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Baby Girl Is Not A Fan Of Her Mom's Singing24s

Baby Girl Is Not A Fan Of Her Mom's Singing

This adorable little two month old baby named Kali might not be a fan of music, but she sure is adorable! Dressed in her cute pink jumper, Kali sits on her mom’s lap getting serenaded to help her fall asleep. The only thing is that mom can’t sing and the baby just doesn’t like it. This video footage is super cute. This baby is definitely not a fan of her mom’s singing! Check out the hilarious face the baby makes every time her mother starts singing to her. She scrunched up her brow, shuts her eyes and the water works begin. Her melodic mom doesn’t seem to take any offense to it, and sees it as comical. Every single time she sings the tune, the baby starts to cry. As soon as she stops singing, the baby stops crying. This cannot be a coincidence. This little girl is going to grow up hating all music if her mother keeps torturing her with it! Watch the big fat lip Kali gets when she hears the song. It sticks right out in an adorable pout and she could not be anymore unhappy. The poor baby doesn't like mom’s singing, that’s for sure and she does nothing to hide the fact. Her little face says it all! “Mom, please stop your unbearable singing or I am going to have a hissing fit!” We have never seen such a sad face on a baby . Typically, a baby loves to be sang to by their parents, all warm and snuggled on their laps listening to nursery rhymes and hymns. Parents usually use this trick to put their children to sleep, calm them down or to make them laugh and giggle. Watching this tiny baby have such a bad reaction to her mother’s singing is heartbreaking. We wonder if it is the sound of her voice or if she just really doesn’t like the song! Mom just cannot get enough of it and keeps singing the same tune, making her young daughter cry every time. Every time Kali scrunches up her face about to start becoming hysterical, mom just laughs at her and starts singing again. This poor baby just wants her to stop! The problem might very well be that mom is completely off key, or that she is singing loudly where babies usually like soft, calming music sang to them. Mom should have tried to change the song she was singing or at least sing it a little quieter in a soft voice. Have you ever seen such a reaction to music? We totally understand if it is a vulgar song will of bad language, or a gene of music that you don’t like, but to start blatantly start crying every time you hear a song! This poor child is going to have some bad memories every time she hears this tune in a movie or at a show. She might just start crying up a storm as an adult. We hope she is too young to have any memories of this!

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Kid Stumbles Upon A Stray Dog And Leaves It At Local Store1m41s

Kid Stumbles Upon A Stray Dog And Leaves It At Local Store

Let’s be honest here, we can be 99.9% certain that there is not a single soul on this planet that doesn’t love puppies. We can’t be sure what it is, but their presence can brighten up our day by a smile or two. These canine furballs are so cuddly and cute, we really can’t imagine there ever being a life without them on Earth. There is nothing better to brighten up your day like an energetic ball of fur, crashing through all of your gloom. Puppies have so much power over our emotions, even the most cruel of men couldn’t stand a chance against their adorableness. Their goofy antics and kind child eyes are what gets to us every single time. They can barge in our lives, one bark and one lopsided smile at a time and that’s it, they are the best friend we never knew we needed , just like that! We find them in the most unusual of places, the most inconvenient times and the weirdest situations, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. This little puppy in the video was found in a pretty similar way, wandering around the food and water bowls near a store in Caldas Novas in Goias, Brazil on October 3, 2018. Upon further investigation, the store owners realized that the puppy was brought to their front door by a little boy. He found the puppy on the street and wanted to see to it that it is taken care of. He realized that there are bowls of free food and water in front of the store so he took it there. This is what the licensor of the video had to say about the whole situation: "We found a puppy and went to see how he had arrived. The kid found him after school and, knowing that we have a public food and water bowl for stray animals, left him at our door. We support our local rescue group, Socorro Animal Caldas Novas, and called them to take care of the puppy, who have already found a family that adopted him." Living with us in mega-cities or in small villages, on the sea, in the desert and even in space or on the North Pole, they march along, leaving 4 paw traces, our friends - dogs. They are glorified in legends since days ancient as being more faithful than people and remain close in perilous times. There are volumes of poems inspired by and devoted to them, monuments erected in their remembrance and the never-fading memories we cherish of growing up with our first dog. In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Kid Is Utterly Happy To Catch His First Fish3m52s

