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Grandma and grandson giggle-fest will melt your heart56s

Grandma and grandson giggle-fest will melt your heart

Four month old Liam captures hearts everywhere he goes. He's an adorable baby with a laugh that makes you stop, listen, and begin to laugh along with him. The magic of a baby's laughter is that it comes right from the belly so easily. The simplest of things amuse and delight an infant. You don't have to be a world renowned comedian to tickle a baby's funny bone and when you get one to really laugh, you can repeat things over and over again and get the same laughter for hours. Shona is a very enthusiastic grandma who has discovered that tapping her fingers on the window is all it takes to make Liam burst out in laughter. Shona laughs almost as hard as the two play their adorable game. Even Kolby, Liam's mother, laughs as she tries to hold the camera steady. A baby’s laughter is contagious like no other. Haven’t we all been in a room or a store and heard a baby’s laughter, only to realize that we, and everybody else had stopped to listen? Then one by one, we all end up laughing too. We would gladly tickle a baby or play peek-a-boo for hours, only to keep the laughter going. And the look of expectation on the baby’s face as he or she waits for us to make them laugh again is especially endearing. Laughter is definitely food for the soul and it creates bonds between family and strangers alike. We all deserve to hear the laughter of a bay every day!

Toddler And Rescued Impala Are Best Friends30s

Toddler And Rescued Impala Are Best Friends

This is the heartwarming saga of Jupiter the impala and his little human friend little Oliver. The orphaned impala was brought to live at the Free to Be Wild Sanctuary in Zimbabwe, where he met baby Oliver. The two have been best friends ever since. We can understand when dogs and other domesticated animals remember people. We hear all the time about cats and dogs that travel long distances to return to their homes, after being stranded or lost in faraway places. But the impala is a wild animal, and we don’t expect such creatures to be friendly with the human species. Yet, here it is, kissing the small human child it has befriended a couple of years before. The scene is full of warmth and heart, and raises questions about how closely all living things are related. In the wild there are strict rules about who’s a predator and who’s prey. If you take away the need to hunt or be hunted from the equation, it brings everyone much closer. Animals that once instinctively ran away from us will now sidle up to us, and even show some affection. These watershed moments teach us that animals are motional creatures capable of understanding and love. It’s quite amazing to realize that living things so seemingly far apart can actually be so close. Even though impalas don’t speak in a human tongue, they are still capable of communicating in the universal language of love. If you were ever one of those who hunted impala, you might be inclined to give up your rifle, or perhaps just aim it at artificial targets after watching this. Even though the impala is so much bigger than Oliver, not to mention that he sports dangerous looking horns that any predator in the wild must be wary of, he’s actually very gentle with the human child, kissing Oliver, and patiently accepting of Oliver ‘s little hands reaching toward its muzzle. Oliver’s parents are amused by the interaction, as they obviously know something about the relationship that we don’t. The two aren’t new at this; theirs is a recurring tryst, but a lifelong and permanent friendship . We can take away important lessons here, that whether you are two legged or four, none of us are aliens on Planet Earth . We all belong here, sharing the great blue marble with divergent physical forms. We have a lot more in common than meets the eye.

