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Little Boy Just Can’t Say “Tomato” – His Mispronunciation Has Mom & Dad In Stitches!35s

Little Boy Just Can’t Say “Tomato” – His Mispronunciation Has Mom & Dad In Stitches!

Tomato, potato, it's all the same thing right? Well at least that's what this kid thinks! No matter how hard he tries or how his parents try to break down the word for him to understand, he hears tomato when he says potato! Will be ever be able to get it right? We’ve all been there at one point or another – we might say “sympathy” (feeling sorry for someone else’s pain) when what we really mean is “empathy” (putting ourselves in their shoes), say something’s “ironic” (the opposite of what was intended) instead of just plain old funny, or continue our lifelong mispronunciation of the word “forte” (just say “fort”). So show a little empathy for this cute little boy, who cannot for the life of him say the word “tomato,” even under Dad’s patient guidance. Or maybe it’s just early-onset contrariness. After a bit more back and forth, Mom decides to give it a try, but to no avail. Whether the boy truly can’t grasp the concept of “tomato” or he’s just putting on a show to see Mom and Dad’s reactions — you can’t help but laugh at this!

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Pit Bull Gives Adorable Baby A Laugh Attack44s

Pit Bull Gives Adorable Baby A Laugh Attack

What do you think of when you see a big, strong canine interacting with a fragile baby? Is your first instinct to get them two as far away from each other as possible? Or do you think that it is totally fine because no harm would come to either of them? Oftentimes, pit bulls and babies is a subject that is frowned upon by many people that aren't really familiar with the breed. They are under the impression that bullies are one of the most vicious breeds of dogs that roam the Earth and whenever they are put near a baby it’s an inevitable disaster. It has caused a lot of controversy over the past few years, but this adorable duo is a real myth buster! You have to see the cutest interaction between a loving pit bull and her favorite tiny human. The way that she carefully licks him and kisses him shows that she loves him very much and is also very protective of him,. She will be his guard even when he grows up! The love these two have for one another is insurmountable and no matter what the sceptics say, there is nothing wrong with them being together. Baby Elliott just can't stop laughing while getting a bath from Gemma the pit bull. His reaction will definitely bring a smile to your face, check it out!

Innocent Prank Leaves Phone Dropped On The Ground And Tot In Tears13s

Innocent Prank Leaves Phone Dropped On The Ground And Tot In Tears

Let’s face it, the era of internet has become the bane of the phone’s existence. No one ever calls anymore. Conversation is limited to online chat apps and we only use our smartphones for their cameras and search engines. Sure, we might play a few games and use social media apps, but that’s about it. Once upon a time, probably a long time ago, people actually used phones for what they were made for - connecting two people far away from each other via phone call. These devices could save marriages, long distance relationships and even break some people’s hearts. People were actually running towards the phone to pick it up when it rang. But nowadays, teenagers and kids don’t even know what ringtones sound like. If there is any person that still uses them for this purpose, than it has to be your mother. Mothers all over the world actually prefer to hear their children’s voices over the emojis sent over text. So of course, hearing the ringtone on our phone can actually surprise us and make us throw it as far away from us as possible as if it was on fire. Funnily enough, that is exactly what this little girl did. In this footage we can see the baby girl playing with an older phone and clicking on the buttons. The mother sees this as an opportunity and warns the girl that she will call her. The girl pays no attention to her mom, or maybe she doesn’t understand her, but that doesn’t change her reaction to the call. Absolutely hilarious!

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Smart Baby Knows How To Get Mom's Attention43s

Smart Baby Knows How To Get Mom's Attention

When you are a baby, there is only so much you can do to get what you want. You can either cry, as most of them do, kick and scream and point in the direction of the object of your desire. Or, you can get get creative, learn what makes your opponent tick and use it to your advantage. Take for example this little guy. Baby Drew is only six months old, but he already knows how to divert mommy’s attention towards him so that he may take a bite from the food. See, mommy is watching TV while feeding him and keeps forgetting that Drew’s mouth is empty and needs a refill. So he stars with the nagging and whining first; the audible cues usually do the trick, right? But doesn’t make mommy move a muscle, she won’t even bat an eyelash in Drew’s direction. So he turns to cunning measures and uses the most adorable means of deceit - he bends sideways to meet mommy’s eye and smiles! Who can stay immune to that smile? Mom certainly couldn’t, because she notices baby Drew, waiting to be fed and bursts laughing, Dad alongside her. In case you thought it was a one time thing, they repeat the “experiment" and he does the exact same thing - starts clapping and moaning, before bending sideways again. Smart moves, kid!

