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This Is What Your Cat Does Once You Go To Sleep1m18s

This Is What Your Cat Does Once You Go To Sleep

Have you ever wondered what kitties do at night? Wonder no more, because this owner set a night vision camera to capture the whirlpool of adorable antics that can come out of two energetic cats. She recorded the night adventures of her two rascal and made up this hilarious clip. Everything and anything is a plaything for these tiny felines and as they have literally no worries in their lives, playing under the covers. Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. And in the end, they become more like our children than mere pets. If you own a cat, you probably let her sleep in your bed. Most of the cats owners are sleeping with their cats in bed. According to a 2012 Harris poll, about 70 percent of American dogs and cats at least occasionally share their owner's bed. Cats are champion sleepers, they sleep around 15 hours a day, but their sleeping cycles aren't the same as ours. A cat who snoozes the day away might be ready to compete in the Kitty Olympics come 3 a.m., racing around the room or on your bed. Some people might suggest that we should lock our cats out of the bedroom so we can get a good night's sleep. Still, that's not going to happen at many cats owners houses. What's a little lost sleep, compared to spending the night with a cat or two snuggled up in bed with you? What all cat lovers have been hoping to hear had finally come right from the mouths of those we like to trust most. Scientist have proven that watching cat videos can actually boost your productivity! Keeping them as pets is a great stress reliever; some offices even let cats stay there so that the employees can feel better while at work.

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Nonchalant Cat Puts Its Adorably Long Tongue On Display15s

Nonchalant Cat Puts Its Adorably Long Tongue On Display

A hilarious footage has emerged of a sleepy cat sticking its tongue out for the camera in a way that is not rude, but adorable. Meet Melissa, the nonchalant cat that loves sticking her adorably long tongue out for the camera. What an unusual way of relaxing - tongue-out! Footage shows a fluffy gray cat loafing on the carpet wearing a patriotic bow tie with the American flag on it. The feline is resting in the living room, listening to reggae music, but there is something peculiar about its appearance. She faces the camera and has its tongue stuck out to greet the audience! How inconvenient! The lazy cat is fully aware of its chic look and flaunts the American flag with pride, or maybe she is mocking the nation and trying to send a read-between-the-lines message. Who knows!? Cats have a tendency to do some strange and unusual things, which we don't always understand why, but we love them anyways. This is definitely one of those cases with this cat. When presented with Bob Marley music, this patriotic cat gets the urge to stick out its tongue and relax to the strange melodies. How peculiar! Cats have all sorts of cute and peculiar behaviors, but the strangest of all is them sticking their tongue out. Cat’s tongue is the perfect tool to aid in eating, grooming and maintaining general health. Unlike the human tongue which is relatively smooth, cat’s tongue is covered with little barbs called papillae. These are stiff spines that curve backwards to snare hair and bits of food. If you’ve ever been licked by your cat, you know the feeling of their rough, dry tongue. Cats are particular about grooming because in the wild, any trace of scents from their food is an invitation to other predators. When grooming, the papillae collect all the bits of food and loose hair. Once something such as a bit of food or hair is snagged on the barbs, it is difficult for a cat to release it from his mouth. However, veterinarians warn that the tongue-sticking behavior can be a periodontal disease. If your cat is drooling in addition to having its tongue out, you should have her checked out because these conditions could lead to painful inflammation in your cat's mouth.

Ingenious food bowl helps overweight cats become healthier33s

Ingenious food bowl helps overweight cats become healthier

Many cat owners can understand how difficult it is to keep their pets from overeating. The health problems associated with obese pets are heart breaking and can even be expensive. Some cats do well at maintaining their proper weight and will eat a healthy amount of kibble without any assistance. Others need their owners' help. But it can be difficult to achieve, especially for those who leave their cat alone for extended periods of time. This ingenious food bucket allows the cat constant access, but the narrow opening on top is designed to keep the cat from putting her face into the kibble. The cat must insert one paw into the opening and scoop out the food, one kibble at a time. It drops the food on top of the bucket to eat it. The cat gets her food at a much slower pace and is more likely to stop eating earlier. Buffy is seen here demonstrating the proper technique to get at her food. She is a plus sized cat that has had her share of struggles with portion control. Since this food bucket was introduced, she has become a little bit slimmer and healthier. Buffy is a clinic cat that lives at the Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario. She was brought to the clinic as a stray for euthanasia when she was very ill during the last few days of pregnancy. The veterinarian decided that there was slim chance the Buffy could be treated. She made a miraculous recovery and found her forever home in the process. Buffy shares her home with Stella the four eared cat, and Alvin, a former feral cat. They are all rescues and each one is a welcome addition to the clinic. The staff and the clients adore Buffy. She spends her day near the front counter, anxious to greet the visitors.

