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This Adorable Baby Experiences Every Single Emotion In 30 Seconds 36s

This Adorable Baby Experiences Every Single Emotion In 30 Seconds

More than anything else parents want to make their babies happy! But, sometimes despite the effort, they make a fuss and they cry! Like a lot! As difficult as it can be to feel helpless to calm a crabby baby, it is important to understand that babies, like all people, experience and display a range of emotions, not always pleasant. Because they don’t know how to express their feelings with words they do it over crying! They have a hungry cry, sleepy cry, sad cry, well most of them are hungry and sleepy cries! However, this little crybaby has a different cry, it’s gassy cry! Poor little boy! This adorable little boy is Alexander! Alexander had gas, but by his expressions, you would think it was the end of the world!! Check out all the different facial expressions this baby delivers when he cries . Too funny! He’s beautiful! He even may have an acting career with those cute little expressions! Well before they can express themselves in the language spoken by their parents, babies show their emotions using both facial expressions and body language. Babies can feel interest, distress, disgust, and happiness from birth, and can communicate these through facial expressions and body posture. Alexander showed all of his emotions in 30 seconds! He cried, he laughed a little bit, he was confused and he cried again! Sweet little boy! A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and to love!

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This Baby And His Grandpa Share An Epic Laughing Session And It's Hilarious1m35s

This Baby And His Grandpa Share An Epic Laughing Session And It's Hilarious

A day without laughter is a day wasted! The person who can bring the spirit of laughter in the room is indeed blessed. Laughter heals all wounds, and that’s one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you are going through, it makes you forget about your problems. We think the world should keep laughing. Laughter and joy are part of the beauty of life! You fell completely in joy when you know you caused a wave of laughter coming back at you! This boy and grandpa caused a wave of laughter and it’s so hilarious! Check out this special grandpa/grandson moment lucky enough to be captured on camera. That laughter is definitely contagious! When the grandpa starts to laugh the grandson also bursts into tears of joy! Amazing video that spreads the joy and laughter! We can’t stop watching this video! It’s brings such a positive vibe to our day! This child's eyes light up when he looks in his grandpa . A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart. You can fell their love through their laughter! Such a joy! Grandfather knows that after the fun and games are over with his adorable grandchildren he can return to the quiet of his own home and peacefully reflect on this phenomenon of fatherhood. Enjoy this amazing video and may your day be filled with laughter and happiness!

Check Out This Hilarious Reaction Of A Baby Eating Peas For The First Time49s

Check Out This Hilarious Reaction Of A Baby Eating Peas For The First Time

One great thing about babies is that they always let us know how they’re feeling. Especially when it comes to their mama’s cooking! They are not afraid to share their opinion! Sure, babies can’t talk about their feelings, but they make their emotions very clear through crying, laughing, playing, and most definitely through yelling. They don’t hide anything like grown-ups do, and they’re never worried about hurting someone else’s feelings with their reactions. Well this baby does not need to say a word about his mama’s cooking and hurting her feelings, because the face says it all! It is not good! This mom decided to film her baby giving her peas for the first time. Check out the baby's epic reaction after tasting peas for the first time. Priceless! She is not a veggie person! Bring back the milk! His reactions are worst than Godon Ramsay yelling at you! Either way, it’s an incredible form of entertainment for everyone who gets to watch! For little ones starting solid food for the first time, food can be exciting. There's a lot of color and texture to try and the fact that mom and dad are willing to share can make some babies really happy. Most parents remember the first time they fed their babies because of how funny the experience was. Enjoy this hilarious video of this cute baby and funny reactions!

