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Cat's Mind Is Blown By The CD-ROM Drive27s

Cat's Mind Is Blown By The CD-ROM Drive

No matter how clever they are, cats will always be these silly animals that are too curious for their own good. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but if it was a scaredy cat, then that is a spectacle to see! This cat has apparently never seen a CD drive on a computer, or a computer in general. The hardware housing looks sleek and shiny and has all these lights that blink on and off forever, tingling her sense for curiosity even further. She may want to get to know this weird contraption further, but if we have learned anything about cats here, it is that wide pupils on a cat means that something rash and hilarious will ensue in a moments notice. Do. Not. BLINK! While the cat studies the housing, her owner reaches out and presses the button that opens the CD-ROM drawer. You know that that thing doesn’t just pop open right there and then; it flashes a warning light for a few second and then literally pops out! Can you guess what the cat does? That’s right - this kitty got caught off guard so much, she twitches her head with lightning speed and steps back, ready to run in a moment’s notice. But when the drawer goes back into the housing, the expression on her face is even more hilarious. Mind = blown!

Kitty Is A Real Pro At Hide-And-Seek With Owner2m01s

Kitty Is A Real Pro At Hide-And-Seek With Owner

Don't just let your cat sit in the corner and eat and sleep. Play with them as much as you can (and as much as they want to). You'll both benefit! Here we see Shorty playing hide and seek with his owner. One would think that a cat, being such a good little hunter, could sniff out his owner and call him out, but apparently good old Shorty has lost his hunter's instincts to kibble and treats. We see the human running into a room and leaving the door ajar. Then, from behind the corner on the far end comes Shorty, completely alert but very confident in his ability to track down his human. He walks to the room where his owner hid, stops for a bit and then moves on to other end of the hallway, where he stops dead in his tracks. Apparently, the human isn’t there, so he lets out an exasperated tril (a sound between a meow and a purr), as if to try and call his owner out of hiding. But that didn’t work. So he goes to look for the blasted human all over the apartment! Shorty tries every sound he can think of to coax his human out of hiding, which proves that he knows nothing about playing hide and seek. Whether it was Shorty’s incessant meowing or he just felt sorry for his ignorant pet, the human emerges from his hiding place eventually.

Isabel the kitten fiercely defends her blanket2m25s

Isabel the kitten fiercely defends her blanket

Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Except with cats. Then it's more like 10/10ths. These people are just trying to take the cover blanket off the bed so they can go to sleep, but Isabel is having none of it -- that's HER blanket and it's not going ANYWHERE!

Lazy Cat Relaxes On The Exercise Machine2m13s

Lazy Cat Relaxes On The Exercise Machine

A heartwarming video has emerged of a lazy cat relaxing on the exercising machine and making “air biscuits” in the presence of her owner. Meet, Narnia, the sweet little cat who loves to sit on her favorite place in the house, the multi-gym, and observe the traffic outside the street through the nearby French window. Watch as this lazy cat is relaxing on the exercising machine and making air biscuits, to show appreciation towards owner. Adorable! The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat. It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically "native" to the state of Maine where it is the official state cat, and it is how the cat got its name. With regards to the phrase, "making biscuits" is the expression when cats knead, which actually looks as if they are kneading dough to make biscuits. Cats often will purr at the same time as kneading, and even drool in some cases. Have you experienced that wonderful and yet painful sensation of a cat kneading on your lap, digging his claws unknowingly into your flesh? Even though it hurts, it's an honor that your cat feels comfortable enough to let you share in that special moment of contentment. Kneading is when a cat flexes and relaxes his front paws over and over again for several minutes. It is a behavior that develops at birth that helps kittens obtain milk from their mother. They push on their mother's soft underside to make the milk flow better. But once a cat is grown, he will still likely perform the kneading process. At that point, it's safe to say that it happens when a cat is extremely content and relaxed, as if he is remembering his happy kittenhood.

Family lets cat pick out pumpkin in yearly tradition2m10s

Family lets cat pick out pumpkin in yearly tradition

Every year, it's tradition for this family to let their cat pick out the seasonal pumpkin. He typical goes around and smells each one until he finds the perfect pumpkin. To signal to his owners that he's found the perfect pumpkin, he simply stands on his choice, finalizing his decision. He is unaffected by the traffic noise going by and others who stop to ask up questions!

