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Baby Barely Holds Back Tears While Listening To Love Song55s

Baby Barely Holds Back Tears While Listening To Love Song

This charming toddler is on the verge to burst in tears as her parents introduce her to an emotional love song. It is as if she has an "old soul" and an ear that grasps the full emotion of the music. Take a look at the way she is fighting the urge to simply break down and cry. It is so adorable to see this baby has an ear for romantic songs. A cute baby is sitting on the floor as her parents put on slow music. At first, she attentively listens to the love song playing in the background and slowly adjusts its hearing to the sound of music, patiently capturing the meaning. Then, as if she finally understood the lyrics or as if the melody simply got deep into her heart, the baby starts being a real melodramatic, and reacts by making sad face gestures. She cannot help falling in love with this song and eventually starts to shed tears. Music is not only about the listening of the sounds, there is something much more. It is the words that create emotions and it is the story of the song narrated with a unique melody pattern. It sometimes lifts you up, or other time puts you down. This baby has the real blues for this kind of music, because it is just too much to handle .

Baby Rocks Out While Dad Plays The Guitar1m47s

Baby Rocks Out While Dad Plays The Guitar

Any kind of bonding time between a dad and his babe is precious. But when dad has a hobby of some sort, he can’t wait until he can share it with his new bud. Be it some sort of craft, a collection of some kind or an instrument, when the kid is old enough to understand, a dad will try and “assimilate” them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but when it does, this is what it looks like! Every dad that is into rock n’ roll would like nothing more that to see his kid show the same amount of passion for the music. This dad got everything right, so when he played Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, his eight-month-old daughter started rocking out! Dad sings and she follows suit. Too adorable to handle! This isn’t the first time we have seen a baby rock out hard while their dad plays the guitar! One blond little head was left with his mouth hanging wide open, when his dad started strumming the strings for the first time since baby came home. The look on his face says it all. “I wanna be like daddy when I grow up, a rock star!” Another kid took the whole thing to a whole new level. He is even good at blues improv, so while dad strums some chords on the guitar, the sweet toddler sings along. What a duet!

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Adorable Two-Year-Old Girl Cuddles And Plays With Baby Kangaroo 1m06s

Adorable Two-Year-Old Girl Cuddles And Plays With Baby Kangaroo

Such a precious video. While visiting Reptile Park in New South Wales, Australia with her parents for the first time, this toddler had an adorable up-close experience with a baby kangaroo. This little girl is experiencing something very special. She looks adorable, and is all dressed up like a little princess. She is very impressed by the Young Joey and there is no way she is going to keep her hands off him! It is incredible to see this young kangaroo let the little girl interact with him. Not only does he let her interact with him, but he also lets her come very close. Reptile park is a hands-on zoo park, and is committed to saving wildlife with the venom milking program, saving 300 animals a year. This is amazing. Any place that is able to save animals, is a special place. Animals deserve the same amount of care and comfort as every body else. This is so nice to see. What a lovely video this is, it definitely puts a smile on our face! Have you ever had the opportunity to come close to a kangaroo before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this adorable video of a two-year-old playing around with a baby kangaroo!

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Baby shows off unbelievable strength and energy!1m32s

Baby shows off unbelievable strength and energy!

This adorable toddler named Marcus has so much energy! So cute! He is definitely a pro when it comes to seat bouncing, I think he is trying to show off! Look how high he bounces, he is having so much fun bouncing back and fourth. He has so much strength, even with a seat belt on, he is able to bounce very high! When his mom calls to him, he has the biggest smile on his face! This is how he gets his daily exercise in, so funny! He doesn't stop there, after giving his mom a great big smile, he starts up the bouncing again! Who new a toddler could have so much strength! I think we are watching a future athlete! Nothing is going to stop him from doing what he loves, he could bounce all day long! He was bouncing constantly for a minute and a half! Crazy! Have you ever seen a baby with this much energy before? I think Marcus must have had a really long nap before this. He doesn't look tired at all! Check out some of these baby bouncers from amazon! Maybe your baby will also show off their incredible strength and energy just like Marcus did! Have you seen a baby with as much energy as Marcus? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park3m13s

Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park

Toddlers find everything interesting and fun, even if it just a rock lying on the ground. They will almost always try to make their point and won't take no for an answer, so when a parent steps in, they are ready with a barrage of arguments. This precious toddler named Sean did not like it when her mother told him that it is time to leave the park and go home. Footage shows the adorable moment when this cranky tot puts a priceless temper tantrum trying to prove his point to mom and stay in the park. Of course, his indignation is audible and hilarious and is guaranteed to make your day. You just can't help but laugh at this adorable persistence temper tantrum! How cute is this! We have all been there. A beautiful day at the park and this kid is obviously having the time of his life. So, when mom decided it was time to leave, he just wouldn’t budge. Watch as Sean pulls out the big guns when he is forced to leave the park to go home. Momma calls in the cavalry in the form of big sister, but this is when all hell breaks loose! Screaming, pinching, biting, crying, Sean tries everything just to stay at the park a little longer. Does it work! See for yourself! Watching children grow up and learn what's right and what's wrong is a true blessing. Parents often try to lecture kids on life lessons, but sometimes it's the other way around. We hope that little Sean stopped trying behaving and started obeying his mom. Don’t yell at your mom Sean, she knows what's best for you!

Snowboarding Toddler In Russia Uses Flying Drone To Move Around His Neighborhood1m05s

Snowboarding Toddler In Russia Uses Flying Drone To Move Around His Neighborhood

As it seems, droneboarding slowly takes its place between the most popular sports. It was invented by David Imre in Sacramento, California in 2014. This winter sport is similar to kiteboarding (kitesurfing), except that, instead of being pulled across a surface by a large kite, the rider is pulled by a heavy lift tension drone. The skier can ride a wakeboard across water, a snowboard across a snow-covered field or mountain, or even roller blades across land. It depends on his preferences. You wake up one day and there is a plenty of snow in your town. All of your neighbourhood is covered with big white snow coat, the streets are covered in white, you can barely notice the trees as they don’t differentiate from the rest of the nature. Your favourite winter sport is snowboarding, but unfortunately there are now high hills around your town. That’s when imagination comes to the surface. This boy and his dad decided to use the streets as their playground. The little boy is on his board and a little drone is pulling him down the white street. Watch as this toddler in Russia captures speed through a snowy pathway with the help of a flying drone! He does it like a real pro! This is not the first video where someone can be seen being dragged by a drone. Freefly Systems have manufactured and tested out the power of their new model. Check out this amazing video of this sweet toddler snowboarder and leave your comments below! Music: SANDR - Retrofunkish (Instrumental Mix).

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Baby Has Hilarious Argument With Dad27s

Baby Has Hilarious Argument With Dad

This little sweetheart just might have what it takes to become a great lawyer someday! Watch as this precious, talkative baby girl makes the cutest argument at the dinner table. She sure has a lot to say! Too bad no one can understand a word of it! We're not a hundred percent sure what she's even saying to us right now, but boy is she compelling. It doesn't take a lot to see that this little girl can be very passionate about her conversations! Although we can't understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying and she sure knows how to stand up for herself and support her arguments. This future lawyer goes into a full on discussion. This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when she gets older! She's barely able to talk at her young age, but that doesn't stop her from trying to persuade her interlocutor! Even if we cannot understand for sure, we are certain she gives perfectly valid arguments, giving it more value by waving her tiny hands in the air. Listening to her babble, we would love to know what she is actually saying. She has got the hand movements, the gestures, the tone of voice, but nothing she says makes any sense! How could you possibly say no to this adorable little tot?

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Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right1m13s

Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right

Children's language skills usually develop in an orderly fashion. Many of the parents are interested in how to stimulate more speech from their toddlers. Most often children just need a little more incentive to get them talking, so speech therapists usually suggest using communicative temptations. There are many ways of “tempting” your child to speak, for example, use food as bait. Eat something your child loves in their presence without offering them any. When your child indicates that they would like some, show a more advanced way for them to make the request, whether it is using a sign, a word or a simple phrase. For example, if your child points and grunts to the candy, model the sign for candy then wait and see if your child will imitate the sign candy. This mother is teaching her daughter pronunciation and the toddler repeats after. She shadows her mother's speaking but doesn't get some words quite right! This young toddler is putting in some "hard work" to earn baby points and get a treat. Her mother asks her to say "please, can I have a yogurt" and struggles to pronounce "I" in the most adorable way. This adorable toddler will instantly win your heart and charm you with her ways of speaking. She almost gets her "words" right, but has a bit of trouble completing the task! After repeating the word 'up' many times, she almost gets it in the end. So adorable!

Precious Twin Girls Have An Awesome Giggle Fit1m32s

Precious Twin Girls Have An Awesome Giggle Fit

Babies are precious family members that seem to brighten up our lives. They are just so funny and adorable that we just cannot get enough of them! It is no wonder their videos dominated the internet! It seems that another adorable baby moment has emerged in this cute clip here! These identical twins are guaranteed to give you a smile with their contagious laughter. The both seem to make each other laugh which results in a loop of laughter! That has to be one of the most adorable things ever! Cuteness overload! Sure, having twins can be a lot of hard work, but in the end all that hard work pays off because they produce memorable moments like these that will be remembered forever! What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen something like this before? Do your kids ever laugh like this? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this funny video with your family and friends as it is sure to melt their hearts and make them laugh almost as much as it made you! This is one video that no one should ever miss out on!