Kid Is Utterly Happy To Catch His First Fish

This little boy's first fishing trip ends in success when he's able to catch a fish. Check out how excited he is! Many people remember their childhood as a combination of many happy memories as they grew up around family and friends. Situations like the one in this video are memories that will stay with a child for their entire lives even throughout adulthood. These are the moments that help shape a person into the adult that they later become. Childhood should be filled with happy times such as this one. This little boy in this video just could not be any cuter. It may be a small victory that he catches a fish, and of course, it may not be something that impacts the world in any profound way; however, for this little boy, the world is a little bit brighter in that moment for him when he catches that fish. Going fishing with his family surely provides a positive experience on its own, but actually catching a fish all on his own takes his day to an entirely new joyful level. He just cannot contain his excitement when he accomplishes this feat for the first time. The video opens with the little boy in his red life jacket, holding onto his fishing pole for dear life as he tries and works so hard to reel in this fish. He is already excited while he does this. He says the fish is “tearing him right up” as it puts up its best fight not to be caught and reeled in. This may be this little man’s first encounter with the classic man versus nature struggle. He has certainly been taught well by the men around him in his family about how to catch a fish, but he has never been able to really put these skills to good use before now. He struggles as his mentors give him tips on what to do in order to get the fish out of the water. This proves to be a very difficult task for this little guy, but he never gives up. He pulls and reels in with every ounce of strength he has. It really makes the audience wonder what fish could be on this little boy’s line , and it really begs the question of how big this fish is going to be. The funniest part of the video is the reaction of the child during this struggle. He is absolutely adorable, and his commentary is hilarious. Viewers cannot contain their giggles while watching him reel in this fish. His mentors around him remind him constantly not to give up, and he follows their directions impeccably. He fights and fights, and finally, his hard work is rewarded. He has caught his fish! After watching such a struggle, viewers rejoice with the little boy when he finally succeeds in his task. You just cannot help but to smile and be so happy for him, and he cannot contain his joy over his win!

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Baby Hilariously Struggles To Grab Dog's Leash31s

Baby Hilariously Struggles To Grab Dog's Leash

Check out the effort this 1-year-old boy makes to grab hold of his dog's leash. Hilarious! Move over man, dog's are a kid's best friend! A little boy joyously plays with his dogs leash. The dog has a look on his face of confusion yet contentment. The little boy is obviously pleased with the challenge. How adorable! Adding a dog to your family with young kids is almost always a blessing, sometimes in disguise. It teaches young children how to respect and interact with animals. It allows them to bond with a being outside of themselves, especially if your son or daughter is an only child. Having an animal teaches young children compassion and patience. Most of all, animals and children learn through one another the rules of socialization. Learning the clues of picking what the dog wants and needs helps the child navigate society later in life. When you witness the interactions between dogs and children, like the boy and boy in this video, the potential for love is undeniable. In special cases of children with health or mental complications for example epilepsy, dogs are an incredible asset because they can in fact sense when a child is about to have a seizure. In the case of a child with diabetes, dogs can sense when blood sugar is low. In the case of children with severe physical disabilities, the accepting nature of a dog will indeed help them find pure happiness in life. When you are in the company of a dog, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of living in the moment and truly enjoying life. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy grins. It is an incredible gift to share your home with an animal companion, yet equally important to incorporate proper training and supervision. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Parents who have young children with dogs in the house must use good judgment to ensure the safety of both their baby and dog . Obviously, don't leave babies unattended with animals or let them sleep together unsupervised. We've all heard the horror stories. Understanding the triggers of your dog's breed and knowing what might cause the dog to react aggressively is part of being a dog owner. For example, some dogs don’t mind their meal or toy time being interrupted, but in some cases, if a child was to try to take away a meal or toy from a dog that is possessive they may try to fight back. In the case of this video, obviously, the parent is comfortable with the dog around their son as they seem to be best friends. If it is a new interaction, it is best not to film to ensure that your hands are free to break up any conflict that may arise. Remember, kids are uninhibited and may get their fingers in the way of a dogs mouth or pull their tail in a way that makes them react unpredictably. Always be safe!