Sweet Little Boy Preciously Sings To His Baby Sister45s

Sweet Little Boy Preciously Sings To His Baby Sister

We all love our siblings to bits, sometimes literally. They are the friends that stick around for life, keeping our most precious of secrets and giving advice that no one else can give. Usually, when parents announce to their older children that a sibling is on the way, then do not take it very well. Sure, there are those that are ecstatic about the notion of having a brother or a sister, but then there are those who can’t believe they are having another baby in the house! This 4-year-old boy is one of those kids that couldn’t wait to meet their new baby sibling! In this incredibly touching video, the tot can be seen sitting on the floor with his tiny baby sister in his lap and he is singing a tune for her. It is the most heartwarming song of them all - he repeats “I love you” in as many melodies he can think of, with a few additions in between. It is the best gift an older sibling can give to their younger one and we hope that mom will keep this recording for when they grow up! Some kids might fall apart at the seams when they hear that they will be getting a new baby sister, but others seems to love the idea so much, they bawl their eyes out because can’t wait to meet her. It is not easy sharing a house with a girl!

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Learn How To Swaddle Your Fussy Newborn Baby To Calm It Down2m04s

Learn How To Swaddle Your Fussy Newborn Baby To Calm It Down

If you’ve never had a child, then the idea of wrapping your newborn baby up so tightly that it can’t move its arms might sound like a crazy idea. But most experienced parents will tell you their newborn is comforted when wrapped in a swaddle — they cry less and sleep more when they’re in the blanket. Generally, swaddling is safe for all babies. Somewhere between three and four months, most can stop being swaddled – but especially fussy kiddos can be wrapped up until 9 months. The tightly wrapped blanket helps keep your little one warm and sleep through the night… what could be better? YouTube baby guru Drahbany recently took to the internet to give us all some insight into how to swaddle properly. Along with his 5-day-old daughter, who may be the real star of his tutorial, Drahbany was able to calm his kiddo down in a minute flat. Using his “Happiest Baby on The Block" technique, he shows a simple 3 step folding process called the Up-Down-Up-Down method that calmed his baby down in the cutest way. It keeps the baby’s arms next to its body, safely away from tiny baby eyes and makes for one adorable baby burrito. That is so cute and oh my gosh, so effective! So next time your baby fusses, just remember the three S’s: swaddle, side and shush. It’s a proven recipe!

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Talented Baby Jumps In And Swims Across Pool15s

Talented Baby Jumps In And Swims Across Pool

Babies amaze us every day with their talents. Whether they can sing before they even speak, or hold balance on their daddy’s hand, it doesn’t matter. Babies are awesome! We just wish we knew what was going on in their heads. It is widely accepted that they are born without any previous knowledge, but this kid makes us rethink our stance on this because he just can’t be this good at swimming this early on. Here we can see a classic case of infant swimming, which is the phenomenon of human babies and toddlers reflexively moving themselves through water and changing their rate of respiration and heart rate in response to being submerged. The slowing of heart rate and breathing is called the bradycardic response. It is not true that babies are born with the ability to swim, though they have reflexes that make it look like they are. Babies aren't old enough to hold their breath intentionally or strong enough to keep their head above water. This adorable baby, named Aiden, jumps right into the backyard pool and manages to swim across it with ease! He can be seen wearing a huge smile on his face even while being underwater. He is absolutely adorable! Have you ever seen a baby swim like that before? He may be a future Olympian! Best of luck little guy! We hope to see you soon on the little screens.

4-Year-Old Cute Boy Has His First Heartbreak2m23s

4-Year-Old Cute Boy Has His First Heartbreak

Can you remember the first time someone broke your heart? Heartbreak is never easy, but experiencing it for the very first time can be like having your whole world fall apart. It's a difficult moment for everyone, but imagine it happening to a four-year-old boy! When your child's heart is broken, sometimes all he needs is a talk. Even if he doesn't want to, let him pour out his heart to you! That will help you both. Four-year-old Milo had the cold, hard truth delivered to him by his mom while coming home from kindergarten. Apparently, Milo has his first crush - a girl called Emily, but Emily likes another boy and they already have a playdate set up. What happens next is truly sad to watch! Milo’s feelings are hurt and he does what he knows best, and that is to cry his little heart out from his child seat in the back of mom’s car. He doesn’t want to have many friends, he wants to call Emily right now! "I want her to like me more better!" he shouts through his tears. Milo’s mom is trying to calm him down, but apparently it seems like a difficult goal to achieve. This little guy found out how crushing this "love" thing can be. Thinking of other friends and hanging out with them is is the last thing on Milo’s mind right now. It's bad to laugh, but there is something inredibly cute and sweet about Milo’s reaction. We totally understand this little guy: the first heartbreak is always the worst. Don’t despair, Milo!

