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Bet You Haven't Seen A Cat Enjoy Pampering Like This Before12s

Bet You Haven't Seen A Cat Enjoy Pampering Like This Before

We all know that kittens love to get pampered, along with all the attention they require. Watch as this kitty in particular totally zones out when it sees the owner approach with the brush. Take a look at the face that little guy makes, he reaches nirvana! If you have a cat, we’re guessing that it probably didn’t take long for your feline pal to win your heart. Kitties are absolutely adorable, and can make wonderful pets. It’s no wonder that so many of us like to pamper our cats! Sometimes at the end of a long, hard day there can be nothing better than a nice brushing time. This amusing video of a cat enjoying pampering so much will definitely melt your heart. The cat sees that the owner approaching his fur with a fine little brush and before the owner even put the brush into his head the cat starts blinking and has a very satisfying look on its face. How adorable! Cats are classy and love getting pampered and groomed. They cry for attention and want to be the center of your world! If your feline buddy enjoys brushing, this is another great way to spoil her a bit. Offer your cat praise, cuddles, and compliments while you’re brushing her, so your flurry little diva knows she’s being pampered.

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Newborn Orphan Kitty Explores Its Surroundings10s

Newborn Orphan Kitty Explores Its Surroundings

When you’re growing up, you learn everything from your parents. Subconsciously and consciously, you adapt to life based on the way they tell you to, show you to, and teach you to. Everything about your future can depend on how well you’ve learned to take care of yourself in any situation that may arise. Without parents, sometimes life can become difficult and confusing. And the same goes for animals like this adorable little kitten. When you have kittens, puppies or any newborn animals that don’t get to grow up with their biological mother, it’s important to know and understand all that they’ll need to grow up fully functioning and aware of what’s expected of them. It’s important to make sure they always feel comforted. Even though you’re not their real mother, you’re their caretaker. This owner found an abandoned newborn kitten and decided to bring it home and try to raise it on his own. So, this is what the beginning of life looks like through the closed eyes of this newborn kitten. Take a look at his helpless struggle while his human is trying to comfort him. This video is incredibly heartwarming, it shows how helpless newborns are and why cat-lovers treat kittens like the babies they are. Watch this newborn little orange kitten trying to walk. It’s hard to imagine all of the food he will steal, carpets he will ruin, and curtains he will pull down in his likely future. But for now, this tiny ball of innocence is sweet and harmless.

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Nonchalant Kitty Loves To Go On Skateboarding Adventures8s

Nonchalant Kitty Loves To Go On Skateboarding Adventures

Playing fetch or taking a leisurely walk in the park doesn't seem to be enough for clever pets. Often they enjoy activities that are normally reserved for humans, such as skateboarding. You won't be able to resist laughing as you watch this adorable cat take on the task of its owner. It is a wonderful sunny day so Trixie, the cat, decided to take a ride on his skateboard. You heard well, Trixie, the Tuxedo cat, loves his skateboard adventures. He just hops on the skateboard and enjoys the joyous ride while constantly preserving his poker face attitude. Come and join Trixie the Tuxedo Skate Cat in his little catventures! This video of Trixie the skateboarding cat shows that cats are smart and teachable. She is enjoying the ride and has a nonchalant face expression like she doesn't have a care in the world, which she doesn't because she is a cats, and cats only live their best nine lives. If you're sick of all the bad news in the media and looking for a dose of inspiration, Trixie will give you a reason to smile today! If you liked watching Trixie ride, you should see this vocal cat chat with its owner or this funny cat-minion who cannot stop playing with his banana.

