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Twin Toddlers Have Adorable Fight Over Toy Car1m15s

Twin Toddlers Have Adorable Fight Over Toy Car

Everyone knows that sharing means caring, but that takes time to learn. When you're just a kid, it's normal to want all the toys just for yourself and hate when someone tries to take them from you. But, when siblings or twins are around, sooner or later they will realize that they simply have to share, and these two in our video are just learning that. Check out this video and see how they're doing it! LOL! These cute little toddlers are playing in the yard, and hilariously argue over who gets to play with a car toy but in the sweetest baby way! Usually when siblings share toys, it is understandable that they might get into a feud over toys, and they continuously keep taking the same toy from each other, so as soon as one gets it, the other one starts to cry and takes the toy away! However, in our cute video, one of the toddlers has leverage over the other since it is nested inside the toy car and vigorously defending its territory. We bet that these cuties have tons of toys to play with, but the favorite one is always the toy that is already taken by the sibling. LOL! Check out the cute confrontation between these twins as they fight over a toy car. Sharing is caring , remember that! Of course, sibling rivalry can be quite the powerful motivator! The three siblings form this video are here to prove that theory. They are constantly trying to one-up each other! We can all agree that it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt! Just wait for it, and experience the epic feud with some popcorn! The sibling rivalry challenge for today: run up to a toy car in the yard and get inside before your twin gets it. In this case, one of the twins has overcome the hurdle quite perfectly, and settled for a long ride. However, the other sibling gets impatient and continuously intrudes the twin, trying to get inside the vehicle, too! Cuteness overload! Everyone loves a good sibling rivalry! Whether it be brother vs brother, sister vs sister, or brother vs sister we are here for it. I'll just admit it, I just love a good sibling rivalry. Here is a funny compilation of some siblings who are super cute and adorable, but who also don't get along that well. These siblings may not completely see eye to eye, but we know that at the end of the day that they still love each other! These were the moments caught on camera of course! However, we are sure they've since forgiven each other. All of us who have a brother or a sister know that siblings’ love last forever , but have you ever wondered when it starts? Well, according to this video, from the time when we were all still wearing diapers! And it’s so cute and adorable that you really have to see it. This video shows two lovely siblings, an adorable baby boy, and his beautiful tot sister. The two of them are outside on a sunny summer day, having some fun in their backyard. The girl is sitting in a big toy car while her baby brother is crawling behind and slowly pushes the car forward! OMG! Isn’t that so sweet of him?! He loves his sister so much that he doesn’t mind being on his knees and doing all the work only that his sister would enjoy the ride! But at the end, he finally gets tired and sits on his bum for a bit of rest! All the kids love toy cars ! They could spend hours and hours driving it. Kids love those toy cars so much that they often fight over it with their siblings. And the kids form this video are not an exception! This hilarious video shows the cutest demonstration of girl power you have ever seen! You absolutely have to check it out! It’s a beautiful summer day and two siblings, a brother, and a sister, are spending it outside in the backyard. You can tell that they both want to have some fun driving a toy car, but it’s just too bad that there’s not a car available for each of them. While the little girl is sitting in the car, the boy tries to carjack his sister. And you have to see her priceless reaction! She smacks him in the face, and he starts crying immediately. Girl power! LOL! Totally hilarious!