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Two-year-old baby plays drums flawlessly2m20s

Two-year-old baby plays drums flawlessly

Drummers, watch out! Two -year-old Camden rocks out on his miniature drum set, along with the church choir. And we must admit, the boy has got skills! That performance is quite impressive. Baby Camden keeps a steady, flawless beat and doesn't shy from smashing those cymbals, as he follows up to the choir at Greater Mt. Zion Church in Brooksville, Mississippi. We have to say, we are very much impressed by his flawless timing. We applaud Camden's parents for letting him develop his passion for music at such a young age. Even though Camden's only two on this video, his percussion skills show the promise of a soon-to-be-great performer! Best of luck to you, little man!

4-month-old baby clearly says 21s

4-month-old baby clearly says "Hello"

You could say that a baby’s first words are a pretty big deal. Hearing your mini me blurt out their first word means that they’ve started their journey toward talking and it’s huge! Usually it’s stuff like “yes”, “no”, “mama” or, the easier variety - “dada”. This little guy’s parents will surely be ecstatic to see how well he is doing, saying words at such a young age! Well done, young man! But this little fella steals the show when Grandma records him to send a greeting to Mommy. She encourages him to say “Hello, Mom” and he clearly whispers “Hello”. It’s such a genuine moment and it is so amazing to think that babies learn to talk by observing and imitating, even though they haven’t the slightest about what is it they’re trying to do! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this baby's first words!

Kid Wants Cough Drops For Christmas1m11s

Kid Wants Cough Drops For Christmas

For kids, Christmas is one of the few days in the year that they can ask for practically what ever they want. Some typical requests being toys, games, dolls, and the like. This little boy however, not only has the strangest wish for Christmas but also a condition to go with it as well. His request? Cough drops and absolutely no toys.

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This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend1m12s

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend

Dawson's opinion on girls and why he's waiting until middle school to have a girlfriend will have you in stitches! Too funny! When mom asks him in the car what’s up with girls, the boy doesn’t even skip a beat! He tells his mom that waiting until middle school to get a girlfriend is a good idea, because up until that point, he won’t have to deal with girl drama! He even taught his friend Kennedy at school to do the same, because then he wouldn’t have to deal with this stuff: “Hey, babe, do these shoes look good on me? Babe, what time are you gonna leave, it’s like 10:30 already! Honey, when is dinner gonna get finished? Do I look good in this outfit?” Dawson keep going on and on, impersonating a girl. He is actually really good at it, to be frank. He is submerging deeply into his character, eye rolls and hand gestures and everything. Maybe he knows way too much about the whole deal, which kind of begs the question: “Who does that?” the mom asks mid laugh, getting a cold slap from her own son. “You do!” Apparently, little Dawson is quite the many man, even at his age! He doesn’t like that mom asks him for opinion for her outfits when he’s getting ready for school in the morning. “Look in the mirror! Talk to your shadow,” he begs his mom to leave him alone. If only he knew that it isn’t that easy...

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Cough Drops For Christmas1m08s

Cough Drops For Christmas

Kids and presents go together like adults and caffeine. So it's no surprise that kids get the most excited around Christmas or their birthdays. While most kids ask for toys, puzzles or dolls, this kid has quite the unique request for this year's presents. All he asks for are cough drops and demands that he gets nothing else!

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Baby Girl  Can't Stop Laughing As She Listens To Her Dads New Voice28s

Baby Girl Can't Stop Laughing As She Listens To Her Dads New Voice

Listening to a baby laugh always gives us pure joy. Their laughs are contagious and always seem to make us smile. This little baby girls reaction is priceless as she listens to her dad as he disguises his voice. It's a non-stop and very contagious giggle-fest! She just can't stop laughing! Her dad is just too hilarious! She must be wondering why he sounds so different, maybe he is going through voice changes, too funny! Either way, this little girl doesn't care what the reason is, she loves listening to her dad! Her dad must be so happy to see that her daughter loves his funny voices. When he sees her reactions, he continues to speak in his funny voice. There is no reason to stop when he sees it puts a huge smile on his daughters face, so cute! These two already share such an incredible bond and that bond will only get stronger as she continues to get older. They love each other so much! Have you ever tried to make your kid laugh with your funny voices? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this video of a baby girl who finds her dads new voice hysterical!

