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Giant Newfoundland has giant case of zoomies36s

Giant Newfoundland has giant case of zoomies

Samson the 2 year old Newfoundland has a certain time each night where he turns into a crazy puppy. Many dog owners know this time well and know it as the zoomies! Watch the intense moment when Samson throws all care to the wind and decides to ambush his owner with an adorable but gigantic zoomie! Hilarious!!!

Puppy does perfect guilty eyes and wagging tail for forgiveness33s

Puppy does perfect guilty eyes and wagging tail for forgiveness

Lily is an adorable puppy and welcome addition to the family, but at three months of age, she chewed the chair. Nicole came into the room to find the new chair had been gnawed and Lily was the only one who could have done it. Of course, Lily was only curious and trying to see what would happen if she sank her teeth into it. She was doing what puppies do. But Nicole needed to discuss the matter with her and that's when things got interesting. Lily has perfected the sad eyes and wagging tail routine. She looks up at Nicole, pleading for forgiveness and love. She throws in a little head bob or two, looks to the side and back, and the tail wags slightly for the full effect. Lily sits and listens to the questions with the guiltiest of expressions and the most lovable face she can manage. Nicole is certainly trying to be stern enough in her reprimand, but it isn't very convincing to Lily or to us. It's very obvious that Lily knows how adorable she is and how she can get away with almost anything. Lily loves to go everywhere with Nicole. When she's not chewing furniture or sunglasses, Lily loves to walk in the back of the property where the creek runs through. She romps in the stream, trying to pay with salmon, but she gets scared if they swim at her quickly. Lily has a big heart but not a brave one. Lily also loves unusual foods and will steal bananas off the counter in the night. She is part golden retriever and part terrier. The combination makes Lily a very loyal and affectionate dog with a mischievous side and a will of her own. Like many dogs, she is too smart for her own good. Lily is popular on Instagram (@little.lily.doodle) and Nicole posts her adventures with Lily daily.

Sneaky Little Beagle Caught On Camera Drinking Owner's Coffee48s

Sneaky Little Beagle Caught On Camera Drinking Owner's Coffee

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Who would agree with us that coffee is the best drink on earth? It’s not just a beverage, it’s a cup of sanity, it’s love it’s a hug! Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee. Well, this is a little bit different story. Behind this woman, there is her dog secretly drinking her coffee behind her back. Henry the beagle's owner knew he was sneaking sips of coffee when she wasn't around, but she still needed to see his nefarious villainy with her own eyes. Check out the hidden camera footage... Guilty! This sneaky little coffee drinker! Guess Henry is not allowed to drink coffee, that’s why he has to do it secretly when no one is watching! We understand why she doesn’t let him drink coffee. If you didn’t know dogs and cats appear to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people. While 1-2 laps of coffee, tea or soda will not contain enough caffeine to cause poisoning. So no coffee for dogs! A strong shot of coffee might be what you need to start your day, but it can wreak havoc on your dog's health if you allow him to join you in a cup. Henry please be a good boy and stop drinking coffee! However, have you ever seen such a sneaky and sweet beagle like Henry? Everybody should believe in something, we believe we will have another cup of coffee!

Nature Calls This Boston Terrier To Become A Sheep Herder16s

Nature Calls This Boston Terrier To Become A Sheep Herder

An adorable Boston Terrier is possibly one natural sheep herder as footage shows how she manages to repeatedly round-up flocks. Hilarious footage shows the cheerful dog running around in circles on a field, chasing after several dozens of sheep. Who would have known that such a dog could be capable of chasing sheep? Basil Heart from Honololulu, Hawaii gets a shot to prove that she is more than just your average smoosh-face couch lump. After watching her herding dog friends have fun in the ring demonstrating their amazing herding abilities, everyone thought it would be neat to see what the tiny Boston Terrier would do. Always eager to please and being the ball-obsessed dog that she is, we also thought it would be neat to see what she was capable of. To everyone's amazement little Basil Heart, at first unsure of what to think once entering the ring, immediately took chase once the sheep started going. It was amazing to see such a little dog, which is not a usual bred for herding, take the challenge to keep the herd in line! This shepherd dog has proved to have such an innate, but unusual rapport with the sheep that owners should put his talents into practice and seek assistance and employ him as full-time sheepdog. Watching this tiny pooch brave up and chase down a flock of sheep like she was trained to do so her entire life, proves to us that she is a natural born sheep leader. She sure deserves to be praised for her impeccable talent!

