Dancing Bird24s

Dancing Bird

Watch Luna the Indian ringneck parrot dancing to his favorite tunes.

Published: August 2, 201749 views
Talking Parrot and His Phone1m10s

Talking Parrot and His Phone

Watch Luna as he talks to his phone. 'Good boy', 'Hello', 'Peek-a-boo' are just a few of the words Luna puts together.

Published: July 29, 20173 plays$0.01 earned
Chasing Feet 41s

Chasing Feet

Luna and his foot fetishes. He won't leave his mamma's feet alone.

Published: July 3, 20179 plays$0.02 earned
Clever parrot discovers how to whistle25s

Clever parrot discovers how to whistle

Join Luna on his journey of learning new phrases and whistling new tunes. It seems he has quite the handle on things. He is such a smart little guy!

Published: June 29, 20177,783 plays$54.63 earned
Talkative Parrot Has Full Conversation With Owner's Feet58s

Talkative Parrot Has Full Conversation With Owner's Feet

Hilarious footage has emerged of a talkative parrot flirting with owner’s feet. You gotta love parrots, they can be very entertaining pets, although demanding to keep. But if you love a bird that is very affectionate and can talk back to you, then an Indian Ringneck parakeet is the right choice for you! Blue Indian Ringnecks have become very popular pets recently. These birds are very social, and they love to talk whenever they get the chance! They are also very affectionate birds. We can definitely see this while watching this video. Footage shows Luna, the beautiful, talkative parakeet standing on owner’s feet and trying to engage in a friendly conversation with them, asking how they are doing! Hilarious! "What are you doing?" says Luna, the Indian Ringneck, standing on her owner's feet. "What are YOU doing?" asks her owner back. But Luna isn't interested in her owner, rather in owner's feet! The parrot turns towards the feet and continues the conversation . "Tickle-tickle?" Luna asks the toes, to which the owner bursts laughing. Can you imagine a bird tickling your feet? You don't want to miss this hilarious conversation! You can't help but laugh along with them! The Blue Indian Ringneck has a bad reputation for being nippy and hard to train, but it is actually a smart bird that gets bored very easily, and often resort to chewing and other destructive behaviors. They generally have sweet, charming personalities that win the hearts of bird enthusiasts around the world. Their high-pitched yet sweet little voices are almost comical! The conversation these two have is adorable, you can tell these two love each other very much! What a special bond they share, they must have been living together for a very long time!

Published: May 6, 2017566,453 plays$1,733.14 earned