Sweet Toddler Makes Priceless Face When Caught Red Handed15s

Sweet Toddler Makes Priceless Face When Caught Red Handed

Every parent tries their very best to set a perimeter around the things their tots should not get close to. But kids are sneaky and once you let your guard down, they are able to develop warp speed and get everywhere they weren’t supposed to in the first place! Should we remind you of the $1000 carpet disaster? Jacob Frew’s mom says she left him unsupervised for no more than 30 seconds when he managed to create an irrevocable disaster. The 18-month-old toddler got his tiny little hands on a huge bucket of white paint and spilled it over a $1000 carpet at Grandma’s house. The two were staying at grandma Brenda’s house while theirs was being redecorated. It seems that Jacob was into some redecorating too. Now this kid didn’t have much of a redecorating on her mind; more like a makeover. Mom lost count of her toddler for a split second and when she found her, Gracyn Ann had wrapped her toddler fingers around mom’s liquid lipstick. There have been no casualties yet, but when confronted with her misdemeanor, the toddler makes the best poker face we have seen as of yet! Priceless! Also, we have to remind you of little vocal Emma, who was also found with lipstick evidence smeared all over her mouth. Emma’s makeover didn’t stop with her face, no; she also convinced her baby brother Ben to wear some! Her defense is the sweetest! “I ain’t wanna go again! I don’t touchy mommy’s makeup!" denies the adorable little girl and we have forgiven her already!

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Toddler demands hilarious request3m58s

Toddler demands hilarious request

3-year-old Brody just wants to go to school with his siblings. Since he's not old enough he asks mom to write a 7 on his forehead, believing it will make him 7-years-old and old enough to go to school. Credit to 'Tarabenes0526'.

Precious Boy Has A Dance Off With The Cheerleaders During Match 14s

Precious Boy Has A Dance Off With The Cheerleaders During Match

It's so nice to see young kids enjoying themselves with the love of music. Watching young kids dance, showing their entertaining and energetic side, always brightens up the day! Here is one great musical video of a boy moving his happy feet, dancing to the music. During the halftime show of the Macedonia National Futsal game, one little fan shows how the cheerleaders should do the dance to Lil John's 'Turn Down For What'. How funny is that? This little guy was really feeling the beat so he decided to put his happy feet into action and took the floor. He has got the dance moves are sure to make you smile! Not all of us can move our bodies to the beat as well as this young toddler. Footage of this adorable toddler will definitely put a smile on your face as he shows you how to entertain the audience and put on a good show, much to everyone’s amusement. Apparently this boy loves music and shows his bright spirit as he dances to it. Obviously, it is his true calling! Watching this fun loving energetic kid dance has made our day! When a song come on during the halftime show, the little guy decides to go down the stairs and bust a move on the floor. He is not shy to show you his moves. As long as the song has a good beat, there is nothing that can stop this fellow from enjoying himself and moving to the rhythm! This talented boy isn’t ashamed to show a move or two in front of the big audience, and we just wish other people shared his passion as well.

6-year-old's Flawless Michael Jackson Dance Routine1m01s

6-year-old's Flawless Michael Jackson Dance Routine

This little girl has got the moves! Not all of us can move our bodies to the beat as well as this young toddler, alongside his dance companions of course. These young kids definitely know how to entertain and put on a good show, much to the public's amusement. They love music and show off their bright spirit as they dance to the Michael Jackson song. It looks as if it is their true calling. They're a fun loving energetic group of kids that will dance at any time of the day! If a song comes on, they're going to show you their moves! They aren't picky when it comes to the genre either, as long as it has a good beat, there is nothing stopping them from enjoying it! It doesn't just stop on the stage, they will take their moves all around town! It seems that they aren’t ashamed to show a move or two in front of other people, we just wish they shared their passion as well. Not everybody is born with a good sense of rhythm because talent is something we inherit from our parents. Even clapping along to the beat is difficult for some people who are born out of tune and there is nothing they can do about it. However, they should take a leaf out of this kid's book because this little guy has it all! It's so nice to see young kids enjoying themselves with the love of music. Here are some great best selling musical toys that your kids would love to dance to. Watching young kids dance, showing their entertaining and energetic side, always brightens up the day! Watch as 6-year-old Willie O. shows off his best Michael Jackson dance moves during a talent show, set to the hit song, 'Smooth Criminal'. Now that's impressive!