Toddler Tries To Keep Up With His Dad's Workout Routine30s

Toddler Tries To Keep Up With His Dad's Workout Routine

Working out is the best way to start the day. It gives you energy necessary enough to keep you up and running during the day and it makes you feel productive - after all your body will be grateful no matter how excruciating it may feel. The motivation when doing workouts runs wild if you have somebody to look up to and who will help you do more without feeling lazy after a few exercises. Oftentimes, when we don’t have time to go to the gym and we still feel the urge to contribute to our bodies, we try to be productive at home, however we have all noticed that nothing keeps our concentration better than the scrutinizing look of our trainers. That’s not the case when we work out at home, since we feel more inclined to lazy around than to do some serious exercising. Children has proven to be a valuable asset at home whenever we don’t feel like doing what is lined up in front of us. Because children are those little human beings that will force the best and the worst in all of us. The toddler in this video, for example, is only one years old and he humorously attempts to mimic his dad's push-ups and stretches. Push-ups can’t get more hilarious than this. Just take a look at this cutie pie - he may not be as professional as his dad, nevertheless he gives his best to imitate the movements and he is doing it party right. He gets that push-ups involve an up and down movement, but instead of lying down on the floor, he kneels down and sways his body here and there. When it comes to yoga poses this toddler is the best in the category. The downward dog pose which smoothly turns into a cobra, gets a totally different meaning in the hands of this boy. Why bothering putting all of your weight on your hands when you can simply stand up and walk like you have just finished drinking a few pints of beer - your head is heavy and it pulls you down but you still somehow manage to stretch properly and make your way to your dad . Why? Well, when children do something right, they have to be rewarded no matter the effort, so high five is one way to tell your child that he is on the right path of his development. So, for those of you who have children, don’t forget to incorporate humor in your lives because a sense of humor can brighten family life . You can blow raspberries on a baby's belly, put on a silly hat and chase a three-year-old, or pretend to fall into a pile of leaves to amuse a first-grader. As kids grow into preteens and teens, you can share puns and jokes as their sense of what's funny grows more sophisticated. Laughing together is a way to connect, and a good sense of humor also can make kids smarter, healthier, and better able to cope with challenges. A sense of humor actually is a learned quality that can be developed in kids, not something they're born with.

Adorable Baby Finds The Taste Of Spinach To Be Quite Hilarious1m33s

Adorable Baby Finds The Taste Of Spinach To Be Quite Hilarious

We can all agree that babies are a never ending source of entertainment. The tiny adorable tots always have a lot to offer. They can make us laugh until we cry and sometimes even cry until we start laughing. Either way, laughter is on the menu. Children are incredible. We’ve often compared them with little sponges, not because they are frail, but because they are quick to absorb everything that is happening around them. It seems like there is nothing that can pass these little geniuses by. They catch each interaction and each sound and compile it in their minds for further use. It sometimes seems surreal that a tiny human version of you, that is smaller than your backpack can store so much information. We never seize to be amazed by their skills and their wit. Imagine that while it might take you years to learn a new language, these amazing tots are able to do it so much faster. They are like tiny computers, but look way cuter. Little children should, in general, try as many things as possible so that they can form an opinion on the matter. Sometimes it’s important to feed them bite-sized versions of everything and just eagerly await for their reaction. You just need to be extra careful in the case they develop an allergy. Although not all outcomes are that scary, it’s better to be prepared. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of spinach? Do you even like spinach at all? One of the most common associations with spinach is the fictional character of Popeye the Sailor. Do you remember him, that guy that used to eat whole cans of spinach in order to gain strength and protect his love interest Olive Oyl from the evil guy, Bluto? Well, we all wish we could be that strong and not wimp out while eating spinach. It’s true, spinach might be good for you, but its taste is more than lacking. It is most commonly described as having a strong earthy taste because of the minerals it is packing inside. Check out this baby's reaction to tasting spinach for the very first time . We can definitely notice a slight grimace on this tot’s face so we know for sure that this baby is not the greatest fan of spinach. It almost looks like the youngun is ready to spit it out but is too upset with mommy for putting it on the spoon, that they start to laugh. We all feel the same way little babe! Digesting spinach is not a laughing matter. But don’t worry, once it enters your belly you’ll see that your mommy was right and that it’s very good for you, keeping you strong so that you can learn even more new things. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Toddler Boy Practices Taking Dog For Walk58s