Eight-Month-Old Baby Is Already A Double Dutch Pro33s

Eight-Month-Old Baby Is Already A Double Dutch Pro

Babies are the cutest thing in the world! They are cute, lovable and they are so fun, and we love to spend time with them. We all know that babies love to do fun and crazy things. The more they grow, the more they learn from the people around them, their parents and their families. They learn words, expressions, habits, games, and names. However, this baby wanted to go more extreme and learn some extra and something that is amusing! This baby learned Double Dutch when she was only eight months old. Check out this fantastic video of her double ditching with her mom, and she looks like a pro! It didn’t take long for little Phoenix to get involved in the family business at Double Dutch Aerobics, in Atlanta. The eight-month-old can be seen holding two jump ropes and swinging them expertly, double dutch style, while strapped into mom Michelle Clark’s carrier sling. Uploading the video of her daughter to Facebook, Clark joked, “Double Dutch Aerobics baby … Phoenix will be teaching the next class.” This looks so fun and so great, we hope that we can play with Phoenix Double Dutch someday and have fun together and also teach us some new tricks! Essentially, Double Dutch is a rope skipping exercise played when two ropes are turned in eggbeater fashion. While the ropes are turned, a third person jumps inside. It’s really fun and this baby it’s doing an amazing job! However, Double Dutch Aerobics is even more fun! The studio teaches you to jump and have fun, the classes are held by Double Dutch Aerobics Instructors who will make the experience with these classes fun but also lose more than 500 calories. Isn’t that the best fitness goal? This girl will be future Double Dutch Instructor, and she will be the best at it! However, babies are not the only one who loves to Double Dutch. This police officer pulls amazing moves while doing Double Dutch and everybody were left in awe! Knowing that he has an audience, the officer decides to kick it up a notch. He does some fancy footwork before switching to what looks like jumping jacks without stumbling at all. If that's not enough, he starts turning while jumping, completely wowing the crowd. He takes a few additional solid hops before walking out. Thanks for the smile today, Mr. Officer! Credit: Sean Clark via Storyful

Flexing Her Mussels: Irish Baby Lena Eats Shellfish Like A Pro45s

Flexing Her Mussels: Irish Baby Lena Eats Shellfish Like A Pro

Are you one of the people who love to see babies happy while they eat? Then you must see this right now! Some babies are self-taught and easily learn some things without the help of their parents, which makes them very independent when it comes to eating food and face obstacles throughout their lives. This particular baby shows her love for food, especially seafood, as she is able to understand how mussels work, knows exactly what to eat and what not to eat, and seems to love the idea of eating mussels. This is amazing and adorable! Everyone knows that babies love sweets and cookies, these are usually their favorite snacks, but this girl has exclusive culinary tastes, with only 19 months old, this Irish baby named Lena, has an excellent palate and a fabulous criteria at lunch time. Probably you will never see anyone eating mussels with such order and professionalism, it is very fun to see this girl opening the shells and removing the juicy mussels to then eat them. The girl is very intelligent, as she closes the shells after removing the mussels, its delicacy when handling oysters is very charming and professional! Mussels can be obtained in almost any country in the world, since they are widely distributed and marketed because they have many vitamins that are useful for people, as well as being extremely delicious. Although it may not look like it, mussels have potassium, vitamin C, selenium and phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals help people to enjoy good health, in the case of babies it helps to strengthen bones and teeth, as well as to have a good digestion, besides helping to avoid depression, in such a way that Babies are always happy and avoid bad feelings. We all have to eat mussels! It is important to know what are the vitamins and minerals that each food provides, because that way we can give a balanced diet to babies, since they must grow healthy and strong, so it is advisable to give them appropriate foods, including some sweets. In general, children tend to have some difficulty eating foods that are healthy and nutritious for them, as they are generally not to their liking, but in this video we can see that some girls like Lena should be an example for other children. Lena loves to eat healthy things, especially she likes to eat mussels. Lana is fabulous! The video was filmed and shared on February 11 by Bridget Wilhare in Co. Donegal, Ireland. The woman said she was happy and proud to film her 19-month-old granddaughter eating seafood like a professional, she also mentioned that her granddaughter adores mussels and that's enough reason to please her and give her a plate full of mussels. The video was shared on the Twitter account of the Mulroy Bay Mussels family company and had about 3,000 likes at the time of writing this article. What thoughts come to your mind after watching this video? Do you think all babies should learn to eat mussels? Do not forget to comment your opinions! Credit: Mulroy Bay Mejillones via Storyful.

