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Epic Treadmill Dance Performance Set To Indian Music2m19s

Epic Treadmill Dance Performance Set To Indian Music

Channing Tatum should watch out because a new favorite dancer crush might be on the horizon. If you thought that it is impossible to dethrone Magic Mike, check out the dance performance of Harout Solakin. Watch as he flaunts some impeccable moves on a treadmill! Footage shows Harout Solakin pulling off incredible treadmill dance performance, moving to the rhythm of Indian music. What a way to workout and have fun at the same time! Watch as this incredibly handsome and fit man presents us his impressive dance routine, flaunting his sculpted body for the camera. He moves his happy feet with such an ease which makes for a mind-blowing choreography! It doesn’t matter that the song he dances to is not an international hit, he can obviously cast for the next Step Up sequel with no doubt. Treadmill dancing videos are trending at the moment, especially this guy who flaunts his perfectly synchronized dance moves dancing to the Indian music. Watch how effortlessly his feet float around the moving track, as if some gravity-defying upper-body strength moves his limbs around. Incredible! How about we stop being boring and make that training routine fun! We dare you to spice up your workout routine with treadmill dancing. If you really want to spice things up try this dancing routine and you won’t regret it. This guy proves that not only is this a great workout, judging by his toned body, but also it is incredibly fun too, dancing his hearts out and melting our hearts in the process!

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Two Elderly Men Show Off Some Smooth Dance Moves, Getting To The Groove1m19s

Two Elderly Men Show Off Some Smooth Dance Moves, Getting To The Groove

An unlikely dance duo has emerged of two elderly men flaunting their happy feet, dancing in incredibly funky and in-sync routine. At a local dance studio, these two grandfathers show off their rehearsed hip hop dance routine and prove that age is just a number! Footage shows the two elderly men moving to the rhythm, dancing together in perfectly choreographed moves.You shouldn’t underestimate old folks just because they’re old! We seem to forget that these elderly people were once young and danced like crazy. This grandfather duo who busts out awesome dance move is the perfect example of that! Watching these two men dancing their feet out in a well-rehearsed hip hop dance choreography gave us the wonderful conclusion that you are never really old to share your booty! Public dancing is wide appeal among the ageing population in order to maintain a sense of community in a highly urbanised living environment. Often dances take place in venues ranging from parks and public squares to parking lots. They take a variety of forms, from traditional folk dances to improvised routines set to patriotic songs, saccharine pop and sanitized rap. This viral video had many onlookers in awe of the agility and dance skills displayed by the elderly men. Though the old man in the green jacket is a little shy unlike the one in the blue shirt, it is very clear that they have the groove. Cool grandpas!

Korean Pupils Move Their Happy Feet To The Rhythm Of 'Footloose' 3m44s

Korean Pupils Move Their Happy Feet To The Rhythm Of 'Footloose'

This is the heartwarming moment when talented Korean children decided to flaunt a fine choreography on ‘Footloose’ in their classroom. Check out these awesome pupils put on an epic performance for their teacher. So cool! Footage shows a group of pupils reproducing the popular ‘Footloose’ dancing scene, dancing to the quick rhythm. Watch how devoted these kids are when they put their happy feet into action. They have memorized their dance moves by heart and move in perfect harmony. They stole the show and left the audience in awe! This may be the cutest choreography to ‘Footloose’ we have ever witnessed. Pupils move to the rhythm and dance in mirroring style! Amazing! As the video shows, this group of talented pupils surprised the teached with their incredible performance, when they gathered in the classroom for a dazzling performance of ‘Footloose’. Watch this choreography, and follow their moves, soon you will want to copy their performance and put your own happy feet into action and dance to the rhythm. These pupils steal the spotlight with a less-than-masterful, but oh-so enthusiastic rendition of the Footloose dance. It is amazing how they all move in perfect harmony, obviously they have well-practiced the moves to this song, and are very excited to get down to the music when the song starts playing. Adorable! Give it up for these talented children as they truly displayed some incredible moves for us to enjoy.