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Baby Can't Stop Giggling At A Friendly Horse9s

Baby Can't Stop Giggling At A Friendly Horse

Looks like we have found our next big jockey! This tiny baby has no fear of the horse as it reaches its nose towards the child. Instead of being afraid, the baby hilariously giggles at the horse, loving every second. Most children are afraid of large animals, especially when they come right at them and poke them in the belly, but not this baby boy. When the horse gets close to him, his smile just gets bigger and he starts laughing in utter happiness! While at a pumpkin farm, this family decided to say hello to the horses in the pen. One horse in particular take a real liking to the infant and comes right over to welcome him to his farm! The large horse went straight for the toddler, as if he knew the baby would love to be nuzzled. To everyone's surprise, this seven month old baby was so happy and excited to meet a horse for the first time, he went into an adorable laughing fit every time the horse went near him! Watch this toddler as his eyes get wide and he starts belly laughing at the big horses coming to greet him at the Pumpkin Farm! Before the horse even comes close to the child, who is safely strapped in front of his father, the smile on the baby's face is so heartwarming! You can see that he loves to watch the horses as they gallop around the pen, with the tails flying in the wind! His smile is so adorable, knowing that all he wants is to get closer to the horses in the pen. When the tan horse finally comes over to say hello, the baby boy squeals in delight and starts laughing up a storm! The father looks nervous at first, not knowing how the horse is going to react with the child or how the baby will react with the horse. When the horse comes close, daddy holds the baby's feet in and takes a couple of steps backwards, just to be on the safe side. But to everyone's delight, the two seem to find each other very entertaining, and the horse comes back more than once to say hello and makes the child laugh. The horse actually nuzzles the baby's belly with it's nose as if he is trying to tickle him. When the baby starts laughing hysterically, watch the horse’s face. It looks like he knows exactly what he is doing and very much enjoying himself while doing it. Once belly nuzzle isn't enough, he comes right back for more, making the child laugh again and squeal in delight. You can tell how friendly these horses are on the Pumpkin Farm. They are obviously used to having company all the time and like to welcome all of their guests with a happy greeting. The second horse in the video is also standing at the end of the pen, welcoming another guest to the farm and making their day as well!

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One-Year-Old Boy Is Already An Expert In Swimming1m47s

One-Year-Old Boy Is Already An Expert In Swimming

This little guy is only twenty-months-old, but can swim and float and save himself in the pool! Amazing skills for a baby! Tristian is twenty-months-old, and he swims like a duck already. This video isn't plugging any particular training method or school, so we don't know where Tristian acquired his aquatic acumen. He goes right underwater face first, and paddles his feet like a pro. He holds his breath by keeping his lips pursed, and his nostrils shut, just like a little manatee. When underwater, Tristian looks at the camera and moves around without any fear. He's perfectly at home in the water, in fact, and when he needs a breath. He turns his face skyward and simply moves his face out of the water to breathe. It's so simple, even a baby can do it! Yet, for all his swimming prowess , Tristian isn't really showing off. He's just showing how it's done. Why shouldn't he? You came here to see a toddler swim like a fish, didn't you? Well, there's one right there! As it turns out, there's a lot of information out there about when to introduce your child to swimming lessons . There are also cautionary tales that teaching your child to swim isn't necessarily the be-all, end-all to preventing him from drowning. But judging from his proximity to the camera operator, we're pretty sure the lad is well-supervised here in a backyard swimming pool. We're seeing a lot of palm trees, so he could be in Florida where ample swimming opportunities abound. The little guy is such a natural floater he can't really go underwater very far without trying. He's always near the surface, where all he has to do is turn over, grab a breath, and return to submarine mode. “Down periscope!” OO-oo-GAA! OO-oo-GAA! And down he goes again. The water is as clear as can be. It looks so refreshing. Look at those little legs kicking with style. His diving artistry isn't quite Olympic, but it sure is practical. Just jump in, start kicking, and swim like no one's watching. We don't know how long young Tristian can keep this up, but even if he gets tired from kicking, he seems to know how to float on his back. If he can float this well in fresh water, imagine how easy it will be to stay afloat in salt water. He doesn't have to be perfect, either. Learning to swim is like riding a bicycle, as they say, meaning you never forget. The rudiments will be ingrained for the rest of his life. We don't know if he plans to compete, or maybe he has other latent terrestrial talents waiting to be explored. The important thing is Tristian is one up on the game of growing up, which he apparently attacks with passion. This is upbeat little video is set to a Calypso rhythm that makes us feel good about everything happening. There are no bad side effects from watching an infant moving around in the water like a little motor boat. We look forward to seeing you next year, Tristian! In the meantime, stay safe.

