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Baby preciously pushes twin sibling in toy car32s

Baby preciously pushes twin sibling in toy car

In most cases, twins have a hard time understanding the concept of sharing... but not here! Watch this cute baby girl push her twin brother gently across the room in a toy fire truck. Adorable!

Published: November 9, 2017Updated: November 10, 2017578 views
Baby Girl Gets Ecstatic When Her Daddy Arrives Home49s

Baby Girl Gets Ecstatic When Her Daddy Arrives Home

An adorable video shows the moment a toddler gets ecstatic when her daddy comes home from work. The video shows the ecstatic girl waiting on the porch and looking into the distance, mumbling “daddy, daddy”. This little girl is so excited when her daddy arrives home and her reaction is heart melting! As daddy’s truck approaches, the girl’s scream becomes louder and noisier. She starts running towards the truck, overwhelmed with emotion that her daddy is finally home. She acts like she couldn’t believe her eyes and is overjoyed with emotion! Fortunately her mother recorded this adorable scenario, and caught the wonderful moment on camera. We wonder if this cute, little toddler has made a daily routine out of waiting her father to arrive home, as it would be perfect to have your children welcome you in such loving manner! Her daddy is very lucky to have a loving daughter that is overjoyed to see him! Watch how happy she gets as she races across the parking lot to get to her dad who is parking his truck and greeting his little girl. Moments later, these two share an emotional hug as the girl falls into the arms of her daddy! There is nothing better than being daddy’s little princess! The toddler buries her face into her dad’s chest and is moments like this that make life worth living! What a special bond!

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Toddler Makes A Wicked Impression Of Mommy Crying43s

Toddler Makes A Wicked Impression Of Mommy Crying

They say babies can feels the emotions their moms feel, so whether you are happy, sad or nervous, it can easily rub off on your little one. Most of the time it reflects when a mom is anxious about her baby, and the infant demonstrates the same behavior as his parent. But this is something we have never seen before! Baby Joshua just turned a year old and his acting talent is amazing! While sitting down on the couch with his mom, pacifier in mouth, dad initially shows that Joshua is actually a pretty happy kid. They play the peek-a-boo, which makes baby Joshua giggle so adorably, makes us want to pinch those bright pink cheeks. But then it is mom’s turn to show us what little Joshua can do, so she covers her mouth, squints her eyes and starts pretend crying in front of him. The baby’s face changes in an instant. First, he just makes crying noises and very believable at that, but when the camera zooms in on his bright red face that used to be a healthy pink color, we can see the glimmer of a single tear forming in the corner of his eye. Poor guy, we hope he didn’t get too convinced of mom’s sorrow. If he keeps this up, he will earn his Oscar sooner than you think!

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Baby Thinks The Word 'Donkey' Is Hilarious41s

Baby Thinks The Word 'Donkey' Is Hilarious

Laughing is contagious and sometimes so infective, we can barely breathe! Sometimes it is something so mundane and simple that will set us off and there is nothing we can do, other than hold onto your belly and wait for it to pass, while hoping not to get the hiccups. In the world of good laughs, it has been said that the sound of the letter K is the one that really sets things in motion. Words like “cucumber" have the magical properties to pop a good belly laugh out of anyone, but this tiny baby boy has a very different trigger. While watching his son Nathan sit in mommy’s lap, a dad had the ultimate discovery about the world of babies. The word ‘donkey’ cracks them the heck up! They might have had a hysterical fit off camera immediately before this clip was taken, because as soon as dad called Nathan’s name, the baby started laughing. But when dad says ‘donkey’, the kid cracked a smile so wide, he could swallow us whole before we noticed, because he is so darn cute! Maybe it’s the K in “donkey" that does the trick, or just looking at the silly looking animal. We think that the whole word is worthy of peeing in your nappy. Whatever it is, we can’t catch a breath of it either! Credit: malcmcg1

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Dad Accuses Toddler Of Taking His Earphones, A Hilarious Debate Ensues1m00s

Dad Accuses Toddler Of Taking His Earphones, A Hilarious Debate Ensues

This little boy is being accused of something he didn't do, so he pleads his case in the most adorable way possible! This little guy, who we learn is named Julian, has gotten his tiny toddler hands on dad’s headphones. Now dad can’t find them, but he is certain that baby Julian is the culprit. So he does what every parent would do in the same situation - he confronts the little guy. As soon as Julian hears his dad accuse him of misplacing dad’s headphones, he immediately starts making his case. We have no idea what his arguments are, because we haven’t gotten to learn “baby gibberish" language yet, but it seems that dad understand everything that comes out of his son’s mouth. When dad tries to calm the situation down, Julian lets out a high pitched scream of panic, catching dad completely off guard. Probably seeing how this argument won’t bear fruit any time soon, dad apologizes to Julian with a hug and a kiss. We have no idea if the headphones saw the light of day, but watching that kid stand his ground gave us a solid laugh. A natural born lawyer! Mateo, on the other hand, had a lot to say when his mom accused him of attempting to get a cupcake from grandma. The little guy argues and debates his way out of punishment in the most hilarious way! Priceless!

