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Talented Toddler Pulls Killer Dance Moves On The Living Room Floor57s

Talented Toddler Pulls Killer Dance Moves On The Living Room Floor

This is the heartwarming moment when one adorable baby decides to put its happy feet into action dancing to the groovy music together with his mom. How many 17-month-old babies can pull off impressive dance moves like this? A new star is born! Not everybody is born with a good sense of rhythm because talent is something we inherit from our parents. Even clapping along to the beat is difficult for some people who are born out of tune and there is nothing they can do about it. However, they should take a leaf out of this baby’s book because this little tot has it all! Footage shows a cheeky little baby moving its happy feet to the music, flaunting its incredible dance moves for the camera. There is no doubt that the baby is born a natural! Moving to the rhythm comes as a piece of cake, as it shakes the booty on the floor. It is adorable how this sweet toddler has more rhythm in his happy feet than most people have in their whole bodies! He may be only 17 months old and still wearing diapers, but that doesn’t stop this tot from bobbing his head to the rhythm everytime music comes on. Incredible! Mom can be seen joining baby’s dance performance, but nobody can take the spotlight off of it. The tot shakes its shoulders to the rhythm and stomps them tiny feet on the floor. Watching this happy toddler bust a move on the dancefloor in their living room has definitely brightened our day! Some people don’t learn how to dance they’re just born dancers!

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Toddler Won't Run Out Of Things To Say Anytime Soon! 2m28s

Toddler Won't Run Out Of Things To Say Anytime Soon!

When you go to your doctor’s appointment, it is always a good idea to be clear on what is troubling you. Your doctor understands when you feel ill or in pain, and can also tell if something is on your mind. You should always say what is on your mind. A doctors job is to make you feel better, not worse! Toddler Asher doesn’t look like he has any issue saying what is on his tiny little mind. From the moment he steps into the doctor’s office, he starts rambling all sorts of drunken stuff. Good thing daddy knows how to speak baby language, so he is able to provide us with accurate subtitles for Asher’s troubles. This little guy is hilarious! He is having a full on conversation with himself, what an adorable kid! He also seems to have a lot of energy! He tries to leave the doctor's office multiple times, good thing his mom is blocking the door! We all need to start speaking up just like Asher! It's always important to get stuff off your chest! You always feel so much better after! Asher is so adorable! Have you ever listened in on your toddlers conversations? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Adorable Baby Can't Contain Happiness Over Drinking From A Cup Like A Big Girl 42s

Adorable Baby Can't Contain Happiness Over Drinking From A Cup Like A Big Girl

Little kids seem to think that they have it tough, because they are little and everyone keeps telling them what to do. So naturally, they want to grow up faster, be like the other grownups sooner. And they try, they really do, but tiny hands can’t hold the big and heavy glasses and tiny footsies can’t walk as fast as adults do. Parents, on the other hand, would rather have their kids stay little their entire lives, because it means they can take care of them. So when the times comes to leave the bottle and the pacifier, thing can get emotional for a while; until they get hilarious, like the situation in this clip. This adorable baby is learning how to be more independent already! She doesn't need a baby bottle any more, not when she's got her favorite new drinking cup! There's something about this graduated cylinder that just makes her super excited about learning how to drink water all by herself! She clearly like drinking water without a nipple and she is super happy about it. Every time she takes a sip, the baby makes these adorable faces, you just wanna pinch those cheeks and eat her up!

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Rebellious Baby Refuses To Follow Mom’s Strict Rules 41s

Rebellious Baby Refuses To Follow Mom’s Strict Rules

One of the hardest components of parenting might be when your child is repeatedly breaking, disregarding or ignoring the rules of your home and refusing to obey orders. Rules are made to be broken right? Watch as this adorable baby throws the funniest temper tantrum and repeatedly goes after a glass of water resting on a serving table, in a constant attempt to spill it on the floor. Mom can be heard yelling “Nooo!” over a dozen times, but baby would just look at her with a devilish green and proceed with its intention! Hilarious! This baby sets his own agenda and rules in the household. He sees an innocent glass of water resting on the table. He looks at it with a devilish grin. His mother sees his plan and warns him not to do it. Naturally, that's his plan. Of course he's doing it to get a rise out of his mother but that does not stop us from wondering. Will he or will he not?! Footage shows a rebellious baby throwing a silent temper tantrum at mother by refusing to obey her household rules and attempting to make a mess of the floor! This adorable baby is stubborn with persistence and won’t stop in its intentions even after being reprimanded over a dozen times before! He simply doesn't want to listen to his mom's rules. At the beginning of the clip, the baby notices a glass of water on the table and he quickly starts walking its way towards it. His mom sees what he is about to do and quickly tells him to stop and not even think about it. However, he still really wants the glass! Will he grab it or will he not, that is the question!