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Toddler speaks her mind to persistent telemarketer36s

Toddler speaks her mind to persistent telemarketer

The joys of having kids. They aren't afraid to speak their mind when they want to, which can be a blessing and a curse. This hilarious video emerges when the telemarketers won't take no for an answer, this parent let their daughter handle it. It proved to be an effective tactic as the telemarketer could not seem to get a word in. This toddler wasn't interested in whatever the telemarketer was selling and she wasn't afraid to let them know that. If more telemarketers call your house, just let your toddler handle it, works every time! This hilarious video showcases what we all wished we had the guts to do. More people just ignore when a telemarketer call or polite-fully declines, but when they start to call a lot, you can't help but to get annoyed. This toddler spoke her mind in a hilarious fashion, giving courage to the rest of us to do what she did. Kids can be hilarious when given the right tools to make them. They can bring so much joy into your life, expressed in this amazing and hilarious video here! Do you have any funny kids stories you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Dad Confronts His Little Girl On The Mess, She Blames It All On Barbie3m14s

Dad Confronts His Little Girl On The Mess, She Blames It All On Barbie

Someone help this girl quick - her Barbie doll is possessed! But we will let you decide whether Barbie is the culprit or the victim in this hilarious showdown. When dad found three-year-old Sophie’s Barbie all smothered in nail polish, he decided to confront the tot about it. You can tell right off that she is sorry about what has happened to her doll, plus she knows that she can’t do that inside the house. However, the tiny lady was quick to get up on her feet and she made up the most brilliant excuse for her actions. “She told me to!" says Sophia with her eyes filled with tears and, being adamant about it, the adorable little girl adds: “She said it a hundred times! And I'd be saying no!"! Oh dear, we have the classic case of Annabelle the horror movie here! Dad Joseph also points out that Sophie could have ruined her carpets and the blankets with the little art project , yet she insists that she knew it was a 'horrible idea' but her Barbie doll just wouldn't listen. Seeming to play along with the little tale spinner, Joseph asks Sophia: 'Well should you get in trouble or should your Barbies get in trouble?' 'All my dolls tell me that they want me to paint their nails!' yells Sophia, and when dad points out that she knows it's a bad idea she flashes with anger and insists: 'But they tell me to!' She will be the star of some horror flick and very soon. We can see the headlines right now: “Sophia Nagorski Battles The Nail-polish-obsessed Barbie Doll In ‘Barbie Made Me Do It’!" It’s a nailbiter!

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Nine-Week-Old Baby Has A Full Head Of Bouffant Hair39s

Nine-Week-Old Baby Has A Full Head Of Bouffant Hair

This kid looks like he could be in the next installment of Zoolander, if mom would allow it. An adorable tot has been nicknamed Baby Bear due to his incredible bouffant mane that he is sporting at just nine weeks old. Mother-of-three Chelsea Noon, 32, says shocked passers-by often stare at her little man Junior and a trip to the supermarket now involves a minefield of questions from curious shoppers and a simple trip could take hours. And while she says Junior, real name Cox, looks like a little bear most of the time - she admits he is more like a gremlin when he gets cross. Chelsea said: "When he was born it was quite thick but everybody said it would stop and that a lot of it would fall out." Mom Chelsey says that his hair is so thick it takes forever to dry on its own, so she makes sure to blow dry it and what a sight that is! As it happens, mom is a hairdresser, so she surely knows how to handle his thick mane. “He came out with loads of hair. I didn’t realize how much until he had his first bath," Cox got his nicknames from his brothers Mitchel, age for, and Preston, age six, because his hair is already so fluffy! It seems not every baby gets to be born looking like an aging old man!

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This Adorable Toddler Thinks Her Sibling's Name Is 'Sister'57s

This Adorable Toddler Thinks Her Sibling's Name Is 'Sister'

Two cute ladies are sitting on the couch in their living room and seem to be watching a TV program. Sadie is bigger, she is a toddler and has started to make simple conversations. Next to her, is her baby sister Lily, she is constantly teasing her bigger sister, nagging Sadie to play with her. Sadie and Lily are the cutest siblings you will ever see. Listen to the heartwarming conversation Sadie had with her mom! When mom asks Sadie what is her sister’s name, she is puzzled for a moment and then answers “my sister”. “Yes, she is your sister”, says mom, but does she have a name? “My sister” says Sadie again. It is so adorable to hear this toddler’s statement as she is certain that her baby sister’s name is “sister”. The process of teaching your children to develop cognitive skills can be tiresome process but also very fun. Toddlers may not be talking very much, but they're taking in a lot more than you think. They can clearly understand complex conversation long before most parents think they can. In the early stage of cognitive development, toddlers think in fundamentally different ways from older children and adults. Sadie here, is somehow confused with the name calling process, and wanted to make sure she had the right answer! Children start to recognize their names by around five months, so even a young baby may pay more attention if you mention her in conversation. Baby Lil is adoring her sister, no matter what her nickname might be!