Target Employee Has Impromptu Dance Party With Toddler24s

Target Employee Has Impromptu Dance Party With Toddler

Ever wondered what is the job description for a Target employee? Stocking aisles, keeping up with the crowd and occasionally throwing an impromptu dance party with rowdy toddlers. Yep, you read that right; it might not actually be part of their job description, but one Target employee in California made shopping easier for one mom, when her little girl just wouldn’t hold still. Stefanie Bradbard Elliott noticed her 2-year-old daughter, Evallyn, was a bit more energetic than usual, despite bringing along some toys to keep her occupied on their recent Target run. Luckily for Stephanie, AJ was right there to open a new checkout lane and created what can be dubbed as the best distraction ever! After asking the toddler a couple of questions, she challenged her to a silent dance off! The mom posted a video of the pair breaking it down to her town's Facebook group and, spoiler alert, people are obsessed with it. Stephanie told media how stressful the trip was until Evallyn made her new friend. "Just before this video, my daughter was following me to checkout on her knees, dragging her huge shoes that she insisted on wearing. At the same time, I was telling her to stand up and giving her 'the look' that most moms have to convey they mean business." "The employee asked if she was a ballerina and could show her how to dance. My daughter said yes, and said, 'do it like this,' then they both started twirling and dancing together. There wasn't even any music playing but they were having a blast," she said. Since the story emerged, the employee reached out to Stefanie and thanked her.

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11-year-old dancer is a mini Britney Spears!2m31s

11-year-old dancer is a mini Britney Spears!

Madison "Madi" Beerer channels her inner Britney Spears in this amazing dance to 'Oops I Did It Again'. She is rocking the fierce choreography by Molly Long from Project 21 in Southern California. Madi won 5th place out of over 100 solos at Radix Dance Competition in Anaheim, CA.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Play Music While Cleaning1m10s

Here's Why You Shouldn't Play Music While Cleaning

Playing music can turn any boring task into a fun one. However, you might end up not getting any work done! Clifford had to do the chores that day, a tedious task that need to be taken care of if he wants his home to look at least presentable. So he grabs the broom and begins sweeping, but all that repetitive movement does is make him fall asleep. So, what better way to keep himself alert, but to play some music in the background, to make time pass more quickly? It is a slippery slope from there! Clifford plays “Bonsam Ani", which means “The Devil’s Eye" by American rapper Guru. At first, Clifford is slowly jamming to the beat of the song, while also doing his chore, but he eventually turns it into an amateur dance performance to feast the eyes. He may have done a poor job at cleaning, but he certainly had fun. According to Clifford Owusu's YouTube channel, he is a Ghanaian American comedian and entertainer whose dancing, humor, and positivity have won over African and non-African viewers alike. He is internationally known for his dancing & comedy videos on YouTube. Clifford has traveled internationally to share his trademark humor, and had his videos featured on Good Morning America,, Pandora Radio, BET and BuzzFeed. A firm believer in the ability of dancing to bring happiness and bring people together, he infuses his videos with elements of his culture that include music and comedy.

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Dancing Boy Completely Steals The Show During Rascal Flatts Concert2m48s

Dancing Boy Completely Steals The Show During Rascal Flatts Concert

The crowd may have paid to be wowed by the music of country supergroup Rascal Flatts, but what stole their complete attention was not on the stage, but rather on the stands! During a concert in Pikeville, Kentucky in 2013, a little boy decided to bust out his best dance moves and steal the show! A video that was uploaded to YouTube shows the little kid dancing energetically in the stands, while the crowd cheered and went wild! During an intermission between acts, the sound of electronic dance music group LMFAO's hit song "Sexy and I Know It" inspired a young boy to break out into dance. The little guy bounces around the stairwell in an almost rehearsed display while just about everyone in the audience records him. Everyone around the kid clapped and cheered, while the tiny dance master did his thing, whinging his arms and jiving to the ear-worm song. The boy, who seems incredibly talented at syncing his moves with the beat, continued his performance for more than two minutes, while the crowd screamed, shouted and egged him on. Looks like him stealing the show might have been a tough act for Rascal Flatts to follow. The round of applause that the boy earned at the end of his little dance number is deafening.

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Family Starts Dancing, But Their Little 2-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show55s

Family Starts Dancing, But Their Little 2-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show

The Davies Family decided to reproduce the popular Whip Nae Nae dance moves, but it's the 2-year-old who steals the show! The little girl stole the show during the family dance performance, interrupting the choreography and dancing in her own style. As the video shows, this four-member family gathered in the living room for a family performance of Silento's Watch Me dance. The little girl flaunted her purple, fluffy skirt and decided to go solo and dance in her own pace and style. She don’t need no choreography, she has her own moves and her happy feet to follow the rhythm. Watch her whip, watch her nae nae. Little girl steals the spotlight with a less-than-masterful, but oh-so enthusiastic rendition of the Whip Nae/Nae dance. This is one family of dance enthusiasts. The mom, the dad, the big brother and the little sister all flaunt their moves and spice up the performance. It runs in the family! When the two-year-old take on the Whip/Nae Nae dance she proves that sometimes, enthusiasm can be just as effective as accuracy. She may not have been totally paying attention when her family was practicing the moves to this song, but she certainly seemed the most excited to get down to the music when her mom starts performing. As the music starts, it's obvious that this cutie has no idea what the 'whip' and 'nae nae' moves are supposed to look like. To whip, she punches her arms up, while her nae nae involves some spirited twerking and belly dancing that sets off her mom's giggles. How adorable!

