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 Little Girl Preciously Sings To Her Defiant Kitty Cat1m08s

Little Girl Preciously Sings To Her Defiant Kitty Cat

Every kid that has a pet probably considers themselves lucky. They have someone to keep constant companionship with, someone to tell all their secrets to. Some kids are lucky enough to have a dog or a horse, others keep it simple with a hamster or a fish. It doesn’t matter, because all of them teach a kid some of the basic lessons in life - friendship, sharing and fair play. But what about the kids that have a cat? Those learn plenty of lessons too, like respecting your own space and the importance of constant grooming. But when it comes to showing affection, cats are like the baby brother that never grew out of his teenage years. They hate seeing it, but they hate showing it even more. So they will defy all our efforts to shower them with some TLC. This little girl sure tries her best to show her cat how much she loves her, but the cat is determined to get out of the girl’s clutches and back to her favorite spot. We admire the girl’s tenacity though; she has got both her arms firmly around the orange Persian and is determined that she will show the cat how she feels, one way or another. The best and safest way would be to sing and she does. The girl sings a lovely and heartfelt melody to the cat in her own language, while the cat tries her best to set free. Eventually, the feline gives in, as the tiny human’s embrace is nice and warm and soft… Nighty night...

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Dad Builds Backyard Ramp For 1-Year-Old Snowboarder43s

Dad Builds Backyard Ramp For 1-Year-Old Snowboarder

The winter season can be really great if you are not specifically frightened of the cold or the big snow hills. For some of us, the winter season is quite the obstacles. The shivering cold, the banks of snow even the windshield can create the need to stay home, shrivel up into a cozy blanket and just hibernate through the winter. Where as for some of us, we look forward to the winter days all throughout the year. The white fields and glamouring sun is just an additional motivation to get your skiing gear and run out to the hills. Now, they always say that age is not an issue and that you are as old as you feel. Well, this little girl proves just that but quite in the opposite direction when age is the topic. How old does one have to be in order to pursue their passion of snowboarding. Can you guess? Well, this little girl at just 16 months old proves everyone wrong. Not only does he prove his skills with his balance, but he also shows that he has some tricks up his sleeve. With dads help of course, he manages to make it right over the jump that dad has made for him. 16-month-old Theo shreds a backyard mini-park built by his dad. He's destined for greatness!

Birth Mother's Message To Son Before Adoption9m36s

Birth Mother's Message To Son Before Adoption

Babies are amazing family members that brighten up our lives. From the time that the internet has existed, videos of them have dominated the it. They are just so cute and entertaining that you could watch them for hours on end. It seems that one such amazing moment of a baby has emerged in this clip here as this baby will surely keep you in awe! If you are a parent, you know that kids are a great source of competition. My kid can run faster than yours, my kid learned to read sooner than yours. Well these parents have earned themselves some serious bragging rights. "This is my son Tagg who I placed for adoption in March of 2016. This video was created so that he would be able to look back and know that this decision was made purely out of love for him. He will never have to think that "I gave him up" or that I did not love him. He will always be able to know that I loved him more than anyone else in this world." "I hope anyone who watches this will be able to gain a new perspective on what the birth mom goes through when she places her child for adoption. It is the FARTHEST thing from a heartless act. It shows she definition of love. To love someone this much is to give away your happiness for them." A lot of people have been making comments about me possibly seeing him again in the future... This is an OPEN adoption. I get to see him all the time thanks to his wonderful mommy.

Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park3m13s

Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park

Toddlers find everything interesting and fun, even if it just a rock lying on the ground. They will almost always try to make their point and won't take no for an answer, so when a parent steps in, they are ready with a barrage of arguments. This precious toddler named Sean did not like it when her mother told him that it is time to leave the park and go home. Footage shows the adorable moment when this cranky tot puts a priceless temper tantrum trying to prove his point to mom and stay in the park. Of course, his indignation is audible and hilarious and is guaranteed to make your day. You just can't help but laugh at this adorable persistence temper tantrum! How cute is this! We have all been there. A beautiful day at the park and this kid is obviously having the time of his life. So, when mom decided it was time to leave, he just wouldn’t budge. Watch as Sean pulls out the big guns when he is forced to leave the park to go home. Momma calls in the cavalry in the form of big sister, but this is when all hell breaks loose! Screaming, pinching, biting, crying, Sean tries everything just to stay at the park a little longer. Does it work! See for yourself! Watching children grow up and learn what's right and what's wrong is a true blessing. Parents often try to lecture kids on life lessons, but sometimes it's the other way around. We hope that little Sean stopped trying behaving and started obeying his mom. Don’t yell at your mom Sean, she knows what's best for you!