Adorable Little Color Guard Performs Routine From Sidelines2m18s

Adorable Little Color Guard Performs Routine From Sidelines

When we were kids, there was always something that fascinated us and we wanted to do that something for the rest of our lives. For most kids it was to be a firefighter or a police officer, but for this little boy here that does not seem to be the case! 3-year-old Maximus fell in love with the local high school color guard. He attended all of their practices, learned the routine and got to perform with them at the last football game! Great job Maximus! This is one unforgettable moment that you are not going to want to miss! Isn't this kid just adorable? It is amazing that he knows that whole routine and is only just 3 years-old! When most kids were 3 years-old they were playing with dolls, action figures or cars, but not Maximus! He just wanted to be a part of the high school color guard! Good for him! You cannot help but smile as Maximus does this whole routine because as funny as he might look doing it, he is very good at it! He knows just when to move and when to wave that flag. He is very brave for doing his routine in front of all those people! Maximus sets a great example for all of us to follow You are never too young or too old to do what you love!

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Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing45s

Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing

There are some songs that just won’t do. You try to make yourself love them, but they are just not your cup of tea. Well, it seems like this little girl has found herself in the same predicament. Little baby Violet is left with the decision of choosing which song is better, and according to her, The Lion King theme song is a no go. Her daddy had to sing her a lullaby before going to sleep but he couldn’t choose only one. So, he did the only thing he thought of doing and he came to Violet for help. The little girl seems to be in a good mood and she eagerly awaits to see what her dad has in store for her. The first thing he does is sing a nursery rhyme for little baby Violet and it’s pretty safe to say that she is ecstatic! She claps with her little hands, bounces around in her father’s embrace which tells us that she has made her choice. The father doesn’t give up, he want’s to check if his daughter would like the other song too. He starts to sing her The Circle of Life, only to find Violet on the verge of tears. To make matters a tiny bit better, he starts singing the first song and everything turns out alright. Phew, that was close!

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Impressive Tiny Toddler Gets Ready To Go Out All By Herself 43s

Impressive Tiny Toddler Gets Ready To Go Out All By Herself

This is very impressive! 22-month-old Millie likes to do things by herself, especially when she knows it's time to go out. It looks like Millie loves to dress in style with her nice coat too, so awesome! Most young kids have difficulty getting ready by themselves but Millie has no problem at all, she makes it look very easy! The first step for Millie is to put some shoes on, you can't go outside without any shoes so this step is very important! Millie has no problem at all as she slips on each shoe, those velcro shoes are so nice, we all need to get a pair! After she has her shoes on, she has to put her jacket on. This looks like it is going to be difficult but Millie has no problem at all! She has the coat in front of her on the floor, places her hands in the sleeves and flips it over. The coat is now on, perfect! There is only one thing she is forgetting now, her bunny! She can't forget the bunny, that's the most important thing to have when she goes out! Have you ever seen a toddler get ready all by themselves like Millie? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this video of Millie getting ready all by herself!

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Baby Boy Is Upset After Face-To-Face Encounter With Twin Sister  55s

Baby Boy Is Upset After Face-To-Face Encounter With Twin Sister

Having a sibling is sure a blessing, but sometimes it can be hard. They will steal your clothes, take too long in the bathroom, and play pranks on you, but in the end you still love them. Right? Not so much according to this little guy who gets upset every time he sees his twin sister. Sometimes it can be really annoying to have a twin who looks exactly the same. Looking at the mirror can sometimes be creepy, especially if the mirroring image is moving and you are not. Having someone who looks exactly the same can have its advantages at times, especially if you want to set up a prank, or if you haven’t studied for a test. Otherwise, it can be really disturbing. Watch this hilarious video when twins meet face-to-face and baby boy burst into tears after staring at his sister’s face. The two babies are held so they face each other and the boy almost immediately starts to whimper.This baby boy starts to cry every single time he is placed in front of his twin sister. Can anyone explain why he reacts that way? Maybe it is because his twin sister sent him some mean vibes and the poor guy got the fright, or maybe it is the fact that there is someone else who looks exactly like him.

