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Dad's Funny Antics Send Toddler Into Fits Of Laughter59s

Dad's Funny Antics Send Toddler Into Fits Of Laughter

There is almost not a single bad mood that a laughing baby cannot solve and cheer you up, so it comes as no surprise that laughing baby videos are among the most viral videos. This kid's laughter is absolutely contagious! Watch as dad sends little toddler in fits of laughter! What a heartwarming moment! Laughing babies are intoxicating. This adorably hilarious laughing baby will put you in a great mood just in seconds. Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload! This baby girl finds her father falling to the couch hilarious, and she can't take it, she bursts into laughter every single time, even if he makes the same movement over and over again. It takes so little to make babies burst in tears of joy! Adorable! This happy baby girl sits on the couch together with her daddy and enjoys the entertainment of her father’s funny antics coming one after another, making her to laugh out loud. So cute! Whether it is their first step, first word or first dance move, babies have their way of making it look adorable and hilarious at the same time. However, one of the best things about babies is their ability to laugh at basic, everyday occurrences, say like when you drop something on the ground, when you rip a piece of paper, or even when you make funny noises. There is no better mood lifter than watching babies laughing hysterically, so be prepared for a smile booster! Parents should cherish every moment with their little toddlers, like this loving father enjoys the precious time with his laughing kid! It turns out that this dad has got some hidden comedy skills that is just shining through to his toddler and the baby is loving every second of it! It doesn't take long for this little tot to start belly laughing right back at her dad!

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Little Girl Gets Tingling Sensation Standing Underneath The Automatic Hand Dryer18s

Little Girl Gets Tingling Sensation Standing Underneath The Automatic Hand Dryer

Check it out as this cute little girl is simply thrilled by the high-powered hand dryer she's standing under. Too cute! An adorable video shows the moment when a toddler gets ecstatic to experience the tingling sensation an automatic hand dryer can give. The video shows the ecstatic girl standing underneath the air blower machine giggling to the new sensation. This little girl is so excited to have her hair blown in full speed by the automatic hand dryer and her reaction is heart melting! Moments later the girl screams with joy because the sound the machine produces becomes louder and noisier which sends her to fits of laughter. She starts giggling to the sensation, overwhelmed with emotion that her hair is blown in the air. She acts like she couldn’t believe her eyes and is overjoyed with emotion! Fortunately her mother recorded this adorable scenario, and caught the wonderful moment on camera. We wonder if this cute, little toddler has made a daily routine out of standing underneath the automatic hand dryer machine when going to the mall. Maybe she arranged for her parents to get her one of these fun machines in their home, just for the fun of it! Watch how happy she gets as the hot air blows her hair all over the place, and she giggles to the tinglish sensation that the new experience brings! It is moments like this that make life worth living! What a careless little girl!

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Tired baby sleeps right through sled ride8s

Tired baby sleeps right through sled ride

This cute little girl made her choice and it's to sleep through the sled tide. She doesn't seem to mind the cold weather or the snow, and her parents have made the proper safety precautions. Hilarious!

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Kid Makes It Clear What He's Doing On The Toilet1m36s

Kid Makes It Clear What He's Doing On The Toilet

Who would have thought that spending time on the potty would be such a complicated event? This adorable toddler explicitly shows that sometimes being on a potty can be extremely complex - like piecing a puzzle made of 500 puzzle pieces. The video will not only brighten your day but it will leave you with a long-lasting smile on your face. A charming toddler is experiencing the most intricate thing in his tiny little world. At first, we do not really understand his babble talk because one can never make out blabbing, especially if a child is in the process of learning how to speak clearly. However, in some situations a picture is worth a thousand words and words are nothing but redundant here. This little kid, in all his cuteness, is trying to tell his dad that what he is about to do on the potty. His honest and elaborate sigh is only implicating that what he is doing demands a real effort. The sigh is accompanied by holding his head in his chubby hands as if he is on the verge of solving the most baffling problem in the world. And doing ‘that’ thing on the toilet is actually a big deal. The toddler admits his ‘crimes’ and he pulls a pretentiously distorted face with a long frown just to back up his confession. One can only laugh at this drama queen kid and his acting abilities surmount the masquerade. The only thing that is left is to go with the flow and acknowledge that he relieved himself and the sound of it makes it more real. As with any child, the potty event turns into a play until his dad reminds him that he has finished with his work for today. Little children are jewels!

