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Baby sorry for biting mommy while nursing18s

Baby sorry for biting mommy while nursing

This baby bit his mom while nursing, so she sat him up and gave him a stern talk (as stern as can be with a face like that!), but his lip quiver is just too much too handle. Seriously, how can anyone be mad at someone with a face like that?!

Published: September 22, 2017Updated: September 25, 201784,079 viewsVirality: 7%
Big Sister Stops Baby From Crying By Singing To Her29s

Big Sister Stops Baby From Crying By Singing To Her

Babies are so adorable and cute, and very fun to be around. However, there are also times when they are fussy and difficult to comfort, and then they cry and cry a lot, but nobody knows the reason why. Those are the times when adults get frustrated and don't know what to do about it. However, big sister Zoey is here to save the day when 'crying' alarm turns on. Every time baby Gabby cries loudly, her sister Zoey soothes her by singing 'You Are My Sunshine' song, over and over again, until Gabby calms down and starts smiling again. These two sisters have a special bond. When Gabby is upset and starts crying, the singing of her sister Zoey's voice puts a smile back on her face. It is good that Zoey is talented and knows how to sing, because baby Gabby immediately stops crying when Zoey starts singing. Sometimes moms and dads need a little help from time to time, and that is when siblings come to help. It is good for sisters to grow up together in harmony and give each other support every time the other sibling is upset or under the weather. Zoey always knows how to soothe Gabby and get her to stop crying. These two sisters will definitely melt your heart and teach you the valuable lesson that sisters are always here to watch your back and cheer you up in difficult times. This sister duo is absolutely precious and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Published: September 22, 2017Updated: September 25, 201797,681 views
Baby Says All The Right Arguments When Mom Forgets To Put Food In His Mouth36s

Baby Says All The Right Arguments When Mom Forgets To Put Food In His Mouth

Hearing your baby talk for the first time, even if it is just mumbo jumbo, really makes for an event. You want for them to say something since you first laid eyes on them. But words don't come as quick as we would want them from our babies mouths; no, at first, it is the mumbling. They open their mouth with the desire to make something known, but nothing comes out other than bubbling sounds and the occasional “mama” or “dada”. This kid, however, is quite a talker! Who knows what he is actually trying to say but one thing is for sure, he isn't going to stop until his demands are met. Mom seems to know what she’s got on her hands, so every time that tiny politician starts X, she pops a bite in his mouth. That calms him down for a bit, then he starts all over again. Looks like these parents have a funny little boss baby on their hands. Who can blame the kid, he clearly knows what he wants. We might not be adept enough to understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying to her dad. The problem is, the adorable future lawyer wants to go outside to make a snowman in the cold weather, but her dad doesn't let her. So she has prepared a closing argument and presents it in the most adorable possible way.

Published: September 21, 2017Updated: September 22, 20171,744 views
Baby Gets Into Oil, Slides All Over The Kitchen30s

Baby Gets Into Oil, Slides All Over The Kitchen

This is the capital reason why there are children’s safety locks available on the market! You just cannot stop your baby from getting everywhere, poking its baby nose and pulling stuff out and all over the place with his baby hands! You can tell that this mommy is not happy about this baby getting into the oil in the kitchen. I mean, there is oil EVERYWHERE. The kid probably found a bottle with a loose top, turned it over and the stuff spilled all over the floor. After that, it was just a matter of creativity, because nothing is more fun than having the perfect surface for endless crawling! Baby is super excited about this new “toy”, but the lack of traction confuses him a little bit and he starts getting fussy, to which mom just laughs out loud, because why the heck not! That stuff is pure gold! Baby soft skin will get extra soft now, thanks to the Vitamin E in the sunflower oil. Not to mention the glistening of the tiles after he had buffed all that oil out with his diaper. The best part is, you just can’t be mad at such a cute moment. Just make sure to get those child locks.

Published: September 21, 2017Updated: September 22, 2017254 viewsVirality: 3%
Baby Girl Doesn't Think Her Mom's Face Mask Is Doing Anything Good46s

Baby Girl Doesn't Think Her Mom's Face Mask Is Doing Anything Good

The charcoal blackhead peel off mask is the latest beauty trend, but baby Jaimes doesn't think it's cool. In fact, it's pretty frightening for the little baby girl. In this adorable video, Jaimes is conflicted between hiding from her mom who's wearing this strange 'disguise' and clinging on to her for dear life hoping it's all just a bad dream. No matter how many times mom tells tiny Jaimes that “it is just a face mask”, comforting her that it will be off very soon, baby Jaimes does not trust whoever this person is that sounds like mommy and certainly smells like mommy, but looks nothing like the person who feeds her and changes her diaper! What kind of witchcraft is this?! Poor baby Jaimes must be scared out of her mind, hoping the real mom will pop out from somewhere and save her from whoever this impostor is! These moms turn out to be worse than the dads! You won’t even believe what happened when this mom let out a very loud burp in front of her baby while the kid was eating his snack. The boy was minding his own damn business, checking out the snack in his hand and not bothering anybody, when all of the sudden mom releases this terrifying sound, which caught him completely off guard and even made him drop his snack! Of course he’ll start crying!

