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Baby Dressed As Miniature Grandmother Shakes Her Booty 1m40s

Baby Dressed As Miniature Grandmother Shakes Her Booty

This is the adorable moment when a baby girl is dressed in the clothes of an old lady, resembling a miniature grandmother, flaunting her feet to the rhythm of the music, much to family’s delight! Check out how this cheeky little toddler goes extreme party mode, entertaining friends and family at home! This is the heartwarming moment when one adorable toddler decides to put her happy feet into action dancing to the groovy music together with family and friends. How many babies can pull off impressive dance moves like this? A new star is born! Not everybody is born with a good sense of rhythm because talent is something we inherit from our parents. Even clapping along to the beat is difficult for some people who are born out of tune and there is nothing they can do about it. However, they should take a leaf out of this baby’s book because this little tot has it all! Footage shows a cheeky little baby, dressed to look like an old lady, moving its happy feet to the music , flaunting some incredible dance moves for the camera. There is no doubt that the baby is born a natural! Moving to the rhythm comes as a piece of cake, as it shakes the booty on the floor. It is adorable how this sweet toddler has more rhythm in his happy feet than most people have in their whole bodies! She may resemble a miniature grandmother but she is still wearing diapers. However, that doesn’t stop her from bobbing her head to the music and spinning around the living room like a real pro. Incredible! Friends and family can be seen joining baby’s dance performance , but nobody can take the spotlight off of it. The tot shakes its shoulders to the rhythm and stomps them tiny feet on the floor. Watching this happy toddler bust a move on the dancefloor in their living room has definitely brightened our day! Some people don’t learn how to dance they’re just born dancers! Of course, baby’s appearance gives a comical scent to the entire performance!

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If You're Having A Bad Day, Just Watch What This Baby Has To Say 45s

If You're Having A Bad Day, Just Watch What This Baby Has To Say

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time. Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again. The first thing a baby ever learns to do is talk. Sure, they don't jump into having meaningful conversations about life and philosophy, but given how they learn everything by imitating their loved ones, they start by babbling and making noises and faces like their parents do. Some babes are shy and might not present themselves in their true light, but as the other end of the spectrum, there are babies that can babble and entertain for hours on end, much to the delight of everyone around them. These baby babbles sound like a language all on its own like they understand what we are saying but they can only answer like so. We might not speak the language of babies or have forgotten it after years of not using it, so it can be really hard to tell what is going on inside their tiny little heads! That didn't stop this adorable little guy from saying his mind and we can't stop giggling. Mom has recorded the entire conversation while giving him the incentive to keep on talking. Good thing that's Mom, because if she didn't interpret behind the camera, we never would have understood what the little man wants to say. From what we could tell of their conversation, it was something Dada did, and then something else happened...anyone else speaks babyish? If you love adorable baby talk as much as we do, or, honestly speaking - as the next person (because who does not just love babies?)you just have to look at this next video. This adorable toddler scolds her dad for leaving the toilet seat up , can you just imagine that? The exasperated toddler told her dad off for one of the biggest male crimes - not putting the toilet seat down 'for the girls'. It seems that this bossy toddler was up to here with her father for leaving the seat up in the bathroom. Giving him a piece of her mind, the confident three-year-old said: "How many times do I have to tell you when you put the seat up and I tell you to put it down?" Isn't that just adorable? Talk about one cute moment that this family will surely remember for the rest of their lives! This little girl is quite talkative for being just 3 years old! She is not afraid to speak her mind which can be a blessing and a curse. Maybe when she gets older, she will pursue a career as a lawyer, she would be good at it!

