Close Calls

BMX Rider Has Close Encounter With A Cameraman11s

BMX Rider Has Close Encounter With A Cameraman

Have you seen a bike riding stunt that almost kills the cameraman? Bike riders pull off stunts for the movies all the time. They sometimes do it for shows, like street shows. The movies are shot by great professional directors and great cameramen. Who take care of everything and make sure safety is provided in such cases. The cameras are usually high-tech and you get the shot from well far away. Now what do you think would happen if a cameraman is trying to get a shot or a footage of a bike rider who’s pulling off a stunt? Will the rider have control over his bike to stop himself from running over the cameraman? Talk about close encounter ! Let’s find out. This is a great stunt clip where a BMX rider is trying to jump of a hilly region and is up in the air for a few seconds before he lands on the ground safely. But the catch here is, the camera doesn’t steadily capture the whole act, the reason being that the cameraman flinches and tries to move away. Yes, you read it right! The cameraman’s reflexes kick in as the rider moves too closely from the cameraman. The video start with this good-looking biker riding a bike and he’s coming toward the camera, he’s riding from between trees and on a crooked ground, the ground is pretty hilly (elevated) thus making him fly in the air for a bit before he makes the land. Now the split seconds where the camera moves, is the horrifying part of this clip. The video doesn’t quite show us the camera man’s reaction but it is evident that his heart is in his mouth in that situation. The rider’s path looks more like an elevated trail and the man shooting this video is on the edge, more like the bank by the trees. The rider when comes moving toward the camera guy he greatly takes control of his bike, making it move in the other direction, far from the camera man thus saving his life. I am sure the cameraman is going to think twice before agreeing to shoot stunts like this. Or maybe he thrives on the adrenaline that rushes through him in situations like these. But no matter what it is, I am glad the cameraman is saved and the rider gets his stunt done successfully. We would love to know what happen after the video ends. Does it end because the camera man stops shooting or it ends because the rider stops riding as he is concerned about the guy who almost got killed by his bike. These stunts are always dangerous but some people love danger as if it makes them feel alive. We like to be well sheltered and safe. We don’t play with fire but we do end up getting myself in trouble from time to time and that most definitely doesn’t stop me from getting in yet another trouble, yet again. What do you guys think about such stunts and their consequences? Let us know in comments below!

Guy Falls While Riding His Bike And Lands On Top Of Rattlesnake1m28s

Guy Falls While Riding His Bike And Lands On Top Of Rattlesnake

While riding on a secluded trail, this dude hit a patch of deep sand that bogged down his bike and could not move any further. As his bike came to a stop he was getting ready to put his foot down when he heard a rattlesnake directly below his bike! He unclipped his left bike shoe from the pedal and hopped up and down while trying to unclip his right shoe. He was trying to keep his left foot in the air as long as possible because he was right on top of the snake and expected to feel the bite any second. He was able to unclip his right shoe and push himself to the left of the trail to get away from this mad-as-hell snake. That's when he pulled out his cell phone to take video. He would have stayed longer but the snake was acting aggressively an started moving toward him so he was outta there! Crazy! Rattlesnakes (in the broad sense of the term) include one of the subfamilies belonging to the family of vipers. The herpetologists classify them as Crotalinae, in parallel referring to rattlers (due to a pair of thermolocators-pits planted between the nostrils and eyes). One of the species bears the proud name of Crotalus - real thunders . This genus includes 36 species, including miniature dwarf thunders, about half a meter in length, as well as rhombic rattlers (Crotalus adamanteus), waving to 2 and a half meters. By the way, the last many herpetologists consider classic and the most beautiful rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes differ among themselves both in size (from 0,5 m to 3,5 m), and color, which, as a rule, has a polychrome character. Scales can be painted almost in all colors of the rainbow - white, black, steel, beige, emerald, reddish pink, brown, yellow and not only. These reptiles are rarely monophonic, without fear of showing intricate patterns and catchy colors. The main background often looks like a weave of thick bands, divorces or rhombuses. Sometimes, the predominant color (bright green) is only slightly diluted by thin white and blue stripes. Birth of the rattlesnake, the wedge-shaped head, two elongated fangs (along which the poison passes), and a tail rattle from ring-shaped cornices. The tail vault requires a snake to scare off enemies, and its growth continues throughout life. The thickening at the end of the tail appears after the first molt. At the next molt, fragments of old skin cling to this growth, leading to the formation of a relief rattling. When moving, the rings are lost, but most remain to serve as an intimidation or warning tool for the enemy . The vibration of the tail raised to the top, crowned with a rattle, indicates that the reptile is nervous and you better get out of its way. The sound of the vibrating rings is similar to the crack produced by a film projector and can be heard at a distance of up to 30 meters. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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White shark jumps out of water to attack man58s

