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Cat absolutely loves to be slid across the floor1m32s

Cat absolutely loves to be slid across the floor

All pets are different from one another. Separated not just by physical appearance, breed or species, but more specifically their behaviors. Some are more energetic than others and some can be more tame than others, but either way we love our pets. As the bond between pet and master evolves, some of these behaviors adapt to the relationship. You dog might start begging for food, your cat might always want to cuddle, but here we have a very unique cat with its own unique quirky behavior. Do you think this is normal cat behavior? Richard the Ragdoll cat just can't get enough of his owner sliding him across the floor. Watch him keep coming back for more! Sure it seems like fun, but have you ever seen a cat enjoy something like that before? This is definitely going to brighten your day! You probably haven't even seen anything like this before! Everyone just wants to play, and if they aren't getting harmed, then where's the foul in that? Do any of your pets have any quirky behaviors that makes you chuckle? Let us know in the comment section, and if you have a clip of it, feel free to upload it to, your one stop shop for adorable pet videos as well as viral ones.

Talking cat engages in humorous conversation34s

Talking cat engages in humorous conversation

Have you ever considered how our cats perceive us when we talk? Like, seriously, you might not give much thought about it, thinking how they literally say nothing, then it surely doesn't bother them, right? You are in for quite a surprise! Take Steve here, for example. He lives with three dogs and another fellow cat. When his owners started talking to him, Steve immediately replies. Can you believe this talking cat?

Dog Totally Unimpressed With Overly-Affectionate Cat's Behavior1m33s

Dog Totally Unimpressed With Overly-Affectionate Cat's Behavior

Many people think cats and dogs can not live together in peace. They are two different animals with different personalities that will not always blend. However, under the right conditions, many cats and dogs can live together in perfect harmony! Having pets around the house is always fun, and capturing those moments on video can be an instant mood booster for all animal lovers out there. They always keep us on our toes and they make us melt into puddles of goo with their cuteness. Our furbabies are the real entertainment in the house and this footage just proves it. Although most people might think that cat licking is gross, it is actually the equivalent of people washing and brushing their hair. The saliva clears the fur of unwanted particles nestled inside and the cat’s tongue which is rougher than a human’s would actually serve as the brush. A cat’s tongue contains longer and sturdier sensory papillae which then act as the natural combs of a brush. Cat grooming is a natural instinct as any other. This kitty definitely felt like this doggo was one of her own because she started to lick him in order to show some love and affection. Unfortunately for her, her pal wasn’t very impressed or he didn’t quite understand why she’s doing what she was doing. Unfortunately this olive branch would go unnoticed. Poor kitty!

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Signs that your cat definitely owns you46s

Signs that your cat definitely owns you

Anyone who owns a cat knows one thing for sure: you do NOT own that cat. You are just a host who is ensuring that the cat enjoys living at your home. Your cat actually owns you and you are her servant!

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 Overly Affectionate Sphynx Cat Obsessed With Cuddling Humans20s

Overly Affectionate Sphynx Cat Obsessed With Cuddling Humans

A heartwarming video has emerged of one overly-affectionate kitty being obsessed with cuddling humans. Bella does this to everybody even to this woman's husband who is bald! Priceless! This is the adorable moment when one overly-affectionate cat cuddles with her human and engages in a long, friendly hug! It is hilarious how the kitty refuses to let go of this woman’s hair and uses it as her personal snuggling buddy! What a special bond these two share. Amazing! Footage shows the adorable moment when a needy cat throws herself at a woman, in desperate need for attention and love. Watch how this emotional cat acts like a tick and won’t let go of woman’s hair. It is like this cat is addicted to smelling this woman’s hair and cannot break her attachment! The cat has her paws wrapped around woman’s hair, hugging her human like there is no tomorrow! What a loving bond these two share, it is simply incredible! It is always adorable to watch videos of animals showing deep connection with their humans, but this video of a cuddling cat warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such a pet around. This funny video of a needy cat clutching its front paws around woman’s neck, had us in stitches! This emotional Sphynx cat is desperately seeking attention and really knows how to express her love and devotion. Adorable! Watch as this affectionate cat hugs a woman by wrapping its paws around her neck, acting like a tick, not allowing her to get away. Is this love at first sight, or what!? Have you ever seen a cat this affectionate around human before? There is first time for everything! Credit: @justkittenaroundsphynx

Kitty catches snowball in mid air5s

Kitty catches snowball in mid air

Every pet owners' dream come true: an incredibly beautiful kitty that enjoys outdoor activities - puppy style! This playful cat loves to catch snowballs and she's amazingly good at it!

Distracting cats make it difficult for owner to meditate1m31s

Distracting cats make it difficult for owner to meditate

This woman decided to meditate a little and let her two cats stay in the room to see what they will do. One of the cats is totally confused why his owner is not moving and he starts to touch her on her face hoping she will open her eyes and look at him. Hilarious!

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Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up1m45s

Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up

Sefid and Mallows are twin kittens but they portray different personalities. Sefid, the white cat is adventurous, bold, energetic and usually displays hunting instinct. He is always moving around with his ears upright, checking out each corner of the house and enjoys playing in the garden, chasing insects he could find on the ground. Mallows, on the other hand is timid, reserved, calm and prefers to scratch on wood to sharpen her claws and climb curtains. Both Mallows and Sefid are sweet and lovely 3-month-old kittens. In this video, Sefid wanted to engage Mallows in a cat fight play. He had been provoking her but Mallows simply tried to run before owner started filming. When Mallows found her peaceful spot on a sofa, Sefid came and started provoking her. She retaliated and they engaged in a playful cat fight. At a certain point, Mallows was not responsive to Sefid's provocations but Sefid ensued which turned mallows to hiss and she snarled and growled. What happened next.... Sefid pinned Mallows hard and started licking her head. What a wonderful sight! He is trying to offer peace. And the most wonderful part of all, Mallows showed irritable expression at first, you can judge it by looking at her closely in the video, but quickly accepted Sefid's offer of peace by licking him back. Lovely!

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Check Out These 6 Signs To See If You Are A Cat46s

Check Out These 6 Signs To See If You Are A Cat

Does being a “cat person” or a “dog person”, or neither or both, can reveal your true personality? These are completely different people and different personalities. A cat person enters into a longer contract since cats generally live longer than dogs. Is the cat owner someone you can trust for the long-haul commitment and quiet evenings at home? It’s worth saying that cat “owner” may be a misnomer since cats tend to own their people. Winston Churchill nailed it when he said, “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us.” Here some signs that you are a ‘cat’! If you had it your way, your job would be to nap! Cats may sleep a lot, but when they're awake, they sure make the most of their time! You are secretly judging people all the time! No matter what you do, that cat is judging you harsher than a Russian judge during an Olympic figure skating event! Sign number three is that you really prefer to be left alone! Some cats are rather standoff-ish. Just like some cats you like to be alone too! You are angry and aloof for no apparent reason! Cats are not as domesticated as dogs and easily revert to their wild state! Also, you suck when it comes to making decisions! And last but not least, you are always hungry and you wait for people to feed you! Do you find yourself in these signs? If you do then you are definitely a cat!

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