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Tuxedo Cat Is On His Way To Becoming A Professional Skateboarder 1m20s

Tuxedo Cat Is On His Way To Becoming A Professional Skateboarder

Let’s face it, cats are magnificent creatures. They might come as broody and extremely egocentric, but at the bottom of every kitten’s soul lies a talented and extremely intelligent individual. Take this Tuxedo cat for example. Trixie might seem like he is very uninterested, but his aloof behaviour makes him the perfect skateboarding cat. He skates on that board with passion, although it is not very noticeable. This guy can even perform tricks, but you are not worthy of seeing them just yet, you are going to have to wait for a few more episodes for that. And that is precisely what makes him a star. This kitty is very special, don’t let his cute face fool you. Although he adores the cuddles his owner gives him and the attention from all of the lady kittens, Trixie’s true passion is skateboarding. He’s also good at Math, seen by his ability to measure the velocity and the friction needed to perform his skateboard tricks. His owner doesn’t forget to reward him for his intelligence daily, by giving him tasty treats and kisses. In fact, his owner is his most humble fan, following him everywhere on his kitten adventures. It’s a hard life being a cat pro skateboarder.

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Pampered Cat Enjoys Getting Head Massages41s

Pampered Cat Enjoys Getting Head Massages

Butters loves to get attention first thing in the morning, and he loves getting his head massaged. Take a look at the face he makes while he gets massages, he finds his personal nirvana. Cat's life can be extremely stressful, all that scratching of furniture, playing with toys, chasing laser pointers, being petted all day, can leave you breathless and tired to the point when you just need to relax. Sounds rough right? Butters the cat relaxes daily tension by getting head massages from owner. In fact, it looks like he loves it, big time. Bizarrely, cats also enjoy giving massages too. So it's a win-win situation. Butters is also the snake-guy, second thing on his to-do list is snatching heads of toy snakes. Watch him eat these colorful snakes as if they are gummy bears. To some, the idea of massage for animals may seem frivolous. But the benefits of massage are clear, whoever the recipient. Physiologically, massage stimulates the nerves and the muscles, and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, relieves muscle spasms and helps flush away toxic compounds. Pet an animal and you have made a friend for a day. Massage an animal, and you have made a friend for life. Remember this wise thought the next time you are about to massage your pet.

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Surprisingly, This Cat Is Obsessed With Toy Snakes1m32s

Surprisingly, This Cat Is Obsessed With Toy Snakes

We all know how much cats love ribbons and string. Well, what does a snake remind you of? While most cats won’t eat a snake, they will hunt, chase, and play with them. This can either lead to killing them, damaging them, or at the very keeping them away. This cat called Butters is overly obsessed with plastic toy snakes. He just loves biting and chewing on them, and carrying them around in his mouth like prey. What a playful kitty! Often cats like to play with mice-like toys or just chase balls of fur. This one is different because he has a clear idea of wants he wants to be when he grows up, a snake buster. If he ever has such opportunity, he will sure grab it, and will do the same to the snake. This adorable cat just absolutely loves munching on plastic toys in the shape of snakes. He lets his imagination run wild and practices snake hunting with these snake-alike toys. He tastefully masticates on snake toys in different colors, his owners bought him a handful of plastic toys to keep him occupied. It is somehow scary to see how this cat is obsessed with the toy and immediately snatches its head and nibbles on it. Cats do wonders for pest control, and this guy will sure pass with flying colors!

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How to 20s

How to "deactivate" your cat

Pickles the cat demonstrates how easy it is to briefly, and harmlessly, deactivate your floor panther. Pickles was not harmed in any way in the making of this video!

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Lovable four eared cat has rare genetic mutation1m03s

Lovable four eared cat has rare genetic mutation

Stella is the most affectionate cat there is. She loves attention all day long and will even ask for her belly to be rubbed for more than the usual three seconds. What is truly unique about Stella is that she has a rare genetic mutation that caused her to be born with four ears. The smaller ears are distinct and separate from her larger ears. They sit behind the functional ears and they do not have ear drums or an ear canal. They do not cause Stella any difficulty nor do they give her superior hearing capabilities. The recessive gene which causes this to happen is extremely rare. It does not have a name and is not fully understood, but it is believed to exist in conjunction with reproductive and balance issues. Stella has a loving home at the Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario, where she lives with two other clinic cats who were rescued. Stella was dropped off at the hospital by a man who walked in and put her on the counter in a box. He turned and left without a word. Stella was in serious distress at the time, pregnant, although her kittens were no longer alive in her womb. She was suffering from a life threatening infection and needed an emergency C-section to save her life. Stella has recovered, even though she suffers some neurological damage, possibly from her genetic mutation or possibly from the infection. Nevertheless, she is a favorite among the clients who visit Sherbrooke Heights. She has also found a friend and snuggle buddy in one of the other clinic cats named Alvin. The two are inseparable.