Baby Girl Gets Emotional Tears To Andrea Bocelli Song1m30s

Baby Girl Gets Emotional Tears To Andrea Bocelli Song

We all have been moved to tears by a musical piece at some point in our lives. Long before there was Adele’s ‘Hello’, which had men and women sobbing with tears, humankind had been moved emotionally by what we now call classical music. The phenomenon of evoking an emotional response by listening to music is an interesting and capital point of music, so we shouldn’t be all too surprised that we sometimes get a little lump in our throats when we hear a piece of music. Whether it is the sound of a performer’s voice, or the way the notes skip from the higher to the lower ranges, it doesn’t matter. Music makes us feel good, one way or the other. We are surrounded by it, from the moment we arrive in this world. Our mothers used to sing to us, which made us feel calm enough to fall asleep. Nowadays there are specifically designed programs that are meant to deliver such an emotion to children. For this little girl, however, the effect was the exact opposite! Rosalee was watching Sesame Street with her mom and when the bedtime song came, Rosalee felt like everything but taking a nap. The had Andrea bocelli as a musical guest and he sang “Time To Say Good Night” with Elmo. What was supposed to be a bedtime song, turn into a sob song! Here’s what Rosalee’s mom had to say about it: “I put this video on hoping it would put her to sleep... but then she started absolutely sobbing! Emotionally moved by the voice of Andrea Bocelli... And now this song is banned from my home!”

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Well-Mannered Little Girl Adorably Asks For Another Bite45s

Well-Mannered Little Girl Adorably Asks For Another Bite

Table manners vary from country to country, household to household. Wherever that might be, the purpose is always one and the same - courteous table manners make dining a pleasant experience for everyone present at the table, but they also show a sign of respect for the host and hostess or the chef. Teaching a kid the few simple table manners is crucial, so that one day it will grow up to be a kind, respectful adult. So why not start early, like when they learn to talk? Toddlers’ brains are like sponges, they soak up all new information quickly and learning is easiest for them. Just don’t forget to lead with an example! Breakfast time for this daddy with his baby daughter Nova is a cuteness overload! While feeding the child so polenta, the dad keeps reminding Nova to ask politely for another bite and always tell thank you. With every bite, the dad tells her to say “more, please”, which the adorable cutie repeats with incredible enthusiasm, watching the spoon scoop from the dish and eagerly waiting for it to land in her hungry little mouth. The sweet head of curls might be watching her cartoon attentively, but that does not mean that she won’t listen to her dad remind her of her table manners. “More, please” she hears with her dad’s thunderous voice and she repeats in her own squeaky sound, but not before opening her mouth widely. Don’t you just wanna eat her up?

Talented One-Year-Old Shows Amazing Skills Riding A Scooter 26s

Talented One-Year-Old Shows Amazing Skills Riding A Scooter

Although this one-year-old girl can barely walk, she is able to ride a scooter with ease! Parents decided to develop their child’s balance, coordination and motor skills, by buying their baby girl a scooter, and were surprised to find out that this little tot learned the skill in no time! Amazing! Scooters are brilliant for active boys or girls who find walking a bit of a chore. There are various types and models for all different ages, tastes and abilities. Scooters not only keep your kids mobile, but they can also improve physical development and motor skills. Keep your child safe while playing, and avoid accidental injuries by introducing a safety helmet and safety pads to your children. Footage shows a little girl riding her scooter on the pavement, continuously bouncing with her right leg in order to keep a balance and roll down a distance! Every child is different, one can learn riding a scooter right away, others need a little time to obtain the necessary assurance. If the scooter is light enough, its size corresponds to child’s age and the footboard height does not overstress the standing leg, nothing prevents the children from enjoying the pleasure of riding. In addition to this talented tot riding her scooter with flying colors like she was born on it, we would like to recall a similar video featuring a toddler, a scooter and a sneaky animal. In this video a poodle appears out of nowhere and steals an electric scooter right from the hands of an unsuspecting toddler and rides away like a pro.

