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The Kid Hero of Gotham1m04s

The Kid Hero of Gotham

What little kid doesn't love superheroes? Well this adorable kid's hero of choice is Batman! So when it's time to play Batman and Robin, he makes it very clear who is who. If only his dad would understand! You don't want to miss this kid's adorable argument!

Published: July 29, 2016986 views
Mom Pranks Baby With Tomato35s

Mom Pranks Baby With Tomato

This baby was in for quite the surprise when his mom gave him something that he thought was a grape. The look of surprise on this cute baby's face when he realizes that it's a tomato is absolutely adorable! You don't want to miss out on this instant mood boost!

Published: May 12, 20167,729 views
The Most Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek34s

The Most Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek

This little girl is just learning how to play the classic game of hide and seek with her parents. It looks like she still has a little more to learn about how the game works, but no one can deny that she's got spunk. Be prepared to watch the most adorable game of hide and seek of all time.

Published: February 11, 20168,095 views
Boy Hilariously Misprounces Smart27s

Boy Hilariously Misprounces Smart

Some words are a lot easier to say than others, and boy oh boy does this cute kid know that struggle! This adorable little tot can't seem to wrap his head around the word, smart! You won't be able to stop laughing when you hear how he tries to say the word, smart!

Published: March 30, 2017182 views
If You're Happy And You Know It, Honk Your Horn36s

If You're Happy And You Know It, Honk Your Horn

This super cute kid just can't help but let the world know how happy he is! This kid gets a real kick out of honking the horn in his parent's car and just can't help but laugh. Who would have thought that a car horn could make one so happy? Well this kid sure is!

Published: June 16, 2016370 views
Toy Car Chase Has A Dizzying End30s

Toy Car Chase Has A Dizzying End

This toy car goes around and around in circles and this little girl is not one to give up on a challenge. This baby girl chases the toy car around an impressive number of times, until she can barely stand on her own two feet from the dizzying challenge!

Published: June 29, 2016344 views
13 Kids Who Are Real Life Emojis1m57s

13 Kids Who Are Real Life Emojis

These adorable babies have the most expressive faces! So much so that their resemblance to some classic emoticons and emojis is super uncanny! You just might think that the creator of the emojis based them off of these specific kids!

Published: May 12, 2016394 views
Bucket-head baby girl runs into wall34s

Bucket-head baby girl runs into wall

Sometimes people need to learn their lessons the hard way. You would think that this cute little girl would expect that putting a bucket on her head would lead to some sort of fail, but she just had to learn the hard way. Looks like this will be the first and last time that the adorable baby girl puts a bucket on her head and runs around!

Published: September 22, 20151,822 views
Girl Doesn't Believe In Pumpkin Pies41s

Girl Doesn't Believe In Pumpkin Pies

This cute little girl can't wrap her mind around the idea of a pumpkin pie! For some reason, it is unfathomable for her that someone would make a pie out of pumpkin! Her adorable reaction to the news will absolutely melt your heart! Maybe she'll give it a chance at Thanksgiving dinner!

Published: October 26, 2016708 views
Super baby disapears behind curtain12s

Super baby disapears behind curtain

While playing a game, a baby runs away from its mother. It approaches the washing machine with a large curtain over it. The baby turns and whispers something. Instantly, a pair of hands grabs on and pulls it up into a secret fortress where presumably, allies await.

Published: November 20, 20151,974 views
Baby Hilariously Struggles To Grab Dog's Leash31s

