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Mama Cat Takes Back Crying Kitten From Toddler45s

Mama Cat Takes Back Crying Kitten From Toddler

Even though it is a decent idea to grow your little one around animals, because they can teach each other about the friendship and fair-play. However, toddlers can be jerks around animals, since they still lack the necessary judgement when it comes to handling them. It may be cute to watch your kid play with the baby pets, but if you don’t intervene when they start pulling their tails or squeezing them too hard, then the baby animal’s mother certainly will! This toddler is lucky enough to grow up with a litter of Siamese kittens and she sure loves them. We see her holding one of the kitties in her arms, seemingly gently, even for such a small child. But the kitten is crying loudly and incessantly, so mama cat quickly came to the rescue. At first, the girl protests the mother’s attempt to take the kitten from her hands and pushes the cat away. This happens two more times before the feline has had enough; the kitty keeps crying and that is a sure sign that it isn’t feeling okay. So the mother lifts herself on her hind legs, grabs the kitty from the toddler’s arms and quickly takes it to the litter. The little girl is left in tears when mama cat takes her baby kitten right from the her arms. She's shocked and upset to lose her new best friend. Luckily grandpa is here to console her! Sometimes when it comes to parenting, you need to do what you need to do and make the tough decisions. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section!

Cat tries to revive his dead friend1m46s

Cat tries to revive his dead friend

Chuey lost her battle with jaw cancer, so her owner showed her to Big Boy, his other cat, so he wouldn't go outside looking for her and get lost or hit by a car. She actually hated him, and didn't let him get close. This is the closest he ever got to her. The next day he was back to his normal, happy self. Such a heartbreaking moment!

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Cat hates owner's mom, repeatedly attacks her3m27s

Cat hates owner's mom, repeatedly attacks her

This cat hasn't liked its owner's mother from the very beginning. This hilarious occurrence happens every single time she comes to visit. Therefore, it's clear that Snowflake here needs to be left in another room from now on! Whether the cat is threatened by the woman for invading her space or she is afraid of her because of something the woman has done in the past, this behavior should be stopped and remedied. We just hope that this is a unique situation. It could be that the feline is actually intent on playing with the woman’s legs, but the “choreography” we see during these three and a half minutes could be an indication of something else. A cat attack can do enough damage to a person to put them in a hospital, so this is not something to entertain. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more cat videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this cat that hates its owner's mom.

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Sleeping cat quacks when his owner coughs40s

Sleeping cat quacks when his owner coughs

Have we told you how much we love cat videos?! What are we saying, we know you do too! Since the time that the internet has been around, cat videos have dominated it as they are just so funny and adorable! Watch as this adorable cat reacts to his owner's cough! The creator of this video said "This happens almost every time the cat sleeps or rests. He also responds in the same way to sneezing. No, I do not pull his tail behind the scenes!" Anything from cats playing, being naughty, to just watching them sleep, cat videos are the best way to unwind. Things have gone so far, that there are studies that claim watching cat videos at work helps reduce stress and boosts energy and positive emotions. What did you think of this clip? Does you cat do anything like this? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile and laugh almost as much as it made you! This is one funny clip that no pet owner should ever miss!

Kitty Sees Neighbor Cat Nemesis At Front Door, Meows The House Down 2m01s

Kitty Sees Neighbor Cat Nemesis At Front Door, Meows The House Down

This is the intense moment when an extremely vocal cat starts challenging his rival to a cat fight by fiercely meowing through a glass door. The bristly cat starts begging owner to open the front door in order to go outside and fight. When Jacob sees another male cat on the other side of the glass door, staring at him urging him to surrender, he immediately gets tough and wants to pick a fight with his rival, so he cries to his owners to let him out!Listen to the incredible speaking skills this Russian feline possesses, he sounds like he is saying ‘open the door’ in Russian! This cat expands its meowing skills and almost starts speaking human just to make owner understand that he is ready to fight for his territory and masculinity! Male cats have strange ways of showing who is in charge! Footage shows the extreme vocal skills this bristly cat possesses while putting them vocal cords in practice, trying to prove a point and stand his ground in the cat fight! The tough Russian cat wants to go outside, but his owners won’t allow him, after which he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised by the way he persists to beg and meow, standing in front of the door, staring back at his rival! The determined cat is continuously begging his owner to open the door, so that he can confront the other male cat, standing on the other side of the glass door, challenging him to a duel. He's a very unique cat, not afraid of anything or anyone including the cat standing on the other side of the door, trying to pick a fight! We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they argue, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! Cats are independent as the rising sun. They observe everything with their gentle feline eyes, they loves to sit on a lap for strokes , they purr like a well oiled engine - loud and strong, and wind around their owner’s legs at meal times. Cats are indeed funny animals with their black and white preened fur they patrol in the garden, chase butterflies and pounce on beetles. When they are confined within the borders of their homes, they leave muddy paw prints across the kitchen tiles, mew for food when they are hungry and snooze on the couch, wait for fuss, purr like a tractor while their fur flies everywhere.

