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Couch Potato Cat Watches Television With A Pacifier In Her Mouth30s

Couch Potato Cat Watches Television With A Pacifier In Her Mouth

Cats - if they are not shredding your couch or totally ignoring you, they are probably sucking on your blankets, or in this case your pacifiers! Often times cats and kittens will suck on blankets, earlobes or else, which is usually the result of them having been taken from their mothers too soon after they were born. The sucking comforts them and is similar to a child sucking his thumb. Newborn and young animals feel the need to suckle just as human infants do, but they will usually suck on blankets, causing wetness and uncomfortable conditions for the people that share the same roof. Since sucking is a natural instinct for kittens and other small animals, there should be a safe way for them to fulfill this need without ruining or otherwise degrading furnishings in one’s home. Footage shows a cat, relaxing on the couch, sucking on a human pacifier. Did owners came up with this idea to both satisfy their cat’s need to suck without damaging their home furnishings and decor, or did this sneaky cat stole this pacifier from their baby! Cats want to have their own comfortable place in the home where they can relax, knead, suckle and unwind after a long day of prowling and doing what cats do. What better way to relax than sitting on the couch and sucking on a pacifier!? Check out Ruxin, the cat, just relaxing with his supposedly stolen pacifier. Cuteness overload!

Cats Send Judging Stares To Owner Coming Home16s

Cats Send Judging Stares To Owner Coming Home

Regardless how good you believe to be in caring for all your loved ones, family members and the pets which allow to share their home with you, you will never be able to be up to standards with all the criteria if those pets happen to be – cats! Also, regardless of how diligently you work or how much you earn in order to be able to love and care for your cats, every person that was ever owned by a cat knows that there is one absolute truth. Whatever you might do, your cat is judging you, and is doing it harsher than American Idol’s Simon Cowell! Cats are benign, yet bloodthirsty, conniving and yet indolent creatures that are known to sometimes give you the look of eternal damnation. Pray what happens if you fail to jump out of bed at 4 am and sprint to the fridge to serve them their favorite plate of Whiskers. You cannot be tired, you lazy human! And DARE you mention the dead mouse the cute kitty cat just dragged onto the hallway mat and you need to jump over in the last second before stepping on the poor thing! Didn’t you know how hard it was to catch it? All that work for nothing, you ingrate. I see you find this hard to believe. Haven’t you ever been met with those cold stares scanning you from head to toe? Never felt intimidated by cute fluffy bundles of fur? Watch this video and see for yourself! Video credit to

Yoga Cat Knows How To Strike A Meditating Pose11s

Yoga Cat Knows How To Strike A Meditating Pose

If your cat could have a job, what do you think would it be? Not that any cat would work for real - they are like tyrants; would much rather lounge around and force people into bowing to their every whim. But if cats could have jobs, the perfect job for them would either be a ninja or a spy, or maybe even a masseuse! Since cats are masters at the stealth attack, they’d make perfect ninjas or spies, but they’d make great masseuses cos they seem to have an innate skill in giving massages. Or, if the tom in this here clip is any indication, they would probably be best as yoga instructors! This gorgeous orange tabby is spotted relaxing his tail off on his owner’s couch in Croatia. From what we could interpret from the conversation, his name is Mitzko and he is a pro at what he is doing right now! Laying on his back like a human, Mitzko the cat looks like he is contemplating his place on this planet. Even with both his owners hovering over his head, the tom barely moves a muscle. Instead, the relaxation guru just lounges where he is at, squinting his eyes and taking deep, soothing breaths...Ohmmm….

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