White shark jumps out of water to attack man

While out on research trips, we've seen white sharks breach and we've received multiple reports of breaching white sharks this year from fishermen and boaters. While encounters like this one are rare, this video shows that they’re certainly possible. White sharks are wild and unpredictable animals. This is a good reminder of the importance of not becoming complacent and always staying vigilant when in or on the water. Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Adventurers In Alaska Stumble Upon A Grizzly Bear Fishing In A River3m36s

Adventurers In Alaska Stumble Upon A Grizzly Bear Fishing In A River

The grizzly bear is one of the species of brown bears. They inhabit the western part of Canada and Alaska. It is a massive bear that can grow 4 meters tall. There are many accounts of encounters with the terrifying grizzly dating as early as the 19th century, telling of the ferocity of this animal. People used to say: “Woe to the man who met the grizzly”. The bear would at all times attack the person, not leaving space or time to shoot the beast, and the bear would tear the person to shreds. The Grizzlies are the supreme lords of the forest wilderness, the deserted plains and the mountain ridges. Modern accounts of grizzly bear encounters tell a different story. In each case, grizzlies behave differently. Moreover, there are accounts of the same grizzly living in the same environment would behave differently in different circumstances. This, apparently, is due to the nature of the character of the beast and its mood at the moment. One thing can be said with certainty: this bear’s supposedly extraordinary ferocity and aggressiveness are the result of an exaggerated imagination. The grizzly often runs away from the human after the first encounter because the animal senses danger and fears of the unknown. When the grizzly does attack or pretends to lounge an attack, it is not the wrath or the desire to kill that which drives it but by the reaction to an unfamiliar threatening situation. Usually in such cases the grizzly stands first on its hind legs. And this is by no means a sign of aggression, but a desire to get a better sniff and look closely at the object of concern. The lifestyle and habits of the bears still remain largely unknown to us and mysterious. The man knows very little about these animals, although he managed to destroy them almost completely. And only recently, in gloomy, ice-clad mountains and gorges of the Clown Reserve, more or less systematic scientific observations began over grizzlies-these recent lords of the North American forests. In the video on the top of the page, made by Aussie Dreamlivers, you can see the firsthand experience of Grizzly bear encounter. You can see the behavior of the grizzly bear, but more interestingly, the reaction of the people who know and heard of all the stories of grizzly bear encounters we talked about in above. Adventurers hiking in Alaska have stumbled upon mamma Grizzly Bear fishing in the river with her cubs. Concerned about an attack they kept a solid distance snapping a few photos. It wasn’t long before her cub became curious. What started off as a slight interest from the bears become a danger relatively quickly as both mamma and cub approached them. Within seconds they closed the distance and were less than 20m (22 yards) away. They were already retreating back from the direction they'd been hiking. After a few minutes of her briskly following them on the trail she eventually lost interest and disappeared into the woods. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Shark Keeps Telling Diver He Is Not Welcome In This Part Of The Sea41s