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Baby Siblings Argue About Laundry Room Dryer1m01s

Baby Siblings Argue About Laundry Room Dryer

At such a young age these siblings have found a reason to argue as it seems. If you happen to have a sibling, whether it is a brother or a sister, you probably know about the headaches that come from those kind of encounters. Here we have two siblings, a little brother and sister that are obviously having a "bad day" and so they meet in the laundry room to discuss their opinions. Not far into the conversation they stumble upon a unbreakable barrier... And the entire situation becomes beyond hilarious! We have to admit, we really love watching babies and kids videos, we could do it all day! Do we need to explain why? You're gonna find out in just a few seconds watching this one here! What really made us wonder, though, is the core of this adorable conversation - are they fighting over the dryer? Are they discussing about their daily choirs around the house? Does it really matter? The point is, it's super funny to listen to these two mischievous siblings as they're really getting talkative. Moreover, they can't seem to stop talking! But we here reached a verdict after playing this clip a couple of times. We believe they couldn't decide if their favorite toy will fit the drier, and that's when it all started! They probably decide to give their toy a nice good wash and then put it in the drier. What a dilemma! Now over to you. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! What happens next, check out for your self!

Siblings Having A Blast On The Treadmill Machine, Trying To Outrun The Track1m19s

Siblings Having A Blast On The Treadmill Machine, Trying To Outrun The Track

A cute video has emerged of two children burning off some energy while exploring the treadmill. Footage shows the curious toddlers going on the machine in unison, having fun on the moving track. Doctors assure that everyone needs regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Especially kids need to get at least one hour of exercise a day, from playing outdoors with friends, to running on the old boring treadmill. Apparently these kids like running, but instead of running outdoors, they decided to give the good old-fashioned treadmill a try. However, some studies show that kids should not use treadmills unless supervised, because if things go wrong, it can result in serious injuries or even death. Footage shows the two siblings having the time of their life, trying to outrun the moving track. They even use the wall and the handles to help their little feet to run faster and beat the machine! This fun activity is great for sibling bonding! However, given it is heavy machinery, the treadmill isn’t necessarily designed for children . First, the moving belt on a treadmill can be especially dangerous to children’s hands because even though some treadmill frames are designed to conceal any gap between the track and the rest of the machine, still most home treadmills have an exposed space that’s large enough to trap little fingers. In addition, children have been known to start a treadmill, speed it up, and fly off the track which can result in serious injuries. In 2009, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost his daughter in a treadmill cord accident. So, beware!

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Twins engage in adorable battle for tablet1m07s

Twins engage in adorable battle for tablet

These twins are behaving just like most twins do at this age since neither of them know how to share! Therefore they end up fighting for tablet dominance in the cutest way possible. Check it out!

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Baby Doesn't Recognize Dad After He Shaves Beard1m15s

Baby Doesn't Recognize Dad After He Shaves Beard

Every child’s favorite game has to be peek-a-boo! Even parrots love it and for a good reason! Peek-a-boo uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes - surprise, balanced with expectation. Peekaboo is thought by developmental psychologists to demonstrate an infant's inability to understand object permanence. Object permanence is an important stage in the cognitive development of infants, because in their early stages, babies are completely unable to comprehend object permanence. That is why they can never be bored with this game. This dad took a great advantage of his daughter’s love for the peek-a-boo game, so he chose to surprise her with a brand new look. The handsome dad has been growing his bushy <a href=" " target="_blank">beard</a> for some time and that is the only dad this little girl has known. But even dads need a break from their grooming habits, so this one decided to go from a lumberjack <a href=" " target="_blank">beard</a> to a stylish goatee, to let his face breathe for a while. But at the next peek-a-boo session, the face behind the shirt was unfamiliar to the little girl. That face sounds exactly like dad, but looks nothing like him! She leans in for a closer inspection, as if to make sure that the real dad isn’t hiding behind this man. But one kiss sets everything right, because only daddy gives such sweet kisses!

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Smart Baby Knows How To Get Mom's Attention43s

Smart Baby Knows How To Get Mom's Attention

When you are a baby, there is only so much you can do to get what you want. You can either cry, as most of them do, kick and scream and point in the direction of the object of your desire. Or, you can get get creative, learn what makes your opponent tick and use it to your advantage. Take for example this little guy. Baby Drew is only six months old, but he already knows how to divert mommy’s attention towards him so that he may take a bite from the food. See, mommy is watching TV while feeding him and keeps forgetting that Drew’s mouth is empty and needs a refill. So he stars with the nagging and whining first; the audible cues usually do the trick, right? But doesn’t make mommy move a muscle, she won’t even bat an eyelash in Drew’s direction. So he turns to cunning measures and uses the most adorable means of deceit - he bends sideways to meet mommy’s eye and smiles! Who can stay immune to that smile? Mom certainly couldn’t, because she notices baby Drew, waiting to be fed and bursts laughing, Dad alongside her. In case you thought it was a one time thing, they repeat the “experiment" and he does the exact same thing - starts clapping and moaning, before bending sideways again. Smart moves, kid!