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This Kid Is Destined To Be A Rodeo Champion30s

This Kid Is Destined To Be A Rodeo Champion

This cowboy kid has come up with a great idea to use his hoverboard and his toy horse on wheels to become a rodeo champion. Footage shows the adorable moment when this toddler goes on a mission to catch a cow toy with his rodeo loop while riding on his hoverboard-horse invention and make this adorable home video. Watch the incredible moment when a toddler appears to be star in a Western movie with his swift rodeo skills caught on camera. We see a toddler riding his home invention, his feet on a hoverboard and his legs around a toy horse on wheels, trying to snatch a cow toy with a rope loop. He makes a swirl and throws the loop with such precision that he professionally wraps the rope around toy’s neck, hense snatching the toy and getting closer with its ride. Quickly after, he dismounts his horse and approaches the animal just to tie its feet tight. He wraps the rope around toy’s legs with his rodeo loop and is very satisfied with its masterpiece move! The entire rodeo adventure is caught on camera and the face expression of the little kid sure looks satisfied afterwards. He passed the rodeo test with flying colors! We have all seen movies where cowboys use a long noosed rope to catch animals. Calf roping, also known as tie-down roping, is a rodeo event that features a calf and a rider mounted on a horse. The goal of this timed event is for the rider to catch the calf by throwing a loop of rope from a lariat around its neck, dismount from the horse, run to the calf, and restrain it by tying three legs together, in as short a time as possible. A variant on the sport, with fewer animal welfare controversies, is breakaway roping, where the calf is roped, but not tied.

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Adorable Baby Cheerfully Toasts Uncle For His New Job  15s

Adorable Baby Cheerfully Toasts Uncle For His New Job

Have you ever seen what happens when you leave the baby alone with a bunch relatives? It doesn’t have to be the dad, it can be an older brother, even an uncle, in this case, the whole family. Moms like to let the kid nap or play, while they do some cleaning, catch up on some reading or throw a quick spa treatment. But with the dads and uncles, it is a whole other shebang! This is another way men entertain themselves with a tiny baby and it does not involve dancing, at least not in the traditional sense! A cute video of the whole family sitting down for dinner at some local resturant and showing their smallest member the ropes of going out and dining. Of course, toasting is most definitely part of sitting down in a restaurant especially when the drinks are served. Take a look at how quick this baby oick up on the very well know tradition of toasting. The kid looks like a pro already, with that mean look on his face and those huge muscles to for lifting the mug. Complete with the sound effects from the best family in the world, this just might be the best bonding activity we have seen. This cheers is totally contagious as an adorable little baby toasts to his uncle's new job. Priceless!

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Little Boy Gets Fired Up For Career Day Impersonating A Preacher 3m26s

Little Boy Gets Fired Up For Career Day Impersonating A Preacher

An impressive video has emerged of a pupil getting fired up during career day as he tries to impersonate a preacher in front of his fellow classmates. This little boy named Jordan wants to be a preacher when he grows up and shows some amazing skills. He definitely has a true calling! This is the adorable moment when a young boy gets all fired up trying to impersonate a preacher for career day and digs deep into pastor’s role! Watch as the overly excited boy talks with fire in his eyes and confidence in his voice about how God is the shepherd-guardian and protector of all souls. Obviously, he has the look, the moves and the talk or a preacher, and does a mind-blowing impersonification of a preacher. Watch him preach in front of the class, trying to convince them that he is the man of God, warning them that the devil is everywhere but the faith in God will always defeat the evil! Career Day allows students to learn about the different jobs that exist in their community, and many of them might discover something new to aspire to. Organizing a career day is not easy, but it is worth it. Many students will learn about careers they may never have heard of, and they will start to see themselves as people with so many opportunities ahead of them. This teacher decided to give students a chance to impersonate their aspired professions in the classroom in front of fellow classmates, and this particular boy took the spotlight with his strong preacher speech. He sure made elementary school's Career Day special and memorable for all students. He is a natural!

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Twin Babies Laughing Hysterically At Dog Performing Tricks2m09s

Twin Babies Laughing Hysterically At Dog Performing Tricks

A hilarious video has emerged featuring twin babies having fits of laughter every time their family dog performs tricks. These one-year-old twin girls think their dog is hilarious and their laughter is contagious! Don’t you ever wonder what goes on inside a baby’s mind? Are they maybe thinking about taking over the world, or just thinking about the stinky diaper you’re going to have to change in a few minutes? Either way, this doesn’t bode well for you.These adorable twins start laughing uncontrollably when their dog performs tricks. Beware, their laugh is hysterical and highly contagious! If you thought that one stinky diaper is bad, this enigmatic duo will prove you wrong. So young and adorable, but yet double the trouble, the diaper duty for twins is nothing short of a dreaded experience. Luckily, these twin tots won’t give you the stink attack, but they will sure make your day! Their giggling is the remedy to all of your worries! Footage shows two adorable twin girls sitting on the floor and enjoying play time. Moments later, mom starts giving commands to the family dog, which the obedient dog performs and receives a treat! This sole act of dog obedience sent the twins into adorable fits of laughter! Hilarious! Look at the laugh lines around their eyes and the way they turn red from the exertion. So adorable! These siblings will have you laughing with them in no time!