Shark Keeps Telling Diver He Is Not Welcome In This Part Of The Sea

Diving is such an incredible activity. Getting to experience an environment that is completely different from your own, a place where you wouldn’t survive without the proper gear, it is a thrill unlike any other. Knowing that you rely solely on the oxygen tank and yours and the skill of those with you to survive, it really gets the blood pumping. Some go diving in a group, others go by themselves. Armed with every possible safety precaution necessary, these brave folks delve into the deep parts of the seas, searching to see how the ocean’s residents live. Some are curious, others not so much. But out of all those that are curious to see what is this peculiar creature that is invading their space, some can make more damage with their interest than others. Imagine coming face to face with a shark ? Paul Thompson did on his recent dive into the Red Sea near Elphinstone reef, when a frisky oceanic whitetip shark came straight for him. The slow-moving, but highly aggressive shark went straight for the light on Paul’s camera, bumping into it over and over several times. Paul, clearly aware of the shark’s aggressive nature, shouts as loud as he can through his mouthpiece, evidently in an attempt to scare the creature away from him. Eventually, it works, as the shark was probably not interested in this prey. Suffice it to say, Paul got lucky. The oceanic whitetip shark or lesser white shark was portrayed in 1831 by a naturalist by the name of René-Primevère Lesson, who named the shark Carcharhinus maou. It was next portrayed by Cuban Felipe Poey in 1861 as Squalus longimanus. The name Pterolamiops longimanus has likewise been utilized. The species sobriquet longimanus alludes to the extent of its pectoral blades (longimanus interprets from Latin as "long hands"). The oceanic whitetip shark has numerous regular names in English: Brown Milbert's sandbar shark, dark-colored shark, nigano shark, oceanic white-tipped whaler, and whitetip shark. Regardless of the more prominent notoriety of the great white shark and different sharks routinely discovered closer the shore, the oceanic whitetip is suspected to be in charge of numerous deadly shark bites on people, because of predation on survivors of wrecks or downed planes. Such occurrences are excluded in like manner shark-bite lists for the twentieth and 21st centuries, and therefore, the oceanic whitetip does not have the highest number of 'recorded' attacks. However, do sharks eat people? Sharks have been known to assault people when they are confounded or inquisitive. On the off chance that a shark sees a human sprinkling in the water, it might attempt to examine, prompting a coincidental assault. All things considered, sharks have more to fear from people than we do of them. People chase sharks for their meat, inner organs, and skin to make items, for example, shark balance soup, oils, and calfskin. In general, sharks do not eat people! Well, that is a relief! Comment below and tell us what you think about this shark attack!

Family Has Dangerously Close Encounter With Wild Bull Moose53s

Family Has Dangerously Close Encounter With Wild Bull Moose

"I was going out to gather the eggs and this Bull Moose came into our back yard, stopped and then came at me. I stayed calm, so I would not frighten him. The Bull Moose passed on one side of the tree and I kept that tree between me and him. I had to catch my breath after he passed me and then he jumped the fence. Very close encounter with a Bull Moose!" - said Frank & Carrie's Homestead who had filmed the video on April 28, 2018. The moose somehow strays away from the right path and finds himself in this backyard. He is the largest of all deer species and he runs as light as a feather, swiftly and easily. The bull moose roams through the garden, not knowing how to get out of it and return to his natural habitat. Being an animal means having a tight connection with nature so that the instincts guide him to find his way out. After he makes one huge circle around the yard not being able to find an open gate, he jumps over the fence and keeps on running. Luckily, the moose shows his polite manners by being peaceful but generally moose can become aggressive when they are threatened. It is never a good idea to approach a moose since they are considered as the least social animals. Moose are very territorial, and if they think you are a threat, they will charge at you. Moose are faster than humans, so you can't outrun one! They are solitary animals , except when it comes to mating.

Dangerous Window Cleaning30s

Dangerous Window Cleaning

Occurred on May 18, 2018 / Atlanta, Georgia, USA Info from Licensor: "I was working and I suddenly heard a loud noise from the nearby building. When I looked through the window, I noticed that the rope of the platform on which the workers usually stand while cleaning the windows got cut and hit the nearby power line. The entire happening was very scary and spine-chilling, The event continued until the worker slowly got into the nearby balcony."

