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Cat Ruins Other Cat’s Stalking Mission By Zooming In Front Of Her33s

Cat Ruins Other Cat’s Stalking Mission By Zooming In Front Of Her

Cats are predisposed to enjoy play-stalking and hunting. There is no doubt that some cats are sneaky, too. Maybe even creepy. Perhaps…scary. Shorty knows how to make the most of the limited time she has to make her move. If she wasn’t stopped at her feet. The end result? Hilarious. Kodi and Shorty are not on best terms. Stalking doesn’t resonate well enough in Kodi’s head. She won’t have Shorty stalking their human, or his shoelaces and she will stop her by any means possible. But Shorty makes her human happy and she knows that stalking is one of her favorite hobbies so he doesn’t mind it at all, giggling under his chin. Since cats’ owners are usually the only thing moving in home, they attract their cats’ attention. Additionally, when cats stalk them and finally catch up, they respond in an entertaining way. They act act startled and make a noise. Joining in this game, is funny for both sides. Shorty is staring intently at her owner in the distance. She hunkers down, her tail swishing back and forth ever-so-slightly. Then she rises, just a bit, and stalks forward in her crouched position, inching closer to her owner that is bearing her intense scrutiny as you wonder to yourself: “Why does this cat want to stalk her owner?” And maybe we would have got the answer to the question if it wasn’t for Kodi to ruin everything. This spoil-sport kills the joy of stalking, by zooming out of the blue and straight in front of Shorty, blocking her way to the prey. You can just see the black cat thinking at the end, "I'll get you next time!"

Playful Cat Refuses To Let Dog Sleep In2m02s

Playful Cat Refuses To Let Dog Sleep In

Tale as old as time, true as it can be, barely even friends, then someone continues to pester the other while they’re trying to sleep in on a Sunday morning… You’ve guest it right, it’s another cat and dog friendship, if they can even be called ones. There has really been said too much about these two. They have been the best frienemies any pet owner would ever want and need and the fun never stops with them. Cats are rather solitary creatures, they are independent and they don’t pay much attention to other people’s needs and wants. Dogs on the other hand love to please everyone. They are the most cuddly furbabies ever and they absolutely justify the saying that ‘dogs are a man’s best friend.’ In order to maintain the peace in the house, cats pester dogs and dogs take the brunt for it, the best friends that they are. This footage shows us a playful pet kitty who has decided that the family dog has had enough z’s and it’s time to play. The kitty cat starts poking the sleepy canine and not stopping until it reacts in any way. The tired doggo isn’t in the mood to play, but it knows that id left to its own devices, the cat would wreak havoc on everything and everyone in the house. So there’s nothing the pup can do but to wake up and take matters into its own paws, meaning he needs to entertain the playful feline. Just another normal day in the household.

Polite Cats Ring Doorbell To Signalize It’s Mealtime1m33s

Polite Cats Ring Doorbell To Signalize It’s Mealtime

How does a polite cat can get its dinner? It rings the doorbell! No, this isn't even a joke – Lucky and Spice, the house cats, are so well-behaved they know just how to get their owner to come to the door.They are super smart and ring the doorbell every day to be fed. They have learned to do this after seeing humans ring the doorbell to be let in! In this video, the ball of ginger fur finds a perch near the front door and nudges the doorbell repeatedly with its paw. An impressive action which the cats clearly seem to know will eventually bring them the food they deserve. This remarkable show of intelligence isn't surprising, according to experts cats have excellent mental capacity and are capable of committing specific events to memory for years at a time, particularly if those events were linked in some way to the animal feeling unsafe or unhappy. Conversely, they can also memorize things they have done in the past that have led to an increase in comfort, such as meowing for food, or – in the case of these cats - ringing the doorbell to get their food. Not only Lucky and Spice are clever pets, they are also considerate ones. They only ring the doorbell during mealtime, around 5pm. How nice is that? Watch the impressive video below, then share it with your friends and family – and let us know what sort of things your cat has learned to do!

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Fearless kitten takes on giant RC spider1m17s

Fearless kitten takes on giant RC spider

A two-month-old kitten is not so afraid of this terrible remote controlled arachnid. He chases the spider and attacks it and when spider goes towards him, showing now fear. He smashes it down to the ground with authority!

Human gets stalked by hunting cat1m43s

Human gets stalked by hunting cat

Every morning Shorty stalks her owner when he sits on the bench to tie his shoes, which is equal parts cute and creepy. What do you think is going on in her mind? Do your cats ever "stalk" you?

