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Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot1m01s

Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot

Raising children is not an easy task to do. It is a call that demands commitment, attention, self-sacrifice and it binds you for life. Nothing can be compared to it. But at the same time nothing is as heart-melting as one gentle look from your baby’s eyes. That cute, little face that wakes you up at the break of dawn. And nothing matters as long as the baby is healthy with a smile on his face. Who can stay immune to those red cheeks, the chubby hands and legs and the smell of its skin. Isn’t priceless? Babies are indeed miracles of nature. Yes, parenting it is often tough but most of the time is too funny for words. Do you see this 5-month old baby? Then, prepare yourself for cuteness overloaded. She will soften your heart, warm your soul and give you a good laugh. You will end up beaming with smiles while watching. And only because, according to her father’s conclusion, she is too lazy, just sitting all day in her lounge chair, watching the world goes by and does nothing. Well, if she can not speak for herself, her father can, and he decides that is high time for the baby to start doing some of the chores in the house, if not everything, at least vacuuming. And how is that managed? Of course with a robot vacuum. We see her already mounted on the robot, with the pacifier in her mouth, getting ready for a ride that will make the floor neat and tidy. She enjoys the comfortable ride as the robot zooms on the silky wooden floor. As the robot turns around, a shy smile appears on her adorable face. So, if you want your babies to acquire some cleaning habits at home, 5 months is the perfect time to start!

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Bubbly Baby Fascinated By Her Own Chipmunk Cheeks34s

Bubbly Baby Fascinated By Her Own Chipmunk Cheeks

This is the adorable moment when a newborn baby plays with her chipmunk cheeks in this heartwarming clip. Cuteness overload! Footage shows a baby with adorable chipmunk cheeks preciously touching its bubbly face. It is as if the baby is fascinated by their plump shape, making this clip even more heart-melting. We cannot resist the temptation of kissing and pinching these cheeks. Amazingly, chipmunk cheeks are actually formed by breastfeeding, when the baby slowly start to fill out the cheek cavities and strengthen the muscles with sucking. Of course, these plump pockets on baby’s face are completely normal, and are actually a symbol of good health. With the nursing, the muscles bulk up and achieve that pinchable round shape as fat stores in the baby’s cheeks. Fortunately, cheeks remain plump throughout breastfeeding, but when breast milk is reduced and solids foods are introduced, baby’s cheeks start to deflate. In fact, fat pads in the cheeks allow the baby’s tongue to remain in place while sucking, and prevent the cheeks from sinking in. It is adorable how this makes babies cute and soft, and their adorable bubbly cheeks often look like they are swollen. Actually, baby's cheeks are plump because they contain muscles which continue to develop as long as baby’s need for milk is present. However, once the baby starts chewing food, the muscles change shape and become less plump and more smooth looking, which makes baby's face change from round to elongated. Watching this healthy baby, playing with its bubbly cheeks we get the urge to shower her with kisses and feel the strength of those strong baby muscles formed by breastfeeding!

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Baby Desperately Struggles To Regain Control Of Her Pacifier45s

Baby Desperately Struggles To Regain Control Of Her Pacifier

This cute little baby has dropped her pacifier just out of reach of her mouth. Watch as she desperately tries to get it back! Adorable! Have you seen a baby that is not completely obsessed with a pacifier? We don’t think so! We are convinced that babies are hooked to sucking on pacifiers since early in life and there is nothing parents can do about that. The pacifier helps sooth the baby from crying, it helps it sleep at night, it is simply the best thing that happened to parenthood! There can be nothing cuter in this world than seeing a baby fishing for fallen pacifiers! Footage shows a cute baby girl lying in her crib and trying to snatch her pacifier with the tip of her tiny baby mouth. Cuteness overload! Since they are so young, they are completely confused when accidents like this happen, and struggle to understand why the soothing device is suddenly out of reach but here to see. This little princess looks like she’s handling her fishing pretty well, given the pacifier is only an inch away. She’s so tiny and looks so adorable jumping with effort, as she gasps to reach out the pacifier, but to no avail! Parents rely on pacifiers for calming their crying infants, and they can always give the baby a pacifier to help relax the diaphragm and ease the stomach. However, this little tot doesn’t seem to be so attached to her pacifier, and after a dozen efforts of fishing for the pacifier, it is as if she forgot all about it, and started babbling at her parent with joy!

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