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Divers Have Unexpected Close Encounter With Hungry Sharks1m33s

Divers Have Unexpected Close Encounter With Hungry Sharks

Divers are well aware of the risks of entering the water and slipping below the waves into the domain of creatures that are better adapted to life in the deep. Humans do not belong in the ocean. They are trespassers and they must be careful and respectful in this undersea world, for improper behavior will often have serious consequences. Understanding the creatures that call this place their home is crucial. Among the many animals in the ocean that create a thrill as well as a sense of fear for humans, sharks are perhaps the best example. These Caribbean Reef Sharks are formidable predators and powerful swimmers with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Their cold, steely stare is enough to send a chill down the spine of almost anyone who finds themselves close enough to touch one. They grow to almost ten feet in length and are solid muscle. The clamping pressure of their jaws would easily sever a limb if they chose to. But, the truth is that they rarely attack humans, and almost all attacks are the result of misunderstanding or error on the part of the human. Belize is a beautiful place to visit, especially for scuba divers. It is home to an abundance of beautiful coral and incredible sea life. But, until recently, there were no Caribbean Reef Sharks to be found. Warming waters and changing currents may be the cause of the sharks' sudden appearance here. These divers were equipped to harvest lion fish off the Island of San Pedro, Belize. It is another species that is not usually found in the Atlantic Ocean . They are invasive species that are extremely destructive to the reef and the creatures that actually live there. Eating tremendous amounts of fish and having no natural predators, the Lion Fish has had a devastating effect on entire ecosystems. Divers are encouraged to cull the Lion fish in order to protect the reef. This group had just returned from a successful harvest. For these divers, an unexpected result of spearing Lion fish was the surprising appearance of the Reef Sharks. Able to smell the fish in the tube from miles away, these sharks approached the divers at the end of their dive and showed extremely curious behavior. The divers soon recognized that the sharks were merely looking for scraps of fish and they were not actually posing any real threat, but the sight of the sharks obviously startled the divers. For a few minutes, the divers needed to remain suspended at 20 feet below the surface for what is referred to as a "safety stop". This allows the divers to expel the built up nitrogen that accumulates during a dive. To ascend without doing this can have disastrous consequences. Having the sharks circling them during this time was unnerving and fascinating at the same time. Sharks are still wild and unpredictable and their curiosity can turn to aggression when food is involved. These sharks were coming closer to the divers, even bumping them, which is a signal that the sharks are hungry. The divers made the decision to dump their catch and move aside to allow the sharks to take what they wanted. When the safety stop was complete, the divers ascended and left the water. But, despite being aware that they had been in the middle of a pac

Car Flies After Hitting A Bump In The Road, Barely Misses Cameraman17s

Car Flies After Hitting A Bump In The Road, Barely Misses Cameraman

You got your adrenaline junkies, and then you’ve got those who are like Jason Statham in ‘Crank’. These folks need constant high surges of adrenaline to keep them high and pumping. What do they do? They go rally racing , of course! Chev Chelios might have been pumped full of poison and had to crank himself up to stay alive, but there guys do it for the exactly opposite reasons! Still, people from high and low gather up to watch men drive carelessly around dirt roads and crash into stuff. Because show business. Some people have a need for speed when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. That's why the race track is the best place for them. Even though it's safer than being on main streets, there is still dangers for bystanders, take this video as a prime example. We see Estonian driver Siim Plangi approach from the distance with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. He looks like he’s got stuff under control, but all of a sudden, Plangi hits a bump in the road. With the speed he has been developing for the past who knows how many miles, that bump sends the Evolution X flying in the air and straight for the corner turn. That would have been a regular thing, if there wasn’t a cameraman standing at that corner! Viewers wince as a cloud of dust gathers on the spot, but we can definitely see that Plangi missed both the professional and his equipment. That broadcast definitely had the best view in the world! Now that was a close call.

