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Mother And Daughter Sing Beautiful Duet Together3m37s

Mother And Daughter Sing Beautiful Duet Together

5-year-old Sophie Fatu and her mother Victoria sing a breathtaking and powerful cover of 'Never Enough' from The Greatest Showman. You will definitely have goosebumps all over! Little Sophie started her singing career at the age of four , when she was featured on NBC's "Little Big Shots" with Steve Harvey. At the age of 5 Sophie was first invited to Ellen Show where she performed "Fly Me to the Moon". Sophie Fatu has been featured in print magazines, and represented over 50 brands. Her mother Victoria Fatu is an award-winning concert pianist and singer. She has curated her daughter's social media accounts and she has performed music made famous by composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. We have seen this musical prodigy sing a variety of tunes through the years, ever since they came out on The Ellen Show . Way back then, this dynamic girl became famous for their rendition Frank Sinatra’s songs. She drew national attention for singing his tunes. She is a prodigy child jazz singer whose cover of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" went viral in 2017. She published these cover videos on YouTube where she has amassed more than 80,000 subscribers on the victoriafatu channel. Her cover of the song "Fly Me to the Moon" has amassed 100 million views alone. She appeared on season 3 of Little Big Shots. Sophie is very enthusiastic about entertaining the audience and doesn’t miss a beat while singing ‘Never Enough’. She doesn’t look nervous about singing songs for her huge audience. With that twinkle in her eye, it’s easy to see why: she’s a natural little entertainer who’s easy to adore. The mother-daughter duo looks adorably cute as they powerfully sing the cover of the song from the Greatest Snowman. The video is set in nature and it features Sophie dressed in a cream-colored dress, surrounded by lush nature, trees and greenery with vivid shades of green. She has a crown made of flowers, too on her head which only adds to her cuteness. Her hair is long and curly which matches her mother’s hair and they look beautiful together. Her voice is smooth and clear and quiet yet powerful. Soothing, in a way. It is a promise of tomorrow and we wished that she would never stop singing. Her voice rolls over the hills in mighty waves. Swells of power rises up in her throat. It sounds as if the words don’t come from her if we have in mind that she is just a little girl with an incredibly schooled voice - it is real music. The mother-daughter final accords are accompanied with the twirling of their bodies as their princess-like dresses fly gracefully around, as light as feathers. We hope we will see some more of this girl in the future. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Vacationer Wins Cruise Ship Karaoke With Crowd-Pleasing Cover Of Journey’s ‘Any Way You Want It’4m42s

Vacationer Wins Cruise Ship Karaoke With Crowd-Pleasing Cover Of Journey’s ‘Any Way You Want It’

They say that if you want to overcome a fear you have, then you should face your fear dead on. Afraid of heights? Climb a tall building. Afraid of speaking in front of a crowd? Sing some karaoke! Well, maybe people don’t actually recommend that, because it may not actually have a good outcome. Still, you develop bravery in the bad times, when you are forced to face your frights. Still, when it comes to performing in front of a crowd, there aren’t really that many folks that will run at the sight of an open mic night. For some, karaoke means just letting it rip, belting it out as loud as your voice can carry you and worrying about nothing other than tripping on the stage and hurting yourself. Yeah, that would be bad. But when Andy Streich went on stage to sing his favorite song, Journey's 'Any Way You Want It', he did it exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that he left the audience in a standing ovation during a karaoke superstar contest on a Royal Caribbean cruise. As soon as the Washington state native was called up on stage by the MC, it was beyond clear why all his friends were super stoked to see their friend perform. When the host asks him: “Please tell me, why you feel you deserve the title of karaoke superstar?”, Andy responds in a very Forrest Gump-ish manner. “It’s not that I feel I deserve it, it’s just that mama always told me that karaoke is like a box of chocolates.” As soon, as the music started and Andy opened up his vocal box of gold, he channeled the vocal talent of Steve Perry and danced like no one was watching. Although the bar was brimming with people and all eyes were on Andy. He doesn't just sing. You see, in order to make his performance that much more entertaining, during a break in the singing, he grabs the mic and holds it up like one would an air guitar. That’s right folks, Andy can also play the air guitar! That is why he got the standing ovation! He ends his performance with a high note, which he holds astoundingly well and finishes it off with a vibrato, leaving us all here is awe. He even channels some more Steve Perry, calling out the crowd “Everybody sing!”. And they do, because who can resist Andy’s charisma? Speaking of people who love to sing, we just have to tell you of Christina Kokonis-Viggers. Also known as Stina Marie, she gave an impromptu performance at the wholesale warehouse one day, when she spotted a karaoke machine. The video of the singer from Staten Island performing went viral, gaining her instant fame! Christina decided to have some fun while out shopping with her friend Amanda Lasher, so she grabbed the mic on the machine and belted out “Maybe This Time” from the 1972 musical Cabaret. She later said how this was totally out of character for her, since she saves her singing voice for the stage.

