One Eyed Dino Licking his veggies3m03s

One Eyed Dino Licking his veggies

Dino was born with one eye & he struggles to see very well, I was walking past his viv & noticed him just licking his veg with his eye closed, So Cute! so I hand fed him to help him.

One Eyed Lizard Mistakes Rabbit for food!!39s

One Eyed Lizard Mistakes Rabbit for food!!

All our Bearded dragons have always been fine with our rabbit Tex but one eyed Dino just caught him out the corner of his one eye & lunged for his nose luckily he just missed as Tex was just fine! Phew

Hornworm Found in Driveway! 17s

Hornworm Found in Driveway!

We saw this in our driveway in England & had no idea what it was! I was scared of it as I had never seen anything like it before & it has a big spike on its back, we did some research & found out its a hornworm!

One Eyed Bearded Dragon Dino! 2m48s

One Eyed Bearded Dragon Dino!

This is my one eyed Bearded Dragon Dino, we called him Dino as his head looks like the shape of a dinosaur! We hatched him ourselves but had to break open his egg as nothing was happening after all the other lizards had hatched! once his egg was cut into he remanded lifeless for days & it was obvious that he was different to the others. We almost gave up on him when suddenly he became active, we were over the moon! Its a miracle he is alive, but he would have had no chance of surviving in the wild as when he was young it took So much time & effort to get him to eat anything but he is So worth every minute. We Love him SO Much & he is getting stronger everyday. If you would like to keep updated on Little Dino Subscribe to my Rumble or YouTube Channel CassieStudios.

Cats Loads of Cats 1m38s

Cats Loads of Cats

We were driving in Alcanar Spain when I saw lots of movement in the bushes, so we stopped to have a look, I was Amazed to see cats running towards me but scared at the same time as I didn't know what else or who else might be in there! But it was Loads of Cats I have never seen anything like it, you would be lucky to see two together in England without them fighting! A week after this video was taken was when the bomb went off in Alcanar which is rather scary that I was just wondering around in bushes :-{

Bee Swarm 37s

Bee Swarm

I was working away when I suddenly heard buzzing, but like nothing I had ever heard before, I was surrounded by them! But weirdly I didn't feel too scared I was just amazed by them.

Unidentified insect, what is it?? 56s

Unidentified insect, what is it??

We were mowing the lawn in the garden when I saw two cocoons in the grass I put them safe in a tub as we were having lots of work done in our garden & didn't want to harm them, we have no idea what this is that came out of the cocoon can anyone tell us what it is?

Random wild fox happily sits on backyard shed20s

Random wild fox happily sits on backyard shed

Every household has their own little traditions, more specifically everyone in the house having their own seat. Well it would seem like that would hold true to outside of the house, and not even for only the humans living on the property. This person looks out the window and is extremely surprised to see a fox sitting on a shed in the back garden in broad daylight. Now that is definitely something that you don't see everyday. How insane is that? Imagine walking out into your backyard, or even looking out your window like this person, just to see a wild animal just hanging out on top of your shed. What would run through your head? Some will run out and chase them away (which you shouldn't do because who knows what that animal is capable of), and others will just wait it out safely inside the house. So, what would you do in this situation? Leave a comment and let us know! Be sure to visit for more awesome content like this, and feel free to upload any content that you might have. Check out this fox just hanging out on the roof of a shed.

Baby seagull falls from nest, brave dad returns it47s

Baby seagull falls from nest, brave dad returns it

A newborn seagull has managed to fall out of its nest and onto this family's yard. Amidst the screaming and yelling from the aggressive mother bird, this dad fearlessly returns the baby back to the nest. It appears at the end of the clip that the seagull couple says thanks to this dad for his heroic efforts! It looks like there are some pretty awesome people out inn the world. If it wasn't for this brave father, who knows what would've happened to these baby seagulls? At first the mother and father seagulls looked very upset, almost looking to attack this man, but once the babies were returned to the roof, it seemed like their tones have changed. It almost looked like they were trying to thank the man for putting the nest back up on the roof. How awesome is that? Sometimes all it takes is one person to start a chain of good karma. Be sure to visit for more amazing videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well! Check out this man saving a nest of baby seagulls.