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Group Of Sharks Has Close Encounter With Divers1m03s

Group Of Sharks Has Close Encounter With Divers

Caribbean reef sharks are an exciting sight for divers, although they are intimidating enough to raise the hairs on the back of the neck of even the most adventurous. When these reef sharks appeared on a dive in Belize though, they brought a pair of bull sharks, one of the most aggressive and unpredictable of the shark species. They look similar to Caribbean reef sharks, but they are bulkier and have a very different nature. What started as a quiet dive became more thrilling than these divers expected. The sharks passed close enough to give a very clear view of their cold eyes and impressive teeth. The truth is that shark attacks are rare, even in the case of bull sharks , and if the divers remain calm, stay together and stay vertical, their chance of experiencing a serious problem is very small. Even though they know this to be true, the divers can be seen moving closer together and instinctively pulling their feet and hands in closer. The sharks are almost ten feet long, always hungry and always curious. They have no hesitation about approaching and even swimming among the divers. They may have been looking for a free meal because sharks have learned that scuba divers often spear lionfish , an invasive species that divers are committed to culling for the benefit of the reef. It would be dangerous to spear any fish in the presence of hungry sharks, as it would encourage feeding behavior and competition among the sharks which would make them much more likely to bite a diver. Divers also know that there is a fine line between curiosity and aggression and that improper behavior will have serious consequences. The divers in this video all surfaced without any incidents, but they were all surprised to have been greeted by the bull sharks. This dive took place on a wall near the famous Blue Hole near San Pedro, Belize. Reef sharks are a relatively common sight but it is quite rare to see bull sharks swimming so close to scuba divers.

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Angry Yellowstone Bison Use Road As Runway Causing Traffic Jam1m18s

Angry Yellowstone Bison Use Road As Runway Causing Traffic Jam

You won't believe Jan and Tanuja's crazy encounter with two male bison while they were driving through Yellowstone. Tourists find themselves in massive traffic jam of bison, but luckily nobody was harmed. This tense standoff could have ended much worse! Traffic jams are one of the most common excuses for being late, and even though a bison-induced traffic jam may sound like a lie, it is sometimes the truth. Watch how determined these two male bison are to make their way across the street, causing drivers to hit their brakes and stop. Video shows several cars caught in a traffic jam, having stopped on the middle of the road after the bison decided to use the road as their runway ! People stayed in their vehicles, which was probably a good decision given the numerous people who have been injured after getting too close to these large animals. While bison herds aren’t exactly the most common roadblock, they block traffic more than you would think, especially around Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. No use in blowing your horns in these kinds of jams. The bison will let you know when you can go, and that is after they are done with their show! Nearly 5,000 bison, the nation’s largest bison population on public land, roam freely inside Yellowstone National Park and often block the road. Footage clearly shows bison running alongside the road and ahead of the vehicle, where they slow down to a walk. Luckily, after they were done flaunting their large bulky bodies, they branched off into the wilderness. Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison (Bison bison) have lived continuously since prehistoric times and are somehow the gem of the place!

Heavy Winds Send Massive Grain Bin Rolling Across Highway37s

Heavy Winds Send Massive Grain Bin Rolling Across Highway

A windstorm was wreaking havoc through several parts of southeast Alberta on October 18, as a low-pressure system moved through the Canadian province. Power was out in several areas of the province and authorities received reports of several semi-trucks being rolled over, as well as two train derailments, as winds of up to 80 miles per hour swept the province. The strong winds also fueled the wildfires burning through southern Alberta, which have forced mass evacuation of residents in the affected areas and caused many communities to declare a state of emergency. In this video, what appears to be a grain bin can be seen rolling across a road outside Provost, Alberta, Canada, obviously torn out of it’s foundations in a nearby farm. Finding one rolling across the highway in front of you isn’t actually the worst thing that can happen with these agricultural mainstays: on certain occasions, they explode. When highly-combustible grain dust builds up in the tubes, all it takes is a little bit of friction or static electricity to spark an explosion . Now that is something you do not get to see everyday. While the silo can be seen rolling right between the cars travelling in opposite directions on the road, it just keeps rolling towards the field on the other side of the road, not causing any noticeable damage. It is unknown whether it has been returned to its owner. Credit: Facebook/Kyle Kostiuk via Storyful