Adventurous Dog Wearing Sunglasses Rides On Motorcycle1m29s

Adventurous Dog Wearing Sunglasses Rides On Motorcycle

An adventurous dog was caught on camera riding a scooter with his owner in Manado City, North Celebes, Indonesia. Well here's something you don't see everyday. Is this the coolest dog ever or what?! Meet Sydney, she is the coolest dog we have seen all day. She wears sunglasses and takes control over the motorcycle. Watch as he looks right and left during his leadership of the motorcycle while the owner sits behind him and holds him. It is amazing how the dog manages to maintain the balance of the motorcycle and keep a straight line on the road. How awesome is that?! This adventurous dog isn't like other dogs, he also has mastered the technique of riding a bike! Can you believe that?! Watch as he joins his owner on the motorcycle as they cruise the open road together. The meet all sorts of people, who look at the pair in amazement. Many of them cheer the amazing pooch, others just stare in awe, because they cannot believe their eyes. Is that pooch really riding a motorcycle?! Incredible! This adorable pooch loves going on bike adventures with his owner, and they are obviously having so much fun! Given the unpredictability of dogs, both when held on a leash walking or running along the bike when cycling it can oftentimes be a catastrophe waiting to happen. One sudden jolt for a squirrel, and you’re toppling over! However, not this well-trained dog who loves bike rides! Footage shows how Sydney enjoys taking long bike rides with his owner, sitting relaxes in the front seat and enjoying the fresh air, while controlling the bike. With his special goggles on to keep the wind out of his eyes, this fluffy pooch is all geared up and ready to hit the open road with his owner, enjoying the ride from the front seat. When you are too cool for a walk on a leash, you ride in the front seat of your owner’s bike, wearing aviator goggles! Watch how calm Sydney is while taking a ride on the motorcycle, wearing them shades and enjoying the cool breeze. This pooch is cooler than you and gives the true definition of ‘being too cool for school’.

Vocal Pug Puppy Frustrated He Can't Reach His Toy35s

Vocal Pug Puppy Frustrated He Can't Reach His Toy

There is a reason why toys are left on the floor. Kids know it, pugs know it and now you know it, too. It is really unnecessary to put the toys back inside the bin when they already have a designated place on the floor. Why bother with the unnecessary step when you know you’re going to use them tomorrow. Parents, take a lesson out of this book. You don’t want to have your child trash the whole bin just to find that one toy, don’t you? This footage shows us the most adorable puggie. 4-month-old Raphael vocally expresses his frustration because he is unable to get to the toy he really wants at the bottom of his toy bin. Just listen to those noises he makes! He is the cutest little fluff ball and no amount of funny growling would ever dim that. Absolutely adorable! Puppies create a special kind of happy feelings in our hearts. They are small and fluffy, some of them are the most lovable chubsters we’ll ever find and some are so vocal, they just love to put you in the middle of their arguments. There is something extremely alluring about that combination of adorable but also extremely mischievous. They will steal your sock right off of your foot and smile while doing it. But it’s okay, we know that they only want to play.

Newfoundland Jumps Into Girl’s Lap Because He's Scared Of Car Rides23s

Newfoundland Jumps Into Girl’s Lap Because He's Scared Of Car Rides

How does your dog feel about riding in cars? While some dogs love car rides, others are afraid of them. Is your dog afraid of car rides? Many dog owners look forward to taking their dogs with them on car rides. So, it can be disheartening to discover that your dog is terrified of riding in the car. Samson the two-year-old Newfoundland has never been very comfortable in the car. He is getting better but becomes very apprehensive once he steps in (or is gently forced) into a car. This time he quickly spots his best friend Sierra, his tiny human sister, and literally jumps into her lap for protection. He is afraid to sit in his own seat so he clings to this little girl and takes half of her seat. She doesn’t bother being squashed like a sardine in a can and she claims that she likes that. He then spots a crow outside the car which only causes him to become more nervous. While mom is concerned about Samson's 150 pounds hurting Sierra, the little girl is only concerned with comforting Samson and getting mom to drive so that he's no longer frightened by the crow. The whole car scene causes the dog to flatten his ears, whimper, and run and hide. There are many dogs which developed phobias associated with a variety of circumstances. Most typically, dogs are afraid of loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks, but also they can become fearful of children, men, riding in cars, going down a flight of stairs and such, or esoteric things, such as butterflies or flickering shadows.

Curious Chihuahua Puppy Befriends A Squeaky Blue Hippo Toy1m26s

Curious Chihuahua Puppy Befriends A Squeaky Blue Hippo Toy

This was six-weeks-old Boomer's first night in his new home and here he can be seen making friends with a stuffed blue hippo. You can see the beginning of his personality starting to form as he throws back his tiny head, engaging into play mode with the squeaky toy! Remember your first stuffed animal? Some of you probably still have it somewhere in your home, to remind you of the good old days, when all you ever cared about is not misplacing your favorite plushie, because sleep didn’t come so easy when you had to sleep alone. Our pets love stuffed animals too, because no matter how much they love us, being their two-legged pack mates, they still need something that somewhat looks and feels like them. There is whole industry out there that provides loving pet owners with stuffed animal for their fur babies to keep them company. That is exactly what this woman did for her beloved tiny Chihuahua puppy. Footage shows owner trying to introduce her pet to a friendly little hippo toy. Watch as their unique friendship unfolds! Laying in the cozy bed covers, Boomer is sleepy and tucked comfortably on the blankets. Moments later, we see owner trying to sneak in a blue squeaky toy and acquaint Boomer with it. Watch as the suspicious pup sniffs the curious toy before he engages in play mode. It is adorable how this tiny pooch quickly gets comfortable around his new hippo, trying to play as he teases the blue hippopotamus. Cuteness overload!