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Baby Boy Has Playdate With Baby Deer37s

Baby Boy Has Playdate With Baby Deer

When was the last time you had a playdate with a wild animal? In your childhood days, perhaps? Never, maybe? Don’t feel sad, because befriending a wild animal is rather impossible, unless the animal decides you are worthy. This goes extra for timid animals, such as deer. If a deer approaches you to meet you, then you can go ahead and visit the nearest casino, because that is your lucky day! Deer are normally known for being rather shy and skittish but in this video, a fawn develops a unique bond with this adorable tot! Neither the baby nor the baby deer are shy about getting up close and personal during their adorable play date. This little kid might just be a natural deer whisperer! In fact, it is not the kid that is all over the deer; the fawn does all the approaching! It would lick the boy’s ears and sniff his platinum blond hair. In return the boy hugs him by the neck and pet him on the head. Simply marvelous! This isn’t an infantile thing, either. One eight-point buck approached a hunter in the wild of Wisconsin and demanded some scratches! Someone even tied a bright orange scarf around the deer’s head, to warn other hunters not to shoot him. Who would ever want to hurt someone as friendly as this Bambi?

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Sweet baby gives kisses to sleeping kittens2m19s

Sweet baby gives kisses to sleeping kittens

Nothing like a cute baby to brighten your day. Add some kittens to the mix and your heart has been warmed. How adorable is this little girl? What about the little kittens too? You can definitely tell that this little baby loves the kittens and that they love her too. Even the mother cat isn't getting defensive over the kittens, she must love the baby too. Don't you just want to cuddle with those little kittens? Isn't this just the most adorable thing you've seen today? Visit tog et your daily doses of both kittens and babys! Baby Willow finds and kisses a pile of sleeping kittens in this adorable clip. Cuteness overload!

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2-Month-Old Twin Babies Enjoy Pool Time3m38s

2-Month-Old Twin Babies Enjoy Pool Time

In the recent months, baby spas around the world gained a lot of popularity amongst new parents. The benefits are countless, and it's also a very fun experience for the babies. Usually the spa involves infant massage which improves weight gain, increases bone density, reduces cortisol, may shorten the hospital stay and improves cognitive and motor development in later months. The fun part is the pool. The infants get equipped with funny looking floaties around their necks, and they get to enjoy and relax in the pool. This allows babies to move independently long before they are able to crawl or walk, and it also contributes to a sound motor development and improves the function of skeletal muscles. Also, as we can clearly see from this clip, it's very fun and relaxing! These two cutie pies look very relaxed in their floaties and just chill in the water, carefree and calm. They toss and turn which almost looks like they're trying to learn infant swimming, but then they just zone out and almost fall asleep in the relaxing environment. They look so adorable, and their parents made the right choice to take them to a baby spa, because that way they will ensure the proper growth and development of their beloved kids.

Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level4m33s

Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level

It’s really hard being this little girl. She’s had a rough day answering the calls from her fans, and she has had enough. Baby girl Jaylee is left with a tough decision, succumb to the sleep that’s threatening to take her over, or answer this one last phone call. Being so indecisive, she decided to multitask just one last time before going to sleep. Answering the ringing with a sour look on her face, she listens to what the caller has to say on the other side. It looks like the lady has quite a speech prepared and little Jaylee isn’t willing to listen through it. She tries to hang up, but it looks like the lady isn’t giving up. She tries her luck a second time, but she is so tired, she can’t even manage to drop the phone in it’s cradle. Given that she has given up on trying to stop the talk with the lady, she decides to throw caution to the wind and throw her phone on the floor. She doesn’t care if it gets broken, it just needs to stop ringing and let her go to sleep. Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Let Jaylee sleep!

Baby's Priceless Reaction After Scaring Younger Cousin41s

Baby's Priceless Reaction After Scaring Younger Cousin

This is such a priceless moment! An 11-month old toddler rocks his 5-month old baby cousin back and forth in his chair. At first, the little guy seems to be enjoying it and is soaking every moment of relaxation in. His cousin continues to rock him back and forth in the chair, enjoying every moment of it and finally feeling like "the big guy", but something seems to change in his little cousin’s face. From the looks of it, it seems his older cousin got too excited and scared him! He's going to need some nice baby toys to help calm him down! Of course he didn't mean it! His face reaction is priceless as his baby cousin starts to cry. He is surprised that this is happening and doesn't know what to do. The look of shock on his face is hilarious! His eyes get very big and he looks very afraid! From what we can tell, that wasn’t his first “oopsie" face! He cares so much about his baby cousin and just wants him to be happy. He clearly loves him very much. That’s a great bond they are forming! These little guys are going to be the best of friends when they grow up.