Toddler Boy Practices Taking Dog For Walk

Do you remember the first time you asked for a pet? You nagged your mom and dad, begging for that sweet little ball of fluffy that you saw on the street or at the pet store. “I’ll love ‘im, and pet ‘im, and feed ‘im, and walk ‘im…” were probably the words you chanted over and over, in the hopes of convincing mama and dada that you are old and mature enough to take care of another living being. Now, naturally, parents will think long and hard whether or not they should get their kids a pet of their own, since it is a very big deal having a living, breathing thing to take care of. But since it is an excellent way of teaching kids obligations and routine, some eventually give in to the nagging requests of their little ones. On the other side, there are kids who have had a pet of their own (sort of) since the moment they were brought home. Every kid needs a friend, but a pet can be the best friend ! Especially if they grow up together, the bond can be as deep and unique as siblings’. That pet will teach your child the most fundamental principles of life, like unconditional love, sharing and fair play. What they can also teach kids is a sense of responsibility that comes with taking care of another living, breathing creature. The feeding, grooming and consistent walks are an important part of a pet’s routine and why not let the little ones join in? Like this little guy did with his best buddy. Deni knows that it's never too early to learn how to take his pup Casper for a walk. Cuteness overload! Casper has been with twins Mia and Deni since inception and has grown accustomed to their daily antics. In this particular case, it was Deni’s turn to learn the importance of daily walks with the dog . One end of the leash attached to Casper’s collar and the other in Deni’s hand, the boy takes his pet for a quick and short walk around the family home. Probably used to the pace the older humans keep, Casper finds the leash dragging on the floor as some sort of toy, because he keeps biting and pulling on it. The kid’s grip isn’t strong enough to handle the fog’s force, so the lead gets snagged off Deni’s hand and falls to the ground. And you know what that means? Play time! Deni giggles as he sees his pet run away with the lead in his mouth and darts towards him to grab it. When he does, however, it seems that Casper has changed his mind about the walk and would much rather lounge on the mattress on the floor. Cue another quick game of tug, which ends in Casper’s favor. Deni doesn’t give up on the dog just yet; instead, he kneels in front of him and gives him a few gentle head-bumps, as if urging Casper to play. So cute!

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Little Tot Caught Red-Handed Dumping Paper Into Toilet 1m56s

Little Tot Caught Red-Handed Dumping Paper Into Toilet

We’ve said it once and we’ll probably say it a hundred thousand times again, little kids are incredible. They are a blank page waiting to be written on, a tiny sponge with the capacity to soak up all of the information available on this planet and beyond. Just when you think that little kids can’t get even more adorable, these kinds of things happen. They have this canny ability to sense when we need a bit of a pick me up, so they do the best thing that they know how to do - they grace us with their presence and suddenly the whole day is better. Their innocent antics and brutal honesty has been the reason behind our smiles ever since the beginning of time. It is too precious to just watch your kid grow within a moment’s time. It’s like you held them in the palms of your hands only yesterday, and today they are screaming ‘mama’ at the tops of their lungs. You want to seize that moment and cherish it for the rest of your life. Ahh, memories… Remember when you were a little tot and your aunt thought to record you dancing in nothing but diapers? It is the greatest family story when you gather round for Christmas. Whether we love them or hate them, memories are here to stay, forever, probably even after that. We know it might sound ominous, but it isn’t all that bad. Just remember that someone, somewhere is thinking about what you did when you were little and your antics plaster a wistful smile on their faces. It is true that cell phones these days have various uses, but it seems that parents use them for one and only one thing - documenting each and every second of their children’s life. It is understandable because they don’t want to miss a thing, and every once in a while, they stumble upon a gem and just know that they have to share it with the world. Children have this incredible fascination with deconstructing things. By doing so, they are able to understand what things are made of and how they work. They look like little itty bitty scientists and their devotion to their subjects just makes you know that they are destined for grandeur. That is, until they make a mess out of the whole room and ruin valuable things, but it's okay, we love them anyway. In this footage we can see a little girl that is extremely fascinated by a roll of toilet paper. We don’t know what she wants to achieve with it, but it must be some kind of an abstract art. The little toddler meticulously detaches piece by piece of the paper roll and throws them in the toilet bowl. She makes sure that each and every single one of the pieces is inside and submerged. The funniest thing, though, is looking at her reaction when she notices that she’s caught. It’s absolutely priceless! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Adorable Baby Loves Playing Peekaboo With Her Dad36s

