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Lazy Cat Won’t Even Open His Eyes To Meow In Protest38s

Lazy Cat Won’t Even Open His Eyes To Meow In Protest

Watch as Gary answers his owner when asked if he's tired. Hysterical!It seems like this kitten likes to sleep, after running and fiddling with its owner for a long time. In this video we can see when kitten Gary decides to lie down in his exclusive bedroom with style! Watch as Gary answers his owner when asked if he's tired. Hysterical! Gary seems to be rested and comfortable with his four legs stretched and with his very special way of sleeping . When suddenly his owner decides to approach and annoy him Gary is angry. Owner asks Gary if he is tired; The lazy feline has a very hysterical way of reacting. Watch how he starts meowing repeatedly and breathing rapidly just to let owner that he hates being awakened. Gary’s desire to doze off during the entire day is truly contagious! This cat wants to sleep for hours without being interrupted! This video focuses on this cute and nice lazy kitten with yellow fur, who gets in a bad mood when he is interrupted in his sleep. The funny way he reacts is adorable. Are you tired? I think you're just a very lazy sleepyhead! Gary likes to sleep for hours in his black box and in a very unique way, by stretching his big paws across the floor; and when he is interrupted by his owner he gets mean and gets owner an evil eye. Gary can not even open his eyes, he chooses to ignore owner. What a lazy feline! Gary can sleep for hours without being disturbed as he is treated like a member of the family and he is very spoiled. He is a beautiful fluffy animal that everyone would wish to have in their home. Despite having his own bedroom, Gary prefers another favorite place to sleep. The cameras capture how Gary is sleeping on a black box which does not affect his dream in any way. How tender it is to see this animal dozing off in a strange position. Reportedly, cats can sleep anywhere and in any position. Gary likes to sleep up to 14 hours a day. We see why Gary is so fat! It shows that he loves to eat and immediately go to sleep. This greedy kitten is very similar to the famous animated kitten Garfield, maybe Gary is short from Garfield? After doing his antics in the yard and throughout the house, Gary hits his favorite place to sleep and dozes off for the day. Therefore, it is very sarcastic from owner to ask him if he's tired. Of course, Gary responds in the same way, he opens his mouth and makes owner understand what he’s thinking. We are sure he even cursed in cat language! Shame! Tell us what you think of this clip. Do you think round cats like Gary tend to sleep more than thin pets? If you liked this video do not forget to share it, so that other people can see it and enjoy it as much as we did!! Have you ever had an experience like this before? Being ignored by your pets and receiving the evil eye? Share your stories in the comment section below as we will be more than happy to hear them!

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Cat only loves owner for his beard28s

Cat only loves owner for his beard

Jagger decides to show his owner a little love with an adorable head boop. This is an everyday thing and he won't stop unless he gets the attention he wants!

Cat suddenly emerges from unexpected hiding spot24s

Cat suddenly emerges from unexpected hiding spot

While he was working away at the desk in the study, a man heard a very unusual sound coming from under the couch cushions behind him. The cushions were moving as if something was going to come out. Realizing that it could only be the family cat, he began to record. As expected, the cat began to claw her way out, appearing first as just a paw. Then a nose, then a face, and finally her whole body. This couch is actually a pull out bed and the underside is a mattress that folds and stows under the cushions. It seems that Mitzy has discovered that the couch has a safe and secret space for her to crawl into and nap. She must have found this out by squeezing her face into the tiny gap between the cushions and the back of the couch. Mitzy was actually a stray cat who found her way into this home when a basement window was briefly left open on a freezing cold winter night 11 years ago. Ironically, the family didn't realize what had happened until the Great Dane puppy began barking and clawing at the couch in the basement. One of the children went to investigate and said "There's an animal in the couch". This caused quite a reaction. The family carefully removed the couch cushions, expecting anything other than a scared young cat with wide eyes. She was so skinny and hungry that it was obvious that she was a stray who was looking for warmth on a bitterly cold night. The cat had found a new home and now refuses to go outside. She and the Great Dane quickly found an understanding and the two got along well. Mitzy no longer needed to hide under or inside furniture. But it seems that Mitzy occasionally prefers the security of a hard to reach place and she sought out the inside of this new couch. Watching a cat emerge from such a small and unexpected spot is a humorous experience.

