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Watch This Baby Ferociously Hold On To A Tasty Chicken Wing!39s

Watch This Baby Ferociously Hold On To A Tasty Chicken Wing!

This video is so cute and absolutely hilarious! Everyone loves a good comedic video of misbehaving pets or funny children, and this one certainly fits that category as well. In this video, a child is the one creating the humor; watch and enjoy! Remember that comes out with new content every single day, and many of the best viral videos originate right from this website. Be the first to catch them by subscribing to Rumble and being a part of the community. The video begins with the shot of a beautiful child sitting on the couch in her home with her mother. Mom is the person behind the camera who is filming the entire scene. The child is enjoying her dinner, and it becomes very clear very quickly that she would really like to not be bothered and to be left alone. She is enjoying her chicken wing, which is obviously her favorite food. About ten seconds into the video, viewers will see the child’s mother’s hand as she tries to take the chicken wing away from the child. The wing has been eaten down to the bone, so Mom is right to try to take it from her. She is not trying to take it to be mean to the little girl. It would not be fully safe to leave the child unattended with a chicken bone, so Mom is completely in the right in this situation. The comedy arises when Mom tries to take it away from her, though. The child instantly becomes upset, and she acts shocked and is not understanding just why her mother will not allow her to keep this item that she is so very much enjoying. The little girl jerks away from the mother and twists herself in the opposite direction in an attempt to keep her chicken wing. She absolutely refuses to let go of it! She gets very upset at her mother, and it is hilarious! Mom tries again to get the wing away from the child. She asks, “Ok, but can mommy get the cartilage away from you please?” The child is not amused and does not agree with what her mother is wanting to do. She says no, and she continues to fight to keep her prized possession that must really taste good! Most of us would probably really like to know where is chicken came from, too, if it is really that good! This child could be the next commercial star if this is from a particular restaurant. The child shakes away from the mother and begins to cry and throw a little bit of a fit over this situation! Viewers see her flip over on the couch in disgust and frustration over losing her dear chicken wing that she was enjoying so much. Hopefully, this mother will continue to post update videos about this child. It is probably safe to assume that this little angel provides a great deal of comedy in the lives of her parents, so we all want to partake in the laughs with them!

Brilliant 2-year-old names 22 dinosaurs in 2 minutes!2m37s

Brilliant 2-year-old names 22 dinosaurs in 2 minutes!

Harper loves learning about dinosaurs and what their scientific names are. She can clearly pronounce long, difficult names with excellent annunciation. Here she identifying and saying 22 different dinosaurs in just 2 minutes! Unbelievable!

Published: December 8, 20185,415 plays$8.12 earned