Happy Rescued Kitty Goes To Town On Toy Ball56s

Happy Rescued Kitty Goes To Town On Toy Ball

Here's the story of Ika, the cutest and most playful kitty you've ever seen! This precious fluff-ball was left all alone on the streets, in constant search for food and shelter ever since she was born. But Ika was born under a lucky star, and several months ago, a caring young man took her into his home and she found all the love and happiness she ever wanted! Now Ika really lives the good life, and this video is a sound proof for that! She loves her tiny red ball and she could play with it all day long, all by herself. Ika usually doesn't mind being left all alone during daytime, and she's more than happy to play fetch for a couple of hours, pretending that her loving owner is just around the corner! However, our precious Ika here is also really possessive. Just look at her reaction when she fears someone might take the ball away from her! A-a, no sir! You shall not pass! This is mine, period! In order to prove that she's the sole queen and ruler of the entire living room, she stretches her legs on the carpet, not allowing anyone to lay a single finger on her ball. We get it, sweetie! It's yours, all right! This is guaranteed to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. You just have to see her adorable face in the end!

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This Cool Cat Likes To Take Horseback Rides In The Snow42s

This Cool Cat Likes To Take Horseback Rides In The Snow

An unusual friendship has formed between Rita the horse and Lemur the cat. Watch as Lemur goes for a ride on Rita's back. Rita is known for her friendships with other animals on her owners’ property that are not horses. Previously we have told you of her adorating for Balu the Shiba Inu dog. In another video, we get to see Rita chase her canine best friend around the property and it is the most carefree thing we have seen animals do so far. The relationship between a cat and a horse might be a bit advantageous, but it still pretty cute. We all know what a cat loves in this world - a full food bowl and a nice, soft and warm place to nap. Nothing qualifies more about the latter than a horse's back, especially when it is so cold outside, it freezes the horse’s whiskers into icicles! The only time we have seen a cat actually do something on the back of a horse is when we saw Dude the cat join his young human for a miniature horseback ride! It sounds like it could be the main act in some circus show, but it is not! This bold little black cat decided that he really wanted to go for a ride in the New Jersey snow. So after a generous invitation from his loving human sister, Dude climbed upon the back of a very accommodating miniature horse named Gallant and joined his young human.

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Curious Cat Dazzled With The Mesmerizing Sight Of Snowfall26s

Curious Cat Dazzled With The Mesmerizing Sight Of Snowfall

A hilarious footage has emerged of a fluffy cat sitting in the snow trying to catch snowflakes. Not often you get to see a cat willing to sit in the snow and tolerate snowflakes! But when icy flakes started to drift from the sky, this curious cat was there to catch them! No matter how old you are, it’s always tempting to go outside and enjoy a fresh snowfall. Who doesn’t love lobbing some snowballs, building an igloo, or making a snowman when it’s a winter wonderland outside? This cat loves playing outside in the snow as much as humans! Often times when you think of cats, you don’t exactly expect them to love frolicking in the snow. Snow is cold and wet, and everyone knows how felines feel about water and how they hate getting wet! Maybe cats love going outside and exploring, but the second snowflakes start to fall from the sky, they are expected to find shelter someplace warm, safe, and dry because they don’t want to get stuck in the snow! However, this feline is not like other cats. Footage shows icicles falling down from the sky in big chunks of snow, but the curious feline is spotted sitting still, observing as the white stuff covers her environment. Moments later, she opens her mouth and attempts to grab a bite and get a taste of the strange-looking treats nesting all around her! Hilarious!

