Zebras wrestle and play joyfully, unbothered by watchers 53s

Zebras wrestle and play joyfully, unbothered by watchers

This video captures playful zebras in a once thriving drive-through zoo called Six Flags Wild Safari in New Jersey. Animals of all sorts could be observed here. These playful zebras seemed to be having the time of their lives frolicking in the meadow while seemingly unaware of observers in their own cages (which we call cars). Even the other animals were keen to watching these lovable animals. But notice how they get close to the herd of other zebras and suddenly get a kick! At one point the giraffe seems to meander over to see what is going on. The zebras seemed to be wrestling and goofing off in general. I remember this being a real treat to see animals up close. Zebras can live up to 25 years in the wild and can run up to 40mph. They are social animals but don't be fooled by their elegance or how peaceful they seem. They can be aggressive! The stallions fight for females with piercing bites and powerful kicks. This fierceness and social bond helps protect them from predators. They stopped allowing cars back in 2012 and now have controlled guided tours on an off road truck under what is called Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari. Now in 2018, the zoo boasts 1,200 animals from 6 continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions. I would guess that the new Safari Off Road Adventure is a safer method of observation. Animals can be unpredictable and adding unpredictable humans into the mix could be a recipe for disaster. This footage is from a Sony 8mm video camera recorded in August 1994. Antiquated by today's standards so it is probably not what people are used to seeing these days with HD resolution and such. But it is still good enough to see the playfulness of these animals.

Published: February 20, 2018
Millipede starts chemical warfare 56s

Millipede starts chemical warfare

Take a look at HD video of this Millipede. Footage was taking while camping "under the stars" at a New England state park. You can find these creatures all over the world and practically anywhere there are leaves. Although they look quite disturbing and even dangerous they are usually harmless to humans. They are not poisonous but some can produce a fluid that can be irritating and in rare cases cause allergic reactions to some. The defensive spray of these creatures even contain hydrochloric acid. Remember science class? The chemicals produced can burn or blister the skin. Between stink glands, that emit a foul odor and nasty tasting compound to repel predators, all this can be considered one of the first chemical warfare weapons. Be sure to wash your hands after handling! They are able to kill small pray but nothing as large as a person. They generally eat decaying leaves, dead plants, suck plant fluids and some eat fungi. I still wouldn't have wanted this to crawl over me while sleeping! Evidence suggests that they were the first to live on land and therefore amongst the oldest known land animals. They have been seen to grow as long as 11-15 inches. The one here was about 4 inches. Interestingly and contrary to popular belief, they do not have 1000 legs as the name "milli" implies. Actual record holder is 750 legs. There are 2 pairs of legs per body segment. When these arthropods hatch, they have only 3 pairs of legs and life span can be up to 7 years. And here is an interesting part. They have what are called "gonopods" or "sex legs" that aid in reproduction. They are also known to make good fish bait and even pets. Perhaps there is some experimentation to cross a millipede with a turkey?

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Youngster gorillas fight then dad shows up 1m23s

Youngster gorillas fight then dad shows up

This is video from a recent trip to Animal Kingdom, in Orlando Florida. I came across this gorilla exhibit with some hilarious stuff going on. So gorilla's are impressive majestic creatures in my opinion. Right? Not just similar looking to humans but behavior is uncanny at times. Like children playing or perhaps arguing, fighting too. I am not sure if this is typical gorilla behavior but feel free to comment if you know anything. These animals seemed oblivious to the fact that they have an audience. They are going about their daily life, hanging out, gathering food and eating. They are playing and wrestling or is it anger fueled fighting? I don't know. But a couple of these youngster gorillas were really going at it with punches and even what appears to be a "nuggie." Sort of what big brothers do. At least that is what happened to me. These gorillas are rolling around for a bit. Punching, wrestling, and what looks like biting. Then the big gorilla, the father I presume shows his domineering presence and then they suddenly stop as if knowing that they shouldn't be doing that. Is he getting ready to discipline or is his stare good enough? I wonder what was going through his mind. At one point, one of the "witness" gorilla appears to take off in a way that says "I'm outta here, don't want no part of that." It was a great experience to observe these creatures. I am sure that gorillas are smart and strong. I would not want to meet one in a dark alley. Do they have a sense of humor? Emotions? What does their body language mean? All I can think of is King Kong whenever I see gorillas. This was one of the highlights of the trip. Enjoy the video!

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Bug collector just couldn't bring himself to collect and pin these beautiful creatures1m14s

Bug collector just couldn't bring himself to collect and pin these beautiful creatures

This is a video of various butterflies captured at a butterfly conservatory in update New York. Notice how colorful they are. Many kinds were observed there that day. They even landed on folks walking around. As long as no attempt was made to pick them up, it was considered ok. I witnessed someone actively trying to pick one up. The attendant quickly put a squash to that. The person not the butterfly. This trip fit perfectly into a school biology class project. The project required the collection of bugs which entailed capturing and killing insects of various kinds. They would then be pinned and classified on a board for all to observe. These really are colorful and beautiful butterflies! After witnessing these magnificent creatures, the student just couldn't bring himself to collect the specimens needed for the project. The photographer(would be bug collector) has indicated that there is no entomology careers in his future. The student took an "F" on the project but still passed the class with a "B". Be kind to bugs.

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Should I squish this yellow caterpillar? 1m14s

Should I squish this yellow caterpillar?

This insect startled the observer when it just strolled on by. Unusual looking creature in my opinion. Maybe it is common but this was the first time seeing such a thing. Yellow hair and a black head with tiny feet. I have no experience identifying and not sure if it is poisonous. Insect was not harmed.

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A caterpillar's journey: Stunning insect takes a stroll 1m25s

A caterpillar's journey: Stunning insect takes a stroll

This is one amazing looking caterpillar. Some research showed that it is called a White Marked Tussock Caterpillar. This was the first time seeing such a creature so I just had to record. As cool as they look, those hairs on their back can cause a very irritating rash. I almost picked it up.

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Shivering goat is angry about something 1m02s

Shivering goat is angry about something

This goat seemed angry about something. He started shivering too. But it was an extremely hot day. There was also a high pitched sound in the background. I wonder if that was the reason.

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Monkeys are cute, this one poses for the camera 57s

Monkeys are cute, this one poses for the camera

It was an extremely hot day at a zoo in Massachusetts. This monkey didn't seem to mind though. He seemed to be aware that we were filming. Take a look as he just chills out for a bit and then gets a bit more active.

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