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Emotional Big Sister Holds Baby Brother For The First Time57s

Emotional Big Sister Holds Baby Brother For The First Time

Siblings are the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone who has a sibling will tell you that they have found a friends for life in their sibling, someone who will always be there to watch their back. Sure, there is the occasional squabble over something minor and the unparalleled “you are not my mom”, but those issues get surpassed quickly and everything is peaches and cream afterwards. Live and learn is what they say. It is easier for kids to have less of an age difference between them, but not all families get to be so lucky. Sometimes more than a decade might pass between two births, which doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the bond will not be as strong. Children who have been waiting for a sibling for a long time tend to understand the process better and give an even warmer welcome to their newborn sister or brother. This girl has been wishing for a sibling her entire life, but luck wasn’t on her side...until now. Minutes after being born, the proud parents wanted the newborn's big sister to join the celebration! It's hard to hold back tears during such an emotional moment, as she hold the swaddled bundle of joy in her arms and can barely hold her tears.

Published: September 28, 201733,289 views
'Happy Birthday' Song Sends Kid Bursting Into Tears24s

'Happy Birthday' Song Sends Kid Bursting Into Tears

“Happy Birthday To You” is probably the most recognizable song in the entire English language, according to the 1998 Guinness World Records, followed by "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". The song's base lyrics have been translated into at least 18 languages. The melody of "Happy Birthday to You" comes from the song "Good Morning to All", which has traditionally been attributed to American sisters Patty and Mildred J. Hill in 1893. It is the one song that everyone gets to hear being sung at them once a year, on the day of their birth! To some, it creates the most euphoric feeling ever; to others, it gives a sense of uneasiness and awkwardness, making them ask for the song to never be sung in front of them again! The song has a very cheerful melody, but adults claim that the melody is too cheerful, making them feel restless. Little kids find it especially disturbing! To each their own, we suppose… Kids might giggle during the song; they might also cry is distress. Don’t believe us? Just watch what happens to little Jack when mommy sings on his birthday! She starts with the usual tune, but when the time comes for her to say his name, she instead says “aunty”, followed by a very long, awkward pause. What the heck? When Jack realizes that she’s not singing to him, he bangs his sippy cup on the high chair and that wide smile turns into a sour frown. How dare she not put his name in the song? It is his birthday!

Baby Girl Gets Terrified Of Mechanical Dancing Santa13s

Baby Girl Gets Terrified Of Mechanical Dancing Santa

We all go out for some shopping during Christmas time. However, we need to buy lots of gifts for our family and friends. They, same as us, are expecting to find something interesting under the Christmas tree when they wake up the next morning. This girl and her mommy in this video decided to visit to the local supermarket, to buy some groceries and prepare a delicious meal. The cute little girl is all dressed up, with a big fluffy white bow on ther small head and she is firmly holding Peppa Pig in her tiny hands. This can be an interesting experience for a little girl, so her mom sets the camera to film her during her walk between the store shelves. As they move around with their shopping cart, they approach to one very scary robot, Santa. He is dancing and moving his iron body to a Christmas song tunes. Obviously, the mom didn’t expect the girl will start crying and screaming like some serial killer is chasing her, so she takes the shopping cart closer to this merry fat guy that’s waving his hands. The frightened girl starts kicking her legs and looking for her momma. The lady is trying to calm her young daughter down, but nothing seems to help. "It’s just Santa" says her mom. However, when you are a little girl and you see a white-bearded men dressed in a red costume that suddenly starts waving in every direction, you don’t have time to think and realize that it’s Santa. You do the first thing you know best - cry! In her defense, it's a pretty creepy machine! Who can blame her?!