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Toddler Tries Ice Cream For The First Time, Has The Best Reaction1m13s

Toddler Tries Ice Cream For The First Time, Has The Best Reaction

Ever tried asking a kid what their favorite food was and ‘ice cream’ as a response? Yeah, we get that, because ice cream is scrumptious, smooth and makes every day that much better. What we really love about ice cream is that you can eat it every season; it cools you down in the summer heat, but also makes the winter cold that much more bearable! Doesn’t matter if you eat it straight out of the box, as a part of an elaborate dish, or as a float, ice cream is awesome! Do you remember the first time you had some? We think we can guess how you reacted to the incredibly sweet and insanely cold bite in your mouth. Just check little Ty. After watching the grownups have some delicious Breyers ice cream, the 19-month-old wanted in on the action. It looked so good in mommy’s bowl, he just had to have some! Well, this little dude had no idea what was coming his way. Dad serves his little guy with a toddler-sized spoonful, but what Ty doesn’t know it that ice cream can give you brain freeze! As soon as the chocolaty goodness touches his tongue, Ty gets the crash course in eating frozen goods. Each bite is followed by an adorable giggle and few taps on the head. It didn’t dissuade the sweet tot from asking for more of the stuff, because yum! He asks for more by clapping his hands, waiting eagerly for the next bite. The brain freeze doesn’t go away, but the giggle get louder and the smiles get wider. So sweet. Video credit: Karin Fullington

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Twin Baby Brothers Enjoy a Moment1m09s

Twin Baby Brothers Enjoy a Moment

There's an age old myth that twins can read each other minds. Or is it a myth? These twin baby boys, who are unable to form proper words, carry on a conversation of gibberish with each other. Maybe it's just the brotherly bond that they share. Regardless, this will definitely be the cutest conversation you'll see all day! These baby twin brothers accompanied their family on a day of shopping. While in a store, this adorable moment was caught on film once they started making noises at one another. This resulted resulting in a precious moment containing lots of giggling, a ton of smiling, and what seems like the cutest conversation that you will ever see. No one really know why babies do most of the things they do throughout the day, but boy it sure is cute. Nothing like a giggling baby to brighten your day, let alone two of them. Watch as these baby twin brothers enjoy a moment with one another while shopping with the family.

Toddler gives giant dog a bath31s

Toddler gives giant dog a bath

It's time for Sierra to give her puppy, a very big Newfoundland named Sebastian, a bath. Even though the tub may not be big enough for him, he sure is well-behaved. What a precious moment! Credit to 'brenmichelle'.

Adorable Twins Are Not Making Meal Time Easy2m00s

Adorable Twins Are Not Making Meal Time Easy

Taking care of kids is not an easy task. It is already hard enough when you only have one child, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to take care of twins. Twins are double the trouble but that means there is also double the cuteness as well! Having twins is a struggle from the start, starting from the pregnancy, when a women's body is stretched from the limits and you feel like you are going to blow up at any moment. Once they are born, there are many more challenges to come! Everything needs to be counted in multiples, starting from feeding, burping, and changing diapers! They always need your full attention, which doesn't give you a lot of alone time. Its okay though, they are only young for so long. Twins might have a special bond between each other, but the competition is never ending! One twin always wants more than the other! So funny! This mom shows us that there is always a constant struggle on deciding who gets to eat first! After trying solid food for the third day, 6-month-old Callen isn't wanting to share with his twin sister Quinn! Their mom is doing a great job trying to be fair, but this video is just too funny!

Identical Twin Babies Interact For The Very First Time58s

Identical Twin Babies Interact For The Very First Time

Twin siblings are like magical creatures. Even while still in the womb, twins create such a unique bond with each other, because they literally are the first to communicate with each other. The bond between twins is said to go as deep as the subconscious, with a set of identical twin girls having the strongest bond, as opposed to twin boys or fraternal sets. No matter the reason or sex, watching two twin siblings communicate between themselves is always a treat. Watch as this pair of 3-month-old identical twin girls seem to notice each other and interact for the very first time. Anyone care to translate this precious conversation? They are both so tiny and probably still can’t see all that well, but babies have the innate ability to recognize close people based on scent or sound. These two have not even uttered their first mumble, let alone word, but they know who is right there beside them. Another proof that twins are creatures of magic! Twins appear in the mythologies of many cultures around the world. In some they are seen as ominous and in others they are seen as auspicious. Twins in mythology are often cast as two halves of the same whole, sharing a bond deeper than that of ordinary siblings, or otherwise shown as fierce rivals. Twins can represents some "other" aspect of the Self, a doppelgänger or a shadow. The twin may be a brother soul-mate, such as the "civilized" Gilgamesh and the "wild" Enkidu. Or, sometimes one twin is the "evil twin" while the other side represents "good".