Check Out This Compilation Of The Wackiest Drivers In Israel3m33s

Check Out This Compilation Of The Wackiest Drivers In Israel

Ever since dash cams came out, drivers can rest easy, knowing that someone keeps a watchful eye over their vehicle. Just plug a camera on your dash board, let it record while you drive and, other than keeping you safe in case of insurance scam, they will occasionally manage to record some idiot on the streets of the world, making a total ass of themselves in traffic. But in the case of the citizens of Israel, there is an online community called Comroads, where each owner of a dash camera can upload their footage to show a misdemeanor in traffic. In the case of this compilation, we get to see a bunch of drivers on the streets of Israel, making wrong turns, forgetting to stop their vehicle on time, or simply thinking they can pull something off. It isn’t just civilian drivers, there are instances where even firemen made the wrong decision at the wrong time and got themselves in this compilation! Then, there are the gruesome ones, those that think they can squeeze between two cars in the nick of time. But they fail to take into account the speed of the vehicles around them and they slam into both, setting their Audi ablaze. That was not fun to witness. Half of the times the reason for these mishaps on the road is poor judgement, while the rest is just negligence. Whatever the case, we really hope that you take care and stay safe out there. Because otherwise, you, too, might end up on a compilation just like this one! Check out this intense compilation of various accidents submitted by the 'Comroads' community in Israel. Drive safe please!

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Adorably Destructive Raccoons Play In Backyard Pond7m10s

Adorably Destructive Raccoons Play In Backyard Pond

As if it's not enough to constantly take care of your backyard. When Spring comes around, we must dig out all the plants and put new soul to help them grow. Then cut the grass and not forget to water them. We all know how expensive furniture for outdoors can be, let alone setting the scene so it looks nice and comfortable to enjoy in beautiful worm night. This owners have even build their own fountain just so they brighten up the place even more and make it even more elegant. Not for all however that seems to be something to enjoy just by listening to the water and looking at the wonderfully designed fountain. From mischievous babies to playful adults and everything in between, this compilation clip has it all. This family of Snow raccoons have been visiting almost every night for years. Due to popular demand, we have compiled a video just for them. These cute raccoons do everything from washing their hands to playing with toys. Not to mention trying to fish from the pond with no luck. Night after night they come back, once the pond is reassembled of course. So sit back and relax while you watch these cute raccoons steal your hearts! However, we must take into consideration that these raccoons must be very hot and thirsty and they figured that they have found thge perfect place to cool off and enjoy the day. We are all lucky that these owners have put up a camera into their backyard which makes the great occasion for us to experience the whole happening firsts hand. Enjoy!

Dog Shows Off Array Of Tricks In Impressive Compilation55s

Dog Shows Off Array Of Tricks In Impressive Compilation

Dogs are very smart, and if you needed any proof for that, you should watch this video. It's no secret that pooches can learn a lot of tricks in their lifetime, but this pupper is truly one of a kind! He is so synced with his owner that it almost looks as if they're sharing the same mind! Brownie is a Schipperke mix, which is a small Belgian breed of dog that originated a long time ago - in the 16th century. There has been a long informal debate over whether this type of dog is a spitz or miniature sheepdog. In their home country of Belgium they are considered a small shepherd. Although this breed is known to be stubborn and mischievous with a headstrong temperament, Brownie shows that they are also very obedient and agile dogs. We simply can't believe how many tricks he knows! Some dogs just like laying around or hanging out with babies, but this one clearly has his mind set to be the best of them all! He also has a motivation for doing these tricks - his loving owner rewards him with a tasty treat after every successful tricks, and we are sure that he will learn plenty more in the time to come. And we can't wait to see what else he learns!

These Bulldog Siblings Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile!4m55s

These Bulldog Siblings Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

These two spoiled English Bulldog siblings are from the same litter and have completely opposite personalities. Their names are Elvis and Khaleesi and they are certainly the king and queen duo. They act much more like toddlers than actual canines. Khaleesi is definitely the boss even though Elvis is double her size, don't mess around with her, it won't end well! She may be the boss, but that doesn't mean she won't help her brother out! She is always there for him, especially when he gets half his body stuck under the bed, hilarious! It looks like these two love to have staring competitions with each other, they both stare intently at each other, I wonder who won! Khaleesi doesn't make her brothers life easy, she loves to block doorways so he can't get through, oh boy! They both love whip cream and are bound to argue with one another about it! They even like to sit on the couch with their backs against the pillow, they look exactly like people sitting like this, so funny! All they need now is the remote! Khaleesi should never be interrupted when she is speaking, she sure has lots of sass! These two are hilarious and their childish behaviours will certainly make you smile! Check out some of these dog toys your dogs will love! What a great way to keep them entertained! They have so much energy, and are always up for a little fun! Awesome! Do you have funny stories to share about your dogs? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Stunning anamorphic 3D artwork compilation by Nikola Culjic3m40s

Stunning anamorphic 3D artwork compilation by Nikola Culjic

Check out this awesome compilation of anamorphic 3D artwork from artist Nikola Čuljić. So cool! Nikola is a self-taught 30 years old artist from Serbia. He has been actively engaged in drawing for the past three years. Nikola has always been told that he has the talent for drawing, but he didn't take up an interest for it until just recently. He began by drawing portraits and, as he says, it was hard for him. There were so many accomplished artists out there and he felt like he could never live up to them. So instead, Nikola decide to take up something completely different, something real, as he says. “3D is something [that] people like and I want to be the best at this. I am using colored pencils, markers and pastels. Inspiration is everywhere, just need to catch it.” says Nikola. He has made a career out of being an artist, however his 3D drawings are not for sale. Nikola says that his goal is to make his "name a brand for 3D," so perhaps in the future you will be able to decorate your home with one if his anamorphic 3D masterpieces! Art fans have been reacting positively to his work on Facebook and Instagram, and he told Mashable that he has really enjoys the reactions he's been getting.

German Shepherd shares special bond with little chicks1m07s

German Shepherd shares special bond with little chicks

Being able to witness a unique animal friendship is truly a privilege. Even though some of them look like they might be hunter and prey in the wild, these pairings stand the test of faith and make believers out of all of us! This baby turkey was abandoned by its mother, but not to worry - Thorin the German Shepherd is here! Watch how preciously he watches over his new buddy. Thorin the German Shepherd is three years old and loves to be the first to look after the little chicks in this world. With great caution and love, he takes care of them and makes sure that nothing happens to them. Thorin is a very exceptional dog! Thorin is actually very well versed with little baby birds. On this channel you will find videos of Thorin taking care of several different species of birds, like ducklings, chicks, even goslings! It is like he’s the Mary Poppins of baby birds! Good boy!

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Cutest puppies compilation will brighten your day! 2m59s

Cutest puppies compilation will brighten your day!

Having a ruff day? You had too much work today? No worries, here is a compilation of the most adorable puppies just doing their thing, being precious and funny and fluffy at the same time. The compilation features some sleepy fluff balls, energetic Frenchies getting their treats, puppies that don't have a problem sleeping anywhere, kissing pooches and so much more. This proves that life with dogs is the best and they make the best companions a human can get. You won't be able to pick your favorite one because they're all so cute!

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Dogs afraid of cats3m14s

Dogs afraid of cats

Dogs afraid of cats-Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

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Rodeo Accidents8m49s

Rodeo Accidents

Rodeo Accidents-Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

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Animals are a realm42s

Animals are a realm

Animals are a realm- Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

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