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 21, 201752,890 viewsVirality: 1%
Try Not To Laugh At This Baby Laughing28s

Try Not To Laugh At This Baby Laughing

This might be the cutest baby video you will see today. A baby girl laughs as she's held up to look around a corner so that it appears like she's floating. I am cracking up because it looks like the baby is floating but I am mostly cracking up because her laugh is SO contagious.

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 21, 20173,054 views
Puppy Gives Baby A Bath31s

Puppy Gives Baby A Bath

They say dogs are man's best friend but I would argue that there is no stronger bond than the bond between a kid and his puppy. And this puppy won't give this kid a break. A dog licks a baby boy as the baby crawls away and leans away from the dog. Eventually the kid playfully shoves the dog away.

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 21, 2017149 views
Baby Cries When Dad Hums25s

Baby Cries When Dad Hums

Why are babies so adorable when they frown? A baby girl cries when her dad hums to her. This dad can't help but laugh at his little daughter starts crying when he hums. He must have seriously struck a cord. I hope she doesn't have the reaction when she hears him singing Happy Birthday next month.

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 21, 2017646 viewsVirality: 51%
Is This Cute Baby Happy or Sad?26s

Is This Cute Baby Happy or Sad?

This cute baby is having trouble deciding whether or not she is happy or sad. The video starts with her frowning but when her mom asks if she is sad, she smiles the cutest smile ever only to frown again. You have to check this video out and comment below.

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 21, 201714 views
Adorable Baby Jiggles On Workout Equipment18s

Adorable Baby Jiggles On Workout Equipment

This adorable toddler boy and his sister are playing on their parent's workout equipment. A few things to not in this video! First, the baby's adorable reaction. Second, the seriously cute baby jiggles. Finally, how the baby casually continues to eat while on this machine. I mean, this video is just cuteness overload.

Published: September 14, 201771 views
Multitasking Baby Bounces Himself To Sleep31s

Multitasking Baby Bounces Himself To Sleep

This video is all about family. Once we get married and move in together its usually clear what comes next. Even though sometimes we tend to get pets just to have other company aside of our spouse. Usually people that have been married are thinking about making a family which means having a kid. For most of us its the responsibility of having one that might sometimes drive us into a different direction but in this case we have this toddler that one of the things that probably his parents should be doing, like putting him to bed, he happens to be able to do it by himself. Here we have a sweet little kid that is obviously very tired from napping and sitting in his chair all day and possibly eating, to that extent where he cant bear another second awake. For some reason kids, especially little guys like this, they tend to feel more comfortable falling asleep at the motion of bouncing or even shaking. This kid has cracked the code to what calms him down enough for him to doze off. Take a look as how good this little boy is as he is putting himself down for a nap! This little man has literally bounced himself to sleep in this adorable clip. Too cute!

Published: September 14, 20171,584 viewsVirality: 2%
Little Girl Preciously Holds Baby Brother To Watch TV2m04s

Little Girl Preciously Holds Baby Brother To Watch TV

We all love our siblings to bits, sometimes literally. They are the friends that stick around for life, keeping our most precious of secrets and giving advice that no one else can give. Usually, when parents announce to their older children that a sibling is on the way, then do not take it very well. Sure, there are those that are ecstatic about the notion of having a brother or a sister, but then there are those who can’t believe they are having another baby in the house! And then, there are kids like the little girl in this video, warming our hearts and making us wish we were kids again, along with our siblings. One morning Hazel’s mom caught a precious moment she shared with her baby brother, as they sit together in front of the TV and watch some cartoons. She has a happy handful in her lap in this adorable clip. Hazel sits in her little rocking chair, her baby brother in her arms, and she hugs and kisses the little devil with all the love she has to give. The boy makes a few attempts to escape her clutches, but she just pulls him back up, slaps him gently on the belly and returns to watching the show. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, really. What a priceless moment!