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Quirky rescue cat settles into new forever home1m29s

Quirky rescue cat settles into new forever home

When Morgan Mitchell heard a funny scratching noise at the door, she cautiously opened it. What she found at the door was a gigantic, orange stray cat with the meow of a kitten standing straight up on his hind legs knocking at the door. With the wind blowing hard and the weather getting cold, she quickly let him in and gave him some water and tuna. It didn't take long for her to start noticing that he was one quirky cat doing the most peculiar things every day. It was evident that he had owners in the past because he was litter trained and had been fixed, but what kind of owners was the big question. Every morning, this cat would not get out of bed..... until late afternoon. Rufus is not a morning cat at all. As you can see from the way he stubbornly meows and goes back to sleep, he absolutely hates getting up in the mornings. He could take first prize in being lazy. He sleeps all night and all day in his owner's bed like he owns it. Sometimes she has even found him nestled up under the covers fast asleep like a child. Rufus loves to dip his head in the toilet and drink from the toilet water. He drinks and drinks and just when you think he is about to stop, he puts both paws right inside the toilet bowl and keeps right on drinking. Although Rufus always lots of water in his cat bowl, it must never be as cold or as fresh as the water that in the toilet. If Rufus isn't in the bed, he is most always in the laundry basket! How he gets nestled in the blankets will never be known. If he wasn't so big, it wouldn't be hard to not notice him and accidentally thrown in the washing machine with the blankets! Rufus is so happy to have his forever home and his new owner is so happy that they found each other!

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Silly Kitten Mistakes Mouse Pointer For A Fly25s

Silly Kitten Mistakes Mouse Pointer For A Fly

Every species’ baby is cute and adorable in its own particular way, but kittens are a special kind of adorable! Their curious nature, driven by an ancient hunter’s instinct, makes for endless hours of entertainment when you get a baby cat as a pet. If you ask any cat owner what is their favorite pastime to share with their furbaby, they will probably tell you about the laser pointer. It is the prey that never dies! Those bright colored dots of light that laser pointers throw out, which move at different speeds and change direction quickly can satisfy every cat’s hunting instincts. But have you ever shown your kitten the mouse pointer on your computer? Mr. Scott was introduced to it just recently and the 4-month-old orange tabby went ballistic for it! His owners were preparing for a binge session on Netflix when the kitten spotted the fast moving white arrow on the big screen and decided to knock it down! Scotty was so enthralled with the pointer, that it even caught him off guard when it went to the edge of the screen, making him look behind the TV for it! We are laughing so hard! He did eventually catch the prey, but not without some consequences. The screen is fine though, don’t worry. It would seem this orange tabby has found his second favorite toy!

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Cat Fails To Recognize Her Owner With Mud Mask On16s

Cat Fails To Recognize Her Owner With Mud Mask On

In this video, we have a prime example of just how protective animals can be of their homes, their owners, and their surroundings. In the foreground, we can see a guest, or perhaps this cat's owner, wearing a mud mask. This has slightly changed the owner's appearance - and the cat isn't having anything to do with it. Noticing that something is different, the cat on the armrest of the couch carefully moves his rear as to not knock over the thousand dollar iPad Pro, and stairs with terrified, wide eyes at the side of the girl's face. When she turns, Gertrude fears for the worst and unleashes an onslaught of hissing. Hissing is surely the appropriate amount of defense, as this mud faced intruder will be foiled immediately and scared into leaving the premises of Gertrude's home forever. But, much to Gertrude's surprise, the girl laughs it off with her friend, leaving Gertrude to give another small hiss - a last attempt to defend the Homestead against these odd looking individuals who have crept into Gertrude's personal space. Completely disabled by their laughter, Gertrude immediately gives up and attempts to turn away. She has clearly lost this battle. As the girl turns back to taunt Gertrude again, Gertrude shows her backside, saving face and indicating that she never cared much for their interaction in the first place. In the end, this just goes to show how important a pet can be to your home security. If Gertrude is this frazzled and ruffled by someone whose face looks a little different, imagine how much she would react if a real intruder were to burst into the house. There would be a full on, claws out, assault. Intruders beware.

