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Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's1m07s

Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's

This cute little girl reciting her ABC's is the absolute cutest video you will see today. Enjoy! The parent-child relationship is a figure eight that feeds the other side that feeds the other side that feeds the other side, and on it goes, forever. The child tries so hard to please her father, and the bond, it might be observed, is especially immutable in the father-daughter relationship. Though we may not know exactly what it means, we have heard in popular wisdom that we can tell the success of a marriage if we know what kind of relationship the daughter had with her father. A strongly positive experience means the daughter will know her own mind and seek healthy, rather than abusive relationships throughout life. A daughter whose affections weren’t rewarded early in life will grow into a woman who attaches to abusive men. Whether that is a proven law of developmental psychology, don’t you think that a healthy adulthood is predicated on a healthy father-child dynamic? Of course! For one thing, there is an extra burden on humans to learn more than just love . We have to learn complex communication skills. We’re not talking grunts, but symbolic reasoning. It’s a fact that a great part of the human brain is distinctive for its ability to learn a language in the form of speaking, reading, and writing. Yes, we may begin life by simply repeating language elements, but even the babbling pre-verbal child will string sounds together in novel combinations just for its intrinsic reward, for reasons as much biological as they are social. Even the hand-signing gorilla Koko, who passed away this past June was significant for learning a skill atypical of all hairy apes, whether gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan , etc. There is even a fair amount of skepticism as to Koko’s abilities. For one thing, Koko’s signing had to be interpreted through a trainer, Francine Patterson. The language Koko learned was modified from American Sign Language (ASL), but not true ASL. Koko was reported to be able to sign about 1,000 words, but in every case, it was Koko’s handler who did the interpreting. People will very quickly learn to communicate without the intercession of our parents. Most school children would prefer it if their parents stayed out of their school life. Can you imagine a parent saying “What he really means is…” at your job interview? We can’t tell just from this video if the little girl is a prodigy (although most parents attribute special intelligence to their own children), but she’s definitely getting the hang of the basics. Observe how her father rewards her successes. The fortunate little girl doesn’t have to be perfect to receive praise from her proud daddy. It is enough that she tries. She is well on her way. We can be assured that this time next year, the girl will be reading Shakespearean sonnets and performing integral calculations. Ok, so we’re overestimating the typical child’s abilities just a wee bit. But it’s probably safe to reason that this tot is a cute kid with a bright future ahead of her.

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Three-Year-Old Girl Has Full-Blown Conversation With Siri6m02s