Adorable Baby Loves Playing Peekaboo With Her Dad

Every child’s favorite game has to be peek-a-boo! Even parrots love it and for a good reason! Peek-a-boo uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes - surprise, balanced with expectation. Peekaboo is thought by developmental psychologists to demonstrate an infant's inability to understand object permanence. Object permanence is an important stage in the cognitive development of infants, because in their early stages, babies are completely unable to comprehend object permanence. That is why they can never be bored with this game. Each time a baby does something, parents love to film it! it’s a cause for celebration. Today, every parent is able to document the moments that will matter most down the road. How great will be that for the babies, so when they grow up they can watch the videos and be grateful for the moment captured by their parents! How rewarding it must be to capture it all on camera — like this baby playing peekaboo with her dad! A video that will be cherished forever! Peekaboo never gets old. Not only does the babies love it and seem happy to do it for hours, but when we were young we played it a lot! And we are not ashamed to admit it! But, peekaboo is a game played through the generations. We are all born with unique personalities, in unique situations, and with unique genes. So why is it that babies across the world are constantly rediscovering peekaboo for themselves? A baby's first smile is an exciting moment. But what can it tell us about their understanding of the world? Peekaboo is a most loved diversion for little children, and if an accomplice is ready, these adolescents can frequently proceed with the amusement for a long while until the point that some other diversion goes along. What is it about peekaboo that is so appealing at this age? The appropriate response lies in the multi-capacities this amusement serves in helping youthful youngsters in arranging a few noteworthy formative assignments that are of essential significance amid the initial three long periods of life. This adorable baby loves this peekaboo game and her partner in crime is her dad! She can play all day peekaboo with her dad and never get bored! Check out how much fun this baby is having during a game of peekaboo with daddy. Cuteness overload! Did you love to play peekaboo when you were a kid? Just take a look at the girl’s big smile! You can tell that she is having a lot of fun! These cuties have so much fun together with her dad, as they play the sweetest game of peekaboo that we have ever seen. Just look at that big smile on the toddler’s face! We have a feeling that these two are going to have very long hours playing this adorable game! Did this video make you smile? Here is another cute video as this giggling baby plays peekaboo with pug ! Apparently, the game is so good, that the tiny babe cannot stop giggling. The pug isn’t all that impressed though.

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Twin Baby Girls Love Their Mom's Singing29s

Twin Baby Girls Love Their Mom's Singing

Having kids is a lot of hard work, that's fact of life! Ever since they enter the world, that never ending circle of feeding, diaper changing, bathing, etc. can get tiring! As they get older, there may be less sleepless nights, but new things to worry about always arise. Regardless, those long sleepless nights and the frustration with teething, parents will tell you that it is the most rewarding thing they have ever done. Especially when they get to experience a moment like this mom had with her twin girls. There is something so precious about a baby’s laughter. It is uninhibited and expressive and extremely contagious. There is just no way that you won’t end up laughing along with them. It is the most enjoyable experience that you’ll explore and it will leave you feeling happy and exhilarated for days to come. Luckily for us adults, it is very easy to make a baby laugh . They aren’t very picky when it comes to reasons for laughter. They will laugh at anything and everything and don’t even try stopping them, it’s futile. This mom decided to woo her twin baby girls with a bit of humming. They love it so much, they can’t stop giggling and swaying to the rhythm of her music . They move left and right and clap their hands. They move so much that one of them eventually falls to the side. Isn’t that adorable?!