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Kitty Zens Out On His Very Own Yoga Mat1m44s

Kitty Zens Out On His Very Own Yoga Mat

We'll take 'Things I Didn't Know I Needed' for $1,000, Alex! This person was sent a cat yoga mat to try, and Kodi gets downright Zen about the whole thing. Now, we all know how curious cats can get. The saying “curiosity killed the cat" wasn’t coined for nothing! Our feline companions can get into some pretty sticky situations if they set their mind on it. But it does happen that they get others into some sticky situations, again because of their insatiable, hunter-like curiosity. Kody here is one such cat. His owner Alex is a passionate yoga practitioner and instructor, so he regularly records himself doing yoga and uploads those videos online. One company that produces yoga mats for cats decided to send him one of their products to try, to which the Yogi happily obliged. But you see, Kody wanted to be on the human yoga mat! Yoga is a very tricky discipline and requires a lot of focus on balance, so a cat can only make things worse. That is when Kody’s owner brings out his very own yoga mat, with a ball attached, to keep him occupied. As soon as the kitty mat arrives, Kody stations himself on and doesn’t move. Now that is the definition of ZEN!

Kitten Tries His Best To Stay Awake For Playtime53s

Kitten Tries His Best To Stay Awake For Playtime

It has to be one of the cutest things to record a baby doing - trying to stay wide awake because of fun things happening around you, but they can’t fight the snooze. This adorable 4-week-old kitten just about falls asleep after lunch while his brothers practice some self-defense moves. Watch as he struggles to keep his tiny little eyes open, but fatigue takes over the tiny one, so he wobbles into sleep. Every time he catches himself already snoozing, he would jerk himself awake, only for his lids to start weighing heavy on him again. Poor fella. In the meantime, his brothers and sisters all run around in the pen, play wrestling or munching on some baby cat kibble. Then, all of a sudden, he almost drops to the floor, but one final jerk and a loud purr from mom wakes him out completely, only to find himself all alone. You snooze, you loose! While you are in the mood, you just have to check out this compilation of clips where kids fight fatigue with cuteness! Each one of the kiddos in this hilarious video are fighting their last battle against sleep, in an effort to be brave and stay awake! Cuteness overload!

Kitten Loves Chasing His Tail On The Cat Tree1m37s

Kitten Loves Chasing His Tail On The Cat Tree

Aren’t kittens just the best? Every species’ baby is cute and adorable in its own particular way, but kittens are a special kind of adorable! They curious nature, driven by an ancient hunter’s instinct, makes for endless hours of entertainment when you get a baby cat as a pet. This kitten’s owners opted for a homemade cat tree from an old walnut branch and furniture scraps. Both their cats love the climber, but the kitten loves it the most, as you can see from this hilarious clip. This orange tabby is called Mr. Scott, or Scotty as his humans lovingly call him. He tries his very best to understand how the cat tree works in this funny clip. His favorite spot is the hole in the second tier, so that he can poke his head through and chase his tail on the other side! At one point, it seems that Scotty is taken aback by how that tail knows exactly when he will pounce at it, retrieving at the same time. How does it do that?! You might notice that his tail is crooked, because it had been broken when they got him. But Scotty doesn’t mind that his tail’s not straight like his big sister’s; it is still the best toy in the world! In case Mr. Scott’s name sounds familiar to you, then you are probably a Star Trek fan, just like his owners! His owner’s named him after the lovable Chief Engineer from The Original Series.

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Three-Legged Rescue Kitty More Agile Than Most Cats22s

Three-Legged Rescue Kitty More Agile Than Most Cats

Eevie is a three-legged rescue cat that has found her loving forever home. This mouse toy is her absolute favorite, impressively catching it in mid-air and even more impressive to witness in super slow-motion! Her life story starts out a bit sad - she was run over a careless motorcyclist, an accident in which she lost one of her front legs. Luckily, kind-hearted people found her immediately and saved her from certain death. She was then put up for adoption, and eventually found her way to a loving home with two other cats that are now her brothers and protect her and love her very much. She is now a spoiled kitty that enjoys playing, lounging and catching bugs around the house. If you're ever wondering what it's like to take care of a disabled cat, don't be discouraged - cats are very resourceful and know how to quickly adapt to new environment. Adopting (and not buying) pets is a very humane thing to do and that's why there are lots of campaigns that raise awareness for this issue. There are countless animals that just wait to share their love with families and you can change their whole life by adopting one. The affection you'll get is unlike any other.