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Toddler Really Likes Assisting Mommy With The Laundry30s

Toddler Really Likes Assisting Mommy With The Laundry

Do you feel like you are in the laundry room 24/7? Yeah, many moms do. Make it fun by getting your child to help you sort, wash, and fold just like this sweet little baby helps mom out by putting the clean clothes from the washer into the dryer. You are probably thinking that having your toddler do laundry seems crazy or out of their level of ability. But if your child has a ton of energy like this one in the video, then finding productive ways to help around the house is a necessity. And not only does she love having a job to do especially helping mom, but she wants to know that she too needs to <a href=" " target="_blank">help out around the house</a> This little girl is not doing a very delicate job. It is not like sorting the clothes by color, add dryer sheets, match socks, and clean out dryer lint. Which she'll probably get a big kick out of it if she goes in with this ‘quick-laundry tempo’, just helping around with simpler things like taking the clothes out of the washer and loading the dryer with them. She really likes to conquer this tiny pile of clean clothes and make them ready for sorting. It is definitely a super-useful life skill to possess which she will need later on in her adult life. And we know that practice makes perfect, even at such a young age. But kids are naturally curious creatures so next time when you have piles of laundry waiting for you, do not hesitate to ask your toddler to <a href=" " target="_blank">give you a hand</a>.

Baby Has Mixed Feelings Over First Ham Experience1m25s

Baby Has Mixed Feelings Over First Ham Experience

A funny video has emerged of a baby getting mixed feelings over experiencing the taste of ham for the very first time. Watch the precious reaction of this adorable baby upon trying a new food! Patrick tastes ham for the first time and it's hard to tell if he loves it or hates it. Either way it's an adorable moment to witness! Babies are cute and funny little creatures, they make people happy and their honest and expressive nature says it all. If you are feeling blue, watch this video which is guaranteed to brighten your soul. Watching the disgust reactions this baby boy pulls after trying meat for the first time is pure joy. Footage shows mom offering her son a spoonful of ham squash, and the reaction this cute boy pulls after that will give you all the happy feels. This adorable baby boy is trying his first ever ham squash and could not help but visibly cringe at its taste. While he is sitting in his feeding chair, his mom is filming his reaction and cannot stop laughing. The sour face this baby pulls is absolutely hilarious! Immediately after the ham touches the baby’s lips and he experiences the new taste sensation, he pulls such a revolting face as if he is tasting the most horrible squash on the planet . But despite appearing to find the new food a little disgusting, he finds the strength to smile. Maybe it is because he can hear his mother giggling. Needless to say, it involves a lot of grimacing and arm waving. The most interesting part comes at the end when he looks at his mom and tries to force a smile suggesting that he will never trust his parents again!

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This Baby's First Word Is Taco1m02s

This Baby's First Word Is Taco

The development of language is one of a child’s most natural and impressive undertakings. Our communication skills set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, and they’re also what brings us together with each other. Babies are born without language, but all children learn the rules of language fairly early on and without formal teaching, how does this happen? In the first years of life, most children learn speech and language, the uniquely human skills they will use to communicate with other people. Before babies figure out how to talk in a genuine dialect - English, say, or Spanish - they jibber jabber and coo, playing with sound. That is child talk, and infant talk sounds comparative the world over. This adorable baby learned a word that is actually international and everybody will understand his first word! Want to know this toddler's first word? Are you ready? His first word was ‘taco’! How amazing is that? You know someone will be food lover when his first word is taco! What an incredible and amazing video! His grandma and his grandfather were really amazed! They tried to make him say few words like mama and papa, but when he heard the word ‘taco’ he knew that this is the right word for his to say! We all want our children to have their first word be "mama" or "dada." But what do you think about their first word being "taco!" Well, this child's first word is! How cool is this video? What? Taco? Who might ever think about that as a first word? However, shockingly, and enchant, the infant undeniably articulates, "taco." Now, before you begin to believe that this lovable minimal one has a fondness for a specific tortilla-wrapped nourishment, it additionally happens to be the name of the family feline. Clearly, this young man reveres his pet. Whatever the reason, I can't get enough of his first word as "taco," and it made them roar with laughter over. Before babies learn At 3 months, your child tunes into your voice, watch your face as you talk, and moves in the direction of different voices, sounds, and music that can be heard around the home. Before three months' over, babies start "cooing" - a cheerful, delicate, tedious, sing-melody vocalization. Raising a child accompanies a wide range of critical breakthroughs. The first run through the infant moves over alone or offers that underlying delightful grin is essential occasions for him or her, and additionally for the guardians and the entire family. Children become shockingly brisk, and every one of those developments is a comment prized. No matter James is talking about the delicious food or about his cat, we really adore this amazing video! You know what we also think it’s adorable? This amazing baby says first word ‘mummy’ to his dog instead of his mom ! The moment any child says its first word is always special – until they make one big mistake! Father Adam Stanley, 29, was ecstatic when his 7-month-old son, Leroy, said ‘Mumma’ as his first word. But he was REALLY ecstatic when he said it, not to his mother, but to the family! Amazing!