Three-Year-Old Girl Has Full-Blown Conversation With Siri

An amusing video has emerged of a three-year-old girl trying to initiate a conversation with Siri in this adorable clip, but it is an unfortunate case of communication breakdown at times given girl’s babbling language. Hilarious! Check out this little girl's conversation with Siri in this adorable clip. She's so cute! Siri is a voice assistant controlled by an echo speaker, but it’s capable of much more. Using nothing but the sound of your voice, you can search the Web, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports, and control popular smart-home products, all while your phone stays in your pocket. It is a great gadget to have around the home that can help you run your errands. This little girl from this funny video has over a dozen failed attempts in talking to Siri as she is still developing her speech, so the voice assistant doesn't always understand her wishes, and that gets the girl all giggly and worked up. The end result is this hilarious video that will keep you entertained, check it out! It is absolutely amazing to see how kids react to modern technologies, especially when they get to grab a smartphone and activate Siri, just like the girl in this video. Her reaction is so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows an adorable three-year-old girl who is having some fun with Siri in the living room. She is holding the iPad in her little hands and activates Siri only to babble something to it and wait for a response. When Siri fails to understand her request, she makes the funniest shocked faces we have ever seen! It’s so incredibly funny that you really have to check it out! Absolutely priceless! We can all agree that talking to toddlers can be quite a challenge. Although their babbling is the cutest thing in the world, sometimes it is almost impossible to understand them. Even the highly capable iPhone assistant can relate to this! If you have never seen a toddler having a frustrating conversation with Siri, you absolutely have to watch this other video! The beginning of the video shows an adorable little girl standing in the middle of a living room holding a cell phone and babbling to it . Apparently, she is trying to talk to Siri. Even though she repeats her demand a few times yelling louder and louder every time, Siri just cannot comprehend. “Go get my baby bottle”, we believe she says. This toddler girl wants her bottle, and she is not giving up! Too bad Siri is not fluent in toddler talk! “Sorry, I didn’t get that”, she replies. Unfortunately, this sweet girl will have to find another way to get her bottle! Hilarious! It is absolutely amazing how the smartphones are getting smarter and smarter these days. In the past couple of years, they advanced from being just cell phones to being computers that provide so many different information and help us out big time. Especially now with that built-in "intelligent assistant" we can even talk to them! Just check out this video and see how even babies start to use them. The only trick here is - babies can't really speak. LOL! This video shows a little baby girl who is sitting in the living room with her mom, and they play with her mom's phone. So, when the phone makes some noises, this cute baby gets so excited, but then gets a bit scared when she hears the Siri's voice ! LOL! She definitely didn't expect to hear some unknown voice talking back to her! Her facial expression is so priceless, and you really need to check it out." With technology advancing each and everyday, it is only fitting that certain aspects of our lives begin to shift more and more into the realm of tech. Before you know it, people will be living longer, cars will become fully electric, and kids will be on their phones and tablets all the time. Actually, this last one is already a reality! Ever imagined what it would sound like for a five-year-old to have a conversation with Siri? Watch as this little boy gets frustrated with Siri because she can’t understand what he is saying! Is there anything more heartwarming than hearing an adorable toddler saying that he or she loves you?! Even when a tot is talking to Siri ! Just check out this video and see it for yourself, but also get ready for the sweetest meltdown!

Twin Babies  Fight Over Their Favorite Pacifier34s

Twin Babies Fight Over Their Favorite Pacifier

You know what they say, the grass is constantly greener on the opposite side of the fence. This video demonstrates that the pacifier is likewise greener in another infant's mouth. On the off chance that you are befuddled by this bizarre correlation, simply hold up until the point that you have seen this lovable video. Toward the start of the video, we can see twin children sucking on a pacifier. These twin babies are taking the pacifier from each other repeatedly every time one of them comes to the conclusion that the other baby is enjoying the pacifier too much. These twins do not think that sharing is caring! How precious is this never-ending fight! Cuteness overload! These twins stealing a pacifier back and forth from each other will definitely brighten your day! Individuals dependably say that sharing is minding, yet does a pacifier trade check? Indeed, subsequent to watching this video, we say it does! Simply look at it, and you'll perceive how clever and adorable it can be. Babies are just adorable, aren't they? They are absolutely funny whatever they do! There has been a lot of legends and hypotheses about the uniqueness of twins. We've heard numerous speculations, for example, the possibility that they can feel each other's torment, they can read each other's contemplations, and they do everything together. Well.. nearly everything. These valuable twins are the most enchanting cheats that can escape with a discipline of much love. The world of twins is fascinating. Whether or not they’re identical, they’re the subject of many scientific studies and even get tons of questions from their family and friends. Some think this could explain twins' abilities to know what the other is thinking and feeling! So amazing! Everybody cherishes a decent kin competition! Regardless of whether it is sibling versus sibling, sister versus sister, or sibling versus sister we are here for it. We'll simply let it out, we simply love a decent kin contention. Similarly, as all twins love each other, all twins battle. These battles start by a half year of age and proceed endlessly. A few contradictions are sound , ordinary, and expectable. Sufficient guardians attempt to oversee, divert and really comprehend why their twins are not getting along. As parents of multiples, we've all been customized to trust that twins, triplets and quads ought to be best amigos and perfect partners. Furthermore, numerous are. Be that as it may, a battle they do and regularly. In any case, why? The short answer? They're family. All family fight. Period. However, do these fights are mostly about sharing? Like this adorable fight over pacifier? The bond between twins is one of a kind on numbers of levels. Being conceived together and having similar developments all through life isn't something that the vast majority of us singletons will ever genuinely identify with. Envision having an "inherent" closest companion, just like the case with such huge numbers of twin sets. So don’t worry this little fight about a pacifier is something that they will laugh later!