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Kitten excited to see baby deer on the front porch2m52s

Kitten excited to see baby deer on the front porch

How incredible is this? A kitten named Miro was amazed to see a new born deer (doe) at the front door. Watch him try to figure out what's going on! Adorable! Notice: This deer was a baby, less than 48 hours old. It was NOT hurt nor injured, but it was not able to walk quite yet. It was happily re-united with its mother by the people who found this fawn shortly after this video was taken. UPDATE: Here is proof that the baby deer is not hurt at all. Watch the fawn walk away here:

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Cat Plays Homemade Whack-A-Mole Game1m00s

Cat Plays Homemade Whack-A-Mole Game

Have we told you how much we love cat videos?! What are we saying, we know you do too! Since the time that the Internet has been around, cat videos have dominated it as they are just so funny and adorable! Check out this cat do its best to catch the animal that pops up from the hole. Before the cat starts to commit seriously to the game, he needs to learn some rules. Since there is nobody around him to point out the main points of the game , the cat has to figure it out by himself. Sometimes, we are our own best teachers and that is exactly what this cat does. He learns that he has to wait for one of the several moles to raise its head through a hole and then whack it. However, he can't let go of the lever or else it will disappear! But this cat has undoubtedly very quick reflexes because no sooner he puts the lever down, he pounces at the speed of light to slam the mole. And he kind of succeeds it! Moreover, we shouldn’t worry at all since there's a canine friend ready to help out. Or even better, the may compete against each other and will be a perfect way to see how many points will win each of them every time a mole is whacked before it disappears. The cat seems to be learning very fast that his actions affect how the whack-a-mole game plays out. The point of the game is to test the player’s concentration, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination and so far this cat is doing just well. Cats really are smart and loving pets! No wonder they are considered to be the human-kinds greatest companions! Whack a Mole Management is non-strategic and totally tactical. Future problems, issues, trends, threats and opportunities will be a surprise, because the manager has his or her head down waiting for the next mole to raise its head. What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen something like this before? What fun games does your pet like to play? We would love to hear what you have to say so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile and laugh almost as much as you did! This is one video that no pet owner should ever miss out on!

Obedient Cat Actually Enjoys Taking A Bath2m39s

Obedient Cat Actually Enjoys Taking A Bath

If there is anything that internet videos have taught us, it’s that not every cat we’ve met hates water. There are some felines that actually enjoy having contact with water. On the other hand, for felines that don’t like being watered and shampooed, the bathroom is a creepy place. The cat in this video looks so peaceful while receiving a proper bath from her owner. Footage shows a cat resting its front legs on the bath tub, being as relaxed as it can be, enjoying the hot shower. The owner gives her a fine massage while addressing her in soft manner during the whole process. It is amazingly how the cat stays completely still. We just wonder who taught her to be so disciplined and obedient of her owner? In general, cats’ aversion to water is widely accepted as a fact and people expect them to hate being soaked. There are many reasons behind their fear of water. One of them is that they don't like to get their fur wet, because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Some cats may not like water because of something they’ve experienced in the past. After all, they like to groom themselves for about four to six hours a day. Don't worry, cats take good care for their own hygiene. Practically, the cat in this video does not like water , but after going outside and getting really dirty, she knows what follows next – a decent bath from her owner! And what has to be done...has to be done! Comment your reaction about this adorable video below!