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Baby ditches family to go camping2m08s

Baby ditches family to go camping

Lyla wants to take a break from her parents to go relax in the open outdoors. She sets up a tent, plays in the dirt, and even roasts a marshmallow! Life is good for this little 1 year old.

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This Little Girl Had Quite The Response While Watching 'Dumbo'26s

This Little Girl Had Quite The Response While Watching 'Dumbo'

Out of all the Disney’s animated movies, none strikes a chord with us like ‘Dumbo’. The story of the baby elephant born with ears too big for his body has some really funny elements, but the time when he is bullied and then loses his mom strums a very deep, sad chord. Many have fallen apart when they watch that scene and for a very good reason. We all love our mommies and don’t want to lose them! You would think that a little girl would watch the movie with less attachment, but this one felt really sad when she saw Dumbo for the first time! The other elephants were making fun of the little elephant and his big ears, calling him a freak. Gracie is devastated by what she is seeing on the TV, she cries such big tears, it breaks our own hearts! But when mom asks her 3-year-old daughter is they should turn Dumbo off, she denies it and keeps crying even louder. Poor sweetie. The classic cartoon doesn’t just make little girls sad, it makes grown woman sad too. Can you imagine how a pregnant lady would feel like after watching the scene with Dumbo’s mom swinging the little guy on her trunk? Oh man, our eyes well up just by thinking of it! One pregnant lady almost fell apart at the seams , crying in the front passenger seat of her family car, because she remembered that exact scene! Her husband is clearly having a field day with this sight, since men can’t really understand what in the world is going on in their wives’ heads with all those hormones soaring through their bodies. But the song that plays during the scene is really emotional and you don’t necessarily have to be pregnant to feel a little tingle in the back of your throat.

Talking Baby Twins Have Their Own Secret Language31s

Talking Baby Twins Have Their Own Secret Language

This mom secretly captures her twins engaging in their very own dialogue spoken in secret language. Can anyone translate what they're saying? They say there is no bond stronger than that of twins. These twin boy and a girl have even developed their own secret language, and love to babble away to each other. Judging by the laughter, they must be cracking some quality jokes! There is nothing like the bond shared between two siblings, but it goes even deeper when they are twins! Baby language gets a whole new meaning when it comes to twins, as they have been communicating since they split from a single cell in their mother’s womb. That is something that they will be able to bond over forever. It is a good thing it is all caught on camera! This is the heartwarming moment when twins engage in a mouthful conversation, babbling their worries away. When these two twins realized that they can talk to each other in their own made-up language, they couldn’t stop mumbling. It even sounds like they are carrying out a real conversation with one another in their own baby language with their goo's and ga's. How adorable! Footage shows two adorable twins, safely nested in the kitchen corner, having a blissful conversation with one another when they think that nobody is watching! Isn't this video just adorable? Who knew that babies like these could carry out a conversation at such a young age! The miracle of childbirth is really amazing and the fact that these two twins are already ‘talking’ makes it even more amazing! Good thing that their mother managed to capture this wonderful conversation on video as hopefully when these twins are older, they will enjoy in it and cherish it deeply! This will be one moment that they will remember for the rest of their lives!

Baby's First Snow Experience Is Beyond Precious13s

Baby's First Snow Experience Is Beyond Precious

Having kids is a lot of hard work, that is a fact of life. Ever since they enter the world; that never ending circle feeding, diaper changing, bathing, snuggling, over and over is tiring. As they get older, there may be less sleepless nights, but new things to worry about pop up. The winter season can be lovely for those of us who love the snow and can stand the cold. It is a "winter person's" dream for snow to build up throughout the night so they can wake up to white blankets covering the ground. Some of us that love the winter season decide to spend the day and just walk around the city park enjoying the sights, where as some us that like sports, can't wait to take their snowboard or skis and hit the slopes. And for some of us, it's a favorite book and cuddled up next to the fire place and enjoying the views from indoors. Babies are cute and funny little creatures. They make people happy and their honest and expressive nature says it all. If you are feeling blue, watch this video and make sure that it will brighten your soul. This toddler is beyond the cold and is completely embracing the wonders of the winter. First experiences are usually very interesting and can end up being very amazing. Experiencing something such as snow for the first time is the most wonderful thing ever for this baby . This looks exactly like the snowsuit from 'A Christmas Story'. Check out how much baby Ikybod is loving his first ever experience with snow!