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Sweet Baby Is Confused By Dad's Identical Twin1m40s

Sweet Baby Is Confused By Dad's Identical Twin

Have you ever wondered what happens in a toddler’s mind? The great, big new world can be an intimidating place for toddlers. But if they’re lucky, they can always take solace in their dad’s familiar face and comforting touch. However, what happens if somebody has the same face as their daddy? Yes, we are talking about twins. We get it. It's hard to tell identical twins apart. Even close friends and family, including the children, can mix up the names and sometimes the person itself. This delightful little boy mets his daddy’s twin brother for the first time and he is so joyfully confused. When his uncle walks into the room he mistakenly thinks it’s his dad so rushes to give him a big hug, then seconds later comes his dad when he realizes there are two daddies now. The look of sheer and utter confusion on the lovely baby face is downright adorable. This cutie keeps studying both of the brothers’ faces, trying hard to understand why he’s getting passed back and forth between two versions of his dear dad. His mama says that It was actually the second time, but the first time was in the hospital as a newborn, so he wasn't quite aware of how weird it is to have a guy that looks a lot like your dad walking around. So adorable seeing him try to process it. If one daddy is fun, having two 'daddies' must be twice the fun! The cute baby deserves twice the fun and twice the love!

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Baby Loves To Dance To Dad And Grandpa's Guitar Cover3m04s

Baby Loves To Dance To Dad And Grandpa's Guitar Cover

A cosy setting, a candle on the bar, a dim light and blue Christmas lights on the windows are just a part of the relaxed atmosphere in this comfortable-looking house. What it makes it more enjoyable is this baby dancing on a song that his dad and grandfather are playing on guitar, and is not just any song but ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ by Janis Joplin. This baby has an ear for music! Who would not have liked to dance on such a song? The powerful sound of the music coming from the guitars makes this baby a real show-off. It is his way of telling us the right way to dance on this type of music. If you are not sure with the movements, just hold on the drawers’ handles and it will all run smoothly. The baby gets a grip on the bars with one hand and the other waves freely in the air while he bends at the knees in quick successions and follows the rhythm. Though the pacifier does not permit him to ‘sing’, we can hear him making unidentified sounds amidst the music. The more he is into the music, the more freedom he feels as he releases the handles and dances independently, leaning forward and backwards, trying to keep the balance like an acrobat in a circus. Surprised why the pacifier is not in his hands, he turns inquisitively towards his dad to make sure that it is okay. The baby keeps his balance so successfully while he shakes his body and head driven by the irresistible melody. How groovy!

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Baby Desperately Struggles To Regain Control Of Her Pacifier45s

Baby Desperately Struggles To Regain Control Of Her Pacifier

This cute little baby has dropped her pacifier just out of reach of her mouth. Watch as she desperately tries to get it back! Adorable! Have you seen a baby that is not completely obsessed with a pacifier? We don’t think so! We are convinced that babies are hooked to sucking on pacifiers since early in life and there is nothing parents can do about that. The pacifier helps sooth the baby from crying, it helps it sleep at night, it is simply the best thing that happened to parenthood! There can be nothing cuter in this world than seeing a baby fishing for fallen pacifiers! Footage shows a cute baby girl lying in her crib and trying to snatch her pacifier with the tip of her tiny baby mouth. Cuteness overload! Since they are so young, they are completely confused when accidents like this happen, and struggle to understand why the soothing device is suddenly out of reach but here to see. This little princess looks like she’s handling her fishing pretty well, given the pacifier is only an inch away. She’s so tiny and looks so adorable jumping with effort, as she gasps to reach out the pacifier, but to no avail! Parents rely on pacifiers for calming their crying infants, and they can always give the baby a pacifier to help relax the diaphragm and ease the stomach. However, this little tot doesn’t seem to be so attached to her pacifier, and after a dozen efforts of fishing for the pacifier, it is as if she forgot all about it, and started babbling at her parent with joy!

