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Mother cat and kittens play in backyard1m22s

Mother cat and kittens play in backyard

Cats just wanna have fun! These kittens are taking over a garden with enough enthusiasm to take over the world. They seem to run from one random corner to another, but don’t be fooled by that. It is actually this little thing called important kitty business. No one can tell exactly how many of them are there, but it’s an incredibly cute army of kittens for sure. Caution: When you see these tiny guys doing their daily thing you’ll get this sudden urge to find some stray kittens and welcome them into your home too. Whatever they are up to this time we love to watch them do it!

Published: May 24, 20172,111 views
Kittens chase each other's tails in sync22s

Kittens chase each other's tails in sync

We've all seen cats chasing their own tails, which is adorable, but these two tiny 6-week-old kittens named Milo and Betsy take 'adorable' to a whole new level. They just can't seem to stop trying to catch each other's tails!

Published: May 21, 2017Updated: May 23, 20171,777 views
Cats have their minds blown by robot vacuum38s

Cats have their minds blown by robot vacuum

These cats curiously and cautiously stalk a self-powered vacuum cleaner only to be collectively surprised with the most hilarious group reaction ever! Just wait until the end!

Published: May 19, 2017Updated: May 22, 20175,355 viewsVirality: 24%
Watch this cat's impressive vertical leap in slow motion!45s

Watch this cat's impressive vertical leap in slow motion!

The well known battle between cat and red dot continues. This time around a beautiful black and white kitten is in charge and he is definitely not going to fail at making us laugh. Watch as this adorable little guy puts in his best effort to finally catch the red dot and break the curse while his human friend documents his efforts. Hang in there, little guy! This is for all the cats all over the world who've been defeated by the infamous "red dot".

Confused cats try to catch light reflection32s

Confused cats try to catch light reflection

Two giant fluffy cats attempt to catch a bit of light reflected from a mirror. The big one keeps trying, but he's a silly cat and won't give up even though he can never catch it!

Published: May 17, 2017Updated: May 18, 20174,641 viewsVirality: 37%
Gambling cat is a scratch ticket addict42s

Gambling cat is a scratch ticket addict

This little Calico may look innocent, but she is a big-time high roller! Watch what happens when she gets a big scratch ticket win. Will she share her new found wealth with her owner? Take a look!

Published: May 16, 2017Updated: May 17, 20171,983 views
Friendly wild cat politely begs for scraps2m47s

Friendly wild cat politely begs for scraps

There are millions of stray animals on the streets everywhere. They struggle everyday to survive, looking for food and shelter while saving their hide from predators. These little stray souls rely on the will of good people to give them food and shelter and thankfully, such people do exist. This adorable little kitty happened across such a gentle soul in this man, as he's having his lunch in a restaurant. She approaches him from the side and gently taps him on the arm. Watch as he turns to greet her, sees how timid she is and offers her a piece of his plate! She struggles to ask for seconds, but then other patrons join in to help the kitty have a decent meal. Such a heartwarming moment! How could you say no to that face?!

Published: May 12, 2017Updated: May 15, 2017263,549 viewsVirality: 5%
Cat repeatedly knocks coin right off the table37s

Cat repeatedly knocks coin right off the table

Either this black and white cat simply wants his way, or is just messing around with his owner! While sitting on a book shelf desk, the little guy insists on repeatedly knocking a placed coin right off the table. Looks like he doesn't want it in sight! Are you a pet owner? Feel free to share some of your odd dog and cat (all animals welcome!) moments. Priceless scenes like this are made from the camera! What do you think causes this kind of behavior? Simple boredom or perhaps some attention-seeking? Regardless, cats are one of the most universally-loved pets for a reason! They definitely have their own personalities and provide owners with adorable moments like this.

