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Portia The Poodle Is The New Egg Challenge Sensation 12s

Portia The Poodle Is The New Egg Challenge Sensation

An interesting theory is spreading on the Internet among dog owners. It’s called the ‘Gentle Jaw’ Egg Challenge. It all began with an old story saying that Golden Retrievers’ mouth is so soft, it won’t break an egg. Following this story, owners have started testing their dogs by giving them an egg. Someone on Twitter started the trend and it got very popular. The dog’s job is to keep the egg in their mouth and not break it and so far there were a lot of videos of Golden Retrievers showing that they are the best at the challenge, but not anymore! This poodle named Portia is a serous competition to the retriever showing her awesome skills holding an raw egg. It’s the skill, not strength, that governs a ship. Portia wanted to have a piece of the spotlight also, so she decided to also show her gentle jaw and the ability to hold an egg without cracking it. Don’t let the Poodle’s fancy appearance fool you. This is a super smart dog with an outstanding sense of humor. All-around friendliness and quick-wittiness make it a frequent participant of game shows which is another proof that she is a star born for this challenge. At the end of the video, you can see that there are only a few scratches on the raw egg. Watch out world, Portia is here to conquer the stages with her performances!

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Adorable Dog Wants To Be The Best Co-Worker To His Owner 8s

Adorable Dog Wants To Be The Best Co-Worker To His Owner

Your dog is probably the one who loves you more than anyone else in the world. There’s simply no creature more loyal or reliable out there. Who else follows you everywhere, literally jumps for joy when you come home, and simply loves you for you who are? However, they hate the moment when you have to leave for work and they have to stay at home and be all alone all day. Mia is a loving dog who decided that she had enough alone time and that every day should be take your dog to work day! Mia is worried that her buddy owner might need a friend to hang out with at the water cooler, or someone who can protect his lunch from sneaky coworkers, but the most fun part is that they can use the break for walks, you know usual coworker hang-outs nobody will notice. For most dogs, the attachment they feel towards their owner is fundamental to their well-being. Thousands of years of selection for animals that are biddable and easy to train has ensured that while dogs enjoy one another’s company, they crave human attention. Unfortunately, they do not appear to have evolved the ability to turn this off at will. So the modern habit of leaving companion dogs alone for hours at a time can cause them considerable distress, so we don’t want our co-mate to be alone and stressed, don’t we? Mia, we wish to have success in your work and possibly a raise in the future and by the way really cute briefcase!

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Angry Pug Throws Hissy Fit When His Bone Is Stolen40s

Angry Pug Throws Hissy Fit When His Bone Is Stolen

A hilarious video has emerged of a jealous pug throwing some serious hissy fit at French Bulldog for stealing his bone. Watch how this spoiled pooch protests and throws angry temper tantrum at his hungry buddy! Enkei the pug is always losing out on bones, treats and toys to Sanka the French Bulldog. On this occasion they had both been given a bone to chew. Sanka lost his or left it outside, so he thought he would just snatch Enkei's bone. In response, Enkei wasn't happy about this and continuously decided to try and get it back, but to no avail! Dogs can sometimes behave exactly like little children. They shower us with undying love and affection, so it's only natural to expect nothing less from us. And if they don't get what they want, than a tantrum is imminent. But at the same time, they can't seem to quite understand that loving another puppy doesn't mean that we love them any less. Footage shows the adorable moment when a jealous pug gets angry at his buddy for having a bone to chew on and throws some adorable tantrums, in the attempt to snatch the bone away from his bud. Does this pug get jealous that the bulldog is munching on a treat, or does he try to make sure that owners still love him more than they love their other pet. It is amazing how spoiled Enkei throws a bratty temper tantrum when he realizes that Sanka won't give up her bone. According to her owner, when she can't get her way she makes sure to show her frustration! Watching this video of a pug throwing hissy fits over a bone reminds us of the fights we had with our siblings when we were little over snacks and toys. Dogs don’t differ that much from human after all!

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Energetic Great Danes Get Playful With A Pile Of Balloons2m40s

Energetic Great Danes Get Playful With A Pile Of Balloons

A hilarious footage has emerged of two massive dogs engaging in play mode with helium filled balloons. Max and Katie are almost eight years old but still love to play together. Watch and laugh as they have fun with some Great Dane-sized balloons. Max takes off with the bundle of balloons and Katie likes to pop them open! When we think of balloons, we often think of birthday parties and celebrations, but balloons can also serve a different purpose. If you don’t believe it, watch how these Great Dane dogs entertain their owners by putting on a show while chasing on several proposal balloon. They go with the flow! It is so adorable to see these gentle giants putting a lot of effort into the game of chasing and popping big floating balloons in the shape of hearts and diamond rings. Mom is recording the entire performance between these balloon buddies and is enjoying their company. Owners loosely attacked the balloons around Max’s neck while Katie was trying to eat them. Moments later, Max is seen running around the yard with the balloons following his every move, like a shadow lurking from behind. Next, Katie approaches her silly brother and tries to eat the balloons away and free her brother from the inconvenient predicament. Footage shows how satisfied Katie is when she pops the big-sized balloons open. She starts with the balloon shaped as a diamond ring, and rips it apart, squeezing every atom of air from it. Next, she tackles the heart-shaped balloon and massacres it on the grass!