Little Boy Unknowingly Makes Fun Of His Mom25s

Little Boy Unknowingly Makes Fun Of His Mom

Okay, ladies. We all know that despite what the world thinks, we are not perfect, hairless princesses that prance around all day in ballgowns. Like men, we grow hair. And in some places, we grow a lot of hair. Even if we don’t want to. For a lot of women, me included, a little bit of hair on the upper lip is natural. And whether you choose to wax it, shave it, bleach it, or just go natural, it can be a big pain in the but! And nothing is worse than going to a salon to get your eyebrows done and being asked if you “want the upper lip too?” That’s why it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the lil’ guy in this video went into the beauty industry when he gets older. I mean, it’s clear that he’s a natural at implying to women that they need to do something about the hair on their upper lip. In the video the little boy, being interviewed by his mom as he holds his younger sibling, makes a remark that he does not yet have a beard. But one day he will! Like Daddy. And Mommy. Uh-oh. The mother is quick to correct him, saying that she doesn’t have a beard. “But you have a mustache.” Oof. My idea? Let’s get this kid a job at his local waxing place. He’d be great for business. Every time a woman comes in to get anything done, he can stand by the receptionist’s desk and ask if they want to get their upper lip done too. And when they look at him, shocked, and say thanks but no, he can hit him with that good ol’ “But you have a mustache.” It’s okay, Mommy. I know your pain. I too have had to do a bit of face-scaping in order to get rid of the fuzz on my upper-lip. And while those at-home waxing strips sting quite a bit when you rip them off, I can only imagine how much more it stings to have a toddler, the King of Honesty, break it to you that you’ve currently got a mustache. We can take a couple of things from this video. It’s taught us a lot of lessons. The biggest lesson, though, is that you should always be happy with the way you look. Body hair is natural. And although Barbie’s smooth and plastic-y skin looks so nice on a doll, it’s creepy as can be on a human being. So wax that stache or don’t, Mom. This kid will love you no matter what. Just don’t ask him how you look in a dress anytime soon.

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Baby Girl Adorably Admires Her Healthy Belly28s

Baby Girl Adorably Admires Her Healthy Belly

This nine month old little princess is still learning big new things about her world. Today its “Discover Your Belly Day,” and it’s as if this is the first time she has bothered to look down. “What the deuce?” she exclaims, noticing for the first time that cute little round bump between her legs and her neck. “Has that always been there?” Why yes, yes it has little girl. Everything is new to the infant. At nine months she is getting over that “Wow, where the heck am I” phase of birth, and starting to look around and notice things for the first time. Not just see things, but actually notice them. She will compare herself to her parents, looking for what is the same between them. The more she looks, the more she will see she has a lot in common with the people who enter her social circle. These observations will go a long way toward reinforcing her self-image and identity as a member of a family. The family, at this young age, may even reach out to friends and relatives who enter her household. “Everyone has one of these?” she may ask to herself, or inquire in garbled baby talk. “How come you didn’t tell me this before?” Little things will hold immense fascination, or even hilarity. A toe is worth a giggle. A moving toe can be 20 minutes of raucous laughter. A burp, or even a loud passing of gas might be cause for falling backward with mirth. This thing called life. We don’t know what it is, but it’s continuously fascinating. If only we adults could see everything as we saw it for the first time, when time was slow and the world was new. We have codified and labelled and analyzed our way into a square box, and sometimes it seems there is no way out. “I can’t get rid of it. I give up!” she almost seems to be saying at one point. “Mom, you knew about this but didn’t tell me?” This little girl has plenty of time to remind her parents what it was like to be mesmerized by the simplest of things. It’s all too big to know all at once. We have to take things slowly, experimentally, and after a long life time we still don’t know what it all means. Those wonderful big blue eyes are licensed to live.

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Kid denies pushing little brother, gets caught red-handed on camera10s

Kid denies pushing little brother, gets caught red-handed on camera

A 3-year-old boy came crying downstairs so his dad asked him why. He said his older brother pushed him, so dad asked the older one and he said his little brother just fell on his own. So they watched it on playback on the security cameras and the reaction was too funny to be mad!