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Toddler Boy Scared of Fake Spider!52s

Toddler Boy Scared of Fake Spider!

Arachnophobia is a specific phobia: the fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. This toddler boy is terrified of a faker spider, even after his mom told him that it is fake! Pranked by mom! Clearly this kid is not a fan of spiders real or fake he wants NOTHING to do with them!

Published: November 7, 2017Updated: November 8, 201736 views
Awesome Dad Engages His Toddler Daughter In An Epic Sword Fight1m09s

Awesome Dad Engages His Toddler Daughter In An Epic Sword Fight

Every girl in the world sees a hero in her dad. They are the first person who teaches their daughter how a man should treat her in life, building a unique and deep connection with their daughters. Jaylee Moriah has a really strong connection with her dad. It might even be safe to say that the little girl loves her dada more than she loves her mama. So much so, that she even knows how to make mommy “jealous" in one adorable clip. We really can’t tell for sure, but the two are adorable. In this video, Jaylee also shows how her dad is also her best sparring partner. With makeshift swords out of plastic tubing, Jaylee Moriah and her dad engage in an adorably epic sword fight. Dressed in a bright blue onesie with a matching bowtie in those tight little curls, Jaylee boasts her might in front of dad and he ultimately falls victim to her charms. She is so adorable! Dads are here to show us how we should be treated, just like Jaylee’s dad showed her that a man should treat her as equal, even in a sword fight! On the other hand, a dad from Bellingham, Washington decided that it should be him to show his little daughter how a first date should look like! Aaron Dickson took his 3-year-old girl Analynne on the perfect first date, complete with a bouquet of flowers and a romantic dinner on a porch.

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Confused Baby Tries To Pick Up Light Reflection31s

Confused Baby Tries To Pick Up Light Reflection

When it comes to pets, the simplest trick in the book can be the most fruitful. If you ever want to keep both yourself and your pet entertained for hours, all you need is a laser pointer, or in some desperate situations, a flash light. The object that projects on any given surface can be moved anywhere you want it, so your pet can chase it to its heart’s desire, or the depletion of its stamina. Whichever comes first. However, this is the first time we see a human baby actually want to interact with a reflexion of light! We can’t make up our minds if this is a terrible thing to do or the most clever one, so we will let you make that decision for us! Baby Dylan was spotted by his dad making repeated desperate, yet futile attempts to wrap his chubby toddler fingers around the white blob on the floor that the sun makes through the blinds in the living room. Despite it being obvious to us adults that no, he can’t grab that white orb on the floor, Dylan keeps going back, trying to pick the white thing with his hand. At one point, even the family’s German Shepherd is intrigued with the boy’s new toy, but seeing how it is just a reflexion, he quickly moves on and leave the kid to fend for himself. We just gotta applaud the kid for not giving up. Bravo!

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Little Girl Shoots For The Stars And Takes A Solo Bow26s

Little Girl Shoots For The Stars And Takes A Solo Bow

Some people are born to be on stage, they are very charismatic and the camera loves them. However, taking a bow is very common after every performance. Bowing is the act of lowering the torso and head as a social gesture in direction to the audience. The manner in which you take your bow after completing your performance on stage is a very important part of the act itself. If you’re a famous diva you already know this, if not, watch how this little girl does it in style. This little girl was trying to finish off her first recital with a well deserved bow and missed her chance, because she was overjoyed with excitement and got caught up in the moment. Well, she almost missed it. Watch her rip her hands free from the death grip of her friend to claim her moment and shine like a star! It is hilarious how this little princess in pink wants to be the star of the show and doesn’t let anyone steal her thunder. She is walking on stage, holding hands with the rest of the girls, flaunting her pink fluffy skirt, walking towards the center of the stage. Then they stop for a while and take a quick bow in front of the audience. The poor thing apparently got caught up in the moment because she was super excited about the bow, that she totally missed it! The moment she realizes that the others already took a bow and are about the leave the stage, she pulls her hand off the grip, and takes a solo bow, just like a diva. The star is born!