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This Little Girl Has Unrealistic Expectations For Race Team's Budget7s

This Little Girl Has Unrealistic Expectations For Race Team's Budget

There is something about the determination that small kids possess that just makes you want to argue with them. Mock argue, of course, because at the end of the day, they look up to you and if you deny everything they claim, no matter how real or silly it may be, they might eventually become afraid to form their own opinions. So better let it slide or just let them see for themselves that some things aren’t like they think them to be. Take this little girl for example. No matter how many times they try to get this adorable toddler to accept that they race off-road buggies, she adamantly describes her admiration for trucks, instead. Too cute! Even when her mom tells her that she likes buggies better, the kid gives a long, hard thought, shoots a pensive look out in the distance, as if she is contemplating her answer, but then comes back like a whip and gives her same answer. “I want trucks.” Well, then, so be it, little lady! There are so many videos where kids so tiny, they can barely form a single word, let alone a sentence, lead such deep and passionate conversation with their elders. One such adorably hilarious video is the tiny girl waving her hands at her dad in an attempt to persuade him of something . Now, be advised that we forgot how to speak babyish long time ago, but by the looks of it, she is making a solid point with her arguments.

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Little Kid Takes Veganism Seriously In Heated Argument With Mom3m36s

Little Kid Takes Veganism Seriously In Heated Argument With Mom

As they are preparing for the hurricane Matthew, this mom and her six-year-old son are having a heated argument about veganism. Waiting for something to happen may be the best time to fill it in with a memorable experience. Having a chat with your little one on topics as tough as this one, becomes hilarious and it is what reminds you that children are precious little things. This mom decides to have a little fun messing with her favorite vegan, and he is so serious about his veganism ! Every time his mom tries to scold him, this adorable child finds a perfect argument to fend off his stance and no matter what his mom is saying, she can’t change his mind. He thinks that all animals do matter and that they are important, he even claims that cows are smarter than dogs and know a lot of stuff. He is one bright child! He raises his cute voice when he tries to persuade his mom to stay a vegan for the rest of her life. His attempts to talk her into his idea of veganism are always accompanied by silly facial grimaces and body language that we are drawn to be on his side, though we might be the most fervent meat eaters. His mom goes even much further by saying that she is tired of watching people eating animals and she wants to join them, moreover since he depends on her for food she tells him that he has to eat meat, too. No matter what is his mom saying, this kiddo won’t give up his intention of becoming a serious vegan boy. He is such an opinionated kid! It can get pretty frustrating when someone just doesn't see you eye to eye. We've all had those types of conversations where no matter how many times you explain something the other person just doesn't seem to get it. Well here's a kid who knows exactly how you feel. Way to go little man for openly stating your mind. This adorable boy is overly upset about some things that modern time brings, and he knows how to make a statement. The boy presents compelling arguments for why veganism is good for his health, while mom states otherwise. It is so sweet to hear him explain in detail why he is so upset, he lists several arguments and makes hand gestures like an experienced lawyer defending his case in the courtroom with all he has. Go green , little fellow! Conducting a conversation with a toddler has to be the most productive thing a grownup can do as a leisure activity, seriously! Even they are so young and new to the world, they have their opinions about things and they rarely give up their stands. Imagine mixing up something of theirs and taking it without them knowing about it! What did you think of this clip? Do you know a self-declared vegan like this little boy here? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this adorable moment with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile and laugh. This is one video that no one is going to want to miss!

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Precious Baby Sees Her Mother Clearly For The First Time48s

