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Baby Feeds Dad And Laughs Hysterically35s

Baby Feeds Dad And Laughs Hysterically

There is nothing more contagious than a cute baby laughing hysterically. I mean seriously, watch this video and TRY NOT TO SMILE. This adorable little toddler is feeding his dad carrots and cant stop laughing. Also what is so funny about it? Is it so funny because usually Dad feeds the baby? Who knows just watch the video and TRY NOT TO SMILE.

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Kids Get Confronted By Mom For Drawing On The Wall4m25s

Kids Get Confronted By Mom For Drawing On The Wall

Mom finds some marks on the wall and has a difficult time figuring out which kid is responsible. Take a look as both of them go back and forth on placing the blame on each other, until the little guy finally gives in and takes the whole blame! Having a special relationship with out siblings is a defining feature of our lives. They are with us since birth and they know us better than anyone else ever will. Except maybe mom. They are our best friends forever, but every once in a while the younger sibling will be blamed for something by the older one and they will take the blame unknowingly, because that is what younger siblings do. Jackson most certainly did it for his big sister Reagan, but mom is not convinced. See, mom found some marks on the wall under the living room window and has a difficult time figuring out which of the kids is responsible. She did notice Reagan hiding away, as if to hide something, but the only way to be sure is to confront them both at the same time. Reagan and Jackson try to form a united front for mom, sort of, but they fail adorably because of the “younger sibling" factor. It turns out that Reagan admits to the wall art and her fake nose bleed too! But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to watch…

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Funny Fall Moments 20175m11s

Funny Fall Moments 2017

In celebration of fall time, enjoy this awesome compilation of pumpkin smashing, hilarious leaf blowing clips, hay parkour, kids playing in leaves, apple picking, trampoline jumping, and general fall fails. Watch the video and share your favorite fall moments in the comment section below.

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Toddlers Caught6m25s

Toddlers Caught

Check out this hilarious compilation of toddlers and babies getting scared. Some of the hilarious things you will see babies that are scared of their own farts, toddlers caught stealing food, sleeping toddlers scared and much more! Have any funny scare stories? Watch the video and share in the comments below!

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Babies DESTROYING Things4m58s

Babies DESTROYING Things

These kids and babies might be tiny but let me tell you they are fully capable of destroying and making a mess of things. You have to see this adorable compilation of kids and babies making a mess of things in the house, at the store and pretty much everywhere they go!

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Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level4m33s

Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level

It’s really hard being this little girl. She’s had a rough day answering the calls from her fans, and she has had enough. Baby girl Jaylee is left with a tough decision, succumb to the sleep that’s threatening to take her over, or answer this one last phone call. Being so indecisive, she decided to multitask just one last time before going to sleep. Answering the ringing with a sour look on her face, she listens to what the caller has to say on the other side. It looks like the lady has quite a speech prepared and little Jaylee isn’t willing to listen through it. She tries to hang up, but it looks like the lady isn’t giving up. She tries her luck a second time, but she is so tired, she can’t even manage to drop the phone in it’s cradle. Given that she has given up on trying to stop the talk with the lady, she decides to throw caution to the wind and throw her phone on the floor. She doesn’t care if it gets broken, it just needs to stop ringing and let her go to sleep. Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Let Jaylee sleep!

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Adorable Toddler Has A Priceless Reaction When He Realizes It's Not His Birthday15s

Adorable Toddler Has A Priceless Reaction When He Realizes It's Not His Birthday

There are two types of people in this world, those who love birthdays and those who can’t stand them. The ones who do love their birthdays or birthdays in general, love the joyful feeling it brings them, seeing a lot of people gathered in the same place, celebrating life and longevity. Those who don’t love birthdays can’t be blamed either, because their reasoning is solid. They take on a bit darker approach to life thinking that they shouldn’t celebrate wasting life away. Whether you like them or not, you will definitely like this video. It’s a tiny bit comical, looking at this little boy being robbed of a birthday song sung to him only. Little Kyle is eager to hear his name towards the end but it just doesn’t happen. This little boy was actually attending his grandpa’s birthday, and being the apple of his eye, his grandfather held him in his arms while waiting to blow the candles. Kyle waited and waited some more to hear his name, but instead, all he got was a ‘happy birthday papa’ verse. At first he lost his smile for a second or two, but soon after he lit up the room with the widest grin you’ve ever seen. What a cutie!

