Cow Attacks My Dog 48s

Cow Attacks My Dog

You Are What You Eat Many secrets to stay thin at http://www.ayacise.com/ & Animal cafe special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=150lrE7K1vA&list=PL8a6yYEE01vxcWKhvbIySO80iql7F9zjk

A Cutest Puppy in Japan!23s

A Cutest Puppy in Japan!

I almost bought this one for my puppy just like him. But I was traveling in Japan and was about to leave in 2 days. This pup needed 3 more weeks to complete all shots to be able to travel outside of Japan. Thus I gave up. Next time, I will stay for a month to get a dog like this.

How To Meditate :   Level ONE 2m06s

How To Meditate : Level ONE

Showing beginner level of meditation steps. But this will calm your busy/crazy mind and be able to focus and be mindful more. Of course, you cannot attain the benefit just from one time. Repeat many times and everyday then you will know you can control your mind more easily. Melody composed by Ayako ©2017 "Breathing Exercise" More Mind or Body Exercise are at: http://www.AyaCise.com

Chicken Jerky Will KILL Your Dogs 2m12s

Chicken Jerky Will KILL Your Dogs

How my dog got sick from eating Chicken jerky from China and almost died. From the experience, I like to share how I treated/feed my dog to recover from dying. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers about a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products. The products—also called chicken tenders, strips, or treats—are imported from China. FDA continues to receive complaints of sick dogs that their owners or veterinarians associate with eating chicken jerky products. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007. Australian news organizations report that the University of Sydney is also investigating an association between illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky in Australia. At least one firm in Australia has recalled their chicken jerky product and the recall notification stated the product was manufactured in China.

Cheap & Healthy Food for Dogs 1m50s

Cheap & Healthy Food for Dogs

I buy Turkey package from Costco. First time when I open it, I give some those Turkey as raw mixed with his own dog food. From day 2, I steam the Turkey and mix with carrot, a hint of garlic and his own dog food. This way is much more balanced and healthier. More holistic dog care ===> http://ayacise.com/

Pick Your Meditation Style - beginner's level to be mindful 3m19s

Pick Your Meditation Style - beginner's level to be mindful

Which one is your Meditation type?? Share with me !!! You don't need to sit and close your eyes for long time for one fixed idea of Meditation. As long as you are mindful of the task you are doing and that is one of general Meditation. You could be walking, running, eating and anything if you do that solo task mindfully. But if you watch TV or talk over eating meal, that is not considered as meditative. Key of Meditation is to be in the moment without thinking so many other things. If you want to know how to train your mind to be calm state, and be able to control mind, let me know. I will make an another video for those who like to be trained further more into mastering your mind in this life. This special skill will empower you and you will feel grounded. This skill also require your time and commitment. Advance meditation skill is to let you control your mind, fix your craziness from life today. Note: This song is one of my composed unused version, "Breathing Exercise - new age version". How I made: I wanted to make my own music for my students who are taking my Japanese style Yoga/Group physical therapy classes since 2006. I often teach how to "BREATH", and I wrote lyric first of all. Then I put melody to it. This is just melody. One of these days, I will like to sing and add the original lyric to it, but this sounds better without me singing....

Puppy chases laser while cat watches1m08s

Puppy chases laser while cat watches

What was originally intended for the cat, user 'KarmaBank' discovered that it was the puppy who wanted to chase the laser pointer instead! And all of this is to the entertainment of the cat, who simply watches on.

Clever dog learns how to brush his own teeth37s

Clever dog learns how to brush his own teeth

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but can you teach an old dog about hygiene? Since teeth cleaning treats are so expensive, user 'KarmaBank' decided to take the direct approach with his dog Roxie, allowing him to try out a toothbrush. Well at least he got the right end in his mouth! Roxie did a pretty good job, considering he's a dog and all. In the end he probably thought it was just another toy, with the proper end no longer in his mouth. A valiant effort from Roxie. A pet's health is always a concern for its owner. Being an owner, you want to do anything in your power to ensure that your pet is as healthy as it can be. Whether it be washing them, making sure that their oral care is well maintained, and even routine vet check ups. Check out Roxie trying to brush her teeth!

Helpless dog watches cat eat from his bowl33s

Helpless dog watches cat eat from his bowl

Looks like you can mark this one down as a victory for all the cats out there! From 'KarmaBank', "As I put dog food out, my cat came over and started to eat from the bowl. Our helpless dog could only watch as the cat ate his meal. His expression is priceless!"