Baby Hilariously Struggles To Grab Dog's Leash

Check out the effort this 1-year-old boy makes to grab hold of his dog's leash. Hilarious! Move over man, dog's are a kid's best friend! A little boy joyously plays with his dogs leash. The dog has a look on his face of confusion yet contentment. The little boy is obviously pleased with the challenge. How adorable! Adding a dog to your family with young kids is almost always a blessing, sometimes in disguise. It teaches young children how to respect and interact with animals. It allows them to bond with a being outside of themselves, especially if your son or daughter is an only child. Having an animal teaches young children compassion and patience. Most of all, animals and children learn through one another the rules of socialization. Learning the clues of picking what the dog wants and needs helps the child navigate society later in life. When you witness the interactions between dogs and children, like the boy and boy in this video, the potential for love is undeniable. In special cases of children with health or mental complications for example epilepsy, dogs are an incredible asset because they can in fact sense when a child is about to have a seizure. In the case of a child with diabetes, dogs can sense when blood sugar is low. In the case of children with severe physical disabilities, the accepting nature of a dog will indeed help them find pure happiness in life. When you are in the company of a dog, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of living in the moment and truly enjoying life. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy grins. It is an incredible gift to share your home with an animal companion, yet equally important to incorporate proper training and supervision. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Parents who have young children with dogs in the house must use good judgment to ensure the safety of both their baby and dog . Obviously, don't leave babies unattended with animals or let them sleep together unsupervised. We've all heard the horror stories. Understanding the triggers of your dog's breed and knowing what might cause the dog to react aggressively is part of being a dog owner. For example, some dogs don’t mind their meal or toy time being interrupted, but in some cases, if a child was to try to take away a meal or toy from a dog that is possessive they may try to fight back. In the case of this video, obviously, the parent is comfortable with the dog around their son as they seem to be best friends. If it is a new interaction, it is best not to film to ensure that your hands are free to break up any conflict that may arise. Remember, kids are uninhibited and may get their fingers in the way of a dogs mouth or pull their tail in a way that makes them react unpredictably. Always be safe!

Published: September 28, 20183,237 views
Batman's Childhood Caught On Tape1m31s

Batman's Childhood Caught On Tape

If you have ever wondered what Bruce Wayne's childhood might have looked like as a Batman, it might have looked a little like this. Can you imagine just how adorable it must have been if Bruce Wayne started fighting crime as a child? It would have been precious!

Published: February 10, 20161,254 views
Cute Kid Goes For A Spin30s

Cute Kid Goes For A Spin

This adorable little girl doesn't need to go to an amusement to have fun! Not when she's got her favorite spinning chair and her dad to give it a twirl! This sweet girl could do this all day if she didn't get so dizzy after just a few minutes! But just 5 minutes later, she'll be back on it again!

Published: November 17, 201688 views
33 Sweetest Kids of All Time10m03s

33 Sweetest Kids of All Time

Take a break from a long work day with these sweetest kids! These adorable kids and their cute little shenanigans will instantly give you the moodboost that you need to make through the rest of the work day! Just try to get through this whole video without cracking a smile!

Published: February 22, 20172,617 views
Cute Baby Chases Toy Car Around In Circles34s

Cute Baby Chases Toy Car Around In Circles

Who would have thought that toy cars could be so entertaining? Who needs a babysitter when you've got a remote control car that can keep your kid entertained for hours at a time? This little cutie looks like she could chase this car for as long as it takes for her to catch it!

Published: November 9, 201688 views
Family fun with crawfish goes wrong14s

Family fun with crawfish goes wrong

When you play with crawfish, someone is likely to get hurt. This man and his grandson seem to laugh in the face of that as they play with them. Both of them hold each comfortably until one of them pinches the grandson's finger. He screams and his grandpa helps him out.

Published: November 19, 20153,438 views
You Can't Lie To Mom31s

You Can't Lie To Mom

This adorable little boy got caught red handed, or rather blue mouthed, by his mom! This sneaky little fella thought that he could get away with eating some candy before dinner, but lo and behold he couldn't hide it from mom for long! This just goes to show that you can't lie to mom!

Published: July 26, 2016633 views
Little Kid Has Cutest Reaction To Spicy Food47s

Little Kid Has Cutest Reaction To Spicy Food

This little baby is quite the adventurous eater! She is not afraid to try a jalapeno pepper, a food that many adults shy away from! Although this little cutie starts off strong with her first taste of spicy food, she soon realizes that it might be a little too much for her taste buds.

Published: July 1, 201615,693 views
Kid Has Hilarious Reaction To Surprise Disney World Trip33s

Kid Has Hilarious Reaction To Surprise Disney World Trip

When you're a kid, there's nowhere you'd rather be than at Disney World. Well lucky for these kids, their parents decided to surprise them with a trip to that magical place in a super cute way! But what's even better then the cute surprise is what the little boy has to say in response!

Published: April 26, 20161,400 views
Your baby's testimony with the cat2m51s

Your baby's testimony with the cat

Your baby's testimony with the cat-Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

Published: February 6, 2017631 views