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Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing45s

Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing

There are some songs that just won’t do. You try to make yourself love them, but they are just not your cup of tea. Well, it seems like this little girl has found herself in the same predicament. Little baby Violet is left with the decision of choosing which song is better, and according to her, The Lion King theme song is a no go. Her daddy had to sing her a lullaby before going to sleep but he couldn’t choose only one. So, he did the only thing he thought of doing and he came to Violet for help. The little girl seems to be in a good mood and she eagerly awaits to see what her dad has in store for her. The first thing he does is sing a nursery rhyme for little baby Violet and it’s pretty safe to say that she is ecstatic! She claps with her little hands, bounces around in her father’s embrace which tells us that she has made her choice. The father doesn’t give up, he want’s to check if his daughter would like the other song too. He starts to sing her The Circle of Life, only to find Violet on the verge of tears. To make matters a tiny bit better, he starts singing the first song and everything turns out alright. Phew, that was close!

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Newly Adopted Girl Can't Wait To Meet New Brother15s

Newly Adopted Girl Can't Wait To Meet New Brother

With so many unfortunate children roaming the streets of this Earth without parental care and love or proper care, kind people have established organizations and foundations that can bring these children to safety and into good, loving homes. One such organization is One Less Orphan, that helped a 22-month-old girl from India find a loving and caring family in the United States! JoDawn Miller and her husband are good Christian people who already have three children of their own, but they wanted to bring little more happiness in the world by adopting a child. After an agonizing search, their path crossed with a little girl from India that was HIV positive. The family fell in love with this beautiful girl and decided that this is the child that that have been missing. They named her Eden. Three weeks after the Millers brought Eden to their home, the little girl couldn’t wait to meet her older siblings. In this adorable video, Eden, dressed in an adorable pink elephant onesie, tries to repeat her siblings’ names. JoDawn tells her to say “Isaac’, to which the girl repeats something faintly resembling the name, but she is still given loads of encouragement, bringing a huge grin to Eden’s face! She is so adorable!

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Good Thing Mom Had The Camera Rolling When She Told Baby Girl To 'Stand Up'1m03s

Good Thing Mom Had The Camera Rolling When She Told Baby Girl To 'Stand Up'

The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course they want to capture it all on camera. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time. Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we don’t like and try, try again. Deanna O’Neal was recording her baby daughter Caroline on the porch in their family home, when the girl suddenly turns her back to the camera and begins to crawl away. Mom jokingly tells her “come back, don’t leave me", so which the girl whips her head back towards her mom and crouches like a huge, pink frog. Just look at that butt, wrapped on those adorable baby bloomers! Deanna notices the girl might be ready for her first big step, so she tells the chubby girl to ‘stand up’. As if she needed just the right kind of encouragement, Caroline perks her hot pink tushie up and is firmly on her own two feet in no time! A huge milestone caught right on time! Congrats, Caroline!

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Caring Big Sister Gives Baby Brother Advice For First Day Of School46s

Caring Big Sister Gives Baby Brother Advice For First Day Of School

Kids are awesome, did you know that? They buzz with positive energy all day and they even manage to transfer a bit to us if they feel like it. They are a constant source of entertainment and their caring nature is what makes us love them even more. The bond between siblings is the most precious thing ever. It might look like it’s not there most of the time, after all, sibling rivalry is a thing indeed, but look a little closer and you will definitely find it. It comes in different shapes and forms and it will definitely make your heart melt. It might just be the last piece of chocolate your brother left you or your sister not ratting you out to your parents after you came home a tad bit tipsy last night, but it definitely shows that siblings do care. Here we have a prime example of the cutest sibling behavior you’ll see today. We all know it’s hard when you have to go to kindergarten for the first time. You have to let go of your warm bed, your favorite spot on the couch and go and meet other people. Oh, the horror! But it seems like this girl is fearless. In fact, she doesn’t worry about kindergarten at all! Her main preoccupation is assuring her little brother that she will get home soon. She will definitely miss him terribly, but time will fly and all of a sudden, they will be together again, playing their favorite games. Take a look at her parenting instinct! Simply amazing!

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Baby Laughs At Mommy Hitting Daddy59s

Baby Laughs At Mommy Hitting Daddy

Parents often come up with new tricks to entertain their baby. They crawl on the floor, they make strange noises, they make funny body movements, but these two took parenting to the next level. Watch how baby Bruce is amazed by the method mommy gives daddy for being a naughty boy! She slaps him with the notebook and the baby starts laughing out loud. Of course, after knowing that this innocent act of violence made their baby laugh so adorably, they repeated the hitting act a couple of dozen times at least! Baby Bruce may be laughing now because he doesn't understand a thing about hitting and slapping, but he might pick up this bad habit and go on slapping people when he grows up, only because he witnessed it at very young age and though it was very amusing and worth laughing about. Parents should be very careful and seriously think about the things they do in front of their children. Baby's brain is like a little sponge, he does what he sees. This may be Bryce's first belly laugh and apparently he likes seeing his dad get hurt. It is very adorable to hear him laugh he will instantly make you laugh as well. However, these parents should change their ways of entertaining their baby, because who laughs last, laughs best!