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Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Pet Dog2m27s

Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Pet Dog

Videos of cute, adorable babies have always seemed to dominated the internet. There is something about the innocent little child laughing and making funny faces that cannot help but to make us smile and laugh as well. That seems to be the case with this adorable clip right here! Little Chase Melloway of Hallsville, MO laughs hysterically while watching his lab Zoey catch green beans in the air at dinner time with his mom and dad. Now that is some contagious laughter right there! No wonder these types of video conquer the internet! They are just so adorable and cute! When the baby laughs, you cannot help but to laugh along with him! While the baby found the dog funny, we seem to have found the baby funny! These two are adorable together and must be the best of friends! Talk about cuteness overload! Hopefully when the baby grows up and sees this video, he will laugh at it as much as we did! Does your baby laugh at random things? What did you think of this video? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile too!

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend1m12s

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend

Dawson's opinion on girls and why he's waiting until middle school to have a girlfriend will have you in stitches! Too funny! When mom asks him in the car what’s up with girls, the boy doesn’t even skip a beat! He tells his mom that waiting until middle school to get a girlfriend is a good idea, because up until that point, he won’t have to deal with girl drama! He even taught his friend Kennedy at school to do the same, because then he wouldn’t have to deal with this stuff: “Hey, babe, do these shoes look good on me? Babe, what time are you gonna leave, it’s like 10:30 already! Honey, when is dinner gonna get finished? Do I look good in this outfit?” Dawson keep going on and on, impersonating a girl. He is actually really good at it, to be frank. He is submerging deeply into his character, eye rolls and hand gestures and everything. Maybe he knows way too much about the whole deal, which kind of begs the question: “Who does that?” the mom asks mid laugh, getting a cold slap from her own son. “You do!” Apparently, little Dawson is quite the many man, even at his age! He doesn’t like that mom asks him for opinion for her outfits when he’s getting ready for school in the morning. “Look in the mirror! Talk to your shadow,” he begs his mom to leave him alone. If only he knew that it isn’t that easy...

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Baby Scares Himself By Touching Toy10s

Baby Scares Himself By Touching Toy

This has to be one of those super-hilarious videos we can't stop talking about on! This baby is sitting in his high chair, strung up on a dining room table and there is weird looking, blue jelly thing in front of him. What is that? Looks so alien. The kid, naturally, is curious about the item and wants to touch it, but for some reason he just can't lower his tiny baby hands to grab it. We all know what that reason is and it will be the main reason for a good giggle at the end of the video. Should he touch it? Shouldn't he touch it? Baby seems to be changing his mind from one second to the next. It looks cool, it's a nice blue color, but it looks...prickly. What if those things that come out of the jelly don't feel so good? The baby eventually decides to take a chance on the weird toy and lays his tiny fingers on the jelly, but as soon as he grabs it, the toy wiggles and throws baby off the rails, making him throw the toy instead! That is just terrible, who would do that? The toy's “reaction” makes baby burst into tears, but no matter how awkward it looked, it really gave us a good laugh. He will surely laugh about it one day!