Toddler Eats Himself To Sleep With The Help Of Fast Food43s

Toddler Eats Himself To Sleep With The Help Of Fast Food

After stuffing his tummy with too much food this little boy slipped into a massive food coma in his high chair, surrendering to food digestion. We have all enjoyed a delicious meal only to nod off in a comfy chair, having trouble breathing. So what is it about food that can make us so sleepy? When we’re eating, the stomach is producing gastrin, a hormone that promotes the secretion of digestive juices. As the food enters the small intestine, the cells in the gut secrete even more hormones that signal other bodily functions, including blood flow regulation. So, when we’re digesting our meal, more of our blood is shunted to the stomach and gut, to transport away the absorbed newly digested metabolites. This leaves less blood for the rest of the body and can cause some people to feel a bit 'light-headed' or tired. Still, the body is a lot more sophisticated than that as it doesn’t respond to food volume alone. What you eat is just as important as the size of your meal! Remember that! A third of our children are overweight or obese by the time they reach 11 and most of us now know that obesity can lead to major health problems, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes in later life, followed by low self-esteem. Sugar is one of the biggest health issues for kids, with 11 to 18-year-olds eating an average of 74g of sugar a day which is more than 18 teaspoons, one research revealed. This not only contributes to tooth decay, but also means children are eating a load of empty calories that can widen waistlines and increase their risk of developing diabetes. But it’s not just the white stuff, many of the processed foods aimed at kids are high in fat, refined carbs and calories, and guidelines surrounding the manufacture and advertising of these foods will remain voluntary under the new obesity plan. Watch as this adorable chubby toddler dozes off in his high chair after eating too much food. This kid is not a quitter and he decided to finish his entire meal to the crumbs!

Little girl humorously explains meaning of Christmas1m50s

Little girl humorously explains meaning of Christmas

Sweet 3 year-old Prayer Noelle is asked what Christmas is all about and she hits on some adorable and funny things on her way to explaining it, in just about the cutest way possible. Kids say the darndest things, especially when presents are involved!

Published: December 5, 20171,560 views
Toddler Tries Ice Cream For The First Time, Has The Best Reaction1m13s

Toddler Tries Ice Cream For The First Time, Has The Best Reaction

Ever tried asking a kid what their favorite food was and ‘ice cream’ as a response? Yeah, we get that, because ice cream is scrumptious, smooth and makes every day that much better. What we really love about ice cream is that you can eat it every season; it cools you down in the summer heat, but also makes the winter cold that much more bearable! Doesn’t matter if you eat it straight out of the box, as a part of an elaborate dish, or as a float, ice cream is awesome! Do you remember the first time you had some? We think we can guess how you reacted to the incredibly sweet and insanely cold bite in your mouth. Just check little Ty. After watching the grownups have some delicious Breyers ice cream, the 19-month-old wanted in on the action. It looked so good in mommy’s bowl, he just had to have some! Well, this little dude had no idea what was coming his way. Dad serves his little guy with a toddler-sized spoonful, but what Ty doesn’t know it that ice cream can give you brain freeze! As soon as the chocolaty goodness touches his tongue, Ty gets the crash course in eating frozen goods. Each bite is followed by an adorable giggle and few taps on the head. It didn’t dissuade the sweet tot from asking for more of the stuff, because yum! He asks for more by clapping his hands, waiting eagerly for the next bite. The brain freeze doesn’t go away, but the giggle get louder and the smiles get wider. So sweet. Video credit: Karin Fullington

Published: December 6, 2017228,978 views
4-Month-Old Baby Hears His Mom’s Voice Clearly For The First Time47s

4-Month-Old Baby Hears His Mom’s Voice Clearly For The First Time

Not being able to see or hear can be very frustrating, especially for a little baby that does not know how to express himself and say what he wants. Little Jimmy was born with a unilateral cleft lip and a bilateral cleft palate. Due to his cleft palate, excessive fluid has been building up in his ears he has been diagnosed with moderate severe hearing loss in his left ear and mild-moderate in his right ear. The only perception of his mom was the visual, as he could not hear her due to his hearing problem. Mommy was a familiar figure, but not a familiar voice. Wanting to help him, his parents took him to the doctor’s office regularly where tons of control checks were done and eventually at the end the problem got to its own solution. Four moths after he was born, the doctors managed to get him bone conducting hearing aids that were going to help him hear better. The whole family went to the doctor and a pair of hearing aids were fitted on his tiny head. After the doctor put them on, he could hear his mom’s voice for the first time in his life. What a smile on his face. The whole Universe got to its own place after hearing his mommy clearly for the first time. The smile on his face says it all!