Cat Has Fun While Playing With Windshield Wipers53s

Cat Has Fun While Playing With Windshield Wipers

This is hilarious! While it is raining outside, a cat inside the car tries to catch the moving windshield wipers. So adorable! The cat is sitting right up against the front window and every time the windshield wipers move, it quickly jumps back trying to catch them! This cat has so much energy! It never gives up! Every time the windshield wipers come near the cat, it is going to try and jump backward and catch. The cat looks hilarious as it tries to jump backward, it's very flexible! At first, the windshield wipers move back and forth slowly, the cat only has an opportunity to try and catch it every few seconds. A few moments later, they start to move faster and so does the cat, so funny! It is right on beat with the wipers! The cat looks like it is putting on a dance performance! The cat looks very confused, why can't it achieve its goal, sorry little guy, but it doesn't seem like you're going to catch the windshield wipers anytime soon. Do you need some new windshield wipers for your next rainy day? Check out some of these best selling windshield wipers , but don't let a cat get near them! When it comes to cats and dogs, the world seems to be divided. We’re here to assure you that one is not better than the other. Even though cats are considered the bad ones, we have a lot of proofs that cats can be as sweet and lovable as dogs. Cats are always the greatest source of entertainment. Cat playtime usually involves dangling something in front of them, like a string or something shiny, and watching them chase it around, in hopes of catching their prey. However, this time this cat loves to play with the windshield and she looks like she is having a lot of fun! So fun! Did you know that pets are the most popular pets in the United States? Well, you do now. Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third. Cats are really cool! They are also cute and they love to play! Of course, when they want, not you human! For example, these lively cats play in bed while owner is sleeping! Have you ever wondered what kitties do at night? Wonder no more, because this owner set a night vision camera to capture the whirlpool of adorable antics that can come out of two energetic cats. She recorded the night adventures of her two rascal and made up this hilarious clip. Everything and anything is a plaything for these tiny felines and as they have literally no worries in their lives, playing under the covers. Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. Time spent with cats is never wasted! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Tell us which pet do you prefer more down in our comment section.

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Friendly wild cat politely asks for scraps2m47s

Friendly wild cat politely asks for scraps

There are millions of stray animals on the streets everywhere. They struggle everyday to survive, looking for food and shelter while saving their hide from predators. These little stray souls rely on the will of good people to give them food and shelter and thankfully, such people do exist. This adorable little kitty happened across such a gentle soul in this man, as he's having his lunch in a restaurant. She approaches him from the side and gently taps him on the arm. Watch as he turns to greet her, sees how timid she is and offers her a piece of his plate! She struggles to ask for seconds, but then other patrons join in to help the kitty have a decent meal. Such a heartwarming moment! How could you say no to that face?!

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Confused cat not sure how to handle baby52s

Confused cat not sure how to handle baby

This is so funny! This cat has no idea why there is a cute little baby in its presence. It looks so confused and very scared! Of course it is a very loving and peaceful cat, it just doesn't know what to expect. It seems like this is the cats first time seeing a baby. This adorable baby touches the cats heads and it slowly moves, looking around with a sense of fear in its eyes. The cat leans back on a pillow, trying to get as far away as possible from the baby. The little baby starts to get closer to the cat. She just wants a new friend, but the cat isn't having it. It has no idea who this baby is and doesn't want to come close! The cat keeps moving back until there is no more room to move. It takes a big yawn and falls off the table! I bet it wasn't expecting that! The baby doesn't know where their friend has went, they has disappeared! We hope the cat is okay! Someones going to need to give it some cat toys after that major fall! We know these two will become the best of friends, it will just take some time getting used to each other! Credit to 'svetak'.

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Richard The Ragdoll Cat Loves Sliding On The Floor 1m09s

Richard The Ragdoll Cat Loves Sliding On The Floor

Now this right here is not typical cat behavior. Most cats love to stay in one spot and hate to be bothered by anyone, but not this adorable cat! Richard the Ragdoll cat can't get enough of his owner sliding him across the floor. He keeps coming back for more! Hilarious! This is one amazing video that you are not going to want to miss! Credit to 'cabezonication'. This cat is adorable! Who would have thought that a cat like this liked to be slide across the floor? It looks like it is having so much fun that you cannot help but to want to try that as well! Most cats are just lazy and just like to sleep, but this cat just wants to have fun! It seems as if this is not a regular occurrence in this household as heard by the surprise in the woman's voice in this clip. It seems that she is just as shocked as we are! Then, we found this clip where the feline has clearly fallen in love with this unusually fun activity and even comes back for thirds and even fourths. She would just lay there on the kitchen floor and let her owner "sweep" the floor with her fur. With the cat's incredibly silky fur and what with the smoothness of the laminate, sliding across the floor is simple, easy and apparently very fun! This really does seem like one happy cat! His owners must take great care of him; playing with him everyday, properly grooming him and giving him the best cat food ! After all, you should treat your pets as if they were your family because they really are your family!