Service Dog Thrilled To Meet Minnie Mouse At Disneyland34s

Service Dog Thrilled To Meet Minnie Mouse At Disneyland

The glee of meeting a real princess at Disney World is a daily occurrence, but what’s good for a little girl or boy is also good for a dog. That was the case when Levi, a service dog in training, got to meet Minnie Mouse in character during his visit to Disneyland. Levi is donning a felt, heart-shaped envelope hung around his neck emblazoned with "Be Mine" in red glitter. The excited pooch approaches Minnie as she embraces Levi's handler in a hug, wagging his tail faster with each passing moment until he jumps up onto Minnie and gently sniffs her nose. What an adorable reaction! Minnie Mouse is seen holding Levi up by the paws as he sniffs her away, by which time the handler corrects and redirects Levi to regain his composure. Moments later, they pose for literally the cutest photo ever! Footage shows the priceless reaction this service dog presented upon meeting Minnie Mouse at Disneyland. The precious pooch cannot contain his excitement and goes absolutely crazy around this cartoon character. Cuteness overload! Levi is in training to become a guide dog and recently had an amazing opportunity to visit Disneyland and meet with Minnie Mouse. Levi’s visit to Disneyland was a socialization experiment as part of his training. The objective of the experiment was for Levi to be calm and stay down, while Minnie tries to break his stay. Footage shows the four-legged fellow trying to contain his excitement upon meeting a Disney character for the first time and sharing an instant bond with it. Watch how happy Levi is to befriend the pretty mouse dressed in bright colors. He happily wags his tail and continuously sniffs around as camera captures this endearing moment. Undoubtedly, this service dog experienced a magical experience on his recent trip to Walt Disney’s World after meeting his favorite character, Minnie Mouse. This dreamy encounter was a wish come true for the energetic pooch. Judging by his expressions, he will long be thrilled by this beautiful meeting! What an enchanting moment to cherish!

Puppy Demands Owner To Pay Attention To Him8s

Puppy Demands Owner To Pay Attention To Him

First of all, this title begs the question: what kind of a person does not pay attention to a puppy? And a chubby, adorable bundle of folds like this little guy is?! Shame! Then again, we all know how impatient and demanding Bulldogs can be. Remember Reuben? Yeah, we can definitely crown the needy English Bulldog as the King Of Attention; he never gets enough of it. You have to watch how convincing he can be for even more attention! Now, English Bulldogs are known for their neediness. It is the first thing that everyone who wants to get an English Bulldog should know. But what you are about to see here transcends all boundaries, because at least we have never seen a puppy in such a need to be adored, that he will literally lick your ears off! Just watch him go! While his owner is casually lounging oh her bed, the pup climbs all over her, licking her face and nibbling on her ears. And with so much excess skin on him, you can’t help but giggle and love him even more. Nibble away little fella, I don’t mind. It is so adorable to see how grumpy and cranky these dog breeds can get, and how cute Reuben’s whining can get. Their natural face expression alone makes for a very sad appearance, so it comes as no surprise that these pups can seem to be eternally dissatisfied with life! Or at least with the amount of attention they have just been given. Full credit:

Saint Bernard Gets Excited Over A Balloon1m00s

Saint Bernard Gets Excited Over A Balloon

Never enough of dogs and their never-ending longing for games and funny little things they can do in their homes with their owners. Every dog has its own way of entertaining itself. Their game is different every time. What it makes it even more comic is the things they find at home to play with. They can range from pillows to socks, from balloons to sponges. And every time, their play is unique and this Saint Bernard is a true example of fun-loving dog. Saint Bernards are well known for their rescue capabilities. Their sacrificing nature and true souls makes them even more likeable. These proud owners of a dog of this breed simply couldn’t feel less entertained having this big and cuddly dog dashing in the rooms with a balloon tied around his neck. Sully loves the balloon and gets over-excited with it. He knows exactly that the balloon is so precious since it is a birthday present from the people he loves and cares about, so he wants to show a little appreciation and how much it means to him. No wonder he walks all perky around the rooms, racing from one to another. Sully does not mind the darkness in the bedroom, he pops on the bed anyways. Until the balloon gets stuck in the ceiling fan. But with the help of his owners he unwinds himself and goes on with this important march. Luckily, the balloon is untacked, it didn’t burst-way to go. Hooray! Another short walk around the table and he peacefully sits down to show that he has accomplished his gratifying mission.