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Adorable Baby Boy Is Disappointed Because Toy Is Not Edible1m01s

Adorable Baby Boy Is Disappointed Because Toy Is Not Edible

Have you ever loved something so much that you just wanted to take a bit out of it? Well that's the case here as a little baby boy attempts to nibble on a toy. However, the six-month-old baby gets mad because this particular snail toy isn't edible. Cuteness overload! Babies love to put things in their mouths, even if they don't know what it is. This baby is looking for something to chew on. He found this toy and decided to stick it in his mouth. To his surprise, it ended up being just a chew toy, but not edible. Check out his adorable reaction when he finds out that the interesting toy is not for eating! He won't be putting this toy in his mouth again, not after finding out it's not edible! We are sure that there are many more awesome chew toys out there that can attract boy’s attention and urge him to bite on them. So funny! Make sure that you always monitor what your child is putting in their mouth. Thankfully, this chew toy was not a threat. How hilarious was his reaction though, when he found out that he cannot bite on it? Babies are always putting whatever they can find into their mouth, thankfully it wasn't a small and dangerous object! Check out the hilarious reaction this baby boy had upon finding out the delicious toy in his mouth is not for eating! Look at all that disappointment! If you're a parent, have you ever caught your child doing something like this? How was it? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Inventive Parents Convert Empty Box Into Home Theater For Baby24s

Inventive Parents Convert Empty Box Into Home Theater For Baby

No one ever said that parenting was easy, but over time, you get used to the unpredictability of it all and devise ways to make the most of it, most of the time. Having children in this day and age can be challenging. Sure, dangerous viruses are on the decline and we’ve developed more and more vaccines and cures for potential threats, but you still aren’t off the hook. Living in a safe world requires time and money and that’s not always a luxury we have. However, despite it all, babies have been known to spark the creativity and imagination in their parents. When your child is unhappy, you’ll move heaven and earth to bring the smile back to that face, easy as that. We are always impressed by all of the ways parents resolve the crying baby issue, but this pair is hard to top. Anyone can turn the TV on to stop their kid from crying, but this couple went a bit further and created a custom made movie theater for their child. With a tablet and an empty diaper box , this baby can now enjoy cartoons in a movie theater environment. Isn’t that just amazing? You can make sure that the screen isn’t too close to their face and the box makes them focus only on the cartoon, making this invention a surefire way of keeping those baby tears at bay. Absolutely fantastic!

Mother And Baby Engage In A Soul-Stirring ‘Conversation’1m35s

Mother And Baby Engage In A Soul-Stirring ‘Conversation’

When you are feeling under the weather and your day has not started as you have planned and there is nothing that helps you improve your mood then we suggest that you should watch this heartwarming video with the two-month-old Oliver and his mom sharing a soul-stirring ‘conversation’. This mother-infant interaction is clearly a psychological one. In other words, by exchanging soft and loving looks with her baby, the mother's affection for the child deepens. Oliver and his mother strengthen their bond through information mediated by the sense organs - the <a href=" " target="_blank">eyes</a>, ears, nose and skin. The sensory information exchanged is diverse: visual information from their respective smiles and eye-to-eye contact; auditory information including the content of the mother's speech and effective information, such as rhythm, pitch, and intonation, the child's happy voice and babbling; This exchange will definitely create emotional bonds between the Oliver and her mother. Oliver’s adorable little face says it all, he really enjoys sharing this emotional conversation with his mom and as long as his mom goes on speaking, he is ready to follow suit. It looks like his whole face is telling a never-ending story full of love and affection that is only destined to finish if the <a href=" " target="_blank">baby falls asleep</a>. He is so excited and he even tries to shape his mouth like his mother does as if he is going to say something back to her. His whole body dances in the rhythm of his mother’s speech and the cutest moment comes when he starts cooing. With his hands waving in the ear, Oliver is ready to give his precious mommy a little hug.