This Sleepy Kitty Is The Definition Of Zen43s

This Sleepy Kitty Is The Definition Of Zen

Our pets always manage to find new ways to surprise us. Although this little guy doesn't realize it, he let out quite an interesting sound during his nap. Meowing can sometimes be so boring, you take a short Meow, you take a long Meow, you make the "I want to play" Meow, you make the "I want to go to sleep" Meow, Meow here - Meow there, now it is time to try something new. This little fellow fell asleep on his owner's cozy bed and seems to be having a great nap. He is so deeply asleep that he dreams about tho good old days when he was a little kitten and still feeding off of his mom. We can only wonder what this cute kitten has on its mind while deep asleep but as far as assumptions go this is the most accurate we can come up with. How can you just not love this little guy? Here is a little something from his owners: “We always wanted to adopt a black and a white cat , preferably related so they'll get along well. We were so happy when we found Toothless and his twin brother Beli! They are completely opposite characters (and colors), but we love them so much! Toothless is the sleepyhead in the family, and this is the perfect example of what he likes to do every day” Check out Toothless, the black rescue kitty in his deep slumber! He's doing those cute moves with his paws while his owner gently pets him. So adorable!

Affectionate cat can't resist snuggling with bag of food1m06s

Affectionate cat can't resist snuggling with bag of food

This giant orange cat might look like a fighter, but he is really a lover! As you can see in this video, he loves to snuggle just about anything and when his owners put down a giant bag of dog food, he leans in close and snuggles and nuzzles it like it is his long lost girlfriend! It could be he is just hungry and really wants to eat what's in the bag....we will let you decide!

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Is this the most relaxed cat of all time?11s

Is this the most relaxed cat of all time?

Henry the cat was super tired from playing all day, so when his owners looked over they found him hanging out of his cat house staring up at the ceiling in a "Catatonic State"!

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Stealthy Cat Tries To Intimidate Fearless Squirrel And Fails 54s

Stealthy Cat Tries To Intimidate Fearless Squirrel And Fails

The wild wild world outside our door is full of wonders. You can’t predict someone’s actions any more than you can predict the weather. It just doesn’t happen. The inner workings of the mind are off limits to us humans, and this applies to anything walking and breathing on this earth. It’s hard to find out what their intentions are and we just have to follow our instincts and hope we’re right. Seems like this cat is in the same predicament as us, because he just can’t figure out the endgame of this extremely courageous squirrel. The tiny critter is walking on the window sill without a care and the feline just can’t find a way to help her. Friendships like this one are very far and inbetween in the wilderness, making this footage very precious. This definitely isn’t the first time we’ve encountered an entirely baffled cat after an encounter with the long-tailed furrie, but it never ceases to make us turn into a puddle of mush. So adorable! So near yet so far away! Jack is being tortured by the ever elusive squirrel on the other side of the window. From the looks of it, it appears that this squirrel may just be looking for a new friend! She trots this way and that, entertaining Jack and making him grow grey hairs prematurely. Dare we say that this is the cutest friendship in the making? Watch and laugh as Jack the cat tries to sneak up on a squirrel who is casually enjoying a snack on the window ledge. Even after the pounce the squirrel totally ignores Jack!

Agile Cat Jumps Clear Over Her Feline Sister11s

Agile Cat Jumps Clear Over Her Feline Sister

If we haven’t told you before, we will say this now. If we took a cat and transformed it into a human, we can say with utmost certainty that she will be good in one of two professions. She can definitely be a masseuse, because have you seen a cat give another cat a good, thorough knead? Like, check out this kitty. Sitting in their kitty bed, the smaller one, presumably the baby of the bigger one, gives her mama a nice, thorough back knead. The other one is obviously enjoying the treatment, seeing how she blinks slowly and doesn’t move any other muscles. So young, yet already a professional masseuse ! This other cat, however, would probably take on a much different profession. Something equally as quiet, but stealthier, even deadlier. We are talking about ninjas ! With the tiny little beansies that are the paw pads on their feet, cats are natural born predators, no matter how domesticated they are. It is in their blood! They can sneak up on pretty much anybody, even their own kin, right from the back, never able to sense them. For some reason they can even silence the bell on their collar, so as not to give away their position. This cat can definitely be a circus performer. Look at her grace, her skills, her agility! Jumping over her sister while she is chilling on the stool, tucking her legs in like a bird, lifting her tail at just the right moment so as not to even skim the other cat, all the time being watched in amazement. Bravo, cat! Credit: IG @makinlikeshrimp

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