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Newfoundland makes enjoying Christmas movie impossible21s

Newfoundland makes enjoying Christmas movie impossible

When the holiday season comes, who doesn’t love to get cozy and enjoy their favorite Christmas flicks? Unfortunately, Samson the very big and very loud Newfoundland doesn’t respect this time honored tradition. Samson is more interested in warning the world that there is a squirrel on the TV and something must be done about it! Hilarious!

Frenchie puppy introduced to new bed, absolutely loves it35s

Frenchie puppy introduced to new bed, absolutely loves it

With winter time approaching and temperatures rapidly plummeting Charlie the french bulldog was due a new warmer and comfier bed, this video shows Charlie giving his owners approval when they introduce him to this new luxury. A good bed provides insulation, support for our backs and joints, warmth, and a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of their own, they get all of these benefits, and more. When pet owners ask what items they need to purchase for their dog, a good dog bed is always at the top of the list alongside a collar, lead, food, and feeding/water bowls. Dog beds are extremely important, in fact, we consider beds essential for all dogs regardless of age, breed or size. Dog beds provide important benefits: Insulation-Dog beds keep your dog off the cold, hard floors. In the wintertime especially, many dogs love to curl up in a nesting-type bed which provides warmth for both comfort and good health. Privacy & security-Beds give your dog his own space throughout your home to retreat to whenever necessary. They will love having one or more places to call their very own. Cushioning for joints and bones- a soft place to rest is especially important for older, arthritic, or overweight dogs. Injury prevention-dog beds help prevent injuries by keeping your dog from jumping up to and down from high furniture. This is especially important for older dogs and smaller breeds. Beds are so much more than soft squares placed around the home, dog beds offer many benefits and play a large role in your dogs ongoing health and satisfaction.

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Determined puppy tries to wake up senior dog for playtime1m24s

Determined puppy tries to wake up senior dog for playtime

Have you ever had that one friend who just wants to keep partying all night when you just want to go to bed? Two pound Mia is THAT kind of friend! She so badly wants her new brother to play! Mia was dumped in the trash only a week and a half ago but hit the jackpot with her new home!

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Family dog is seriously unimpressed with new head gear17s

Family dog is seriously unimpressed with new head gear

Koda is one and a half years old and he has a beautiful personality. He will put up with almost anything without protest. This is a good thing because he belongs to a family with young kids who adore him and love to play with him. He soaks up all the love and affection good naturedly. He also loves to play with toys that he can fetch or chew on, like this purple octopus. When his owner, Tianna dropped the octopus onto his head, Koda patiently sat perfectly still. Watching his eye, visible through the gap in the octopus' legs, we can see what appears to be a look of good-natured annoyance. He stares straight ahead, as if in disbelief over the indignity of having such a ridiculous toy on his head. Tianna can't contain her amusement and she bursts out laughing at Koda. His eyes rotate to the right to look right at her and this expression seems almost human. He blinks and looks straight ahead again and if dogs could speak, it looks as if he would say: "Really Tianna?" There seems to be no doubt that he is questioning her maturity at this point, or he is mildly offended that she is laughing at his expense. Then, in typical dog fashion, he flips his head back to get the toy octopus off of his face so he can chew it. All appears to be forgiven and he is now playing along with the game. He is able to get the toy in his mouth and make it squeak. Perhaps the look of disgust is a result of his own sense of humor and he's enjoying the game after all. The look he gives at the very end is enough to melt your heart. Koda is a mix of german shepherd, husky, and golden retriever. Commonly called "mutts", these mixed breeds often combine the best of several breeds and have the most wonderful temperaments. They seem to make the best family dogs too. As you can see, Koda is a beloved family member and he enjoys all the privileges of family, including being welcome on the family couch right next to his people.