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Drone provides unique and stunning look at giant wind turbines1m06s

Drone provides unique and stunning look at giant wind turbines

As we look at our landscape and the world around us, there is more beauty than we sometimes take in. Our busy lives make it hard for us to stop and appreciate the colors, the scenery, or the majesty of what is in front of us. And our view from the ground provides us with a limited view as well. This drone operator has driven past a field of enormous wind turbines for years and each time he marvels at the construction and engineering that goes into machines that seem to reach almost to the sky. He wondered how things would look if you were able to lift yourself up to their level. These enormous turbines are a monstrosity to some who see them as an invasive sight, out of place with the natural world. Others consider them a potential threat to health and well-being with the unanswered questions about their electromagnetic field and their effect on humans and animals. Others see them as a godsend that will reduce the emissions from burning fossil fuels. No matter what your opinion is, these towering wind catchers are springing up all over and it's impossible to not be at least a little impressed with their enormity. This thought gave Dave the idea to put his drone in the air and fly around them for a close up view. The farmer who owns the field gave his permission, as well as a little insight regarding these machines. The hub is approximately 150m or 450 feet above the crops and the blades stretch for over 50m or 150 feet each. This video was filmed at a height of 150m for most of it and 230m (690 feet) for the view looking down on the blades. The view of the landscape behind them is stunning and as unnatural as these turbines are, the sight is magnificent. Filming from behind the turbines, facing west, provided a surprisingly glorious sunset as the sun sank low over the horizon near Lake Ontario, one of the five Great Lakes. From this height, the horizon is much farther away and the dramatic moment when the sun dipped below the horizon was more pronounced. Near the end of the video, the sun disappears with a suddenness that darkens the landscape almost instantly. Dave began to bring the drone down to earth as the light faded and we catch a glimpse of the hay silhouette as the quadcopter lands. These giant contraptions will be the subject of heated debate and differing opinions for many years. No matter what your position on the value is, you can't help but marvel at the sheer magnitude and impressive engineering that is behind them.

This Disney's Pixar-Inspired Display Using 52,000 Dominoes Is Truly Magical2m10s

This Disney's Pixar-Inspired Display Using 52,000 Dominoes Is Truly Magical

You read that right - 52,000 dominoes were used to create this Pixar themed masterpiece. Check it out as they all fall over! Do you like playing dominoes ? It one of the oldest board games that is still played to this day. With the recognizable design of the tiles divided in half and the pips on them, they bring a sort of nostalgia in our hearts, back when we didn’t have games like ‘Betrayal at House on the Hill’ and the likes. No, we are not THAT old, we did have ‘Catan’! After centuries of dominoes played as a tile-based game, a man by the name of Bob Speca, Jr. from Broomall, PA. threw the first ever dominoes show, where he set up and toppled down 11,111 pieces in a chain reaction known as the domino effect. Now we see at least 5 times as much tiles ready to display an array of Pixar characters we all know and love! As the ball moves through the gate on the famed Disney castle, characters’ faces start to unfold. First it is Queen Elsa, the troubled young ruler with the magical abilities to create and manipulate ice and snow. She is quickly followed up by Mike Wazowski, Sulley's best friend and working partner in 2001’s ‘Monsters, Inc.’ We see sweet and caring WALL-E, forgetful Dory and curious Nemo, even Remy and his cooking mentor Ratatouille the rat, while all the while Disney’s Pixar’s logo crumbles in the background. The display ends with Mr. Fredricksen’s house from ‘Up’ crumbling to the floor and the gigantic image of Lightning McQueen wraps things up in the center. That was so satisfying to watch!

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Who Knew That Blowing Bubbles In Slow Motion Could Be So Satisfying1m31s

Who Knew That Blowing Bubbles In Slow Motion Could Be So Satisfying

It was probably one of the activities we all loved to do as children. Whether it was from a tiny bottle that could hold no more than an ounce and a half of fluid, or one of those huge bubble makers that you dipped in a laundry tub and created those massive bubbles that could easily fit a small child inside, blowing soap bubbles is the safest, coolest, most magical science experiment. Of course, we didn’t care about water tension back then. We just wanted to watch the colors swirl on the surface and catch them bubbles without bursting them. Such fun! Nowadays there are tons of recipes for a concoction that makes long lasting, big and durable bubbles. Anyone can make them, they are that easy! But if you just grab yourself one bottle of bubble fluid off the shelf and turn your camera on slow-motion, you too will be able to capture footage as stunning as this one! Now, with smartphones, it really isn’t that slow to begin with, since the newest, most advanced of them go only as slow as 960 frames per minute. If you really want to capture how the bubble creates from the wand and the rainbow swirls that travel all along its surface, you need a high speed camera! Like the one Paul Bryan used to capture this magical footage in staggering 1500 frames per second! That is so mesmerizing ?!

