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Adorable Baby Engages In A Hilarious Argument With Daddy2m19s

Adorable Baby Engages In A Hilarious Argument With Daddy

This is an argument as old as time. Dad decides to school his newborn daughter about the rules of dating, and the little one-month old girl sure has a lot to say! "I don't care if you like him or not, I don't know him", explains her dad but she doesn't accept his argument and speaks her mind, and talks back at him trying to interrupt what he has to say. Daddy obviously feels very protective of his daughter, and it's never too soon to teach your offspring about the complicated game that is dating. This little cutie pie sure has a long (veeery long) way before even entering the dating pool, but her dad wants her to be as informed as possible. What's so incredibly cute about this discussion is her constant trying to interrupt her dad and have it her own way. But dad has the higher ground on this one - he is an adult. Also, he can actually speak human words, so baby gibberish may not have a great effect in persuading him to change his mind. We can totally understand why dad is having this talk with his little girl, because the father - daughter bond is something truly incredible and amazing. Let's just hope that this baby girl will listen to her dad more when she grows up.

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Babies Explain The 11 Stages of Your Work Day1m56s

Babies Explain The 11 Stages of Your Work Day

These babies and toddlers may be small but they have a big personality. The attitude and sass brought to you in this compilation perfectly explain the 11 struggles (I mean, STAGES) of your workday. 1. WHEN THE ALARM GOES OFF 2. JAMMIN DURING YOUR COMMUTE 3. WHEN THE COFFEE IS READY 4. WHEN THE MEETING NEVER ENDS 5. BEFORE LUNCH 6. DURING LUNCH 7. AFTER LUNCH 8. WHEN YOU REALIZE HOW BIG YOUR TO-DO LIST IS 9. WHEN YOUR BOSS SAYS YOU CAN LEAVE EARLY 10. AFTER WORK EXPECTATIONS 11. AFTER WORK REALITY

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Little Girl Has Something To Say To Mom, And She Won't Be Too Happy About It42s

Little Girl Has Something To Say To Mom, And She Won't Be Too Happy About It

This 4-year-old girl is having so much fun laughing until... UH-OH! In this hilarious video we witness all the joy and trouble a parent goes through while watching their beloved kids grow up. And trust us, you'll be rolling on the floor with laughter after you watch the whole clip! Here we have a precious little girl having fun with mom, casually sitting on the chair in their dining room. As she's having fun playing around with mom, she starts laughing hilariously, and a few seconds later, she realizes something happened - she made a mess in her panties! She suddenly seems very uncomfortable, as she's figuring out a way to tell mom about it. This poor little girl pooped in her panties, and even though at first she seems a bit reluctant to say it out loud, just a few seconds later, she's so uncomfortable, she just can't stand it! Sweetie, no worries! Mom's here to help things out! But it's actually how she handles all of the embarrassment that's stunning! She's so verbal about this, it's simply beyond precious! And we're more than sure that every parent that watches this can easily relate with the situation, it's just part of growing up, and it's actually beyond cute. It's situations like these that make parenthood worth all the way. What's the funniest moment you experienced as a parent with your child? Has this ever happened to you with your kid? Share your story in the comment section below, we'd love to hear it!

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Precious Flower Girl Sees Dad While Going Down The Isle, Stops To Say Hi41s

Precious Flower Girl Sees Dad While Going Down The Isle, Stops To Say Hi

A wedding wouldn't be complete without cute little flower girls. These girls are usually members of the bride and groom's extended families or children of their friends and are usually between seven and ten years of age.Their duty is to walk in front of the bride and scatter flower petals on the floor, although this tradition can vary. These cutie pies have a symbolic role in the wedding as well, as they are said to lead the bride from innocence to womanhood and her new role as a spouse. That's why they even wear similar dresses as the bride. But more often than not, flower girls and kids at weddings in general, don't go according to the script (duh, they're just kids and they want to have fun), which results in hilarious weddingmoments that quickly become viral on the internet. Because hey, who can resist a good chuckle? This particular flower girl pretty much goes according to plan, but then she sees her dad filming her. And of course, she decides that it would only be polite to stop and say hi. She does exactly that, and you can hear the guests laughing at this preciously sweet moment. How adorable is that?

Babies LOVE HATE Relationship with Pickles4m26s

Babies LOVE HATE Relationship with Pickles

Look at that face! You are going to cringe and pucker while watching the first few kiddos reactions when they try pickles for the first time. SOUR SOUR SOUR. Have a toddler at home and want a good family laugh have them try a pickle and watch their reaction. Watch this video because it is cuteness overload! What is the funniest reaction to food that your toddler has had? Let us know in the comment section below. You never know, we might make a video based on your comments!

