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Kitten tries walking with leash, fails adorably2m02s

Kitten tries walking with leash, fails adorably

It seems like there are many cats walking on a leash these days and it's not such an unusual thing any more. But people shouldn't take it for granted and expect that their little kitten will accept the leash instantly and walk like some cats in an online video. Oh no, there's a long process to get there and owners need to be patient and consistent with a leash training. Cats, especially indoor cats, can benefit a lot if they are trained to walk on a leash. Outdoor activity can enhance their quality of life by providing additional mental and visual stimulation in a safe way. It enriches their lives with new experiences and can help maintain a healthier weight. Outdoor exploration can also boost cat's confidence, making them less stressed and more satisfied. There are lots of advises and detailed steps on how to approach this matter but this video is not about that. It's about Jeremy the Ragdoll and his first ever experience with a leash. After some training he got much better and learned to walk on a leash like a professional but this is what it looked like the very first time. In short, it was funny, cute and unsuccessful! Basically this is what people can expect when they first put a leash on their cat. So remember to be patient with your cats, they need to be gently introduced to walking on a leash, and all those internet cats that are walking on a leash like it's a normal thing, didn't get there over the night but with lots of training.

This old cat's 39s

This old cat's "roar" will melt your heart

This cat's name is Ollie and he is 13 years old. He was adopted by a happy family about 5 years ago. He is such a gentle and loving cat. He is so grateful to be living in a happy home. Ollie's meow has gotten grittier with age. Now he has such a unique meow that really sets him apart from other cats. He sounds like a young lion learning how to roar (like Simba in 'The Lion King'). He is getting old these days, but he is still the friendliest and sweetest cat you've ever seen. He loves to cuddle and get love from his owners. But hes always making these crazy baby roaring sounds. Such a cutie! What a unique cat! Have you ever seen a cat before that has this type of unique meow?

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Fluffy Cat Shows Off Flawless Makeup Routine11s

Fluffy Cat Shows Off Flawless Makeup Routine

Ah, cats. Those mysterious and fluffy creatures never cease to amaze us. It's no wonder they took control over the Internet with their cute and funny videos. The next step is probably total world domination, but we'd have to wait to see how that would play out for them. With the internet being flooded with their videos, we are never short of cat content - you can see it all - kitties slapping dogs, kitties adorably grooming themselves, kitties barging into IT offices, and in this instance - a kitty that has an undying love for makeup and brushes. Oscar is a very loving cat, and among other things, she is an aspiring makeup artist! Yes, there are countless makeup tutorials out there, beauty vloggers at every corner, but she is something else! Watch as she brushes her face against these soft brushes - maybe she's trying out the perfect contouring routine. Although we have to admit that she doesn't need any makeup to be beautiful (because she already is), our guess is that she's getting ready for a date! Oscar is trying to fix her face due to the surprise blind date his owner has planned for her tonight. Take a look at the effort she puts in to look his best! Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well!

Meepo the cat loves to take showers1m13s

Meepo the cat loves to take showers

These people adopted Meepo when he was two months old. The boy is a British Longhair cat with a typical long coat of fur, so it's a real mission for them to keep this fluff cotton ball clean, especially when they are living in a place with a hot and humid climate. At first, they were worried that Meepo would not like water like most other cats and it would be difficult to bathe him without having some scratches on their arms. But Meepo surprised them by being so calm during the process and enjoyed letting the water run through his fur and wash away the dirt. He also loves playing around with stuff in the bathroom and is very happy there. Now, they give him a pamper session in the shower every Saturday to maintain his fabulous and adorable look.