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Five-Year-Old Sinatra Fan Gives Powerful Rendition Of ‘Cheek To Cheek’ Classic 1m47s

Five-Year-Old Sinatra Fan Gives Powerful Rendition Of ‘Cheek To Cheek’ Classic

There's something about little children singing with all their might that touches a special place in our hearts. Our favorite Sinatra fan, five-year-old Sophie Fatu is back and this time she sings her heart out in this incredible cover of Frank Sinatra's 'Cheek To Cheek'. Her voice and passion with blow your mind! Who else could listen to this little cutie all day? Every kid is talented in their own way, but we hope you will let us say that Sophie Fatu is by far the most talented little girl online! The precious little thing with the most amazing ringlets can sing, and we mean really sing! She has become famous for her spotless renditions of Frank Sinatra classics. She has proven herself time and again for her amazing vibrato, which she practices constantly. The tiny talent uses every bit of arsenal she has in her. The amazing vibrato comes out like the sun from her vocal box. She has such a bright and promising future ahead of her. You can really tell that Sophie loves to sing with each and every note. As the song progresses, her voice gets more power, and she starts expressing the emotion of the song with her arms. This sweet little girl is talented beyond her years. Not only can five-year-old Sophie Fatu sing, but she has a special place in her heart for the classics. In fact, Frank Sinatra is one of her favorite singers. This legendary musician had so many hits in his career, it is hard to pick just one iconic song. Through the years, all sorts of musicians have covered this song, but little Sophie's performance of 'Cheek To Cheek' tops them all. We love how she rules the stage with her outstanding confidence as she belts out this classic, timeless tune.

Trio Of Talented Girls Magnificently Cover 'What Is Love'3m11s

Trio Of Talented Girls Magnificently Cover 'What Is Love'

There are almost 7 and a half billion people on the planet, but it’s very hard to find an honestly good singing voice. Sure, everyone can sing somewhat good and almost everyone can learn to sing somewhat decent, but it is truly hard to find a natural talent that can sing like an angel and make you cry tears of happiness at the same time. It is also hard to find multiple voices that go together as smooth as butter. Each person has a different timbre to their voice and not all of them go together well. Some might sound too rough, some might sound as fragile as a harph and others might be somewhere in the middle of it all. With the technological innovations these days, it’s fairly easy to modify voices to sound harmoniously, but the true talent comes through once they start singing a cappella. If they can create harmonies and help each others’ voices sound their best, then you know that you’ve hit jackpot. This is what distinguishes true artists from gifted singers. Check out this cover version of Veronika Bozeman’s ‘What is Love’ sung by the BrokeWell trio. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the first season of Empire and it was written by Daniel Jones, Timbaland and Jim Beanz. This cover went viral when it was posted on YouTube, garnering more than five million views ever since.

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Talented Student-Professor Choir Covers Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ In A Capella Style2m26s

Talented Student-Professor Choir Covers Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ In A Capella Style

Beyonce’s song ‘Halo’ has been given a magnificent rendition by a talented music professor and her class. Footage shows West Virginia University professor Victoria Fatu and her students magnificently cover 'Halo' by Beyonce in a stunning a capella performance. Enjoy! Leading voice is professor Victoria Fatu to which the group of students sing in perfect harmony giving an a capella arrangement to the famous song. Have you ever listened to an a capella choir performing? It sure sounds very powerful, shading a new, fresh light to the song. The class gathered in the music classroom of West Virginia University and decided to throw an impromptu performance of Beyonce’s song, according to an a capella arrangement. Maybe their glorious performance was a spontaneous idea, or maybe they practiced a lot before they went public. Nonetheless, their a capella rendition of ‘Halo’ had us in stitches! Victoria Fatu is a professor at West Virginia State University for music who constantly inspires her students to join her in an impromptu performances of famous songs. Watch as the entire class joins in by beatboxing and singing along in an a capella style. What an amazing teacher-student bond! The footage features Fatu beautifully singing while her entire class gets involved . I wish my music class was this cheerful! This young and talented professor sure knows how to keep her students entertained and eager for knowledge by putting it into practice! Amazing! Watch as Fatu amazes everyone with her angelic voice while her talented students join in. They are all having a blast! Did you share such a strong bond with your professors? Share your stories in the comments below!