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Baby Cam Documents Little Girl's First Night In Toddler Bed3m49s

Baby Cam Documents Little Girl's First Night In Toddler Bed

Tiny babies have their own specific set of needs and wants while they are really tiny. Helpless, babies need constant attention from their mom, so they sleep in the big bed with her. But when they reach the age of two or so, babies become toddlers and they get to sleep on their own in their cots. That is, if they want to. For example, Bri here is finally at an age where she still needs her pacifier to go to sleep, but she can do that in the comfort of her own cot. Mom brings her over, sets her bed, kisses her good-night on the forehead and leaves her be, after tucking her in. But as soon as mom leaves the premises, Bri gets up from the cot and looks towards the door. Will mom come back? Should she get up, call her over? Bri doesn’t waste a second of time; she just gets up, her hold firm on the half-rail and moves over to the open side of the bed. Will she climb down? Apparently, the little girl is so used to having something to climb over instead of down, that she goes back to the rail and instead tries to climb OVER the crib! As mom and dad are watching this live feed of their baby girl performing some serious stunts, they are having a nice little laugh of their own. The girl pokes her leg out and then just sits there, on the railing, wondering how to get down. Seeing how the mission was pretty much a bust, the kid clambers right back in her bed, pulls her blankie over her head and goes to ponder over the ways this could have gone much smoother. Another time, perhaps...

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Baby Barely Holds Back Tears While Listening To Love Song55s

Baby Barely Holds Back Tears While Listening To Love Song

This charming toddler is on the verge to burst in tears as her parents introduce her to an emotional love song. It is as if she has an "old soul" and an ear that grasps the full emotion of the music. Take a look at the way she is fighting the urge to simply break down and cry. It is so adorable to see this baby has an ear for romantic songs. A cute baby is sitting on the floor as her parents put on slow music. At first, she attentively listens to the love song playing in the background and slowly adjusts its hearing to the sound of music, patiently capturing the meaning. Then, as if she finally understood the lyrics or as if the melody simply got deep into her heart, the baby starts being a real melodramatic, and reacts by making sad face gestures. She cannot help falling in love with this song and eventually starts to shed tears. Music is not only about the listening of the sounds, there is something much more. It is the words that create emotions and it is the story of the song narrated with a unique melody pattern. It sometimes lifts you up, or other time puts you down. This baby has the real blues for this kind of music, because it is just too much to handle .

Baby laughing hysterically at coconut59s

Baby laughing hysterically at coconut

Nothing like a laughing baby to brighten your day! Here we have your daily dose of adorableness with this hilarious laughing baby. This little guy's name is Sixten, and he finds many things amusing, as most babies do. What's going on here is that his mother is attempting to crack open a coconut. Apparently Sixten finds this more than just amusing, causing him to burst out into the most adorable baby laugh attack you will see today! Half of the time, no one knows why a baby does what they do. Most of the time, we can attribute crying to hunger or restlessness, but it's hard to get a grip on their sense of comedy and curiosity. For example, an adult wouldn't laugh at someone opening a coconut, but Sixten does. Maybe because it's such a new concept to him and other babies alike, who knows? This adorable little guy definitely gave a ton of us a good chuckle accompanied with some "aww"s echoing in our heads. Their small size and adorable looks can create such a large joy for many of us. Watch as this adorable baby named Sixten laughs hysterically while his mother attempts to crack open a coconut! The little guy can't get enough of it!

Cute Tot Can't Find His Fork Until He Looks In His Hand41s

Cute Tot Can't Find His Fork Until He Looks In His Hand

Losing something and not knowing where you left it has happened to us all. It’s a problem we all have experienced at least once in our lives. Keys, toys, books, scarfs, shoes, even our forks and spoons. And what’s the first thing that comes to our minds? Calling mommy and telling her that we have lost it. As always, she steps in and plays the role of a supernatural wizard that finds lost stuff. We all agree that finding them in the least expected place is the funniest part of it. We don’t know how, but it suddenly appears in front of us, or under our feet or even in our hands. This cute little tot is in the middle of enjoying his dinner when all of a sudden, he runs into a dilemma! Somehow he just can't seem to find his misplaced fork! He looks and looks but just can't seem to find it his fork anywhere! He turns his little head in every possible direction, but somehow the fork has disappeared. And now he has nothing left to do than to tell his mommy "My fork, my fork." When his mom asks him where is his fork, the little boy doesn’t know where it is. Then comes the help of his sibling who gives him directions on where to look for his missing fork. But, nope. The fork is gone and now he doesn’t have a clue how to continue with his meal. He becomes frustrated when halfway through eating his dinner, he is forced to stop because he really can't find his fork. No matter how many times he's told it's "right there", he doesn’t seem to notice it. Not until someone physically points it out for him. He looks in his hand and miraculously the missing fork appears! His reaction? It’s priceless. Excited for his revelation he shouts something like "I found (my) nom!"