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Kid displays 9s

Kid displays "impressive" acting skills

Take a look at this toddler and his impressive act of being shot at and his dramatic fall to the ground. Looks like he is ready for the big screens. Look out Hollywood!

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This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional2m29s

This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional

Ella Dobler, a four year old dancer whose talent outdoes her age, performed at the Rainbow National Dance competition and delivered the performance of a lifetime. Despite being so young, Ella knew that her talent would win her the first place, in the Rainbow National Dance Competition. She delivered a great performance with her dance routine on a remix of the song, ‘Heaven on Earth’, taking the stage with grace and sophistication. Good thing mom was sitting in the audience and had her camera on to record and share her daughter’s balletic performance with the world. People known to the toddler, bear witness that she was born with a musical rhythm inside her, and that she has been dancing ever since the first time she heard music. Ella followed the rhythm within her, which is why her love for dance never faltered. Ella always danced with great excitement, and every move she made was full of joy. A few years later, her skills started to develop and needed to get fine tuned. This is when her family decided that Ella was ready to compete and needed serious dance lessons. She joined the ‘New Level Dance Company’ located in Florida, one of the best in the country. The dance company believes, students must be trained to excel in the competitive world of dance.

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Baby Has A Hilarious Reaction After Trying A Pickle For The First Time56s

Baby Has A Hilarious Reaction After Trying A Pickle For The First Time

Sadly, we don’t remember what being a baby feels like, but watching babies today, we can certainly make an educated guess. As soon as they start recognizing the world around them, they want to see and touch everything and, if possible, shove it in their mouths. ‘Oral exploration’, as it is scientifically called, is a key developmental stage. Putting toys and other household objects in their mouth allows babies to discover the taste and texture of different objects. This adorably chubby little bundle is in his exploratory stage! This time on the menu is not everyone’s favorite, but still a star in so many baby videos - the almighty pickle! With a wedge of the tart veggie in its hands, the babe approaches its subject with scientific precaution. Licking it and biting in it very slowly, he understands that it tastes peculiar, yet quite refreshing. Then, the time comes for the ultimate taste test and our scientist shoves that wedge way inside his mouth. The reaction that comes after is just too much! Folds upon folds of baby fat resurface around that tiny little head and we are squealing with joy! He then looks at his mom, as if to say “what in the world is this thing, mom?", to which the mom, obviously an expert in her baby’s talk, gives him the truth. “It’s a pickle!" It’ll grow on yah, big guy!

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Toddler Adorably 'Curses' At Slippery Food1m50s

Toddler Adorably 'Curses' At Slippery Food

Everyone knows you should definitely be mindful about what you are saying in front of your kids, because their tiny minds absorb like sponges and you never know when that little verbal indiscretion might come spilling out of innocent little mouths! However, slip ups can happen, especially if haven’t got the slightest clue that your tot is right beside you to hear that bad word that just rolled out of your mouth, so some damage control is your second best bet. Still, you have to check out what this tot did in front of both her parents, because her lunch just would not stay still in her spoon! We see adorable little Lilly, perched in her high chair and enjoying her snack of mac and cheese with some boiled peas. The mac and cheese doesn’t pose as much of a problem, but those darn tiny green balls just wont. Hold. Still! Lilly picks some up from her bowl and bring the spoon to her mouth, but the peas roll off and fall, causing her to show just how much her toddler brain has absorbed. "Oh, dammit" say those tiny lips like it’s no big deal, but mom and dad caught onto her knowledge and were quick to try and repair the damage! "That’s a bad word, Lilly. We don’t use that word!" says Mom. "Where did you hear that?" asks Dad. Lilly had only one thing to say to all of this. "Oh, dammit!".