4-year-old sings Frozen's 'Let It Go' with baby sister3m25s

4-year-old sings Frozen's 'Let It Go' with baby sister

Four-year-old David had the Idina Menzel karaoke version of Frozen's 'Let It Go' playing on his car-shaped MP3 player. Watch as he suddenly bursts into song, with his 1-and-half-year-old baby sister Kaylee joining him on backup vocals!

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Precious Flower Girl Sees Dad While Going Down The Isle, Stops To Say Hi41s

Precious Flower Girl Sees Dad While Going Down The Isle, Stops To Say Hi

A wedding wouldn't be complete without cute little flower girls. These girls are usually members of the bride and groom's extended families or children of their friends and are usually between seven and ten years of age. Their duty is to walk in front of the bride and scatter flower petals on the floor, although this tradition can vary. These cutie pies have a symbolic role in the wedding as well, as they are said to lead the bride from innocence to womanhood and her new role as a spouse. That's why they even wear similar dresses as the bride. As a guest at a wedding, you wouldn’t want to outshine the bride, but one tiny little guest sure has made an entrance no one will forget – the bride included! This little flower girl knows how to make quite an entrance! Watch as she walks down the isle with a happy smile on her face, but as she strolls down the carpet she notices a familiar face and stops by to say 'Hi' to her father! Cuteness overload! Flower girls have been present at wedding processions centuries ago. Back when marriages were arranged by the parents of the couple for procreation purposes, flower girls were carrying sheaves of wheat and bouquets of herbs, to symbolize fertility. During the Renaissance, flower girls would carry strands of garlic, because it was believed to repel evil spirits. The symbolism of a flower girl is leading the bride forward, from childhood innocence to her adult roles as wife and mother. Today, they may still be tossing flower petals down the aisle, but more often they can be seen carrying wrapped candies, confetti of just a bouquet instead. But more often than not, flower girls and kids at weddings in general, don't go according to the script (duh, they're just kids and they want to have fun), which results in hilarious wedding moments that quickly become viral on the internet. Because hey, who can resist a good chuckle? This particular flower girl pretty much goes according to plan, but then she sees her dad filming her. And of course, she decides that it would only be polite to stop and say hi. She does exactly that, and you can hear the guests laughing at this preciously sweet moment. How adorable is that? We sure had our daily dose of belly laugh.

Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Pet Dog2m27s

Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Pet Dog

Videos of cute, adorable babies have always seemed to dominated the internet. There is something about the innocent little child laughing and making funny faces that cannot help but to make us smile and laugh as well. That seems to be the case with this adorable clip right here! Little Chase Melloway of Hallsville, MO laughs hysterically while watching his lab Zoey catch green beans in the air at dinner time with his mom and dad. Now that is some contagious laughter right there! No wonder these types of video conquer the internet! They are just so adorable and cute! When the baby laughs, you cannot help but to laugh along with him! While the baby found the dog funny, we seem to have found the baby funny! These two are adorable together and must be the best of friends! Talk about cuteness overload! Hopefully when the baby grows up and sees this video, he will laugh at it as much as we did! Does your baby laugh at random things? What did you think of this video? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile too!

