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German Shepherd 36s

German Shepherd "whines" and dines with owner

In psychology we learn about conditioning and how to train your dog/raise your children. In the Pavlov example, giving a dog food and ringing a bell often results in a dog eventually salivating over just the bell. In this video, Benson the Shepherd mix knows if he just keeps whining and looking sweet might result in the smallest crumb. Sometimes giving in turns into spoiled children - or in this case, PETS! For example, this German Shepherd mix lives alone with his owner and how can you say no to that face?! Though begging for food is not a characteristic ANY dog should have, this is a whole new story. Benson is such a sweet boy and instead of being in your face, he plays the "innocent, sweet little puppy who is just starving." He tries giving his paw, whining every time his owner says no, and giving those sweet puppy eyes and moves his HUGE ears. This pup deserves all of the leftovers. Benson has very large ears and a large appetite!

Great Dane puppy gets his first taste of Christmas1m02s

Great Dane puppy gets his first taste of Christmas

Ellie and Mikey will be enjoying their first Christmas in 2018. Watch as Mikey enjoys his first taste of Christmas hats! Jack the cat knows that there will be wearing of the hats to pose for Christmas card photos, but Ellie and Mikey think they are just new colorful toys!

Crybaby English Bulldog requires tons of attention37s

Crybaby English Bulldog requires tons of attention

Unlike other English Bulldogs who just want to sleep all day, this bulldog requires a lot of attention from people. He is very spoiled and communicative. Whenever his owner is trying to work from home and needs space she appears and demands full attention!

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