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How to do a french braid hairstyle4m11s

How to do a french braid hairstyle

There are two things to know about learning how to do a french braid. 1.) When first starting out, use big sections of hair. It is much easier to do it this way. 2.) Practice, practice, practice. It took me The Hair Dad year before he really got it down. That's because he tried doing it in smaller sections and it was too hard.

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Little boy runs away from first kiss opportunity12s

Little boy runs away from first kiss opportunity

Do you remember your first kiss? The butterflies, the anxiety… Everyone remembers their first kiss, although not everyone has good memories about it. Even worse are the once we didn’t get to have, like these two toddlers! Johnny’s dad is encouraging him to give Alisha a kiss, but the toddler had other intentions. Call it shyness, call it stagefright, but no one wants to kiss their crush on camera! Johnny climbs off the swing and runs off camera, leaving poor Alisha without her kiss. The little girl sure looks devastated. This will be the first almost-kiss she will never forget!

Watch This Jaw-Dropping Bodypaint Optical Illusion Time Lapse4m19s

Watch This Jaw-Dropping Bodypaint Optical Illusion Time Lapse

Artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic dazzles us with her incredibly talented bodypainting skills. Check out the x-ray illusion that is sure to blow your mind! We just love watching ever-inspiring videos such as this one. Here we have an incredibly talented artist that displays her amazing skills creating optical x-ray illusion using body paint. Nothing can prepare you for the end, and trust us, we couldn't believe our eyes! Moreover, this high-quality video shows the entire process in a time lapse, which means we can witness this art performance in its entirety. It's unbelievable how many super-talented people are out there around the globe! What do you think of this masterpiece? Make sure to watch it until the end, and share your insights in the comment section below! Now for some info: body painting, or sometimes bodypainting, is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and can last several hours or many weeks (in the case of mehndi or "henna tattoos") about two weeks. Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Body painting is also referred to as (a form of) "temporary tattoo"; large scale or full-body painting is more commonly referred to as body painting, while smaller or more detailed work can sometimes be referred to as temporary tattoos. Many artists today work professionally as body painters for television commercials, and they also work frequently in the film arena especially in science fiction with an increasing number of elaborate alien creations being body painted.

Amazing 'Human Ashtray' Bodypainting Time Lapse2m55s

Amazing 'Human Ashtray' Bodypainting Time Lapse

Mirjana Kika Milosevic is a very talented makeup artist from Serbia, but she is especially amazing at doing body painting , facepainting , skin illusions , make up , special F/X makeup and murals. In this particular video we can see her transforming into a human ashtray - you read that right. An ashtray. She starts off by concealing her gorgeous rainbow hair to prepare her head for the illusion, and then with her talented hands she starts painting the top of her head to look like an ashtray. She proceeds by drawing lungs on her cleavage, which are black to symbolize smoker's lungs. These kinds of illusory bodypainting may look easy, but require hours and hours spent on preparations and drawing inspiration from the most mundane objects. The final result is astounding, but it shows just how remarkable her talent is. Smoking is bad for you and this video should not be considered to promote this bad habit. If you are a smoker, consider stopping this nasty habit, and if you're not - well good for you and keep up staying safe from cigarettes! What is your favorite body paint illusion? A wooden doll, or maybe a skin tight sweater hanging on a hanger? Kika have done these to perfection, too!

Adalia Rose Gives Her Mom A Hot Pink Makeover6m05s

Adalia Rose Gives Her Mom A Hot Pink Makeover

Everyone’s favorite superhero girl is back again with a fabulous makeup tutorial. Her favorite model is joining her as well. Adalia Rose is the hero every one of us wishes they had. Adalia Rose is the social media star that people can’t stop buzzing about. The petite girl is literally one in four million; Adalia Rose has Progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes a child's body to age fast. Adalia knows she is different; she sees that her little brother is way bigger than she is, she sees that she is bald. But what she doesn’t know is that her condition doesn’t promise much; the average life expectancy of a person born with Progeria is 13 years. Still, this doesn’t prevent the precious girl from following her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. With mom her faithful model, Adalia Rose dips her makeup applicators and brushes in all her favorite eyeshadows and applies them on mom’s face effortlessly. And she is such a pro with her lip gloss applicator, such a shweet-hot! By the way, you just have to see the lovely sunset look she gave her mom! Of course, she starts with pink, because that is Adalia Rose’s favorite color. Her mom tries to tease her mid-application, but she tells her not to mess her up because she is a profesh! No one can mess with this superhero!