Baby Has Engrossing Conversation With Her Patient Bulldog  32s

Baby Has Engrossing Conversation With Her Patient Bulldog

Having a friend to talk to is always a good thing, even if all that friend can do is listen attentively. Our pets fit this profile perfectly, because they feel our need to get something off our chests and they look us in the eye and listen very closely. This little girl is very lucky to have her English Bulldog as a confidante. She has something very important to say, so she just stands there, in front of the sofa, as her friend sits and lets her pour out her worries. She is very good at this talking thing, even if it is in the incomprehensive baby-ish language. But the pooch doesn’t mind her babbling - instead he just lets her vent. The baby goes on and on about what is bothering her, waving her hands like a miniature adult and pointing all over the place. Could it be that she is upset that the dog is on the sofa, where he shouldn’t be? Maybe she wants him to scoot over so that she can sit beside him? Or she wants the entire sofa all to her tiny self? Their conversation goes deep and we are in stitches! Whatever she wants to convey to her dog sound extremely important. She makes her points seem valid and the dog's reaction in the end rectifies them all! Children love animals and they find their noises weird and totally appropriate to imitate them. Not only babies can have a full blown conversation with dogs, but they can also have a meaningful exchange of ideas with domestic animals, too. Take a look at this adorable baby girl having something very important to say to a goat. Their exchange is unique! While visiting a farm with her parents, this little girl had the pleasure to be acquainted with a baby goat. Immediately, it was evident that the two share a sparkle. Tiny babes have their unique language - we all knew it when we were that age, but had to forget it, so we have absolutely no idea what the two were talking about. The little girl, named Pixie, is able to understand what the kid is saying! When the goat bleats, the baby answers in the exact same manner! They coerce them to keep on going and the kids don’t even think twice, the goat bleats and the girl repeats. This is just astounding! Could it be that a tiny blond toddler is a goat whisperer? The two kids seem to have a very deep conversation, but the adults are having a blast watching and hearing them. This is too precious, we wonder what they are talking about in their deep conversation. Pixie needs to watch this clip when she gets older, she will definitely have a good laugh! Have you ever seen a baby and a goat communicating before? If not, than congratulations, now you know what their nice “conversation” looks like. Let us know what are your thoughts about the video in the comment section down below!

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Toddler gives giant dog a bath31s

Toddler gives giant dog a bath

It's time for Sierra to give her puppy, a very big Newfoundland named Sebastian, a bath. Even though the tub may not be big enough for him, he sure is well-behaved. What a precious moment! Credit to 'brenmichelle'.

3-year-old tells dad she's old enough for boyfriends1m39s

3-year-old tells dad she's old enough for boyfriends

This hilarious dinnertime conversation is the result of Josie, a 3-year-old toddler, claiming to have two boyfriends at school. Listen along to the debate she has with her father as he informs her that she is too young to have a boyfriend. Her cuteness just may have won her father over though!

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Baby takes a spill in the most adorable way14s

Baby takes a spill in the most adorable way

Learning to stand isn't easy! Watch as baby Will learns that the hard way after taking an adorable tumble in his crib. Luckily the little guy was perfectly fine and showed off his heart-warming smile right after the fall.

Adorable Two-Year-Old Girl Cuddles And Plays With Baby Kangaroo 1m06s

Adorable Two-Year-Old Girl Cuddles And Plays With Baby Kangaroo

Such a precious video. While visiting Reptile Park in New South Wales, Australia with her parents for the first time, this toddler had an adorable up-close experience with a baby kangaroo. This little girl is experiencing something very special. She looks adorable, and is all dressed up like a little princess. She is very impressed by the Young Joey and there is no way she is going to keep her hands off him! It is incredible to see this young kangaroo let the little girl interact with him. Not only does he let her interact with him, but he also lets her come very close. Reptile park is a hands-on zoo park, and is committed to saving wildlife with the venom milking program, saving 300 animals a year. This is amazing. Any place that is able to save animals, is a special place. Animals deserve the same amount of care and comfort as every body else. This is so nice to see. What a lovely video this is, it definitely puts a smile on our face! Have you ever had the opportunity to come close to a kangaroo before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this adorable video of a two-year-old playing around with a baby kangaroo!

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Baby can't stop laughing at puppy playing33s

Baby can't stop laughing at puppy playing

Now this is a memorable family moment! Watch as baby Leighton has a laughing fit while watching Zayla, her puppy-sister, playing around with her favorite toy. Adorable!

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