Bull Terriers Cruising in a Boat in Amsterdam 2m09s

Bull Terriers Cruising in a Boat in Amsterdam

Billy & Xera are two beautiful Bull Terriers that live in the Netherlands. They love going boating with their Mom & Dad. Here they are cruising the Waterways of Amsterdam on a lovely Sunday.

Published: June 7, 2017Updated: June 8, 201744 views
Puppy balances Fidget Spinner on her nose37s

Puppy balances Fidget Spinner on her nose

This little gray Pitbull puppy is quite the performance artist! Even though they have a terrible, yet profoundly unwarranted reputation as a dangerous dog, Pitbulls are actually like teddy bears, they feel emotions just like us humans and can be very patient, especially around kids. This adorable puppy shows it’s patience in a whole ‘nother field, and that is balancing a fidget spinner on it’s nose! It just sits there, looking back and forth between it’s humans, while the toy spins and flashes. Pitbulls are known to be stubborn and training them can be frustrating, but they are very smart and can catch up their training very easily, like this little guy did. Just be sure to be kind during disciplining, so they don’t develop a resentment towards you.

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Hitch is so Happy to be Free He Sings 25s

Hitch is so Happy to be Free He Sings

Hitch the Rescued German Shepherd is so Happy to be Free He Starts Singing about it. Please remember to Adopt & Don't Shop for your next Puppy, Kitten, Dog or Cat. There are many great older Cats and Dogs just like Hitch waiting for you at your local Pet Shelter or Rescue League.

Published: June 3, 2017Updated: June 5, 201722 views
Dog 29s

Dog "air swims" while held above water

What's better than going out for a swim on a hot and sunny day? Well you could always stay inside with air conditioning watching the most adorable dog swimming above the water. This little doggy does what most dogs do when they get held near the water. It's awesome how their natural instinct is to paddle like that when suspended anywhere near water, not just inside. This adorable dog is ready to go in if they ends up being placed in the water. The look of calmness has consumed its face. Doesn't it seem like this little puppy can take on anything? This little and fluffy puppy is definitely going to brighten your day by giving you your daily dose of adorableness. What a good puppy! If you're a dog lover, how couldn't you love this puppy? Who knows, maybe it made some cat lovers convert too! For more adorable puppy videos, be sure to visit Rumble.com. Check out this cute little puppy as it prepares to swim while being held above a stream. Too cute!

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