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Kid hilariously shows off his muscles26s

Kid hilariously shows off his muscles

Blair is an entertaining 5 year old who has recently shown an interest in his fitness routine. After doing his extensive exercises, he is proud to show off his physique. His hilarious facial expressions, and backwards push-ups will leave you in stitches!

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Toddler Lovingly 'Washes' Baby Sister's Hair30s

Toddler Lovingly 'Washes' Baby Sister's Hair

Siblings are the gift that keep on giving. Having a brother or a sister in your life means that you will never be alone or unprotected and you will always have a best friend that you just can’t stay angry at, no matter how hurt you were when they stole your favorite toy! These two are still very young and with such a small age difference between them, but one thing is evident! This big brother will always be there to help his little sister with bath time! Zoey doesn't know what to think when Trystan starts massaging her head. In reality, he is just trying to wipe off the excess lotion from his hands! When dad asks him what is he doing, the boy doesn’t even think twice before blurting out how he is washing Zoey’s hair! Good thing dad translated it for us, because we never would have guessed it with his baby babble! Zoey tries to vocalize that she doesn’t like her brother’s hair care treatment, screaming and fussing, but her tiny baby hands can’t seem to reach her head. But when Tristan is all done with his work, Zoey looks all stylish and chic, so the little girl rejoices at her hairstyle! Too cute!

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Baby Keeps Mommy Motivated During A Grueling CrossFit Workout39s

Baby Keeps Mommy Motivated During A Grueling CrossFit Workout

Being a mom can be hard and exhausting, but there are moms out there who wouldn’t set aside their workout time for the world. Baby’s fed, changed and put to sleep, so the time comes for mommy to break some sweat and try to get back into her pre-baby jeans. One loud creak from the hardwood floors can wake the baby up, though, so they do it as quietly as possible. Then, sometimes you’ve just got to get a workout in, but your baby or toddler doesn’t want to leave you alone. You can ‘use’ your baby was a squirming dumbbell, or do what this mom did - take him to the CrossFit gym! Watch as the inseparable duo lay down on the rubber mat floor and motivate each other into doing some CrossFit-style push ups. The tiny chubster might look like a tiny bundle of joy, but do not let those pink folds worthy of nibbles fool you. Underneath all that baby fat are super strong muscles that can perform a push up with best form! Young kid are very impressionable, so everything you do around and with them at that age will stick with them for life! So taking your kid to the gym to see you work out will teach them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and hard work early on, so don’t leave them at home!

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Star Wars Kids Caught On Tape34s

Star Wars Kids Caught On Tape

In a bedroom far far away lies a restless toddler who REFUSES to sleep. It is crazy to think that your little toddler son is obsessed with the same movie you were obsessed with as a kid. Seriously, this may be the youngest Star Wars fan yet! You have to check out this adorable clip. A NOT so sleepy toddler is caught singing the classic Star Wars theme and his parents have it all on baby cam. Check out this funny and cute clip and share your thoughts below.

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Babies Stuck In Things4m29s

Babies Stuck In Things

Oh no! These babies and toddlers are stuck! The struggle has never been more real! Here is a compilation with some of the funniest videos of kids and babies getting stuck in vending machines, toy chest, luggage, boxes and various other things around the house. Good thing their parents were there to help them get free! Check out the video and share your comments below!

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Baby Welcomes Dad Home With Hysterical Giggles1m11s

Baby Welcomes Dad Home With Hysterical Giggles

Babies may be clueless as to what is going on in the great, big world, but they do know that when a parent leaves the home, the emptiness weighs heavy. They might ask or simply wonder where the other parent went, looking at doors or chairs and ask silent questions. But when the family is complete again, that is when the party can truly begin! When this baby girl’s dad came back from work that day, she couldn’t stop giggling at him! She even went full on hysterical, watching him by the door! So, the dad wanted to see if she will be less hysterical when he closes the door in front of him and opens it again...nope, baby girl went hysterical again...and a third time...and again… It is like a peek-a-boo game on a very large scale. She loves seeing her dad for the first time over and over again! The best harmless fun in the world. When they do begin understanding that their parent is leaving them, even if it is for a few hours of the day, little kids are prepared to take some pretty drastic measures to make sure they are never without them again! One little girl simply refuses to let her dad walk out the door to work, so she just blocks the door. When that didn’t help, she clung to his leg, hoping it will break his heart enough to change his mind. Poor kid..