Cutest Toddler Is Already An Expert Swimmer1m16s

Cutest Toddler Is Already An Expert Swimmer

This little girl is swimming and floating around the pool all on her own! All children should learn these life-saving skills! Surprising! Check out the amazing water skills of this little girl of just 20 months, where she combines her swimming skills and the fun of being in a pool on hot summer evenings. This beautiful and very agile little girl manages to swim with a skill that you can hardly believe, is able to dive underwater, give strokes and kicks and of course stay afloat masterfully. What a talent! In spite of her young age, she is reckless and risky and apparently she is an expert when it comes to performing water exercises on her own. Although she obviously has the supervision of the proud parents, this little one is independent enough to swim and have fun in the water without the help of anyone. From an early age, the lovely Lilly loved bath time, her parents noticed that she always wanted to be in the water either in the tub or in the pool in her backyard, that made her really happy; They also noticed that the baby always kicked and gave small strokes like a swimming and although it ended up really exhausted, the results have been impressive. In a short time, our skillful swimmer is already able to travel the entire pool without the help of her parents. Wonderful! It would be great, that all the little ones at home could be trained to have this very useful skill and in the future maybe be able to save lives, the fact is that little Lilly found from an early age something she loves to do: have fun, exercise, enjoy of something that he likes very much "El Agua" and possibly he is also preparing to be a future Lifeguard. Definitely, just watching this little talented girl in the water causes you to go swimming immediately. It makes it look so easy! She also looks so placid and relaxed that it makes you feel like you need to go to a pool urgently. What a way to spend the summer! This clip will fill you with tenderness but much more than that will leave you impressed since it is admirable to find such a genuine talent in a person of such a young age and for sure it will also give you a little jealousy since Lilly is probably a better swimmer than many of US. So if you ever meet this little girl or another child with this wonderful talent, do not be scared! On the contrary, enjoy the show. This girl is an expert in the field, nothing with skill, she floats very lightly and of course, she has fun to the fullest. She knows what she is doing! How many thumbs up did our little mermaid earn? let's hope that many, so do not hesitate to share this video so you can reach many more people, enjoy it and drool over tenderness and impression to meet the future and very experienced Lifeguard. So, leave us your comment or let us know if you would train your little ones to develop such useful skill.

Hilarious Footage Of Baby Trying To Fight Falling Asleep1m58s

Hilarious Footage Of Baby Trying To Fight Falling Asleep

This smiley and sleepy one-year-old little boy is dozing off while sitting on the couch, but he keeps waking up to laughter. Are you this happy when you're tired? We assure you that you cannot stop smiling and feeling conquered by the tenderness and beauty of this little boy, who despite trying to get to sleep; apparently the effect of his mother's laughter is much stronger than his desire to sleep. Little Alex after his lunch hour has been a little drowsy, so the comfortable sofa in the living room and the pleasant company of mom are the perfect places to take a small nap to repair and replenish the energies for the evening of games that awaits you; but our happy and smiling little friend has such a good mood that not even fatigue manages to make him resist the hilarious laughter of his mother and not stop laughing too. What fun! This witty mother captures the funny moment when her little son tries to sleep a little but definitely, the smiling Alex cannot stop being in a good mood and having a good time even though mom is not working hard for me to get some rest. How many of us are so happy when we are sleepy? Surely the answer is: very few, not to mention Nobody, the truth is that this one-year-old seems to have so much fun listening to his mother laugh that no matter that the fatigue and his obvious desire to take a nap are undeniable, it just adds to the funny moment and laughs non-stop. It is so adorable! It is obvious that Alex after a hectic morning and a succulent meal is ready to count little sheep and dream of many little angels, but apparently, mom has other plans. Will she ever let him sleep at some point? Definitely, there is something in the world more tender and funny than seeing a baby fighting a pitched battle against sleep, simply You cannot stop smiling! but what is not so common is to see the protagonist of the funny scene, to have fun as much as the spectator himself. This beautiful baby and his contagious smile has surely managed to conquer a few hearts. Who could resist so much tenderness? and it is that his good humor and the so calm, fresh and even funny reaction that he has before the impossibility of taking a few minutes of sleep ... is incredible. It is possible that this video will get you a few smiles and will make your heart melt with so much tenderness, but do not try to imitate the images seen at home. Beware! It is possible that not all children have such a good mood and wake up as happy as baby Alex and if you do so it will be at your own risk. And remember that if you loved this clip, you did not stop laughing or have a kid at home that definitely reminded you of our sleepy and funny little friend, give it a Like and click on Share so that many more people can be conquered by this hilarious boy or just let us know your comments.