Talented Cat Plays Basketball On A Trampoline 42s

Talented Cat Plays Basketball On A Trampoline

Since kittenhood on, cats will play chase, capture, and kill games with other kittens, shadows on the wall, insects, toys and their humans’ hands. Cat play is a fallback to cats in the wild, where they must stalk and kill their prey in order to eat and survive. When playing, cats either have great imaginations, or they just get engrossed in the fun of the chase, which is always adorable to watch! While cats enjoy playing with us, they are quite comfortable playing alone, and it is fun to sometimes catch them in the act. This footage shows a cat going extreme play mode with a basketball. Footage shows a playful cat engaging in some serious feline competition by himself alone! Watch the hilarious moment when this playful cat stars in a basketball game and adorably scores in the one-player-fits-all match. Adorable footage shows Timmy the cat playing with a big, orange, basketball in the grass and then in a bouncy trampoline! Cats are known to be masters of play time, that is because they can keep themselves entertained for hours, playing with thin air! The first footage shows Timmy rolling around the grass and hopping on a basketball. He is having the time of his time and the big orange ball is his best friend! Next, we see Timmy relaxing in a trampoline with his buddy, the orange ball! This cat seems to cannot get enough with the basketball and is somehow very much intrigued by it. He should enroll for the tryouts of the next NBA feline competition because he sure has the moves!

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Cat can't resist running water in Christmas decoration27s

Cat can't resist running water in Christmas decoration

Mitzy is like most cats when it comes to water. They prefer to drink from a tap, fountain or other source that is flowing. She has a bowl of water that is kept filled, as well as access to two dog bowls that are kept filled too, but as soon as you walk into the bathroom, she hops right up on the counter and waits for the tap to be turned on. Most cats do this. They even make water bowls that circulate water in order to appeal to thirsty cats just because of the obvious preference. Scientists and animal behaviorists have examined this common behavior and have come up with theory. Long before cats were domesticated, they would avoid still water because it could be stagnant and bacteria-laden. Running water is much likely to be fresh and clean, therefore much healthier for cats. This is something that they have not let go of and we find that our cats still seek moving water over standing water. Sometimes water running from a tap is simply entertaining because it is moving. Either way, a cat will definitely drink water from a bowl if it has to but you can't blame them for wanting it this way. Mitzy is actually a rescued cat, having found her way into this family's home and hearts one cold winter night when she was still small. A basement window had been left open after a wood stove had belched smoke into the family room. Obviously, a homeless stray, she came inside to seek shelter from the bitter cold. She encountered the family's Great Dane pup who barked and chased her under a couch. After a few minutes of barking, it was clear that something under the couch had the dog worked up. The family lifted up the couch and found one terrified and skinny kitten. Mitzy has not ventured outside since, except for the occasional escape onto the porch and then a quick retreat back inside. She has been a part of the family for almost ten years.

Cat Brings Special Gifts To Owner Every Single Morning1m40s

Cat Brings Special Gifts To Owner Every Single Morning

Meet Baloo - a domestic cat like any other. She likes to be left alone, the occasional scratch on the base of her tail and chasing invisible foes in the air. But apparently, what Baloo liked most is bringing gifts to her owner Ben. The very special, live kind of gifts. Baloo felt confused when Ben was rejecting her gifts on live rodents. “She always looked so confused and sad, which made me feel bad” says Ben. If it were any other cat, she would have either given up on the idea or just proceed with other kinds of live presents. But not loving Baloo. She probably figured out that “after a while, it started getting a bit annoying having half dead animals dropped on your chest every morning”, so Baloo decided to approach a different tactic. Maybe Ben is not the micy, birdy types of two-legged cat. Maybe he is vegan? After many months of rejection, Baloo started bringing Ben leaves instead. She would always choose the big, nice looking leaves and bring them over to her hooman. Sometimes she would spice things up by bringing a twig instead of a leaf. Nowadays, Baloo chooses the lazier method. Whenever Ben is nervous or upset, she would jump in his lap, push him so he would lie down, then curl up on his chest and “purr like mad, nuzzling my face with her nose.” And who said cats can’t show love?

