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Little Kid Takes Veganism Seriously In Heated Argument With Mom3m36s

Little Kid Takes Veganism Seriously In Heated Argument With Mom

As they are preparing for the hurricane Matthew, this mom and her 6-year-old son are having a heated argument about veganism. Waiting for something to happen may be the best time to fill it in with a memorable experience. Having a chat with your little one on topics as tough as this one, becomes hilarious and it is what reminds you that children are precious little things. This mom decides to have a little fun messing with her favorite vegan, and he is so serious about his veganism! Every time his mom tries to scold him, this adorable child finds a perfect argument to fend off his stance and no matter what his mom is saying, she can’t change his mind. He thinks that all animals do matter and that they are important, he even claims that cows are smarter than dogs and know a lot of stuff. He is one bright child! He raises his cute voice when he tries to persuade her mom to stay a vegan for the rest of her life. His attempts to talk her into his idea of veganism are always accompanied by silly facial grimaces and body language that we are drawn to be on his side, though we might be the most fervent meat eaters. His mom goes even much further by saying that she is tired of watching people eating animals and she wants to join them, moreover since he depends on her for food she tells him that he has to eat meat, too. No matter what is his mom saying, this kiddo won’t give up his intention of becoming a serious vegan boy. He is such an opinionated kid!

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There is something about the determination that small kids possess that just makes you want to argue with them. Mock argue, of course, because at the end of the day, they look up to you and if you deny everything they claim, no matter how real or silly it may be, they might eventually become afraid to form their own opinions. So better let it slide or just let them see for themselves that some things aren’t like they think them to be. Take this little girl for example. No matter how many times they try to get this adorable toddler to accept that they race off-road buggies, she adamantly describes her admiration for trucks, instead. Too cute! Even when her mom tells her that she likes buggies better, the kid gives a long, hard thought, shoots a pensive look out in the distance, as if she is contemplating her answer, but then comes back like a whip and gives her same answer. “I want trucks.” Well, then, so be it, little lady! There are so many videos where kids so tiny, they can barely form a single word, let alone a sentence, lead such deep and passionate conversation with their elders. One such adorably hilarious video is the tiny girl waving her hands at her dad in an attempt to persuade him of something. Now, be advised that we forgot how to speak babyish long time ago, but by the looks of it, she is making a solid point with her arguments.

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