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Border Collie cheers on dog show competition1m01s

Border Collie cheers on dog show competition

Every year Crufts - the world's largest dog show - highlights the fun, speed and excitement of a major flyball competition as sixteen teams strive to become Crufts Flyball champions in front of a massive, noisy and enthralled audience. Sukie the border collie bounces with excitement as she watches the teams competing on TV. Awesome!

Growing Up With Dogs is Pure Fun: Charlie the dog and family3m27s

Growing Up With Dogs is Pure Fun: Charlie the dog and family

Official Charlie the Dog and Baby video of ,,Growing Up With Dogs is Pure Fun: Funny dogs Charlie and Lilly and Baby Laura'' Dogs and child growing up together — this is what the world needs right now. Watch more: 👉Popular Uploads: 👉Latest Uploads: 👉Cute Baby and Dog Compilations: 👉Funny Beagle Dog Videos: 👉Cute Beagle Dog Videos : 👉Beagle Puppies Videos:

Aussie Dog Is Furious Because The Cat Is Out Of Reach37s

Aussie Dog Is Furious Because The Cat Is Out Of Reach

A hilarious footage has emerged of a whiny dog continuously protesting that the cat is out of his reach. Watch how Opie howls in frustration when he realizes that the cat doesn’t want to be his playmate. Too funny! Don't we all just want to play? The worst feeling ever is being bored and not knowing what to do with yourself. Well that was the situation that was going on here. Footage shows one very bored Aussie dog attempting to force her feline pal to climb down the window so that he can have a playmate. What a hilarious moment captured on video! What would you do if none of your friends wanted to play with you? You have three options really. The first is to force them to play with you. The seconds is to sulk and complain about how bored you are. And the third is to do something else either alone or with your humans. Well this dog decided to get frustrated at the cat for not wanting to hang out! Dogs have to be fairly active throughout the day, it's apart of their natural being. That's why we take them for walks and play games like fetch with them. Well, apparently, Opie here got tired of waiting for her feline friend to get down from the window, and he got frustrated too because the cat was just out of his reach! It is hilarious just watching at this dog sulk and whine in protest, blaming his discomfort on the cat! Do you think the cat got away on purpose, knowing she is out of doggy’s reach, which means she won’t be bothered by Opie. Or, maybe she is afraid of the doggy pal? Watch this video and decide for yourself! @opie.and.ruby

Illinois Community Donates Sofas For Homeless Dogs 10s

Illinois Community Donates Sofas For Homeless Dogs

Helping homeless pets and giving them a warm home is the desire of every organization that it dedicated to saving animals from the rough life on the streets. The people who founded these organizations come in very handy for our communities. The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois has put couches and recliners in the cages to make the dogs feel at home! Take a look at this video and see for yourself! There is no better feeling in the world than putting your feet up and relax in an overstuffed chair. Animals love to chill on the furniture too, but shelter animals aren’t as lucky as domestic pets. This no-kill shelter, in Galesburg, Illionis came up with a brilliant idea to make their rescued dogs feel more like at home. They put effort in getting more chairs and furniture for the longstanding residents of the shelter. The uploaded video on Facebook features three shelter dogs sitting on their own chair and relaxing. It is a true call to gathering more chairs. The video went viral very quickly and it resulted with a bunch of donated old chairs and sofas. The idea became so popular that other shelters are thinking of making a better ‘home environment’ in their facilities too. Although, the shelter hosts a big number of canines, the staff make sure that even their cats can feel the comfort with an armchair. Take a look at this sweet video that inspired shelters around the world to do the same thing! It’s amazing!

Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Give Egg Back After Challenge2m17s

Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Give Egg Back After Challenge

Lily is a four month old Golden Retriever-Terrier cross with a mind of her own. When Nicole decides to try the famous egg challenge, Lily is eager to play along. She takes the egg gently in her mouth and then tries to high tail it out of the room, obviously to eat the egg. She obeys her owner, sort of, when she is told to stay, but she refuses to let go of the egg. Nicole and her sister begin laughing and trying to coax Lily to give the egg back. They try talk to her gently, giving her stern orders, even bribing her with a treat. Nicole begins to think it's time to end the challenge and get the egg back but Lily isn't giving it up. Both girls try to pry Lily's mouth open to get the egg out but Lily stands her ground. It's amazing that Lily can keep her jaw locked partially shut so the egg won't be taken, yet she doesn't crack it. It becomes impossible not to cheer for Lily because her determination is so impressive. In an adorable attempt to win the egg, Lily tries her pleading eyes. She offers a paw and it's melting Nicole's heart. Nicole tries harder, through giggles and laughter, to get the egg and prevent a mess. In the end, Nicole tries to trade a ball for the egg. Lily lets go for a split second but the egg doesn't land safely as hoped. It's impossible to be upset over a broken egg when Lily is just so adorable. Lily intended to make a getaway to eat her egg, but she gets it in the end and the mess won't last long. Lily is a dog with a very playful personality and lots of energy. Nicole and her family are constantly laughing at her antics.