Rude kitty attacks sleeping cat for no apparent reason42s

Rude kitty attacks sleeping cat for no apparent reason

We've all known that one person that really likes to get on your nerves and bug you. It seems to be no different withing the animal kingdom. In this video, one of the cats was sleeping peacefully on the chair without a care in world, when all of a sudden, the cat on the ground attacks and wakes the sleeping cat up. This hilarious moment was capture perfectly, making us all laugh as we can relate to this all to well. Cats will be cats! This hilarious video is not something that any pet owner should miss! You'll be laughing out loud when you see the sleeping cat get startled when it wakes up! It is amazing how animals such as cats can carry on such human characteristics, such as being annoying or playful with other animals. For all we know, the cat maybe just needed something to play with and got bored. The owners should get some cat toys on Amazon to keep their feline friends occupied! Cats can be such funny animals to be captured on video, do you have any funny cat moments you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kitten makes hilarious sounds while eating37s

Kitten makes hilarious sounds while eating

Some of us enjoy our food so much, we cannot help but hum when we eat. It is just too delicious! This Bengal-mix kitten looks to be doing the same thing! She is not shy when it comes to expressing her feelings towards her favourite foods! She continues to sing in excitement as she chows down her yummy food. If you listen closely, it sounds like she is singing "Yum-Yum-Yum"! No one should bother this little kitten while she is eating her food. She is enjoying it way too much to be interrupted. She may love her food, but she still lets the other cat have a bite. This kitten is very generous! Most of us would probably never share our food if we were starving and were enjoying every last bite! This is too cute! Check out some of this cat food if you want your cat to enjoy their meals just as much as this adorable kitten does. Do you have any adorable stories about your pets that you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

This Lady Heard Meowing From Inside Her Wall And Rescued A Whole Litter Of Kittens2m49s

This Lady Heard Meowing From Inside Her Wall And Rescued A Whole Litter Of Kittens

We all know the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ almost by heart by now. The meaning is obvious - because of the insatiable curiosity that cats and kittens alike exhibit on a daily basis, they are prone to all kinds of trouble. Doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small cat; then that killer instinct hits them, they are willing to go to the farthest, most remote part of the world, if it means they will get what they want. Unfortunately for the sneaky little devils, it also means that they might get stuck somewhere. Lucky for these little felines, a lot of good people heard their screams and decided to intervene, for everyone’s sake. You can just tell how happy these newborn kittens became once they are rescued from the inside of a wall by this sweet lady. Here are a few quick facts about rescue animals. Every year there more than 6 million animals admitted into shelters that are looking for homes. Obviously some get adopted, but there are still a large number that don't. Over one million of these animals will be euthanized throughout the course of the year. However, cats don't really have nine lives. The main reason why cats got this reputation for reincarnation is their ability to jump and land. They climb high trees, run in front of cars and jump from high places, and yet they do it so well and nonetheless manage to survive. Surely you are familiar with the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, which is applicable in various instances. Cats are able to get themselves in such tight places and stick there, because they saw something move and heard some kind of noise. Killer instinct and all that. But when cats are expecting their kittens, they get into these tight and dark spaces because they feel they will be safe there. Of course they can’t know what dangers might lie in those spaces, which is why this family started hearing meowing noises from behind their dry wall. Recognizing the familiar sound of kittens in distress, the woman wraps her hand in a sock to protect herself from scratches from the drywall of tiny, needle-like claws, cuts a hole in the wall, removes the insulation and starts digging behind. Feral kittens are the worst to remove from anywhere basically, unless they are famished or exhausted, but this brave woman spared her time to help these innocent little beings from remaining trapped there. Four kittens have managed to find themselves trapped inside that wall. Watch this woman's heroic efforts as she rescues them one by one. Amazing! This woman heard those same calls for help from the middle of her garden and when she dug a hole in that spot, she found a pipe she didn’t know was there and a kitten lodged tightly inside ! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Black Kitten Wiggles Her Ears With Excitement While Being Bottle-Fed 1m45s