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Adorable Baby Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror22s

Adorable Baby Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror

There's strong, and then there's baby strong! We might see them as the most adorable softies that we would like to cuddle forever and ever, but they are a bunch of tough iron-willed individuals. Watch as 8-month-old baby Hadley shows off a muscle flex with dad while getting ready for a bath. Now that's a cute moment! We’re just glad that her parents thought to record the hilarity of the situation. Even though she is only 8 months old, baby Hadley is already one tough little lady! If you need proof, just check out this video of Hadley and her dad measuring each other’s gains! In their video that is steadily climbing the viral ladder, Hadley’s little arms are just the usual pinchable little nubs, but with dad’s encouragement, she’s probably seeing Wonder Woman in the mirror! Dad’s getting a workout as well, what with all the belly laughs he’s getting! Little Hadley can’t stop humoring her dad by flexing her arms in front of her. Little does she know that she looks like the cutest ballerina preparing to do a plie, rather than a weightlifter, but we don’t mind one bit. A dad is precious to every girl, because they can teach them about self-sufficiency and toughness, among many other qualities. They can help them fight the wrongs and do the right s in this world. Looks like Hadley will have no problem with either one! Good job, dad!

Baby’s Tantrum Quickly Subsides Thanks To A French Fry45s

Baby’s Tantrum Quickly Subsides Thanks To A French Fry

Tantrums come in all shapes and sizes. When your kid's in the middle of a tantrum, it can be tough to keep yourself from having your own meltdown, too. So how can you stop these outbursts? Of course with a tasty french fry. We know that the irresistible taste of pommes frites can even calm the fiercest dog. Because here, it only takes one fried potato to silence the emotional summer storm that erupts out of this baby’s tiny mouth. The baby’s tantrum starts suddenly but no sooner the father shows her a french fry, there is an instant termination of the ear-piercing cry. Never underestimate the power of french fries because with their help, the baby one minute is whimpering, whining and screaming and the next she is enjoying the delicious taste of the potato. The spectacular explosions of anger and frustration are hushed better than all freak-out fixes that parents swear by. Baby’s blissful face is immediately lightened up like the most glorious Christmas Tree when she sees the french fry. Though her emotional skills are only just starting to develop at this age, we can see her perfectly satisfied while eating the fry. It is as if she has lost the powerful screams somewhere between the sighting and tasting of the potato. Her little world is totally changed by this great discover. Her cry sinks down into an inarticulate whine. The fuzzy murmur turns into a wonderfully peaceful face. So, next time when your baby demonstrates a sudden burst of ill temper, make sure you have french fries with you.

Feisty Little Toddler Has Serious Attitude Problem34s

Feisty Little Toddler Has Serious Attitude Problem

If you thought that toddlers were just cute little people without a care in the world, think again! This adorable girl has got some serious attitudes and is not afraid to let her father know exactly what's on her mind! Can you tell that she is actually very upset? Check out this sassy toddler's adorable attitude when told to be careful standing on a footstool. The feisty girl engages in long argument with father, trying to prove her point! The angry toddler throws some serious temper tantrum at father. So precious! Although we can't understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying to her dad. The problem is, the adorable future lawyer wants to mind her own business, playing on the high footstool, but her dad doesn't let her be and warns her to be careful because she might fall down and hurt herself. Listen to the babbling argument she has as response to that! After that things pretty much turn into a full on discussion about dad's unacceptable behavior, followed by a dramatic protest! The angry girl climbs down the stool and approaches her father, making grumpy faces and pointing fingers, trying to explain her argument! Adorable! This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when she gets older! She's barely able to talk at her young age, but that doesn't stop her from trying to persuade dad to let her play on her own, without being watched! We gotta say, she makes a perfectly valid argument, waving her tiny hands in the air. How could you possibly say no to this adorable little tot?