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Toddler Has A Strange Fear Of Walking On Leaves35s

Toddler Has A Strange Fear Of Walking On Leaves

Here's some curious obsessive behavior. At the risk of coming across as armchair psychologists, we might even say phobia. Of course, we don't really know that for sure without talking to the little darling, but it is clear she behaves as if she's afraid to step on leaves. Very curious. Not everything is as it seems, however, especially with pre-verbal infants. The “uh oh” as she approaches a leaf is unmistakable. Is she genuinely concerned for the well being of the leaf? Perhaps this is the child's way of getting Dad to pick her up. Things look different when you're that close to the ground. The world is somehow more magical. It is a fact of development that between the ages of not talking to talking, infants approach the world as animists, which means every natural phenomenon, whether it is the sun or a tree, or the neighborhood squirrel, is imbued with a spirit. In some weird way this little girl may recognize that it's just not OK to step on a leaf. Everything is a guess here. Nothing can be taken for granted. Very likely, years from now, the little girl will have only the faintest memory of this event. She will giggle with the rest of us when watching herself haltering at fallen leaves, and shrug her shoulder when pressed about why she wouldn't step on leaves . In rare instances toddlers do remember flashing scenes from their youngest years. What is important about this is that we supposedly can't put words to memories before we learned to speak. There may be evidence, however, that children understand language long before they are able to speak it themselves. In any case, we're just going to have to wait a few years to interview the young cutie. “Why didn't you want to step on the leaf?” “It was so pretty!” ...Well, that's one take, but who knows? She negotiated the first barricade of leaves pretty well, but the second barricade was just too much for her and...Daddy to the rescue! You have to love the little stamping routine. It's classical for the age group. She's not exactly throwing a tantrum, just giving a warning stamp. She's putting her foot down! “No, I won't cross this line!” Nothing too bad can happen as long as dad is there to save her. The father-daughter bonding undoubtedly began long before this scene. She is quite sure her hero will come to her rescue. Some dilemmas just take a little more time than others to work through. We all know, or have ourselves been children with inexplicable fears. If there was anything rational about being an infant then everything we ever knew about children would be turned on its head. Mark your calendar; in ten years, maybe 20, we may revisit the comments section and get our answer. In the meantime, let us enjoy an innocent moment we can all identify with, an autumn stroll through the neighborhood, walking hand in hand with dad, when life was just alright

One-Year-Old Adorably Recites Her ABC's15s

One-Year-Old Adorably Recites Her ABC's

Baby Keira secretly records a video in her older sister's phone of the most precious rendition of the ABC song you'll ever hear! How adorable and funny this little girl is! Her name is Keira and she is singing the alphabet in such a tender way. At the same time, it is surprising to see the skill and intelligence that children have at such a young age which we can appreciate through this video. This girl is simply too charming! The funniest thing is that this beautiful baby loves to record herself doing the interpretation of the alphabet in a very funny way, demonstrating her great ability to handle the electronic devices that are of great influence at the moment and it is through them that the girl can be seen provoking laughter every second of the recording passes. And how not to fall in love? This baby also has the fortune to learn the alphabet easily. This video shows the talent that Keira has for singing , acting and easily handling the cell phone. How can you remain unsurprised watching this little girl who is just beginning her life, but has a great skill already as it is captured and shown in this video? It is that Keira likes to learn and even though she is very small she already manages the alphabet perfectly, the numbers as well, and already knows the colors. Keira is excited to be able to record herself so people can see what she has learned every day. She decides to take her sister's phone and use it for the filming so that other children can see that she already knows the alphabet. Amazing! This beautiful girl with big cheeks has a poster with the alphabet in her room. It is surprising and funny as she opens his mouth and her big eyes for the interpretation of his most beautiful song of the alphabet, which she does with great emotion that leaves trapped everyone who views this video. Keira is a very extroverted girl and she is excited to appear on camera, she loves to be recorded and to be seen. How not to be enchanted with Keira? Children can be so funny and intelligent, as we can see Keira who has a great intellectual capacity to quickly develop her abilities while still being so small. Keira has a beautiful voice and interprets the most beautiful song of the alphabet, doing it in a way so beautiful and so natural that it brings out a smile to anyone. With the beautiful interpretation of this girl, there is no doubt of the pride felt by Keira's parents to see the great skills that this little genius has that catches all eyes in this video. Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like the video, do not forget to share it and make this video trending, so that other people can see it and enjoy it as much as you do. Maybe it's the most pleasant part of your day. Enjoy it!