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Adalia Rose Gives Mom Sunset Look Makeup Tutorial13m36s

Adalia Rose Gives Mom Sunset Look Makeup Tutorial

Watch along as Adalia Rose gives her mom that famous sunset look in this makeup tutorial. Adalia’s joyous spirit will put you up in great mood! Way to go, girl! Adalia Rose is an American social media star. She became famous when her mother set up a website to help her family keep a track of her progress. She suffers from a serious and fatal disease. She has created many videos which prove she has taken all the problems in her stride and is ready to enjoy life to its fullest. The disease that afflicts Adalia Rose is a very rare one and very few children suffer from it. Children suffering from ‘progeria’ are born healthy and remain so for the first 10 to 24 months of their life. After this they start to show signs of aging at a very fast rate. Soon they take on the appearance of a very old person. She has appeared in videos promoting the cause of finding a cure for this disease. The mother-daughter relationship is very special and often encompasses unique ways of bonding. From simple day-to-day activities to more purposeful actions. Proceed the makeup session of this mom and daughter and be amazed by Adalia’s talent. Adalia Rose is giving her mom a lesson on makeup application and beauty, and it is obvious they know how to have fun.

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 3D Body Art Makeup Illusion Is Mesmerizing To Watch 1m54s

3D Body Art Makeup Illusion Is Mesmerizing To Watch

Some of us may not be the best when it comes to having artistic skills, some of our artistic skills may only go as far as drawing stick people. This is not the case for makeup artist Kika. She has so much talent when it comes to showing off her art skills. They are very impressive! She is able to pull off some incredible body art illusion that leaves you scratching your head. The 3D effect makes it look so real! She must have a lot of fun showing people her passion, she puts smiles on peoples faces every day! At first, it is hard to tell what she is going to be doing. She mesmerizes us, we can't take our eyes off the screen! As she continues to outline and colour in her body, we start to guess what she is painting. We have a huge twist at the end of the video! Once she puts the black paint on her face, the 3D effect is shown perfectly! She looks like a person with a hanger as a head. What a crazy surprise! She definitely pulled this off perfectly! Bodypainting is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and can last several hours or many weeks (in the case of mehndi or "henna tattoos") about two weeks. Many artists nowadays work professionally as body painters for TV commercials, but also frequently work in the film industry, especially in science fiction with an increasing number of elaborate alien creations being body painted. Do you have a passion for the arts? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Adorable Little Girl Completes Awesome Contouring Makeup Tutorial 59s

Adorable Little Girl Completes Awesome Contouring Makeup Tutorial

Do you love watching makeup tutorials? Check out this adorable little girl's awesome tutorial! If you're having trouble pulling off that glamorous look, this little girl will show you all the tricks, so cute! Her contouring makeup tutorial is very nice. It is impressive to see she knows what contouring actually is, some adults don't even know what it means. They can learn by watching this useful video! As she continues to apply makeup to her face, you can tell she is very confident with what she is doing. She knows how to apply different tones on her skin and even rubs it in evenly, so awesome! She isn't done yet! After contouring her face, she adds some gorgeous pink eye shadow to her face! It works perfectly with her skin. Your makeup is never complete unless you add a little sparkle and that is what this adorable young girl does. She adds sparkles underneath her eyes and it looks amazing. To finish off the look, she puts on some pink lip gloss. Wow, her look is amazing! This is a fabulous tutorial! So adorable! Do you like to make makeup tutorial videos like this little girl? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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How to save money on makeup1m17s

How to save money on makeup

Are you layering your face under inches of expensive creams, powders and paints every day? Well now you can keep doing just that, but for a little cheaper!

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Gay pride rainbow makeup tutorial4m56s

Gay pride rainbow makeup tutorial

UpCycle.Club member Anastasia Stacie Vanelli demonstrates how to pull off this glamorous look, celebrating gay pride in full rainbow fashion! Credit: Anastasia Stacie Vanelli + UpCycle.Club