Construction Site Workers Escape Injury In The Nick Of Time25s

Construction Site Workers Escape Injury In The Nick Of Time

We all know there is always risks when you work in a place such as a construction site. Having that in mind, we can all agree that this is a bit over the top. Here we have quite the scary situation where out of the blue fall a dozen two by fours from the top floor of the building. As soon as the first person notices they start running away from the wreckage. For most of the guys it turns out to be for the better while one of them did not get that lucky. As one of them starts running it appears that he runs straight into the board that is falling with a crazy speed towards the ground. The board lands right in front of him, tripping him to the ground and probably twisting his ankle in the process. Fellow construction workers run to his aid, but that man is lucky to be alive. One wrong step and that plank could have landed on his head, causing a far more serious injury. Thankfully, it has been reported that he is now in good health aside of the board landing right on his head. He is never going to forget how lucky he was in this situation. This is just another proof that helmets are a must at construction sites. Good on this guy for following safety precautions!

Careless Driver Sends Oncoming Vehicle Into Tense Spinout49s

Careless Driver Sends Oncoming Vehicle Into Tense Spinout

Check out this intense footage of a very close call when a driver carelessly pulls out in front of this vehicle, who has his wife and child in the car. This occurred at the intersection of Pauri Road and State Highway 3 near Whanganui, New Zealand. Stay safe and be patient on the road! This video is yet another proof that we all need to be extra careful every time we get out there on the highway. It's also another sad example of the recklessness of some drivers. What we see is a car driving at proper speed on a highway, when all of a sudden, the calm ride is interrupted by a reckless driver that decides to pull out right in front of him on an intersection! Luckily, the car stops just seconds before it collides into the other car! As it hits the brakes, the car starts turning around several times before it finally stops safely. Talk about a close call! Who knows what the other driver was thinking when he decided to turn in a split second! Have you ever found yourself in a smiliar situation? What't the best way to react? Share it in the comment section below!

Driver Avoids An Oncoming Truck On The Highway23s

Driver Avoids An Oncoming Truck On The Highway

This lucky driver experiences one of the closest calls of his life after an oncoming truck nearly gets blown straight into his vehicle! Here we witness a frightening and most certainly life-threatening situation when a driver nearly gets hit by an oncoming truck on the highway. Surely, the road is wet from the heavy rain, and the speed limit is within normal limits, but the collision seems inevitable at first glance! Scary is an understatement! As the truck gets close to the car, it slightly bends to the car's end, and it seems as it's going to crash any second! Luckily, the driver got away safely, and we're not sure what happened to the <a href=" " target="_blank">truck</a>. It is a terrifying moment for the driver to be confronted with the uncontrollable movements of the skidding truck that was hurtling towards the driver. The drivers are driving on a wet and slippery highway. We can’t control the weather conditions but we can control the way we drive. Always be extra careful during severe weather conditions. Storms, heavy rains, gusts of wind, frozen roads could possibly make the travelling difficult, but having your eyes on the road is of immense importance. Never forget that you are not alone on the road and your safety means another driver’s safety, too, Not only you will avoid a terrible crash, but you will also avoid putting other people in danger. Both the truck driver and the car driver follow the road signs and they drive within the speed limit, however due to the torrential rain and the road conditions, it seems that the truck driver didn’t expect to lean on the other side of the lane since he is driving perfectly safe and slow. But things happen and sometimes we can’t do anything to stop them. Luckily, the driver didn’t do any dangerous manoeuvre that would be only more hair raising and the vehicles passed each other without any incidents. There are tons of videos with reckless drivers and here we will suggest you to watch the one where a dash cam footage shows the moment when a reckless driver decides to <a href=" " target="_blank">violently switch lanes</a> while speeding, nearly causing a highway pileup. This video filmed in Australia shows the moment when a reckless driver tries to avoid traffic by violently switching lanes on a busy highway, avoiding a close call with incoming traffic and almost causing massive highway pileup! Luckily, the driver from the incoming car had some serious reflexes and knew how to handle insane drivers, so he made a swift movement and avoided multiple-vehicle collision! Nobody likes reckless drivers because they risk their lives and the lives of others just for the sake of adrenaline and thrill. Sometimes they do it because they are in a hurry, but aren’t we all? Bad drivers are often the cause of road traffic accidents and dangerous collisions. Sometimes they are caught on camera performing illegal manoeuvres on the road. The conclusion? Always drive safe and remember that you're not the only participant in traffic, and everyone is jeopardized when you take thoughtless actions. Drive safe and remember, better late than never.