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Baby Plays With Dustbuster, Freaks Out When It Turns On21s

Baby Plays With Dustbuster, Freaks Out When It Turns On

Letting your kids play around in the house with the cleaning utensils is never a bad idea, as long as you keep them away from all the harsh, chemical stuff. Letting them join in on the chores gives them a sense of independence, while also letting them know that there is nothing bad about helping around the home. This little guy sure looks like he can handle that crumb vacuum. Sure, the machine as almost as big as he is, but it is never too late to start, right? After all, mom makes it look like it is super ease, so hard can it really be? The baby looks like he is having the time of his life with that Shark dustbuster, as long as it keeps quiet. But buttons were meant to be pushed and teeny tiny fingers found their way to the ON button. Oh, boy… The machine starts wooing and making that terrible noise that even adult openly hate, but this baby had no idea what was brewing under the shiny plastic, so it freaked him out! He got so scared that he fell on his tiny bum, making him go crawling back to him mama sitting right across from that devious contraption! We hope it didn’t scare him from helping mom in the future!

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Ambitious toddler thinks he can fly1m03s

Ambitious toddler thinks he can fly

This 2 year old wild child thinks he can fly off the table. Don't be too quick to judge as he does seem to get 2 seconds air time. We heard his practice has payed off and he is currently hovering the skies!

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Baby Girl Laughs Hysterically When Her Dad Makes Strange Noises1m06s

Baby Girl Laughs Hysterically When Her Dad Makes Strange Noises

There is almost not a single bad mood that a laughing baby cannot solve and cheer you up, so it comes as no surprise that laughing baby videos are among the most viral videos. Laughing babies are intoxicating. This adorably hilarious laughing baby will put you in a great mood just in seconds. Prepare yourself for a cute overload! This baby girl finds her father making strange noises hilarious, and she can't take it, she bursts into laughter every single time, even if he makes the same sound over and over again. Adorable! This happy baby girl sits at her daddy's lap and enjoys the sound of the crazy noises coming out of his mount, after which she laughs out loud. So cute! Whether it is their first step, first word or first dance move, babies have their way of making it look adorable and hilarious at the same time. However, one of the best things about babies is their ability to laugh at basic, everyday occurrences, say like when you drop something on the ground, when you rip paper, or even when you make some noises. There is no better mood lifter when than babies laughing hysterically, so parents you should cherish every moment with your little, lovely creatures.

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Cute Kids Taking Selfies Compilation3m02s

Cute Kids Taking Selfies Compilation

Check out this adorable and hilarious compilation of kids and babies taking selfies. I promise that you will be questioning your selfie taking skills the entire time you might even feel like stealing some of their poses slash techniques. Watch the video and share your thoughts below.

Published: October 11, 201751 views
Big Sister Is Not Too Happy About Welcoming A New Baby Brother In Her Family1m50s

Big Sister Is Not Too Happy About Welcoming A New Baby Brother In Her Family

Solving the ever long enigma of sibling rivalry is like trying to count the threads in a Persian rug one by one. In other words, it’s a tedious job that no one wants to do. To top it all off, siblings are unpredictable, there are a lot of things that influence their behavior and they vary from person to person. But there is one thing that remains invariable, and that is that sibling rivalry can be as cute and funny as it can be a real nuisance for parents worldwide. Take this girl for example. We can see that she is not too thrilled about becoming a big sister, to a brother. It seems that she is fond of the idea of having a little sibling, she just wishes it weren’t a boy. The reasoning behind this is that she probably would have liked to play dress up and teach a little sister how to use make up and talk about boys, but those plans were thwarted the minute she found out that she was getting a baby brother instead. All of this isn’t a problem yet. She is a good person that will love her sibling no matter what. No, the problem comes when her parents find that she has used makeup and frilly girly clothes on her brother and later on when she starts to become too protective of him. Her parent’s don’t know it yet, but they’re in for a treat!

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Baby Copies Grandpa's Moves Like A Pro28s

Baby Copies Grandpa's Moves Like A Pro

Babies are adorable from the moment they are born. They are the unfailing source of happiness and joy, especially to their grandparents. Take a look at how this baby adds a little splash of cuteness as the cherry on top! This grandfather is so thrilled to be having a little alone time with his grandchild. He is standing in from of the crib and talking to the baby in his own special way. He has decided to use his body language to communicate with his grandchild. He shakes his body from one side to the other in a snake-like movement. The grandchild looks at him with excitement and seems to be enjoying this new way of communication and immediately copies grandpa's moves. It is so adorable to watch as the baby perfectly impersonates the grandpa. The baby is a real copy-cat and enjoys this body language talk. They both smile and enjoy their time together. How adorable! They say babies are like sponges and they pick up on all of their surrounding in the snap of a finger. This here is the perfect case of the baby copying her grandpa and his movements. They are well synchronized and look so happy together. What a special bond they have!

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