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Baby Refuses To Let Dad Eat Her Vegetables23s

Baby Refuses To Let Dad Eat Her Vegetables

The adorable baby girl featured in this delightful (and ridiculously cute) video knows what’s hers and isn’t afraid to fight for it! More to the point, she’s clearly tired of dad trying to poach veggies from her plate and hastens (in the sweetest way possible) to reclaim her rightful culinary property. Good for you, little girl! Stop that veggie-grabbing food thief right in his tracks! Our suspicion, however, is that her dad isn’t so much trying to filch her food as he is attempting to get her to take an interest in eating it herself. Anybody who’s ever tried to feed a baby knows that sometimes they just don’t want what you’re trying to offer, no matter how tempting or tasty it may appear. Sometimes, in that situation, your best bet is to demonstrate eating the food yourself and hope that the baby in question—since very young children are natural and gifted mimics—will imitate you and do likewise. And the little girl’s endearing cry of triumph when she successfully nabs a pea right out of her dad’s hand before he can get it into his mouth makes it all worthwhile. This charming moment of stellar parenting capture on video reminds us of our own younger days, when our parents loomed before us with all the size and seemingly omnipotent strength as if they were actual gods. As we got bigger, of course, we realized that they were only human, just like we are. Still, it was always nice to think that there was someone out there who was strong enough to solve all your problems for you—or to offer that spoonful of comedy, like the dad in this video, that helped even the yuckiest of vegetables go down more easily. If you’re looking for your daily dose of “Awwwwwwwww!” then you really don’t have to look any further than this one. It also comes in handy if you’re still on the fence about what to serve for dinner tonight! Peas and carrots , anyone? Hitting the Play button now will definitely get you the hearty chuckle you could probably use at this point in your day, and we urge you to do so without wasting another moment . And then maybe call your dad and tell him that you’re thinking of him. We’re guessing that a quick call from you will brighten his day—and yours right along with it.

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Baby Has Hysterical Bib-Tossing Showdown With Dad26s

Baby Has Hysterical Bib-Tossing Showdown With Dad

In this video, as one-year-old baby boy is seen interacting with his father. However, their interaction gets our attention and makes us smile because this is not your run-of-the-mill father-child interaction! The young father is seen placing his son’s bib on the baby’s high chair. The baby immediately grabs the bib and throws it on the ground behind him. We then see his father bend over, and pick up the bib again, placing it on the baby boy’s high chair. The baby once again throws down the bib and the cycle continues. There are several things about this video that are humorous, and keep viewers riveted. The first is perhaps the father, who is obviously playing into the game with his son. He is being playful and a little dramatic, with big, quick movements. He is also throwing down the bib with force, encouraging the game...or is it a challenge? The baby boy does not appear to be smiling. Perhaps he is having fun? Or perhaps he is feeling slightly frustrated because he just wants the bib to be gone and it keeps coming back? It’s possible that this baby boy is serious about getting the bib gone, and he’s asserting his independence from the bib. Several times we see him act as though frustrated, or perhaps amused, and he looks like he bites his hand when the bib reappears in front of him. We see the baby throw back the bib with great force, matching force and escalating as his father escalates the interaction. Another thing that intrigues viewers of this video is the laughter and apparent entertainment that the person filming and others that were present in person to witness the spectacle. Their laughter is contagious, and reflects the feelings of those watching the video on It’s fascinating how we as viewers are puzzled at first as to whether or not this is a tense – perhaps unhappy – exchange between father and son. But as we begin to hear laughter, and the laughter grows, we feel permission to laugh ourselves, and we are able to properly interpret the father’s intentions and actions as being playful rather than upset. Anyone who has parented a baby or young child knows that these games are tremendously amusing, and opportunities to participate in these games appear on a regular basis. Baby ’s will test the adults in their lives, and despite their young age, their intelligence and awareness is clear with they engage with us in this way.