Soccer-Loving Cat Imitates Favorite Player's Celebration10s

Soccer-Loving Cat Imitates Favorite Player's Celebration

This funny video is for all those soccer fans out there, as it demonstrates the ‘Dele Alli’ challenge performed by a cat with the help of her owner, of course! Check out this hilarious video and enjoy this feline’s smooth moves! The 'Dele Alli' challenge started when Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli scored a goal against Newcastle and celebrated in quite a weird way. It involves making a circular shape using your thumb and index finger around your eye and then resting the remaining three fingers on your forehead. Many people on the internet have been attempting to mimic the celebration, which has resulted in many hilarious videos. Let's see if this cat can try it! Cats are amazing hunters. They have perfect senses and strong predatory instinct. Best way to get their attention and wake up their inner hunter is to slowly move some object away from them. They will instantly think it is a prey wanting to escape. Especially if you pull it away from their sight, behind some obstacle. In another hilarious video a cute kitten trying to grab a soccer ball with its paws while watching a World Cup match on TV. Reportedly, this 9-week-old kitten had just discovered the television set and was very much intrigued by the game of soccer. Curiosity killed the cat, so the little ball of fur got closer to the TV set and climbed on table to get a better look. Moments later, it started trying to catch the ball, much to owner’s amusement. Cuteness overload! For any soccer player — primarily midfielders and forwards — scoring a goal is the ultimate satisfaction. But, when these athletes aren’t on the field, many of them have another ambition: to become a master juggler, or better yet, to invent a unique signature that applies only to them, hence become recognizable to the public. This amazing soccer feline uses Dele Alli’s moves to put her name into fame! A very playful kitten hunts the soccer ball on the TV screen so vigorously, putting on a real show for owners, much to our entertainment. Check out how funny and cute it is when it tries its best to catch the ball. Cuteness overload! Have you ever witnessed the hilarious moment when a cat watches TV and tries to catch whatever is on the screen? It is a show nobody should miss! Enjoy! In this adorable video, a little kitten is watching a soccer match on TV and then attempts to catch the ball it notices on the big screen. After failing to snatch it pray over a dozen times, the tenacious little fellow doesn’t quit its intentions, and continues to move its tiny paws all over the screen, chasing after the soccer ball . This is exactly what you can see in this video. The curious kitten stares at the tv screen and obviously thinks that the tiny white ball is trying to escape behind the corner so it launches its tiny paws in an attempt to catch it, over and over again, failing every single time as the ball continues to move up and down the big screen. Owners explain that their baby cat is obsessed with the moving objects on their television screen, and it constantly tries to catch them. Very funny! Have you ever seen a kitten that is so much into sports that it wants to lend a helping hand to the players, by trying to pass the soccer ball around? Judging by its obsession with balls, this soccer fan cat is guaranteed to have a prosperous career in sports indeed! Have you ever tries to watch a soccer match with your pets watching and interacting with the TV? It is guaranteed to make the match more interesting. However, the cat’s sharp nails might damage the screen, so be careful when you allow your pet to touch the screen. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Cat sneaks underneath blankets to reclaim bed18s

Cat sneaks underneath blankets to reclaim bed

Whenever Pax's feline friend, Zoey, lays down on the bed, Pax deals with it by burrowing underneath the blankets and shoving her aside. It's extremely effective!