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Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner45s

Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner

This is the heartwarming moment when owner has to go to work and needy pet whines in protest and doesn’t want to let go. Footage shows adorable pooch Sora sticking her head through the doggy door and having a mouthful argument with owner. Apparently, Sora had a long and tiresome walk and engaged in productive playtime, but when it was time to nap in her shelter, this dog decided to howl in protest instead. It is adorable how the pooch engaged in an endless whines and howls at owner like there is no tomorrow. Trying to win an argument with Sora isn't going to work! What an adorable temper tantrum! They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but one adorable canine has tried every trick in the book to get his owner to play with him. Hilarious footage showing a persistent pooch desperately trying to make its owner play with her, and this adorable pooch is sure to warm the hearts of even the most reluctant animal lover. Footage shows the determined dog going so far as to place its head through the doggy door and whine in protest, engaging them puppy eyes to the fullest. Sadly, his performance falls on owner’s deaf ears, but to no avail. Owner has to go to work and run some errands, so this impatient pooch will have to wait in its house, until owner is free to play again! Credit to @sora_the_adventurer

Curious Puppy Goes Extreme Attack Mode On Innocent Water Bottle 35s

Curious Puppy Goes Extreme Attack Mode On Innocent Water Bottle

Watch this cute video of a puppy attacking a tiny bottle of water lying on the floor. If you've ever wondered what happens when a puppy meets a pint-sized plastic bottle, the answer is in this video! Maya, a three-months-old German Shepherd, discovers a water bottle for the first time in her life. It comes naturally to her to approach the water bottle rather cautiously, and the outcome is nothing less than comical! Watch as she battles to come out victorious! Footage shows the curious little pooch going up against the innocent bottle. Watch as she barks at it and goes extreme attack mode on it, having no mercy for the object. Looks like she doesn't trust it, or maybe she wants to drink from it!? Puppies are amazing creatures that brighten up our lives. Of course, they are difficult to raise and almost feel like raising another family member, however the love and memories we get are absolutely worth it. This video shows the amazing moment when Maya meets a tiny water bottle lying on the floor and comes obsessed with it. She jumps around it, but maybe not for joy. It looks like she doesn’t trust the bottle and even seems threatened by it! The puppy really does seem annoyed by the sight of the plastic lying on the floor. She tries rushing it, pawing it, biting it and turning it. Maybe Maya is just waiting for the bottle to play with her? Did your dog ever do this as a puppy? Let us know in the comments below!

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Curious Dog Bounces On A Trampoline To See Over The Wooden Fence27s

Curious Dog Bounces On A Trampoline To See Over The Wooden Fence

A funny video has emerged of a clever dog bouncing on the backyard trampoline just to get a better look over the wooden fence. What a smart pup! The reason for your dog's jumping behavior may be blatantly obvious to you or it may be due to numerous reasons such as boredom, separation, anxiety, sex drive, fear, lack of exercise, to get to other dogs, seeking attention, something or someone exciting on the other side of the fence, and maybe even because your dog hasn't bonded with you and your family. Having a safe, secure, jump and escape proof fence is an essential part of owning a dog. Taking away the temptation or even the possibility of your dog jumping the fence is always the best course of action. Many dogs consider themselves to be escape artists when it comes to fence jumping and that can be a difficult behavior problem to extinguish! Fence jumping is called a "self rewarding" behavior to your dog. So each time your dog jumps the fence the behavior is being strengthened and reinforced which means that it is highly likely to occur again. Check out this dog jump almost six feet high to see what's up on the other side of the wooden fence. It looks like the pooch is on a trampoline as it jumps very high over the wooden fence. We wonder whether this dog is bouncing on a bouncer or is managing to jump this high only with the help of its legs? Watch as this determined dog puts some serious effort just to see what’s behind the fence. Maybe the curious canine got bored from staring in the wooden fence and decided to look outside the box and see what’s on the other side of the wall. Thankfully, the man who was walking by caught this bouncing dog on camera.

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 Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose34s

Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose

Owning a dog is a great and gratifying thing. Dogs are adorable, funny and cute. Of course, their irresistible nature is something humans can not compete against. That’s why we say that dogs are people’s best friends. They would never let you down and make you sad. You can never feel lonely and isolated and how could you - one look at your dog’s friendly eyes and everything seems back in place again. Whether they are specially-made toys for dogs or just some random playing objects they find in the yard, dogs can get excited very easily. Show them that you are interested in their play and next thing you know is seeing yourself being dragged into their amusement party. The object of Miss Charlie’s game is to bite as much water as possible with one strong spray of the hose. And what other season is suitable for that if not summer? She solely wants to cool down her body from the heat of the day. Luckily, her owner is as exuberantly driven as his dog and joins in the game. Who will keep satisfied the pet if not its owner? With the first long spray, comes the effort of biting and licking as much pressurized water as possible. When the owner stops, the dog is eager and ready for more. The next rounds of spraying are just as amusing as the first one. And whenever Miss Charlie bites the hose flush, a sharp and brisk sound is heard just like the sound of some raucous voice. Dogs’ games rock!