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Cute Baby Girl Hilariously Talks To Dad On The Phone14s

Cute Baby Girl Hilariously Talks To Dad On The Phone

Look who's talking now -- or at least will be very soon. If you're wondering when your babbling tot will turn those coos and cries into mamas and dadas, believe us when they do start, they will talk all day long! We love those adorable sounds that they make or when they are pronouncing some word in a funny way they melt our hearts! Babies are adorable, and everything they do is pretty much excellent! Just like this cutie pie! She pretends to talk with her dad on the phone and it the cutest video by far! This adorable baby tells her dad what she had for lunch in the cutest possible way. Yum yum! What do you think she had for lunch? We can’t guess but by the way she explains it, it must have been some really tasty . Maybe, she eats some pasta or maybe one of those delicious baby food in a jar? Those are delicious! Anyway, we are glad that she eat something tasty and that her mom filmed this adorable video because we are in awe of her cuteness! Imagine when she grows up, she will be quite a smooth talker! A child’s play is the purest! This baby talking to her dad on the phone is so hilarious because she is trying so hard to explain to her dad and to speak to him, it is almost like she is talking to him! She is so confident! It is incredible how babies copy what they see from their parents. They learn so fast as they are so smart and so amazing. It’s just amazing how good they аrе at mimicking what thеу ѕее. We would love to chit chat with this adorable girl on the phone! We would have so much fun! However, this does not end here. We have another baby that takes phone calling to a whole other level ! Baby girl Jaylee is left with a tough decision, succumb to the sleep that’s threatening to take her over, or answer this one last phone call. Being so indecisive, she decided to multitask just one last time before going to sleep. Answering the ringing with a sour look on her face, she listens to what the caller has to say on the other side. It looks like the lady has quite a speech prepared and little Jaylee isn’t willing to listen through it. So priceless! um!

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Toddler Has Funniest Reaction To Gift2m56s

Toddler Has Funniest Reaction To Gift

Giving is an important feature to possess. By giving you show appreciation, you show someone that you care; you say thank you for being part of your life. Some of the time it is difficult to express emotions in words, but offering a token of thankfulness won't just speak to your feeling, but will enable the person to realize the amount you value them. It is essential to teach our kids to give and to teach them to know how important is own this feature. However, by giving is not just a great way to tell someone you appreciate them, by giving someone a gift is a great way to make someone happy, to make someone’s day better. For example, parents love to spoil their kids with gifts. It's a way to show them how much they love them and how much their lives are better with them in it. And to be honest, kids love presents. We remember when we were kids the only day that mattered to us where our birthday and Christmas because those were the days that would receive presents. The excitement was unspeakable! However, not all kids feel the same way about presents, especially when they are presents that don’t like them. This almost-two-year-old little girl doesn't have the expected reaction when she receives a gift from her hopeful mom. Somehow she manages to be both polite and cruel at the same time! She was pretty excited before she opened the present thinking that her parents bought her a toy, but after opening the present, she saw that inside were a bracelet and a necklace which she didn’t like at all. But, she was very kind and said: “No, thank you” when her mom tells her to put the jewelry on her. What a sweet, adorable toddler! But kids have a pure soul, and they can be very grateful especially when they do get the present they want or a gift they have been asking for their whole lives. Just take a look at this young girl cries tears of joy for puppy birthday gift ! When the birthday girl comes walking in the door, she has no idea what is in store for her. Her younger sister comes in first and walks right by the tiny, fluffy puppy sitting on the kitchen floor. Her sister, however, sees the little dog immediately and gasps in unbelief. The birthday girl and the little puppy stare at each other for what seems like forever before Mom yells out "Happy Birthday!"

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Swaddled newborn curiously examines his new environment3m10s

Swaddled newborn curiously examines his new environment

This is Landon James age 2 weeks old, born October 9th 2015. Since the day he was born, he's been so calm, and happy. He wakes up every single morning with a huge smile. Absolutely a gift from heaven. Mama loves you so much Landon!! Full credit: Elisheba Eden