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Happy Cat Addicted To His Catnip Mouse Toy1m14s

Happy Cat Addicted To His Catnip Mouse Toy

It is totally inconceivable that a person who has access to the Internet and knows how to use it has not noticed that cats have totally taken over it and rule it with supremacy! But if you think that this is a modern phenomenon - you are dearly mistaken: not only that cats are trending for the past 10 years on the Internet but they are trending for millennia. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the drawings of cats in the Egyptian pyramids. But let us return to the present. YouTube is brimming with videos of cute kittens and every video is becoming an almost instant sensation. There are a lot of channels dedicated only to striped purring creatures, memes, gifs, demotivators, avatars with mustaches, tails and cat muzzles that have eclipsed the space of social networks, there are oceans of groups of feline lovers, which in fact are the most popular forms of online networking of pet enthusiasts. People who have not been dragged into the pool of kitty veneration, are dealing with a very logical question: "What aroused such interest in these soft-furred mousers? Why not dogs? Why not birds? Or fish? Why cats? ". Both the very culprits, doing the campaigns for promoting cats online, and the viewers and loyal cat fans even though they do their best to unravel the mystery of cat interest, they cannot provide a single definite answer, apart from: "But they are soo cuuuuute - don’t you just want to squeeeeeze theeem?", "Cat is my spirit animal, and I think that half the world agrees with me", "Cats ...hmm ... I just love them!", "Cause they are so funny and adorable." Watch the video at the top of the page and decide for yourself why cats are so adorable! Jack the cat lives indoors with mom and dad. His mom used to tell him and all the litter during suckling time, when all of them gathered for a little family time over dinner, that they come from a long line of fine-bread and pampered domestic cats who always had a pillow to sleep on inside the house. With generations, Jack's family was not forced to fend for themselves form the next meal. And still. All cats are hunters, and regardless how well-kept, how soft the paws are that silently walk on the carpeted floors, they will never forget the deeply ingrained hunter instinct. Check it out as Jack has a great time playing catch and rolling around with his catnip mouse toy. He has a winning combination there: his favorite toy and cat’s favorite herb! Jack has great paw-eye coordination! Catnip is a perennial herbaceous plant. Despite its spreading throughout Europe, North America and other countries, the real home of the catnip is North Africa. This plant contains up to 3% of essential oils which attract cats with their strong specific odor (the main component is nepetalactone). This feature also formed the basis of its name. Now you see why Jack is so happy! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Goofy Cat Naps In An Awkwardly Comfortable Position1m30s

Goofy Cat Naps In An Awkwardly Comfortable Position

Look at this kitten named Butters who in the next video is caught in his routine nap on the couch facing the sun. Butters likes to sleep on the couch! But the sun is so bright that the sleeping kitten has to hide his face and dig it in the cushion of the sofa. The important thing is that there is no doubt that Butters is very comfortable! The little Butters loves to sunbathe, without making the effort to go out into the garden; and the best thing is that he does it while he sleeps peacefully. Cats love to sleep a lot , but few do with a ray of sunshine in front of them. Butters is unique! The sleeping style of this beautiful kitten is something particular, this addition to the drama that puts his owner with the background music of an acoustic guitar, while focusing on his beautiful white and yellow fur with his small face nailed to the sofa, is very fun and adorable. The video focuses on our protagonist Butters, the sleeping kitten with ostrich complex, who likes to sunbathe inside the house while burying his small face with his mouth half open on the sofa. What an adorable kitten! The part where the camera captures something that padded the end of the leg of Butters will be the most tender and fluffy you'll see today, I assure you! This sweet kitten has a beautiful coat that no one would hesitate to caress repeatedly while on the couch watching TV. Butters seems to be a lazy kitten but very affectionate and quiet, a kitten who likes to sleep without caring that he might be recorded but let him sleep to his liking. How cute! Thinking about how comfortable Butters is, this kitten could use a small mask to sleep so that the sun would not bother him, and he would not have to bury his face on the couch in that funny way. Just imagine that it gives me an overdose of tenderness. Butters has a character! In the video, it seems that Butters loves and hates the sun's rays, it's something contagious. Butters does not want to tan his face, he's too lazy for that; but he wants to keep his body warm and somehow this makes him sleep soundly - this little one is an unusual cat . . It is evident in the video that Butters has that part of the sofa as his favorite side of sleeping and sunbathing, because only that area of ​​the sofa is full of hairs that stick on that place to mark his territory, and that nobody else takes his place from the comfortable and sunny cushion of the room. We hope that the few seconds of the video will draw a cheerful smile, and that the soft Butters has captivated you with his peculiar way of sleeping. Do not save the video just for you! Share it with your friends, family and acquaintances so that they also fall in love with little Butters. Also, if you have any opinion about the lovely video, please feel free to comment below.

