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Little Girl Makes Gigantic Mess At A CVS Pharmacy1m28s

Little Girl Makes Gigantic Mess At A CVS Pharmacy

When you first see a toddler in a market it is so cute. You mean how adorable they are, look at it. You can not even imagine that a small person like that can cause an enormous mess just in a few minutes time. But yes, they seem to have practiced this routine in a short time and have become an expert in flooding floors with tons of toys. This is the case with little Hannah. This toddler and her daddy are in one of the CVS Pharmacy stores. First she gets interested in the shelves with CDs and USB drives, but after a while as every child does, she notices the colorful world of toys. It catches her attention and she crawls to it. Wow, look at all those toys! What a precious smile on her tiny little face…. So many colors it is a shame not to check them at all. And then starts her journey as well as the giant mess in the store… Even daddy's voice does not seem interesting when you are surrounded with so much toys and magazines. I bet that after seeing this video whoever said “little children- small problems” will check their theory twice.

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Toddler Covered In Chocolate Claims She Didn't Eat Cake40s

Toddler Covered In Chocolate Claims She Didn't Eat Cake

We’ve seen all kinds of perps being confronted at the scene of their crime, but this one has to be the most adorable one of them all! It is so adorable how toddlers can’t seem to make up a lie, simply because they are not even familiar with the concept! “Cake!" says the tiny girl, pointing a tiny, chocolate-crumb-covered finger towards the mess on the kitchen floor, where once stood a lovely chocolate cake. “You stole chocolate cake" asks mom. “Yeah" ads the tiny tot, with a hint of sadness in her voice. “And, did you eat any of it?" continues mom, although we are pretty sure we know the answer to that question. A cheerful “nope" rolls out from between chocolate-stained mouth and we can barely hold out giggle. We also love how she continues to make another observation that there is chocolate cake on the floor and that she is in fact eating it at that moment! To make matters hilariously worse, the girl even managed to grab her baby sister as a partner in her confectionery crime, covering her PJs with chocolate! The only thing that had us laughing more that this cake thief is this adorable cupcake thief. We can’t decided if it’s those braids that are hanging around her face, her iron-clad determination that she did no harm, or the fact that she managed to outrun cop-daddy in several laps around the house, when he tried to comprehend his sticky-fingers daughter, but we can barely catch our breaths!

Adorable Twins Try Lemon For The First Time And It's Hilarious1m13s

Adorable Twins Try Lemon For The First Time And It's Hilarious

Parents have mastered the art of making home videos featuring their children trying lemon for the first time. These adorable twin brothers, dressed in matching outfits, are up for a big surprise when their mother introduces them to the citrus fruit for the first time! Watch as they make the most adorable sour faces as they get a taste of an unexpected flavor. This trend has recently become very popular among parents filming their children’s reaction! It is expected that when introduced to a new flavor, babies often make funny faces, because they don’t anticipate a strong sour taste to come from the friendly yellow fruit! Fortunately, parents capture the funny moment on camera, to keep us entertained. This mother of two decided to see the reaction of her adorable twins, as she handed them lemon slices and filmed the cutest video. The twins have completely different reactions! One of the twins started crying immediately as it is disgusted by the taste and is caught unprepared, he pulls faces and struggles with his first taste of lemon. Unlike him, the other twin is surprised, but keeps sucking on the fruit like it is ice cream! This twin refused to give up the lemon slice, and walked away with it! Hilarious!

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Baby Repeatedly Gets Told 'No', Finds It Hysterical1m01s

Baby Repeatedly Gets Told 'No', Finds It Hysterical

When they get a certain age, when they don’t have to be held upright by mom or dad, babies become a bit handsy around themselves, leading up to those “terrible two’s" that we will not mention in this here video. When that phase hits, do not let your kid manipulate you into thinking they are the boss in this enterprise you call a “family"! When radio personality Kiah Tucker’s baby son Theodore had begun sitting on his own, his home had quickly become his little oyster! Everything that those chubby little arms can reach, they will touch! When it comes to safe, inanimate objects, like walls, handles, mom’s purse, dad’s belt buckle, that is all fine. But then, Theodore can a little bit too up close and personal with the cable stuck in a power outlet. In this clip, tiny chubby Theo pushes the limits of basically everything from mom’s patience to electricity’s reach by trying to touch the cable in that power outlet. Here’s the looney twist - every time mom’s says “no" to warn him off his intentions, Theo giggles like a little mad scientist, as if taunting her to feel how far her nerves can be stretched. Every time mom tells him off, Theodore reaches back for that black cable again, but not moving his baby blue eye’s off mom’s once! “He’s gonna be a problem" says mommy and we can’t agree more!

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Adorable Toddler Acts Like Adult In Heart-Warming Footage36s

Adorable Toddler Acts Like Adult In Heart-Warming Footage

Little kids think that adult life is like a walk in the park. You are independent from everyone (wrong), you get to do what you want (also wrong) and nobody tells you to do anything (oh so very wrong!). The conclusion they get from watching adults is that they need to grow up and fast! Then, there are kids that just like adult stuff because they look cool, like this little girl who thought that mom’s outfit is something to be tried on some 20 years earlier. You know, just in case the fashion sense returns. So the cutesy donned her mom’s high heels, grabbed her purse and darted for the door! “Buh bye! Buh bye!" says the cutie pie, waving to mom and dad, as she goes on to enter her life and the cutest little adult you have ever seen! “Love you!" When her dad asks her where does she think she’s going with them shoes, she responds something that probably only dad understood, but sounded utterly important, because dad allowed her to go! Just don’t forget you ID, sugar! Watch this little girl put on her mom's high heel shoes and purse as she says goodbye to her parents and heads towards the door. Hilarious!

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