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2-Year-Old Is Too Cool For Bouncy House32s

2-Year-Old Is Too Cool For Bouncy House

Inflatable bouncing houses are so cool! They seem to have this supernatural ability to turn full-grown adults into kids with their magnetic attraction. Some adults might not admit it out loud, but every living human on the face of the planet has a squeaking little kid inside their head every time they see a bouncing house. Funny though, for two-year-old Parker, this inflatable bounce house had quite the opposite effect. Parker’s uncle Todd Blass shared a video of the toddler nonchalantly bouncing in an inflated bounce house with his hands firmly lodged in his pockets. Parker’s stance is stoic and he barely cracks a smile. The uncle shared the video to YouTube on May 14, where it quickly gained traction, gathering over 742,000 views at the time of writing. Parker might be a toddler, but with his hair slicked back, the dark green polo shirt, and tiny hands stuffed in the pockets of his crsp tan pants, he looks like he has mastered the art of jumping in a bounce house and this is all just old news. Give him the Wall Street Journal! We are all familiar with the phrase “too cool for school”, meaning someone thinks themselves to be superior to everyone else in a given group or in general. It turns out that, if you are too young for school, you can be too cool for the bouncy house too! Well if Parker doesn't want to have his share of fun on the bounce house, he better let us adults have ours!

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NFL Player's 2-Year-Old Son Belts Out National Anthem1m48s

NFL Player's 2-Year-Old Son Belts Out National Anthem

This is so precious! Bengals long snapper Clark Harris and his wife Jessica watch as their adorable 2-year old son sings the 'Star Spangled Banner' at the Southern Regional High School varsity boys basketball game versus Pinelands Regional High School. This is one smart kid, and it doesn't look like he has any stage fright! He sings very nicely in front of a huge crowd, awesome job! Maybe we have a future performer in front of us, he pulled off an incredible performance. At first, his dad comes out with him to make sure he is okay, it looks like Trent is excited to start! He grabs the microphone and belts out the lyrics! It may be difficult to understand what he is saying but that doesn't mean he isn't doing a good job! It's already hard enough to perform in front of all those people. His parents must be so happy with Trent, he put on such an entertaining performance. I think the crowd agrees! They give him a big round of applause after, he definitely deserved it! Great job! Does you kid love to sing as well? Check out some of these cool music toys they will love. What a great way to keep them entertained and practise their music skills, awesome! What other performances have made you smile? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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3-year-old plays harmonica and sings The Beatles3m35s

3-year-old plays harmonica and sings The Beatles

There’s a hidden talent lurking in every child, all the parents have to do is let it come to the surface. Be it sports, dancing or art, it is always a great idea to show abundance of support towards your little one when they show passionate dedication towards something. This toddler seems to have the best dad in the world! Watch as he plays his harmonica and sings a priceless cover of The Beatles hit song, 'Love Me Do' with his father. One of the cutest duets you'll ever see! Just when you think it cannot get any cuter, baby boy says “Let me dress up, I’ll be right back" and gets his robot helmet for the ultimate finish. This kid is going places!

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Adorable Girl Tries To Explain Why Her Tears Won't Stop Coming Out3m18s

Adorable Girl Tries To Explain Why Her Tears Won't Stop Coming Out

They don’t call them “the terrible twos” for nothing. Just when a kid learns how to express themselves, they learnt the importance of saying “no” and they make sure that they use it as much and as often as possible. The no’s get so extreme, they are almost always accompanied by every parent’s personal favorite - tantrums! It doesn’t necessarily mean it would stick with two and end on the third birthday; the behavior might stick a bit longer This family was having a little discussion about why it is necessary to have temper tantrums. This little girl is expressing that she didn't understand why her tears keep coming out. She couldn't make them stop and on the sideline, she thought she could distract everyone with her rambling to sneak in a manicure. It worked! Three adults captivated by her conversation, while Behaven Haven paints her nails! “I can stop a little bit crying, but my tears come out all the time,” exclaims the diva with the springy curls, shaking her head and waving her hands in a passionate attempt to have her point known. “All my tears keep coming up, because I’m sad!” Apparently, Haven’s tears would not stop her crying. That’s an interesting concept. It’s not that she doesn’t wanna stop, it’s just that she can never stop, according to our little tantrum scientist here. We just love how she gets up to make a point, moves to the nail polishes, makes a few swipes with the brush along her nails and sits back down to explain herself further! She does make a fair point though. As long as your tears are running, you can’t stop crying.