Precious Baby Sees Her Mother Clearly For The First Time

Although they can be hard to raise, children bring so much joy into our lives because they provide us memorable moments like this clip here. This is first time Piper tries on her glasses to see her mother clearly ! Piper was born with a rare autosomal recessive genetic condition called Oculocutaneous Albinism. As a result she is visually impaired and has Nystagmus, which is uncontrollable eye movements that make it difficult for Piper to focus. In this video, Piper is almost 5 months old. Check out her absolutely heart-melting reaction! So adorable! This little girl seems so happy to finally be able to see her mom! Then again, who wouldn't? Her reaction is priceless and one that comes once in a lifetime! It must be hard to not be able to see very well and it is a good thing that this adorable bundle of joy managed to get a pair of pretty glasses. Sight is one of those things that we often take for granted and do not realize how much it means to us. It can be a little heartbreaking to see such tiny babies in need of corrective eyewear, but the fact of life is there are hereditary conditions that create such issues with babies. Still, technology and medicine have come a long way in helping these little souls life their best life possible. Children born with Albinism can be struck pretty hard, what with the lack of pigment in the retina and other, more complex issues. But with such stylish eyeglasses like Piper’s, no one will ever notice! Albinism isn’t the only cause of poor eyesight in toddlers, which is probably why sometimes little children get their prescription eyewear a bit later in life. Everly is one such precious girl who had to wait a while longer to see better. But when she did, the moment was heartwarming to the point of tears. Everly was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes. After 4 surgeries, she got new glasses and can now finally see her parents clearly ! Look how happy she is! Just look at her precious reaction… It’s priceless! She is so pretty! After realizing how great she can see with her new glasses, she doesn’t want to take them off! She is amazed at all the new figures and clear colors she can see! Now she can finally enjoy being a little girl and play carefree! Her reaction is priceless and one that comes once in a lifetime that will make her childhood carefree and playful! This adorable bundle of joy managed to get a pair of pretty pink glasses and she looks really, really pretty! Check out her absolutely heart-melting reaction! So adorable! Tiny Ian Rivera was also in need of some eyeglasses. The now-two-year-old had a severe stroke while he was still in his mother’s uterus. This caused a buildup of fluid on the brain, which damaged his optic nerves and caused involuntary rapid eye movement. But with his cool new glasses, Ian was able to see his mommy properly for the first time and his reaction was priceless!

Toddler Delivers Hilarious Facial Expressions While Singing ‘Let It Go’ In The Car21s

Toddler Delivers Hilarious Facial Expressions While Singing ‘Let It Go’ In The Car

A hilarious footage has emerged of a little girl playing with her Elsa doll in the backseat of a car, singing her lungs out to the famous ‘Let it go’ hit from animated Disney movie Frozen. Now, this footage is guaranteed to make you smile! A tiny tot does her finest rendition of this song, while she’s all buckled up in her car seat. She might not have the words down yet, but she's definitely got the melody, or some of it anyway! Ahh, memories… Remember when you were a little tot and your aunt thought to record you dancing in nothing but diapers? It is the greatest family story when you gather round for Christmas. Whether we love them or hate them, memories are here to stay, forever, probably even after that. We know it might sound ominous, but it isn’t all that bad. Just remember that someone, somewhere is thinking about what you did when you were little and your antics plaster a wistful smile on their faces. We can definitely see that this little girl has a lot more to offer, but she just isn’t feeling the rhythm yet, at least not in front of the camera. However, she sure knows how to deliver a dramatic performance, judging by the hilarious face expressions she pulls. She is all focused on her dolly and hopes for mom to stop recording her. Maybe those facial expressions she’s making will throw mom aways from the song all together, but we’ll just have to wait and see. And a few years later, once the memory of the awkwardness fades away, she might even look at this video with fondness and even show it to her own children and grandchildren to make them show their pearly whites. After all, that is what memories are for! The is the precious moment when a talented toddler gets fired up and starts singing along with the Frozen song playing on the radio, while riding on the back seat of a car. This young girl was caught on camera singing along to the Disney tune, while playing with her favorite Frozen character, Elsa. Her car performance is priceless, not so much because of her voice, but rather her genuinely cute face expressions! She might not know all the lyrics yet, but she sure knows how to put on a show! Footage shows the adorable toddler comfortably seated in her car seat carrier listening to the song on radio. First, she timidly starts humming along, and later she braves up and starts singing along . Nonetheless, she is definitely getting into the song and takes the singing role too seriously, opening her mouth more than necessary. Cuteness overload! Singing is the single best activity you can do to stimulate your child’s musical mind during their infant and toddler years. If you’re not comfortable singing, it’s okay, but we encourage you to try. Your voice is the ideal instrument to engage your child musically: from an early age they naturally pay attention to your voice, they can respond with their own vocal sounds, and you can encourage them to sing by example. We love how kids can show such incredible talent at such tender age . One of our ultimate favorites is lovely Sophie Fatu, who has been made famous online by her mom Victoria, a music professor at the West Virginia University. Sophie can sing almost any genre, but her favorite is the music sung by the incomparable Frank Sinatra. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Hilarious Toddler Pretends To Talk On The Phone18s