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Toddler Has Precious Routine Every Time Dad Comes Home26s

Toddler Has Precious Routine Every Time Dad Comes Home

Fatherhood turns out to be a complex and unique phenomenon with huge consequences for the emotional and intellectual growth of children. Having a positive father-daughter relationship can really influence a young girl's life. It is often noted that having a strong male influence is important for daughters because it can have a huge impact on a young girl's life and even determine whether or not she develops into a strong, confident woman. A father's influence in his daughter's life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men. We now live in a culture where the dad is an equal partner in care giving. From day one, dads are encouraged to be hands-on, changing diapers, giving baths, putting baby to sleep and calming her cries. That presence and effort is the beginning of a very important relationship. Fathers are just as essential to healthy child development as mothers. This precious little girl has developed a special routine with her father. Almost every day, she waits at the door for her daddy to come home from work. As soon as she sees him walking up the porch she waits for him to walk through the door and immediately starts running and yelling, teasing him he chases her! The moment her father finds her, she turns to him and says ‘Hi”. Her precious reaction is adorable!

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Toddler Caught Red Handed Goes Bottoms Up On The Bottle1m09s

Toddler Caught Red Handed Goes Bottoms Up On The Bottle

Many times people try to break up their bad habits but sometimes it is simply hard to resist. We have already seen this adorable toddler Sierra trying to talk her way out of naps and defending her huge dog's crimes. This hilarious video shows how this cutie tries to get away with her bottle-addition by tricking her mom into thinking she is over her bottle, even though we can clearly see that Sierra is holding a bottle. Sierra was born with an amazing sense of humor and has the ability to convince others of anything. Her mother tells her to say “I am a big girl and I don’t drink bubba’s anymore” and the cute little girl tries to repeat after her mother and mumbles something, but the only words we could understand were “don’t drink bubba”. Try to decode Sierra’s baby talk and see how convincing she sounds when she is determined and says “No”! Now wait, what’s that in Sierra’s hand? The girl is holding a big bottle in her hand while convincing her mother that she has given up the bottle. How adorable! Immediately after she realizes that she was caught red handed, she gives one shy, guilty smile and says “bubba”. Her mom jokes and says “I thought that you were a big girl and that you didn’t drink bubba anymore?” Then Sierra makes one adorable gesture and says “Oh, oh, yummy” and goes bottom up on the bottle, followed by adorable giggles. Sierra’s charm is undeniable.

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3-year-old best friends have cutest phone conversation ever!2m40s

3-year-old best friends have cutest phone conversation ever!

On January 24, 2010, the most adorable telephone conversation EVER took place between Mahri and Judah. This was Mahri's first unaided and unprompted phone conversation. Not wanting to miss the magic this time, both parents recorded their respective sides of the conversation and was very well edited together for your enjoyment. Too cute!

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Babies Explain 11 Stages of Dating1m31s

Babies Explain 11 Stages of Dating

Are you single and looking to mingle? Do you find that the dating scene is riddled with difficulties? Take a break from your single struggles and watch this TOTALLY relatable video of babies explaining the 11 stages of dating. 1. When you find your match! 2. But realize you are NOT that into them! 3. So you tell them you only want to be friends! 4. Then you find a new date! 5. And fall in love way too fast! 6. But they never call you back! 7. And you realize they are NOT that into you! 8. When they finally decide to call you back! 9. When you try to get back out there! 10. And realize you will always want what you cant have! 11. So you are better off dating yourself! There you go. It feels so much better when you have people you can relate to even if they are a bunch of babies! Share your thoughts or comment below! Did we miss a stage of dating?

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Babies Playfully Fighting5m02s

Babies Playfully Fighting

The one thing you can always count on when having more than one kid is that they are bound to playfully fight and argue. Whether it is over attention, toys, cell phones or just general gibberish these kids and babies are not getting along. Check out this compilation of 8 sibling arguments that are too cute! Share your comments below!

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Babysitting Nightmares!3m40s

Babysitting Nightmares!

Babysitting can be a tough job and these messy kids are not making it any easier. This video compilation is filled with kids getting into trouble while their mom and dad are away. Here are a few tips and tricks we learned from watching this video. Watch out for the baby crib escapes, prepare food that will not stain slash can NOT cause a mess if spilled, keep an eye on the prankster kids and whatever you do... do NOT take a nap while watching them. Have any funny babysitting stories? Check out the video and share your stories in the comment section below.

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Girls Steals Her Brothers Birthday Moment54s

Girls Steals Her Brothers Birthday Moment

A toddler girl is singing Happy Birthday to her baby brother UNTIL she steals his birthday moment. Yes she stole his birthday moment but in the most adorable way. As she is singing Happy Birthday, she get distracted and proceeds to eat cake off of her brothers hand and then off of the table. Kudos to her baby brother for staying calm and sharing. Check out the video and share your comments below.

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