Toddler Gives Mommy ‘The Black Eye Blueberry Joker’ Makeover1m00s

Toddler Gives Mommy ‘The Black Eye Blueberry Joker’ Makeover

A heartwarming video has emerged of a cute little toddler giving an impressive makeover to her mother. In this clip, we see her applying tons of makeup to her mom’s face in her own funny way. Cuteness overload! There is one thing for certain about this little girl, she has a very vivid imagination when it comes to putting on makeup! Watch as she gives her mom a completely new makeover , using impressive makeup. Wait until you see the final result! Do you love watching makeup tutorials? Check out this adorable little girl's awesome tutorial on ‘how to make your mom look like the black eye blueberry Joker’! If you're having trouble pulling off that glamorous look, this little girl will show you all the tricks, so cute! Her contouring makeup tutorial is very creative, she hold the makeup brushes like a sword, or better yet like a painter’s brush, and starts painting on her mother’s face as if it was a canvas. It is impressive to see how this little toddler already knows what kind of makeup product to use on which part of the face. As she continues to apply makeup to her mother’s face, you can tell she is very confident with what she is doing. She knows how to apply different tones on her eyes and cheeks, and even puts a bright, blue lipgloss for the finish touch! Incredible! She isn't done yet! She tries so hard to smurf her mother good, making for one scary avatar look that looks like a Joker. After contouring her face, she adds some gorgeous blue lip gloss to her mouth, and also uses the same blue tone to color her tiny baby lips! Your makeup is never complete unless you add a little sparkle and that is what this adorable young girl does. She adds the blue finish touch and voila, he mom looks like the black eye blueberry Joker and it looks amazing. To finish off the look, they both pose for the camera! This is a fabulous tutorial! So adorable! Would you like this talented toddler to give you a makeup tutorial? Would you like this ro Let us know in the comment section down below!

Boy Shakes With Excitement At Seeing Motorbikes Race For The First Time20s

Boy Shakes With Excitement At Seeing Motorbikes Race For The First Time

Some people lose control over cotton candy or even a funny-looking fish. But Logan Cox happens to be tickled by motorcycles. The adorable 2-year-old is just blown away - almost literally - while watching a motorbike race in England. The wide-eyed toddler can’t contain his excitement whenever a bike zooms by him at the British Grand Prix MotoGP. He obviously loves bikes and every time he comes close to a bike his reaction is just brilliant. You can imagine his reaction when his mom and dad took him to a real Moto GP race. The video has over 40 million views which only proves that his reaction is exquisite. And he is a unique child in that he takes enjoyment in motorcycling while some other children at his age might have burst into tears at the noise of bikes racing past. But Logan is captured on camera jumping for joy, beaming with smile and shaking with excitement as he watches the racers zoom past from behind a wire fence. The boy also claps his hands and laughs in delight as he watches the bikes speed along the track. His favorite rider is Valentino Rossi who was actually racing that day. So many views must have turned him into a real star in nursery because the video is heartwarming and shows Logan’s unbridled joy during a day at a motorbike race . It captures the adorable youngster literally shaking with excitement as the powerful bikes whizz around the circuit, with a look of pure delight all over his face.

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Tired Baby Practically Falls Asleep While Eating Her Favorite Snack59s

Tired Baby Practically Falls Asleep While Eating Her Favorite Snack

This baby clearly has had a very long day, as she slowly falls asleep while eating. Check out this exhausted toddler dozing off while she enjoys some tasty pizza rolls. Adorable! Footage shows a baby girl munching on some delicious pizza rolls while taking a nap on her feeding chair. This adorable tot is trying very hard not to fall asleep in her highchair but it doesn't look like it's working out for her! She looks like she really wants to eat the nice pizza treats, but she is just too tired to chew and swallow! With eyes close, the tot remembers she has a pizza to finish so she engages in slow chewing and munching while slowly dozing off to dreamland ! While eating the treat, she starts to lose consciousness and the food falls out of her hands! This pizza might be delicious but it doesn't compare to having a nice nap when you're exhausted. I think she is ready to get into bed and to dream about some nice things. No more highchair, she needs some pillows and blankets! What an adorable little toddler. So precious! This video will certainly melt your heart, you'll want to watch it over and over again! Do you have any funny moments you want to share about your kids? Have you ever been so sleepy that you fell asleep in the middle of some activity? Let us knows in the comments below!

