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Cat loves to play fetch with owner24s

Cat loves to play fetch with owner

This cat may be part Golden Retriever! She has been known to fetch socks, bras and even small rocks on command. Take a look!

Published: September 19, 2017Updated: September 20, 20172,325 viewsVirality: 9%
Talented Cats Show Off Array Of Tricks2m00s

Talented Cats Show Off Array Of Tricks

Let’s be honest here. When we think of cats, the last thing that comes to our minds is that they are obedient and extremely friendly. However, these two beauties are here to prove us wrong. Alex and Lani are two adorable and extremely beautiful Russian Blue cats that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They are quite similar to dogs, and before we get mauled to death by cat lovers, let’s just explain why we think that is a good thing. Dogs are known to be human’s best friends. They are always by our side, they will basically do anything to make us happy and they love to play. So what’s not to love about that. One of their feats however, is performing all kinds of tricks. And this is where we draw the resemblance between dogs and these two pretty girls. Alex and Lani can do tricks, and they do them perfectly. It all starts with a bit of turning around each other, then follows with a fist bump and a few high fives. It’s amazing how many things they can do for a bit of treats. Still, we don’t mind. In fact, we’re very impressed. Keep up the good work, girls!

Published: September 15, 2017Updated: September 18, 201719,337 views
Adorable Kitty Poses For The Camera With New Bow Tie, And Our Hearts Are Melting19s

Adorable Kitty Poses For The Camera With New Bow Tie, And Our Hearts Are Melting

It’s funny how we tend to forget that our beloved pets are not human like us. We seek to humanize them as much as possible. We start by giving them human names, to dressing them in cute human outfits and even building them their own tiny houses. When it comes to dogs, it’s fairly simple. As much as we try to make them more human, they will get those clothes muddy and remind us that, no, they won’t change for us. However, cats are on a whole different level when it comes to playing human. You can easily forget that the furball that pees on the carpet isn’t your baby when you see them trying to cuddle and get pampered at any hour of the waking day. There are many crazes when it comes to dressing up cats, but there is one that stays throughout it all: the elegant bow tie. Bow ties make cats appear even more regal and classy than they are, and the world loves it too much. It doesn’t matter the material or the shape, as long as it’s able to stick to a cat’s neck, it’s fair game. Check out the fashion sense of this kitty. Looking like a hundred bucks!

Published: September 14, 201716,842 views
Kitty Is Baffled By Donut On The Kitchen Stand, Gives Hilarious Reaction1m09s

Kitty Is Baffled By Donut On The Kitchen Stand, Gives Hilarious Reaction

The vastness of the world holds many wonders and we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are a lot of things we don’t know and there are a lot of things we’re just now finding out. We’re shooting for the stars but we have yet to discover the secrets hidden in the darkest depths of our oceans. And it’s all very normal. Earthlings are curious creatures. That’s how we survive. That’s how we thrive on this planet. The things we’re familiar with don’t have to be the things others know about and vice versa. So it comes as no surprise that this confused feline is wary of a harmless Krispy Kreme donut sitting on the kitchen counter. Simon the cat has a problem comprehending the use and purpose of this sugary goodness. It’s his first time encountering one and he has a hard time holding on to his curiosity. He tries to probe the donut with his outstretched paw, but retreats at the last minute out of fear. Eventually, he gets the courage he needs to touch it, and tries it out a few times for the feel of it. Don’t worry, he won’t eat it, but he will gladly check it on his to do list, under the task “fight a donut”. Super cute!

They Open The Drywall After Hearing Weird Noises And Find A Litter Of Kittens Inside2m49s

They Open The Drywall After Hearing Weird Noises And Find A Litter Of Kittens Inside

Surely you are familiar with the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, which is applicable in various instances. Cats are able to get themselves in such tight places and stick there, because they saw something move and heard some kind of noise. Killer instinct and all that. But when cats are expecting their kittens, they get into these tight and dark spaces because they feel they will be safe there. Of course they can’t know what dangers might lie in those spaces, which is why this family started hearing meowing noises from behind their dry wall. Recognizing the familiar sound of kittens in distress, the woman wraps her hand in a sock to protect herself from scratches from the drywall of tiny, needle-like claws, cuts a hole in the wall, removes the insulation and starts digging behind. Feral kittens are the worst to remove from anywhere basically, unless they are famished or exhausted, but this brave woman spared her time to help these innocent little beings from remaining trapped there. Four kittens have managed to find themselves trapped inside that wall. Watch this woman's heroic efforts as she rescues them one by one. Amazing! This woman heard those same calls for help from the middle of her garden and when she dug a hole in that spot, she found a pipe she didn’t know was there and a kitten lodged tightly inside!

Published: September 13, 2017Updated: September 14, 2017304,858 views
Owner finds cat in the strangest place15s

Owner finds cat in the strangest place

Rufus is a giant orange tabby that likes to go outside during the day. When his owner hears a knock at the door, she didn't expect to see this!

Published: September 13, 2017Updated: September 14, 20171,135 views
Feline Felon Models Prisoner Outfit 51s

Feline Felon Models Prisoner Outfit

We know how sometimes it can get really boring around the house and why not play dress up with your pet. Here we have a cute kitty that has been dressed up like a thief in order to amuse his owner. He's name is Butters and his goal for today is to brighten up your day. This cat looks so adorably stupid it will definitely make you fall down laughing. His Mojo is just at the perfect rate and his style is unquestionable. This look totally works on him. His owner has made it even better by supplying him with a cat toy that swings right in front of his face as he very gently tries to grab it with his paws. All and all, he seems very leyed back and relaxed and happy to perform for his owner. This cat will definitely put you in a happy mood as he's look is just too ridiculous to miss out on. Must watch and share with friends that are cat lovers. Butters has been sentenced to jail due to possession of catnip and intent to sell. However, he's the cutest prisoner ever!

Published: September 7, 2017Updated: September 12, 20171,657 views
Cat clearly says 18s

Cat clearly says "no" to owner's question

Scarlett was feeling particularly sorry for herself on this day. When asked if she was going to sit there and whine, she clearly replies, "No!"

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