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This Guy's Tape Art Installation Creates Mind-Blowing Illusion 2m54s

This Guy's Tape Art Installation Creates Mind-Blowing Illusion

Darel Carey, is a young craftsman and YouTuber renowned worldwide for his hyper-realistic achievements in the 2D technique and the quality of his wall taping. He experiments with several techniques: 2D painting being his most attractive one for the mass audience, and as you can see in this video he does a remarkable job at making an ordinary room into a 'trippy' masterpiece. Using nothing more than thin black tape in combination with his keen observation and understanding the construction of a 2D drawing , dazzles us with this incredible 2D optical illusion illustration of a labyrinth. His fans often say he “destroys” his tape while drawing and the process shown above clearly supports their conclusion. He documented the entire process in this mesmerizing time-lapse video. This is one of the most creative art we've seen in a while Check it out! The hyperrealism of his models has led to his videos having millions of views and every time he invents a new design he makes his video tutorial go viral. If you liked his designs, or want to learn how to draw , you can see more on channel, his website, where you will find have many examples and useful tips, especially on how to paint in 2D. Darel Carey creates line sequences in varied configurations in order to create an illusion of dimension that he calls "Dimensionalization". Two dimensions can be perceived as three, and vice versa. Incredible! @DarelCarey

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Seating More Guests For Dinner Is Easier With This Ingenious Dining Table25s

Seating More Guests For Dinner Is Easier With This Ingenious Dining Table

Having guests over for dinner is always a great activity, but having to sit down more than four people at a dining table can be a real hassle. Of course, you need extra chairs, but if your dining room table wasn’t meant to seat more people at a moment’s notice, it will probably mean that you will be bumping elbows with your guests. If your table does, however, expand to accommodate more diners, it probably means it takes a lot of elbow grease to make it happen. Unless that is, it is this piece of furniture. This dining table expands from 1.3 meters (4.26 feet) to 1.75 meters (5.74 feet). The expansion leaves are stored within the body of the <a href=" " target="_blank">table</a> and rise up automatically as it rotates. The table is made from olive ash and olive ash burr. How cool is that? All you have to do is rotate it clockwise about 180 degrees for the leaves to pop out and do a turn around the table to set them up. Do the same in reverse to put everything back to normal. According to the carpenter's website, “Johnson Furniture is a small cabinet making business producing bespoke hand-made furniture. From expanding circular dining tables to small shelving units George enjoys producing unique and original designs.” We would definitely like one such table, that is for sure! If you are in the market for something smaller that you can fold and tuck away for later use, then definitely check out this <a href=" " target="_blank">table that folds literally in a second</a>. Oh, how we want that!

A Kid Took Selfie Every Day For 5 Years And This Is The Result1m35s

A Kid Took Selfie Every Day For 5 Years And This Is The Result

Five years ago Andrew decided to start taking a selfie every single day. It lasted from January 18, 2013 - March 3, 2018 (Age 14 - 20) and this is the mind-blowing result! You know how our parents say we’ve grown up right before their eyes? They got to watch us mature every day and by the time the blinked, we are now adults with kids of our own (or not, individual’s choice). But thanks to Andrew and his amazing dedication, not to mention his video editing skills, we literally got to see him grow up from freshman year to college. We get to see how his facial features change as he hits puberty. He changed his hairstyle several times in the first year. Then, round about when he became a senior, we see him going out more, traveling, more friends, more parties. We see a stubble on his chin and instantly we are hit with the realization - he is a man now! All of a sudden he is much older, probably already 18. His expression is more serious and the circumstances are far more different. He is on his own in the big world now, going to college, meeting new people. Andrew has changed so much in just one minute and 30 seconds that we got to watch him in this clip. He has had an amazing 5 years and has a lot to show for it! As for us, we get to watch old photos of us and complain how selfies weren’t a thing back then...