Published: September 12, 2017Updated: September 14, 20171,033 views
Sweet Tot Puts On Hulk Mask In Store And Goes On A Rampage30s

Sweet Tot Puts On Hulk Mask In Store And Goes On A Rampage

Hulk Smash! Hulk SMASH!! HULK SMASH!!! Beware of the green monster in Aisle 2! It’s going for the video games! Do. Not. Anger him! Use caution when opening fire! Oh, wait…It’s just a cute tot with a Hulk mask, at ease. That would surely be a blockbuster - Hulk calms down to reveal that it is actually a 3-year-old girl with blond curls, giggling and saying “gotcha”! This one clearly had a hulk of fun with her mom and dad at their local Target store. They just found out that Target has released the Halloween items on the shelves and the little girl really liked the green mask, so they let her put it on. But a tot doesn’t sit still whenever they get something new; they just really wanna see how it behaves on the road. So her parents let the tot loose between the aisles and she turns into the Hulk, running around in a wild rampage among the toys. But when the dad calls his little girl to turn around, she stops to take the mask off and reveal the most adorable little face on the planet. Even Thunderbolt Ross will melt down into a puddle when he sees that face!

Published: September 13, 2017178 views
This Toddler Does NOT Like Applesauce36s

This Toddler Does NOT Like Applesauce

I remember my first time eating applesauce. This toddler's reaction to trying applesauce for the first time is priceless! We have to give him props for trying it twice because you won't know unless you try! Next on the list: mashed peas! And then mashed veggie turkey dinner! APPLESAUCE WAS THE EASY ONE!! Good luck, kid!

Published: September 13, 201776 views
Kids Forgot The Rules! Scribbled Marker All Over35s

Kids Forgot The Rules! Scribbled Marker All Over

Every parent knows to lay out the rules when giving their children markers for drawing. Another thing every parent knows is that with every set of rules, there will be RULE BREAKERS!! These kids own up to forgetting the rules and claim that the marker mess is BY ACCIDENT.

Published: September 13, 201753 views
A Girl And Her Squirrel Friend32s

A Girl And Her Squirrel Friend

Did you know that squirrel's only find 80 percent of the nuts they hide? Knowing that statistic, one could assume it would be hard for squirrel's to find the time to befriend a human. Well this squirrel and this adorable girl seem to have hit it off. The only thing better than making a new friend, is making a new SQUIRREL FRIEND.

Published: September 12, 201766 views
Baby Twins Fighting Over Toys2m35s

Baby Twins Fighting Over Toys

The Battle of the Twins is in full swing and boy can these twins argue! Fighting isn't cute BUT do we make an exception for twin babies fighting over toys? Watch this cute compilation and tell me that these babies arguing are not cute! You can't because it is!

Published: September 12, 2017986 viewsVirality: 113%
Cute Kid Can't Stay Awake To Eat His Food35s

Cute Kid Can't Stay Awake To Eat His Food

This might be the Most Adorable Video You'll See All Day: this cute toddler is face down and SLEEPING in his mashed potatoes and green beans! Good thing he is wearing glasses. After waking up to his parents talking, the struggle to stay awake continues. We have all been here, right?

Published: September 12, 2017671 views
Baby Triplets Demonstrate Their Drumming Skills1m55s

Baby Triplets Demonstrate Their Drumming Skills

Here we have a couple of toddlers that have found the loudest way to amuse them self's. They have discovered an old box made out of cardboard and also that it makes a sound if you tap your hands against it. Their dad on the other hand is also finding it a muse that they have discovered their hidden talent of hitting. This might mean that these couple of kids have a future in the music industry as drummers. The video starts off when these guys harmlessly start hitting on the box when all of a sudden they realize that they are being filmed. Of course the producer is their dad. Once they realize they are on live, they even get further into it by dancing and nodding their heads along the beat. For many of us its difficult to figure out what we want to do and what kind of profession we like to pursue. For these couple of sweethearts it seems that they have it figured out. Must take a look as this toddler band takes it by the horns and comes out with a masterpiece. So, put your hands together for The Maybin triplets! The Maybin triplets show their musical prowess at a young age. This clip will definitely make you smile!

Published: September 9, 2017Updated: September 12, 201750,691 views
Unhappy Birthday Surprise50s

Unhappy Birthday Surprise

This little girl was in for a rude awakening on her birthday! What her parents meant for her to be a surprise turned into a huge birthday flop! Her parents thought it would be sweet to fill her room with balloons at night when she was sleeping, but this little girl was not too happy about it!

Published: September 6, 2017Updated: September 8, 2017174 views
Toddlers Make Flour Snow Angels45s

Toddlers Make Flour Snow Angels

This is what happens when the parents stop to take a midday nap and the kids sneak away upstairs! These adorable boys were wishing for snow sooner this year, so in efforts to make their own snow angels, they thought that flour would be the perfect substitute!

Published: September 7, 2017Updated: September 8, 201726 views
Toddler Loves New Pet Fish32s

Toddler Loves New Pet Fish

Who doesn't love spending the day at the beach? Well this little toddler not only had a blast playing in the sun and sand, but she also made a new friend while she was there as well! She may not be sure if this fish is a friend or food, but she sure enjoys playing with it!

Published: September 7, 2017140 views