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Fluffy Kitten Excited About Strange New Cat Tree1m26s

Fluffy Kitten Excited About Strange New Cat Tree

If you have ever moved into a new flat and not been able to contain your excitement at how good it is, perhaps you could sympathize with this cat. This cat's new toy tree looks like a giant flower and he flies around it like a little fur bee. It is so adorable! Cats' playful, watchful, and sometimes private nature guarantees they'll seek posts and perches to survey their surroundings. It ensures they'll select hidden hideouts to nap within and find surfaces to scratch upon. It also explains the occasional breaking into hunting mode when any moving object becomes prey. Cat trees provide a secure, durable pathway to the highest domain in your home. Most cats have no problem maneuvering quickly up and down the platforms and in and out of a cat tree. They provide an ideal solution to a cat's innate need for a lofty throne. Jeremy, the kitten, was just gifted a new cat tree and his excitement is a gift to us all. Just look at the faces he makes as he explores his new hiding nest. His excitement will sure brighten your day! We all love receiving presents and we can get very excited when given a new thing. This fluffy cat is overly excited about his new present, and curiously explores every detail. This is how kittens are by nature. Jeremy blends in perfectly in the flower cat tree, chameleon style.

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This Kitten Learns Physics In A Way We All Would Have Loved To1m40s

This Kitten Learns Physics In A Way We All Would Have Loved To

When it comes to kids - anyone’s kids - the best way to learn something that will stick with them is through play! Kids starts learning about things from an early wage by drawing or coloring. Cats learn by playing day in and out! Jeremy the Ragdoll kitten knows this perfectly well! With his Turbo Scratcher, one of the best multipurpose cat toys you can find online, Jeremy learns about the fun in physics, the importance of scratching and the fun aspects of gravity! If fact, it may just turn out that gravity is a cat’s best friend, because every time Jeremy pushes that ball, it comes right back down again, inviting the kitten to play! The Turbo Scratcher is the perfect toy for cats - it has a ball that moves, but doesn’t go very far and a cardboard part to scratch to its heart’s desire! What more can a kitten ask for? Though they are known to be lively beings, even cats have days when they would rather lay down and do nothing except breathe and soak in the warmth. This lazy cat happened to be having such a day and she apparently wanted to lay down on her favorite toy, but she chose the wrong one, because this one moves! Annoyed by the ball, the cat keeps pushing it away, but the damn thing comes right back again!

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Curious Kitten Goes After Human Shadow7s

Curious Kitten Goes After Human Shadow

Watch as this curious kitten goes up against a human shadow for the very first time. This little kitten is learning about shadows and he is up for a big surprise when he finds out that they are very hard to catch! Cats are all about 'stalking and hunting'. They are always looking for some interaction and adrenaline driven games. From chasing tails to chasing shadows, you name it! They wiggle their back legs as they get ready to pounce on their prey. These play behaviors are linked to prey stalking, attacking and predation in nature. Dancing shadows on a wall will prompt cats to run and leap to examine all moving shapes. Especially kittens, very young at age, will be puzzled with the appearance of any form of shadow and will give it a try and go chasing after. This little kitty is eager to play. Her human puts her up for a very long chase game as he makes shape figures with his hand and fingers that fascinate the cat. Little fellow almost immediately jumps after the prey in desperate need to catch it, but all in vain. This is how you entertain your kitten, all night long! It is a very amusing game, both for the pet and the owner.

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Diva cat meows the house down26s

Diva cat meows the house down

This fluffy kitty loves the sound of his own voice. He parades around the house demanding to be fed and asks for doors (and a window!) to be opened. Bet you've never heard a meow quite like it...