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Kid Steals Mom's Phone To Record A Personalized Love Song2m36s

Kid Steals Mom's Phone To Record A Personalized Love Song

This talented little boy recorded a video of himself secretly singing a song on his mom's phone inspired by Bruno Mars’ 'Lazy'. Check it out! This young artist has some real talent as we can see! Regardless of his verse, which is pretty adorable all on its own, this little guy has a personality that is made for stardom! Not to mention, he’s a charmer! Mom, get ready, we think it is safe to say that you have a future heartbreaker on your hands! Besides this little charmer’s adorable looks and obvious swag and style, for such a young performer, he has some pretty impressive verse that he is dropping here! We are sure he had no idea that his video would eventually make it onto the internet, racking up views and ratings, but hopefully this has gotten someone to take notice of this little player! He is just so cute! Seriously, you know it is impossible to watch this video and listen to him without being impressed and without smiling! His sweet little song that he has recorded with his mother’s phone is obviously original, but what is more interesting than that is the actual words. Apparently, he has met a girl that he seems to really like, according to the lyrics of this original song. He goes on to say that she is very pretty and that she kissed him on the lips! Slow your roll playa! He says the following statement in his first verse. If these words were coming from an adult in the actual music scene, it wouldn’t be quite as cute, but since it is coming from a child that has to be under ten years old, it is adorable! Referring to when this girl kissed him on the lips, our young blood pimp says the following sentence: “I told her not to do it but she like me/ she couldn’t help it cause she so proud of me.” Oh how adorable is that! After that, he talks about how she has a new boyfriend, and he has “got her back”! More lyrics from this show stopper: “I don’t feel like getting a new girlfriend because she might be ugly/ if she is I will not blame her/” “She will dump me/ cause today I swear I’m not getting a new girlfriend/ not today/ hoo hoo hooo hoooo hooo” “Not today! When she said not today, I can say nay” “I went to snack bar, and she told me that I can’t do anything but she said wrong!” From there, he continues on, but he changes his delivery! Now he has turned into a little rapper! Even though some of the lyrics are a little difficult to decipher, we have to admit that he definitely has a pretty decent beat here! The art of freestyling is one that is actually quite difficult to master, but this little guy seems to have a natural talent for the art! Hopefully, he will continue on his adventure of writing some adorable lyrics so that we can hear more from him in the future!

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Little girl finds herself surround by animals at petting farm45s

Little girl finds herself surround by animals at petting farm

Have you ever seen Snow White? This little girl may just be her in real life. You know, Snow White, loved by and communicated to by all animals? You’ll see some similarities in this video. In this adorable kids and animals video, six year old Sienna is at her cousins birthday party. At this party there is a small petting farm and Sienna is taken by it. I mean, what kid doesn’t love a small baby animal farm? So Sienna goes inside, takes a seat and picks up the cutest little bunny rabbit in there to pat. As she does this, other animals begin to surround her. It is almost like they are drawn to her. First comes another bunny, then a guinea pig, even a baby pig comes along to see what all the fuss is about. Sienna then is surprised by the llama who comes too, then turns his back on her. A very funny sequence in which Sienna begin to become nervous. Everyone is surprised and laughing about it, so much so that the attendant turns to Sienna and says ‘My, they all seem to love you, you are just like Snow White!’ Such an adorable kids video and one for Sienna to remember. Sienna is a six year old cute little girl from Australia who loves having fun and sharing it in videos. This video was filmed on a beautiful sunny day in Perth, Australia on a Sunday afternoon at the park. This was at Sienna’s cousins birthday and comes only a week after her own Birthday. For those who loves watching cute little animals and adorable kids, this one is a must watch. Sienna will make you smile with the reaction on her face as all the little animals come towards her at the same time in this fun cute kids video.

Little girl asked how first day of school was, gives priceless answer43s

Little girl asked how first day of school was, gives priceless answer

It was the first day of Pre-K for this little girl and her mom wanted to know all about her day. While coloring, she first told her all about the playground which is always the most important part, right? She read a few books and when asked if she likes her teachers, her response is hilarious. She gets so excited, she screws up her picture and of course, blames Mom!

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