 Amazingly Flexible Young Dancer Amazes Crowd2m29s

Amazingly Flexible Young Dancer Amazes Crowd

Maesi Caes wins 1st place with her incredibly good dancing and gymnastics skills. She mesmerizes her audience with her insane tricks and flexibility! Near perfect score of 297/300! Maesi Caes is a dancer from Becky Nalevanko's Dance & Tumbling Studio in Iowa. She was invited to join the team in the seventh season of the hit reality TV show Dance Moms, a show that follows the early training and careers of children in dance and show business, after being called back from Abby Lee Miller’s studio and the Dance Moms audition process. She was eventually made a permanent member. Maesi and her mother remained on the show until the disbandment of the elite team in the 25th episode of season 7 of the show. The now-12-year-old is a professional dancer and and got induced in the Hall of Fame at the age of 10. She has won two Grand National Championships and several other dance competitions, which should not come as a surprise, since her older sister Maddie Caes is also a dancer. Her most recent public appearance was on st5age with Justin Bieber during his Purpose tour in 2016. Speaking of young dance talents, we would like you to meet Ella Dobler. The four-year-old’s dance talent outdoes her age, when she performed at the Rainbow National Dance competition and delivered the performance of a lifetime.

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Subway turns into dance party after night out in Vienna1m08s

Subway turns into dance party after night out in Vienna

When these people entered a subway in Vienna after a long night out, the people inside were singing 'Despacito'. Upon seeing this, they turned on their speakers, started playing the actual song, and this is what happened! Credit: YouTube channel: SimplySeven

6-Year-Old Dancer And Street Performer Put On An Awesome Performance In Chicago41s

6-Year-Old Dancer And Street Performer Put On An Awesome Performance In Chicago

Don't you just love watching videos with kids showing off their amazing talent? We suppose your answer is definitely yes, and we are sure this one will be your instant mood booster! Here we have a precious little boy who apparently really loves dancing, and doesn't hesitate to join this talented street performer to put a show out there for everyone to enjoy. This little boy has some awesome moves! How is he only 6-years-old? He has talent way beyond his years! The street performer must be so happy this little boy is appreciating his music, so cute! Much to the awe of everyone around them, these two join for a lovely duo that surely brightened the day of everyone that passed by the two of them. You can be sure that this amazing tiny dancer is going to melt your heart and make your day! This is just absolutely amazing! The music is so catchy, this street performer is a great musician! What an awesome sight to see! These two need to perform together more often! Wouldn't that be a fun sight to see? Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this tiny dancer that is melting hearts!

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This Cute Girl Can Dance The Flamenco Like A Pro53s

This Cute Girl Can Dance The Flamenco Like A Pro

There’s a hidden talent lurking in every child, all the parents have to do is let it come to the surface. Be it sports, dancing or art, it is always a great idea to show abundance of support towards your little one when they show passionate dedication towards something. This little girl seems to be made out of 100% pure sass! Gigi Valenti, a toddler from Brazil, is an amazing flamenco dancer and she shows off her moves to family and friends in this adorable clip. In flamenco shoes way too big for her tiny feet, sassy Gigi stomps away to the rhythm of the music, arm movements and all! Her dad Daniel said: “She’s a little star. Her mum Adrianna danced flamenco until she was six months pregnant, and we took Gigi to her first shows when she turned two. She would take her mother’s shoes and dance everywhere in the house, especially in front of the mirror.” Now, every time the Valenti family receives guests, the tiny flamenco dancer would put on her skirt, shoes and fan and perform in front of everyone. Ole! It is considered that the origin of the word “flamenco” comes from the Spanish word for “fire/flames”. This flamboyant dance is a professional art-form of the different musical traditions from the south of Spain.

Woman dances with her Great Dane45s

Woman dances with her Great Dane

As a dog lover, everything you do with your dog brings you joy, regardless of what it is. You cuddle with them, you play with them, you walk them, even you eat with them. This is something that not everyone does with their dog, but it sure is adorable. While she cooks, this woman love to listen to music. Her Great Dane loves to dance with her in the meantime! He's so much fun! It must be a blast living in that household as a dog. You can really tell that this woman loves her dog as much as it loves her. Just look at how much fun they are having. Check out for other awesome dog videos. Check out this awesome lady dancing with her dog!