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Husky sleeps right through band's cover song3m49s

Husky sleeps right through band's cover song

A cute 6-month-old husky named Mimi loves to listen, enjoy and even sleep while this band plays their music. It seems to enjoy their version of "Use Somebody" by the Kings Of Leon. Too funny!

Published: July 6, 2017Updated: July 7, 201714,284 views
11-year-old performs breathtaking cover of Simon and Garfunkel classic4m12s

11-year-old performs breathtaking cover of Simon and Garfunkel classic

This phenomenal song was first performed by the legendary Simon and Garfunkel. 'The Sound Of Silence' was later reborn when Disturbed released their own hard rock rendition. Through the guidance of Rick Benbow and Mike Wilbury at Jadyn has developed her own interpretation of this iconic tune. Rick Benbow arranged the perfect instrumental accompaniment with Sina and Mike completing the drum and guitars. The combination of the elements gives this song the smooth tone of the original as well as the 'edge' of the version performed by Disturbed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Connect with Jadyn through her Links---- - @JadynRylee YouTube - Instagram - @jadynrylee Facebook - Twitter - @JadynRylee ____________________________________________________________________ The drums are performed by Sina. She is an extremely talented musician primarily performs classic rock drum covers from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Please follow her links below to see some of the best drum covers on YouTube. YouTube: Web Site: Twitter: @sina_drums Facebook: ___________________________________________________________________ If you are looking for someone to create Backing Tracks for your music please Contact Mike Wilbury at This video would not have been possible if not for the hard work of many different people. We would like to thank : Rick Benbow for arranging this INCREDIBLE Piano Track. Rick, you truly are a master of the keys. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Wilbury of (Canterbury, England) for his hours of video and audio production. You really brought out the emotion in this song that Jadyn was trying to relay. Thank you for bringing out such an important message. YourSoundTube

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Talented Alexandra Kay Sings A Cover Of Dolly Parton's Jolene2m39s

Talented Alexandra Kay Sings A Cover Of Dolly Parton's Jolene

When it comes to iconic songs, Dolly Parton’s song ‘Jolene’ is probably one of the most iconic tunes to date. According to Parton herself, the song, released back in 1973 on an album with the same name, was inspired by a beautiful clerk that used to work at the bank where her then-husband Carl Dean used to go and she would often flirt with him. The name, however, was from a little girl who also happened to have “auburn hair, ivory skin and eyes of emerald green” and was named Jolene. Many other artists have attempted their own take of the famous song, but one girl from Waterloo, Illinois seems to have hit the jackpot. People who have heard her acoustic cover of ‘Jolene’ say that hers is the best one so far! 26-year old Alexandra Kay is not an overnight sensation. The social media darling, who actually comes from a family of athletes, already has 10 tracks of her own, five of which are country classics. For her performance of the iconic ‘Jolene’, uploaded on her Facebook page in 2016, Alexandra’s stunning vocals have captivated viewers from all around the globe and they are praising the girl’s talent ever since! Everyone says that Alexandra’s voice is probably the only one who can do the song real justice and we couldn’t agree more! Check her out for yourself!