Hilarious Toddler Pretends To Talk On The Phone

Children imitate the behavior or mannerisms of their parents' thanks to a basic instinct that enables both our survival as individuals and groups and assists personality development. This instinct and this imitation is the reason why we humans live in and form units that share the same behavior, traits etc. It is also how our communication skill are getting developed from the early age. This is why it is important that the parent serves as an example that the child will follow i.e. imitate. In the first two years of the child's life, the child copies the behavior of adults in a very not-conscious manner, and to the extent that its self-confidence allows. Observations show that babies are more likely to imitate those behaviors that they see more often, that they are more readily exposed to than behaviors, not typical for the environment that surrounds them. Kids love toys. If you have any doubts about that, just take a child into a toy store. They will probably find a number of things that they feel just can’t live without. Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. These days babies love to play with technology rather than with toys. We can frequently find photos and videos of kids playing with laptops, Ipads, and phones. This delightful toddler loves talking on the phone. Look who's talking now, or at least will be very soon. If you're wondering when your babbling tot will turn those coos and cries into mamas and dadas, believe us when they do start, they will talk all day long! We love those adorable sounds that they make or when they are pronouncing some word in a funny way they just melt our hearts! Children are our future. Children hold our hopes. They effortlessly remind us of times we had nearly forgotten. Each child is unique. And every child carries the potential to make the world a little better. Just look at this adorable toddler who definitely makes the world a better place! She is pretending that she is talking on the phone and she does it in the cutest way possible! This little really knows how to pretend to talk on the phone. Complete with laughter and saying goodbye! It appears that this tot has a lot on her mind! Watch her have the most adorable one-sided conversation you will ever see. She even has all the typical hand gestures perfected! Imagine when she grows up, she will be quite a smooth talker! A child’s play is the purest! It’s just amazing how good they аrе at mimicking whаt thеу ѕее. She probably is mimicking her mom when she talks on the phone with her girlfriends! A play is so integral to childhood that a child who does not have the opportunities to play is cut off from a major portion of childhood. Children need the freedom and time to play. A play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity! We would love to chit chat with this adorable girl on the phone! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Super Smart Boy Makes No Mistakes  While Reading At Incredible Speed1m29s

Super Smart Boy Makes No Mistakes While Reading At Incredible Speed

Children are funny and adorable. They always find a way to remind us that they know how to be funny and entertaining and that most of all they are being natural in everything they do. Most often than not, they amaze us with the tricks they can pull and the things they have learned. Though, their development unravels in front of our eyes, being an adult means that we do not always pay attention. So, their achievements strike us from nowhere and make our jaws drop. This four-year-old boy justifies all the above-mentioned things about children because he is a whizz child. It’s incredible how fast he can read through the cards held in front of him. We can only be impressed by this skill of his and want some more of his reading. In fact, not many children are able to read at his age, they may know some letters and how to pronounce certain sounds in a word, but reading so many words and so quickly is just a real miracle. Jus listen to him pronouncing all the words correctly and with such an ease as if he has written many novels before. He is really a prodigy child! Not even once did he stumble upon a word or got confused, even the words that are more difficult to read and pronounce, he manages to go through them at the speed of light! We will definitely want to see more of this child and his reading technique. Maybe the next time his parents film him, he will be ready to read a real comic book. That would be amusing!

Published: May 16, 2018149 plays$0.24 earned