Kitten Is Very Excited About His Fancy New Bed1m28s

Kitten Is Very Excited About His Fancy New Bed

Kitten thinks everything is a toy! Jeremy the Ragdoll isn't too eager about sleeping in this strange looking new bed but he sure loves to play with it! Funny and cute! Kittens are very playful and extremely interested in all new things. When kitten first arrives in new home, it is not strange that the owner wants to spoil it and goes out buying all kinds of specialized cat accessories… The fact that many times those fancy gadgets turn out to be much more interesting to humans than to cats is a subject for a different story – well-known example of a cat much more interested in the box in which his new gadget was packed than for the gadget itself. In this video you can see young Ragdoll kitten Jeremy and his reaction to one of those strange looking cat accessories, an owl-head shaped cat bed. Of course, he almost never use it for what it is intended for and never sleeps in it but he loves to use it as one of his favorite playgrounds. Kittens learn through playing so it is not a surprise when they see everything as an exciting new toy. It is so cute to watch him carelessly run around, catching the ball and so funny to see him biting the owl’s nose.

Tuxedo cat sets off on skateboarding adventure33s

Tuxedo cat sets off on skateboarding adventure

Trixie has learned to ride a skateboard. His owner tried to teach him slowly with a leash and gain his confidence to stay on the board. Those skateboarding dogs have some serious competition coming their way!

Exhausted Cat Passes Out On The Desk And Starts Snoring Like An Old Man31s

Exhausted Cat Passes Out On The Desk And Starts Snoring Like An Old Man

Videos of kittens snoring are adorable. However this may not be so cute when it’s early in the morning and your cat sounds like a ripsaw on the pillow next to you. Snoring in cats is not as common as in dogs and is usually caused by some kind of partial obstruction in the upper airway. The low-pitched sound usually results from soft tissue or fluid interfering with the smooth passage of air through the nose or throat. As in people, it may be just positional and relatively harmless, but in some cases, snoring may indicate a medical problem in the cat. This cat must have had quite the day and barely got the chance to relax and get some quality nap. Hearing Mr. Stinky snore, growl and hiss in his sleep will make you laugh out loud! There is no doubt that this cat dropped dead from exhaustion, Mr. Stinky is snoring like an old man, with his eyes half-opened and his paws jerking. He makes the most hilarious and both ridiculous sound there is! You could have never imagined hearing this weird noise coming out of a cat! It is like hearing an old man snoring from next door which leaves you without any sleep. The cat must be dreaming of something not very pleasant because the sounds he makes seem hostile.

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Silly Cat Uses Cactus To Scratch Her Face15s

Silly Cat Uses Cactus To Scratch Her Face

What are cats, anyway? Balls of fluff with the occasional scratch and a bite, the love to cuddle and scream when the food in their bowls shows the bottom. What cat would like to eat from a bowl that looks empty, anyway? But the most defining feature of every feline, anywhere in the world is their curiosity. It is what killed the cat in the ancient proverb, because when a cat gets into her hunting mode, everything looks like a good kill...until they miss the floor or fall down in a hole. Cats will check out anything and everything that sparks their interest; doesn’t matter if it moves on the wind or by itself, or just sits in a clay pot on a shelf somewhere and “absorbs the negative energy". If it looks interesting enough, a cat will pounce it and then learn from the experience. Or not, because cats can behave like goldfish too, if it suits them. Luna the toyger kitty was curious enough to approach this pear-y shaped cactus near a window in her owner Karin Mosseri’s home in San Francisco. The cactus doesn’t seem all too threatening, really; since it is still barely a succulent, its pricks and short and soft, making them an excellent brush for the cat! We will take a guess and say that experience has taught Luna just how much pressure to apply to the plant to get just enough of a scratch, without ending up with cactus pricks all over her face! Check out Luna on Instagram: @sf_meow

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Cat Protects His House From A Vicious Fiend In The Form Of Spam Mail2m03s

Cat Protects His House From A Vicious Fiend In The Form Of Spam Mail

Could you imagine what it must be like to work as a mailman? Not to mention all the mileage you have to pass everyday, loaded with letters and packages, delivering the mail to thousands citizens… it’s a tedious job, but someone has to do it! Mailmen get to meet all sorts of folk on the job - friendly folk, hostile folk, quirky folk, and they all have some sort of pet. In this video, we see someone, probably a mailman but we can’t say for sure, trying to put mail inside someone’s home through the mail slot on their door, but gets rudely interrupted every single time by a tiny, angry tiger! We can’t tell where or when the footage was taken, only that is was probably shot with a cellphone camera during the delivery person’s regular route. This professional seems to know very well what they should expect when they get at this home, so they come out of their van prepared. What is also clear is that this feline, protector of his realm, has a thing for spam mail, so every time the person tries to pop and envelope or flyer inside, tiny claws poke through the slot, dragging the mail in or pushing it out. However typical feline behavior, not all cats seem to be this hostile with postal workers! A Postman from New Zealand Post enjoys his daily mail run in the town of Taranaki because he gets greeted by a friendly neighborhood cat, demanding to be pet!