Little Girl Is Singing 'You Raise Me Up' Accompanied By A Piano3m03s

Little Girl Is Singing 'You Raise Me Up' Accompanied By A Piano

Kids brains are like sponges - they are able to pick up everything they elders do and say. They say the easiest way of teaching a kid to do the right thing is to show it how it’s done, rather than telling the kid to so it, then do the exact opposite when the kid isn’t looking. Not all kids want to learn the alphabet and not all kids want to learn nursery rhymes or pop songs. Though it is true they are quick-learners, that doesn’t mean they will all have same preferences for learning. Somebody likes to swim and somebody likes to sing and as long as parents don’t suffocate the wishes of their own children, everything is fine. An interesting video has emerged of a little girl who is in the process of learning how to sing. Her facial expression, her body posture and her immense love for music, makes her look like the star whose song she is performing. Accompanied by a piano, she has mastered the lyrics of the song and know what comes next. She knows where to pause and when to start. She also knows the parts where her voice has to be lowered down and the parts where she has to pour her heart out to keep the powerful notes running smoothly in the song. Her name is Sophia Noh and she is a four-year-old girl who beautifully sings a cover of Josh Groban's 'You Raise Me Up' in this amazing clip. We all know how hard it is to contain our excitement whenever we hear our favorite song comes on. Can you imagine what it must be like for a kid? Well, we are here to help you with a priceless visual that is simply adorable. This little girl singing her heart out will definitely brighten your day. Enjoy! She is such an inspiration. It’s amazing to see a person so young who is able to put her own spin on a song with such a confidence and ability. Watch her as she is pouring her heart out during this home performance! She is simply charming ! Who knew a four-year-old could show so much emotion while singing? Incredible! You can really tell that Sophia loves to sing with each and every note. As the song progresses, her voice gets more power, and she starts expressing the emotion of the song with her arms. Can you recognize the body language? She imitates Josh Groban and makes grimaces just like him. Her hand goes to her heart and her head rises as she belts out the final notes. “You Raise Me Up” was popularized by the critically acclaimed Josh Groban in 2003 whose version took the world by storm, dipping into the charts not only in the United States but internationally as well in countries like Denmark, Austria, France, and Switzerland. We encourage Sophia and her family to send some more videos of her singing different covers because she is natural and her face speaks for itself as it follows the melody.

Baby siblings struggle to grasp concept of sharing57s

Baby siblings struggle to grasp concept of sharing

Sharing can be a daunting task for babies who don't fully understand it. This big sister doesn't want to share her water with her crying baby brother, and that's when dad has to step in with the lesson of the day: Sharing is caring!

