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Clever cat uses spoon to eat yogurt38s

Clever cat uses spoon to eat yogurt

Non-chan the cat loves to eat yogurt, although he appears to be having some difficulty accessing the hard to reach areas. If only he could learn how to use that spoon. Credit to 'Noriko'.

Published: June 11, 2015172,804 views
Cat shows off Yoga pose15s

Cat shows off Yoga pose

Looks like this cat is well on his way to mastering his first yoga pose. After being found abandoned 3-months-ago, the office (where this moment was recorded) has now become home for the little guy. He's definitely enjoying his new surroundings!

Published: October 6, 201413,754 views
serval cat doesn't anticipate'a window58s

serval cat doesn't anticipate'a window

serval cat doesn't anticipate'a window-Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

Published: January 27, 20174,079 views
Cat attempts to pounce Wii Mouse on TV29s

Cat attempts to pounce Wii Mouse on TV

This cute kitty attempts to strike at the pointer mouse that is floating across the screen in such an adorable way. She decides back off and wait for the perfect moment to strike. And when she does, WHAM! She hits her head on the TV screen and falls down on the floor! But within moments she is back for more. How cute is that? Credit to 'jordanrandomness'.

Curious cat gets stuck in a suitcase35s

Curious cat gets stuck in a suitcase

Looks like curiosity got the best of this cat! Watch as the little guy ends up getting caught inside one of his owner's suitcases. No worries though, he managed to get out!

Published: April 8, 2015242,662 views
Cat's favorite toy is its own tail!36s

Cat's favorite toy is its own tail!

While exploring an empty laundry basket, this adorable little kitten finds some time to entertain itself by chasing its tail. How cute is that? Credit to 'cseh_17'.

Published: May 29, 20151,012 plays$2.13 earned
Lazy Cat Doesn't Want To Get Up From Bed1m00s

Lazy Cat Doesn't Want To Get Up From Bed

We all know that cats are lazy! That’s not a guess, it a fact! Their favorite thing to do in life is to sleep! All day long and all night long! The topic of cat's laziness is a questionable one. Some may give felines the name of laziness in light of their interesting resting propensities. Others may state felines are sluggish in light of the fact that they won't get a ball like Fido does. Many individuals consider that cats are lazy.. or if nothing else with regards to complying with their people. A few people think felines are jerks since they drive the majority of your stuff off of the ledges! Well, we believe that cats are lazy! Don’t trust us? Just take a look at this lazy cat who is not ready to get up from bed! Laziest cat ever ! Squirrel the cat hides underneath the covers and refuses to come out until she's ready to wake up. Hilarious! Squirrel needs another nap! If you think cats are lazy because they seem to be sleeping all the time, you may be half right. Cats sleep an average of 13 to 16 hours a day! Cats have advanced to use almost the entirety of their energy for hunting at first light and nightfall. They rest a great deal of the day since they are saving their energy. If you have ever seen cats chase - even play chase - you've noticed how quick they move. They're adjusted to be super-effective animals that waste no energy when not hunting. Asking why a cat is lazy is like asking why a stove is lazy. At the point when not cooking or heating, it just stays there doing nothing. For what reason doesn't it read a book or something? It's apathetic in light of the fact that we outlined it that way. We don't need it spending vitality superfluously. Felines weren't composed, yet normal determination has a tendency to improve for vitality productivity, similarly as human creators do. Cats are known to be one of the laziest creature on earth. They can't be more dynamic as dogs or different pets who love to play or they may get occupied in some different kinds of stuff, yet cats utilize the vast majority of their day in napping and you can't prevent them from doing that. Still, don’t trust us that cats are lazy? During a cat nap, your feline can be up and be running close to opening her eyes; it's a light rest. Their night rest is more soothing, their bodies more casual. A profound rest is obvious, the body is completely casual, they are normally nestled into extended, you see jerking and fast eye development that demonstrates envisioning and it pauses for a minute for your feline to wake from a profound rest. Your feline isn't being lethargic to such an extent as essentially surrendering to propensity. What is your opinion about cats? Do you love them? Hate them? Do you think that they are lazy? Tell us below in our comment section!

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Kitten Has a Sweet Tooth!2m03s

Kitten Has a Sweet Tooth!

SUBSCRIBE to this channel by clicking in the bottom-right green "Subscribe" button! ----- This little guy can't get enough of his delicious food! How adorable is that? By the looks of it, he's one determined kitten.

Published: April 3, 201414,830 views
Determined cat climbs up owner7s

Determined cat climbs up owner

User 'jordanrandomness' was in the middle of shooting a video when his loyal companion felt it was necessary to climb on top of him. Now that's true love!

Eight foster kittens learn to explore24s

Eight foster kittens learn to explore

Just some Sunday morning shenanigans with eight little gray kittens. They get into everything! These kittens were rescued and fostered since birth; here they are six weeks old. They have all now been adopted into their forever homes. Too cute!

Kitten eases tension between adult cats36s

Kitten eases tension between adult cats

Things get a little tense between Alvin and Stormee, but that doesn't stop little Stella from trying to help out. Check it out as she runs over to soothe these two cats, successfully calming them down. Amazing!

Published: July 26, 201537,613 views
Big cat squeezes through baby gate13s

Big cat squeezes through baby gate

Miles the cat refuses to let this baby gate stop him from where he wants to go. Watch him as he squeezes through rather than jump over it. How funny is that! Credit to 'mbmeadow'.

Published: April 29, 201527,605 views
Cat has an odd way of drinking water46s

Cat has an odd way of drinking water

Have you ever seen a cat use this "scoop" technique when it comes to enjoying a drink of water? According to his owner, it's the only method he'll use! If you have a cat or pet whose developed an odd habit, share your experience with us.

Published: July 11, 201440,638 views
Clever cat figures out how to open doors20s

Clever cat figures out how to open doors

In order to escape from the dog (who appears to just want a new friend), this cat goes to great lengths to get away from it as soon as possible. Incredibly, it has learned how to successfully open doors - and this video is proof!

Cats Galore!1m45s

Cats Galore!

For all the cat lovers out there! The whole family gets together for some catnip! How cute.

Published: October 18, 201316,793 views