This Cat Actually Likes Walking In Water11s

This Cat Actually Likes Walking In Water

What is the one thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘cat’? Stealthy thief? Four-legged ninja? Spawn of the Underground? How about ‘deathly afraid of water’? Surely, you were all nodding your heads in agreement, because we can feel the breeze. As frequently as cats bathe themselves during the day, it makes sense that they would enjoy taking a bath in the tub as well. There have even been instances of cats drinking water under a running tap! But if you ever have tried to put your cat under running water to bathe it, then we condole with your battle wounds. You will be remembered. It might surprise you that some domestic cats actually enjoy the water, particularly if they live in a region that has a hot, dry climate. The water is cool and refreshing to the cat, and she might like to swim or just soak in it. And then, there are felines like sweet Nathan. In this clip, we see the gorgeous black cat walking through the shallow waters of the ocean, as her owner is filming him. The wind seems to be blowing quite strongly, which is probably why good Nathan has such an annoyed look on his face. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s a champ in the water!

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Cat Loves Fishing Spaghetti Out Of Owner’s Mouth1m00s

Cat Loves Fishing Spaghetti Out Of Owner’s Mouth

This man was trying to have his lunch in a quiet atmosphere and enjoy a nice bowl of spaghetti. However, that is not what his cat had in mind. Do cats like spaghetti? This funny clip will definitely answer that question! Footage shows a man sitting and dining, with his cat sitting in his lap and hopelessly trying to steal some of the delicious spaghetti. When the cat realizes that the man is not intending to share his meal with her, she decided to find her own way of sneaking in. When the man twists the spaghetti around the fork and puts the big roll of spaghetti in his mouth, the cat spots some of the spaghetti strings hanging from his mouth and she makes a stretch to reach some. She opens her mouth and feeds on the hanging spaghetti strings. It is both adorable and gross at the same time! This reminds me of the famous spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp cartoon. The cat is shamelessly fishing the hanging spaghetti out of her owner’s mouth, hoping that the man won’t notice and catch her red handed. It is funny to see that this cat is ready to do anything just to get a belly full.

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Kitten tries walking with leash, fails adorably2m02s

Kitten tries walking with leash, fails adorably

It seems like there are many cats walking on a leash these days and it's not such an unusual thing any more. But people shouldn't take it for granted and expect that their little kitten will accept the leash instantly and walk like some cats in an online video. Oh no, there's a long process to get there and owners need to be patient and consistent with a leash training. Cats, especially indoor cats, can benefit a lot if they are trained to walk on a leash. Outdoor activity can enhance their quality of life by providing additional mental and visual stimulation in a safe way. It enriches their lives with new experiences and can help maintain a healthier weight. Outdoor exploration can also boost cat's confidence, making them less stressed and more satisfied. There are lots of advises and detailed steps on how to approach this matter but this video is not about that. It's about Jeremy the Ragdoll and his first ever experience with a leash. After some training he got much better and learned to walk on a leash like a professional but this is what it looked like the very first time. In short, it was funny, cute and unsuccessful! Basically this is what people can expect when they first put a leash on their cat. So remember to be patient with your cats, they need to be gently introduced to walking on a leash, and all those internet cats that are walking on a leash like it's a normal thing, didn't get there over the night but with lots of training.

This old cat's 39s

This old cat's "roar" will melt your heart

This cat's name is Ollie and he is 13 years old. He was adopted by a happy family about 5 years ago. He is such a gentle and loving cat. He is so grateful to be living in a happy home. Ollie's meow has gotten grittier with age. Now he has such a unique meow that really sets him apart from other cats. He sounds like a young lion learning how to roar (like Simba in 'The Lion King'). He is getting old these days, but he is still the friendliest and sweetest cat you've ever seen. He loves to cuddle and get love from his owners. But hes always making these crazy baby roaring sounds. Such a cutie! What a unique cat! Have you ever seen a cat before that has this type of unique meow?

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