Published: May 10, 2017Updated: May 11, 2017619 viewsVirality: 2%
Cat makes owner's workday so much better1m00s

Cat makes owner's workday so much better

Cats are little predators and even though it pains us to say this, but only a true cat person can be able to truly enjoy life with a cat. Their constant need to relieve themselves of their energy build-up by chasing invisible enemies around the house can be too much for many of you out there, we get it! But when they settle down, cats can be very lovable and affectionate towards their human. This cat obviously loves her human, so much so that she makes sure the girl doesn't exert herself too much during work. She props herself right onto her owner's lap while she works. This has got to be the best stress reliever ever!

Published: May 8, 2017Updated: May 9, 20178,112 views
Grumpy 31s

Grumpy "talking" cat humorously argues with owner

In a great battle of the minds, pet owner Jordan Randomness attempts to reason with a grumpy talking cat through a glass door. After several attempts of complaining and knocking profusely, the annoyed cat gives up, but gets a few last comical jabs in before finally storming away.

Guy uses 14s

Guy uses "The Force" to train his cat

Every “Star Wars” fan knows that the Force works in mysterious ways, and sometimes you need it to get things done. Cats can be stubborn and hard to train, but if you're a Jedi master like this guy then all you need to do is summon "The Force"! His cat is his young padawan and just look at how precious that training session is. Much better than the swamp scene, right?

Published: May 8, 20174,030 viewsVirality: 12%
Bengal cats discover Pandora's box44s

Bengal cats discover Pandora's box

It's play time for these kitties, and they just found a whole lot more fun in a cardboard box. Gin and Tonic are a pair of Bengal cats that have discovered the joys of playing with an empty cardboard box. One of them found their way inside the box, and the rest is history. With one of two in the box, the other one began to get curious, and began investigating. All of a sudden, the cat inside the box sticks its paw out, and it results in the most adorable back and forth ever of the cats playing with each other. Cats do strange things sometimes, and we don't always know why, but it does have the potential to make for one of the cutest and hilarious videos ever. That's one of the reasons we love them, their mystery is always enticing. As long as no one is getting hurt, nothing is getting damaged, and as long as they are enjoying themselves, let them have their fun. Who needs toys when you have an imagination? Instagram: @adventures_of_gin_and_tonic

Pouncing kitten determined to nab toy from older brother27s

Pouncing kitten determined to nab toy from older brother

We've all been there as kids - minding our own business and then all of a sudden we catch a glimpse of our siblings playing with toys much cooler than our measly hand-me-downs. Jealously takes over and we must take the toy from them by any means necessary. The feline world is no different apparently. Ah memories!

Published: May 2, 2017Updated: May 3, 20179,015 viewsVirality: 19%
Talking cat asks for drink of water38s

Talking cat asks for drink of water

Sid the cat loves to drink out of the tap or in the shower. Watch and laugh as he very politely asks his owner to turn on the tap so he can have a drink. Priceless!

Published: May 1, 2017Updated: May 2, 201710,946 viewsVirality: 55%
Calm kitten bath time turns into utter chaos1m11s

Calm kitten bath time turns into utter chaos

Check out these adorable 8-week-old Sphynx kittens calmly taking a nice bath. Soon enough all chaos breaks out when one of the kitties gets spooked and starts a wild frenzy of jumping kitties!

Published: April 28, 2017Updated: May 2, 2017121 views
8 signs your cat is trying to kill you1m53s

8 signs your cat is trying to kill you

A ton of people love their cats, but do cats feel the same way? Here are 8 signs that could prove that your cat is trying to kill you. All cats and kittens alike are rising up and planning the a-paw-calypse that is about to come. Don't say we didn't warn you! Are your furry friends plotting against you? Watch this video to find out if they are actually trying to plan your demise! Cats and kittens sure are cute, but they also carry a form of mystery around them as well as their actions. They do tons of different things that makes you question how they really feel about their owners, from scratches to kisses and everything in between. Regardless of whether your cat is trying to kill you or not, nothing beats having our little friends wanting to use you to scratch them, or even when they come in for a snuggle every once in a while. Check out these 8 signs proving that your cat is trying to kill you!

Published: April 29, 2017Updated: May 1, 2017394 viewsVirality: 1%