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Check Out This Hilarious Reaction Of A Baby Eating Peas For The First Time49s

Check Out This Hilarious Reaction Of A Baby Eating Peas For The First Time

One great thing about babies is that they always let us know how they’re feeling. Especially when it comes to their mama’s cooking! They are not afraid to share their opinion! Sure, babies can’t talk about their feelings, but they make their emotions very clear through crying, laughing, playing, and most definitely through yelling. They don’t hide anything like grown-ups do, and they’re never worried about hurting someone else’s feelings with their reactions. Well this baby does not need to say a word about his mama’s cooking and hurting her feelings, because the face says it all! It is not good! This mom decided to film her baby giving her peas for the first time. Check out the baby's epic reaction after tasting peas for the first time. Priceless! She is not a veggie person! Bring back the milk! His reactions are worst than Godon Ramsay yelling at you! Either way, it’s an incredible form of entertainment for everyone who gets to watch! For little ones starting solid food for the first time, food can be exciting. There's a lot of color and texture to try and the fact that mom and dad are willing to share can make some babies really happy. Most parents remember the first time they fed their babies because of how funny the experience was. Enjoy this hilarious video of this cute baby and funny reactions!

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Toddler Really Likes Assisting Mommy With The Laundry30s

Toddler Really Likes Assisting Mommy With The Laundry

Do you feel like you are in the laundry room 24/7? Yeah, many moms do. Make it fun by getting your child to help you sort, wash, and fold just like this sweet little baby helps mom out by putting the clean clothes from the washer into the dryer. You are probably thinking that having your toddler do laundry seems crazy or out of their level of ability. But if your child has a ton of energy like this one in the video, then finding productive ways to help around the house is a necessity. And not only does she love having a job to do especially helping mom, but she wants to know that she too needs to help out around the house This little girl is not doing a very delicate job. It is not like sorting the clothes by color, add dryer sheets, match socks, and clean out dryer lint. Which she'll probably get a big kick out of it if she goes in with this ‘quick-laundry tempo’, just helping around with simpler things like taking the clothes out of the washer and loading the dryer with them. She really likes to conquer this tiny pile of clean clothes and make them ready for sorting. It is definitely a super-useful life skill to possess which she will need later on in her adult life. And we know that practice makes perfect, even at such a young age. But kids are naturally curious creatures so next time when you have piles of laundry waiting for you, do not hesitate to ask your toddler to give you a hand.

Baby Has Mixed Feelings Over First Ham Experience1m25s

Baby Has Mixed Feelings Over First Ham Experience

A funny video has emerged of a baby getting mixed feelings over experiencing the taste of ham for the very first time. Watch the precious reaction of this adorable baby upon trying a new food! Patrick tastes ham for the first time and it's hard to tell if he loves it or hates it. Either way it's an adorable moment to witness! Babies are cute and funny little creatures, they make people happy and their honest and expressive nature says it all. If you are feeling blue, watch this video which is guaranteed to brighten your soul. Watching the disgust reactions this baby boy pulls after trying meat for the first time is pure joy. Footage shows mom offering her son a spoonful of ham squash, and the reaction this cute boy pulls after that will give you all the happy feels. This adorable baby boy is trying his first ever ham squash and could not help but visibly cringe at its taste. While he is sitting in his feeding chair, his mom is filming his reaction and cannot stop laughing. The sour face this baby pulls is absolutely hilarious! Immediately after the ham touches the baby’s lips and he experiences the new taste sensation, he pulls such a revolting face as if he is tasting the most horrible squash on the planet. But despite appearing to find the new food a little disgusting, he finds the strength to smile. Maybe it is because he can hear his mother giggling. Needless to say, it involves a lot of grimacing and arm waving. The most interesting part comes at the end when he looks at his mom and tries to force a smile suggesting that he will never trust his parents again!

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Baby ditches family to go camping2m08s

Baby ditches family to go camping

Lyla wants to take a break from her parents to go relax in the open outdoors. She sets up a tent, plays in the dirt, and even roasts a marshmallow! Life is good for this little 1 year old.

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This Little Girl Had Quite The Response While Watching 'Dumbo'26s

This Little Girl Had Quite The Response While Watching 'Dumbo'

Out of all the Disney’s animated movies, none strikes a chord with us like ‘Dumbo’. The story of the baby elephant born with ears too big for his body has some really funny elements, but the time when he is bullied and then loses his mom strums a very deep, sad chord. Many have fallen apart when they watch that scene and for a very good reason. We all love our mommies and don’t want to lose them! You would think that a little girl would watch the movie with less attachment, but this one felt really sad when she saw Dumbo for the first time! The other elephants were making fun of the little elephant and his big ears, calling him a freak. Gracie is devastated by what she is seeing on the TV, she cries such big tears, it breaks our own hearts! But when mom asks her 3-year-old daughter is they should turn Dumbo off, she denies it and keeps crying even louder. Poor sweetie. The classic cartoon doesn’t just make little girls sad, it makes grown woman sad too. Can you imagine how a pregnant lady would feel like after watching the scene with Dumbo’s mom swinging the little guy on her trunk? Oh man, our eyes well up just by thinking of it! One pregnant lady almost fell apart at the seams, crying in the front passenger seat of her family car, because she remembered that exact scene! Her husband is clearly having a field day with this sight, since men can’t really understand what in the world is going on in their wives’ heads with all those hormones soaring through their bodies. But the song that plays during the scene is really emotional and you don’t necessarily have to be pregnant to feel a little tingle in the back of your throat.

Talking Baby Twins Have Their Own Secret Language31s

Talking Baby Twins Have Their Own Secret Language

This mom secretly captures her twins engaging in their very own dialogue spoken in secret language. Can anyone translate what they're saying? They say there is no bond stronger than that of twins. These twin boy and a girl have even developed their own secret language, and love to babble away to each other. Judging by the laughter, they must be cracking some quality jokes! There is nothing like the bond shared between two siblings, but it goes even deeper when they are twins! Baby language gets a whole new meaning when it comes to twins, as they have been communicating since they split from a single cell in their mother’s womb. That is something that they will be able to bond over forever. It is a good thing it is all caught on camera! This is the heartwarming moment when twins engage in a mouthful conversation, babbling their worries away. When these two twins realized that they can talk to each other in their own made-up language, they couldn’t stop mumbling. It even sounds like they are carrying out a real conversation with one another in their own baby language with their goo's and ga's. How adorable! Footage shows two adorable twins, safely nested in the kitchen corner, having a blissful conversation with one another when they think that nobody is watching! Isn't this video just adorable? Who knew that babies like these could carry out a conversation at such a young age! The miracle of childbirth is really amazing and the fact that these two twins are already ‘talking’ makes it even more amazing! Good thing that their mother managed to capture this wonderful conversation on video as hopefully when these twins are older, they will enjoy in it and cherish it deeply! This will be one moment that they will remember for the rest of their lives!