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Cat obsessed with images on computer screen1m32s

Cat obsessed with images on computer screen

Watch sweet Selene as she tries (unsuccessfully) to catch a meal. She could spend hours just sitting in front of the screen until she'd be actually hungry and go to the kitchen asking for a real bite of something!

Mimi The Cat Models Bow Tie And Glasses1m27s

Mimi The Cat Models Bow Tie And Glasses

Who knew that a funky, playful thing such as a cat can be a model? Mimi's fashion game is on point! We see her sitting on the sill of her owner’s window, looking longingly into the distance with a subtle squint of the eyes, like all models are known to do. It makes them look mysterious, all sexy and alluring. Well, not the cats, the human models we see in magazines and on billboards know what we mean. Mimi is the more feminine half of a viral feline model duo. Her brother Tom is also in the modeling business, spotted in a different video wearing a similar outfit, with with a more masculine touch. Tom sports his bow tie and glasses with a dose of wisdom and perplexity, looking rather dashing as he crosses his front paws, sprawled up on the floor. Tom has his dose of mystery about him as well, only he makes it look butch and tough. Mimi is gentler about her posing, stretching her legs on the window so that her bright white fur may glisten in the sunlight. They both certainly know how to make love to the camera! Someone get these cats to the nearest catwalk!

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Learn What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You4s

Learn What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You

This cat thinks you're good looking and winks to prove it! So smooth! Everyone who gets told by a cat that she finds them good enough to look at should consider themselves lucky at least! Anyone who has ever kept a cat as an animal companion will tell you that they have seen their feline furbabies blink at them a couple of times over their lifespans. It may look like seductive blink, or a scoff, but since cats can be quite ambiguous in the manner, learning to interpret their body language is the first step towards building a healthy, profound relationship with your cat. Wondering what your cat is saying to you? First of all, fun fact: cats are only vocal with their human companions, but they also use a variety of signals in the posture of their body and facial expressions to convey a message to their hairless buddies. Cat lingo might be like the Klingon language to some of you, difficult to understand and harder to decipher still. But all those signs mean something for your cat and being able to at least guess them will give you a happy kitty. One of those profoundly confusing signals is the slow blink. When a cat greets another cat or a person with slow, languid blinks, it's communicating affection. Why? Because in the feline world, closing one’s eyes in the presence of another is the ultimate sign of trust. So next time you see Captain Whiskers blinking slowly in your general direction, blink slowly at him too, to tell him you are aware of his presence and pose him no threat.

Bet You Haven't Seen A Cat Enjoy Pampering Like This Before12s

Bet You Haven't Seen A Cat Enjoy Pampering Like This Before

We all know that kittens love to get pampered, along with all the attention they require. Watch as this kitty in particular totally zones out when it sees the owner approach with the brush. Take a look at the face that little guy makes, he reaches nirvana! If you have a cat, we’re guessing that it probably didn’t take long for your feline pal to win your heart. Kitties are absolutely adorable, and can make wonderful pets. It’s no wonder that so many of us like to pamper our cats! Sometimes at the end of a long, hard day there can be nothing better than a nice brushing time. This amusing video of a cat enjoying pampering so much will definitely melt your heart. The cat sees that the owner approaching his fur with a fine little brush and before the owner even put the brush into his head the cat starts blinking and has a very satisfying look on its face. How adorable! Cats are classy and love getting pampered and groomed. They cry for attention and want to be the center of your world! If your feline buddy enjoys brushing, this is another great way to spoil her a bit. Offer your cat praise, cuddles, and compliments while you’re brushing her, so your flurry little diva knows she’s being pampered.