Artist Translates Structure And Color From A Photo Into A Painting Of Stunning Realism59s

Artist Translates Structure And Color From A Photo Into A Painting Of Stunning Realism

This time-lapse video shows the gradual and methodical process of the creation of a hyper-realistic portrait of a small fish in a glass of water. Using a photo of the subject as a model, the artist translates the structure and color from the photo onto the canvas in a meticulous and schematic method resulting in a piece of work barely distinguishable from the model. The artist responsible for such a stunning piece is Young-sung Kim, a 43-year old South Korean artist now based in New York. He is making waves across the Internet with his remarkably hyper-realistic paintings. Kim’s works need to be seen in order to be believed and their proximity to life is so profound that even he himself has difficulties distinguishing his own artworks from the digital photos he uses as model s. Most of Kim’s subjects include wildlife and small animals and their common denominator is drops, wetness or full immersion into water. Lizards, goldfish, snails or frogs, they are depicted in super-realistic detail with mind-boggling, delicate technique. He started painting at a very early age, fascinated by observing bugs, reptiles and amphibians. He spent his youth in a tug-of-war with his parents, who, discouraged by the instability of the artistic call stimulated him to pursue a more steady career plan. Instead of discouragement, Kim found motivation in their opposition and kept perfecting his style. They eventually relented. "My parents realized that I wasn't just protesting and that I just can't live without painting," reminisces Kim. Now, a graduate of the prestigious College of Fine Art of Hongik University, he believes he is very lucky to be able to do what he loves for a living but is often frustrated with the slow pace at which he produces a piece. One painting takes him from eight hours to a few months for a full completion, as he is very hard with himself when it comes to perfection. Credit:

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Who Knew That Shaving Chalk Could Be So Oddly Satisfying1m47s

Who Knew That Shaving Chalk Could Be So Oddly Satisfying

This clip will delight your earbuds as a slab of chalk is shaved. So cool! Let’s face it, who would have thought to use a potato peeler to peel a sidewalk chalk? Sure, we peel potatoes with it and carrots and zucchini and cucumbers, but never in our existence have we thought to shred a think chalk to powder. Then again, we had no idea how satisfying it would be. Just the sound of it makes us feel happy and calm. Watching the gypsum fall of in slices that look solid, but are actually fine powder that still likes to cling to itself is mesmerizing to watch. And she shreds it, turning it over bit by bit, until she is left with but a pencil’s worth of chalk. It is a huge and constantly growing trend. There is more interest in it that for “candy” or “chocolate”. Autonomous sensory meridian response is a term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. The term was coined some eight years ago and is also known as “brain massage”, if you believe it! It can be triggered by anything from crackling, to whispering, even accents. Some people describe it as “the amazing chills you get when someone plays with your hair or traces your back with their fingertips.” We have to say we agree on this, as it is really lovely to have someone stroke your hair, while watching a piece of chalk getting shaved down to almost nothing.

Students make dazzling LED chair art54s

Students make dazzling LED chair art

Go behind the scenes of this LED chair light artwork installation that these students made in their college for the annual fest. Shot entirely on Google Pixel.

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Sand Artist Shows How To Draw An Elephant In Four Seconds2m20s

Sand Artist Shows How To Draw An Elephant In Four Seconds

Sand art is magical and inspires people to give it a try! Learn how to draw an elephant with sand in only four seconds. In this clip, we see him draw an elephant that looks so real thanks to his incredible attention to detail, but the transparency of his canvas helps a lot as well. Incredible! While most street artists go to urban spaces to use them as canvas, this unique artist became famous for going out of the box and creating a new form of art using sand. This talented man uses glass as a canvas and <a href=" " target="_blank">sand</a> as a painting tool to create a modern kind of art! When this artist was looking to make an impression in the art world, he figured the best way to do that would be to abstain from conventional techniques in the name of something different. He thought outside the box and adopted new styles and tricks, taking a new approach to art that impresses many. Watch as he painstakingly draws with sand over the glass, mimicking paintbrush movements like on a canvas. In only few moments, his masterpiece is ready for the big reveal, he shakes off any sand that’s not attached, and he’s left with not just a great act of showmanship, but a striking work of art as well. Sand is very fascinating material to experiment in the field of art. Different textures can be used to create the impressions the artist visualizes. Depending on the style, artists use different types of techniques, from taking a pinch of sand and making strokes, to dispersing it all over the place in order to add fine detail into the piece. Some artists even use sand to draw with, using brushes, combs or other tools. In a nutshell, <a href=" " target="_blank">sand is a great alternative to creating a different form of art</a>!

Man delivers powerful message through deck of playing cards2m14s

Man delivers powerful message through deck of playing cards

Past regrets? We all have them. Ever wanted to go back in time and fix everything wrong in your life? As this man explains with a magic trick and a deck of playing cards; you might want to think twice before you decide to change it all. Get your tissues and handkerchiefs ready because it's about to get emotional!