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Cranky bulldog feels better after belching1m06s

Cranky bulldog feels better after belching

When dogs speak to their owners, sometimes it's hard to pick up exactly what they're laying down. Hungry? Lonely? Tired? Hard to say. Luckily enough for Reuben the English bulldog after some solid whining, he fully expresses what the problem is!

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Border Collie Trained To Look At Camera Right On Cue1m00s

Border Collie Trained To Look At Camera Right On Cue

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, people actually had to sit down and stay frozen for a minute to get their picture taken. They didn’t know the outcome and they couldn’t change it a bit, they just had to accept their fate and live with the photos as they are. Can you imagine the horror? All kidding aside, people have it easy these days. Ever since the invention of digital cameras, photography has flourished and it is almost inevitable that somewhere in time someone took a photo of you and most likely than not it is forever embed in the confines of the world wide web. It can both be a blessing and a curse, it is up to you to decide it. These past few years there’s been an even funnier phenomenon than the amount of pictures taken. Can you guess what it is? You probably can, but don’t worry, we’ll wait for you to first take your selfie. No one from 7 days to 77 years or even more is immune to the selfie-plague. It has escalated so much to the point where people take selfies of literally everything they do, and you can’t escape it. Apparently, even pets can’t escape it. If that isn’t enough, some people are actually able to train their pets to strike a pose and remain frozen until they’ve taken the perfect selfie. This adorable Border Collie named Ace is obviously a pro at taking selfies with his owner because he knows just when to turn and even which pose to take. That is seriously cool. Plus, if we’re being honest, we never really mind pictures of adorable pets.

Dog owner tries to watch football with English Bulldog1m01s

Dog owner tries to watch football with English Bulldog

Don't you just hate it when you sit down with your best friend to watch the game and he won't pay attention? Reuben the Bulldog doesn't care that it's the playoffs. All he knows is that there's a head that needs licking and he's just the dog to do it!

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Clever Dog Waits For Traffic Light To Turn Green To Cross The Street1m15s

Clever Dog Waits For Traffic Light To Turn Green To Cross The Street

A curious video has emerged showing a smart dog waiting to cross the street. Check out how clever this dog is as it waits until the pedestrian traffic light turns green. Such a smart pup! Unlike humans who have three different color sensitive cone cells in their retina (red, green and blue) dogs have only two (yellow and blue) meaning they can't distinguish green, yellow or red objects based on their color. Even though dogs can’t see colors like we do, the dog in the video below has somehow figured out when to cross the street by watching the traffic light. Footage shows a stray dog and a lady waiting to cross the busy street, clearly showing that the pedestrian crossing light is still red. Moments later, the lady chooses to ignore the light, and crosses the street anyway. However, the clever dog decides to obey the traffic rules and waits for the traffic light to turn green to cross the street. We don’t know how this dog knew when the light went off, but he sure crosses the road better than humans do. Unprovoked by the lady who didn’t obey the traffic rules, the dog sat still and waited for the light to turn green for him to cross the street. What a good dog! This video is the perfect proof that in some ways, dogs are so much better than humans! We still wonder how the dog was able to distinguish the difference between the red and green light and how did he know it was time to cross the street?

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Rescue Dog Has Strange Fascination With Climbing Up Trees26s

Rescue Dog Has Strange Fascination With Climbing Up Trees

A hilarious video has emerged capturing the moment when a foster dog overestimates his tree climbing skills and makes for this adorable doggy fail video. Meet Eric, the one-year-old Husky/Lab dog who thinks he is a monkey and likes to climb trees in this free time. Unfortunately, he is not very skilled and accidentally slipped and fell from the tree. Luckily, he was not hurt and is now enjoying the good life with his new adopted family! We are used to seeing cats climb up trees, but seeing a dog climb up a tree may seem quite close to impossible. This dog owner can attest that his talented dog can effectively climb up a tree and stay on it for a while, before ending in epic fail! Some dogs decide to climb trees if they are chasing a squirrel or if they try to jump over a yard fence, and use the tree as a support. A dog owner was left stunned when he saw his adopted dog become confused chasing a cat and mistakenly run up a tree in his backyard. After this canine discovered his unusual skill, he is now constantly scampering up trees, flaunting his talent. Sometimes, though, he slips and fails, but that doesn’t stop him from climbing up again! While cats have sharp claws, agile bodies and very mobile shoulders and hip joints which facilitates them in being proficient climbers, dogs’ body is built for plains. They do not have retractable claws, nor are their bodies built for being proficient climbers as the cat. Their ancestors were social hunters with bodies built more for long-distance endurance running on open fields rather than short, bursts of speed.

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Pomeranian Not Sure What To Do With New Puppy Addition59s

Pomeranian Not Sure What To Do With New Puppy Addition

It can be so hard to stop yourself with having just one pet. Once you got the one, you will always want a second, then another, and another...where will it end? Just a joke, but still, we always want to get at least another cat, or another puppy. What’s the harm? Usually, the idea of getting another animal into the house is backed by the wish to provide a like companion for your first pet. So, cat people will always get another cat and Pomeranian owners will get another Pomeranian puppy! This is the first time that Louie the Pomeranian meets his new friend Finley. Finley looks to be off an a good start at home, having loads of toys to play with and his owners adore him already. But it was Louie who had the final word on the pup. What will it be? Looks like they're off to a great start! The tiny pup likes to challenge his elder to a game of whatever and the big pup is confused at first, not knowing what to make of the black ball of fluff. But when there are toys, friendship is bound to follow, just like it did in this instance! Socialization helps ensure that your Pomeranian puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. Enrolling him in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. Inviting visitors over regularly, and taking him to busy parks, stores that allow dogs, and on leisurely strolls to meet neighbors will also help him polish his social skills.