If You Draw A Square On The Floor, A Cat Will Magically Appear2m02s

If You Draw A Square On The Floor, A Cat Will Magically Appear

If you put a cardboard box in your room no cat will resist the temptation to get in it. However, what happens if you only draw the outline of a box? Will just a square shape be enough to make a cat get in and feel comfortable? Make a square and watch a cat claim its kingdom! Thinking inside the box is the latest pet prank and is about trapping cats in squares made of tape stuck to the floor. Did you know that if you put a square on the floor, the cat will get in it? Can you really trap a cat by drawing a square on the floor? Watch the video and find out! Footage shows a man drawing the outlines of a box on the floor and sets up a neat experiment for his unsuspecting cat. Moments later, curiosity killed the cat and the ignorant feline got "trapped" inside this space for days. Incredible! The experiment is simple, just outline a square or rectangle on your floor using a tape and test the theory that cats can't resist jumping inside the square! There is no doubt that cats like squeezing into narrow places and like to hide in boxes. So what makes cats so interested in a square on the floor? Cats like safe spaces, so the marking on the floor creates some illusion for the feline, similar to a low-sided box that a lot of cats are attracted to with regards of safety! They imagine and feel as if they are 'in' something which even though is shallow it is still comforting. It is a fact that cats have poor close-up vision, so they may have the perception that the tape is actually the sides of a confined area. Are you mystified with this type of feline behavior?

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Two Cats Holding Paws While Sleeping, Give The Impression Of A Mirroring Image9s

Two Cats Holding Paws While Sleeping, Give The Impression Of A Mirroring Image

An adorable footage has emerged of two kitties holding paws while they are sleeping. With heads turned to face each other, these cats give the impression of a mirroring image! How precious! Cats are already known to sleep anywhere, they have been spotted dozing in a laundry rack, spooning one another on a couch, and even in one cat's case planking in camouflaging white fur and bed sheets, the cats may also steer the envious idea that they get far more deeper and relaxing sleep than we do! Of course, with one cat seen nearly passed out inside a dyer, and another across the a face of a dog, this may not always be such a good and safe thing, especially in the case of the cat passed out on a hot tin roof. When they sleep, cats purr loudly as they blissfully drift away into a feline wonderland. Footage shows two grey cats sleeping on a cozy bed, holding paws and facing each other. At first sight, it seems like there is only one cat facing a mirror, but as the camera rolls further away we notice that one cat has its tail hanging to the side, while the second cat had its tail straight down facing the foot of the bed. This proves us that it is a matter of two look-alike cats! Kitties like being warm so they tend to rest their paws on something they feel comfortable around as they curl into their favorite warm spot and doze away. That is the feline way of showing affection and claiming territory. When a cat places her paw on something while she's sleeping it is similar to human hugging or holding hands. She's simply showing that she adores the thing she is touching and wants to be close to it. This adorable video of two cats holding paws while they are sound asleep on the bed had instantly warmed our hearts. Watching these two kittens snuggling and touching hands, is the purest example of love and affection in felines. It is undoubtedly that these two share a very special bond indeed!

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White Fluffy Kitten Is Licking Her Way Through A Spoonful Of Yogurt 36s

White Fluffy Kitten Is Licking Her Way Through A Spoonful Of Yogurt

A cute video has emerged showing a white fluffy kitten feeding of a spoon. You will never love anything as much as this cat loves yogurt! Cuteness overload! Footage shows a white fluffy kitten standing on its feet and licking yogurt out of a spoon. This video cannot get any cuter! The elegant feline is deliciously feeding on the sour treat and is enjoying every single moment of it! This video of a cat munching on a yogurt snack had us mouthwatering! There is a general saying that dairy products don’t generally agree with cats because they can’t digest sugar due to the fact that they lack the amylase enzyme. Adult cats are also lactose intolerant, so they can’t have milk normally. However, kittens can drink milk or eat cream because they normally rely on their mother’s milk to survive. As they get older, they don’t need milk anymore and stop producing that enzyme allowing for milk to digest. Generally, this begins to occur when they are 12 weeks of age. Actually, there’s no real health benefit to milk. Cats are meant to eat meat for nutritional purposes, so when a cat grows out of the kitten stage, they don’t need milk anymore. Yogurt is a little bit different though. Yogurt may be a dairy product, but it contains good bacteria that actually helps cats digest other dairy products! So, your cat is safe feeding on yogurt instead of milk! Credit to @goyanggy

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This has to be the most patient cat in the world!2m51s

This has to be the most patient cat in the world!

This incredibly (freakishly) patient cat named Bosn stoically endures the affections of little Laurelin in this hilarious clip. Now before you start saying "poor kitty", you gotta know that Bosn approached her and laid down next to her, knowing from experience that this sort of loving mauling would follow! He could have run away at any time!

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