Bernese mountaindog puppy doesn't want to be left alone and wants the world to know 12s

Bernese mountaindog puppy doesn't want to be left alone and wants the world to know

After bringing home your new puppy it is all fun and games. Cuddling, playing, eating sleeping; it's some much fun! Especially when you have a cute, tiny Bernese Mountaindog; possibly the the closest to a reallife teddy-bear you will ever be! But, at some time, the inevitable needs to happen: you need to leave your precious little pupper alone for the first time. This is a heartbreaking moment, not just for your new best friend but for your self as well. In this video you are witnessing the moment that this 8 week old Bernese puppy is being left alone for the first time. His space is set up; water, some blankets, toys, his bench, something to chew on and his bench. In the meantime, his owner didn't actually leave but was just around the corner with his camera to see how the little fellow would handle the situation. And boy, he didn't handle it so well! As soon as he realizes that he is being left alone he starts howling, making everyone very clear that he is not happy with the current situation. The howls will make you feel so sad and you just want to pick up the puppy, comfort him and make him clear that however you are leaving, you will definately come back to care of him. Unfortunately, it will take some strong determination not to rush back in straight away, because if you do they will never get used to it. This puppy however was calming down quite soon, and after it needed to be home alone for 2 or 3 times he wasn't howling at all anymore. It would just sit lay down or play with his toys, with in the back of it's head knowing that his owner would definately come back to him!

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Jack Russell patiently waiting till he gets something to eat11s

Jack Russell patiently waiting till he gets something to eat

As the family gathered at the table for breakfast, a special place is reserved for their old Jack Russell terrier called Jop. With a little napkin in front of him, he sits patiently on the chair, waiting for someone to put a piece of food in front of him so he can enjoy breakfast as well!

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Blackbucks fighting few yards away from zoo visitors car 51s

Blackbucks fighting few yards away from zoo visitors car

At Safaripark Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands you can drive through the wild animals with your own car. The filmer was just passing a flock of blackbucks when a fight broke out between a few of them just a couple of yards away of the car.

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Cocky cockatoo tries to steal stick from visitor at bird shelter 35s

Cocky cockatoo tries to steal stick from visitor at bird shelter

This cocky cockatoo isn't satisfied with the seeds that he is being fed and is doing his best to get the special feeding stick from the visitor, that is being used to hand them their seeds. He grabs it really tight with his claw and beak and is not planning to let go!

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Baby elephant demands to be sprayed by hose21s

Baby elephant demands to be sprayed by hose

Elephants might be tropical animals, but that does not mean that they enjoy the heat. In the wild, elephants find numerous ways to cool off from the sun; they spray themselves with water or go for a swim. When they have to cross great open plains, they literally bathe in mud, which acts as a sunscreen to their sensitive skin. Elephants bred in captivity have the constant support of caretakers to provide them with all the comfort they possibly can. This baby elephant wanted to cool off, so the caretakers took to the hose to spray him down! Seeing how it’s scorching hot right now, we really could use a hose down right about now! How we envy that little elephant…

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Elephant enjoys cool spray on hot day 33s

Elephant enjoys cool spray on hot day

Zookeepers come out to cool off the elephants on a hot summer day. This one in particular enjoys it so much, that it decides to lay down so that he can fully enjoy the leisure of this cold shower. How cute is that?! Even though they are tropical animals, elephants actually can’t stand the heat of the sun. When they are not under the cover of thick trees in the wild, they go for a swim or spray themselves with water. To be completely safe from the sun’s harmful rays, elephants are known to “bathe” in mud, which forms a crust on their skin that acts as a sunscreen. We’re not sure about the level of SPF in mud, but sure seems to work for the gentle giants.

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Duck eating out of someones hand 13s

Duck eating out of someones hand

Next to a cafe terrace, there were several ducks walking around, searching for food from people who were sitting there enjoying their drink and food. This one was so cheeky that it even took some out of someones hand!

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Dog excitingly licking the pudding cup 32s

Dog excitingly licking the pudding cup

Every once in a while, Diesel the Bernese Mountain Dog gets to lick the pudding cup. You can see his tongue running through the see through cup, as he is extremely eager to get all that got left behind. You can see the tip of his nose moving around on the edge of the cup as he is trying to get everything from the bottom!

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Elephant calf loves to be sprayed with garden hose29s

Elephant calf loves to be sprayed with garden hose

When it's a scorcher of a day outside, we all look for different ways to cool down. Some turn to the pool, while others turn on the air conditioning. Well for these elephants, they don't really have either, so they make due with what they got. On a very hot day at the Safaripark Beekse Bergen, zookeepers use a garden hose to cool down some of the animals. This baby elephant absolutely loves it! This baby elephant just doesn't want to leave the stream of the hose! You can see it back up and turn around to get all of itself wet to cool down in this hot weather. How adorable is that? Have you seen any cool animals doing interesting stuff? Come to to get your daily dose of animal awesomeness and upload any clips you might have, who knows, they might go viral! Check out this adorable baby elephant!

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Funny elephant calfs having playtime and wrestle each other 32s

Funny elephant calfs having playtime and wrestle each other

Although it's very hot and their parents are enjoying a shower to cool down, these two elephant calfs have decided it's playtime. They are tumbling around, stepping on each other and having loads of fun while the elder ones are just avoiding any activity. Footage captured at Safaripark Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands.

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Young chimp chases bird away36s

Young chimp chases bird away

Crows can be such a nuisance sometimes. The come on our window, cawing loudly and incessantly, sometimes they knock on the glass and even steal things. It’s like they are taunting us! No wonder our hero here wasn’t having it! For whatever reason, this chimpanzee has a real problem with a crow landing on his rope. He watches that mean black bird land on his rope and then rushes to chase the crow away! “And stay out!” Baby chimps are like little children in more ways than one can imagine! One professor of biological anthropology at Harvard has gathered rocks from Uganda that little chimps over there have used as a substitute for - you will never guess this - dolls! So maybe this little guys just wanted a pet?

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Sleeping dog tiptoes in his sleep21s

Sleeping dog tiptoes in his sleep

The way he moves his paws in his sleep, it would appear that this Bernese Mountain Dog is dreaming of joining the circus. Too funny! This precious Bernese Mountain Dog has his well deserved afternoon nap, and while he preciously sleeps, he starts moving his paws in the cutest possible way! It surely seems as if he's having a dream, most certainly a vivid one! Maybe he's dreaming that he's running with his best friend in the nearest field, or maybe mommy takes him for a stroll? We don't know for sure, but one thing is certain, this adorable sight is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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