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Baby being filmed knows exactly how to respond23s

Baby being filmed knows exactly how to respond

While most babies are unsure how to react when the camera is recording them, this one knows just what to do. You must see these hilarious and adorable facial expressions that are just too priceless to miss! Filmed in Pasco, WA.

12 Cute Sibling Rivalries In 60 Seconds1m18s

12 Cute Sibling Rivalries In 60 Seconds

Having a sibling isn't always convenient. Nor is it all happy times and rainbows. But it sure does have its rewarding moments because no matter what happens, in the end siblings stick together. Through thick and thin, in the end there is no closer bond than that between siblings.

Published: February 10, 20161,416 views
12 Best Ways To Celebrate World Pasta Day1m37s

12 Best Ways To Celebrate World Pasta Day

What better way to celebrate World Pasta Day than by eating as much spaghetti as your stomach can handle and by watching these adorable babies enjoying it as well! You won't believe just how messy spaghetti dinners can get! Bon appetite! Happy World Pasta Day!

Published: October 25, 2016171 views
Little Girl Wishes For A Dinosaur Sibling40s

Little Girl Wishes For A Dinosaur Sibling

These expectant parents ask their three daughters what they want their new sibling to be. At first it seems like the vote is split between a girl and a boy, but then one of the sisters throws in a surprising answer into the mix! This little cutie would give anything for a dinosaur for a sibling, but she'll settle for a brother.

Published: August 9, 2016961 views
Twin babies shake mariachi rattles in unison41s

Twin babies shake mariachi rattles in unison

These identical twin baby girls have loved music from a very early age. Here they can be seen shaking their mariachi rattles to the music in sync with each other for the first time. So cute! Credit to 'anpsquared'.

Baby Girl Has Her First Sour Candy29s

Baby Girl Has Her First Sour Candy

Some people love sour candy, other people can't stand it! Well no matter what your opinion on the matter is, we've all experienced that sour sensation at least once in our lifetime. But there's nothing quite like the very first time you try a super sour candy like a Warhead! Just ask this cutie!

Published: November 9, 2016793 views
Guilty Cupcake Culprit50s

Guilty Cupcake Culprit

What's a kid to do when all he wants is a taste of the delicious cupcake that's sitting on the stove? Well this adorable little tot tried to sneak a few desserts before dinner but ended up getting caught red handed by his mom! You won't believe what this little tot has to say to his mom.

Published: August 31, 2016550 views
Kid Tries To Talk Her Way Out Of A Nap53s

Kid Tries To Talk Her Way Out Of A Nap

This little girl has got some serious negotiating skills! This girl has got other plans for the day, so there's not time in her schedule for a nap! Being the clever girl that she is, she decides to bargain with her dad to get out of her nap! You won't want to miss her compelling argument!

Published: January 5, 2017961 views
The Most Adorable Law Breaker31s

The Most Adorable Law Breaker

What would you do if you got caught breaking the law? Well this sweet gal tore off a tag that she wasn't supposed to and her grandmother found out about it! The best part about this video is her adorable reaction when her grandmother confronts her about it!

Published: June 1, 2017385 views
Baby Dpesn't Like Mom's Kisses35s

Baby Dpesn't Like Mom's Kisses

This sweet baby gets a lot of love and kisses from his mom, but he's not so sure how to feel about it! Every time he gets a kiss from mom, he can't help but make a super adorable face! Does he like getting kisses, or not? This little baby might not know the answer to that himself!

Published: July 12, 20176,254 views
Baby's Musical Mood Swings28s

Baby's Musical Mood Swings

It's no surprise that music has such a huge influence on our moods depending on what kind of tune we're listening to! Well the same goes for this adorable little tot as his mom switches back and forth between two songs, one that makes his giggle with joy and the other which makes him not so chipper.

Published: March 23, 20172,584 views
Totally not this boy's barbie11s

Totally not this boy's barbie

A little boy and girl play with a Barbie doll and two horse toys. The little girl focuses on the horse while her older brother plays with the Barbie doll. The brother then sees that they are being filmed, looks at the camera and chucks the Barbie in front of him to destroy the evidence.

Published: November 3, 20151,727 views
Girl dismisses brother for stealing her spotlight13s

Girl dismisses brother for stealing her spotlight

While shopping with family, a little girl dressed in bright colors and a large pink bow shows off her sassy dance moves for the camera. Her brother enters the shot wearing a neck pillow. She does not like anyone else stealing the spotlight, so she pushes him away. She ended up pushing him into a post card stand.

Published: December 2, 20154,187 views
Sour kumquat causes cute kid to make sour face35s

Sour kumquat causes cute kid to make sour face

This kid always thought that he loved kumquats, until he tried this kumquat! His sour face is so funny that we can't get through this clip without cracking up. Kumquat kid might think twice before he gobbles down his next sour fruit!

Published: September 24, 20156,260 views
Cute Kitty Distraction29s

Cute Kitty Distraction

How can anyone resist the adorableness of a tiny little kitten? This kid certainly couldn't! In fact, this little boy gets so distracted by playing with his furry little friend that he doesn't notice a large bin sitting on the floor nearby and naturally, a fall ensues!

Published: August 31, 2016445 views
Baby Has Strange Sleeping Habit34s

Baby Has Strange Sleeping Habit

As far as strange sleeping habits go, this little girl just might win a contest in it! This cute little girl is dozing off in the back seat of the car, but she isn't just sleeping she's busy picking her nose at the same time! This adorable yet strange sight is one you won't soon forget!

Published: August 3, 20162,964 views
Cute Kid Has Fear Of Vacuum45s

Cute Kid Has Fear Of Vacuum

Not too many people find the high pitched whirring sound of a vacuum to be very pleasant, but in this little boy's case, he can't stand it even when it's off! Just when this little kid thinks he's conquered his fear of the vacuum, the idea of turning it on makes him think again.

Published: August 3, 2016418 views
Toddler's Snowy Tumble20s

Toddler's Snowy Tumble

Winter is a beautiful time of year where everything is blanketed in white snow! Well this little boy thought that he wanted it to snow a little more, so he tapped on the top of a garbage bin to get some of the snow off. Little did he know that he'd get a lot more snow than he bargained for!

Published: May 31, 2017424 views
Toddler's Hilarious Fail While Shopping33s

Toddler's Hilarious Fail While Shopping

It's never too early to get your kids to help out on errands! Just ask this sweet heart who is more than happy to help her parents get some yummy groceries from the store! But it looks like she might have filled her cart a little too full for her to handle!

Published: November 10, 20161,569 views
Cute Kid Blames Messy Room On A Ghost1m17s

Cute Kid Blames Messy Room On A Ghost

These cute kids are in some trouble after messing up their room! But when their mom asks them about the mess, they blame the chaos on an evil ghost! Who would have thought! These kids have got quite the talent for telling stories, but unfortunately their mom isn't totally convinced.

Published: May 4, 201613,933 views
A new way to slide22s

A new way to slide

Friction is not being kind to this playground dweller. There was finally nobody on the slide and a perfectly free playground to use. However, the slide decided that it is not going to do its job today. I'm sure her Yelp review would say 1 out of 5, would not slide here again.

Published: November 10, 20152,017 views