Incredibly Talented 5-Year-Old Sings 'Tomorrow' From Annie2m05s

Incredibly Talented 5-Year-Old Sings 'Tomorrow' From Annie

Every kid is talented in their own way, but we hope you will let us say that Sophie Fatu is by far the most talented little girl online! The precious little thing with the most amazing ringlets can sing, and we mean really sing! She has become famous for her spotless renditions of Frank Sinatra classics like “My Way”, “Moon River” and “Fly Me To the Moon”. She has proven herself time and again for her amazing vibrato, which she practices constantly. But no good talent should ever allow themselves to stick to just one genre and that is exactly what sweet Sophie did. This is a clip of her singing “Tomorrow” from the 1982 musical classic “Annie”, accompanied by her mom Victoria on the piano, an award winning concert pianist and singer. “The sun'll come out Tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow There'll be sun!” The tiny talent uses every bit of arsenal she has in her. The amazing vibrato comes out like the sun from her vocal box. In another video, little Sophie focuses on more classical music, again in the company of her mom Vicky. They play “Mary Did You Know”, a classic Christmas hymn . The two form an impeccable harmony while singing together and it sends chills down our spines! We now know who did little Sophie gets both her looks and her talents from! She has such a bright and promising future ahead of her.

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GlassDuo's Incredible Tchaikovsky Melody Made Completely From Empty Wine Glasses2m36s

GlassDuo's Incredible Tchaikovsky Melody Made Completely From Empty Wine Glasses

GlassDuo plays the glass harp - very rare and extraordinary instrument. It's the only glass music group in Poland, one of a very few professional ensembles in the world. Musicians play in duo and with various chamber ensembles, even symphony orchestras. GlassDuo's instrument is the biggest professional glass harp in the world. Created from ordinary wine glasses by the GlassDuo, the biggest glass harp in the world has been heard at many prestigious festivals. The GlassDuo's instrument is inspiring and spectacular. It's always a singularly unique event when an instrument made from wine glasses appears on the scene. This one amazing video from them as they are performing absolutely phenomenal glass harp cover of 'Sugar Plum Fairy' by Tchaikovsky. Amazing! We have great news for you also! If you are fascinated from them as we are then you will be glad to hear that they have a workshop where you can learn this kind of instrument they run workshops in many places in Poland, the USA, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates. Would you be interested? GlassDuo concerts are always a chance to experience unusual tones, uniquely arranged musical pieces, and above all the presence of the artists themselves, as they pursue their dreams and passions in such an unconventional way. GlassDuo has taken their glass harp, the largest in the world to the farthest corners of the globe. They’ve played for audiences of all sizes, numbering from the tens to the thousands, for residents of small towns to dignitaries and heads of state. Amazing!

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Talented Man Plays Classic Club Song On Honking Toy Octopus51s

Talented Man Plays Classic Club Song On Honking Toy Octopus

This is the amazing video featuring the creative moment when a man gives fun rendition of ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless played on a Lamaze Octotunes. Check out this humorous cover of the classic club song and feel the groove. Awesome! A curious video has emerged of a talented man producing music out of a squeaky toy, by pushing on a honking octopus! This creative man plays Faithless' classic club song 'Insomnia' on his Lamaze Octotunes, which is a honking octopus toy, making for incredibly sweet squeaky tunes. Great job! Watch as the he uses his squeaky toy to perform the classic hit that we all very well recognized as soon as he started pushing them tentacles. He gets right into the music, squeaking away in what sounds like an instrumental solo performance, making the octopus shine bright in the spotlight! This video is guaranteed to brighten up your day! This octopus toy is actually designed for babies and serves as an educational toy to help them develop motor skills while entertaining them with interesting, squeaky sounds . This soft octopus toy teaches baby imaginative play and hand-eye coordination. The bright contrasting colors and patterns stimulate baby’s vision, while the different textures help develop motor skills. Therefore, these great features allow babies to learn and develop while having fun playing. In addition, a different note is played as you squeeze each tentacle of the octopus, making it fun for adults too. This fun video, is the perfect example of that! In this video, we witness the fun moment when one talented man decides to give a squeaky octopus another purpose, using the toy as an improvised musical instrument! What did you think of this unusual rendition of the classical club hit? Did you like it, or think it is too much? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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