Black Kitten Wiggles Her Ears With Excitement While Being Bottle-Fed

An adorable kitten flapping its ears while being bottle fed has taken the internet by storm. Watch as this two-week-old bottle fed kitten named Polly wiggles her ears while eating. Now that's just heart-warming! If you didn’t have kitten fever already, you will get it after watching this video of a tiny black kitten getting bottle fed. Footage shows the tiny creature wrapped tightly into a soft cloth, patiently waiting to receive a feeding bottle from owner. Watch as the black kitten sucks on the pacifier with delight and moves its ears with excitement. It is adorable to see that as tiny as can be, this cutie knows how to show signs of satisfaction. The heartwarming video footage shows the joyous eyes of kitten Polly glow as she suckles on the bottle and enjoys her milk. Watch as Polly wiggles her ears while enjoying her tasty meal. What an amazing way of showing your owners that you really enjoy their pampering and food. Some of us enjoy our food so much, we cannot help but hum when we eat because it is just too delicious! This kitten is not shy when it comes to expressing her feelings towards her favourite food and she puts her happy ears into action! She continues to wiggle her ears with excitement as she sucks on the bottle! No one should bother this little kitten while she is eating her food. She is enjoying it way too much to be interrupted. Do you have any adorable stories about your pets that you want to share?

Kitten Does Funny Motions During Nap! 33s

Kitten Does Funny Motions During Nap!

If you need an adorable moment to brighten up your day, look no further! Watch as this adorable kitten slowly waves side-to-side during an afternoon nap. This is one video that you are not going to want to miss! Do you own a pet who has an odd sleeping habit? Share your stories! Kittens develop very quickly from about two weeks of age until their seventh week. Their coordination and strength improve. They play-fight with their litter-mates and begin to explore the world outside the nest or den. They learn to wash themselves and others as well as play hunting and stalking games, showing their inborn ability as predators. This precious munchkin is obviously tired from all the hunting and stalking and instead is peacefully napping while doing hilarious paw gestures. Is this adorable or what! Pets are amazing creatures that bring joy into our lives and make the world much better! They should be treated with the utmost respect and care because they are a valuable member of your family! They may be hard to raise, but the memories that they bring heavily out way the challenges! Please share this amazing and funny clip with your friends and family as it will surely make them smile!

Cute cat repeatedly pushes owner's hand away22s

Cute cat repeatedly pushes owner's hand away

We've all been there before, haven't we? This sleepy cat has zero interest in playing with her owner as she is trying to sleep. Looks like she was ready to turn into his bed a little earlier than scheduled. Her decision made for a particularly funny moment to be had when the owner just wanted to play. How adorable is her reaction? It's safe to say that no one likes being woken up from their slumber. That's enough to make you ticked-off for the rest of the day or leave you sleepless for the rest of the night. You can see the look of disgust wash over her face when she is forced to get up from lying down. Little kitty, we don't blame you at all! Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. That's why you just need to roll with it from time to time. If someone falls asleep a little too early, ah who cares? Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more hilarious videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Lucy the cat pushes her owner's hand away because she doesn't like being picked on with a piece of grass. She's so adorable!

This Feline Has A Really Funny Way Of Stretching1m13s

This Feline Has A Really Funny Way Of Stretching

Cats display a variety of behaviors that we perceive as odd and funny, but this one is a true gem. Cats tend to stretch a lot, and if there were an Olympic event for stretching, cats would win gold. They're constantly stretching their muscles, likely for many of the same reasons that people do. Ruusu’s owner Lasse Pere wrote us from Finland explaining how Russu developed her unique vertical stretch , saying: “I made a video of my cat Ruusu who stretched upwards. She broke her left elbow when she was very young. We had it fixed, but her leg never healed 100%. It remained stiff, which prevents normal (horizontal) stretching. Instead, she has developed this weird vertical way of doing those enjoyable stretches.” The main reasons? It feels good and increases blood flow, said Andrew Cuff, a postdoctoral researcher of anatomy at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, about twice as much as people do, according to Rubin Naiman, a clinical psychologist at the University of Arizona, as reported by the Huffington Post. When humans sleep, the brain paralyzes most of the body's muscles to prevent people from acting out their dreams. The same thing happens to cats during catnaps, which prevents the cat from sleepwalking off the sofa or wherever it's snoozing, Cuff said. (source: livescience) Ruusu the cat show off her "elevator" stretch in this adorable compilation video! Does your cat have any weird habits you've caught in action? Share your stories! Music: 'Hidden Agenda' by Kevin MacLeod.

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