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Baby Rocks Out While Dad Plays The Guitar1m47s

Baby Rocks Out While Dad Plays The Guitar

Any kind of bonding time between a dad and his babe is precious. But when dad has a hobby of some sort, he can’t wait until he can share it with his new bud. Be it some sort of craft, a collection of some kind or an instrument, when the kid is old enough to understand, a dad will try and “assimilate” them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but when it does, this is what it looks like! Every dad that is into rock n’ roll would like nothing more that to see his kid show the same amount of passion for the music. This dad got everything right, so when he played Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, his eight-month-old daughter started rocking out! Dad sings and she follows suit. Too adorable to handle! This isn’t the first time we have seen a baby rock out hard while their dad plays the guitar! One blond little head was left with his mouth hanging wide open, when his dad started strumming the strings for the first time since baby came home. The look on his face says it all. “I wanna be like daddy when I grow up, a rock star!” Another kid took the whole thing to a whole new level. He is even good at blues improv, so while dad strums some chords on the guitar, the sweet toddler sings along. What a duet!

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One-Year-Old Shows Incredible Acting Abilities When She Talks Her Way Out Of A Nap56s

One-Year-Old Shows Incredible Acting Abilities When She Talks Her Way Out Of A Nap

Although Sierra is only one, she has already mastered the skill of making you believe 'she's right'! It's not easy arguing with an adorable baby! They pull out the big guns almost every time, making you want to pinch their chubby cheeks and play with them forever. But, thankfully, common sense reigns over the situation, and you realize that babies need a lot of sleep, probably more sleep than you’ll ever imagine. After a bit of smooth talking, this adorable baby manages to convince her mother and get her way out of taking her nap. How could you say no to someone that adorable? Looks like she's going to be able to talk her way out of almost anything as she gets bigger! Children have a knack for getting what they want. Every child does it in a different way, some will pout and throw a tantrum, others will just have the ability to smooth talk their way out the situation in the cutest way ever, as this little girl has done. This adorable baby figured out a foolproof way to get out of a nap, she'll probably keep using this tactic to get out of the naps to come.

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Adorable Two-Year-Old Girl Cuddles And Plays With Baby Kangaroo 1m06s

Adorable Two-Year-Old Girl Cuddles And Plays With Baby Kangaroo

Such a precious video. While visiting Reptile Park in New South Wales, Australia with her parents for the first time, this toddler had an adorable up-close experience with a baby kangaroo. This little girl is experiencing something very special. She looks adorable, and is all dressed up like a little princess. She is very impressed by the Young Joey and there is no way she is going to keep her hands off him! It is incredible to see this young kangaroo let the little girl interact with him. Not only does he let her interact with him, but he also lets her come very close. Reptile park is a hands-on zoo park, and is committed to saving wildlife with the venom milking program, saving 300 animals a year. This is amazing. Any place that is able to save animals, is a special place. Animals deserve the same amount of care and comfort as every body else. This is so nice to see. What a lovely video this is, it definitely puts a smile on our face! Have you ever had the opportunity to come close to a kangaroo before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this adorable video of a two-year-old playing around with a baby kangaroo!