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This Baby Got His Mind Blown By Sister's Face Paint46s

This Baby Got His Mind Blown By Sister's Face Paint

When Jackson’s big sister Wanda came back from an event, she had her face painted in a glamorous fashion. It would seem that pink and purple are her favorite colors, making her look like a princess from a fairy tale. However, she does not look like the sister that baby Jackson knows, so their mom and dad decided to capture the baby’s adorably hilarious reaction on camera! Every time Wanda get up close to her baby brother’s face, her changed appearance makes the baby’s mouth drop in awe and wonder. Who is this person? Why is her face like that? It sure is adorable to watch, but all too uncommon. We can’t tell for sure if the baby really doesn’t recognize his big sister behind the face paint, but one thing is for sure - baby Jackson is attracted to the colors on her face! Babies start recognizing color around three months of age and the first color they start distinguishing is the color red. Obviously, the red pigment is prominent on Wanda’s face, which makes her shape stand out from the rest of the room! A newborn doesn't see in color at all, thus their early fascination with black-and-white patterns and playthings. Their color vision is fully in place by 4 months.

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Hilarious Kid Fails At Making Chocolate Milk28s

Hilarious Kid Fails At Making Chocolate Milk

A toddler boy stands next to a table that has chocolate syrup all over it. As his Dad films, he notices that there is chocolate syrup all over the floor, counter and the rest of the kitchen. The obviously caught and surprised toddler boy says that he was trying his hardest to make a cup of chocolate milk. Check out this adorable and messy clip and comment below? Has your kid ever made a mess like this?

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This Adorable Toddler Thinks Her Sibling's Name Is 'Sister'57s

This Adorable Toddler Thinks Her Sibling's Name Is 'Sister'

Two cute ladies are sitting on the couch in their living room and seem to be watching a TV program. Sadie is bigger, she is a toddler and has started to make simple conversations. Next to her, is her baby sister Lily, she is constantly teasing her bigger sister, nagging Sadie to play with her. Sadie and Lily are the cutest siblings you will ever see. Listen to the heartwarming conversation Sadie had with her mom! When mom asks Sadie what is her sister’s name, she is puzzled for a moment and then answers “my sister”. “Yes, she is your sister”, says mom, but does she have a name? “My sister” says Sadie again. It is so adorable to hear this toddler’s statement as she is certain that her baby sister’s name is “sister”. The process of teaching your children to develop cognitive skills can be tiresome process but also very fun. Toddlers may not be talking very much, but they're taking in a lot more than you think. They can clearly understand complex conversation long before most parents think they can. In the early stage of cognitive development, toddlers think in fundamentally different ways from older children and adults. Sadie here, is somehow confused with the name calling process, and wanted to make sure she had the right answer! Children start to recognize their names by around five months, so even a young baby may pay more attention if you mention her in conversation. Baby Lil is adoring her sister, no matter what her nickname might be!

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Super dad performs for laughing son1m38s

Super dad performs for laughing son

Take a look at this adorable bonding moment. This dad performs tricks with two bouncy balls for his little son. This moment is truly heartwarming!

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Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right1m13s

Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right

Children's language skills usually develop in an orderly fashion. Many of the parents are interested in how to stimulate more speech from their toddlers. Most often children just need a little more incentive to get them talking, so speech therapists usually suggest using communicative temptations. There are many ways of “tempting” your child to speak, for example, use food as bait. Eat something your child loves in their presence without offering them any. When your child indicates that they would like some, show a more advanced way for them to make the request, whether it is using a sign, a word or a simple phrase. For example, if your child points and grunts to the candy, model the sign for candy then wait and see if your child will imitate the sign candy. This mother is teaching her daughter pronunciation and the toddler repeats after. She shadows her mother's speaking but doesn't get some words quite right! This young toddler is putting in some "hard work" to earn baby points and get a treat. Her mother asks her to say "please, can I have a yogurt" and struggles to pronounce "I" in the most adorable way. This adorable toddler will instantly win your heart and charm you with her ways of speaking. She almost gets her "words" right, but has a bit of trouble completing the task! After repeating the word 'up' many times, she almost gets it in the end. So adorable!

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Baby Laughs At Grandfather's Teasing In The Most Adorable Way1m17s

Baby Laughs At Grandfather's Teasing In The Most Adorable Way

Grandparents would do anything to make their precious grandchildren happy. Take for example this grandfather who found a simple but effective way to cheer up his grandchild and put a smile on the adorable baby face! While holding his grandchild, this caring grandfather decided to make a few "sounds" to bring a smile on the little guy's face. His trick certainly worked! The grandfather touches his grandchild's nose with a handkerchief and makes a strange noise to which the baby cracks up. It is adorable to hear this baby break into the most hilarious laughter. The grandfather repeats the same maneuver over a dozen times and he gets the same adorable reaction from his grandchild every single time! This is one cheerful little fellow, who sure knows how to have a great time and it sure doesn't take much to make this baby laugh out loud in the most cutest way possible! The baby is first smiling and chuckling, and breaks out into fits of giggles, after being repeatedly teased by the grandfather, several seconds later. It is one happy little baby indeed! A voice of a woman laughing can be heard in the background, supposedly that is baby's mother, who is also amused with this performance. It is heart-melting to hear this baby go!

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