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Adorable Kitten Suckles Milk From Bottle5s

Adorable Kitten Suckles Milk From Bottle

This owner is just too enthusiastic to let this priceless moment slip away. Cat-persons would agree how adorable is to watch kittens being fed with bottle. This tiny kitten is drinking from his bottle, while being wrapped in a cozy pink blanket, and that brings on the charm. This video will make you want to snuggle up next to this little guy! Is there anything cuter than a baby animal? Yes, a baby animal drinking milk from a bottle. This baby kitten knows how to use his bottle, and makes adorable suckling noises as he hands on to the bottle, just in case it slips away. This cute little princess is comfortable lying on its back and enjoying her warm beverage. She is being fed with a bottle and wrapped like burrito in a cozy blanket. Sometimes baby animals can’t drink from their mothers for whatever reason, and these little orphans must rely on the help of caring humans and adorable baby bottles to get the nutrients that they need. If you find yourself in this situation, you should allow the kitten to suckle at his own pace. If a kitten refuses to suckle, try stroking the kitten’s back or gently rubbing her on her forehead. This stroking is similar to momma cat’s cleaning and it may stimulate the kitten to nurse.

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Kitten Adorably Pampers Herself, Melts Our Hearts In The Process 13s

Kitten Adorably Pampers Herself, Melts Our Hearts In The Process

Ah, we could waste away all of our day just looking at baby kittens looking at us. Their eyes are so expressive, it’s like they are asking us to help them rule the world by helping other tiny kittens like them when in reality, they probably want to be left alone to groom in peace. We are suckers for those big googly eyes and they know it. Cats in general don’t have a very exciting day. Their routine exists of sleeping, grooming, sleeping again, eating, sleeping, eating some more, sleeping, falling asleep while getting a few behind the ear scratches from their owners, and that’s pretty much it. If left on their own, they can sleep up to 16 hours of the day. It’s safe to say that they are living the life. Take this kitty for example. This adorable creature is lounging in her Catsle, opting for a bit of grooming before bedtime. She is giving the most adorable look while licking her paws. If there is one thing that is great about cats as pets is that they are able to take care of their hygiene by themselves. The only thing their owner has to do is to clean the litter box and ad food and water on a regular basis. So, who’s up for saving tiny kittens and making them rule the world?!

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Cat determined to save electric energy11s

Cat determined to save electric energy

Every time his owner goes to the bathroom, Seven the cat just has to come in the bathroom and turn the lights out. Is he trying to save energy or is he just messing with his owner. Take a look at this video and make your guess! Either way, that's too funny!

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When This Cat Tried To Communicate With Her Big Brother, It Turned Out Just As Expected19s

When This Cat Tried To Communicate With Her Big Brother, It Turned Out Just As Expected

Cats are big on personal space, in terms that they quite strongly protect their own, but couldn’t care less about your own. If you ever tried to approach a cat first, you probably know what we are talking about. Invading a cat’s own personal space will likely result in a few shallow and several deeper scratches, a bite here and there and definitely a lifelong dislike of the entire feline kind! People have been scarred for life, figuratively and quite literally, after their tried to interact with a cat that would rather be left the hell alone. Reading a cat’s signs that she would like to be left alone can be rather difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the feline species, but every once in awhile even cats themselves fail to recognize the signs they send to each other, resulting in a very hilarious cat fight. Here’s what we are talking about: Kylo the grey and white cat is communicating to Bones, the other cat, that she needs her space. See how she puts her front paws on her big brother’s face and tries to push him away. He makes some futile attempts to catch her off guard by extending a paw towards her side, but she nibbles on it and he pulls it right back. Kylo wants to show him who's boss, but that is all about to change and we think you all know what’s about to happen in the end.

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Generous cats reward owner with dual massage34s

Generous cats reward owner with dual massage

These two kitties are clearly satisfied with their owner about one thing or another. It seems that a massage is in order to show their gratitude towards their lovely friend. Awesome!

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Elegant cat masters game of fetch46s

Elegant cat masters game of fetch

Whaaa? Yeah, that's right, a cat playing fetch! The fact that this kitty behaves like a dog is just the most interesting thing ever. Take a look at how she enjoys running after the ball as if she is a dog, but totally pulls a cat-like move when she retrieves it. This cat is just too elegant!

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