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Baby Shows Off Unbelievable Strength And Energy1m32s

Baby Shows Off Unbelievable Strength And Energy

This adorable toddler named Marcus has so much energy! So cute! He is definitely a pro when it comes to seat bouncing, I think he is trying to show off! Look how high he bounces, he is having so much fun bouncing back and fourth. He has so much strength, even with a seat belt on, he is able to bounce very high! When his mom calls to him, he has the biggest smile on his face! This is how he gets his daily exercise in, so funny! He doesn't stop there, after giving his mom a great big smile, he starts up the bouncing again! Who new a toddler could have so much strength! I think we are watching a future athlete! Nothing is going to stop him from doing what he loves, he could bounce all day long! He was bouncing constantly for a minute and a half! Crazy! Have you ever seen a baby with this much energy before? I think Marcus must have had a really long nap before this. He doesn't look tired at all! Can you believe this little tot? He is really into his swinging chair, and he has so much energy to burn! Watch how he bounces with a cheeky smile on his face. Did you enjoy your bouncy chair when you were young? They sure come in handy to the parents, and take so much load off their backs! Check out some of these baby bouncers from amazon! Maybe your baby will also show off their incredible strength and energy just like Marcus did! Have you seen a baby with as much energy as Marcus? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right1m13s

Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right

Children's language skills usually develop in an orderly fashion. Many of the parents are interested in how to stimulate more speech from their toddlers. Most often children just need a little more incentive to get them talking, so speech therapists usually suggest using communicative temptations. There are many ways of “tempting” your child to speak, for example, use food as bait. Eat something your child loves in their presence without offering them any. When your child indicates that they would like some, show a more advanced way for them to make the request, whether it is using a sign, a word or a simple phrase. For example, if your child points and grunts to the candy, model the sign for candy then wait and see if your child will imitate the sign candy. This mother is teaching her daughter pronunciation and the toddler repeats after. She shadows her mother's speaking but doesn't get some words quite right! This young toddler is putting in some "hard work" to earn baby points and get a treat. Her mother asks her to say "please, can I have a yogurt" and struggles to pronounce "I" in the most adorable way. This adorable toddler will instantly win your heart and charm you with her ways of speaking. She almost gets her "words" right, but has a bit of trouble completing the task! After repeating the word 'up' many times, she almost gets it in the end. So adorable!

Feisty Little Toddler Has Serious Attitude Problem34s

Feisty Little Toddler Has Serious Attitude Problem

If you thought that toddlers were just cute little people without a care in the world, think again! This adorable girl has got some serious attitudes and is not afraid to let her father know exactly what's on her mind! Can you tell that she is actually very upset? Check out this sassy toddler's adorable attitude when told to be careful standing on a footstool. The feisty girl engages in long argument with father, trying to prove her point! The angry toddler throws some serious temper tantrum at father. So precious! Although we can't understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying to her dad. The problem is, the adorable future lawyer wants to mind her own business, playing on the high footstool, but her dad doesn't let her be and warns her to be careful because she might fall down and hurt herself. Listen to the babbling argument she has as response to that! After that things pretty much turn into a full on discussion about dad's unacceptable behavior, followed by a dramatic protest! The angry girl climbs down the stool and approaches her father, making grumpy faces and pointing fingers, trying to explain her argument! Adorable! This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when she gets older! She's barely able to talk at her young age, but that doesn't stop her from trying to persuade dad to let her play on her own, without being watched! We gotta say, she makes a perfectly valid argument, waving her tiny hands in the air. How could you possibly say no to this adorable little tot?

Check Out This Baby's First Hilarious Reaction To Sliding Doors42s

Check Out This Baby's First Hilarious Reaction To Sliding Doors

Baby “firsts” are always cute milestones, from smiles to words and even steps. From the moments they start walking, their adventures begin and it’s a whole new journey. After those first magical steps toward independence, your child will begin to master the finer points of mobility. They take tiny, wobbly baby steps towards action. Making these actions they can be really funny sometimes, so no wonder they are the sensation on the Internet! We have one amazing journey from this adventurous toddler and his new discovery: The sliding doors! While visiting the grocery store with his father and being allowed to "walk around" for the first time, this adorable toddler completely flipped out after noticing the automatic sliding doors open for him. He took some steps back and forth just to make sure. He looks at his dad like: “Did you see that?” His reaction is priceless! It’s so adorable that he is so amazed by the doors opening themselves! The best gift you can give to your kid is a lifetime of adventures, even if it’s discovering the sliding doors in the supermarket! Children have an inbuilt drive for discovery. Encourage your child to observe the world and to feel a sense of wonder for everything in it. Children are born with marvelous imaginations and a keen desire to explore the world. Encourage this in your child—help them to discover the beauty and wonder of everything around them!

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