danes are still working on their chicken delivery skills. Now that he can stand up and look into the back of the SUV, Mikey gets very excited when he sees the chicken box. Perhaps he even gets a little too excited. Watch and laugh as too much excitement results in Mikey and Ellie's chicken delivery, which obviously is going to require a bit more practice and training. Ok....maybe a lot more practice! Ellie and Mikey are not “newbies” to the viral video world. These two online sensation pups have multiple videos currently circulation the internet. Their crazy and adorable antics and reactions to everyday situations has made them one of the favorites in the funny pet video world. Their owners are able to capture some of their best moments on camera in order to share them with the rest of us. More of their videos can be found here on by clicking on the following link: When the video begins, viewers have a glimpse of this little family from Mom’s point of view. Mom is the one behind the camera filming the scene. Dad and his two pups walk toward the SUV, which has the back hatch lifted already. When they reach the vehicle, the black and white spotted Great Dane immediately perches his front paws up on the back of the car. He plunges his nose into the back and fills his nostrils with his favorite smell- chicken! His buddy, the black Great Dane, waits a bit more patiently behind him. Look closely, though, and you will see this little sweetheart licking his lips. The two are obviously praying and hoping that they will get lucky and get to have a taste of this yummy food being taken into their home. Mom pans the camera to where we can see into the back of the van. These dogs have a keen sense of smell, especially for chicken. There is much more being brought home, though. Typical groceries can be seen in the back of the car, and Dad begins to unload everything as his dogs look on, doing their best to be patient. That patience does not last very long. As soon as Dad picks up the bag that contains the object of the dog’s desire, the dog just cannot contain himself any longer. He paws at the plastic bag, begging for Dad to let him get a taste of this delicious food. Mom and Dad tell the dog not to put his feet on the food inside the bag, and shockingly, the dog actually seems to listen. He jumps down immediately and backs up a little. This really shows some pretty significant restraint on the part of a dog! These two are so cute and such sweet pets . Dad takes the bag out completely. He tries to get Mikey to take the bag into the house unopened, but it just does not turn out like that. The situation turns hilarious when the dog destroys the container holding the chicken right there in the driveway.

Robot toy send huge Newfoundland into tailspin49s

Robot toy send huge Newfoundland into tailspin

Sierra got a new robot named Cozmo for Christmas and is having a blast programming it to talk to her Newfoundland dog Samson. Samson however, is completely freaked out by this new addition to the house. Watch Samson’s priceless reactions when Cozmo starts to talk to him. We’re not sure what to think about this new robot technology either Samson!

Cute Dog Plays Hide-and-Seek35s

Cute Dog Plays Hide-and-Seek

Hide and seek is such a cool game! When I think of hide and seek, so many childhood memories come rushing in! Those were the days! All kids love playing hide and seek, we all know that. But if you thought that kids are the biggest fans of this thrilling game, you are mistaken! Dogs are also huge on hide and seek! It might seem weird, but it’s definitely true, and this video is here to prove it! As the clip begins, you are presented with a scene of a dog and a suitcase. This dog is playing hide and seek and this little black suitcase is actually his hiding place of choice! LOL! He runs to the suitcase, but he can’t squeeze into it! The first attempt is a fail, but this dog is not giving up. A couple more unsuccessful attempts, and he’s in! OMG! How cute is this hiding pup? So adorable!

Published: January 2, 2019
Rescue dog opens her first Christmas gift1m01s

Rescue dog opens her first Christmas gift

After being bred and on her way to the pound pregnant, a family rescued and adopted this puppy. This is her first Christmas! See how she says thanks for receiving a gift for the first time!

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