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Soothing Baby Sister Puts Her Big Brother To Sleep 19s

Soothing Baby Sister Puts Her Big Brother To Sleep

Check out this heart-melting footage of a big brother and his baby sister napping together. Precious! Babies are so adorable and cute, and very fun to be around. However, there are also times when they are fussy and difficult to comfort, and then they cry and cry a lot, but nobody knows the reason why. Those are the times when adults get frustrated and don't know what to do about it. However, one big brother has mastered the technique to soothing his little baby sister , or was it the other way around? Adorable footage shows the big brother dozing off next to his baby sister, as the baby girl tries to wake him up and urge him to tell her a good night story! These two siblings sure have a special bond. When the baby sister is upset and starts crying, her big brother comes to the rescue, he lies next to her and tries to soothe her! However, this time the little sister put the brother to sleep! Isn’t this just adorable! Sometimes moms and dads need a little help from time to time, and that is when siblings come to help. It is good for siblings to grow up together in harmony and give each other support every time the other sibling is upset or feeling under the weather. Apparently, in this case scenario, the little baby sister always knows how to soothe her big brother, and the fact that we see him sound asleep while the baby is wiggling next to him, proves that sometimes younger siblings can take care of older siblings. These two siblings will definitely melt your heart and teach you the valuable lesson that siblings are always here to watch your back and cheer you up in difficult times, even help you fall asleep! Adorable!

Toddler Hilariously Mocks His Pregnant Mom23s

Toddler Hilariously Mocks His Pregnant Mom

Being over 36 weeks pregnant while also caring for an 18 month old is never easy. Bending over to tie little one's shoes, never mind your own shoes, helping your toddler in and out of clothes, just simply sitting on the floor trying to soak in those last moments of your only child all the while a baby is kicking away at your ribs; all these simple, daily things require much effort. Little did this mom know just how closely her toddler was watching her efforts and how much he was taking all in. As the pregnancy gets further and simple tasks become more difficult the house slowly turns into disarray. The dropped toys, scattered laundry and sheets, dropped items from her pregnancy clumsiness can wait a little longer. Sampson starts to take matters into his own hands to help his mom out with the daily household chores that would normally require little effort. As she sits at a chair to take a breather and contemplate how difficult things have been and how silly she was for getting frustrated about not being able to complete simple tasks without strenuous effort, he starts walking around picking things up; groans and moans accompany his efforts in over exaggerations. Oh but he didn't just take in the sounds that accompanied his mother's efforts during her last trimester of pregnancy, he also took in the clumsiness that involved her dropping things too! Picking up a toy only for them to slip out of his hands and repeating the process. In a moment of pure exhaustion and misery, Sampson brightened his mom's day and added much comedic relief during an otherwise uncomfortable and exhausting point in the pregnancy. Safe to say Sampson mastered the average mama in 3rd trimester to a 'T'!

This Baby's First Taste Of Lemon Was A Very Sour Experience15s

This Baby's First Taste Of Lemon Was A Very Sour Experience

Babies are cute and funny little creatures. They make people happy and their honest and expressive nature says it all. If you are feeling blue, watch this video and make sure that it will brighten your soul. This adorable <a href=" " target="_blank">baby</a> is trying his first ever lemon and could not help but visibly cringe at its taste. While he is sitting in his feeding chair, his mom and dad are behind the camera and cannot stop laughing. The sour face this baby is pulling is not just hilarious but it will make you rethink whether lemons are indeed the most acidic fruit among the citrus fruits. Of course, he is allowed to taste this fruit just for the fun of it. Obviously, his parents do not expect him to like the citrus fruit straight away, but what they do expect is a comedy show that will enlighten the day. Immediately after the <a href=" " target="_blank">citrus</a> touch the baby’s lips and has experienced the new taste sensation, he pulled such a revolting face as if he is tasting the most horrible fruit on the planet. But despite appearing to find the lemon a little too bitter, he finds the strength to smile. Maybe it is because we can hear his parents giggling as they watch this little baby’s reaction to the extremely citric fruit. Needless to say, it involves a lot of grimacing and arm waving. The most interesting part comes at the end when he looks at their parents and tries to force a smile suggesting that he will never trust his parents again!