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Baby Girl Is Adorably Amused By Her Reflection In The Mirror18s

Baby Girl Is Adorably Amused By Her Reflection In The Mirror

It seems to be an awesome time in your life to be a baby. Everyone waits on you hand and foot, you are being fed and pampered and everything around you looks like super fun. The real treat comes when you meet a mirror - all of a sudden, you have a buddy that is exactly like you and you shower it with love and affection. This baby girl has just met her reflection in the mirror and she could not be more in love. Seated on the floor on a fluffy little rug, right in front of the full length mirror, she giggles and coos to the girl on the other side, with her multitude of folds and her springy hair. She girl giggles right back at her, mimicking her hand movements and smiles back. Oh, goody, goody! It is a new best friend! The baby’s face lights up, just like ours did when we saw her antics. She is so precious and she certainly is getting a kick out of her buddy’s reaction! She may not recognize the face of the baby staring right back at her but it doesn’t matter. After all, we are our own best friend! Babies love faces and one of their favorite pastimes at that age is staring at features. Some parents go so far, that they install a mirror on the back of their car seat, so that the kiddo will have something to entertain itself on the rides. But it isn’t until they reach the age of 18 months that babies recognize their own reflection in the mirror. Up until then, they will have multiple unsuccessful attempts at kissing the kid in the looking glass, another favorite social activity.

Bubbly Baby Fascinated By Her Own Chipmunk Cheeks34s

Bubbly Baby Fascinated By Her Own Chipmunk Cheeks

This is the adorable moment when a newborn baby plays with her chipmunk cheeks in this heartwarming clip. Cuteness overload! Footage shows a baby with adorable chipmunk cheeks preciously touching its bubbly face. It is as if the baby is fascinated by their plump shape, making this clip even more heart-melting. We cannot resist the temptation of kissing and pinching these cheeks. Amazingly, chipmunk cheeks are actually formed by breastfeeding, when the baby slowly start to fill out the cheek cavities and strengthen the muscles with sucking. Of course, these plump pockets on baby’s face are completely normal, and are actually a symbol of good health. With the nursing, the muscles bulk up and achieve that pinchable round shape as fat stores in the baby’s cheeks. Fortunately, cheeks remain plump throughout breastfeeding, but when breast milk is reduced and solids foods are introduced, baby’s cheeks start to deflate. In fact, fat pads in the cheeks allow the baby’s tongue to remain in place while sucking, and prevent the cheeks from sinking in. It is adorable how this makes babies cute and soft, and their adorable bubbly cheeks often look like they are swollen. Actually, baby's cheeks are plump because they contain muscles which continue to develop as long as baby’s need for milk is present. However, once the baby starts chewing food, the muscles change shape and become less plump and more smooth looking, which makes baby's face change from round to elongated. Watching this healthy baby, playing with its bubbly cheeks we get the urge to shower her with kisses and feel the strength of those strong baby muscles formed by breastfeeding!

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When The Clippers Are Too Sharp And You've Had Enough Of Your Barber30s

When The Clippers Are Too Sharp And You've Had Enough Of Your Barber

It’s always so hard to find the right person you can trust to pay great attention to your hair. It might sound crazy, but whether you are a man or a woman, you’d always want to have a decent haircut and you wouldn’t settle for anything less. Think of hair as a frame for a picture. If the frame is bad, the art is less noticeable. It seems that this kid has learned his lesson well, because he won’t settle for any haircut less than fabulous. The little boy is so in tune with his locks that he even feels when an inch is an inch too much and he makes sure his barber knows it. The little guy gives the most hilarious expression that had us laughing to our hearts content! That little angry pout is extremely adorable! The barber was trying to clean up the edges on the back of this guy’s head, but apparently the blade was too sharp and the position was way off because the toddler was fast to react. Head turning and an expression on his face that is worth a million words, he literally told his barber off. His reaction had the whole barbershop in tears. The tot quickly realized that his reaction is the reason for the laughter, so he decided to do it again whenever the blade comes close to his scalp. It was absolutely hilarious!

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Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot1m01s

Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot

Raising children is not an easy task to do. It is a call that demands commitment, attention, self-sacrifice and it binds you for life. Nothing can be compared to it. But at the same time nothing is as heart-melting as one gentle look from your baby’s eyes. That cute, little face that wakes you up at the break of dawn. And nothing matters as long as the baby is healthy with a smile on his face. Who can stay immune to those red cheeks, the chubby hands and legs and the smell of its skin. Isn’t priceless? Babies are indeed miracles of nature. Yes, parenting it is often tough but most of the time is too funny for words. Do you see this 5-month old baby? Then, prepare yourself for cuteness overloaded. She will soften your heart, warm your soul and give you a good laugh. You will end up beaming with smiles while watching. And only because, according to her father’s conclusion, she is too lazy, just sitting all day in her lounge chair, watching the world goes by and does nothing. Well, if she can not speak for herself, her father can, and he decides that is high time for the baby to start doing some of the chores in the house, if not everything, at least vacuuming. And how is that managed? Of course with a robot vacuum. We see her already mounted on the robot, with the pacifier in her mouth, getting ready for a ride that will make the floor neat and tidy. She enjoys the comfortable ride as the robot zooms on the silky wooden floor. As the robot turns around, a shy smile appears on her adorable face. So, if you want your babies to acquire some cleaning habits at home, 5 months is the perfect time to start!