Mountain Biker Nearly Lands On Wandering Sheep8s

Mountain Biker Nearly Lands On Wandering Sheep

Mountain biking is already dangerous enough as it is, but when you add a jump and wondering wild animals, it becomes even more dangerous! In this video we see a mountain biker do exactly that! While riding in Kymi, Evia, Greece, this mountain biker barely dodges a lucky sheep after getting air time off a "road gap" jump. Now that was a close call! This is one video that you should not miss! Credit to 'Tank Trail'. You cannot help but to watch this clip over and over again, analyzing it to see how close he really was to hitting that sheep! Just watching this clip gives anxiety! Good thing that biker managed to miss those sheep as it could have been catastrophic! Mountain biking can be fun but you always have to make sure that you are properly prepared! Who would have though that sheep could pose such a danger when mountain biking? To be properly prepare, you have to make sure that you have the best mountain biking gear you can get. After all, it is better to be safe then sorry! Sit back and prepare to watch this video over and over again as you cannot get enough! But what would you have done if you happened across half a ton of raw bovine meat on all its legs, while you ride your bike downhill? Some might freak out and maybe even spend a few hundreds buying off that meat, but not this pro mountain biker ! Nicolas Mazzoleni picks up speed on his bike as he heads down a dirt path when he gets airborne from a ramp. However, he did not see what was on the other side! With his GoPro strapped to his helmet he captures some amazing footage as he clears an entire cow. How crazy is that?

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Intense high-speed dog rescue through streets of Mexico City2m01s

Intense high-speed dog rescue through streets of Mexico City

All you dog owners out there know the feeling when you accidentally lose the grip of you dogs leash and you lose control of your hyper dog. One big tug and they're gone. Anxiety rushes through your body and you panic to get a hold of the leash yet again. Well here is a typical situation with a little twist of insanity. This is every dog owners worst nightmare. Check out what happens when a dog on a leash breaks free from its owner and sprints down a very busy street in Mexico City. Make sure to watch this adrenaline-packed rescue all the way to the end! If you don't want this to ever happen to you, then you can look no further! Be sure to check out this amazing hands free dog leash, so you never have to worry about losing a grip on your dogs leash ever again. So many things like this situation can now be avoided just because of this easy to use belt that connects to your dog. Were you on the edge of your seat like everyone else was throughout this video? What about any other insane dog stories? Let us know in the comment section. This video was just absolutely insane. Check out this insane dog chase.

Car on fire causes major traffic jam1m19s

Car on fire causes major traffic jam

After a day scuba diving at Porteau Cover Provincial Park, the cameraman and his wife were minutes out of the area when they came across a traffic jam and noticed billowing black smoke in the near distance. Hearing sirens in the distance, Brent continued to shuffle through traffic to get closer to the front of the line as he knew this was going to be a time consuming incident. Once near the front of the stopped traffic, Brent got out and began recording as the firefighters tackled the blaze. Being in a rural area, the firefighters of Britannia Beach are volunteers, which meant approximately a 20 minute arrival time from the time of the 911 call. Once they arrived they sprung into action and got the gear all ready and began fighting the 2 fires. The mini one being the vehicle, and once that was under control a second group of firefighters tackled the grass fire beside the highway.