Little Girl Dances To Taylor Swift Song In Mommy's High Heels45s

Little Girl Dances To Taylor Swift Song In Mommy's High Heels

Move over, Taylor Swift — there's another blonde cutie around the local area! In one of the sweetest kitchen-based move recordings we've ever observed, one young lady is doing her best T-Swift impersonation, directly down to the high as can be heels her mother commenced by the indirect access. For any individual who's at any point sung into a hairbrush or moved like nobody was watching, this youngster is going to end up your new "soul creature." Wearing a sweet little business-easygoing dress, this little woman is as of now demonstrating that she has backtalk to save the second the video begins rolling. She has her minor feet in her mother's huge dark pumps, and she's more than prepared to shake those infant hips in time with the prevalent Teylor Swifts melody "Shake It Off." This girl is actually excessively charming for words! She has probably been born with this super-sized identity, and we can hardly wait to perceive what she resembles when she gets more established. As the tune proceeds with, the young lady continues shimmying around the kitchen, bowing her knees and extending her neck to appreciate her feet in those huge, marvelous shoes. In the event that she doesn't influence you to crave breaking out your moving shoes and chiming in, we don't recognize what will. In spite of the fact that, relatively few individuals are destined to perform very like this young lady is by all accounts. This is an extraordinary kiddo, that is without a doubt! Just look at her dance in those amazing shoes ! Just take a note, Taylor: if this young lady figures out how to compose and perform music, she may seek your activity! What's more, we will be there in a jiffy behind her, applauding her. This video is just full of cuteness overload! It’s a rite of passage for every young girl to finally be able to wear her mom’s shoes. We all did it! How many of you used to play in your mom's shoes? Try not to be embarrassed. Proceed. Raise your hands. Grin at the memory. Did you have a most loved match? Do you recollect when your foot at long last fit them consummately? Do you recall when your foot outgrew them? Girls always find their mothers as role models in life! A perfect role model for some girls is their mothers. Mothers are wonderful human beings. They are smart, wise, ambitious, patient and such loving human beings. There are no words that can describe the gratitude towards the mother who raised you, who thought us how to love, respect, be grateful and most important showed us what true love looks like. Some of the time we even underestimate mums. In any case, for a large number of us, she is the best good example that you will ever have. Has she raised you, as well as being your own mentor amid each phase of your life travel, took care of you when you had the chicken pox, and she generally battles your corner. With her certainty, style, and backtalk there is bounty that you can gain from her. Amazing video!

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Baby Girl Tastes Nutella For The First Time1m00s

Baby Girl Tastes Nutella For The First Time

Literally everyone loves chocolate. Who can resist such sweet pleasure made from cacao beans? Chocolate cakes, blocks, pudding, cookies, ice cream, you name it, we just love everything that contains a bit of chocolate in it. Chocolate is somehow more than a food, but less than a drug! We’re pretty sure that if cocoa beans grew in Ancient Greece, chocolate would have been the food of the gods, and hot cocoa the preferred drink. Ambrosia would have been out of the picture for sure. The rich flavor of cocoa can soothe your soul, increase the magnesium levels in your body, calm a crying baby, prevent world conflicts and keep us in a state of all around bliss. It’s that good. So, it comes as no surprise that the little tot in this footage decided to sample a little bit of this heaven. This video shows a baby girl experiencing her first taste of chocolate and discovering the sweet tooth hormone. This adorable baby girl tries some delicious Nutella for the first time and she absolutely loves it. Who doesn't?! Watch her precious reaction of this upon trying some new food! Watch as this sweet baby experiences the taste of Nutella for the first time and boy does she love it! It looks like this little lady has found her new favorite food! Good luck getting her to eat dinner after this sweet treat! Watching how delighted this baby is after trying chocolate for the first time is pure joy. The footage shows her sitting on a table, dressed from head to toe in Nutella overalls fully concentrated on the task ahead. She eagerly scoops the cream with her little fingers and puts it greedily in her mouth. The more she eats, the more her thirst becomes intense because that’s the power of chocolate, the more you eat it, the more you like it. Why bothering taking bits and pieces from the spoon, when she can simply dip her hand into the jar and make the most of it. Of course, babies are not babies if they don’t smear the food they eat everywhere - on a chair, a table, their hair, the clothes, all around them, just like they do with water when they are bathing. At one moment, the little one decides that the spoon is of no use so she gets rid of it and enjoys the chocolate cream directly from the jar. The footage will undoubtedly give you all the happy feels. We can feel the deliciousness of this treat just by looking at her face expression. It is priceless and soooo yummy! We have to admit that we would enjoy watching this sweetie eating Nutella all day and not get bored! Her pure excitement is contagious. We would probably watch her eat about a thousand more bites and still grin with delight! She indulges herself to the taste of fine chocolate and life becomes magical! One of the most exciting things in life is trying different things for the first time! Most of those experiences happen when we are just babies and toddlers, so usually, we don’t remember them. Maybe that’s why we love so much this kind of videos that show babies’ reactions when they try something new for the first time.

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Little girl gives shameless confession after making mess18s

Little girl gives shameless confession after making mess

A mom just wanted to capture the salad dressing all over her little girl's face, but surprisingly she captures something more. The toddler confesses right away to her family about the mess she's made. Loving the attention, she repeats her transgression over and over, much to their enjoyment!