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French Bulldog Tries To Chase Mini Quadcopter54s

French Bulldog Tries To Chase Mini Quadcopter

Having something alien-like flying around your house and chasing after it is not an easy feat. Especially if it is moving around your living room and the Christmas tree that you have just put there. Ok, maybe not you, but your owner… And he has put so much effort in arranging that tree. “Nobody is messing with my humans and I will surely not let you, flying thing, cause any harm or damage to them.” The only problem is that this dog does not know that the "flying thing" is called a mini quadcopter and her owner is the one remotely controlling it. Daisy the French Bulldog was just laying around when she heard a strange noise. After a while, she noticed something odd was flying around her living room, something she has never seen before. And it produces a very disturbing sound. She decides to go for it and chase him down. That’s when the fun part of this video begins. As she is running after the mini quadcopter and barks at it, thinking that she can scare it away, the silly pooch slips all over the floor, not being able to catch it. Maybe a few dozen laps around the room and jumping at the annoying thing might work out. What an adorable dog she is! The sound effects added in this video are so appropriate to the chase, making the whole footage ripe for an Oscar nomination. Will Daisy manage to get the "enemy" that is flying around her house? Check out for yourself!

Published: December 8, 20172,385 views
Owner sings holiday goodnight to English Bulldog40s

Owner sings holiday goodnight to English Bulldog

When it's December and the TV is full of Christmas movies, you just can't help getting in the spirit of the season. After watching "Elf", this owner decided to let his bulldog know it was time to stop playing and hit the sack. The holiday excitement has energized Reuben and he'd rather be playing and chewing on the Christmas tree, but there's always tomorrow!

Published: December 6, 2017Updated: December 7, 20173,993 views
Husky puppy caught cuddling baby clothes16s

Husky puppy caught cuddling baby clothes

These people recently had a baby and received too much clothing from family and friends. They went through everything and had multiple bags for donation. KoKo is obsessed with their tiny human and was caught cuddling the clothes!

Out Of Tune Malamutes Sing In 'Perfect' Harmony26s

Out Of Tune Malamutes Sing In 'Perfect' Harmony

Alaskan Malamutes Travis, Leila and Zoe were on their way to getting groomed and decided to make their car ride even more memorable by singing their lungs out! This inglorious trio has never heard about vocal harmony because the noise they produce is completely out of tune. These adorable canines are very stubborn and impatient and start singing in their own pace. They don’t even try to sync and their singing sounds like a broken record. Dogs are sitting on the back seat and have their heads up in the fronts seat, tenaciously whining and howling at the owner, who is capturing their infamous performance on camera. It is hilarious how every time one of the dogs raises its voice, another one joins in with a different pitch, making it hard on human’s ears. Their performance cannot be ignored because it is deafening and cannot go unnoticed. Watch how confident they all get during their jamming session! Owner informs that this out-of-tune singing usually happens twice a day! This adorable trio sings out of tune for everyone in the car to hear. Footage perfectly shows that Malamutes love to talk and sing, but vocal harmony isn’t something they mastered so far.These canines are sitting in the back of the car and trying to sing in perfect harmony but that doesn’t come easy for them. We can only imagine what song they might sing once the grooming is done! According to their human, they sing at least twice daily. They must really love to sing together, which makes them even more lovable and loud! Watch as these balls of fur clear their throats and sing along. They are awfully talented, don't you think? Maybe they have a great voice and even better enthusiasm, but that is hard to notice when they fail to sync!

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Dog Realizes She's At The Vet, Makes Saddest Face Imaginable1m26s

Dog Realizes She's At The Vet, Makes Saddest Face Imaginable

order to avoid this terrifying experience, they make the famous “puppy face”. They think that maybe this way at the end they will get what they want, going to a dog park instead of going to that scary vet who does not like them. At least that is what dogs think of their vets. Little Molly, a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has just realized that her owner has taken her to the most scary place on earth, the vet’s office. Helpless Molly does not know what else to do, except to whine and pant. Maybe growling will help her and it will show her owner Molly’s firm attitude that she does not want to go to the vet. “Let me sniff around… Nope, this is the smell. We’re there! Oh, my God, we are at that scary place! Come on human, you can not be serious. Really?! You have taken me at the vet’s office?… Oh, no, I am in trouble...”, goes trough Molly’s mind. She even tries making her sleepy face. Her tiny snout makes all the sounds her mind could think of. “Come on human, hold me, I am afraid. You do not know how I feel. You have never been in this kind of trouble...” Than all of a sudden she hears her owner’s voice “What is wrong with you?… Time to go home?”. Oh, yes, those were the word she wanted to hear “go home”. And suddenly Molly becomes completely another dog, a happy one, waving her tail. Yay, we are going home… She has taken her seat in the car and home they go.

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Compassionate Pug Cries After Discovering An Injured Bird22s

Compassionate Pug Cries After Discovering An Injured Bird

One might think that animals can’t show compassion. But when you think about the joy your pet expresses when they see you come home after a busy day at work, thinking that compassion is an emotion they are not familiar with is common bull! Animals can feel and are known to express a variety of emotions and compassion is right there on that list, along with joy, sadness, jealousy and fear. When this adorable pup went for a walk with his owner, he came across something that not only made him feel sad, but he couldn’t contain at and started growling and whining! On his walk, Dexter came across a bird that had fallen injured on the ground and was probably living its last moments. He felt utter compassion for it and it can be both seen and heart in this touching video. “My pug, Dexter, encountering a dying bird. He doesn't try to play with it, or kill and eat it. He cries for it.” says Dexter’s owner in the original clip. What a sweet pup. There are even more extreme cases where compassion took over, like Vali, the hero Grizzly in the Budapest ZOO, when he showed great compassion for a crow that was drowning in his water pit.

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Puppy stops to smell the flowers30s

Puppy stops to smell the flowers

Yuki, the 8-week-old Shiba Inu, is desperately trying to get to these beautiful flowers. Luckily he gets distracted by some treats and everyone is happy.

Published: December 4, 2017Updated: December 5, 20171,229 views