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Talented Five-Year-Old Sings Frank Sinatra’s Classic ‘Fly Me To The Moon’2m08s

Talented Five-Year-Old Sings Frank Sinatra’s Classic ‘Fly Me To The Moon’

A heartwarming video has emerged from a talented young girl singing a classic from Frank Sinatra. Footage of five-year-old Sophie Fatu adorably singing "Fly Me To The Moon" will leave you speechless! There's something about little children singing with all their might that touches a special place in our heart. Who else could listen to this little cutie all day? She nails the classic and gives her unique scent to it! This sweet little girl is talented beyond her years. Not only can sweet Sophie sing, but she has a special place in her heart for classics. In fact, Frank Sinatra is one of her favorite singers. It’s not always a case these days for young kids to be Sinatra fans, let alone know the lyrics. Little Sophie is an old soul trapped in a youngster’s body, that’s for sure! This legendary musician had so many hits in his career, it is hard to pick just one iconic song. Through the years, all sorts of musicians have covered this song, but little Sophie's performance of 'Fly Me To The Moon' tops them all. We love how she takes a confident attitude when she stands in front of the mike and belts out this timeless tune. You can really tell that Sophie loves to sing with each and every note. As the song progresses, her voice gets more power, and she starts expressing the emotion of the song with her arms. Can you recognize the body language? She imitates Sinatra and passes with flying colors!

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Sweet Toddler Makes Priceless Face When Caught Red Handed15s

Sweet Toddler Makes Priceless Face When Caught Red Handed

Every parent tries their very best to set a perimeter around the things their tots should not get close to. But kids are sneaky and once you let your guard down, they are able to develop warp speed and get everywhere they weren’t supposed to in the first place! Should we remind you of the $1000 carpet disaster? Jacob Frew’s mom says she left him unsupervised for no more than 30 seconds when he managed to create an irrevocable disaster. The 18-month-old toddler got his tiny little hands on a huge bucket of white paint and spilled it over a $1000 carpet at Grandma’s house. The two were staying at grandma Brenda’s house while theirs was being redecorated. It seems that Jacob was into some redecorating too. Now this kid didn’t have much of a redecorating on her mind; more like a makeover. Mom lost count of her toddler for a split second and when she found her, Gracyn Ann had wrapped her toddler fingers around mom’s liquid lipstick. There have been no casualties yet, but when confronted with her misdemeanor, the toddler makes the best poker face we have seen as of yet! Priceless! Also, we have to remind you of little vocal Emma, who was also found with lipstick evidence smeared all over her mouth. Emma’s makeover didn’t stop with her face, no; she also convinced her baby brother Ben to wear some! Her defense is the sweetest! “I ain’t wanna go again! I don’t touchy mommy’s makeup!" denies the adorable little girl and we have forgiven her already!

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Baby Girl Is Number One Fan Of Dad And His Guitar1m51s

Baby Girl Is Number One Fan Of Dad And His Guitar

Any kind of bonding time between a dad and his baby is precious. But when dad has a hobby of some sort, he can’t wait until he can share it with his new bud. Be it some sort of craft, a collection of some kind or an instrument, when the kid is old enough to understand, a dad will try and “assimilate” them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but when it does, this is what it looks like! From what we can tell, this baby girl is dad’s number one fan! Seeing dad all dressed up, armed with his acoustic guitar out and finely tuned, she runs, or rather, crawls towards him and starts clapping her hands like a enamoured fangirl! It is Bobby Darin’s 1959 hit song “Dream Lover”, a song every girl swooned over in the 50s and 60s, and now this tiny baby in 2018! With dad’s present day arrangement, it is the newest hit single and this fan girl is loving it! Just watch her dance by shaking that diaper-clad booty back and forth on the couch. Dad is sure having a blast playing for his private audience! And we thought Bon Jovi girl was a hard-rock fan! When her played Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive” on his acoustic guitar, his eight-month-old daughter started rocking out, horns blazing and everything! Dad sings and she follows suit. They are both too adorable to handle!

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