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Helpful 2-Year-Old Loves To Go Shopping27s

Helpful 2-Year-Old Loves To Go Shopping

Ah, don’t you just wish someone would give you a helping hand and clean all of the dishes, wash all of the clothes, go grocery shopping and meal prep every Sunday for you? Adulthood can be pretty rough on a person and at times it seems as though there is no respite. You just wish you would wake up one day and be as careless as a child with other people doing those dreadful chores for you. It’s funny how life works really, because we all have our roles mixed up. When we were young we wished to be like our parents, but as time goes by, we can’t help but to want to be as carefree as our children. It’s the cycle of life and the closer we are to realizing that life’s too short for worries, the more we want to rewind it and start again, simple as that. This little princess called Mimi is a prime example for such behavior. The girl is only two years old but please don’t tell her that. If she asks, she’s twenty-two and in the middle of a very successful career as being mommy’s little helper. She has finished washing the clothes and is now doing the grocery all by herself. She even made a mental note that she was out of detergent so she made sure to buy a bottle of a new one. How adorable is that? Well done, Princess Mimi!

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend1m12s

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend

Dawson's opinion on girls and why he's waiting until middle school to have a girlfriend will have you in stitches! Too funny! When mom asks him in the car what’s up with girls, the boy doesn’t even skip a beat! He tells his mom that waiting until middle school to get a girlfriend is a good idea, because up until that point, he won’t have to deal with girl drama! He even taught his friend Kennedy at school to do the same, because then he wouldn’t have to deal with this stuff: “Hey, babe, do these shoes look good on me? Babe, what time are you gonna leave, it’s like 10:30 already! Honey, when is dinner gonna get finished? Do I look good in this outfit?” Dawson keep going on and on, impersonating a girl. He is actually really good at it, to be frank. He is submerging deeply into his character, eye rolls and hand gestures and everything. Maybe he knows way too much about the whole deal, which kind of begs the question: “Who does that?” the mom asks mid laugh, getting a cold slap from her own son. “You do!” Apparently, little Dawson is quite the many man, even at his age! He doesn’t like that mom asks him for opinion for her outfits when he’s getting ready for school in the morning. “Look in the mirror! Talk to your shadow,” he begs his mom to leave him alone. If only he knew that it isn’t that easy...

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Adorable Girl Tries To Explain Why Her Tears Won't Stop Coming Out3m18s

Adorable Girl Tries To Explain Why Her Tears Won't Stop Coming Out

They don’t call them “the terrible twos” for nothing. Just when a kid learns how to express themselves, they learnt the importance of saying “no” and they make sure that they use it as much and as often as possible. The no’s get so extreme, they are almost always accompanied by every parent’s personal favorite - tantrums! It doesn’t necessarily mean it would stick with two and end on the third birthday; the behavior might stick a bit longer This family was having a little discussion about why it is necessary to have temper tantrums. This little girl is expressing that she didn't understand why her tears keep coming out. She couldn't make them stop and on the sideline, she thought she could distract everyone with her rambling to sneak in a manicure. It worked! Three adults captivated by her conversation, while Behaven Haven paints her nails! “I can stop a little bit crying, but my tears come out all the time,” exclaims the diva with the springy curls, shaking her head and waving her hands in a passionate attempt to have her point known. “All my tears keep coming up, because I’m sad!” Apparently, Haven’s tears would not stop her crying. That’s an interesting concept. It’s not that she doesn’t wanna stop, it’s just that she can never stop, according to our little tantrum scientist here. We just love how she gets up to make a point, moves to the nail polishes, makes a few swipes with the brush along her nails and sits back down to explain herself further! She does make a fair point though. As long as your tears are running, you can’t stop crying.

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