Savannah Cat Is Furious Over New Kitten Addition1m31s

Savannah Cat Is Furious Over New Kitten Addition

This F2 Savannah cat clearly is not very happy with the addition of a new kitten into the family. Just listen to those growls! How many times have you seen a house cat so angry that you can hear it growling like a dog? Well for this video you finally get to see it if you have not already seen it. We know this was my first time seeing a cat so angry. The most we have seen is the occasional hissing, which makes no mistake, this cat does that as well. Apparently, the owners of this F2 Savannah cat decided to bring home a new kitten and welcome her to the family. This obviously does not go over too well with this Savannah cat. We guess it is going to have to get used to sharing all the family love! You might be thinking, F2 Savannah, what kind of cat is that? Well, we thought exactly the same, and you probably have never seen one in person as they are pretty rare. These cats are difficult to breed and are actually very expensive compared to regular domestic cat s and some actually can go for around 20,000 dollars! The reason these are difficult to breed is that they are a mix between a domestic cat and an African Serval, a wildcat that is found in Africa. They usually tend to stay to themselves in the wild and have great leaping, running, and swimming abilities. No wonder they can breed such great house cats! This explains the unique look of the Savannah cat, as it has pointed ears as well as wild kind of look to it that most domestic cats do not have. The F2 in its name stands for how far down the lineage of serval goes. An F1 cat might be the direct offspring of a Serval and domestic cat, F2 being the grandchild of a Serval, etc. As you go deeper down the lineage you have less of Serval genes in the cat, so an F1 might be 50% Serval and F2 might be 33%. This also causes the price to drop on these cats. No wonder this Savannah cat acted to vicious, it still has a decent amount of wildcat in it. Serval cats are known to claim their territory and you can see this F2 Savannah seems to have already claimed this as her house! When this Savannah cat sees its new roommate, it starts to get angry. The family brings a new kitten home, assuming a regular domestic kitten, and this Savannah can’t take its eyes off the kitten. You never see the kitten but I assume it is outside of the cage that the Savannah stays. This cat looks ready to pounce it as its eyes follow the kitten around. The Savannah starts to growl and seems as if the growls become more intense the longer the kitten is in its presence. That is one scary cat! It is so interesting to see the wild tendencies coming out of it, with growls like a dog and the hisses. Savannah cats are actually said to get along with dogs, so maybe this makes sense! It is going to be a tough journey for the kitten but I hope the owners can keep it safe!

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My cat run after me every time she sees rope16s

My cat run after me every time she sees rope

My cat run after me every time she sees rope Cats and other animals in general have gotten a bad rap as being aloof, unapproachable and unfriendly. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The 10 cat breeds listed here seem to have made it their mission to debunk these myths, showing genuine affection for their owners — and visitors —every chance they get. Don’t see your favorite breed listed here? Don’t worry! Virtually every breed of cat develops a strong and lasting bond with its owner and displays great manners . when guests visit.if you will, living your entire life in a dirty pen through summer, through winter, through fall, through spring. You have little knowledge of the human race other than sometimes, they might throw over a bite of food for you, but most of the time, they don't bother The Amazon rain forest is so thick with biodiversity that a new species is discovered there roughly every other day. But destruction and degradation of rainforests drive extinction and threaten the plants and animals that live there. #animals #friendly #catsfinstegram #threeetingbabies #lovelycat #homecat #childcat